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    CAW Replacements FAQ by Scotsman

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    /                          CAW REPLACEMENTS FAQ 4.0                          \
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    By: Scotsman
    T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S
     [1] Introduction.
     [2] Latest Updates.
     [3] Exhisting Slot Replacements.
     [4] CAW Slots - Usage.
     [5] CAW Websites
     [6] Frequently Asked Questions
     [7] Thanks to....
     [8] Et Cetera.
    [1]  I N T R O D U C T I O N
    Welcome to the CAW Replacements FAQ for WWF No Mercy.  This is something I
    did for WWF Wrestlemania 2000 for numerous websites, and it proved very
    popular so I decided to do one for WWF No Mercy, however this time exclusive
    for GameFAQS.
    If you're wondering what this FAQ is about, let me explain.  There are numerous
    create-a-wrestler websites and FAQs out there, all listing from 5 to over 100
    wrestler templates.  However, as WWF No Mercy only has 18 slots, you can only
    really create 18 wrestlers.
    That's where this FAQ comes in.
    Most wrestlers have very similar moves to other wrestlers.  Some just have a
    trademark move that is shared with another wrestler.  In WWF No Mercy, each
    wrestler has 4 "slots", at which they usually wear different outfits(ie: slot
    #3 is usually a referees outfit).  However you can actually use those slots,
    and edit the wrestlers appearance, name, entrance music, height, weight etc.
    You can also use these slots to add in created wrestlers.
    If you write down a list of a wrestlers trademark moves, and you look about
    at the move lists in WWF No Mercy, you can usually find at least one wrestler
    that has those moves, or variations of them.  Sometimes these can be very
    close(ie: Christian has same front/back specials as BIlly Kidman would have),
    to very vague(ie: Rikishi and Earthquake, because both are big, fat guys).
    This FAQ will cover wrestlers, how they fit in over another wrestler, and
    the reason(s) why.  If you have any of your own to submit, or any suggestions,
    please send them to me at gjmcg@kingston.net.  I have over 300 to eventually
    put in, so expect regular updates to this FAQ.  If I mention a wrestler
    here who you don't know how to create, e-mail me and I will provide his
    CAW to you either in this FAQ, or via e-mail.
    Please read the "FAQ's" section of this FAQ(Section #5) before e-mailing me
    [2]  U P D A T E S
         v4.0: After about a month I finally got my Nintendo 64 working again,
               and now I'm back with quite the big update.  In exhisting CAW
               slots, we add Chris Candido, Roadkill, Super Crazy, DDP, Joey Abs,
               Rodney, Pete Gas, Goldust, Droz, Kid Kash, Scott Norton, Earthquake.
               Kevin Nash, Vader, Sean Stasiak, Molly Holly, Mark Jindrak, Daffney,
               Miss Hancock, Major Gunns, Midajah, Papa Shango, Thrasher.
               Added CAW Slot listings for 3-8, with The Big Show, The Ultimate
               Warrior, The Wall, Scott Steiner, Lex Luger, Bill Goldberg, Mike
               Awesome, Rhyno, Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Sting, Scott Hall, Booker T,
               Brian Adams, Brian Clark, Mike Tyson, Tank Abbott, Bart Gunn
               and New Jack.  ***NO REASONS/TRADEMARK MOVES YET.  COMING SOON.***
               Added CAW Websites section.  Want to create a wrestler mentioned
               in this FAQ? Scour those websites.
         v2.4: Added Q & A on how you actually do this.  Added information for
               CAW Slot #2, which holds Hogan, Savage, Flair and Piper.  Added
               Disqo to exhisting CAW slot replacements.
         v2.0: For CAW Slot Replacements, added Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake,
               Chaz, Ernest "The Cat" Miller, Vampiro and Yokozuna.  Added CAW Slot
               Usage section.  For Slot #1, it's Raven, Jeff Jarrett, Lance Storm
               and Buff Bagwell.  Added Thanks, FAQ's and Et Cetera sections, as
               well as spruced up the FAQ design.
         v1.0: Debut of FAQ.
    [3]  E X H I S T I N G   C A W   S L O T    R E P L A C E M E N T S
     ~ Alex Wright
     ~ Billy Kidman
     ~ Brutus Beefcake
     ~ Chaz
     ~ Chris Candido
     ~ Daffney
     ~ Diamond Dallas Page
     ~ Disqo
     ~ Droz
     ~ Earthquake
     ~ Ernest "The Cat" Miller
     ~ Gangrel
     ~ Goldust
     ~ Kevin Nash
     ~ Kid Kash
     ~ Joey Abs
     ~ Juventud Guerrera
     ~ Legion Of Doom
     ~ Madusa
     ~ Mark Jindrak
     ~ Midajah
     ~ Miss Hancock
     ~ Molly Holly
     ~ Mr. Perfect
     ~ Papa Shango
     ~ Pete Gas
     ~ Rey Misterio Jr.
     ~ Roadkill
     ~ Rodney
     ~ Sabu
     ~ Scott Norton
     ~ Sean O'Haire
     ~ Sean Stasiak
     ~ Sid
     ~ Super Crazy
     ~ Terri
     ~ Thrasher
     ~ Vader
     ~ Vampiro
     ~ Yokozuna
    Alex Wright
    Slot: Kurt Angle - Slot #3.
    Reason: One of Angles back moves are a German suplex, which Wright often
            uses.  Both of them use similar dancing moves, and their movesets
            are extremely similar.
    Billy Kidman
    Slot: Christian - Slot #2.
    Reason: Both high-flyers.  Front special and back special are the same.
            Only flaw is that he won't have the shooting star press.  However,
            no other wrestlers in the game do have anyway.
    Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake
    Slot: Billy Gunn - Slot #2.
    Reason: It's the only gimmick Ed Leslie hasn't used yet.  Har-de-har.
            No...Beefcake's finisher was the sleeper and Gunn uses that as
            a back strong grapple.
    Slot: D-Lo Brown - Slot #3.
    Reason: First off, they're tag team partners.  Second, their tag finisher
            was a superplex by Chaz, then a frog splash by D-Lo, and both
            these moves are in this moveset.  Also similar wrestling style.
    Chris Candido
    Slot: Chris Benoit - Slot #2.
    Reason: Benoit has a top-rope powerbomb as corner special, which is
            basically the "Blond Bombshell".  Similar movelists.
    Slot: Lita - Slot #2.
    Reason: One of the only WCW female wrestlers with talent, plus
            the "screamerrana", or "frankenscreamer" or whatever you
            want to call it, makes her a perfect fit in Litas slot.
    Diamond Dallas Page
    Slot: Bubba Ray Dudley - Slot #3.
    Reason: Bubba has all possible Diamond Cutters.  Only problem is
            no Diamond Cutter sign.  Ah well.
    Slot: Steve Austin - Slot #2.
    Reason: If you don't want to do this, feel free to not do it, however
            these two do match up well.  Disqo's finisher, The Last Dance,
            is the Stunner, and he also does the mudhole stomping, plus
            both move lists are extremely similar.
    Slot: Bubba Ray Dudley - Slot #4.
    Reason: Bubba has tiger bomb, which was Droz's finisher.
    Slot: Andre The Giant - Slot #2.
    Reason: Same high-flying, death-defying moves.  Also the running butt
    Ernest "The Cat" Miller
    Slot: Shawn Michaels - Slot #2.
    Reason: Agility, dancelike taunts, and of course the Superkick(Feliner).
            Plus if Miller would ever actually wrestle anymore, you'd see
            him and HBK have similar movesets Miller used to use all the
            time on WCW Saturday Night.
    Slot: Perry Saturn - Slot #2.
    Reason: It's been awhile since Gangrels featured on TV.  However move lists
            are very similar, and back special is a tiger suplex pin, which
            Gangrel has recently used on WWF Jakked.
    Slot: Faarooq - Slot #2.
    Reason: Finishers and move lists are similar.
    Kevin Nash
    Slot: Undertaker - Slot #3.
    Reason: Big boot, powerbomb as finisher, both lazy as hell.
    Kid Kash
    Slot: Eddie Guerrero - Slot #2.
    Reason: Movelists are similar.  Guerrero and Cash have the same top-rope
    Joey Abs
    Slot: Shane McMahon - Slot #2.
    Reason: Despite being an awesome wrestler, Jasons gimmick in the WWF rarely
            saw him do what he does best; WRESTLE.  Thus the Joey Abs gimmick
            is perfect for the slot of his one-time good buddy, and also rather
            poor wrestler(in this game), Shane McMahon.
    Juventud Guerrera
    Slot: TAKA Michinoku - Slot #4.
    Reason: This was a tough choice.  I originally had him in Matt Hardy's slot #2
            due to the 450 splash being his top-rope special.  However the lack of
            a Juvi Driver really bugged me, and TAKA has that move(Michinoku Driver),
            plus the same high-flying type moves as Juvi.  The top-rope special is
            a back flip splash too, so I decided Juventud would be better in TAKAs
            slot #4.
    Legion of Doom/The Road Warriors
    Slots: Hawk   - Bubba Ray Dudley - Slot #2.
           Animal - D-Von Dudley     - Slot #2.
    Reason: First off, they're a tag team.  Second, very powerful tag team,
            just as LOD were.  One of Hawks trademark moves was a neckbreaker,
            which Bubba has in his move list(also the 3/4 turn neckbreaker as
            front special).  Running moves are very similar.  Animal has the
            running shoulderblock, as does D-Von.  And finally....The Doomsday
            Device, which the Dudleys have, and which is LOD's trademark move.
    Slot: Chyna - Slot #2.
    Reason: Let's be honest; when Madusa returned under the Vince Russo regime in
            WCW, she was being made out as the new Chyna.  While both these females
            don't exactly have the movelists that would have Liger or Angle shaking
            in their boots, they do have similar power-moves mixed with some high-flying
            style, which makes them a perfect match for this game.
    Major Gunns
    Slot: Tori - Slot #2.
    Reason: Blah.  Almost talentless females.  Next.
    Mark Jindrak
    Slot: Matt Hardy - Slot #2.
    Reason: Mark and Sean O'Haire were basically a bigger version of the Hardy Boyz.
            With Sean in Jeffs slot, putting Mark in this slot seems natural.  Plus
            movelist, agility yada yada yada.
    Slot: Ivory - Slot #3.
    Reason: Blah.  Talentless females.  NEXT!
    Miss Hancock
    Slot: Terri - Slot #4.
    Reason: Blah.  Talentless females.  NEXT!
    Molly Holly
    Slot: Crash Holly - Slot #2.
    Reason: I love her.  Oh sorry...reasons why she should be in this slot?  Well first
            I'd like to propose marriage to her.  Hey I'm a 20 year old who makes
            game FAQs; who could resist me?  Anyway shes a good wrestler, and so's
            Crash.  He just isn't as sweet as her.  Awwwwww.
    *cough*...moving on...
    Mr. Perfect
    Slot: Val Venis - Slot #2.
    Reason: Move sets similar.  Front special is fishermans suplex(Perfect-Plex).
            Also one of standing striking moves is a dropkick, one of Mr. Perfects
            trademark moves.  Recommended to make this a favourite move.
    Papa Shango
    Slot: Godfather - Slot #3.
    Reason: They're the same guy!  He even has Papas finisher!  Oh yeah toss Godfather
            in at #1, and Goodfather at #2 if they're not in there already.
    Pete Gas
    Slot: Shane McMahon - Slot #4.
    Reason: A poor wrestler(at the time), it seems fitting to put him in the same
            slot as poor wrestler and one-time buddy and stable mate, Shane O-Mac.
    Rey Misterio Jr
    Slot: X-Pac - Slot #2.
    Reason: Do I really need to explain this one?  Both high-flyers, both use the
            facebuster/X-Factor, broncobuster, huracarana(including top-rope
            huracarana).  The way Rey's gimmick has gone as of late, even the
            taunts are similar.  Almost a perfect match.
    Slot: Big Boss Man - Slot #2.
    Reason: Boss Man Slam and The Dirt Road Slam are the same.  Also body splash.
            No TKO/Barn Burner though.
    Slot: Shane McMahon - Slot #3.
    Reason: A poor wrestler(at the time), it seems fitting to put him in the same
            slot as poor wrestler and one-time buddy and stable mate, Shane O-Mac.
    Slot: Matt Hardy - Slot #4.
    Reason: Both crazy wrestlers.  Legdrop featured prominently.  Suicide dives etc.
            These fit perfectly in Wrestlemania 2000, and they do in WWF No Mercy too.
    Scott Norton
    Slot: Perry Saturn - Slot #3.
    Reason: Has Nortons two key moves; snap powerbomb 2, and brainbuster.  Also
            a lot of power moves.  No super shoulderbreaker though.
    Sean O'Haire
    Slot: Jeff Hardy - Slot #2.
    Reason: Despite being a wrestler of not very similar build, Seans wrestling style
            is more of a high-flyer, and Jeff also has the power moves that look great
            when doing with Sean.  And need I mention the Seanton/Swanton Bomb?
    Sean Stasiak
    Slot: Val Venis - Slot #3.
    Reason: Similar movelists, plus good ol "PerfectShawn" was a direct rip-off of
            Mr. Perfect/Curt Hennig, who is in slot #2.
    Slot: Undertaker - Slot #2.
    Reason: Same type of wrestling.  Powerbombs as finisher; chokeslam; big boot.
    Super Crazy
    Slot: Essa Rios - Slot #3.
    Reason: Cruiserweight movelist.  Moonsault, powerbomb, Rios Driver similar to Reverse
    Slot: D-Lo Brown - Slot #3.
    Reason: Former tag-partner Mosh is in #2(as Chaz), and their move lists were basically
            the same, so ta-da!
    Slot: D-Von Dudley - Slot #3.
    Reason: This was a tough one.  I ended up throwing it down to agility, and powerbomb
            as finisher.  Might still fit in the Goldberg/Mike Awesome/Rhyno slot
    Slot: TAKA Michinoku - Slot #3.
    Reason: Finishers are the same.  Also movesets extremely similar.
    Slot: Rikishi - Slot #2.
    Reason: Both Samoan(Yes, Yokozuna was) of similar build, plus the Banzai Drop.
            Bearhug, and other similar moves.
    [4]  C A W   S L O T S   U S A G E
    With only 18 slots to create wrestlers, you don't have too much room.  However,
    if you can combine 4 wrestlers into each different CAW slot, then that's 72
    different wrestlers you can create, not counting the ones you can add onto
    exhisting wrestlers(section 3); meaning up to 72 wrestlers can have their
    specific taunts and moves, as *you* want them.
    Note: Any other trademarks for the below that I missed, feel free to suggest
          to me at gjmcg@Kingston.net and I'll add them in.
     [ Slot #1 ] Raven / Lance Storm / Jeff Jarrett / Buff Bagwell
                 RAVEN: Front special, Flowing DDT.  Irish Whip Special
                        Scissor Sweep.  General Taunt: 13.  Ducking Taunt #6.
                        Corner Taunt #12.
                 STORM: Lower Body Submission Facing Up, Down and Down(Special)
                        all Single Leg Crab.  A strong striking move as a
                        flipping dropkick.
               JARRETT: Back Special Full Nelson Face Drop(Similar to Stroke).
                        Lower Body Submission facing up(Special) as Figure Four.
                        General Taunt #6(which I also chose as Special Taunt).
               BAGWELL: Front Turnbuckle Special is Flipping Neckbreaker.
                        General Taunt #35.
     [Note: All moves listed above are recommended to be put as favourites.]
     [ Slot #2 ] Hulk Hogan / Ric Flair / Roddy Piper / Randy Savage
                 HOGAN: Ground Attack Legdrop.  Running Ground Attack Legdrop.
                        Irish Whip Attack Big Boot.  Strong Striking Punch 3.
                        Taunt #32.  Special Taunt #57.  Celebration Taunt #32.
                        Entry Way Taunt Patterson.
                 FLAIR: Ground Submission, Lower Body Facing Up Special Fig Four.
                        Strong Striking Hard Chop 01. Front Strong Grapple Special
                        is the Old Man Flop.  Taunt #22.  Ducking Taunt #19.
                 PIPER: Back Special Sleeper Hold.
                SAVAGE: Turnbuckle Taunt #1.  Flying attack Elbow Drop.
               GENERIC: Front Strong Grapple moves; Manhattan Drop, Knee Smash.
                        Front Weak Grapple: Scoop Slam, Eyerake.
                        Counter punch: Eye Poke Counter.
     [Note: All moves listed above are recommended to be put as favourites.]
     [ Slot #3 ] The Big Show / The Ultimate Warrior / The Wall
     [ Slot #4 ] Scott Steiner / Lex Luger
     [ Slot #5 ] Bill Goldberg / Mike Awesome / Rhyno
     [ Slot #6 ] Bret Hart / Owen Hart / Sting / Scott Hall
     [ Slot #7 ] Booker T / Brian Adams / Brian Clark
     [ Slot #8 ] Mike Tyson / Tank Abbott / Bart Gunn / New Jack
    [5] C A W    W E B S I T E ' S
        Wanting to create some of the wrestlers in here, but don't know how?  Well
        I'd recommend just watching them on TV, or on a tape or whatever, or even
        finding a picture on the net and following from there.  But failing that,
        here is a list of CAW Websites/Message boards for you to check:
    [6]  F A Q ' S
    Q: How do I add...for example, Billy Kidman into Christians slot #2, and so on?
    A: The steps:
         1. Start Up No Mercy.
         2. Enter the Smackdown Mall.
         3. Enter Superstar Options.
         4. Enter Edit A Superstar.
         5. (For this example) Locate Christian, and click C-> (C-Right) once.
         6. He should be wearing a different outfit, and it should say Type [2]
            at the bottom.  Hit "A" and you're free to edit his appearance,
            and profile/music, and from there you can enter Kidman.
    Q: How do I create _______?
    A: Up above, section #5.
    Q: Can I put your FAQ on my site?
    A: Yeah.  Just mail me the URL once it's up.
    [7]  T H A N K S   T O . . .
    SMMJ - For previewing the FAQ each time and for more help.
    DragonEgg5 - Disqo -> Steve Austin suggestion.
    Gamefaqs - For publishing this FAQ on their website.
    Sofa King Kool - Roadkill and Super Crazy suggestions.
    TPEGrunge - Earthquake -> Andre.
    [8]  E T   C E T E R A
    Well that's it for this version of the FAQ.  Except updates whenever I get a
    chance.  The reason I list the slot number for each wrestler is you can usually
    fit more than one wrestler in that slot(ie: My Matt Hardy slot also has Mark Jindrak
    as well as Sabu).  If you have any suggestions, please send them along to gjmcg@kingston.net
    Thanks for reading this FAQ, thanks to GameFAQs for publishing it, and stay tuned for the
    next update!  Some more format changes are in store for the next update as well as a bunch
    more wrasslers!
    Note: Please do not steal this FAQ.  In the future it will become available for websites
    to use, but as it's obviously a work in progress at the moment, I want to keep it at
    one website until it's respectful enough to go out on other sites.  Thank you.

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