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    Undertaker by KKorn34713

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/26/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    		      |              W   W  W   W  FFFFF             |
    		      |              W   W  W   W  F                 |
    		      |              W W W  W W W  FFF               |
    		      |              WW WW  WW WW  F                 |
    		      |              W   W  W   W  F                 |
    		      |  				             |
    		      | nnn   oooo     mmmm    ee    rrr  cccc  y  y |
    		      | n  n  o  o     m m m  eeee  r     c      yy  |
    		      | n  n  oooo     m m m   ee   r     cccc    y  |
    		      |                                          y   |
    		      |	         UNDERTAKER CHARACTER GUIDE     y    |
    		      |                 VERSION 1.0                  |
    | table of contents |
    -undertaker biography
    -undertaker statistics
    -undertaker rivals/allies
    -undertaker moves
    -closing statements & legal crap
    | introduction |
    Welcome one and all to one guide in a series of Character Guides for WWF No 
    Mercy for
    the Nintendo 64. This guide will cover pretty much all you'll need for the 
    in the game, including a detailed biography, statictics, a list of their 
    in-game rivals
    and allies, and of course, a complete move list. So please enjoy this FAQ 
    and I hope it
    | updates/revisions |
    11.25.00 - Version 1.0
    -The guide is complete with everything.
    | controls |
    CONTROL PAD  -Hightlight options
    	     -Control Superstar in ring
    CONTROL STICK  -Taunt (Up, Down, Left, or Right for different taunts)
    	       -Finishing Moves (Full Attitude Meter)
    	       -Zoom and Turn Superstar (Superstar Select menus)
    A BUTTON  -Select options
    	  -Grapple opponent
    	     :Weak grapple = Tap A Button
    	     :Strong grapple = Hold A Button
    B BUTTON  -Cancel options
    	  -Striking attacks
    	     :Weak attack = Tap B Button
    	     :Strong attack = Hold B Button
    Up-C Button  -Climb through/over ropes
    	     -Drag opponent on mat
    	     -Tag partner into match (Tag Team mode)
    	     -Randomly select Superstar (Superstar Select menu)
    Down-C Button  -Run
    	       -Climb turnbuckle
    	       -Hop over downed opponent
    	       -Slide into ring
    	       -Randomly select Superstar (Superstar Select menu)
    Left-C Button  -Flip opponent on mat
    	       -Grab weapon from the crowd
    	       -Pick-up ladder/Position ladder
    	       -Change outfit (Superstar Select menu)
    	       -Preview moves and entrace music (Edit mode)
    Right-C Button  -Focus on different opponent
    		-Change outfit (Superstar Select menu)
    L Button  -Reverse/Avoid a grapple
    	  -Flip standing opponent (grapple/dazed)
    	  -Pin opponent
    	  -Hold opponent from behind
    	  -Change stables (Superstar Select menu)
    R Button  -Block/Counter striking attacks
    	  -Release grapple
    	  -Pick up opponent from mat
    	     :Half position - Tap R
    	     :Stand up - Hold R
    	  -Change stables (Superstar select menu)
    START  -Bypass entrances
           -Pause game
    Z Button  -Toggle CPU - Manual control
    | undertaker biography |
    From: Death Valley
    Finishing Move: The Last Ride
    Career Highlights: World Wrestling Federation Champion (3); Tag Team 
    Champion (3)
    The Undertaker is perhaps the most awesome presence the Federation has ever 
    seen. The American Bad Ass has finally returned after an almost year-long 
    absence from the ring. When he enters arenas with the thundering sound of 
    his motorcycle, everyone stops to see what will happen next.
    The Undertaker has been a haunting force since he entered the Federation at 
    the 1990 Survivor Series. He has since transformed into a frightening power. 
    He promises he will dominate all those who oppose him and so far he has more 
    than lived up to those words.
    | undertaker statistics |
    Name: Undertaker
    Height: 6'10"
    Weight: 328lbs.
    -Fighting Style-
    Stance: Normal
    Ring Entry: Normal
    Counter/Reversals: Heavy
    Speed: Slow
    Submission Skills: Normal
    Irish Whip Evasion: Yes
    Recovery Rate: Fast
    Bleeding: Rarely
    Reaction to Blood: Normal
    Endurance: Strong
    Turnbuckle Climbing: Climbing
    Jumping Distance: Short
    Specific Weapon: Random
    -Offensive Strength-
    Head: 3
    Body: 4
    Arms: 3
    Legs: 2
    Flying: 3
    -Defensive Strength-
    Head: 3
    Body: 4
    Arms: 2
    Legs: 2
    Flying: 2
    | undertaker rivals/allies |
    Rival 1: Triple H (50%)
    Rival 2: The Rock (30%)
    Rival 3: Kane (20%)
    Accompanied By: None
    | undertaker moves |
    -Front Weak Grapple-
    A :: Head Butt 01
    Left/Right + A :: Club to Neck
    Up + A :: Head Butt 02
    Down + A :: Scoop Slam
    B :: Arm Wrench/Elbow Smash
    L/R + B :: Arm Wrench with Hook Kick (FAVORITE)
    Up + B :: Suplex
    Down + B :: Russian Leg Sweep
    -Front Strong Grapple-
    A :: Shoulder Thrusts
    Left/Right + A :: Body Press Drop
    Up + A :: Rope Drop Clothesline
    Down + A :: Choke Takedown
    B :: DDT 01
    L/R + B :: Standing Clothesline
    Up + B :: Chokeslam from Hell (FAVORITE)
    Down + B :: Snap Powerbomb 02
    Control Stick :: Last Ride (FAVORITE)
    -Back Weak Grapple-
    A :: Falling Back Drop
    D-Pad + A :: Falling Back Drop
    B :: Forearm Smash
    D-Pad + B :: Forearm Smash
    -Back Strong Grapple-
    A :: Abdominal Stretch
    D-Pad + A :: Abdominal Stretch
    B :: Shin Breaker 01
    D-Pad + B :: Shin Breaker 01
    Control Stick :: Reverse DDT 02
    Back Weak Grapple Counter :: Counter Elbow Strike
    Back Strong Grapple Counter :: Counter Russian Leg Sweep
    | STANDING |
    -Weak Striking-
    B (Arm) :: Elbow Strike
    D-Pad + B (Arm) :: Body Punch
    B (Leg) :: Front Kick 01
    D-Pad + B (Leg) :: Front Kick 05
    -Strong Striking-
    B :: Cheap Shot to Throat
    D-Pad + B :: Undertaker Punch (FAVORITE)
    A + B :: Big Boot
    -Recovering Attack-
    Ducking Attack :: Low Blow
    -Counter Attack-
    Counter Punch :: Undertaker Punch
    Special Counter Punch :: Last Ride
    Counter Kick [A] :: Manhattan Drop Counter
    Counter Kick [B] :: Elbow Crush Counter
    Special Counter Kick :: Reverse DDT 02
    -Walking Moves-
    Walking Moves :: Generic 01
    | RUNNING |
    -Running Attack-
    Down-C + B :: Shoulder Block
    Down-C + A + B :: Back Elbow Smach 01
    D-Pad + Down-C + B :: Yakuza Kick 01
    D-Pad + Down-c + A + B :: Flying Lariat (FAVORITE)
    -Running Grapple-
    Down-C + A (Front) :: Running DDT 01 (FAVORITE)
    Down-C + A (Back) :: Bulldog
    -Running Ground Attack-
    Facing Up :: Elbow Drop 01
    Facing Down :: Stomp
    Sitting Up :: Stomp
    Sitting Down :: Stomp
    Evasion :: Roll
    | GROUND |
    -Upper Body Submission-
    Facing Up :: Choke Hold
    Facing Down :: Sitting Reverse Armbar
    Sitting Up :: Sleeper Hold
    Sitting Down :: Camel Clutch
    Facing Up (Special) :: Undertaker's Pin
    Facing Down (Special) :: None
    -Lower Body Submission-
    Facing Up :: Side Leg Lock
    Facing Down :: Single Crab
    Facing Up (Special) :: None
    Facing Down (Special) :: None
    -Ground Attack-
    Facing Up :: Elbow Drop 03
    Facing Down :: Leg Drop
    Sitting Up :: Double Axe Handle
    Sitting Down :: Knee Drop 03
    -Turnbuckle Attack-
    B :: Body Punch
    D-Pad + B :: Downward Elbow Strike (FAVORITE)
    Down-C + B :: Jumping Body Splash (FAVORITE)
    Down-C + A + B :: Clothesline R 01
    -Corner Counter-
    Irish whip to Corner Counter :: Boot to Face
    -Tree of woe Attack-
    B :: Front Kick 05
    D-Pad + B :: Front Kick 05
    Down-C + B :: Shoulder Block
    -Front Turnbuckle Grapple-
    A (Weak) :: Eye Rake on Ropes
    B (Weak) :: Knee Strikes
    A (Strong) :: Foot Choke
    B (Strong) :: Walk on The Rope (FAVORITE)
    Control Stick :: Walk on The Rope (FAVORITE)
    -Back Turnbuckle Grapple-
    A (Weak) :: Forearm Smash
    B (Weak) :: Forearm Smash
    A (Strong) :: Super Back Drop
    B (Strong) :: Super Back Drop
    Control Stick :: Super Back Drop
    -Counter Grapple-
    Front Counter :: Throw
    Back Counter :: Super Back Drop
    -Flying Attack-
    Standing Opponent :: Flying Clothesline (FAVORITE)
    Standing Opponent to outside :: Double Axe Handle
    Standing Opponent (Special) :: None
    Laying Opponent :: Knee Drop
    Laying Opponent to outside :: Back Elbow Drop
    Laying Opponent (Special) :: None
    -Turnbuckle Inside Attack-
    Turnbuckle Inside Attack :: None
    -Turnbuckle Taunt-
    Corner Taunt :: Taunt 009
    Turnbuckle Taunt :: Taunt 001
    | RINGSIDE |
    -Grapple to apron-
    Weak Grapple :: Club to Chest
    Strong Grapple :: Suplex to Inside
    Special Grapple :: None
    Counter Grapple :: Suplex Reversal to Inside
    -Rope Inside Attack-
    Rope Inside Attack :: None
    -Flying Attack to outside-
    A :: None
    Down-C + A :: Baseball Slide
    Down-C + D-Pad + A :: Diving Body Press (FAVORITE)
    -Running Diving Taunt-
    Control Stick :: None
    -Rebound Flying Attack-
    A :: None
    | APRON |
    -Apron Attack-
    To Inside :: Middle Kick
    To Outside :: Strong Kick
    -Grapple from apron-
    Grapple (Weak) :: Guillotine
    Grapple (Strong) :: Guillotine Drop (FAVORITE)
    Grapple (Special) :: Chokeslam to Outside
    Counter Grapple :: Suplex Reverse
    -Flying Attack from apron-
    A :: Dropping Elbow
    Down-C + A :: None
    -Flying Attack to ring-
    Standing Opponent :: None
    Laying Opponent :: None
    Standing Opponent (Special) :: None
    -Apron Taunt-
    Taunt :: Taunt 001
    | IRISH WHIP |
    -Irish whip Attack-
    B :: Back Elbow
    -Irish whip Grapple-
    Tap A (Weak) :: Monkey Toss
    Hold A (Weak) :: Back Toss 01
    Tap A (Strong) :: Double Handed Choke Lift
    Hold A (Strong) :: Powerslam 01
    Control Stick (Strong) :: Last Ride
    | TAUNT |
    Up + Control Stick :: Undertaker 01 (FAVORITE)
    Left + Control Stick :: Undertaker 01
    Right + Control Stick :: Undertaker 01
    -Special Taunt-
    Control Stick :: Undertaker 02
    -Ducking Taunt-
    Control Stick :: Undertaker
    -Celebration Taunt-
    Celebration :: Undertaker 02
    -Entry Way Taunt-
    Taunt :: None
    -Double Team Grapple-
    Front Grapple :: Double Suplex
    Back Grapple :: Double Atomic Drop
    Sandwich Grapple :: Double Piledriver
    Irish whip Grapple :: Double Arm Drag
    -Double Team Attack-
    Double Team Attack :: Doomsday Device
    Attack to outside :: Doomsday Device
    Attack to ring :: None
    Counter Attack :: Punching Reversal
    | closing statements & legal crap |
    This was an original work by KKorn34713. Please do not use this on your 
    website/FAQ 		unless you ask me. If you ask me, and give full credit, and 
    don't alter this document in 	any way, I'll be happy to allow you to use it. 
    The latest version of this FAQ can be 		found at GameFAQs.com. Send any 
    comments, suggestions, or corrections to me at 			KKorn34713@hotmail.com. If 
    you want to use the format for your own Character Guides,
    please give proper credit. Thanks.

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