How do you do the People's Elbow?

  1. What do you press after the rock does his taunt and bounces off the ropes?

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    Shant826 - 4 years ago

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  1. Press "B".

    In actuality, it's really that simple. However, for sake of discussion:

    After you initiate the "Facing Up [Special]", Rock will do his trademark taunt, toss his elbow pad, and run towards the rope. He rebounds off the rope once, you may choose to hop over the downed opponent once, perusing "C Down", or you may simply rebound once, and initiate the People's Elbow.

    Regardless of if you have bounced off the ropes once or twice, pressing "B" is the same in each instance. As the Rock rebounds of the rope, wait just before he is about to "collide", "hit", "or stop" in front of the opponent. If you wait too long, he'll do the generic stop animation. It's hard to press "B" too early, so make certain you do it well in advance. If you wait until he's almost upon the opponent, the game does not register, and he'll do the stop animation.

    You can do so from any area in the ring, but it is advisable to drag the downed opponent into the center of the ring, not only for realism's sake, but also for feasibility and sensibility. To drag your opponent, make certain to be HOLDING the "C Left" and the directional pad button in which you wish to drag. If you are not holding the pad in any direction, or if you simply tap "C Left", you will only flip the opponent. Flipping the opponent is another essential aspect, as if the opponent is not facing up, you will need to flip him, tapping "C-Left".

    Try doing a Rock Bottom in the center of the ring, then hopping over with "C-Down" and engaging the up-facing front special. If you do it too close to the ropes, or at an awkward angle, Rock does not have enough time to bounce of the ropes, (hop over), and press "B". He simply comes into contact almost immediately after the taunt and initial run towards the rope, and is stopped in tracks.

    tl;dr, "Press B"

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