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"This Game Is Not Enough!!"

I have been looking forward to this game for a few months now even though I have not beaten PD on perfect agent yet.
from the screen shots and reading early stage development, previews and reviews etc. I though the game would be much better how some were comparing it to GE and PD.
Dont get me wrong The world is not enough is overal a good game it keeps you wanting to go further and further as any good game. I dont believe this is as good as PD, but it is quite good. Between Goldeneye and TWINE I cant make the call to witch is the better game, thats for you to figure out.(I had more fun beating GE&PD compared to beating TWINE on agent in a few days)
Anyway GE owners will definitly love this game!! it is very similar in appearence.

Game Play:(7/10)The Single player missions look very similar to goldeneye way bigger levels and just brightened up a bit with a little more detail. There are 007 Award times cheats to open up stuff in multi player etc.
You cant always tell when your getting hit and if you are just about to beat a level and get shot from behind and die it realy pisses you off especialy in multi player because you cant always tell you have been hit.

Graphics: (8/10) The graphics are good the screen is not as crisp or as smooth at all in my opinion cmpared to PD(single player) its more like goldeneye in my opinion. The levels are very detailed and bring you out side, a lot compared to PD for those nature lovers. Every thing looks very now, and kind of european ex. the movie. In mid night departure (forest with the air control) base the frame rate ''SUCKS'' out side far worse then PD with 4 players 8 sims and proxy mines. It can be worse or better just run around shooting guys across the field by the run way you will know what I am talking about.

Sound: (7/10) There is no 007 music in this game I am aware of. The guns sound great it is missing bond music, although makes up for it with some fairly good music. I have never realy noticed it unless I stop to listen hardly ever.

Control: (8/10) Same as GE n PD but c up is jump Ilike a justing my screen with c up down. The jumping makes bon more versitile so it is a plus whe you get used to it.

Replay: The multi player was not great at first for me but its cool now it has smooth frame rate.(I have only played 2 players 2 bots ) you dont get the options of PD but is still fun. I still mainly play pd multiplayer **more fun**.
On TWINE opponents dont react to gun fire they just keep standing there shooting you, it seems retarded. Plus time cheats unlock multiplayer stuff.

Overall: (7.5) Good game you will enjoy it rent it first save to a controller pack then make your mind up and buy it.
NOTE: Not as good as Perfect Dark but still a a good game.
I think over 3 years since GE there should have been more time to inhance the game furthur but oh-well congrats EA.

If you dont own PD get it, it is better in my opinion.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/31/00, Updated 10/31/00

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