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    May Young/Moolah by Nomad Z 2000

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/25/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    WWF No Mercy Character Guide for:
      ___    ___ 
     |   \  /   |
     | |\ \/ /| |  _____   ____
     | | \  / | | |  _  | | ___|
     | |  \/  | | |  _  | | _|_
     |_|      |_| |_| |_| |____|
     __    __  
    |  |  |  | 
     \ \  / /        
      \ \/ /   ___   _   _   _  _   ___
       |  |   | _ | | \ / | | \| | | _ |
       |  |   ||_|| | |_| | | \  | ||_||
       |__|   |___| |_____| |_|\_| |__ |
      ___    ___               _           _
     |   \  /   |             | |         | |
     | |\ \/ /| |  ___   ___  | |  _____  | |___
     | | \  / | | | _ | | _ | | | |  _  | |  _  |
     | |  \/  | | ||_|| ||_|| | | |  _  | | | | |
     |_|      |_| |___| |___| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_|
    Version 1.0
    Date: 09/25/2001
    Written By: Nomad Z 2000
    System: Nintendo 64
    E-mail: joshuamccammon@hotmail.com
    I. Mae and Moolah's Bio
         Most women Mae's age consider winning a bingo or baking a 
    cake a major accomplishment, but for Young, get powerbombed through 
    a table courtesy of the Dudley Boyz or giving out a bronco buster 
    is all in a day's work.
         The almost 80-year-old Superstar has gotten finer with age 
    and proven that the World Wrestling Federation has become a 
    multi-dimensional entertainment product. Playing the role of 
    alcoholic party girl who likes to dance it up with the guys, Mae 
    was the life of Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley's bachelorette 
    party-until she started a cake fight. She then became one of the 
    only women who could fill Mark Henry's hefty appetite for lovin'! 
    In fact, Mae was in such good shape that she actually tired the 
    big guy out!
         Mae also amazes everyone with her ability to contribute to 
    the sporting side of sports entertainment. Not afraid to mix it 
    up in the ring-especially if she gets her hands on her former friend 
    the Fabulous Moolah-Young leaves fans' jaws dropping at the amount 
    of punishment that she can dish out...and take! Do you know of any 
    senior citizen pitchers who could start a World Series game? Didn't 
    think so!
    II. Mae and Moolah's Moves
    -Weak Front Grapple-
    A: Elbow Strike
    A+L/R: Slap
    A+Up: Snapmare
    A+Down: Arm Drag
    B: Headlock Takedown
    B+L/R: Arm Wrench/Elbow Smash
    B+Up: Suplex
    B+Down: Hip Toss
    -Strong Front Grapple-
    A: Headlock
    A+L/R: Shoulder Thrusts
    A+Up: Belly to Back Suplex
    A+Down: Small Package
    B: Rib Breaker
    B+L/R: Shoulder Breaker Thrust
    B+Up: Hurracanrana Pin
    B+Down: Dragon Screw 02
    Special: Jack Hammer
    -Weak Rear Grapple-
    A: Back Rake
    A+D-pad: Back Rake
    B: Forearm Smash
    B+D-pad: Forearm Smash
    -Strong Rear Grapple-
    A: School Boy Pin
    A+D-pad: School Boy Pin
    B: Rolling Crutch Pin
    B+D-pad: Rolling Crutch Pin
    Special: DD DDT
    Back Weak Grapple Counter: Counter Elbow Strike
    Back Strong Grapple Counter: Counter Grapple
    -Weak Striking-
    B (Arm): Elbow Strike
    B+D-pad (Arm): Woman's Slap
    B (Leg): Front Kick 01
    B+D-pad (Leg): Front Kick 05
    -Strong Striking-
    B: Hard Headbutt 03
    B+D-pad: Woman's Hard Slap R
    A+B: Hard Chop 02
    Ducking Attack: Body Tackle
    -Counter Attacks-
    Counter Punch: Strong Attack [B+D-Pad]
    Special Counter Punch: Front Special Grapple
    Counter Kick [A]: Dragon Screw Counter 01
    Counter Kick [B]: Elbow Crush Counter
    Special Counter Kick: Special Back Grapple
    -Walking Moves-
    Walking Moves: GENERIC 01
    -Running Attacks-
    Down-C+[B]: Woman's Running Push Attack
    Down-C+[A+B]: Front Round Dropkick
    D-Pad + Down-C + [B]: Flying Cross Chop
    D-pad + Down-C + [A+B]: Running Headbutt
    -Running Grapple-
    Down-C + A (Front): Swinging Neck Breaker
    Down-C + A (Back): Bulldog
    -Running Ground Attack-
    Facing Up: Hip Press
    Facing Down: Big Splash
    Sitting Up: Stomp
    Sitting Down: Stomp
    Evasion: Roll
    -Upper Body Submission-
    Facing Up: Clutching Punch
    Facing Down: Sitting Reverse Armbar
    Sitting Up: Ne-Han
    Sitting Down: Camel Clutch
    Facing Up (Special): Goku-Raku Stretch
    Facing Down (Special): None
    -Lower Body Submission-
    Facing Up: Reverse Figure-4 Leglock
    Facing Down: Single Crab
    Facing Up (Special): None
    Facing Down (Special): None
    -Ground Attack-
    Facing Up: Elbow Drop 02
    Facing Down: Stomp 01
    Sitting Up: Kick
    Sitting Down: Double Axe Handle
    -Turnbuckle Attack-
    B: Chop 01
    D-Pad + B: Front Kick 05
    Down-C + B: Thump
    Down-C + A + B: Running Headbutt
    -Corner Counter-
    Irish whip to Corner Counter: Boot to Face
    -Tree of woe Attack-
    B: Front Kick 05
    D-Pad + B: Front Kick 05
    Down-C + B: Elbow Attack 02
    -Front Turnbuckle Grapple-
    A (Weak): Shoulder Thrusts
    B (Weak): 10 Punch
    A (Strong): Frankensteiner
    B (Strong): Super Dragon Screw
    Control Stick: Bronco Buster
    -Back Turnbuckle Grapple-
    A (Weak): Forearm Smash
    B (Weak): Forearm Smash
    A (Strong): Super Back Drop
    B (Strong): Super Back Drop
    Control Stick: Super Back Drop
    -Counter Grapple-
    Front Counter: Throw
    Back Counter: Super Back Drop
    -Flying Attack-
    Standing Opponent: None
    Standing Opponent to outside: None
    Standing Opponent (Special): None
    Laying Opponent: None
    Laying Opponent to Outside: None
    Laying Opponent (Special): Back Elbow Drop 
    -Turnbuckle Inside Attack-
    Turnbuckle Inside Attack: None
    -Turnbuckle Taunt-
    Corner Taunt: Taunt 009
    Turnbuckle Taunt: Taunt 002
    -Grapple to Apron-
    Weak Grapple: Club to Chest
    Strong Grapple: Suplex to Inside
    Special Grapple: None
    Counter Grapple: Suplex Reverse
    -Rope Inside Attack-
    Rope Inside Attack: None
    -Flying Attack to outside-
    A: None
    Down-C + [A]: None
    Down-C + D-Pad + [A]: None
    -Running Diving Taunt-
    Control Stick: None
    -Rebound Flying Attack-
    A: None
    -Apron Attack-
    To Inside: Middle Kick
    To Outside: Strong Kick
    -Grapple from apron-
    Grapple (Weak): Arm Breaker
    Grapple (Strong): Praying Rope Walk
    Grapple (Special): None
    Counter Grapple: Suplex Reverse
    -Flying Attack from apron-
    A: Dropping Elbow
    Down-C + [A]: None
    -Flying Attack to ring-
    Standing Opponent: None
    Laying Opponent: None
    Standing Opponent (Special): None
    -Apron Taunt-
    Taunt: Taunt 004
    -Irish whip Attack-
    B: Dropkick to Knee 03
    -Irish whip Grapple-
    Tap A (Weak): Back Toss 02
    Hold A (Weak): Monkey Toss
    Tap A (Strong): Sleeper Hold
    Hold A (Strong): Hurracanrana Pin
    Control Stick (Strong): Front Special Grapple
    Up + Control Stick: DX 01
    Left + Control Stick: Taunt 069
    Right + Control Stick: Taunt 077
    -Special Taunt-
    Control Stick: X-Pac 02
    -Ducking Taunt-
    Control Stick: Taunt 017
    -Celebration Taunt-
    Celebration: Taunt 080
    -Entry Way Taunt-
    Taunt: NONE
    -Double Team Grapple-
    Front Grapple: Double Underhook Drop
    Back Grapple: Double Atomic Drop
    Sandwich Grapple: Double Powerbomb
    Irish whip Grapple: Dudley Death Drop (3D)
    -Double Team Attack-
    Double Team Attack: Doomsday Device
    Attack to outside: Doomsday Device
    Attack to ring: None
    Counter Attack: Punching Reversal
    III. Appearance/Fighting Style/Parameter
    -Appearance 1- (Mae Young)
    Name: Mae Young
    Short Name: Mae
    Alias: None
    Picture: Mae
    Height: ??
    Weight: ??
    Music: Original 5
    Titantron: None
    Body: Grannie (1st)
    Head: Female 03
    Face: Female 12
    Hair: Short 03 (4th)
    Front Hair: Front Hair 62
    Facial Hair: N/A
    Masks/Etc.: None
    Hats/Caps: None
    Ring Attire: Swim Suit 3 (Default, Default)
    Upper Body: None
    Tattoo: None
    Gloves: None
    Wristbands: None
    Elbow Pad: None
    Knee Pad: None
    Feet: Heels 02 (Default, Default)
    Entrance Attire: None
    Weapons/Props: None
    -Appearance 2- (Fabulous Moolah)
    Name: Fabulous Moolah
    Short Name: Moolah
    Alias: None
    Picture: Moolah
    Height: ??
    Weight: ??
    Music: Original 5
    Titantron: None
    Body: Grannie (1st)
    Head: Female 03
    Face: Female 13
    Hair: Middle 01 (4th)
    Front Hair: Front Hair 63
    Facial Hair: N/A
    Masks/Etc.: None
    Hats/Caps: None
    Ring Attire: Swim Suit 3 (Light Green, Default)
    Upper Body: None
    Tattoo: None
    Gloves: None
    Wristbands: None
    Elbow Pad: None
    Knee Pad: None
    Feet: Boots 01 (White, Default)
    Entrance Attire: None
    Weapons/Props: None
    Stance: Wrestling
    Ring Entry: Women
    Counter/Reversals: Heavy
    Speed: Slow
    Submission Skills: Novice
    Irish Whip Evasion: Yes
    Recovery Rate: Slow
    Bleeding: None
    Reaction to Blood: None
    Endurance: Weak
    Turnbuckle Climbing: Climbing
    Jumping Distance: Shortest
    Specific Weapon: Random
    Head: 1
    Body: 1
    Arms: 1
    Legs: 1
    Flying: 1
    Head: 1
    Body: 1
    Arms: 1
    Legs: 1
    Flying: 1
    50%: D-Von
    30%: Buh Buh
    20%: Debra
    Ally: None
    IV. Credit and Copyright Information
    This was an original work by Nomad Z 2000. 
    Please do not use this on your website 
    unless you ask me. If you ask me, give 
    full credit, and do not alter this document 
    in any way, I will let you use it. If you 
    want to use the format for your own Character 
    Guides, please give proper credit. Thanks.
    End of FAQ.

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