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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Raganook

    Version: Final | Updated: 06/28/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Mega Man 64
    6/28/01 Final
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    Table Of Contents
       1) Information
       2) Story
       3) Weapons
       4) Movement
       5) Characters
       6) "Map Markers"
       7) Before You Read The Walkthrough
       8) Walkthrough
       9) Speed Walkthrough
      10) Maps
      11) Clarifications
      12) FAQ
      13) Buster Parts And Items
      14) Special Tricks
      15) Codes And Secrets
      16) Credits
      17) Special Thanks
      18) Copyright Information
    | Section     |  Info                                                 |
    |Spoilers     | A couple of things you should know. First of all, I   |
    |             |have written this guide a specific order so that I will|
    |             |not spoil storyline for anybody. The walkthrough has no|
    |             |spoilers in it(Meaning I do NOT say "Walk into this    |
    |             |room and then watch as Roll gets killed").             |
    |Finding What | On your browser if you hit "Ctrl-F" a dialogue box    |
    |You Want     | pops up, and then if you type in the key words (AKA   |
    |             | typing "Shining" or "Powered Buster" or "Water") then |
    |             | clicking "find" you will be directed to every point in|
    |             | my FAQ with that word!                                |
    |Story        | The "story" section is what you should know BEFORE you|
    |             | play, and contains no spoilers.                       |
    |Weapons      | The Weapons section does contain spoilers about what  |
    |             | weapons you can get, yes, so just don't read it if you|
    |             | want to be surprised about each weapon ;). Each weapon|
    |             | is listed, along with its Attack, Energy, Range,      |
    |             | Rapid, Special and what parts you need, and where to  |
    |             | get them.                                             |
    |Movement     | "Movement" is a section describing the unique way the |
    |             | movement works in Mega Man 64 (whoda thunk it).       |
    |             | "Characters" describes the important characters in    |
    |Characters   | little detail, just enough so that you understand who |
    |             | they are when I refer to them in my walkthrough.      |
    |             | "Map Markers" is VERY important, and should be read by|
    |Map Markers  | beginners and experts alike. It describes an effective|
    |             | and timesaving tactic to exploring dungeons.          |
    |Before You   | "Before You Read The Walkthrough" explains itself (I  |
    |Read the     | would hope). Highlights include where to look for     |
    |Walkthrough  | treasures and what the terms used in the guide mean   |
    |             | "Walkthrough" is a detailed guide in which I have laid|
    |             | out a way to play through the entire game and get     |
    |Walkthrough  | every single piece of equipment, every weapon and     |
    |             | every part and not have to do any major backtracking. |
    |             | It contains detailed information on how to beat each  |
    |             | boss, where to go and how to accomplish every task.   |
    |             | "Speed Walkthrough" is a guide divided into three     |
    |             | sections. The first one (Highlighted Walkthrough)     |
    |             | describes generally what you have to do to get a      |
    |             | perfect game, without going into any detail. Go there |
    |Speed        | if you just want to know what you have to do, but not |
    |Walkthrough  | how to do it. The second section (8 Hour Mark)        |
    |             | describes how to beat the game on hard mode in under  |
    |             | eight hours, so you can get the new-game prizes. The  |
    |             | last section (2 hour mark) describes how to quickly   |
    |             | beat the game in times as low as 1hr and a half.      |
    |             | "Clarification" is where I try to explain the entire  |
    |Clarification| story of Mega Man 64, and the extended story that Mega|
    |             | Man Legends Two offers.                               |
    |             | "Buster Parts And Items" err... describes the buster  |
    |Buster Parts | parts and items...                                    |
    |And Items    |                                                       |
    |             | "Special Tricks" are tricks that do not require you to|
    |Special      | use codes or a game shark, but are special ways you   |
    |Tricks       | can play that will give you a natural advantage.      |
    |Codes And    | Where you find codes and secrets ^_~                  |
    |Secrets      |                                                       |
    |Credits      | Where I give credit to those who deserve it           |
    |Special      | Where I credit those who played a MAJOR part in my    |
    |Thanks       | guide                                                 |
    |Copyright    | Blah Blah Yak Yak stuff. Boring, just don't steal ;)  |
    |The Story So Far                                                     |
    |This is definitely one of the most confusing story lines that one    |
    |will ever come across, but I will explain it to the best of my       |
    |ability. Note that this is only a look at what you should know BEFORE|
    |you play. If you have beat the game and are confused over the story  |
    |line, go down to "Clarifications" and I will try to clear you up. The|
    |story takes place in a world similar to ours. The only main          |
    |difference is that their money and power source come from little     |
    |gem-crystal things called "Refractors" ("Refractors" used as money   |
    |are called "Zenny"). There are people called "Diggers" who go into   |
    |ancient ruins and try to find refractors and other treasures that    |
    |will better human life. It is a very dangerous job, because in these |
    |ruins are machines called "Reaverbots" that try to stop you at all   |
    |costs. Nobody knows where the Reaverbots come from, why they are     |
    |where they are or their purpose, they just bust your butt whenever   |
    |you enter their ruins. That's really all the story you know when you |
    |first turn your N64 on.                                              |
    |1) Normal Arm                                                        |
    |You start out with this arm, which is obvious because it is, yes,    |
    |just your right arm. But it gets even more confusing. When using your|
    |Normal Arm, you kick ;). So, this is actually your right foot, but we|
    |will just ignore this minor flaw ^_^                                 |
    |Attack | Ok, but, not exceptional in any way.                        |
    |Energy | Infinite, it is not that hard to kick ;)                    |
    |Range  | As long as Mega Man's leg.                                  |
    |Rapid  | About a one second pause between kicks.                     |
    |Special| If you use this on a vending machine, you get free soda. If |
    |       | you use this on a trashcan and the lid doesn't fly that mean|
    |       | that there is something in it, and if you get mad you can   |
    |       | kick something ;)                                           |
    |Parts  | You start out with both your foot AND your arm!!!!!         |
    |2) Machine Buster                                                    |
    |This gun is exactly like a machine gun (fancy that). It has very high|
    |rate if fire and pretty darned good range, but it's power is super   |
    |low. Not a very good weapon, but it can be useful in the first stages|
    |of the game.                                                         |
    |Attack | Low to medium- definitely not a power weapon                |
    |Energy | High, it is hard to get drained when using this             |
    |Range  | Not spectacular, but still very good                        |
    |Rapid  | Very very. It is a machine gun after all                    |
    |Special| The bullets spread so you can hit multiple enemies. The     |
    |       | spread is lame, and this weapon is medium power only when   |
    |       | you don't let it spread. When it does spread, you're        |
    |       | basically dividing a weak   weapon into more pieces, so my  |
    |       | advice is just not update the spread.                       |
    |Parts  | Blumebear Parts: Found in Downtown in a trashcan after you  |
    |       | have completed the city hall mission.                       |
    |3) Powered Buster                                                    |
    |This Weapon has VERY good power and AMAZING range. Great on bosses   |
    |because you can stand back VERY far and blow them up to smithereens. |
    |It isn't great if you're up close, but that's what your left-hand is |
    |for, right?                                                          |
    |Attack | VERY good, powerful enough to make a dent in a boss's       |
    |       | confidence                                                  |
    |Energy | Doesn't get too high, but high enough to get you through the|
    |       | battles you use it in                                       |
    |Range  | Best in the game. You can kill things that you can't even   |
    |       | see                                                         |
    |Rapid  | About one to two seconds between shots                      |
    |Special| This gun's range is to be utilized if you want it to be     |
    |       | effective. This gun cannot be used while moving, but after  |
    |       | you fire your blast you regain motion. If you upgrade       |
    |       | special, I believe the explosion and fire ball get bigger.  |
    |Parts  | Cannon Kit: Found in ruins outside of the last sub-gate     |
    |       | (outside of the area you fought the Bonnes in their digging |
    |       | machine). It is in a chest, and you do not need the drill or|
    |       | the high jump to get it.                                    |
    |4) Drill Arm                                                         |
    |This gun is unique to say the least. It probably has the best attack |
    |in the game, (explained below) but I do not use it as a weapon. This |
    |gun is mainly used to knock down the weak walls in dungeons, and that|
    |is all I ever use it for ;)                                          |
    |Attack | Second or First most powerful (see Rapid)                   |
    |Energy | When fully upgraded, it has infinite energy.                |
    |Range  | ZERO. You can only use this on something RIGHT UP TO YOUR   |
    |       | FACE.                                                       |
    |Rapid  | What makes this gun so powerful. It's a drill, meaning, it  |
    |       | is CONSTANTLY active; if you hold the button you just stand |
    |       | there drilling, and any enemy in front of you gets damaged  |
    |       | EVERY SECOND IT'S ON. Only problem is the drill is tiny and |
    |       | you need to look right up a reaverbot's nose before you can |
    |       | hit them.                                                   |
    |Special| There are orange walls in dungeons (on the map they are     |
    |       | bluish greenish) and they can be drilled through to reach   |
    |       | hidden areas. In these areas are essential weapon parts,    |
    |       | buster parts, etc. This weapon is just used to get these    |
    |       | things, it isn't really for combat.                         |
    |Parts  | Blunted Drill: Found in Main Gate where the three lion-     |
    |       | reaverbots are. It is in a chest (it is not hard to miss)   |
    |5) Grenade Arm                                                       |
    |This gun is a very rounded gun. Once fully upgraded it has average   |
    |attack, energy and range with a little under average on rapid. It has|
    |an area effect blast (meaning it will hurt many enemies at once) and |
    |is a strong gun at the beginning of the game.                        |
    |Attack | Average. More powerful then the machine buster but less then|
    |       | the powered buster                                          |
    |Energy | Average. Each individual bomb takes up near no energy- you  |
    |       | could probably throw fifty bombs before running out.        |
    |Range  | Average. The bombs bounce around for a bit before blowing up|
    |       | and depending on how high your initial throw is determines  |
    |       | the range                                                   |
    |Rapid  |Average. One second pause between each throw.                |
    |Special| This gun has three special features. One is that the        |
    |       | grenades bounce off walls (woopdeedoo) and the second is the|
    |       | explosion it leaves damages all enemies in it's area. The   |
    |       | other is that these grenades are magical, and have been     |
    |       | specially made so that Mega Man can run right through the   |
    |       | explosions without taking damage! Yay!                      |
    |Parts  | Grenade Kit: found in cardon sub-gate in a chest            |
    |6) Spread Buster                                                     |
    |This weapon will put a smile on your face :) This gun shoots out     |
    |about ten grenades in a huge horizontal line. This gun is CRAZY.     |
    |There are a couple of huge downsides. First of all, if you aim       |
    |upwards the spread gets too much and you end up hitting your enemy   |
    |with only one grenade. Second of all although this gun REALLY hurts  |
    |like NUTS, you will find the spread of it kind of annoying. For      |
    |example, if an enemy is charging at you they will charge through the |
    |explosion without getting killed and hit you. Another downside is    |
    |that this gun gets very little energy, and you use it up quickly. I  |
    |can definitely see that if you master this gun you are invincible,   |
    |but for me personally its rate of fire is too slow and the spread is |
    |more bad then good.                                                  |
    |Attack | Crazy to say the least, see special for a way for this gun  |
    |       | to REALLY hurt.                                             |
    |Energy | Low, it gets used quickly and updated fully still is small  |
    |Range  | Very far. But, the farther you aim the wider the spread.    |
    |Rapid  | Not at all. The rapid is amazingly low                      |
    |Special| Although the power of this gun is skyrocketed, the rest of  |
    |       | it's attributes are all low, making this a great power      |
    |       | weapon but that's it. What's really fun is to use it like   |
    |       | you would the drill; that is, go right up to an enemy and   |
    |       | fire, causing all ten grenades to explode on them :) It's a |
    |       |one-hit-KO most of the time.                                 |
    |Parts  | Ancient Book: Found in ruins                                |
    |       | Old Launcher: Found in ruins                                |
    |       | Arm Supporter: Police side-quest two                        |
    |7) Vacuum Arm                                                        |
    |This gun is very useful. After the destruction of a reaverbot, using |
    |this gun will suck up all the life and zenny it left behind. So if   |
    |you are having trouble getting the money before it disappears, use   |
    |this gun! It is not very expensive to upgrade either. The first time |
    |I beat the game I used this gun for a long time, it made things go   |
    |faster and ensured that I got lots of cash, but, I don't recommend   |
    |any of you guys do the same because I learned later that although a  |
    |vacuum may make things go faster, so does a super powered attack     |
    |weapon ;).                                                           |
    |Attack | Zero, this gun isn't for kapow, it is for money.            |
    |Energy | Infinite! Yay! Update it to this ASAP                       |
    |Range  | Seemingly infinite, I have never been out of range of the   |
    |       | money I was trying to vacuum in.                            |
    |Rapid  | Same as drill, as long as you hold the button, it is on     |
    |Special| Nothing really. Use it if you are too lazy to pick up the   |
    |       | zenny or if you just want to ensure none of it disappears,  |
    |       | this gun seems useful but actually is not very.             |
    |Parts  | Broken Propeller: Trashcan in front of hospital             |
    |       | Broken Motor: Cell box in apple market                      |
    |       | Broken Cleaner: Trashcan downtown                           |
    |8) Active Buster                                                     |
    |This gun packs quite a punch. You shoot out homing missiles, one at a|
    |time, each one seeking it's enemies and blowing up on impact. This   |
    |gun is by far the second best gun in the game. It gets infinite      |
    |energy (for a draining 990,000 ;_;) and amazingly high of each other |
    |stat too. What makes this gun great is that you can stand far away,  |
    |fire 5 missiles a second, and have each one hit and kill the enemy.  |
    |Although this gun is amazing, the cost is just too damn much.        |
    |Attack | Yeeeouch! Amazing! It is strong enough to beat every and any|
    |       | boss and enemy with little to no effort                     |
    |Energy | Infinite, but you gotta be REALLY rich.                     |
    |Range  | Far enough...you won't ever be having range problems        |
    |Rapid  | As heck                                                     |
    |Special| It homes onto the enemies. This weapon is the best          |
    |       | all-around weapon, and if it were not for the Shining Laser,|
    |       | this weapon would be the best by a very large margin.       |
    |Parts  | Guidance Unit: Found in Clozer Woods Sub-gate               |
    |9) Blade Arm                                                         |
    |If any of you have played Mega Man Legends Two, you would know that  |
    |the blade arm kicks butt. Well, guess what? In Mega Man Legends/64 it|
    |is horrible. Although the attack is super high, and each other stat  |
    |is satisfactory, the range factor is horrible. And, what is worst of |
    |all, is that with each slice of the blade, you take a step forward.  |
    |Eventually, you just end up smacking into your target.               |
    |Attack | Very very high. It hurts and kills even final enemies in    |
    |       | three hits.                                                 |
    |Energy | Doesn't get too high, but, each slice of the blade doesn't  |
    |       | use up that much either                                     |
    |Range  | Not very far, which would be withstandable if you didn't    |
    |       | take a step forward every slice...                          |
    |Rapid  | Not high, the low rapid really makes this gun unreliable    |
    |Special| Whenever you slice and do not hit the target, an energy     |
    |       | blade flies through the air in the direction you sliced     |
    |       | (kinda like Jambela in DBZ and Fierce Deity in Zelda 2). I  |
    |       | really wish this blade was more like the one is MML2, but,  |
    |       | oh well. This weapon is pretty horrible, do not even bother.|
    |Parts  | Zetsabre: Won for beating beast hunter                      |
    |       | Pen Light: Found in ruins (need high jump boots)            |
    |10) Grand Grenade                                                    |
    |This gun is much better then most people give it credit for. Much    |
    |more powerful then the Spread Buster, this gun shoots one mega-ultra |
    |grenade. The spread of this weapon is wide enough to consume a group |
    |of enemies, but each of them gets the same crazy damage, instead of  |
    |the split damage that the Spread Buster offered. Killing even the    |
    |toughest enemies in three hits (the same as the Blade Arm amazingly),|
    |this gun is very lethal. There are major downsides though.           |
    |Attack | No comment- too high for it's own health                    |
    |Energy | The biggest problem. It does not get high, and each grenade |
    |       | uses up a lot. But, if you bring along a hyper cartridge you|
    |       | should be fine                                              |
    |Range  | Far enough to do the job                                    |
    |Rapid  | Fast enough to do the job                                   |
    |Special| Well, this gun is definitely my personal favorite grenade-  |
    |       | based weapon. It hurts like nuts, has great overall stats   |
    |       | and you can move in-between shots (unlike, say, the Active  |
    |       | Buster). A very great weapon, you should try it out some    |
    |       | time ;). The only other use it has is blowing up one        |
    |       | particular ceiling panel in one particular dungeon...       |
    |Parts  | Bomb Schematic: Found in flutter, in Barrel's room in a     |
    |       | treasure chest                                              |
    |11) Splash Mines                                                     |
    |*Yawn* Do not even bother with this one. This is THE worst weapon in |
    |the game, except on the first few bosses (and hard mode believe it or|
    |not)                                                                 |
    |Attack | The equivalent of nothing                                   |
    |Energy | Gets pretty high, but who cares?                            |
    |Range  | Zero, you drop the mine straight down                       |
    |Rapid- | Very, too bad each mine does nothing                        |
    |Special| This gun may have high energy and rapid, but it gives near  |
    |       | no damage. Especialy to end-of-game enemies. Just use it in |
    |       | the first Bonne battles, and the never use it again. On the |
    |       | upside, it costs near nothing to upgrade! Yay!              |
    |Parts  | Mine Parts Kit: Once you save the junk shop man, talk to    |
    |       | Roll and you will automatically get the gun.                |
    |12) Shield Arm                                                       |
    |This gun could be REALY good if it had infinite energy. But since it |
    |doesn't I would have to call this weapon the second worst, unless    |
    |used PERFECTLY (see special)                                         |
    |Attack | Zero, it is a shield                                        |
    |Energy | Pretty high, but drops fast                                 |
    |Range  | Right in front of you                                       |
    |Rapid  | Same as drill- constant rapid                               |
    |Special| The arm is used to protect yourself. It will protect you    |
    |       | from charging enemies, bullets and almost any projectile. I |
    |       | do not know if it works against boss attacks, but you do not|
    |       | get it until later. If you use this arm you are forced to   |
    |       | attack enemies with your buster gun. Now, although this     |
    |       | could work well, it takes too long to stop firing your      |
    |       | buster and put up your shield. Also, you cannot move while  |
    |       | using your shield (sorry to you all who came from MML2).    |
    |       | Basically, I would rather throw my Grand Grenade and blow up|
    |       | the guy instead of sit there firing a million buster shots, |
    |       | then stopping to shield.                                    |
    |Parts  | Mystic Orb: Gotten from winning Balloon Fantasy             |
    |       | Marlwolf Shell: Gotten after giving the gangsters a saw     |
    |13) Shining Laser                                                    |
    |No ifs, ands or buts, this gun is the best. No intro paragraph needed|
    |just read on                                                         |
    |Attack | Highest                                                     |
    |Energy | Infinite!!!!                                                |
    |Range  | Looooooooong                                                |
    |Rapid  | SAME AS DRILL!!!!!                                          |
    |Special| Read Rapid and Attack and you should already see the point. |
    |       | The Shining Laser is a long-range drill. Meaning, constant  |
    |       | damage, highest damage. Energy is no problem, nor is range. |
    |       | Bosses are pathetic if you max this weapon out, no sarcasm, |
    |       | p-a-t-h-e-t-i-c. The ONLY thing that makes this weapon bad  |
    |       | is that you cannot move and use it at the same time :(. But,|
    |       | when the boss dies in six seconds, who really cares?        |
    |Parts  | X buster: Gotten from gangsters in exchange for the comic   |
    |       | Weapons Plan: Ruins                                         |
    |       | Prism Crystal: Gotten from girl in green in the museum      |
    |Settings                                                             |
    |When pressing options from the start menu, the top option asks you   |
    |whether you want Z/R to be your turning or the control stick. I      |
    |personally recommend you do Z/R and I will write this guide in       |
    |assumption that that is the setting you have. Why do I prefer this?  |
    |Because you cant side step if you choose control stick instead of    |
    |Z/R! And side stepping is very important, especially for a certain   |
    |trick >:) Press "R" to rotate right and "Z" to rotate the camera     |
    |left, it's hard at first but you'll get used to it. Press left or    |
    |right to side step, and forward or back to move in that direction.   |
    |"Quick Rotate"                                                       |
    |Note that you can only shoot what is in FRONT of Mega Man, so if your|
    |enemy is behind you, you have to change the camera by rotating. The  |
    |other thing you can do, is "quick rotate", which is to press the     |
    |direction you want to go in (like down) on the joystick then tap "C- |
    |Down". You should auto-change directions.                            |
    |Other Notes                                                          |
    |The reason I gave movement it's own section is because it is unique  |
    |to any other N64 game (that I have played anyways) and it needs to be|
    |clarified. There is a very big trick you can do with camera changing |
    |that will make nearly every| |boss easy- if you want to simplify the |
    |bosses (you loser ;) go down to "Special tricks".                    |
    This is NOT a full character list, only the ones I refer to in this
    |Mega Man                                                             |
    | Who you play as, you are referred to as "blue boy" a lot too (and   |
    | also "hippopotamus" if you do things right). Mega Man is a digger   |
    | (see story) with unkown origin. He was found in a ruins by Barrel   |
    |Roll                                                                 |
    | An amazing scientist, she creates and enhances all your weapons. She|
    | is 14 years of age, and seemingly has a crush on Mega Man.          |
    |Barell                                                               |
    | The old half-metal head weird guy. He is Roll's grandparent,  and is|
    | not too terribly important in this game, but is referred to a lot,  |
    | so that is why he is listed here. He found and adopted Mega Man, and|
    | was once was a world-famous digger (when he was younger).           |
    |Tron                                                                 |
    | The opposite of Roll, she is also a technician/scientist who        |
    | develops weapons and vehicles. The only difference is she has evil  |
    | tendencies and is generally up to no good. She also has a crush on  |
    | Mega Man (good grief).                                              |
    |Teasel                                                               |
    | The weird green guy with the white hair. This guy is always trying  |
    | to stop you (Mega Man) and is a constant annoyance. He is Tron's    |
    | brother, and acts like the leader of the company                    |
    |Bomb                                                                 |
    | The big fat guy that says "faboo". He is not important at all, but  |
    | he reappears with Teasel and Tron, he is their brother.             |
    |The Mayor                                                            |
    | Yes, I know she has a name but so we don't get mixed up I will      |
    | always refer to the mayor as.. The Mayor!                           |
    |Servebots                                                            |
    | Weird yellow lego men that have high-pitched squeaky voices. They   |
    | are constant mini-bosses, and according to the instruction manual   |
    | there are 40 of them.                                               |
    -----------------------------<Map Markers>-----------------------------
    |Explanation                                                          |
    |When exploring the dungeons in Mega Man 64, it is best to follow the |
    |strategy that I have named "Map marking". When you enter a dungeon,  |
    |your map starts out completely blank. As you walk around, walls and  |
    |ground appear on your map. You always want the entire room you are   |
    |currently in to appear on your map. Why? Because if, by chance, you  |
    |missed an item and are back-tracking through dungeons, it is best to |
    |know what rooms you have explored.                                   |
    |Example                                                              |
    |                                                                     |
    |                           |----   ------|                           |
    |                           |             |                           |
    |                           |                                         |
    |                           |-----|=|-----|                           |
    |                                                                     |
    |The drawing above represents a room on your map. The (~) is a door,  |
    |and all other lines represent walls. If you were to enter the dungeon|
    |which contains this room, and were to look at your map, you would see|
    |that the top and bottom right of the room were not explored. This    |
    |could mean that you missed a door, or it could mean that the room is |
    |a dead end. You really have no way to tell unless you enter the room |
    |again and look. So to avoid this un-needed exploring, make sure each |
    |wall and floor panel of each room you have explored is marked on your|
    |map. To mark the walls you see onto the map, you simply have to walk |
    |up and touch them. Get it? Got it? Good.                             |
    --------------------<Before you Read The Walkthrough>------------------
    |Terms                                                                |
    |A "Zone Door" means that when you open the door, you're screen blacks|
    |out and you appear in a new area with a new map                      |
    |A "Normal Door" simply opens and closes; there is no area change     |
    |An "Area" is the current map your on                                 |
    |Treasures                                                            |
    |When exploring a dungeon, it is VERY important you look for holes in |
    |the walls!!! MOST treasures are NOT in chests!!! They are in little  |
    |black holes in walls, and most of the best stuff are in them.        |
    ---------------------------< Walkthrough>------------------------------
    ---------------------------<Intro Dungeon>-----------------------------
    After watching the intro, you will appear in a tower dungeon. This
    dungeon is definitely the easiest and most self-explanatory of them
    all. You really do not need to explore this dungeon to any extent, but
    you can if you are rusty or if you just want some early zenny. But, if
    you are new to game, I recommend you start to get used to Map Marking,
    because this is the easiest dungeon to do it in. Listen to Rolls
    advice, and go through each door you see (there is door per area, so,
    it is not that hard to figure out which door to enter). If you are
    curious, the only things you can find by fully exploring each area are
    a trap and reaverbots. Eventually, you will find a room with three
    pillars and three reaverbots. Blow up the reaverbots and collect the
    zenny they leave behind. This is a good place to practice the Circle
    Strafing technique (see special tricks). Continue on and you will reach
    an opening blocked by a blue force field. Just ignore and continue on,
    and you will find another opening which leads to a room with two
    electric pillars. Figure out what to do with them, and you will
    deactivate the force field (this is pretty obvious, if you cant figure
    this out, turn off your N64 and return this game). In this same room,
    continue going north and you will find two chests; one with zenny, the
    other with a buster part, "Power Raiser". Equip Power Raiser, and go
    out of this room, and back to the area where there was a force field
    (marked with a blue square on your map). Enter the room and get ready
    for the first boss.
    Boss 1- Weird One-armed robot man
    Attacks- Only has two. In one he slowly walks up to you and then slams
    his arm on the ground. The second one only happens if you are far away
    from him. If you are, he will charge at you with his arm.
    Damage- Both attacks do not hurt terribly much, but, both let loose
    explosions upon impact to the ground (or your head).
    Strategy- Circle Strafing works perfectly on this boss. He never can
    hit you once. But, it is just as easy to shoot at him, wait until he
    draws back his arm, and then move to the side. Don't do any jumping
    rolling or any fancy on this guy, he is a piece of cake.
    --------------------<To Town And The First Ruins>----------------------
    Figure out where town is (not too difficult; there is a sign that
    specifically tells you "To Town") and watch the cut scene. Go talk to
    Barrel, and then head back towards town. Enter the north gate, and
    behold Apple Market! This place is a great source for money (see
    Special Tricks) and is also the easiest place to go to for your
    battling needs. This place also teaches you early on to explore
    EVERYTHING. There are trashcans and boxes scattered randomly around
    this hallway. Both trashcans and all the boxes contain zenny, except
    for one trashcan that contains the "Broken Cleaner". Get that, and then
    enter the only shop here that matters, the junk shop! Talk to the lady,
    and then it is on to the first ruins!
    It is very important that you Map Mark here, because you will
    definitely regret later if you forget to. Explore every nook and
    cranny, and mark everything down. You will find one door too high to
    reach, one ledge too high to reach (both towards the beginning) and one
    huge orange wall that is mysteriously blocking another path. Ignore all
    three of these things, because you can't do anything with any of them.
    Once you have explored the dungeon to it's fullest, and have checked
    every wall and chest, you should end up with zenny and Rapid Fire. Exit
    the dungeon and go talk to the junk store owner. After much dialogue,
    you can choose between two names. Pick either one, it does not matter,
    and then go talk to Roll. You will receive your first (and worst)
    weapon, the Splash Mines! Simply press C-Left and you will drop a
    pitifully weak mine right in front of you. If an reaverbot is stupid
    enough to step on it, it will damage (not kill) it! Go back to the
    Apple Market and sneak up on the kids (punks). Once you have heard
    their ploy, head into the junk shop. Buy a shield repair, then go and
    buy Power Raiser (both) and turbo charger (both) *WARNING*, DO NOT BUY
    RANGE BOOSTER!!! ALPHA OR NORMAL!!! With your left over money, I
    suggest you buy two energy canteens, and use the rest of your money on
    life gauges. Actually, it is best to kick that can until you have all
    of your Life Gauge upgrades, because then you will have the maximum
    health for the entire rest of the game. It will get pretty expensive,
    but you will thank me later ;). Go in the "N" door when you are done,
    watch your cut-scene, then off to downtown!
    --------------------<Downtown And City Hall>---------------------------
    In downtown, the first thing you want to do is go trashcan searching.
    In one of them (across the street from the library) is a trashcan with
    the Broken Motor! Don't bother exploring the rest of downtown, there is
    nothing of any interest, importance or anything else for that matter.
    Head towards the door with an "N" and talk to the guard in front of the
    mayors building (the big 'ole building in the northern part of this
    map).  Watch the cut scene, then leave the building. Watch the next
    (semi-humorous) cut scene and chase after Tron to downtown. Talk to
    her, then to the dog and watch the cut scene. Once you have finished
    this, head south, through apple market, and to Roll. Watch the cut
    scene. Talk to her then watch another cut scene. Now head back to
    downtown, watch one final cinema and it is boss time!
    Boss Preparations: It is best to have high attack and energy for this
    Mini-Boss- The Three Weird Machines
    Special Notes- There are three bosses here, but all three are easy as
    heck. The Red machine is the strongest, the Blue machine is the
    fastest, and the Yellow machine has the most life. There are also two
    flying ships above your head. One of the three ground machines has a
    key, and you do not know which one. They also pass the key amongst each
    other as well, so it is hard to tell who has it. Each time I have
    played this boss I have beat all three of them anyways, for the money
    and the fun, but if you are in a hurry I believe the blue one starts
    with it. Also, all five of these vehicles can blow up surrounding
    buildings, light posts and other scenery so try to keep them from doing
    that! How? Just basically don't be in front of one, because that would
    mean that the bullets or bombs would fly past you and hit the building.
    Attacks: Only three. They can run you over, shoot you with a machine
    gun or throw a bomb at you.
    Damage: Being run over hurts the most (about a square), the machine gun
    bullets don't even phase you and the bombs are so easy to avoid that
    you wont have to worry about it ;)
    Strategy: Start off by running up to the blue machine and keep laying
    down Splash Mines. He will die before the battle has barely started.
    Once this has happened, all the other vehicles will start moving
    around. You should first blow up the flying vehicles, because they are
    the most annoying and easiest to kill. After they are down, head off
    for the first ground- vehicle you find. If it is yellow he will be hard
    to keep up with, but by cutting corners you should be fine. Once he is
    dead, blow up red and gather his zenny. If you are low on health, you
    may want to go kick a vending machine and get full health ^_^ Right
    after you pick up the Bonne Family Key, you go straight to...
    Boss 2: Squid-headed, four-legged red machine
    Special: You have to keep something in mind the entire time you are
    fighting this boss; if you are in front of a building and you dodge an
    attack, the attack WILL hit the building behind you, and it WILL blow
    up! So, you must stay on the street and right in front of him the
    entire time! Besides that this boss is nothing special
    Attacks: He has many.
    Bullet Spiral- he spins around and shoots a circle of bullets
    Bullet Stream- He shoots a semi-straight stream of bullets
    Bomb Spiral- He spins around and shoots a circle of bombs
    Bomb Stream- He shoots a semi-straight stream of bombs
    Missile Shock- He slams his legs together and a missile fires at you
    Charge- He charges at you
    Bullet spiral- A square, not too bad but not too good either
    Bullet stream- Ouch. Three squares at the most
    Bomb Spiral- Depends. At the most two squares
    Bomb Stream- do NOT get hit by this! You will get hit by many bombs
    over and over, and this can lower your health A lot
    Missile Shock- Hurts like nuts, dodge this at all costs!
    Charge- Not much, usually just breaks your shield
    Bullet Spiral- Err, just jump over the spiral ^_~
    Bullet Stream- move to the side, that's it ~_~
    Bomb Spiral- Run away! Don't try jumping or you will land on the
    Bomb Stream- Same as Spiral except run towards him and to the side
    Missile Shock- Easiest to dodge, just roll or move to the side
    Charge- Stand between his head and his leg and he will miss you
    Stand in the middle of the street and fire at him. If he shoots an
    attack refer above to how to dodge it, and then continue firing. This
    is a very easy boss as long as you dodge each of his attacks (not very
    hard). If you get in trouble, kick a vending machine! If you just
    cannot seem to avoid his attacks, you can try circle strafing. The only
    reason I do not recommend it is because the buildings are GOING to be
    Once the boss has been destroyed, go to the north gate and talk to
    Data. Select "Tell Me..." "What should I do now?" then when he asks if
    you have any range-increasing buster parts, say NO. You will get a free
    Range Booster Alpha! He will then ask if he has been a good boy. If you
    say no, he will take back the range booster, so just say yes ;). Go
    back to the junk shop and buy your buster parts, life gauges and extra
    packs (you only really need 11 energy packs in total by the end of the
    game and you will be fine). Head north, and head north again for
    another boss fight!
    Mini-Boss: Tractors and Flying Arms
    Mini-Boss Preparations: Although the game recommends you use range, I
    found power and energy to be the most useful attributes here. If you
    need range, pick range and energy.
    Special: There are three different kinds of units here. Red ground
    units attack city hall and have weak armor. Yellow ground units have
    stronger armor and attack the first thing they see (including city
    hall). The third units are flying arms (no joke) and they drop off the
    yellow and red units. The goal is to protect city hall, but in reality
    the only building that you would want to save for future purposes is
    the Police Station. Whatever is destroyed you can pay to re-build, so
    concentrate on protecting the police station and city hall. You can
    also blow up the news blimp hovering over city hall to become Dark Mega
    Man real quick (see Special Tricks).
    Attacks: The ground units do not attack you, and the air units drop
    bombs on you
    Damage: The bombs do near nothing
    Strategy: The best way to go about this mission is to kill the flying
    things FIRST. Since they drop off more units, killing them would stop
    the unit flow. To make them appear, destroy a unit. When a fly guy
    appears to drop off a new one, blow him out of the sky. Repeat. You
    will most likely lose SOME buildings in the process.
    After you defeat every enemy, you will watch a cut scene and then have
    to fight
    Boss: Baby In A Can
    Missile Launch: He launches a missile out of each of his fingers and
    they home onto you
    Long Lick: He shoots his tongue out at you
    Slap-Clap: He reaches out his arms, flies to you and then claps his
    Beat-up: Not done to you; he does this to buildings.
    Missile Launch: Right before they hit you, roll to a side. You might
    still get hit by one missile
    Long Lick: Move to the side, really easy.
    Slap-Clap: run away from his hands
    This boss is kind of hard, mainly because he does his attacks quickly.
    The worst combo he has is two missile launches, followed by a long lick
    followed by a slap-clap. The best way to beat him is to circle-strafe
    around him until he shoots his missiles. Roll, the continue circle
    strafing. If he does a slap-clap, jump while circle strafing and you
    should make it over his hands. If you have a lot of trouble, you can
    lead him to a light post and have him beat it up while you nail him
    from behind. He will not turn around to hit you until the pole is gone.
    ---------<Another Ruins, The Digging Site And The TV Station>----------
    Once the boss has been defeated, watch the cut scene and then go
    towards the front of city hall and into the truck. Talk to Roll and get
    the walkie-talkie (use this to all Roll to pick you up and take you
    places; only works in certain places). Go downtown and head towards the
    West door (but don't go in it!). Between a blue and yellow building is
    a trashcan, check it to get the Blumebear Parts! With that said and
    done, go north to city hall, then north again and watch the cinema. You
    will notice that you cannot make it up to the hill where there are
    watch-towers on top and a building as well. Well, go around the walls
    of the hill and you will eventually find a point where you can jump and
    cling on to the ledge. Do that and head towards that building (it is
    actually the second and only other junk shop). Outside of the shop is a
    Cell box, check it and get the Safety Helmet. In the junk shop are two
    new parts, the Blast Unit and the Sniper Unit. But, more importantly
    armor is now available! You can buy it now or later, but either way
    buying the jackets (Flak, Kevlar) is your TOP-most priority, for they
    will GREATLY decrease the amount of damage you take. Go outside the
    shop and head north east, into a meadow-like place. Head north (stop
    and recharge at Data, but don't go into the door next to him!) and head
    into the ruins. There is only one path you can take, and once you are
    done you should end up with zenny and a Cannon Kit. Once you have
    finished head out, re-charge at Data and enter the door behind him.
    Watch the cut scene then blast through the enemies. Jump down and get
    ready for...
    Boss: Teasel Tries to Dig With a huge Yellow Vacuum Cleaner
    Boss Preparations: Full out attack. You wont need range or energy for
    this one. Rapid and attack is fine. Also have Splash Mines on (this is
    your last time you will ever use them)
    Bombs: Bombs are dropped out of the hatch
    Missiles: Five missiles are shot out of the hatch into the air, and
    drop down on your head (if your unlucky)
    Green Energy: Homing energy balls
    Slap: Slaps his hand at you
    Run over: Runs you over
    Bombs: Trust me- you will never get hit by a bomb
    Missiles: Trust me- you will never get hit by the missiles
    Green Energy: This one is tough. You have to wait until the energy
    balls are just a little bit away, then roll to the right or the left.
    Slap: Impossible to dodge (that I know of). Read strategies to see how
    you will never be in the position to have to dodge it.
    Run Over: Very hard to dodge, just run away and try to get away fast
    This boss is easy simply because his attacks are all very easy to
    dodge, and the ones that are hard to dodge give little to no damage.
    First you need to blow up his treads (the conveyer belts at the bottom
    of the machine; his feet). It will take a while, but after you do he
    will be dramatically slowed down. Next, blow up all the surrounding
    tanks, then jump up the ledges so that you are at a ledge above him.
    Once you are there, jump aboard his back and wait for the hatch to
    open. If he shoots a green energy ball, turn the camera so that the
    boss's back is across the screen horizontally and roll into the boss:
    | /______
    When he opens the hatch, start dropping splash mines like crazy. Once
    the hatch closes, jump back to the ledge. Dodge his attacks, then jump
    on his back again and drop more splash mines. That should be it, if
    not, just repeat one more time. Watch the cinema. Start to leave, and
    you will get a transmition from Roll. At some point you will get the
    option of Yes or No. Say yes or you have a long walk ahead of you. You
    will end up back at City Hall, and you now have the option to donate
    money to re-build the destroyed buildings. I would re-build them all,
    but if you want to only re-build the essential ones, they are the
    library, police station and the residential buildings. Once you have
    done that, go into the truck, and go to item development. You should
    get the Helmet, the Powered Buster and the Machine Buster. Head back to
    downtown, and go West, and you will be in Uptown. Go to the huge TV
    building and talk to the lady behind the counter. You will have the
    option of playing one of two games:
    Beast Hunter:
    How to play: You want to kick the ball and hit the dog, not the man.
    Each time you hit the man you lose a point, and each time you hit the
    dog you get a point. If you kick a dog and hit the dog you get two
    points, if you kick a dog and hit the person you lose two points. If
    you kick a ball and hit a gold dog (which will at two points run by
    quickly) you will get two points. If you kick a dog and hit the golden
    dog you get three. The object is to get as many points as it says to
    pass each rank. You need to pass C, B, then A and you will get a prize
    for beating A.
    If you just want to win: Don't move in any direction, and press "B" to
    kick the ball or dog. Hit the dog whenever it is in front of you, and
    hit the golden dog when it runs by. You should be able to easily beat
    all the ranks
    To be a pro: My record is 28. Here are my tips on how to get a very
    high score. Hold C-Down so that you can slowly move sideways. Once you
    kick the dog when he is in front of you, scoot to the side and hit "B"
    to kick the ball diagonal left, or scoot to the other side and hit "C-
    left" to kick the ball diagonal right. Using this strategy you can hit
    the dog five times in one rotation. I have never been able to get 28
    again, my average is 24.
    Your prize: A zetsabre!
    Balloon Fantasy:
    How to play: Shoot and pop all the red balloons within the given time.
    If you hit a blue balloon a second is added to your time. Beat C, B,
    then A to get a prize.
    Just To Win: Don't move at all, just press Z or R to move the camera
    left or right, and shoot at the red balloons. You should be able to win
    just fine just by doing this. It will help to max out your rapid and
    energy to the highest you can.
    To Be A Pro: My record is exactly five seconds. Max out your rapid and
    energy before you get enter the game. Say you want to play balloon
    fantasy, then when you appear in the arena, DO NOT PRESS ANYTHING! The
    balloons will be bouncing around. Press "A" when the balloons seem like
    they are in a perfect arrangement, and then fire like crazy. Hold Z AND
    R so that you can turn faster, and also shoot over (and under) the blue
    Your prize: A Mystic Orb!
    Skating Game: (NOTE: You will not be able to do this mini game quite
    yet. You need to jet skates which you will get later on. When you have
    them, talk to the man to the right of the counter to start this one up)
    How To play: Pick a course, then skate through the cones. Hitting a
    yellow cone stops the time for one second. The goal is to clear all the
    cones and reach the finish before time runs out.
    General Tips: Before attempting this mini-game, you may want to
    practice outside a little bit. Get used to sharp turns (R/Z), as well
    as breaking (holding down) speeding up (holding up) and combing these
    both. When you are a pro at all of these, head to the...
    Straight Course: This is a breeze. Just skate through the cones, take a
    sharp right turn to hit the first yellow cone, head straight for the
    second yellow cone, make a sharp right turn and clear the last three
    sets of cones. Practice here until you get the top new record before
    going on to the...
    Left Turn Course: This one is trickier. Utilize you sharp turn, and
    remember to always hold up. On the left turn itself, stop holding up,
    and hold Left/Z. After that, continue holding up and sharp turn your
    way to the finish. Definitely practice here a while, perfecting your
    sharp turns, and when to hold up. When you feel you are good enough (or
    you made the number one record) move on to the...
    Technical Coarse: The hardest of them all. I have no tips on this
    because your own reflexes will determine how well you place on this.
    You will need to use a combination of Down/R's, Down/Z's, Up/Z's,
    Up/R's, R's, Z's and non-sharp turns. I am attempting to write exactly
    how I do it, but it is very hard to describe. If you can master the
    previous two courses you should be fine.
    Straight: Music Box
    Left Turn: Omni-Unit
    Technical: Giant Horn
    --------------------------<Cardon Sub-gate>----------------------------
    Go to Cardon forest and go south (away from town). You will find a cave
    entrance and a lady in front of it. Once you get close enough, you will
    watch a cinema. Go into the cave entrance, and you will end up not in a
    cave, but a huge meadow. Blow up all the tanks blocking Roll's way,
    then enter the ruins. Remember, scroll down to the "Maps" section and
    print out the map of this sub-gate to make your life a whole bunch
    easier. First things first. Go right and check out the control panel.
    After you do that, enter the door on the right to enter the main room
    of the dungeon. Now, in this room are weird beehive thingys on top of
    the platforms, and green charging men on the floor. If you have a
    powered buster out, use it on the beehives and the beehives AND the
    bees will die all at once! A WHOLE mess of zenny will fly out, you can
    do this a couple of times to make some cash. As for the green men, you
    will encounter their kind (in a variety of colors) throughout the game.
    To kill them, shoot them until they charge at you, then right before
    they hit you jump to the side/roll to the side. Jump from platform to
    platform, and on the uppermost platform (next to the entrance platform)
    there will be a starter key! After getting it, continue your platform
    hopping until you get to the bottom-center platform, which will have a
    door on it. You will zone, and then be in a room with a conveyer belt
    running across it and alot of golden sun things in the air. The golden
    sun things explode upon contact, be careful. Ignore everything and go
    strait across the room. You will be in a weird blueish place. Take a
    small left and open the chest, containing a "Grenade Kit". Turn flat
    around and go up the slope. You will be in a room with icy platforms.
    Careful, they break upon being walked on! Make your way across (ignore
    the chest) and enter the door on the other side. You will now be (very)
    high up, in the main room again. Open the chest to your immediate
    right, and you will get a "Spring Set". Keep going along the path, and
    you will find a hole in the wall (next to the door you haven't been in
    yet) and it contains a "Old Bone" Enter the door and you will be in a
    room with three force fields and three weird pillar thingys with
    buttons in front of them. The goal is to step on all three buttons,
    then run past the place where the force field is. If you are too slow,
    the force field will re-activate and you will have to press the buttons
    all over again. The easiest way to do this is to keep the camera strait
    forward (towards the switches) and run from side to side, then after
    the third switch, jet to the force field. This should not be too
    terribly difficult. Keep walking, and you will find another key! Enter
    the nearby door and you will be back again in the main room. Go back to
    the lower-center door again (where there were all those golden suns),
    and back up to the room with the icy platforms that shattered when you
    walked on them. Go walk on the platform with the chest on it, and have
    both you and the chest drop. Next, follow the conveyer belt up to the
    wall and you will find a switch. Press it. Go down the conveyer belt
    and you will be in the previous room. Quickly take a right and get the
    hole in the wall. It will contain an "Old Doll". Continue down the
    conveyer belt and you will be in a new room with even MORE golden suns.
    Blow up real quick, then watch as the chest gets crushed by the spiked
    roller. Pick up the key that flew out of the chest. Before you leave
    this room, check the nearby hole in the wall to get 300 zenny. Leave
    this room via a nearby door. Take a left, and in the hole is 2300
    zenny. Leave and go back to the refractor room. Check the control
    panel, and lower the shield. Watch the cut scene. Then, jump into the
    truck. You should item develop for the grenade arm, and most
    importantly, the jump springs. Now that you have the jump springs, it
    would be a good idea to start exploring the ruins more thoroughly. This
    will give you better weapons, buster parts etc. You can get almost
    everything, the only things you cannot get are the things behind those
    orange walls (drill walls). If you would like to just go on with the
    game, skip the next (very long) section. If you would like to reap in
    the treasures, then on to...
    I am not going to write a walkthrough for this part because there are
    no bosses (but one) and no puzzles either. You simply have to refer
    down to the "Maps" section and decide how you will go through them. You
    should come out with a zetsabre and a machine gun buster part, along
    with a buster unit, triple access and a whole buncha cash. You will
    also end up with a Rollerboard, old shield and a shiny object, which
    have no immediate use. But, since there IS a boss, here it is...
    Boss: One-armed robot's revenge
    Remember the boss in the intro dungeon? Well, he is back but now, with
    TWO arms (ooooh!). He runs around in a square smacking the ground. Just
    follow him from behind shooting him like crazy. Eventualy, he will stop
    and turn around. If he charges at you while smacking the ground, RUN!
    If he shoots his arms at you, stay!
    I hate the ground: He hits the ground and explosions erupt everywhere
    I hate my arms: He shoots his arms out at you ^_~
    I hate Mega Man: He walks up to you, raises his arms, and smacks them
    down on you (if he is lucky). Explosions erupt
    I hate the ground: Just stay behind him ;)
    I hate my arms: Just stand between his two arms ;)
    I hate Mega Man: Jump right before his hands hit the ground/you.
    All you gotta do, is dodge everything he does (see above) and shoot. It
    will take about a minute. This is not a real challenge, don't worry ^_^
    Once you have finished, continue on to...
    -----------<The Gangsters, The Painter And The Bomb Threat>------------
    The first thing you want to do is go north of city hall. East of the
    junkshop is a house (looks exactly like the junkshop) with the three
    gangsters in it. Talk to the big yellow one, join, and he will tell you
    to get a pickax. Go back to city hall, and near the bank is a
    construction worker. Talk to him and he will give you a pick. Go back
    to the gangsters and give it to them. Then, head towards the police
    station. Talk to the inspector twice and you will get a mission. Head
    downtown. There are three bombs. The first one blows up upon entering
    downtown. The second one is on the roof of a green house in front of
    the east gate, and the third is right in front of a green house (I
    think it randomizes, but for me, it was in front of the east gate). The
    bombs are called "Bomb" and "Plastique" and are used to make the buster
    parts "Power Blaster L" and "Power Blaster R". After you have done
    this, go to uptown. On the ledge over looking the museum, is a lady in
    front of a canvas. Talk to her, and when you get an option, pick "red"
    (pick talent though if you're looking for a good laugh, don't worry, it
    will not affect anything >:). Go down to downtown and then head to
    Apple Market. Go to "The Hipbone" and talk to the lady behind the
    counter (that has the hots for you...). Get her lipstick, and then go
    on back to Uptown. Give your lipstick away to the painter (yeah, sorry,
    it is not used to make the Lipstick arm), and watch the cut scene. Ok,
    with that said and done, go back to the gangsters' hideout. The hideout
    SHOULD look slightly different (the roof it blue and there is an
    attic). If the hideout is not changed, go kill things for five minutes
    and then return. Talk to the big yellow gangster again, and you are
    sent off again to fetch a saw. Go back to City Hall, and talk to the
    construction worker by the bank again. He will tell you he threw it out
    while working on something (A disposable saw...interesting). Head to
    downtown, and it is in a trashcan north of the library. Go back to the
    gangsters and give them their saw (nope, no Saw Arm either), and it's
    off to...
    ---------------<Aqua Trouble And The Lake Jyun Sub-gate>---------------
    "Aqua Trouble" was a nice way of putting "Hardest mini-battle in the
    game". I recommend you get a whole bunch of energy and rapid, power is
    NOT very important. The best combination I think is Machine Gun and
    Triple Access. Weapon wise, It does not really matter. Powered buster
    is good, and there is a cool trick you can do with the Splash Mines,
    but, just pick something strong and accurate. When your ready, head to
    Uptown and go into the boat house (western most building). Go to the
    boat and talk to the construction worker. Call Roll, watch the cut
    scene, then SAVE!!! If you are on hard mode, prepare for the time of
    your life. It WILL take you MANY tries to beat this on hard mode. If
    you are skilled, you may be able to beat this on normal mode your first
    try, but, don't get your hopes up. Ok, take a deep breath, and get
    ready for the
    Mini-quest: Submarine Battle
    I will divide this into two sections: Hard mode and Normal mode
    Hard Mode
    Strategy: Ok, this is going to take a while. The way I did this was by
    using the above mentioned buster parts and splash mines. Now, why
    splash mines? Because they stick to the water! If the red ships shoot a
    torpedo at you, the splash mine will detonate and blow it up! It isn't
    TOO useful, but, anything helps in this mission. DO NOT aim to kill
    water crafts! ONLY aim at the torpedoes! Also, completely ignore the
    yellow ships. Their missiles near never hit, and they have no other
    means of attacking. ALL shots should be focused on the red ships'
    torpedoes. Then, when the flying crafts come in, try to take them out
    with you buster gun between volleys of water ships. If you are lucky
    you will be able to kill them all, but don't get your hopes up. This
    will take MANY tries, but just keep going at those torpedoes and ignore
    EVERYTHING else! Once the boss appears, focus with all your mind on the
    missiles that shoot out of his head!! Just keep them from hitting you
    for about four volleys, and you will get the option to retreat. DO IT!
    Retreat, save, and then re-enter and your boat will have full health
    and you will be straight at the boss! (Note that you WILL NOT do this
    on your first try! You WILL have to spend a lot of time on this
    Yellow Missiles- Near nothing
    Red Missiles- 1/12 of your life PER ONE
    Fly guys' machine guns- Near nothing, but a bit more then the Missiles
    Normal Mode
    Strategy: Focus on killing the torpedoes that the red guys launch and
    killing the red guys themselves. Completely ignore the yellow guys and
    the missiles they launch. You SHOULD be fine just by doing that. When
    the air guys appear, take them out real quick (not that hard) and then
    go back to killing red guys. If there are still ships in the air, kill
    them in your spare time. You should be able to win this mission within
    a couple tries. The Powered buster also helps in this mission to kill
    red guys too far away to shoot. When the boss appears, shoot the
    missiles that get launched from his head, and then retreat and save.
    Same as Hard mode, except the Red Missiles give (about) 1/24 instead.
    Boss: Floating Frog with Claws
    Preperations: You want ESPECIALY high range and energy. Next would be
    attack. I recommend using the buster parts "Sniper Unit" and "Power
    Blaster R". The powered buster is a great companion here too.
    Phase 1: Missile Launcher- Shoots missiles from his head.
    Phase 2: Missile Launcher- same as above
    Phase 3 (final):
    Slash - He sticks out his arms and you automatically get hurt
    Missile Launcher- same old, same old
    Cannons - Two cannons on his back shoot bombs at you
    Energy Beam - Same as always, a huge green energy ball
    Phase 1: Not much
    Phase 2: Not much
    Phase 3:
    Slash - Not TOO much, but don't let it be used on you to any great
    Missile Launcher - Same as above
    Cannons - Pretty powerful, don't get hit by these!
    Energy Beam - OUCH! Unless you wanna go deep sea diving, don't get hit
    by this!!
    Phase 1: Just shoot them ;)
    Phase 2: ...just shoot them ;)
    Phase 3:
    Slash - Shoot the arms (sensing a pattern?)
    Missile launcher - Take a guess (shoot the missiles)
    Cannons - shoot the bombs and the cannons (get it?)
    Energy Ball - this one is tricky. The cannon will charge up, and then
    when it is fully charged it will let loose the energy ball. The way to
    avoid it is to shoot the cannon as many times as you can before it
    fires. If you are successful, it will malfunction and not shoot the
    blast. Just make every shot count!
    Strategy: In stage one the boss is invincible, just blow up his
    missiles. Same thing in stage two. In stage three, the boss is finally
    vulnerable. Shoot his arms and the two cannons on his back. Once they
    are all gone, shoot the mega cannon on his back as many times as you
    can! (see dodging energy ball). This won't be too difficult (MUCH
    easier then the previous battle).
    Watch the cut scene and you will be on a little island. Open the sub-
    gate, and welcome to Lake Jyun! Take the only path available until you
    reach a big room. Take the right path and get your "Old Hoverjets".
    Turn around and go in the door. Take your first left and go strait down
    the hallway. You will get a starter key. Turn around, and take your
    first left. In a hole in a wall is a gattling part. With that done, go
    back to the door where you entered this area. Go forward and take your
    first (and only) right. Continue across the path, and to your right
    will be a hole with a "ring" in it. Continue on and you will find a
    door. Go in it, and welcome to water world! Be careful, don't fall and
    follow the wall next to you. You will enter a room with a chest, open
    it and get your starter key. Turn around. Jump down and climb up the
    first left platform short enough for you to jump on. There will be a
    door a the top, but ignore it and take the passage to the right. At the
    end of the passage, jump onto the platform, then jump to the left into
    a room with your third and last starter key. Behind the chest is a hole
    with money. Turn around and go back into the big water room. Careful
    "BE CAREFUL, NOT CAREFUL", all along the ground are invisible enemies.
    Make your way to the middle platform, and open the chest on top of it
    to get the "Joint Plug". Now go in the northern most door and RUN. The
    enemies here are IMPOSSIBLY STRONG and HURT WAY TOO MUCH. Sprint
    forward, don't shoot or turn back, and take the left turn. Get your
    "Rapid Striker", then go back to the impossible room and take a left.
    Go into the door and you will be in a room with a weird pillar thingy
    in the middle. Ignore it and go into the next room. Lower the shield,
    and get your Red Refractor! After the cut scene, get ready, because it
    is boss time!
    Boss: When Pillars Come Alive
    Preperations: All ya need is attack and rapid, I suggest using Power
    Blaster L and Power Blaster R
    Walk - He walks, and if you crash into him, it hurts!
    Dive - He jumps and dives at you (this one really hurts)
    Shock Wave - He jumps into the middle, and a shock wave goes across the
    Kick - He kicks you
    Walk - ...don't crash into him...
    Dive - Run and jump to the side
    Shock Wave - Don't be in the middle of the arena, and jump over the
    Kick - Don't go right next to him.
    This guy is annoying because of his height. Powered buster, yet again,
    is a great weapon because (using C-right) you can aim the fire ball at
    his head and it will hurt him like nuts. But, it is safer just to use
    your buster. Circle strafe around him while jumping and shooting
    (jumping because he is too tall to hit without doing it).  When he
    dives at you, jump away. When he jumps into the center, jump over the
    shockwave while firing at him. This boss is very repetitive, but it is
    not a very long match.
    After he is dead, run out of the ruins and jump into the boat. Watch
    the cut scene, and go to Roll. Watch the cut scene, then talk to Roll
    again. She will tell you to talk to Gramps. Go to talk to Barrel, and
    tell him yes or no, it does not matter. Once you have done this, go
    into the green door. In this room is a (lot of junk) treasure chest.
    Inside is a Bomb Schematic. Now, go back and talk to Roll. Go to the
    R&D room and item develop. You should get the "Grand Grenade", the "Jet
    Skates" and the "Adapter Plug". Equip the jet skates right away, along
    with another buster part!
    ------<Gangsters, Hospital, Jet Skates And Some Gifts For Roll>--------
    Go back to the gangsters' hideout. Wow, it is amazing what one can do
    with a pick and a disposable saw. Talk to big and yellow again (after
    admiring the pretty lady on the poster behind him). Then, check the
    pile of junk next to him. You will get a "Marlwolf shell". Next, go to
    the junk shop in this area and right next to it is a comic book (well,
    actually, a pornography book by the looks of it). After Mega Man does
    his victory pose, enter the junkshop to buy some much needed buster
    parts. A REALY good combination at this point is "Power Blaster R",
    "Laser" and "Machine Gun". Now, go towards the digging site (where you
    fought that huge digging machine). Don't actually go TO the digging
    site, walk past it and towards the Ruins entrance. On a hill near it
    (and under a tree) is a "Stag Beetle". Now, go to the area south of the
    Flutter (between the Cardon Ruins and the Cardon Forest). Again on a
    hill and under a tree is a "Beetle". Head back to uptown and talk to
    the girl in the wheel chair. Tell her "yes". Then, talk to the nurse
    behind the counter. Enter the door to your right, and talk to the nurse
    in this room. Go outside and skate for a while until you have perfected
    your skills. Then, go and finish all the skating games (see section D
    for tips). Next go to city hall. Talk to the mayor "about the
    hospital's equipment". Pay for it (if you can't, kill things and make
    money). Now, go back to gangsters' hideout. Give the big yellow guy the
    comic (porn) book, the stag beetle and the beetle, then get three items
    from the pile to the right; "Broken Circuits", "Old Heater" and "X-
    Buster".  No, you don't get your X-buster from all the other Mega Man
    games, it kills you as much as it kills me. Head to Roll, and go to
    Uptown. Go to the hospital and talk to the lady behind the counter. Go
    into Ira's room again. Watch the cut scene. You will get a "Flower
    Pearl". Go back to Roll and item develop. You will get a "Gatling gun"
    and "Shield Arm". Oh, by the way, in the R&D room, "Talk to Roll" to
    give her three gifts (the flower, the ring and the music box). Now with
    all that said and done, it is time to go on to the last sub-gate...
    -----------------------<Clozer Woods Sub-Gate>-------------------------
    Equip the grand grenade special weapon (it is ESSENTIAL in completing
    this dungeon) and I recommend equipping the buster parts "Power Blaster
    R", "Laser" and "Gatling Gun". Talk to Roll in the Flutter, and select
    "Go to the sub-gate". Now leave the Flutter, and you will be in the
    Clozer Woods sub-gate. Go into the next room, then down and into the
    control room. Check the control panel, the go across the room into the
    door. First take a left and get the treasures in the two holes in the
    walls. Then, go to the rightmost door, get the chest with the "Guidance
    Unit" and jump down from the platform you are on. In this room are four
    pillars. Each pillar has one hole in it. Check all four holes in all
    four pillars. Then, jump up onto the platform opposite the one with the
    Guidance Unit, to get an ID card. Enter the middle structure in the
    room you are in. First take a left and get "Target Sensor". Then go
    onward and take your first left. You will be in the ruins, get the
    "Ancient Book". Continue along, and you will enter a huge room with a
    weird blue wall in the middle. Check the front of it and start up the
    elevator. Then, go straight behind you and open the chest for a ID
    card! Go back to the big room, and enter the room on the northern most
    side. Watch out, there are spider-reaverbots on the ceilings! Hope you
    brought your Grand Grenade, because look up and there will be a weak
    ceiling tile! Shoot it with your Grand Grenade, and jump up! Get ready
    for the easiest (or hardest) mini-boss in the game.
    Three Mad Fire-Breathing Wolves
    Dash - They dash, if you touch them, you get hurt
    Bite - They jump an bite at you
    Flame - They spit fire out at you
    This is the easiest battle you've ever fought or your worst nightmare,
    it all depends on if you can circle strafe. Just shoot and run around
    in circles, and the dashes, the bites AND the flames will ALL miss!
    Sounds too easy? Well, it is! As for you circle-strafe impaired, good
    luck to ya! Run away, fire, run away, fire. What I am trying to say is
    you are neck-deep in trouble ~_~ Go out the door, DONT FALL OFF, and
    follow the path to the last chest, containing the last Key Card. Go all
    the way back to the control panel, insert the ID cards, watch the cut
    scene, and go back to the Flutter.
    -------------<A Ship Gone Wrong And A Logic-Impaired Bird>-------------
    First things first- go to Roll and item-develop. You will get the
    "Active Buster" and the "Sniper Scope".  The next battle will be VERY
    hard if you are on Hard mode, but otherwise it should be pretty easy.
    Tell Roll you want to go back to the forest, and you will go straight
    into the boss (part one).
    A Ship Gone Wrong
    Use the same buster parts, except change "Power Blaster R" to "Power
    Blaster L", and equip the Grand Grenade (UPGRADE POWER IF YOU CAN). You
    NEED the Grand Grenade if this is hard mode!!!!
    Part 1: Little Midget Ships
    These guys just fly around shooting the ship and you, but there is one
    trick you can do that will ensure they do little to no damage on both
    easy and hard modes... don't move an inch, just shoot strait forward
    the entire time. Don't even move the camera. Watch how well it works!
    Part 2: The Frog Ship Itself
    Cannons - The sides Shoot Bombs At You
    Space Bombs - The front shoots floating bombs at you
    Energy Ball - Same as always; big green ball flies at you from the
    Damage: (all of these don't do much on normal, the below is only in
    reference to Hard mode)
    Cannons - ALOT OF DAMAGE! You DEFFINITELY do NOT want to get hit!
    Space Bombs - Not much
    Energy Ball - Less then the cannons surprisingly ^_~
    Cannons - shoot the bombs in mid air (harder then it sounds). If you
    are on Normal, you could also try blowing up the cannons themselves.
    Space Bombs - Just shoot them when you see them
    Energy Ball - There is NO dodging it! It doesn't matter on normal, but
    for hard mode GO RIGHT UP TO THE BLAST AND TAKE IT! That way, Mega Man
    gets hurt, NOT Roll!
    Strategy: (applies to both normal and hard difficulties)
    The battle starts off with the ship above you. Shoot it's underside as
    much as you can. Next comes space bombs. Shoot them, then you will be
    under the ship again. Shoot and destroy the underside of the ship. You
    will start to rise under the left wing. Shoot TWO grand grenades if you
    did not upgrade it's energy. If you did, then shoot them till the wing
    blows up. You will either face the cannons (in which case you hit the
    bombs as best you can) or go to the other side of the ship. If you go
    to the other wing, you will notice you are too high above the wing to
    shoot it. BUT, you can throw a grand grenade down, through the clouds,
    and hit the wing! Aim at the cannons, and your grand grenade will miss
    them, fall down, and hit the wing! Do this until the wing blows up.
    Lastly, you will be put in front of the ship overlooking a huge scull.
    Shoot it as much as you can with your grand grenade. If this is hard
    mode, go ALL THE WAY up to the skull so that the green energy hits YOU,
    not the ship. After you beat this, it's off to the next boss! (NOTE: if
    this is hard mode, you want to have AT LEAST half life by this point!)
    Part 3: Bird Minus Brain
    Fly-by rockets: He flies by and shoots homing rockets
    Machine Soar: He soars over the flutter shooting bullets
    Machine Spurt: He hovers over the flutter, shooting bullets directly at
    Fly-by rockets: Half the time you can't, jump left and right and hope
    for luck
    Machine Soar: You can't
    Machine Spurt: You can't
    Strategy: (Hard Mode)
    This is a tough battle on Hard mode. You need to take him out before he
    blows up the flutter, and two of his moves are un-dodgeable. When he
    soars to the side of the fluttter jump and shoot and him, and when he
    launches his missiles, continue jump/shooting, but now at the missiles.
    Once this has happened, he will soar or spurt, it is random. Shoot him
    as he does it, that is all you can do. With a couple tries and a little
    luck, you will have him!
    Strategy: (Normal Mode)
    Just shoot him, LOL, as long as you are hitting him whenever possible
    you will win. Use the same strategy as in Hard Mode, but it is not as
    serious if something hits you.
    Once you've won, watch the cut scene and you are back in the flutter!
    -----<An Encounter With Roll, The Pregnancy Problem And The Police>----
    Go try and save with Data, to have an um...interesting...interaction
    with Roll! Now, head down to Apple Market and talk to the grocer. Now,
    head back to the flutter, and a little south of it is a meadow of some
    sort. Find a pregnant lady here (she's not too hard to miss) and you
    will automatically go to the hospital. After the cut scene, leave the
    hospital and go back in and talk to the grocer. He will give you the
    "Sun-light". Now, go to City Hall and talk to the inspector. Next, go
    to the main part of the Police station. Talk to the right-most grocer
    and he will tell you he lost it when he was going to the electronics
    shop. Head down to apple market, into the electronics shop, and talk to
    the man behind the counter. He will say he went to get a bite to eat
    (after telling you how he wanted him to buy something). Go to the
    jetlag bakery and talk to the lady behind the counter. She will direct
    you to the library. Go to the library and talk to the (girl? boy?)
    behind the counter. She/He will direct you to go to a soda machine. Go
    to a near by soda machine where a girl in green is walking near. Talk
    to her, and she will say that she didn't see him holding it. In
    downtown still, go to a trash can with a kid wearing red next to it.
    Talk to him three times. Then, look in the trash can next to him to get
    a "Bag". Take it back to the police station. As a reward, you will
    receive "Arm Supporter".
    --------------<The Main Gate And The First Two Sub-Cities>-------------
    Don't worry, you will not be getting into a mega-boss battle. Go to
    Roll and have her take you to the main gate. Enter it and take the one
    and only route. You will go down in a spiral. You will find a hole in
    the wall with money, then a door with a buster part in it, and then a
    second door. There is a third door further down, but you can't open it.
    So enter the second door and talk to the nearby computer. Tell it to
    unlock to sub-cities, and Mega Man will tell you to go back. Don't
    listen to him and keep going. There will be an old boss (the mad fire-
    breathing wolf). Circle strafe him to death. After that enter the RIGHT
    most door, open the chest to get a "generator part". Head back the way
    you came, kill the mad fire-breathing lion again and then take a right
    (the way you have not been yet, but do NOT ENTER THE OTHER ZONE DOOR!).
    There will be two other mad fire-breathing lions, Holes containing 2170
    Zenny, a "shiny red stone", an "auto-fire barrel" and a chest
    containing a blunted drill. After you have gotten all these things,
    leave the main gate. Head off to the sub-cities. There is one in
    downtown, one in uptown, and one in the old city. To complete a sub-
    city, all you have to do is kill the enemies in the city and then enter
    the large structure and grab the key. The best way to do this is to
    stand back and fire. They are not too difficult to kill, just don't get
    ambushed by more then one or you will be in trouble. First do the sub-
    city downtown because there is no trick to it at all (by the way, now
    is the best time to make money. The downtown sub-cities give you quite
    a bit of money, and so do the mad fire-breathing lions). Just kill the
    enemies and get the key. Next go to uptown. Upon entering you will
    Boss: A walking rear-end
    (Im not kidding with that description, this boss consists of one big,
    long rear-end...)
    NO range needed, just ATTACK and RAPID. A powerful special weapon is
    always good of coarse. Laser, Rapid striker and an energy/attack mix
    buster part are a great mix.
    Stomp - If you touch him you get hurt
    Enemie Creation - He umm... shoots enemies out of his rear end
    This has always worked for me, but I have been told it doesn't always.
    Immediately at the start of the battle, go strait up to the boss and go
    to the very end of his rear. He takes above ten steps, stops, opens up
    his rear end and shoots out an enemy (noooo comments). What you want to
    do is look up and fire up his rear-end. If you do, he won't shoot out
    an enemy. As long as you stand fairly close to the boss, outside
    enemies wont harm you. Just continue the pattern of follow boss, shoot
    up rear and eventually part of his rear end will blow up (o_O).
    Although his rear has gotten shorter, the same strategy applies. After
    he blows up, kill the enemies in the area, and go into the main
    structure and grab key number two.
    --------------<The Drilling Expedition And The Bank Robbery>-----------
    The "Drilling Expedition" is not a mission or a side-quest, it is
    completely optional, but you get the best items in the game from this,
    namely, the Shining Laser and a buster part that maxes out your energy.
    Remember all those huge orange walls in the dungeons? Well, those walls
    break upon being drilled into. Refer to the "Maps" section and go back
    and blow up all those walls, getting all the treasures you can. You
    will end up with a "Generator Part", "Main Core Shard", "Old Launcher",
    "Blaster Unit R", "Weapon Plans" and 7180 Zenny total. Go make your
    spread buster, omni-unit omega and auto battery.
    It is time you get the most powerful weapon there is-the shining laser.
    You should already have the weapon plans and the X-buster, all that is
    left is the prism crystal. Remember the girl you gave lipstick? Well,
    she opened up a museum exhibit in Uptown. Go to the museum and up the
    spiral staircase. Talk to her multiple times, giving her all the items
    she asks for. Once she has taken everything she will, go down the
    stairs and right back up. There will be people everywhere and items on
    display. One person there is a girl with a green dress, talk to her and
    she will ask if you want a statue. Get it, and you have got the prism
    crystal! Now go to Roll and develop hell on earth. Update the attack
    FIRST (if you can), then energy SECOND. If you upgrade this weapon
    fully, the game will be too easy, so I recommend you stop there ;).
    Equip this weapon, and prepare for the hardest battle in the game.
    Refill your energy canteens, equip your shining laser and head off back
    to the main gate. Go down the spiral and back to the first mad fire-
    breathing wolf. Take the left turn this time, and go up the ladder. You
    will be in the old city. Check out the big grated building next to you,
    and watch the cut scene. Take a VERY deep breathe, and hope this is
    your lucky day...
    Boss: Death Itself
    If you don't have the shining laser you are in deep trouble. I am going
    to this boss in two sections; Normal mode and Hard mode.
    Dual Energy Balls - Same as always, two huge green energy balls fly at
    Homing Missiles - Homing missiles shoot out at you
    Bombs - He shoots bombs out of his feet
    Stomp - Destroys buildings, and also hurts you if your caught under him
    Machine Gun - If you are high up, he will shoots two machine guns at
    Dual Energy Balls - Same as always, roll aside. Or, be behind a
    Homing Missiles - Shoot them in mid-air or roll
    Bombs - There is no dodging these, but he only shoots them if you are
    close to him
    Machine Gun - Don't go high up ;)
    NOTE: On easy or normal mode, if you have a fully upgraded shining
    laser you can EASILY kill the boss before he takes a step. DO NOT!
    Shoot him until he has very little health, but do NOT actually kill him
    until he breaks a section of the surrounding fence. If you do not do
    this, you will need to go through the main gate each time you want to
    come to the sub-city.
    Normal Mode:
    If you have the shining laser with any upgrades at all, there is no
    strategy needed. Just shoot his mid-section until he dies, you will get
    hurt and may need to use an energy canteen, but you WILL win.
    If you don't have the shining laser, or don't have it upgraded. Shoot
    his mid-section with your buster gun, run away when he turns to shoot
    and at you and roll out of the way of his green blasts. You may need to
    take a couple tries before you beat him, but you will. If you are
    really having a lot of trouble, refer to the hard mode strategy.
    Hard Mode:
    If you follow the strategy I laid out in "Speed Walkthrough" you will
    NOT have the shining laser. This means that the boss will take about
    ten minutes to kill. If you have the shining laser and managed to get
    it upgraded, you MAY be able to kill this boss easily, but I doubt it.
    You need to keep moving while fighting this boss, so even the shining
    laser won't save you (unless you upgraded it to max or just about max).
    This is what you need to do: Get good range, attack and energy (all of
    these stats are equally important). Stay AWAY FROM HIS FEET! If you get
    close to him he will shoot out bombs and you will be in deep trouble.
    This is a hit and run boss. Have him travel off killing buildings, then
    while he is doing it, go up and shoot a rally of blasts into his mid-
    section. He will turn around and blast away. Run like mad, seek shelter
    behind a building if you can. Then, turn around, and blast him all over
    again. This match is all about patience, eventually you will win, but
    if you try to just quickly get it over with you will-you will lose
    though. That is really all the strategy I can offer, just keep dodging
    and firing when you can.
    After beating the boss, SAVE, then enter the last sub-city (it is where
    that building with the boss once was). Kill the enemies (they are a lot
    easier here) and get your last key.
    Go to the flutter and in the main room check out the TV. The reporter
    will talk about a robbery. Head towards downtown and you will see a car
    and a police car. Your job is to fire your buster gun at the bank
    robbers. There is a very easy way to do this. Stand directly in front
    of the robbers' car, and let them hit you. You will bounce up onto
    their car! Now just fire strait forward and every shot will be a hit.
    After about ten shots, the car will smoke, you will roll off, and the
    police car will crash into it. Now it is decision time. A case
    containing 200,000 zenny flies out of the robbers' car. You can do one
    of two things; take the case and walk out with the money, or return the
    money to the inspector. If you keep it, you don't miss out on anything
    (actually, you get a much better prize then just turning it in) and
    there is no downsides to it at all. On the other hand, you turn jet
    black right away (Evil Mega Man). If you turn it in, the only thing you
    get from this whole thing is 20,000 zenny. You can pick either one, I
    recommend stealing the money ^_^.
    ---------------------------<The Main Gate>-----------------------------
    Now there is nothing left but the main gate. Go down the spiral, all
    the way down to the last door. Open it and the three doors the follow
    and watch the cut scene. You are now probably very confused, but shake
    it off and go on with the game. Turn left and get the chest right in
    front of you, containing the buster part "Power Stream". Power Stream,
    Auto Battery, and Rapid Striker are my favorite three buster parts to
    use at this point. Follow the path, and eventually you will end up at
    Data. Energy charge and save, then open the door and get ready for the
    final boss...
    Boss: Mega Man Juno
    Preparations: Shining laser is good to have, but not much of a help on
    hard mode. Eleven energy canteens is perfect, full life, at least a
    flak jacket, and the three above-mentioned buster parts. This will be
    divided into Normal and Hard. If you are playing on hard mode, MAKE
    Stage 1
    Charge - He bends over and charges at you
    Super Stomp - He jumps up and stomps the ground. An explosion erupts
    and a shock wave flies across the arena
    Laser Shots - Juno's right arm fires off a laser, followed by his left
    Laser Spin - Juno spins around in a circle while both of his arms are
    constantly shooting a laser
    Desperation Move - When Juno is low on health, he disappears and an
    explosion appears in the middle of the room. Juno then appears in it,
    his arms fly downwards and hit the ground, creating a shock wave.
    Charge - move to the side
    Super Stomp - jump over the shockwave
    Laser Shots - Once a laser fires, move to the side
    Laser Spin - VERY hard to dodge. Once he starts to fire, try to resist
    the urge to jump. Wait about two second, THEN jump over the beam
    closest to you
    Desperation Move - Jump over the shockwave
    Normal Mode Strategy:
    This boss is a lot easier then you may think. Circle strafe and fire at
    him. If he disappears, stop, find him, and continue to circle strafe.
    Just by doing this you dodge his Laser Shots and his Charge. If while
    you are strafing he does a super stomp or his desperation move,
    continue to fire and just jump over the shock wave. If he does his
    laser spin, hope you dodge it and do what I say to do in "dodging". You
    will probably get hit only once or twice before he dies.
    Hard Mode Strategy:
    Do exactly what I say in the Normal Mode strategy. The main difference
    is, one charge will basically kill you, the laser spin takes away a
    fourth of your life, and your shield brakes nearly every time your hit.
    Try your best to avoid the laser spin, and you should NOT get hit by
    any other attacks.
    Mega Man Juno: Phase two
    Charge - He charges at you and explosions erupt where he ran from
    Ultra Stomp - He jumps up and tries to land on you
    Energy Ball - NOT the green one that is you roll to dodge! Nope, this
    one is a red one that does not home in. When it is shot the screen
    ripples, and when it hits the ground explosions fly in a whole bunch of
    Explosion Wave - He waves his hand and explosions erupt where he waved
    Desperation Move (normal mode)- When he hits half-life he starts doing
    this move. He scrunches into a ball, gathers a whole bunch of energy
    and then a shock wave goes through the arena. About two seconds later
    he starts shooting rainbow laser beams down at you, about ten of them
    in all
    Desperation Move (hard mode)- When he hits half-life he starts doing
    this move. He scrunches into a ball, gathers a whole bunch of energy
    and then two shock waves go through the arena. About a second later he
    shoots about fifteen rainbow laser beams down at you
    Normal Mode Strategy:
    Circle strafe him to death. Believe it or not it works. You will dodge
    the Charge, Stomp and energy ball this way. To avoid the explosion
    wave, jump. To avoid the Desperation move, just jump over the
    shockwave, then KEEP MOVING and NEVER go in the exact opposite
    direction then the one you are going in. Just keep moving and making
    circle-like patterns (or keep circle strafing) and Mega Man Juno will
    be dead.
    Hard Mode Strategy:
    Same strategy as Normal mode for half of his life. Then comes his
    desperation move. I have yet to find a way to dodge it. As for as I
    hit by one of the first three, and every other one after that. It
    HURTS! You can only survive two of them, MAYBE three if you have a
    Kevlar jacket and 11 energy canteens (Which is all you have if you
    following my "Speed Walkthrough"). So you face the facts. Shoot him as
    much as you can while he is doing his desperation attack, and get hit
    by the first volley of lasers. HIT HIM AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE BETWEEN THIS
    DESPERATION ATTACK AND THE NEXT! When he does this attack (your energy
    canteen has now been used) shoot him as much as possible, then get
    smacked down by the lasers. Use any remaining energy  and hit him AS
    MUCH AS POSSIBLE! When he does his desperation attack again, use a
    defense shield AFTER the shockwaves, and shoot him in-between getting
    thrown around by the lasers. Shoot him AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE and hope he
    dies. If he gets around to using another desperation move, hope your
    defense shield is still alive and running. Usually if he uses his
    desperation move a second time your shield will still be intact. If you
    have been shooting him as much as possible, he will die before he does
    it this second time. If he isn't dead by then, make sure he is before
    the rainbow volley. If not, pray to your defense shield or its lights
    out. This WILL take a couple tries. After you win, laugh as Mega Man
    Juno explodes and watch the looooong ending sequence.
    -------------------------<Speed Walkthrough>---------------------------
    NOTE2: The Time Marks are the GENERAL times you should finish these
    tasks in. Try to keep up or even beat the times where there are no
    bosses, for the bosses are the hard times to keep up with. As long as
    you are VERY close to the target times, you will complete the game
    under two hours. If you know the bosses very well, and the areas as
    well, you will beat the game under an hour and a half
    NOTE3: If you are not able to complete a section as fast as I did and
    totally don't understand how it is possible, try stopping and exploring
    a bit for a shortcut. If you still don't prevail, give me an E-mail and
    ill help ya out.
    NOTE4: Beating the game in 1hr 15min does NOT give you any prizes! I
    set this up so that you can either beat the game super fast and brag to
    your friends. If you are simply going for under 8 hours, give yourself
    some leniency on (all) the times and you will make it.
    ============================Time Mark~ 0:00============================
    -Take all proper doors and destroy force field
    -Get zenny and power raiser
    -equip power raiser
    -defeat boss (circle strafe)
    -Head to town, skip movie sequences, talk to barrel and save the game
    ============================TIME MARK~ 0:03============================
    -Go to town
    -Kick can
    -Get the broken cleaner
    -Talk to junk shop lady, then go to ruins
    -Run through, get zenny in hole, then kill snakes
    -Continue and get rapid fire
    -Equip rapid fire
    -Leave, re-charge, save
    ============================TIME MARK~ 0:06============================
    -Back to apple market
    -Kick the can
    -Go to junk shop
    -Go talk to Roll, return, sneak up on gangsters
    -Go to city hall, talk to mayor, go back to downtown
    -Talk to Tron then paprika, then go back to Roll
    -Talk to Roll, go to Apple Market, kick the can
    -Buy three extra packs, a power raiser alpha and as many life gauges as
    you can afford.
    -Equip power raiser alpha
    -Recharge and save
    ============================Time Mark~ 0:11============================
    -Go in north door, kill all bosses
    -Talk to data, select top option, say no then yes, get free equipment
    -Replace rapid fire with the range booster alpha
    -Go north, defeat sub-boss (kill the flying guys first, then anyone
    attacking the police station, then randomly pick them off)
    -Kill Bomb
    -Go to van, get walkie-talkie
    ============================Time Mark~ 0:14============================
    -Go north and straight to junk shop
    -Get the safety helmet and go inside
    -Buy the blast and sniper units, sell your broken cleaner and all your
    other buster parts
    -Buy as many life gauges as possible
    -Run straight to drill boss and save
    ============================Time Mark~ 0:22============================
    -Go back to city hall. Save and heal
    ============================Time Mark~ 0:25============================
    -Support car to downtown-get blumebear parts and broken motor
    -Go to junk shop and sell those two parts
    -Refill canteen, buy life gauges
    -Go south to cardon sub-gate; ignore turrets, only kill tanks
    -Item develop the helmet
    ============================Time Mark~ 0:30============================
    -Check out control panel
    -Get key in next room
    -Get grenade kit in south door
    -Go to icy room; don't fall, get spring set and starter key
    -Go back, make chest fall, break it open and get key
    -Get refractor and leave
    -Recharge and save
    ============================Time Mark~ 0:35============================
    -Go to apple market, go into junk shop and sell your grenade kit
    -Buy life gauges and go uptown
    -Get broken propeller next to hospital
    -Call Roll, item develop and recharge/save
    ============================Time Mark~ 0:36============================
    -Equip jump springs
    -Put refractor in boat
    -Recharge and save
    ============================Time Mark~ 0:37============================
    -Beat (extremely difficult) boat battle and retreat when get p[tion
    ============================Time Mark~ 0:43============================
    -Beat Boss
    ============================Time Mark~ 0:48============================
    -Go into the sub-gate, get zenny from holes and get old hoverjets.
    -Go through door, take left and get key and gattling part.
    -Go back, take right route and get next starter key.
    -Go west and get the last starter key.
    -Get joint plug on middle patform
    -Go onward, take left and get rapid striker
    -Go back, and continue northwards
    -Go to refractor, get it, go back
    -Defeat boss and run all the way back to entrence
    =============================Time Mark~ 0:55===========================
    -Go to van, then flutter, then talk to barrel.
    -Go to barel's room, get bomb schematic
    -Go to junkshop and sell the broken propeller, gattling part and sniper
    unit. Buy the laser and extra packs. Buy a hyper cartridge if you can.
    -Go back to flutter and item develop
    -Equip your Grand Grenade, leg springs, Rapid Striker, Laser and
    Blaster Unit
    ==============================Time Mark~ 0:58==========================
    -Go to sub-gate
    -Go to control panel and check it
    -Leave room, go through door and then go in rightmost door
    -Get guidance unit
    -Circle the room, jump up onto the ledge and get an ID card
    -Go into center pillar
    -Take a left, get target sensor, then continue on into ruins
    -Get ancient book
    -Activate elevator, turn around and get ID card.
    -Go back up, past enemies, and into Grand Grenade room
    -Blow up ceiling
    -Kill evil wolves (circle strafe)
    -Walk on catwalk (carefully) and get ID card
    -Go back to control panel, activate main gate, return to flutter
    ==============================Time Mark~ 1:08==========================
    -Defeat the bosses
    -See Roll naked
    ==============================Time Mark~ 1:13==========================
    -Go to Apple Market, sell all items except guidance unit and current
    buster parts
    -Refill your canteen (if needed)
    -Item develop and switch to the Active Buster. Increase energy and
    range (if possible)
    ==============================Time Mark~ 1:14==========================
    -Go to main gate
    -Spiral down, get zenny and buster unit omega
    -Activate sub-cities
    -Get all items in area and go to Old City (through main gate)
    -Kill boss (have fun, this will take a while)
    ==============================Time Mark~ 1:24==========================
    -Get Watcher key
    ==============================Time Mark~ 1:27==========================
    -Get other two keys
    ==============================Time Mark~ 1:35==========================
    -Go to main gate, get Power Stream and go all the way to Juno
    -Equip Power Stream instead of Laser
    ==============================Time Mark~ 1:37==========================
    Beat Juno!
    ==============================Under 2 Hour Mark========================
    These are maps of each dungeon. In the walkthrough I will refer to
    |Mark              |What it means              |
    |S                 |Entry to gate/ruins        |
    |=                 |Door                       |
    |~                 |Zone Door                  |
    |A number          |Chest/Hole                 |
    |A lowercase letter|Connects two maps together |
    |H                 |You need high-jump boots   |
    |#                 |Unique Ground              |
    |X                 |Drill Wall                 |
    |0                 |Switch, button, pillar etc.|
    |@                 |Force field                |
    |$                 |Huge Refractor             |
    |^                 |Elevated Ground            |
    |K                 |Key Card                   |
    |(K)               |Key Card with conditions   |
    |B                 |Boss                       |
    Map 1- Sub-gate one (Clozer Sub-gate), South of Clozer Woods.
    |      @@@  |   (To Map II.)
    |     |   | |   | |
    |  0  |   | |   |~|
    |     |   | |   | |
    |  0  |   | |   | |
    |     |   | |   | |
    |  0  |   | |   | |________     _______
    |     |   | |   |    H     |___|       \
    |_   _|   | |   |_   H   S  ___      0$|
      |~|     |K|     |__H_____|   |  _____/
              |~|                  |~|
      |~|                          |~|
      | |     | |       ___________| |
      |~|     |~|      / ^^^  |   |  |
     _| |____/   \____/_K_____|   |  |
    |3    |                       |  |
    |      \         ________     |  |
    |       |  ___  | ^^^    \    |  |_
    |      /  /^^^|  \________|   | ^^^|
    |     |   |  /                 \___|
    | ^^^ |   | |             _    _   |
    |      \  | |            |^|  /^|  |
    |      2| | |      _     | |_| /   |
    |      /  \_|     /^\    |     |   |
    |     |          _|^|    |^^^  |  _|
    |     |         /   |____|____|6 |
    |     |________|_  |           | |
    |___|~|          |~|           |~|
     ___|~|_____    _|~|_     _____|~|_
    |    ^^^    |  |     |   |         |
    |___________|  |     |   |         |
    |           |  |     |   |         |
    |  ^        |  |     |   |         |
    |          0|__|    0|___|5       0|
    |           |  |    4|   |      (K)|
    |      ^    |  |     |   |         |
    |           |  |     |   |         |
    |           |  |     |   |         |
    |   ^       |  |     |   |         |
    |        ^  |  |_   _|   |_________|
    |           |    | |
    |           |____| |_
    1 is a grenade kit
    2 is a spring set
    3 is an old bone
    4 is an old doll
    5 is 300 Zenny
    6 is 2300 Zenny
    Map 2- Lake Jyun sub-gate
                                                    / $ \
                                                   /  0  \
                                                   |     |
                                                   |     |
                                                   |     |
                                                   |     |
                                                   |     |
                                                   |_   _|
                                                     | |
                                                   /     \
                                                  /       \
                                                 /         \
                                                /           \
                                               |             |
                                               |      B      |
                                               |             |
                                                \           /
                                                 \         /
                                                  \       /
                                                   \_   _/
                                                   |   |
                                                   |   |
                                                   |   |
                                                   |   |
                                                   |   |
                                                   |   |
                                                   |   |
                                                   |   |
                                                   |   |
                                                   |   |
                                   ________________|   |________________
               (To Rapid Striker)  ________________     ________________
                                                   |   |
                                                   |   |
                                                   |   |
                                                   |   |
                                                   |   |
                                                   |   |
                                                   |   |
                                                   |   |
                                                   |   |
                                                   |   |
                                                   |   |
                                                   |_  |
                                       |                           |
                                       |   __               __     |
                                       |  |^ |             |^ |    |
                                       |  |_^|             |_^|    |
                                       |                           |
                                       |          ____             |
                                       |    _    |    |            |
                                       |   |^|   |^7 ^|   ___      |
                                       |         |____|  |   |     |
                                       |                 | ^ |     |
                                       |                 |___|     |
                                  __   |                           |   __
                                 /  \__|_  __                     _|__/  \
                                |6 K __ ^||^ |                   |^ __ K  |
                                 \__/  |^||_^|                  _|^|  \__/
                                       |_|___   ____ ^^^^ _____|^^_|
                                             | |____|    |     | |
                                              \_____     |     | |
                                                    \   /      | |
                                                     |~|       |~|
                                                     |~|       |~|
                                                    /   \      | |
                                                   |     |     | |
                                                   |     |     | |___
                                                   |     |____  \__  \
                                                   |      __  \    | |
                                      __      _____|     |  | |    | |
                                     / 5|    / ____      |  | |____| |
                                    |   |   | |    |     |   \__   __/
                               __   |   |   | |    |     |      |4|
                              /  \__|   |___| |____|     |
                             | K  __    ___________      |
                              \__/  |__/           |     |
                                                   |     |
                                                   |     |
                                                    \   /
                                                    _| |_
                                          _________/     \
                                         /                |
                                        |   _______       |
                                        |  /       \_   _/
                                        | |          | |  __
                                        | |     __   | |_/  \
                                        | |____/1 \  \___ 3  |
                                         \____   2|      \__/
                                              |  /
                                              | |
                                              | |
                                              | |__
                                               \_  |
                                                 | |
                                                 | |
                                                /   \
                                               |  S  |
    1: 220 Zenny
    2: 1240 Zenny
    3: Old Hoverjets
    4: Ring
    5: Gattling Part
    6: 5130 Zenny
    7: Joint Plug
    Map 3- Clozer Woods sub-gate
                                   /       \
      1st floor                   /    S    \
                                 |____   ____|
                                      |~| ___
                                         / 0 \
                                        |     |
                                        |_   _|
                                \             /
                                 \     0     /
                                  \___   ___/
    2nd floor
                        _|c|_   __           __   ___
                       |     |_|  \         /  |_| 1 |
                       |      =    \       /    =   2|
                        \____| |    \_|a|_/    | |__/
                                \             /
                                 \           /
                                  \         /
                                   \_   ___/
                                     |     |
                                     |  0  |
    3rd floor
              |         #   |
              |_____   _____|
             /               \
            /                 \
     ______/ _      |d|      _ \_______
    |       |^|    /   \    |^|        |
    |7       4    |     |    5        K|
    |_   __    _  |     |    _   ______|
      |c|  \  |^|  \___/    |^| /
            \  3             6 /
             \                /
              \_________   __/
    4th floor (inside middle of map)
                  |         |_____________ ^|
             __   |                       |^|   ___
            /  \__|                       |^|__/   \
           | K  __                  0     |  __   K |
            \__/  |                       |^|  \___/
                  |           ____________|^|
                  |_   ______|  ____________|
                    |~|      |~|
                    |~|      |~|
                    | |     /   \
                    | |    /     \
                    | |   /       \
                    | |  /         \
                    | | |     B     |
                    | |  \         /
                   /   \  \       /
                  |     |  \     /
                   \   /    \   /    ___
                    | |      |0|    / 8 \
                    | |      |e|   |     |
                   /   \            \   /
                  |    |_____|d|_____| |
                  |     _______________|
                   \   /
    1: Tele-lens
    2: 450 Zenny
    3: 1840 Zenny
    4: 1200 Zenny
    5: Antique Bell
    6: 920 Zenny
    7: Guidance Unit
    8: Target Sensor
    Map 4- The rest of the ruins.
    (Entrance is the ruins right outside Apple Market)
                       _         _
                     _| |_     _| |_
                   _|     |___|     |_
                  |_       ___       _|
                    |_   _|   |_   _|
                      |1|       | |
                                | |
                                | |_
                                \ _  \
                    _    _____     | |_
                   | |__|     |_   |   |
                   |  __       _|  |   |
                   | |  |_   _|    |   |
                   | |    | |      |   |
             _     | |   _| |__    |   |
            |2|____| |  |      |___|   |
            | |______|  |      =_=_____|
            | |         |______|
           _| |_
           |    |
           |    |
           |    |
      ___  |  __|
     / S \_| |
    |     ___|
     \   /
      | |
    1: Rapid Fire
    2: Zenny
    (Entrance is the Cardon Forest, right behind the flutter)
                                             /   \
                                            |  6  |
                                             \   /
     ______                                   | |
    |     #|____|a|___________________________| |__
    |     # =_=        X  ________________________~ (To Main Gate)
    |     #|   |_______X_|                _
    |     #|                   ___       | |
    |     #|       _   _      / S \    _/   \_
    |____ #|     _| |_| |___ |     |  |_  5  _|
         |=|    |1         _| \   /     \   /
         | |____|         |_   |=|       | |
         \__=___     O     _|  | |       | |
                |         |____| |  _____| |__
                |         _=_____/ |4#########|
                |    O   |         | #########|
              __|        |_________| #########|
              _b     O    _________  #########|
                |        |         |__########|
                |2___   3|               | |
                     | |                 | |
          ___________| |                 | |
         |  ___________/                 |~|
         | |                            (To Map 1)
         | |
         | |
         | |
         | |
         | |____________
    1 is a buster unit
    2 is a trap
    3 is 1180 zenny
    4 is 9240 zenny and 820 zenny
    5 is a Rollerboard
    6 is a generator part
        ________                           _______
       |  _____~ (To Map 2)     (To Map 2) ~____  |
       | |                                      | |
     __| |__                                    | |
    |       |                                   |X|
    | 0   0 |                 ___      _____    | |
    |__   __|  ___           /   \    |     |___| |
       | |    /   \         |  4  |   |      ___  |
       | |   |     |         \   /    |_   _|   | |
      _| |_   \   /           | |       | |     | |
     |     |   | |            | |       |X|     |X|
     |     |   | |           _| |_     _| |_    |X|
     |     |___| |         _|     |___|     |_  | |
     |      _____|        |_       _X_       _| | |
     |     |                |_   _|   |_____|   | |
     |1XXXX|    ___           | |               | |
     |     |   /   \          |X|            ___| |
     |     |  |     |        _| |_          |  ___|
     |X    |   \   /       _|     |_        | |
     |2X   |    | |       |_       _|      _| |_
     |X    |    | |         |_   _|      _|     |_
     |     |____| |_          | |       |_   6   _|
     |        3     |         | |         |7___5|
     |       XXX    |_________| |
     |________X______=_=___   __|
    1: Main Core Shard
    2: 660
    3: 920
    4: Old Launcher
    5: Trap
    6: 5600
    7: Trap
     _____|c| (Leads to chest 4)
    |  _____|
    | |
    | |
    | |  ______
    | | |  __  |
    | | | |  | |
    | | | |  | |
    | | | |  | |
    | |_| | _| |______
    |_____||3_____   _|
                  | |
      |2        ____|
      |        |
      |        |
      |        |
      |        |__________
      |        =_=_______b
      |        |
      |        |
      |       1|
      |        |
      |        |
      |        |
      |        |
      |        |
      |        |
      |        |
      |        |
      |___   __|
    1: old shield
    2: 1620 Zenny
    3: Shiny Object
    4: Pen Light
                                               / _  \
                                            __| | | |
                                           |   #| | |
                                         __|   #| | |
                                         _e    #|_| |
                                           |   #   _/
      ____|d|___                           |__ # _|
     |         1|                             |=|
     |          |                             | |
     |          |     ___      _______________|=|__
     |          |    / _ \    |  =_=_   _________  |
     |          |   | | | |   | |    | |         | |
     |          |  / /   \ \  | |    | |         | |
     |          | | |    | |  | |    | |         | |
     |          | \  \   | |  | |    | |         | |
     |          |  | |   | |__| |    | |         | |
     |          |  | |   \______|    | |_________| |
     |          |__/ |               |      B      |
     |           ___/                |_____________|
     |2___   ___|
          | |
       ___| |___
      |         |
      |         |
      |         |
      |         |
      |         |
      |         |
      |         |
      |         |
      |         |
      |         |
      |4_   ___3|
         | |         ______________________
         | |________|  ___________________f
    1: 2280 Zenny
    2: 2840 Zenny
    3: 780 Zenny
    4: 4520 Zenny
    Map 4- Ruins
                                                      /  _____  \
                                                      | |     | |
                       ____________                 __| |_____| |
                      |6           |                |   #  #####|
                      |            |                | 3 #       |
                      |            |                |   #       |
                      |            |                |   #       |
                      |            |                |   #       |
                      |            |                |   #       |
                      |            |   _______      |   #       |
                      |           9|  |  H    |     |   #       |
                      |            |__|  H    |_____|   #  #####|
                      |             __   H     _=_=_           #|
                      |            |  |  H    |     |          #|
                      |7__________8|  |5_H____|     |          #|
                                                    |_________ #|
                                         ___                  |~|
                                        /11 \                 | |
                             (To Map 3)| 10  |                | |
                     ___     ___   |~|  \   /                 | |_________
                    /   \   /   \  | |   | |      ___         |______  2/4|
                   | 13  | | 12  | | |   | |     / S \           | |
                    \   /   \   /  | |   | |    |     |          | |
                     | |     | |   | |   | |     \   /           | |
                     | |     | |   |=|   | |      | |            |=|
                     | |     | |   | |   | |      | |            | |
                   __| |_____| |___|=|___| |______| |____________|=|_____
                 _|       X           X        X                        1|
                 f        X           X        X                         |
    1: 1780 Zenny
    2: Fake Chest
    3: Cannon Kit
    4: 1510 Zenny
    5: 1960 Zenny
    6: Triple Access
    7: Trap
    8: Trap
    9: Trap
    10: Blaster Unit R
    11: Weapon Plans
    12: Ancient Book
    13: Rapidfire Barrel
    S = To outside of digging site
    Map 5- Main Gate
    (NOTE: This map goes in a spiral, so I have to divide it into the seven
    layers of the spiral)
    1st Layer
       /   S  \
      /        \
     /          \
    |  __________|
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |        |a|
    | |        | |
    | |        | |
    | |________| |
    Second layer
    |  ________  |
    | |        | |
    | |        | |
    |b|        | |
    Third Layer
    |b|        |c|
    | |        | |
    | |        | |
    | |________| |
    Fourth Layer
    |     |
    |  2  |
    |     |
    |     |
    |     |
    |_   _|
      | |
      |  ________  |
      | |        | |
      | |        | |
      |d|        | |
    Fifth Layer
       |d|        |e|
       | |        | |
       | |        | |
    ___| |________| |
                  |         |
                  |   ___   |
                  |  |   |  |        (To Old City)
                  |  |__ |  |         ___
                  |   _z |  |        / S \
                  |__|   |==|       |     |
                         |  |        \   /
                   ______|  |         | |
                __|         |__   ____| |
                 _~           ~_  ~_____|
                  |    B    |
                  |         |
                  |         |
                  |___    __|
                      |  |
                ______|  |
      _____    |  _______|
     |2 _  |   | |               _
     | | | |___| |_______       |4|
     |B|_|  1________    |    __| |_
     |_____|         |   |___|  ___3|
                     |    ___  |
                     | B |   |_|
    Sixth Layer
    |  ________  |
    | |        | |
    | |        | |
    |f|        | |
    Seventh Layer
                                                      ____|   |
                                                     |  ______|
                                                     | |         _____
                                                     | |   __   |  _  |
                                                     | |__|  |__| | | |
                                                     |  __    __  | | |
                                                     | |  |  |  | | | |
                                                     | |  |__|  |_| | |
                                                     | |            | |
       ________|a|                                   | |            | |
      |  ________|                                   | |            | |
      | |                               _|a|_        | |            | |
      | |                              |     |       | |   __       | |
      | |______                        |     |_______| |  |  |______| |
      |______  |                       |      =_=______|  |   =_=___  |
             | |                       |  $  |            |  |      |_|
           __| |________                \___/             |  |
          |1________    |                                 |~~|
                    |   |                               (To Boss)
                    |   |
                    |   |
                    |   |
                    |   |
                    |   |
                   _|   |_
                  |       |
                  |       |
                  |       |
                  |       |
                  |_     _|
                    |===|__  ____
                    |_____~  ~_  |
                               | |
                               | |
                               | |
                    |f|        | |
                    | |        | |
                    | |        | |
                    | |________| |
    1: Power Stream
         *What you know by the end of Mega Man 64/Mega Man Legends*
    |If You Find An Inconsistency                                         |
    |This is just MY personal interpretation of the storyline. So far only|
    |one person has disagreed with it, so, as far as I can tell it is     |
    |pretty accurate!!! :)                                                |
    |Mega Man Trigger                                                     |
    |A purifier model. A purifier model is a machine made to destroy      |
    |malfunctioning reaverbots (confused yet?). Mega Man Trigger is who   |
    |you play as. When you are adopted by Barrel Casket, your name        |
    |appropriately changes to "Mega Man Casket". In the ranks of          |
    |reaverbots, a Purifier model is a high-ranking reaverbot (see the    |
    |rank chart in the "Mega Man Legends 2" section farther down.         |
    |Mega Man Juno                                                        |
    |A purifier-purifier model. A purifier-purifier is a machine that     |
    |destroys malfunctioning purifier models. They are considered of      |
    |higher "class". A purifier-purifier watches over a certain part of   |
    | the world and they have almost complete control over that one area. |
    |Data                                                                 |
    |Is well, data! Mega Man Trigger stored his memory in Data so that if |
    |he were ever to be destroyed he could be re-built again.             |
    |Mother                                                               |
    |is a guardian of earth who looks after and controls every single     |
    |reaverbot. Mother has access to all things memory, all back-up files |
    |and basically is God.                                                |
    |Note                                                                 |
    |This following story IS incomplete, because you need to beat Mega Man|
    |Legends Two before you can fully understand the entire story.        |
    Basically, Mega Man is a reaverbot. Our hero was found in a strange
    bubble-like thing in a ruins lying next to data and was adopted (This
    Mega Man is not known as "Mega Man Trigger", but "Mega Man Casket").
    They land on the island and what is so ironic is everything Mega Man
    does is what his model class is SUPPOSED to do. The guardian of the
    island (Mega Man Juno) was locked up, sealed in a box-like thing.
    Juno's job is to wipe out all the carbons (people) on the island when
    their numbers get too high (AKA, when there are too many people, they
    are all killed). Now, Mega Man Juno was not "awake" to wipe out the
    carbons. When the purifier-purifier is not available to do this, it's
    the next down in class (purifier) who gets responsibility of waking up
    the guardian. Now, Mega Man did do just that! He went through the ruins
    and set off a whole bunch of reactions so that the Main Gate would rise
    up, and Mega Man Juno could be awakened. The problem is, even though
    Mega Man Trigger had therefore done his job, Mega Man Casket did NOT
    want that to happen because it resulted in the destruction of every
    single person on the island (well, actually the island is saved but you
    know what I meant). Mega Man becomes a sort of rebel purifier. He
    destroys fully operational reaverbots. After Mega Man defeats Mega Man
    Juno, Data contacts mother and basicly says "Mega Man Trigger killed
    Mega Man Juno because he was not working properly. Do not back up Mega
    Man Juno's files. Instead, classify Mega Man Trigger as guardian of
    this section of the world". So by defeating mother you yourself become
    a guardian (purifier-purifier). The huge black box that comes down at
    the end of the game is made to wipe out the carbons. The sub-cities
    with the "prototype anthro units" are cities where advanced reaverbots
    (im guessing that advanced reaverbots get a new name, "Anthro") are
    being made and tested. You kinda realize this when they are super
    strong and killing you ;).
    But even though that's the story of MM64/legends, there is a lot un-
    answered. What was Mega Man's past? Who is Mother? What do the
    "carbons" play in all this; why are they so controlled and manipulated?
    When and why did Mega Man originally build Data; why did he need to
    have a back-up of his information in a monkey instead of in mother like
    Mega Man Juno's information was? Why did Mega Man go rebel? What in the
    heck are reaverbots? What are the ruins? Why does Data have the ability
    to order Mother around if he is just a compiled amount of data?
         ******What you know by the end of Mega Man Legends 2******
    |If You Find An Inconsistency                                         |
    |Ok, well, this will definitely be tricky because even I don't know   |
    |for a fact that my interpretation of the story line is correct. If   |
    |you make a suggested change that totally throws off my interpretation|
    |I will put it down separately as "Another Clarification". Well, here |
    |goes!                                                                |
    |The System                                                           |
    |Yikes, here goes. The System is basicly a huge gigantic computer, run|
    |by The Master. This computer is made up of a tree of workers (see the|
    |reaverbot tree below) and each of them is assigned a certain task.   |
    |Mega Man, Mother(s), Mega Man Juno and every other reaverbot ever    |
    |encountered is part of this system. Each individual can only do what |
    |the system allows them to do. For example the boss of the intro-     |
    |dungeon in MM64 could NOT become a purifier model-his life has been  |
    |already played out for him. There is one thing that ALL creatures in |
    |the system have in common-they are not allowed to feel emotions. If  |
    |they somehow manage to, they are considered defective and are killed |
    |by a purifier model. So why is this system so great? You don't feel  |
    |emotions. So no pain or suffering. No disease or hatred, jealousy or |
    |torture. Everything is controlled. So it is a utopia, or a "perfect  |
    |world". Why was this system built? The Ancients built it to make     |
    |themselves immortal. The Ancients were reaverbots, much like the ones|
    |that you find in ruins. You see, The Ancients didn't want to die, and|
    |they thought that this system was their chance at immortality. And   |
    |although they were immune from all pain, they were killing themselves|
    |by trying to make themselves un-killable (irony).                    |
    |Mother (Yuna)                                                        |
    |Yuna is the guardian of Terra, or the earth. Yuna is a mother, making|
    |her the second most powerful reaverbot in the universe. She has      |
    |complete access to all data files that concern Terra. She also keeps |
    |track, creates, deletes, and restores these files.                   |
    |Mother (Sera)                                                        |
    |The Mother guardian of Elysium. She has complete control of all data |
    |and files that concern the planet.                                   |
    |Data                                                                 |
    |A compilation of data made by Mega Man Trigger so that he could      |
    |survive and restore himself while being outside The System           |
    |Mega Man Trigger                                                     |
    |The Master's personal favorite purifier model-class reaverbot. Mega  |
    |Man Trigger disconnects himself from The System in an effort to grant|
    |The Master's last request given to him-to destroy The System.        |
    |The Master                                                           |
    |The only ancient that did not connect himself to The System. His job |
    |is/was to guard The System and make sure everything runs smoothly    |
    |with it.                                                             |
    A Tree Of Power
                               |The Master   |
                                     /   \
                                    /     \
                            _______/_     _\________
                           |Yuna     |   |Sera      |
                           |(Mother)_|   |(Mother)__|
                                  \         /
                                   \       /
                            |Juno                |
                            |Mega Man Trigger    |
                            |Giant Reaverbots    |
                            |Reaverbots          |
                            |(Random Enemies)____|
    |The True Story Of Mega Man                                           |
    The Ancients were a race that wanted to live forever, and so they
    created The System to allow them to do just this (go back up and read
    The System for the details). The Master was set to run The System and
    make sure everything stayed perfectly in hand. After many years of this
    "perfect" world running, The Master tried out an experiment. He created
    a race of creatures that could feel pain and got diseases, could die
    and could never come back. And The Master watched them. He then
    realized that there was something in the race he created (Carbons
    {Humans}) there were special things that the Ancients did not have;
    Love, Family, Warmth, Joy, Happiness, Hope, Dreams (etc.). He realized
    that the life The Ancients were living was actually a hell, not a
    paradise. The Master went to live with the Carbons and experience these
    things, and after he did he had firmly decided that for the better of
    his race, he was going to destroy the system. He spent many months on
    Terra, and because of this he started to die. When he finally went back
    home he had been away too long to sustain his own life; he was going to
    die. Before he did he freed Mega Man Trigger from the system, and gave
    him a special pendant. He then told him as his dying wish to destroy
    the system, and to make sure the Carbons live on. The Master then died,
    and, in a sense, Mega Man Trigger becomes the new Master.
    When Mega Man Juno requested a file back-up and re-initialization of
    the island, he was asking Yuna to delete all the carbon files, and
    restore them as they were when they first created (AKA kill the current
    humans and bring back the original ones that were first created). Yuna
    is jealous of Mega Man Trigger's relationship with The Master, and
    watches as The Master dies and Mega Man Trigger is given his rank, his
    power, and his freedom of being out of The System. Yuna wants this
    freedom, so she does a drastic move; she separates herself from the
    system. This causes the sudden bezerkness of the reaverbots on earth
    and is the reason why so many reaverbots started to appear and  become
    violent. Yuna, after separating from the system, finds her sister Sera
    and locks her up in a diamond-like force field and sends her down to
    Terra. Yuna then forever guards Sera so that no one will unlock her.
    This is so that the carbons continue living, because without Yuna there
    to guard over the carbons, Sera may gain complete control, or may
    create a new mother. Either way the Carbons will get killed over and
    over. Next Yuna finds Mega Man Trigger, and completely erases his
    memory. Mega Man Trigger and Data then get locked up together and also
    sent down to Terra. Why did Yuna do this? Mega Man Trigger was told by
    The Master to destroy the system. If Mega Man Trigger does this,
    EVERYTHING in the system would die. To save her sister and her entire
    race, Yuna had to lock Mega Man Trigger up. She also had to memory-wipe
    him, otherwise he would just wake up and come back to destroy. Nothing
    she could have said would have made Mega Man Trigger see it her way;
    The Master had gave him a job and he was going to fulfill it. Then,
    Barrel finds Mega Man Trigger and Data locked up in their diamond.
    When you are part of the system, your memory is backed-up so that if
    you ever die or malfunction you will be destroyed then simply
    resurrected. Since Mega Man Trigger is not part of the system, he has
    only one life. But, he finds away around it. He compiles Data, who is
    just a collection of his memories, so that if he is destroyed in battle
    he will get re-built, just like in The System. Unfortunately, Mega Man
    Trigger could easily be damaged beyond repair-Data is just data, not a
    materials and tools kit.
    So anyways, Mega Man is freed from his prison, but has amnesia. Data is
    aware of Mega Man's mission etc., but he alone can not restore Mega
    Man-he is just the data, not the repair kit. So Mega Man lives out his
    life, and the reaverbots are all growing and going insane without a
    mother to guide them. Mega Man becomes a digger and then goes through
    ruins getting treasures. What is SO ironic about this is it is his JOB
    to destroy the system, and he is doing that very thing piece by piece!
    By the end of Mega Man 64/Legends, you destroy the main gate... meaning
    one whole island on Terra has been rid of control by the system! You
    also rob the refractor shards, making each ruin un-powered. What I find
    humorous is that by the end of Mega Man 64/ Legends, Mega Man Trigger
    is a purifier model, a Master, and a purifier-purifier, AND a guardian.
    Quite a job ^_~
    *****Mega Man Legends Two*****
    Since this is NOT a MML2 guide, I have to make this brief.
    Sera is unlocked in this game. Yuna tries desperately to prevent it,
    but does not succeed. You are then sent to gather four different keys
    scattered across the world. You do, and then your ship is attacked. At
    a point during the fight you get knocked out, and when Mega Man awakens
    he is in a dream-like place with Yuna in front of him. Yuna, by use of
    Data, unlocks and restores Mega Man's memories and he finally realizes
    again who he is and his mission. He has two. His first mission is by
    the system-to restore the mother of Terra and help destroy all of the
    malfunctioning reaverbots. His other mission by The Master is to
    destroy the system. Yuna tells Mega Man it's his choice, and he will
    pick what's right. Why is this such a debate? If he destroys the system
    he not only destroys all of the Ancients, but HIS race. Mega Man IS an
    ancient. So he will be killing his father and mother and sister and
    brother. Its kill his entire family, or save them and kill the Carbons.
    Yuna says to him that he should feel very lucky to have someone who
    LOVE him like Roll does. And that's what pushes Mega Man to follow The
    Masters wishes- because he, like The Master, finds emotions like Love
    to be the greatest treasure of all (don't shoot me; I know that was
    corny). So then Yuna basically sends Mega Man to Elysium in a space
    ship (Elysium is the moon) and upon landing, the game goes crazy. The
    site you land in is the heart of the system, and you have to work your
    way through a hell of gravity-changes and ground-breaking until you
    FINALY find a very interesting place-the home of the Ancients. It's a
    REALY cool looking place, if anyone has played Realms Of The Haunting,
    it looks likes Arqua or the garden in Sheol. You make your way through
    a series of warp gates, and you come across the Master's house (very
    interesting) and then finally you head down to the library. This place
    brings back memories, you dual it out in classic mega man style (AKA
    you fight every single boss you've ever encountered one by one).
    Finally, you reach Sera. You battle her and upon killing her she
    realizes her mistake (great timing Sera...). She frees herself of the
    system, and she and Yuna are on good terms again. The system gets
    destroyed, leaving Yuna, Sera and Mega Man as the only remains of the
    race. Now for the wrap up of the game- the mother lode. It isn't a big
    treasure- it isn't a huge amount of wealth. It is Sera and Yuna. The
    "mother" lode. A disappointment I know, but, try to find the irony in
    it ~_^
    *Note* There is a really nifty trick that you can do to find your
    answers to these things. Hold ctr and press F. A text box will appear,
    type in your keyword (AKA Shining Laser, Jet Skates) and it will direct
    you to every location in this guide concerning that word.
    Q: Where do I get the parts for (insert weapon name here)
    A: Read the weapons section for the names of the items and their
    locations, and if you still have trouble there are maps of each dungeon
    in the "maps" section, so look over there to see WHERE they are.
    Q: I got (part name) and Roll isn't making the weapon/item!
    A: There is more then one part per item/weapon folks, read the Item
    list or weapons list to see what else ya need
    Q: How did you beat the game so fast?
    A: After beating the game for your fifteenth time, you eventually get
    faster ~_^
    Q: I see the sub-gate in old town, but I can't get to it! How do I get
    A: If you would read that section called the *walkthrough* you would
    see that you get there by going to the Main Gate, spiraling downwards
    until you get to the room with those fire breathing wolves, and then
    take a left through the door.
    Q: Did you write a Paper Mario FAQ?
    A: No, I did not, I just drew a table or two for one.
    Q: Where is the (insert location)
    A: ...the walkthrough IS there for a reason...
    Q: I watch the TV and all the guy does is talk about the weather!
    A: You need to complete EVERY SINGLE OTHER SIDE QUEST and have beet
    Bruno before that quest will work-it is the last quest and yields the
    most money, that is why.
    Q: I can't find the girl in the green dress and I gave ALL the museum
    items to the museum!
    A: You missed an item.
    ------------------------<Buster Parts And Items>-----------------------
    Below is a list of all buster parts, special items and items
    Buster Parts:
    |Name               |Attack|Energy|Range|Rapid| Where/What/How        |
    |Buster Max         | Max  | Max  | Max | Max |Beat Hard quickly      |
    |Power Raiser       | +1   |      |     |     |Intro Dungeon          |
    |Power Raiser Alpha | +2   |      |     |     |Bought                 |
    |Power Raiser Omega | +3   |      |     |     |Bought                 |
    |Laser              | +4   |      |     |     |Bought                 |
    |Power Stream       | Max  |      |     |     |Main Gate              |
    |Turbo Charger      |      | +1   |     |     |Bought                 |
    |Turbo Charger Alpha|      | +2   |     |     |Bought                 |
    |Turbo Charger Omega|      | +3   |     |     |Bought                 |
    |Turbo Battery      |      | +4   |     |     |Bought                 |
    |Auto Battery       |      | Max  |     |     |Autofire barr./gen.part|
    |Range Booster      |      |      | +1  |     |Bought                 |
    |Range Booster Alpha|      |      | +2  |     |Bought/given by Data   |
    |Range Booster Omega|      |      | +3  |     |Bought                 |
    |Sniper Range       |      |      | +4  |     |Bought                 |
    |Rapid Fire         |      |      |     | +1  |Found in Ruins (I)     |
    |Rapid Striker      |      |      |     | +2  |Found in Ruins         |
    |Sniper Unit        |      | +1   | +2  |     |Bought                 |
    |Sniper Unit Omega  |      | +2   | +3  |     |Bought                 |
    |Sniper Scope       | +1   |      | +5  |     |Target sensor/tele-lens|
    |Blast Unit         | +1   | +2   |     |     |Bought                 |
    |Blaster Unit R     | +2   | +2   |     | +2  |Ruins                  |
    |Blaster Unit Omega | +2   | +3   |     |     |Bought                 |
    |Buster Unit        | +1   |      | +2  |     |Found in Ruins (II)    |
    |Buster Unit Omega  | +3   |      | +3  |     |Chest in Main Gate     |
    |Power Blaster L    | +2   |      | +1  |     |Bomb threat side quest |
    |Power Blaster R    | +2   |      |     | +1  |Bomb threat side quest |
    |Omni Unit          | +1   | +1   | +1  | +1  |Won in left turn course|
    |Omni Unit Omega    | +2   | +2   | +2  | +1  |S.light/core/B.circuit |
    |Triple Access      |      | +1   | +1  | +1  |Found in Ruins (2)     |
    |Gattling Gun       | +1   | +4   | +1  |     |Gatt. part/flower pearl|
    |Machine Gun        |      | +3   |     | +1  |Rapidfire barrel       |
    Special Items:
    |Name               |Where you get it                               |
    |Blue Refractor     | Found in intro dungeon                        |
    |Yellow Refractor   | Found in cardon forest sub-gate               |
    |Red Refractor      | Found in lake jyun sub-gate                   |
    |Helmet             | Found outside second junkshop in a cell box   |
    |Jump Springs       | Made from item found in cardon forest sub-gate|
    |Jet Skates         | Made from an item found in lake jyun sub-gate |
    |Flak Jacket        | Bought in stores after the city hall mission  |
    |Kevlar Jacket      | Bought in stores after buying the flak jacket |
    |Kevlar Jacket Omega| Bought in stores after buying Kevlar jacket   |
    |Energy Canteen     | Bought in stores                              |
    |Adapter Plug       | Made from an item found in lake jyun sub-gate |
    |Citizens Card      | Given to you after you save the junk shop guy |
    |Class B License    | Given to you after beating city hall          |
    |Class A License    | Given to you after beating the digging boss   |
    |Walkie-Talkie      | Given to you by roll after the city hall quest|
    |Bonne Family Key   | Gotten by destroying a mini-boss downtown     |
    |Cardon Forest Keys | Gotten in the cardon forest sub-gate          |
    |Lake Jyun Keys     | Gotten in the lake jyun sub-gate              |
    |Clozer Woods Keys  | Gotten in the clozer woods sub-gate           |
    |Sub-city keys      | Found in the sub-cities                       |
    |Name            | What it does/Used in  |  Where/when you get it     |
    |Hyper Cartridge | Energizes weapon      | bought in junk shops       |
    |Shield Repair   | Repairs shield        | bought in junk shops       |
    |Chameleon Net   | Partial camouflage    | bought in junk shops       |
    |Defense Shield  | Partial invincibility | bought in junk shops       |
    |Life gauge      | Increases max. life   | bought in junk shops       |
    |Mine Parts Kit  | Used in splash arm    | after saving junk shop man |
    |Extra Pack      | Restores Life         | bought in junk shops       |
    |Broken Cleaner  | Used in vacuum arm    | apple market cell box      |
    |Broken Motor    | Used in vacuum arm    | downtown in trash can      |
    |Broken propeller| Used in vacuum arm    | uptown in trash can        |
    |Blumebear parts | Used in machine buster| downtown in trash can      |
    |Zetsabre        | Used in blade arm     | beating beast hunter       |
    |Mystic Orb      | Used in shield arm    | beating balloon fantasy    |
    |Flower          | Give to Roll          | found outside of dig site  |
    |Flower Pearl    | Used in gattling gun  | for helping Ira (cripple)  |
    |Safety Helmet   | Used in Helmet        | outside 2nd junk shop (box)|
    |Pick            | Given to gangsters    | Construction worker by bank|
    |Lipstick        | Given to painter      | Hipbone                    |
    |Saw             | Given to gangsters    | Trash can downtown         |
    |Bomb Schematic  | Used in Grand Grenade | Flutter                    |
    |Comic Book      | Give to gangsters     | Outside second junk shop   |
    |Stag Beetle     | Give to gangsters     | Outside dig site           |
    |Beetle          | Give to gangsters     | Area south of Flutter      |
    |Prism Crystal   | Used in Shining Laser | Museum (from girl in green)|
    |Sun-light       | Used in omniunit omega| Pregnancy sub-quest        |
    |Music Box       | Give to Roll          | Winning Straight Course    |
    |Giant Horn      | Museum Exhibit        | Winning Technical Course   |
    |Broken Circuits | Used in omniunit omega| Got from gangsters         |
    |Marlwolf Shell  | Used in Shield Arm    | Got from gangsters         |
    |X-buster        | Used in shining laser | Got from gangsters         |
    |Old Heater      | Museum Exhibit        | Got from gangsters         |
    |Bomb            | Used in PowerBlasterR | Police side-quest one      |
    |Plastique       | Used in PowerBlasterL | Police side-quest two      |
    |Bag             | Given to victim       | Police side-quest two      |
    |Arm Supporter   | Used in spread buster | Police side-guest two      |
    |Trunk           | Given to Detective    | Police side-quest three    |
    |Old Bone        | Museum Exhibit        | Cardon sub-gate            |
    |Old Doll        | Museum Exhibit        | Cardon sub-gate            |
    |Spring Set      | Used in jump springs  | Cardon sub-gate            |
    |Grenade Kit     | Used in grenade arm   | Cardon sub-gate            |
    |Old Hoverjets   | Used in jet skates    | Lake Jyun sub-gate         |
    |Ring            | Give to Roll          | Lake Jyun sub-gate         |
    |Gattling Part   | Used in Gattling gun  | Lake Jyun sub-gate         |
    |Joint Plug      | Used in Adapter Plug  | Lake Jyun sub-gate         |
    |Tele-lens       | Used in Sniper Scope  | Clozer Woods sub-gate      |
    |Antique Bell    | Museum Exhibit        | Clozer Woods sub-gate      |
    |Guidance Unit   | Used in Active Buster | Clozer Woods sub-gate      |
    |Target Sensor   | Used in Sniper Scope  | Clozer Woods sub-gate      |
    |Autofire Barrel | Used in Auto Battery  | Main Gate                  |
    |Blunted Drill   | Used in Drill Arm     | Main Gate                  |
    |Generator Part  | Used in Auto Battery  | Ruins                      |
    |Main Core Shard | Used in OmniUnit Omega| Ruins                      |
    |Rollerboard     | Used in jet skates    | Ruins                      |
    |Rapidfire Barrel| Used in machine gun   | Ruins                      |
    |Pen Light       | Used in Blade Arm     | Ruins                      |
    |Ancient Book    | Used in Spread Buster | Ruins                      |
    |Old Launcher    | Used in Spread Buster | Ruins                      |
    |Cannon Kit      | Used in Powered Buster| Ruins (see map 2)          |
    |Weapon Plans    | Used in Shining Laser | Ruins                      |
    |Shiny Red Stone | Museum Exhibit        | Ruins                      |
    |Shiny Object    | Museum Exhibit        | Ruins                      |
    |Old Shield      | Museum Exhibit        | Ruins                      |
    |EMPTY           | Gameshark code*       | Nothing?                   |
    |JUNK-ITEM 25    | Gameshark code*       | Nothing?                   |
    |JUNK-ITEM 26    | Gameshark code*       | Nothing?                   |
    |JUNK-ITEM 27    | Gameshark code*       | Nothing?                   |
    *Gameshark code is:
    81205650 FFFF
    81205652 FFFF
    81205654 FFFF
    81205656 FFFF
    ----------------------------<Special Tricks>---------------------------
    |Circle Strafing                                                      |
    |This is a trick that makes all boss fights (that are not Bonne       |
    |fights) easy as heck, and also simplifies almost every enemy. Hold   |
    |"R" and Left on the analog/D-pad or "Z" and right on the analog/     |
    |D-pad. You will be running around a fixed point. Hold be and you will|
    |be constantly firing into the middle of the circle you are making.   |
    |Now, go up to an enemy and do this. They will stand there shooting   |
    |aimlessly while you circle them and blast them away. Practice and    |
    |perfect this technique and you will be able to easily beat every     |
    |boss, even the boss of the game!                                     |
    |Kick The Can!                                                        |
    |The best money making trick for those of you not skilled enough in   |
    |the mini-games in Uptown, and a great source of money in the         |
    |beginning of the game. In apple market there is a can lying near the |
    |south gate. Kick it to the Bakery (next to the junkshop). This part  |
    |is tricky; kick it behind the counter. Mega man will make a victory  |
    |pose, you will receive 1,000 zenny, and you will be told to "Throw   |
    |trash in it's proper place!". If you do this enough you will notice  |
    |that your armor is turning black. This leads to...                   |
    |Dark Mega Man                                                        |
    |By doing evil things (Kicking the can, stealing money, etc.) your    |
    |armor will slowly (or in some cases very quickly) start to turn      |
    |black. You will never become pitch black, but pretty darn close.     |
    |There are (I believe) three shades of darker color. Once you are     |
    |dark, the only way to become light is to do nice things. So far as I |
    |can tell there is NO disadvantages to being Dark. Prices do NOT go   |
    |up, people say the EXACT same lines and no cinemas change (except    |
    |that Mega Man is dark). I personally think he looks cooler dark (all |
    |evil look'n and all), but, there is really no reason to or not to do |
    |this.                                                                |
    |Blow Up News Blimp/ Dark Mega Man 2                                  |
    |Hehehe, this is fun. Before the City Hall battle, equip buster parts |
    |so that your range is +3. Now, aim at the news blimp that is hovering|
    |above city hall. It will blow up, and you will turn jet black right  |
    |away >:) However, by the end of it (after saving city hall) you      |
    |become lighter again ;(                                              |
    |Dark Mega Man 3                                                      |
    |In the third police side-quest, don't give back the money. Instead,  |
    |just steal it ;). You will immediately become black, and will get    |
    |200,000 zenny!                                                       |
    |Kick the Vending Machines!                                           |
    |Kick the vending machines instead of paying 100 Zenny and you will   |
    |either get a free can, or it will blow up! If you get the free can,  |
    |it fully restores your life.                                         |
    |Blow up the "Cell" boxes (submitted by Max "Catman" Preston)         |
    |If you use an explosive on a "Cell" box it blows up... (LOL this has |
    |no use but hey, it is kinda neat, kinda... hey it is!)               |
    |Blow up the trash cans (submitted by Max "Catman" Preston again)     |
    |If you use an explosive on a trash can it blows up... (same comment  |
    |as above)                                                            |
    |Kick the Servebots!                                                  |
    |If you blow up a servebot (the yellow lego men) and then kick them,  |
    |you will get life back! You can only do this three times!            |
    |Beehive Cash                                                         |
    |This will give you about 15,000 to 25,000 cash, but with one catch.  |
    |In the Cardon Sub-gate, in the second room there are three beehives. |
    |Max out your vacuum arm, and max out your buster's attack. Blow up   |
    |the hive and the bees that come out of the hive and suck up the      |
    |money. There will be three beehives. Also kill the ground enemies if |
    |you wish. Although this DOES give you a lot of money, the only way to|
    |re-spawn the beehives is to leave the dungeon and come back. It is   |
    |very repetitive and annoying, but the cash is worth it!              |
    |Lion Money                                                           |
    |You know those stupid lions at the main gate (the big, fire breathing|
    |ones?) Well, they give you almost as much as the beehives. The       |
    |upside? There is a quick and convenient zone door that you can enter |
    |and then return in and the lions will re-appear, making it slightly  |
    |faster then the beehive cash. I would take the active buster or      |
    |shining laser, because the money doesn't fly very far and the quicker|
    |the better! (Submitted by Max "Catman" Preston)                      |
    --------------------------<Codes And Secrets>--------------------------
    Difficulty Changes- If you beat the game, you unlock "Hard" difficulty.
    The bosses are harder, and so are the enemies. A LOT harder. Upon
    beating hard mode, you unlock "Easy" mode. Money seems to come in
    faster, enemies and bosses are very weak and the game is generally a
    piece of cake.
    New Game Prizes- If you beat hard mode in under eight hours, you can
    start a new game with jet skates and the buster max. Also, when you
    start Easy mode you will always have the buster max. As for as I know,
    those are the only two prizes you can get. I beat the game in 1 hr, 40
    min and those were all I got. Yes, I did say 1hr, 40 minutes ;). To
    find out how to beat it that fast, go to "Speed Walkthrough".
    Burger Shop- (Submitted by Max "catman" Preston) If you solve most of
    the peoples' problems, during the part of the ending where you can walk
    around, there is a burger shop Downtown! (weird, hu?) As for what it is
    for, I have no clue.
    Game Shark Codes- Can be found at
    http://www.cmgsccc.com/n64/mm64.shtml, I won't bother listing them.
    Thank you...
    Donutdisturbme@AOL.com for help in all areas (especially picky stuff)
    Roaddoggy26@AOL.com for spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes
    pokedude745@hotmail.com for the help, even if I did already know about
    that trick ;)
    dcrocker@bconnex.net for a helpful weapons-section suggestion
    MarkKoziel for detailed information on Hard mode, Easy mode and new
    game prizes!
    GameSage4 for detailed information on the modes and prizes as well
    Xx Cyrax xX for the gameshark codes web page
    Linkmasterr1 for the helpful map suggestions
    Henry "Cardhouse" Kim for the boss strategy for Bruno
    ----------------------------<Special Thanks>---------------------------
    Max "Catman" Preston for the TONS of help you've lent me. Thank you for
    your time, patience, electronics, spelling checks, grammar checks,
    consistency checks, error sighting, and ways to improve my guide.
    NTRentals for the VERY large quantities of information and scattered
    ------------------------<Copyright Information>------------------------
    This document Copyright 2001 David Laufer.
    If you want to use this guide, just ask me first and I will say yes
    9/10 times. Easy huh?
    My email is ChronoGamer00@AOL.com, email with questions and comments.
    All e-mails asking questions answered in my FAQ will be immediately

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