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    Gold Medal Guide by GStecker

    Updated: 08/01/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Star Wars Episode 1: Battle for Naboo Gold/Platinum Medal Strategy Guide
    By: Greg Stecker (Steckman17@aol.com)
    Date: 7/23-8/1/01
    From the creator of the Star Wars Rogue Squadron Gold Medal Guide (me) comes 
    the Star Wars Episode 1: Battle for Naboo Gold/Platinum Medal Strategy Guide. 
    Battle for Naboo is a fun game, but can get frustrating. I will try and make 
    this as simple as I can for my readers to follow and use. These are the 
    strategies I used to get all 18 gold medals in BFN, and they should help you 
    too, plus a few helpful tips to enhance your chances. Also, I have strategies 
    for the Platinums I have attained. 
    Table of Contents
    (1) Update History
    (2) Bonuses
    (3) Ships and Tactics
    (4) Gold Strategies
    (5) Platinum Strategies
    (6) Acknowledgements
    (7) Contacting Me
    (8) Legal Info
    (1)	Update History
    8/21/01-Version 1.1
    Got plats on Search for Captain Kael and Battle for Naboo, and put in 
    walkthroughs. Added walkthroughs to Naboo Bayou and Disruption of Comm 4. I 
    decided to make this a guide for both Gold and Platinum medals. 
    8/1/01- Version 1.0
    First draft. All Gold Strategies written and Platinum section contains tips. 
    Bonuses, Tips, Acknowledgements, Legal Info, Contacting Me sections up as 
    (2)	Bonuses
    Once again, bonuses play a key role in this quest. I can't stress that 
    enough. Having the bonuses can cut down your time tremendously, and keep you 
    alive. Keep in mind you must beat the level to get the bonus. Here are the 
    bonus locations:
    Advanced Shields
    -Truly important to your quest is this upgrade, and even just to beat the 
    game. It comes on the first level, Escape from Theed. After rescuing Captain 
    Kael for the first time, follow him until he starts get bombarded by more 
    Droidekas. It will be down a straightaway that you intersect into. Kael goes 
    left. If you want the bonus, take a right, destroy the AAT guarding the way, 
    enter the small room, and pick up the bonus. 
    Advanced Bombs
    -These aren't very important, but they do give the Naboo Bomber more of a 
    punch; same goes for the Gunboat. These are found in Glacial Grave. When you 
    and your wingmen are about to go into the last section of the level, you need 
    to take a detour. When you reach the dome building on the bank of the river 
    that is surrounded by three turrets and two gunboats, turn around and enter 
    the passage of the canyon on the left. Eventually you'll come upon two laser 
    turrets. Go between where they lie, where you'll see another dome building. 
    Destroy the turrets, then the building, and grab the bonus.
    Rapid-fire Blasters
    -You get these in the Sanctuary. When you near the end of the level, there is 
    a small dip in the top of the canyon on the right opposite the entrance to 
    the sanctuary. The passage will be green. Enter, follow the passage, and 
    emerge into a field where there is a mountain in the center. On the far side 
    of this clearing is our bonus, bouncing at the end of one of the runways. 
    Advanced Blasters
    -Another insanely important upgrade in your quest. Pick these up on 
    Liberation of Camp 4. When you are at the end of the level (right after you 
    go down the big slope), enter the prison on the left (the one which has the 
    generators for the exit). Go up to the generator and destroy it. On the level 
    with the generator, there is another slope behind it, by the canyon wall. Go 
    up it, and go to the left. Go into the passage, and follow it to the bonus. 
    Just backtrack to get down.
    Advanced Missiles
    -These are quite important to get, and pretty simple. On Smuggler Alliance, 
    protect the guy's house at the beginning, and you'll see him get into his 
    speeder. Destroy the two droids which will come down to bother him, and then 
    just follow him to the bonus.
    Homing Torpedoes
    -These are actually the least important of all upgrades for gold, but 
    insanely useful for silver. You get them on Borvo the Hutt. When Kohl leaves 
    after showing you the way to Borvo, Go to the right of the entrance, over a 
    small stretch of land. You will see two water-mounted turrets. Destroy them, 
    turn left, and go straight. You will see some islands come into view. You 
    only care about the first one on the right. Approach it from where you are 
    coming in, fly into the pen, grab the bonus, and get out through the fence's 
    opening. Otherwise, you'll take damage.
    Seeker Cluster Torpedoes
    -By far the most important upgrade you will find, and you need to get a 
    silver on the first 16 missions to get them. They are located on Coruscant 
    Encounter. From where you start, dive down, take a left and then another left 
    around the column, and enter the opening. The bonus is in an alcove on the 
    upper left when you come in.
                                   (3) Ships and Tactics
    There are, in total, seven different ships in Battle for Naboo which you will 
    have to become good with to beat the levels. However, for Golds, you will 
    rarely use the Police Cruiser or the Naboo Bomber, at least not with my 
    strategies, and the Heavy STAP and Flash Speeder will be used sparingly. I 
    will divide this section into different ships which you will use, and then 
    how to take out each enemy. Here are the different kinds of enemies you will 
    face often:
    Droid Starfighters/Bombers
    -These will pop up on just about every level. They are not very difficult to 
    shoot down, and have rather large bodies which move slow.
    Battle Droids
    -Also known as "accuracy killers", these guys will totally destroy your 
    accuracy if you don't know how to get them. See the "Miscellaneous Tactics" 
    below for tips.
    Destroyer Droids (Droidekas)
    -Small droids with built-in shield generators. Very dangerous, unless they're 
    -Even more annoying than battle droids, these actually move, juke, and 
    destroy things. And running into them does hurt you. See "Miscellaneous 
    Tactics" below.
    Turrets and Missile Launchers
    -Stationary targets, but very deadly. These guys will pretty much always be a 
    nuisance to you, not the mission. They are also stronger than the ones in 
    Rogue Squadron.
    -Very weak stationary targets, but if you get too close, you will pay dearly. 
    Take special care against these.
    AAT Battle Tanks
    -These are the strongest enemies you will face regularly. They are slow-
    moving, and always seem to be facing in your direction.
    MMTs (Battle Droid Transports)
    -Stronger than the AAT, but only found on two levels. 
    Trade Federation Gunboats
    -About as strong as AATs, depending on what ship you use to blast them. They 
    have varying speeds depending on the level, and will not use their 
    projectiles on you.
    Shield Generator
    -Weak, unarmed, white cylinders. Used on some levels to generate shields.
    Well, those are the major ones, and I will show you how to take them out when 
    you come across them below. Note that I will base these on my strategies:
    Ground vehicles
    Flash Speeder: A fast, agile speeder. It is fairly strong, and pretty well     
    armed, sporting a quick-firing blaster, and a stock of 6 missiles.
    Droid Fighters/Bombers
    -Will not see
    Battle Droids
    -Use the auto-aim tip below.
    Destroyer Droids
    -Will not see
    -Use the auto-aim tip below.
    -Will not see
    Missile Launchers
    -Will not see
    -Will not see
    -If they are straight ahead of you, fire two missiles at them quickly and 
    also fire your blaster. If behind, use solely your blaster, unless near the 
    end of the level.
    -Will not see
    Trade Federation Gunboats
    -Will not see
    Shield Generator
    -Will not see
    Heavy STAP: About as strong as the Flash Speeder. Carries two extra missiles. 
    Better maneuverability.
    Droid Fighters/ Bombers
    -Will not see
    Battle Droids
    -Will not see
    Destroyer Droids
    -Will not see
    -Use the auto-aim tip below.
    -Will not see
    Missile Launchers
    -Will not see
    -Will not see
    -If they are straight ahead of you, fire two missiles at them quickly and 
    also fire your blaster. If behind, use solely your blaster, unless near the 
    end of the level.
    -Will not see
    Trade Federation Gunboats
    -Will not see
    Shield Generator
    -Will not see
    Gian Speeder: Here it is, your best friend on the ground. This will usually 
    be the recommended ship. It sports twin blaster cannons and as a secondary 
    weapon, a heavy laser cannon capable of being charged up to pack a powerful 
    Droid Fighters/Bombers
    -Simply aim up near them, and the lasers will automatically lock onto the 
    fighter and shoot it. Use your primary blasters.
    Battle Droids
    -Use the auto-aim tip below.
    Destroyer Droids
    -Never let up on them. Fire with both your primary and secondary lasers. They 
    are vulnerable when they go into a roll, for their shield goes down. Try and 
    nail them when the begin or end their roll.
    -Use the auto-aim tip below.
    -You will only see two types of turrets. Those on Search for Captain Kael, 
    and those on Liberation of Camp 4. Just stand still and fire away at them 
    with both blasters, if desired. Your primary ones or a nice charged up 
    blaster will do just fine.
    Missile Launchers
    -Thank the good Lord you don't have to mess with any of these in a ground 
    vehicle. You will not see any of these.
    -Will not see
    -One well-placed charged-up laser will spell the end for these bad boys. Know 
    where they are, and ready your blaster accordingly.
    -Will not see
    Trade Federation Gunboats
    -Will not see
    Shield Generator
    -One or two shots from your twin blasters will take care of these 
    Air Vehicles
    Naboo Starfighter: I will not even discuss the Police Cruiser and Naboo 
    Bomber, as they are useless when you can use a Naboo Starfighter to get 
    things done otherwise. It's got great laser cannons and a stock of 10 cluster 
    torpedoes. This is why the air missions make the easiest golds.
    Droid Fighters/Bombers
    -Get behind these and let loose. 2-4 shots should be enough. Head-to-heads 
    work nicely too, but your craft likes the former method. If you see more than 
    one close together, launch a cluster. Try and avoid firing at one from the 
    side. It is bad for your accuracy.
    Battle Droids
    -See the auto-aim tip below.
    Destroyer Droids
    -Will not see
    -See the auto-aim tip below. Also note that your torpedoes can lock onto 
    -Simply target them and fire 4-6 shots at them. The turrets on Battle for 
    Naboo aren't worth fighting.
    Missile Launchers
    -Use the same tactic used on these as in Rogue Squadron. Fire at the launch 
    tubes to destroy any missiles and also to get in a few shots. These take 8-10 
    shots each. 
    -Stay back and fire at them. Sometimes, it will cause a chain reaction, but 
    not always. Your wingmen will usually deal with these. Beware Space Mines, 
    for they are equipped with lasers.
    -You will usually see a flock of these from the air. Launch one cluster, and 
    then after they connect, launch another. If you see less than 3, take them 
    out with blasters. Use the auto-aim tip below.
    -Just unload into them with your blasters, and launch a cluster into them. 
    They can't fire behind them, so you should be safe back there. Watch out for 
    the turrets covering them on the Queen's Gambit.
    Trade Federation Gunboats
    -Use the auto-aim tip below. Also, try and be close when you engage them.
    Shield Generator
    -Just get a clear shot and fire 3 shots. 
    Water Vehicles
    Trade Federation Gunboat: Ugh, I hate this ship. It's only used on three 
    levels, and two of those it's completely worthless. The projectiles are 
    difficult to use and the blasters can get wild at times. It is well-armored, 
    though, and can turn on a dime.
    Droid Fighters/ Bombers
    -These can be handled in much the same way as you would with the Gian 
    Speeder. Aim up and fire. But really, you only see these on the Andrevea 
    River, and it's a waste of time to destroy them.
    Battle Droids
    -Will not see
    Destroyer Droids
    -Will not see
    -Will not see
    -These turrets that you will see take 4 shots. The auto-aim tip will work 
    well here in destroying them. Try to minimize the amount of shots you take 
    from these, though. Projectiles can be shot over mounds of earth to hit 
    Missile Launchers
    -You will see these, but they will not target you. Simply place 4 shots into 
    them to destroy them.
    -Know where these are. It takes two hits to take them out, or one projectile, 
    but you'd do better if you saved your projectiles for the turrets. They won't 
    fire on you, but they will come near you if you get too close. They will also 
    come out the back of gunboats.
    -You will see these in the first part of the Sanctuary, but if you try to 
    take them out with the gunboat, you will almost assuredly lose a transport. 
    Don't bother with them.
    -Will not see
    Trade Federation Gunboats
    -These are very difficult to destroy in the gunboat, but projectiles and some 
    well-placed laser shots will help tremendously. Watch out for the mines they 
    Shield Generator
    -Use a projectile on these. It saves time and health.
    Miscellaneous Tips
    -You've been hearing a lot about it above, now I'll tell you what it is. 
    Unlike in Rogue Squadron, the game will sort of help your shots find their 
    targets. This works mainly on ground based targets, such as battle droids, 
    STAPs, turrets, and the like. What you do is move your ship around until 
    you're facing one of these ground targets. Get the targeting reticule as 
    close to the target as you can, and then release the control stick. The shots 
    will actually be shot at an angle to hit a target. The farther you are, the 
    better. This is especially useful when you have to mow down all those battle 
    droids on Trade Federation Secrets. 
    Gunboats and AATs
    -The auto-aim works on these vehicles, as well, but is only effective up 
    close. If you shoot from far away, the shots will fire into the ground or 
    water just underneath the near side of the vehicle 99% of the time, killing 
    your accuracy. Try and get close to the vehicle; the closer the better.
    Cluster Torpedoes and Clusters of Enemies
    -You fire 6 torpedoes with each cluster torpedo. This means you can get a 
    maximum of six enemies per cluster. Therefore, you do not want to waste a 
    cluster on one enemy. Try and use them on flights of droid starfighters, or 
    on difficult to hit targets such as STAPs. As long as there are more than one 
    enemy in your view, the cluster should go after multiple targets. 
    Clusters and Proximity
    -If you're too far away from a target, the clusters will do nothing, just 
    disperse, fly into a canyon wall, and screw you over. Try and get as close as 
    possible to an enemy, while also having multiple enemies in your field of 
    vision. Beware though, if you're too close to an enemy, the torps will all go 
    for that one. Be about 50-200 yards away before firing.
    Enemy Safety Zones
    -All enemies except turrets and missile launchers have a safety zone for you 
    to get into. If you're behind, to the side or, or above and behind or to the 
    side of an enemy, it can't hit you. Remember this, it WILL save your life, 
    and you can't spare any in this game, save for two levels.
    Accuracy Increasers
    -Yes, the only friends you have to up your accuracy are back, and easier to 
    spot than before. Indestructible buildings, landing pads, fences, and other 
    structures such as this are all accuracy increasers. Actually, anything that 
    does more than spark when you hit it is an accuracy increaser.
    Pace Yourself
    -For some of these missions, you have quite a generous amount of time. Use 
    it. You don't get any candy for finishing in half the required time. You need 
    that time to rack up some of the insane kill counts and keep yourself alive.
    Hard Turns
    -Here's a little time saver. Use the hard turn button (R) to turn quicker. It 
    really does come in handy.
    Challenge the Inevitable
    -When you're in the flashing red zone, don't fret. I had to get a few of my 
    golds while I was flashing red. If you constantly juke and jink and make 
    sharp turns every few seconds, you will be able to live through this 
    frightening time. And just look toward the goal. If you panic and run, it may 
    cost you your life as well as the gold. This is prevalent in the Andrevea 
    River and The Queen's Gambit golds, as well as a few others.
                                     (4) Gold Strategies
    I.	Escape from Theed
       Gold Requirements:
    Time              2:15
    Enemies           41
    Accuracy          63%
    Saves             7
    Bonus             Yes
    Lives             3
    Recommended Ship: Gian Speeder
    -On this mission, the time limit seems a bit tight. Don't sweat it, though, 
    as this is really a pretty easy gold to get. You want the Gian Speeder for 
    this mission because of that Heavy Laser (the reason it is the ship of choice 
    for almost every ground-based mission). You will need to be quick and 
    accurate when going for this gold.
    -When you start, you will be facing three battle droids, and one says, "You 
    are under arrest." Right. Don't even bother firing here. Just plow through 
    these nitwits. Don't move the joystick at all. When you start, you are at the 
    perfect angle to take them all out. Around the corner, you will see two 
    droids against a wall. Pick them off. Keep on going, plowing through droids, 
    until you come upon Kael's position. Immediately take out the destroyer droid 
    rolling on the far sight of the plaza with your heavy laser. Turn, take out 
    the one attacking Kael, then the other one in the area, all with the Heavy 
    Laser. When these three are gone, another will roll out of it's cage and 
    start firing on Kael. Take him out as quick as possible.
    When that's all done, exit the plaza, while charging up your laser. In the 
    next area, there will be two droidekas. Unleash your charged-up laser on the 
    one that rolls in front of you, then speed past the other one. Plow the 
    droids past the archway, then take out the three battle droids near the 
    bushes. Take care not to hit the bushes though, there are civilians there, 
    and all of them must live for the gold. Turn left at the bushes, take out the 
    droideka, then charge up your laser again, turn right at the corner, and 
    unleash it on the AAT under the archway. Go past it and pick up the bonus. 
    Get back to Kael as soon as possible, and take out his newfound friends. 
    Proceed ahead, taking out the three droids to the right of your next turn.
    This is very important right here! You will get an extra four kills and save 
    TONS of health! Do not go all the way around the corner. There is an archway 
    just before the turn with three battle droids in it. Go in here, plow the 
    droids, and then the other two behind them, and emerge on the other side. If 
    you didn't go through here, you'd come face to face with a lone AAT, which is 
    not what you would want. Proceed past the turn, nailing the droids far away 
    down the street, turn to your right, nailing these two with your twin 
    blasters, and then go forward. Now you will come upon two more groups of 
    battle droids. One of four, and one of five. Simply plow through them. 
    When you get to the end, mop up the droid on the right, then the one in the 
    center which starts rolling, and then the one on the left. Look under the 
    arch and, with one charged-up laser blast, destroy the AAT trying to enter 
    under the archway. Let Kael talk, and the level is over.
    -When you can, plow through battle droids. It takes off no health and helps 
    your accuracy rating. 
    -Take special care to avoid the lone AAT mentioned above. Doing so will help 
    you out with the time, enemies, accuracy, and lives remaining requirements. 
    -Sorry, no accuracy increasers on this level. Not that you'd have any time or 
    need for them, anyways. 
    II.	Nemoidian Plunder
      Gold Requirements:
    Time              5:00
    Enemies           32
    Accuracy          48%
    Saves             46
    Bonus             No
    Lives             3
    Recommended Ship: Heavy STAP
    -So, you've gone through this level a million times, and still can't get that 
    time limit. Well, I'll fix that. This gold is so unbelievable easy, that is 
    if you do two things: (1) use the auto-aim like an expert, and (2) use the 
    huge time saving trick I will tell you below.
    -When you start, follow the two STAPs into the valley and destroy them, then 
    take out the other two that come in. Go over the hill to the left of where 
    you came in, toward the three red dots on your radar, and take them out. Nail 
    the STAPs firing on the houses and any others that you see, and get the one 
    off Kael's tail. Let him go ahead of you around the turn. Three STAPs will 
    bust out after him. Take them out. Around the next turn, the same will 
    happen. Take them out again. When you are away from the villages, just before 
    the cutscene breaks in, go over the hill to your left which leads to the next 
    objective. After the cutscene, take out the three STAPs shooting the houses, 
    and then go around, pegging other STAPs that you see.
    When the cutscene breaks in, Kael tells you to follow him. Here's the big 
    time-saver. From where you saved the houses, head toward the river, and turn 
    right. This will bring you toward the bridge. When Kael says, "Keep your eyes 
    open and your head up, Lieutenant. Watch my back and provide cover." 
    Immediately engage the AAT by launching two missiles and a flurry of laser 
    blasts, and then go onto the bridge. Shoot the floor of the bridge a few 
    times to up your accuracy. Pick off the two battle droids across the bridge, 
    and then demolish the AAT just beyond them. Take out the AAT near the hangar 
    if you wish, and then enter.
    Hop into the cockpit of your Naboo Starfighter, and turn right upon exiting. 
    In the distance, on a hill, you will see two STAPs. When close enough, launch 
    a cluster to destroy them. A little farther away to the right and closer to 
    the swamp, there are two more. Launch a cluster at these as well. Now, fly 
    into the swamp to complete the mission.
    -Auto-aim plays a huge role here. It will allow you to take out droids 
    quicker and more accurately, and will net you a few extra friendlies.
    -Use the time saver; without it, this gold is much more difficult.
    -Use the bridge as an accuracy increaser. When you get on it, simply look 
    down and fire away.
    III.	Naboo Bayou
      Gold Requirements:
    Time              4:15
    Enemies           19
    Accuracy          30%
    Saves             7
    Bonus             No
    Lives             3
    Recommended Ship: Naboo Starfighter
    -This gold is perhaps the easiest in the game. It basically consists of 
    destroying all the enemies in the level in 4:15, which makes me want to laugh 
    hysterically itself. Once you take out the gunboats, you can put away your 
    lasers and arm your clusters, and then it's all downhill from there.
    -You start out in an inlet with three gunboats attacking yachts. Take them 
    out, in any order, making sure your close enough to where your shots hit 
    their hull and not the water. Once they're gone, two droid fighters will come 
    in from a canyon on the right. Wait till they're both out, get behind the 
    second one, and launch a cluster. Leave the inlet and follow the stream. Go 
    straight until you see a group of 4 fighters. Launch a cluster to dispose of 
    them. Fly around until Kael moves on, hanging behind him to take out the two 
    droid fighters that come from the right at the turn. Take them out with a 
    cluster, and then the other two that come on this straightaway. From here, go 
    save Dellis, and the mission ends.
    -Only use lasers on the gunboats. The droid fighters are harder to hit with 
    them, and clusters will really help your accuracy.
    -If you want the Platinum, do everything I told you to do above, except 
    faster, and get two extra kills. The other two are: (1) another gunboat in a 
    small inlet near Dellis, and (2) when the second wave of droid fighters comes 
    to attack Kael, the back one actually shoots down the front one. If you get 
    this kill, that makes 21.
    IV.	Smuggler Alliance
      Gold Requirements:
    Time              6:30
    Enemies           31
    Accuracy          37%
    Saves             7
    Bonus             Yes
    Lives             3
    Recommended Ship: Flash Speeder
    -Yes, that's right folks, you're gonna be using the Flash Speeder to get this 
    gold. The Gian Speeder is a bulky ship and hard to maneuver, and you're going 
    to need a lot of maneuvering to get this gold. Also, every time you miss with 
    the Gian, that's double the accuracy points lost as opposed to the Flash 
    Speeder, since it has dual-linked lasers. Let me get one thing out of the 
    way. I hate this level! This was my last gold before the Dark Side, and it is 
    a wicked gold at that. Those STAPs will rip you apart and bring your shields 
    down to a color as red as Darth Maul's lightsaber in a hurry. Survival is the 
    key here. 
    -When you start, take out the battle droids as fast as you can. While the 
    grateful civilian is getting in his speeder, take out the two STAPs coming 
    down the hill behind the house. Nail them from the side; if you come head on, 
    you will most certainly lose health. Once they're gone, leave the civilian 
    behind and go over to where you get the bonus. He'll catch up. When you get 
    there, unload your blasters into the fence around the shed. When he comes, 
    get in there, grab the bonus, and head toward the cone on your radar.
    This part is very important to your gold. You will rack up most of your kills 
    here. Go up over the hill, and then cut the corner by going over another hill 
    to avoid the STAPs. When they've all passed, come in behind them and take 
    them out. Follow them, pegging as many as you can from behind, and then you 
    will get involved in quite a skirmish around one of the civilian's houses. 
    Take down as many as you can, and then after they're all gone, head toward 
    where you meet up with Borvo's ship.
    Take out the tank firing at him. For the remainder of the level, you're going 
    to want to stick to the edges and hillsides, avoiding the main road at all 
    costs. You've probably racked up enough STAPs, and so you can let them all go 
    by. From the first tank, turn right, and take out the next two. On the 
    bridge, things get sticky. There's nowhere to hide from the onrush of STAPs, 
    so you're going to need to juke and jink from side to side using the hard 
    turn button, all while firing at the STAPs. After the bridge, you will see 
    two more AATs. Suppress the urge to go after the stationary one. The one that 
    is moving into position will hurt you badly. Instead, go to the right edge, 
    and wait until it begins to turn into its station. Take it out and the one 
    just beyond it. Go around the turn, and stay near the canyon wall. Try to 
    dodge the oncoming AAT's shots, and then, when it's in place, take it out and 
    the one next to it. Continue ahead, on the edge. When you see a bridge in the 
    distance, go to the canyon wall. Hug it around the corner, and you'll see an 
    AAT coming in. Get behind it and follow it to its stop, blowing it away 
    before it gets there. Nail the one next to the bridge and continue onward. 
    The final AAT will be on the bridge. Simple get on the bridge, brake, target 
    the tank, and let loose with lasers. When it's destroyed, aim down, begin 
    firing at the bridge, and speed on ahead until the cutscene kicks in.
    -There are 10 AATs. That means you will need to net 21 STAP kills for the 
    gold. You can rack up 8 of these at the beginning, and many more when trying 
    to defend the other civilians, the ones Kael tells you not to protect. If you 
    do not feel you got enough kills in these first two combined, you can go for 
    a couple of STAP kills when you think it's safe and easy.
    -The fence surrounding the bonus makes for a very good accuracy increaser, as 
    does the bridge at the end of the level.
    -Stay off the dirt path when protecting Borvo. I can't stress that enough. 
    There will be about 50-60 STAPs roaming this road, trying to destroy you. The 
    farther from the road, the better.
    V.	The Hutt's Retreat
      Gold Requirements:
    Time              5:45
    Enemies           28
    Accuracy          40%
    Saves             14
    Bonus             No
    Lives             3
    Recommended Ship: Flash Speeder
    -After that last gold, things start to lighten up on the next few levels. The 
    time limit in this stage is quite bloated, and the enemies requirement gives 
    you a nice comfort zone. One thing about this level is that your wingmen's 
    kills don't add to your kill count, making every kill count. Don't let that 
    little bit of info bother you, I can easily get 35 kills every time I play.
    -Start on the ground in your Flash Speeder, and even before you gain control 
    of your ship, start firing. Try and mow down all the STAPs ahead of you. 
    Around the corner, Kael says you can get in a fighter if you wish. Thanks, 
    Kael. Hop into the cockpit of your Naboo Starfighter, and immediately try and 
    nail some of the STAPs below. Around the next turn, you will come upon some 
    droid fighters. I wouldn't worry about these guys. Kill them if you wish, but 
    they're not necessary. I would anyway, though. Take out the mines, and then 
    turn and knock out the wimpy little turret. 
    Up over the hill you go, and you come in to a nest of four droid fighters. Go 
    straight through the canyon, trying to take out the fighter coming at you. 
    Use lasers. When it's down or passed you, wait until the other three are in 
    your line of sight and launch a cluster at them. Turn right and take out a 
    few mines. Once they start firing at you, turn and knock out that droid that 
    got by you. Then go back and take out the mines. Past them, you will again 
    come upon four droid fighters. When you see the first two, one will be close 
    and the other far away. Launch a cluster toward the midpoint of them and 
    they'll both go down. Further into the canyon, you will see two more. Simply 
    cluster them and they're gone.
    Up over another hill you go, and see two blocks where turrets once stood. 
    Continue forward, and around the turn will be two AATs. Launch a cluster at 
    them to destroy them, and then go into the area just beyond them where 
    Borvo's ship lands and mop up the two in here. Look toward the canyon opening 
    and take out the two droid bombers as they come in. 
    After the cutscene, you will be in the base. First do a sweep of the turrets, 
    taking them out with lasers, and then Knock out the fighters with clusters 
    and lasers, and finally the AATs. Now, hop out of the cockpit of your Naboo 
    Starfighter, and then hop back into the cockpit of another Naboo Starfighter 
    20 feet away. Mission complete.
    -You have 10 clusters and a lot of baddies in this level. Use your clusters 
    on any AAT, and also on any group of droid fighters that numbers more than 
    one. Take down the turrets and mines with lasers.
    -All the easy targets such as turrets and mines cancel out the bad accuracy 
    used on the STAPs at the beginning. So, don't be afraid to let lose.
    VI.	Disruption of Comm 4
      Gold Requirements:
    Time              7:15
    Enemies           30
    Accuracy          65%
    Saves             4
    Bonus             No
    Lives             3
    Recommended Ship: Naboo Starfighter (only choice)
    -Whew, look at that, 30 kills! The Communications base will give you a max of 
    7 enemies, and the satellites 3. That means you need twenty more kills with 
    only a handful of clusters. Fortunately, you'll mainly be messing with mines, 
    which makes this a breeze. Just practice surviving.
    -I would immediately turn left at the beginning of the level, and head on 
    over to the first satellite. Take out as many mines as you can around it, 
    using a cluster if you see a lot in a small space, and then launch one 
    cluster at the satellite and then destroy it with lasers. Lather, rinse, 
    repeat for the next two satellite areas. Remember, there will be some droid 
    fighters as well. Use a cluster on them two if they're in a big group.
    When the satellites are all gone, head back to the communications base, and 
    there are two ways to deal with this, depending upon how many kills you think 
    you have gotten. If you think you've gotten enough, approach it from the top 
    and release all your clusters into it. If you are skeptical, come in from an 
    angle at the missile launchers and take out all three on one side, and then 
    do the same to the underside, using lasers for the launchers. Then, just take 
    aim at the fat part on top of the base, and unload all your clusters. Easy as 
    -I would say mines take precedent over fighters. The mines shoot at you, and 
    tractor to you if you get too close. Besides, they're easier targets, and 
    they are copious on this level. But don't be discouraged from taking out a 
    nice flight of droid fighters, especially if they're attacking your wingmen, 
    even though they're pretty much invincible. 
    -The missile turrets will really be a pain to you. Avoid them if you can. If 
    you need them as kills, don't take on all six at a time. Take on only the top 
    or bottom ones, and then the side you left standing afterwards.
    -There is an alternative way to get this gold, rather cheap if you ask me. 
    It'll make the difficulty drop from about a 6 to a -9. Here's what you do:
         -When you start, fire away at the shield until you get so close, you're 
    about to crash into it. Then, go towards the first slave satellite, and once 
    you see it, turn around and head back to the communications base. The shield 
    will magically be brought down. Approach it from the top, and launch your 
    stock of clusters into it. Each of your potshots counts as a kill, and since 
    you don't have to mess around with the satellites, the time and lives 
    remaining requirements are a joke. 
         -There you have it, the cheap method. I recommend not doing this until 
    you get the gold, as it is one of the cheapest things you can possibly do in 
    a game.
    VII.	Glacial Grave
      Gold Requirements:
    Time              8:00
    Enemies           63
    Accuracy          55%
    Saves             4
    Bonus             Yes
    Lives             3
    Recommended Ship: Naboo Starfighter
    -This gold is not very hard to get. Just take it easy and do whatever you 
    need to to beat it, and the gold becomes a sinch. Having good accuracy will 
    help you attain all of the requirements.
    -In the first part, take out every turret and missile launcher on the three 
    platforms, then the mines. You will begin to fly to the next area, and along 
    the way, you will see two platforms, destroy the turrets on both of them. 
    When you get to the target area, take out the first turret you see on the 
    platform, and then the one under it, then fly over and take out the missile 
    launcher. Destroy the three droid fighters which will come in, and then knock 
    out the other turrets.
    You will then fly to the next area. You can use your torpedoes on any droid 
    fighter groups you see. Along the way, you will come upon an area with two 
    turrets and a dome building, and some taller buildings behind them. Take out 
    the two turrets, and then follow your wingmen into the target area. Do your 
    best to knock out every mine, fighter, turret, and gunboat in here, leaving 
    the final turret as your final kill. When all the turrets are gone, your 
    wingmen will exit this area. When they do, take the first right.
    You will part from your wingmen for a little bit and go pick up the bonus. 
    Destroy the two laser turrets guarding the entrance with blasters, and then 
    enter, and once the missile turret comes into view, launch a cluster. The 
    missile launcher will not be destroyed, so take it out with lasers. Now, 
    destroy the dome building and grab the bonus. Go out the way you came, and 
    take a right when you reach the two turrets you destroyed just a second ago.
    Try and destroy the gunboat you see with lasers, and then go up to where the 
    turrets are. There are three surrounding a domed building. Take them out, and 
    then knock out the two gunboats that are next to each other with clusters. 
    Enter the final area, take out the first turret, then the missile launcher, 
    and finally the other turret, all with lasers. Take out the shield generator 
    as well. Don't enter the hanger yet! You still have some clusters, which will 
    serve you well. Go over to the gate, launch a cluster at the two turrets, 
    then fly over, and launch another cluster at the six mines there. Now, head 
    back to the hanger, using your torps on any baddies you come upon, and then 
    enter it. Now in the gunboat, destroy the gate and float on through. Mission 
    -Use your clusters wisely on this mission. Use them wherever I said to, and 
    for the rest, use your own discretion. Don't try them on the mines at the 
    beginning; you can easily take those out with your blasters. Avoid using them 
    on turrets, except the one in the bonus area. Gunboats and droid fighters are 
    the ones to go for with clusters.
    -If you forget to cluster the mines past the gate at the end, use the 
    gunboat's projectiles to take them out. Those are key kills.
    VIII.	Andrevea River
      Gold Requirements:
    Time              7:19
    Enemies           49
    Accuracy          50%
    Saves             0
    Bonus             No
    Lives             3
    Recommended Ship: Trade Federation Gunboat (only choice)
    -Ok, the cakewalk is over. Those last three golds were a joke. This is 
    probably the hardest gold in the game. There are very few tricks to this 
    gold, you just need to be quick, accurate, and good at surviving. Know this 
    level like the back of your hand, and where all the mines and guns are 
    -When you start, you will face some mines. Take them out. Ahead, there are 
    more mines, and then more ahead of those. See a pattern developing here? You 
    really need to use your radar here. In this first part of the level, the 
    radar is more important than at any other time in the whole game. You will 
    need to take out all the mines. Just stop, take aim, and fire twice. I will 
    tell you how to deal with the turrets in this part.
    When you see the 6th mine, stop against the right shore. You will hear the 
    turret. It is in the cove next to the cove you're next to. Launch a 
    projectile over to it to take it out. The next comes after the 10th. Stop just 
    before it comes into your view, right up against the left shore. Wait until 
    it stops firing, then go up to it and fire twice at it to destroy it. When 
    you destroy the 11th, turn left and take out the next two without moving. 
    You'll hear the third turret. Stop right at the end of earth to the right of 
    the 11th mine, turn toward the turret, and launch a projectile. It shouldn't 
    be able to hit you if you stopped in the right spot. The last turret is after 
    the 15th mine. Again, stop at the end of the earth (where you'll see smoke 
    flying up) on the left shore. You'll see the turret. Launch a projectile at 
    it. Move ahead until the cutscene starts. Ahead are six mines; destroy them. 
    Turn to the left, and take out the fifth turret. Just go forward, taking out 
    the final mine ahead. Don't destroy the bombers, or the base will be alerted. 
    Enter the base, and go to the left shore. Launch a projectile at the 
    generator and hopefully the turret will go down too. Head over to the other 
    generator, and shoot the turret with lasers and the generator afterward with 
    lasers. Take out any bad guys who are convenient along the way. 
    This next part is tricky. When you get out of this area, watch out for the 
    mine the gunboat dropped. You need to take this gunboat out. Watch out for 
    its mines, and try and be as accurate as possible. Take out the other one, 
    too. If you don't get them, the base is alerted, and this becomes a lot more 
    When you get into the base, take out the turret atop the entrance, and try 
    and be as evasive as you can in taking out the other turrets. Take out all 
    laser turrets and missile turrets. You need the kills.
    -Try and get to the second part without taking a hit. You need to be at least 
    at yellow when you reach the fourth part to have a shot at this.
    -Here is a huge tip to help you in the fourth part. If you have the time, go 
    up to each turret and missile launcher, and shoot it twice. When you get to 
    the last one, fire three times, and the base will come to life. It won't be 
    alerted until you destroy something. Now you can take out everything with a 
    single shot, allowing you to live longer.
    -Try and get about five extra kills in the second and fourth parts. And if 
    the gunboats' mines don't get you, but you destroy them, they count as kills. 
    That is very helpful.
    -In the first part, go quickly, but don't hurry. Know where everything is and 
    how to destroy them quickly.
    -May the force be with you.
    IX.	Sanctuary
      Gold Requirements:
    Time              7:30
    Enemies           30
    Accuracy          45%
    Saves             5
    Bonus             Yes
    Lives             3
    Recommended Ship: Trade Federation Gunboat (only choice)
    -Ok, back onto the cakewalk. From here on out, you should have very few 
    troubles, except for maybe Panaka's Diversion. This gold is really rather 
    simple to get, just be quick in taking out the tanks at the beginning, and 
    grab a few kills while going through the canyon. Try and use your clusters on 
    groups of droid fighters, although I know you've learned that by now.
    -I only put the gunboat as the vehicle of choice for this mission because you 
    select it from the hangar. As soon as you gain control of your vehicle, go 
    over to the right shore and lob three projectiles at the tunnel where the 
    AATs come out of. Feel free to take out the tank that stops right next to 
    you. Enter the hangar and get out the Naboo Starfighter. Clean up the last of 
    the AATs, and take out a few bombers. Now, there are three speeders coming 
    from the water, and your wingman counts as a fourth save. Where is the other 
    one? Well, it's in the city. Go into the city, and toward the left side there 
    will be a downed clock tower. Shoot it until it's destroyed, and two more 
    speeders should come out. Hopefully, you did right when the houseboats are 
    entering the hangar, otherwise these other two speeders will go way ahead or 
    lag behind. Either way, once the tower is destroyed, go into the canyon.
    Proceed ahead until you come upon a flight of droid fighters. Nail them with 
    one quick cluster shot. If you miss one, turn around and take it out, then go 
    forward again. When you see another flight of droid fighters, there should be 
    5 AATs on the ground. Take out the fighters, look at the AATs, launch a 
    cluster, wait until it hits, and then launch another to finish them off. 
    Another flight will try and come from the wall just to the left of the AATs. 
    Greet them with a nice cluster. 
    From here, proceed to the end, grab the bonus, and take out any fighters you 
    feel like messing with along the way. Once the speeders enter the ruins, the 
    mission ends.
    -Don't forget the speeders in the city. You need them to get the gold.
    -The biggest nuisance here is that kill count. You should be able to pick up 
    about 10 or 11 kills at the beginning, and then about 16 or 17 on the way to 
    the tanks. If you can, keep track of how many kills you have, so you know how 
    many to take out when you go towards the bonus. 
    -The gunboat is worthless. As soon as you destroy the tunnel, get the Naboo 
    Starfighter out of the hangar. If not, you can pretty much count on losing a 
    X.	Search for Captain Kael
      Gold Requirements:
    Time              5:30
    Enemies           23
    Accuracy          50%
    Bonus             No
    Lives             3
    Recommended Ship: Gian Speeder
    Again, this is a really simple gold. If you can keep yourself alive until you 
    destroy the tanks attacking the barn, you can the gold is basically yours.
    -Try and take out the STAP that crosses your path at the beginning. Veer off 
    the main road and get to the side. Take out the bomber coming overhead. 
    Continue following the arrow in your radar, taking out any STAPs you feel 
    like. You'll need to become a multi-tasker up at the bridge. Charge up your 
    Heavy Laser, and hold the accelerator (it's kind of an awkward way to hold 
    the controller). When you hit the bridge, unleash your laser on either tank 
    and speed past the other. On the other side, you will begin following another 
    AAT. While waiting for the ground to level out, charge up your laser, and 
    then unleash it when you get a good shot. Head over to where the tanks are 
    going to be and take out a few turrets on the way. It'll help you later. 
    Take out the three AATs, and the cutscene will start. Now the turrets will be 
    against you. Destroy all of them, and the house that you just saved. When you 
    need to, go under the arch in the center of the valley and just brake at one 
    of the walls. Now, while your shield is recharging, fire both your primary 
    and secondary weapons at the wall repeatedly. When the first transport comes 
    into the valley, exit this building and take it out with one nicely placed 
    charged-up laser. Shoot at any structure in the valley until the second come 
    in. Destroy it, and then head over the hill to take out the one in the 
    distance. When it's gone, two more red blips will appear on your radar beyond 
    where you took out the last transport. Look up, and you'll see two droid 
    bombers. Take them out, and follow the arrow in your radar.
    Until the end of the level, just take out all the AATs and droid bombers, and 
    any STAPs you want to. When the last of the AATs and bombers are gone, the 
    level ends.
    -The shield rejuvenator is your best friend here. It recharges your shields 
    completely, and serves as a nice accuracy increaser while you wait.
    -The more turrets you take out while they're on your side, the better off 
    you'll be when they turn against you. But, be sure you can protect that 
    building. It won't last more than about 8 seconds under the AATs' guns.
    XI.	Borvo the Hutt
      Gold Requirements:
    Time              5:30
    Enemies           35
    Accuracy          42%
    Saves             4
    Bonus             Yes
    Lives             3
    Recommended Ship: Naboo Starfighter
    -Ok, not much to talk about here. Basically, getting this gold will require 
    you to go through the level, but remembering to pick up the bonus and not 
    dying. You should have no trouble with this gold.
    -At the beginning, circle the area and take out the six turrets. Each of them 
    takes two hits. After they're gone, focus on Borvo's ships. You'll want to 
    use clusters on these, and as always, try and get them in groups. If you see 
    two far away, launch a cluster and they'll both go down. If you see two 
    crossing paths, cluster them. However, if you can't down two at a time, feel 
    free to use your lasers on them. You have plenty of time to place your shots 
    nicely. When they're all gone, go shoot one of the mines twice, and all but 
    one of the others will blow up. Destroy that one and go through.
    After the cutscene with Kohl, go forward and take out the missile launcher. 
    These guys take three shots. Now, go toward the right wall, fly low, and 
    stick to it, destroying any turrets you see in the water. Follow the wall 
    until Kohl leaves you. You'll be at an entrance to Portho Hill. Forget this 
    entrance. Keep sticking to the wall, fly over the tiny bed of earth, take out 
    the two turrets in the corner, and then turn. On the first island on the 
    right, you will see the bonus bouncing happily up and down. Fly in at an 
    angle so when you pick it up, you'll fly through the opening in the fence.
    When you have the bonus, turn around towards where you came into this area. 
    You will see another entrance to Portho Hill, and this one has a couple of 
    mines in it. Great, more kills. Shoot one, and all go boom. Cool. Now, go in, 
    look right, and try and take out the two turrets there before the cutscene 
    kicks in (they're not active yet). After the cutscene, go toward Borvo's ship 
    and knock out the two missile launchers and the building there. Now, just 
    circle the area, destroying the turrets, launching a few clusters at Borvo's 
    fighters, and then turn and launch two or three torps at the slug.
    -Borvo's ship takes three clusters, so be sure you have enough when you get 
    there. If not, you can always finish him off with blasters.
    -Again, the enemies provide the greatest challenge to you here. If possible, 
    keep track of your kill count. But, try and get all the turrets surrounding 
    Borvo, the building, and all the little gray sheds under his ship. These 
    kills, combined with the turrets and fighters destroyed from the rest of the 
    level, should put you well over the required number.
    -Be careful when grabbing the bonus. You don't want to wreck a nice paint job 
    on your fighter because of some dumb fence. Take your time.
    XII.	Liberation of Camp 4
      Gold Requirements:
    Time              7:00
    Enemies           67
    Accuracy          50%
    Saves             17
    Bonus             Yes
    Lives             2
    Recommended Ship: Naboo Starfighter
    -AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You can't be serious! They actually let you 
    lose a life in this level! Talk about taking away all the challenge of 
    getting a gold. Combine this with the fact that the time limit only takes 
    into consideration the amount of time you actually spend in Camp 4, and this 
    becomes almost as easy as Naboo Bayou. 
    -Okay, I'm not even going to write a walkthrough for the first part of the 
    mission, as all it requires you to do is grab as many kills as you can 
    muster, and protecting the two civilian settlements. I will, however, be kind 
    enough to give you a few pointers:
    *	Take out as much as you can. You have 10 clusters, making those huge 
    groups of droid fighters easy pickings. 
    *	Avoid gunboats.
    *	The following things can be used as accuracy increasers: That droid 
    fighter hangar ship, the scaffolding on the walls, the landing 
    platform, the buildings inside the area where you make the U-turn at 
    the beginning, the hangar near the entrance to Camp 4.
    *	At the end of this part, use your clusters on the two gunboats in the 
    water, the two turrets guarding the hangar, and the droid fighters. In 
    other words, once you get here, If you have enough clusters, you won't 
    need your blasters.
    *	You can't take out the turrets guarding the entrance to Camp 4 unless 
    you've entered the hangar. Sorry.
    *	Don't die. If you die here, restart the level.
    Okay, into the hangar you go. Ugh, now is the hard part. You have to make 
    your way up to the next hangar, where you can get your trusty Gian Speeder. 
    But that's later. Follow the transports, and launch a missile at each of the 
    turrets. Once through the forcefield, destroy the two transports who were 
    good enough to let you infiltrate their base. They're worthless now. Go to 
    the left and up the slope. Stick to the wall, if you turn prematurely, you 
    may fall off the slope and lose a life. At the end of the slope, turn right, 
    and juke around so that the AAT can't hit you. When you're past it, turn 
    right and hold. Destroy the AAT with your lasers (it won't see you if you're 
    way back here). When it's gone, go towards the fence and knock out the two 
    turrets with a missile apiece. Take out the generator, go through the 
    opening, and free the prisoners. Exit the fence, look up the slope to the 
    right, and greet the two turrets up there with, guess what, more missiles. 
    When they're destroyed, go through the opening and in to the hangar. If you 
    feel like it, take out a Flash Speeder to cause a little bit of damage.
    Now, get out the Gian Speeder. Go into the little area to the right of the 
    entrance, turn around, brake, look up, and destroy the turret up there. Go 
    through this area and take out the other turrets. From the exit of this area, 
    turn around, and to the right, next to the fence of the prison, are some 
    barrels. Destroy them to create an opening. Knock out the shield generator 
    and release the prisoners. Go into the other prison, release the prisoners, 
    and then go out the back opening. You will go up a hill to the right. Again, 
    stick to the wall. At the top, brake, take out the generators, and carefully 
    return down the slope. Leave this area.
    You will soon come upon a long downward slope. Charge up your laser and 
    destroy the first turret you see. Go around, taking out all the turrets and 
    AATs (there should be 4 of them) and then wait around for your wingman to 
    blow a hole in the fence. Move to the side opposite the fence with the hole 
    in it (to the right of the exit), next to the canyon wall, turn around, look 
    up, and pick off the turret guarding the generators. Go through the hole, 
    proceed until you see a slope on your right, and go up it. Again, be careful. 
    Destroy the two generators up here. Go up another slope in behind the 
    generators, and take a left. Follow this until you reach the bonus. Go back 
    down to the canyon floor carefully, and go through the exit. You should have 
    just gotten the gold on my personal favorite level.
    -Do most of your damage in the first stage, and just do what you need to to 
    beat the level and survive in the second stage.
    -If you are on the last slope of the level, and haven't lost a life yet, 
    after taking out the final generators and getting the bonus, feel free to 
    slide down the hill. You'll die, but you'll get down quicker.
    -Battle droids are wimps. If you see a lot of them, simple take them out for 
    a quick kill.
    XIII.	The Queen's Gambit
      Gold Requirements:
    Time              7:30
    Enemies           34
    Accuracy          48%
    Saves             10
    Bonus             No
    Lives             3
    Recommended Ship: Gian Speeder
    -This gold may seem tough, and actually does present a little bit of a 
    challenge, but it's not that bad. Let's just say that that time limit is a 
    bit bloated. This can be used to your advantage.
    -Take the Gian Speeder out of the hangar for this mission. You need to mow 
    down all the STAPs that cause problems. You can forget about the ones near 
    the pillars and the big stone that looks like a head. Hey, didn't we see that 
    guy in Search for Captain Kael? Oh, well, just take the STAPs out as quickly 
    as you can. Get the ones at the house in front of you ASAP, and then go over 
    to the next settlement. Wait until the call for help, and then three STAPs 
    will come toward you. Destroy them quickly.
    After the cutscene, you will see an AAT running away from you. You can let 
    him go if you want, but, if you want the kill, charge up your laser, follow 
    it into the canyon, and then, when you have a clear shot, destroy it. Even if 
    the pillar is starting to fall, you can still take it out because it takes 
    the pillar a few seconds to actually fall.
    Go back out the way you came and turn left. You will confront two turrets. 
    Destroy them. Palmer will call for help. Get on the bridge, and take out the 
    two bombers that fly overhead. Charge up your laser and get behind the AAT 
    that is still moving into position and take it out. Destroy the other one and 
    get into the hangar. 
    Skip over the Naboo Bomber. While it makes the level a lot cooler, the Naboo 
    Starfighter makes it much easier to get the gold. Go into the canyon, take 
    out all the mines and turrets before the first station, and then concentrate 
    on the convoy. You can take out a few of the other turrets and mines that 
    will cause you problems. Forget the AATs. Focus on the MMTs. Launch a few 
    clusters at each while firing your blasters at the same time to destroy them. 
    When all four are gone, the level ends, and the convoy shouldn't have even 
    gotten to the canyon with the pillars.
    -Destroy the STAPs as quickly and accurately as possible. While the MMTs will 
    provide good accuracy increasers later, it's still better to be accurate. If 
    you want, you may enjoy using a Flash Speeder on this level for it's better 
    auto-aim, but I recommend against it.
    -The strategy above is risky, but very time efficient. It will get you 
    through the level in about four minutes. But you have 7:30. If you wish, you 
    can go ahead and take out all mines and turrets up ahead and then come back 
    and finish off the convoy. Either way will get the job done, but you may 
    survive longer using the second method. If you use the first, you will need 
    to learn good evasive skills, and how to push your fighter until the end of 
    the level. See "Miscellaneous Tactics" in section 2.
    XIV.	Panaka's Diversion
      Gold Requirements:
    Time              5:00
    Enemies           68
    Accuracy          50%
    Saves             4
    Bonus             No
    Lives             3
    Recommended Ship: Gian Speeder
    -Ugh, I hate this gold. This is one of the truly difficult ones in the game. 
    You have to be quick, accurate, and stay alive. Three things make that 
    difficult: (1) AATs (2) Battle Droids (3) Your own allies. Yes that's right, 
    I don't know where Palmer and Hollis and all them learned to drive, but they 
    will hit you like nobody's business. Watch out for them when going for this 
    -At the start, fire at the four droid in front of you, and run over any that 
    you missed. Go to the left of the fork, and take out the two droids there. 
    You will pass some droids near bushes. Destroy them while charging up your 
    laser. Around the bend, far down the street will be an AAT. You need to take 
    this guy out as quickly as you can. When it's gone, go to where the walls 
    end, look right and nail the AAT there. Take out the two battle droids 
    against the wall. Now, across the river will be an AAT. You can opt to 
    destroy it, but you'll need to have your laser started charging right after 
    you destroyed that second AAT. You can also skip over it, and evade its 
    lasers while going along the dock. I prefer to take it out. Take out any 
    battle droids you see.
    A cutscene will break in showing Group Two is under attack. Geez, can't 
    Palmer stay out of trouble? She did the same thing in the last mission. Oh 
    well, while you're going to Palmer's Predicament (as I like to call it) you 
    will have to destroy some bars. Let Kohl do that for you. You should stay 
    behind him and destroy some battle droids. At the second one, take out the 
    pots next to the bar and go right through. You'll eventually come to two 
    droids next to a downward slope. Take them out, charge up your laser, go down 
    the slope and take out the AAT. Knock out the two droids next to it. Follow 
    Kohl until he reaches the next one. Expose yourself just a little onto the 
    bridge, far enough to where you can see the AATs on either side, but not so 
    far as they can see you. Take them out, then the droid Kohl leaves behind. 
    Ahead, you can either go up a slope or to the right. Go up the slope, and 
    take out the droids. While going through the tunnel, take out any droids Kohl 
    leaves. Stop when you can see an AAT (just before you reach the turn). From 
    here, you can take out one AAT and both Droidekas attacking Palmer. One of 
    the other speeders will take out the other AAT, so when Palmer begins 
    thanking you, peel out from under the tunnel and go left, past the two 
    droidekas there.
    Now you'll be making your way to the courthouse. Charge up your laser. When 
    you see the second section of trees, there will be two AATs coming. Destroy 
    them. When you get into the courthouse, you will probably be a bit low on 
    health. Take out the enemies in this order:
    *	The first AAT when you come in.
    *	The two battle droids on the lower level.
    *	The second AAT.
    *	The destroyer droids.
    *	The battle droids left on the upper level.
    When they're all gone and the commandos come in (the big green rectangle), go 
    immediately toward Kelsia Plaza. Take out the two battle droids on the way, 
    and then stop just before you enter the plaza. From here, take out all the 
    battle droids in the plaza, being as inaccurate as you need to be. When 
    they're all gone, Go into the center of the plaza, and take aim at the door. 
    Fire your primary and secondary weapons repeatedly at the door until it 
    explodes. This serves as a great accuracy increaser. 
    Now, simply go to where Panaka is, charge up your laser along the way, and 
    take out a tank. Go into the plaza and destroy the other three, and take out 
    a few battle droids while you're at it. Lucky for you the AATs don't fire at 
    you. You have just gotten one of the hardest golds in the game.
    -Know where every single AAT is in the level. They are the biggest threats to 
    -Practice surviving. Other than Andrevea River and Smuggler Alliance, this is 
    the toughest mission to live all the way through. Especially practice 
    Palmer's Predicament and the Courthouse.
    -Your buddies' speeders will present themselves as a huge nuisance to you. 
    Try and learn where they will go.
    -Take out as many droids as you can in the 5:00. This level has the highest 
    hit count and one of the lowest time limits. Get as many as you can, and if 
    possible, keep track of how many you take out.
    XV.	Battle for Naboo
      Gold Requirements:
    Time              6:15
    Enemies           22
    Accuracy          40%
    Saves             3
    Bonus             No
    Lives             2
    Recommended Ship: Naboo Starfighter (only choice)
    -You have to be kidding me. How can they let you lose a life in this level? 
    It's so easy. And the time limit-6:15? LOL, I can get like 4 minutes under 
    that time limit with little effort. Just know what you're doing, and this 
    becomes a snap. There is nothing special about this level. As long as you 
    have the clusters, you will most likely be able to get this gold.
    -At the start, fly with your wingmen until you hear one of them talk about 
    fighters approaching. Continue forward until you see them, then, just before 
    they start firing at you, launch one cluster at them, then pull up and to the 
    side. Two more small groups will come in after them, each of which can be 
    dealt with with one cluster. After these waves are done with, just go around 
    and clean up the stragglers. Use lasers unless you see more than one 
    When they're all gone, the cutscene will kick in talking about the tractor 
    beam. Destroy the tractor beam generators, then go up and follow the top of 
    the right side of the droid control ship to the shield generator. By being on 
    top of it, and not to the side, you won't be harassed by turrets. Take out 
    the satellite dishes on the way if you feel like it, and then, when at the 
    back, fly away from the droid control ship for about 10 seconds. Turn around, 
    destroy the big satellite dish, with lasers, and continue flying straight. 
    Fire at the big gray rectangle, and then, when close enough, launch all of 
    your remaining clusters into it. You should have 6 or 7 remaining, which 
    should be enough to destroy it. If not, just fire lasers at it, or kill 
    yourself and launch more clusters. Either way, as long as you don't die more 
    than once, the gold is yours.
    -Once you learn how the droid fighters will come in at the beginning, this 
    becomes very easy. There will be one big wave, and then another one of two 
    groups of about 5 each. One cluster will wipe out each of the groups in the 
    second wave, and a cluster into the first wave will knock out almost all of 
    them, leaving you to clean up the rest with your blasters. 
    -You have one life to waste, so if you run out of missiles, feel free to run 
    into something or allow the turrets to rip you to shreds.
    -If you fly on the top of the droid control ship's arm to the back, no 
    turrets will be able to hit you, not even the ones guarding the shield 
    generator. This makes it easier to get to the generator. 
    XVI.	Trade Federation Secrets
      Gold Requirements:
    Time              5:45
    Enemies           35
    Accuracy          31%
    Saves             4
    Bonus             No
    Lives             3
    Recommended Ship: Naboo Starfighter (only choice)
    -This gold can get pretty tough at times, but if you don't completely mess 
    things up, it becomes simple. You will need to prioritize and make things 
    easy for yourself later. Just learn where all the enemies come from and how 
    to deal with them, and this becomes a piece of cake.
    -At the beginning, immediately go straight ahead. Slow down as you come 
    closer to the Trade Federation forces. Some droid fighters will come from the 
    right, so take them out with a cluster on sight. When they're gone, fly past 
    the STAPs and duke it out with the AATs. Right when you see them, launch 
    three clusters. All the AATs will blow up, and the MMT will be severely 
    weakened. Take it down with lasers. Even though it unloads tons of battle 
    droids, you don't need the kills and they will just either rip you to pieces 
    or take away some saves.
    Go back to the base. The STAPs will have already reached it. Forget them. 
    Even though your clusters lock onto them, they will rarely hit them, costing 
    you torps and accuracy points. From now until you run out of clusters, just 
    take out fighter after fighter after fighter. Try and take down any with 
    lasers unless you can get more with a cluster. You want to run out before the 
    transport comes.
    I know, I know, you must be thinking, "Is he out of his mind?" And no, I'm 
    not. You see, there's an island a bit off the shore to the northwest of the 
    base. On this island is a secret hangar where you can take out a Police 
    Cruiser and have a brand new stock of 8 cluster torps. Take it out, get back 
    to the base, and take out a few more fighters. When the transport takes off, 
    do not let it get too far away or else you won't be able to catch up and it 
    will be hammered by droid fighters. Stick close to it when it takes off and 
    just follow it, taking out any droid fighters that come along with your 
    clusters until it leaves the atmosphere. If it survived and you survived, the 
    gold is probably yours.
    -Take out the AATs and MMT at the very beginning. You don't want them 
    anywhere near the base.
    -Forget the STAPs. The base can deal with them, and they won't threaten your 
    saves. After the AATs and the MMT, you'll solely be dealing with droid 
    -Remember to get that Police Cruiser out of the hangar if you need it. I 
    would recommend it. Now you get double the strength and 8 extra clusters for 
    the mission.
    -At the end, follow the transport closely, and take out any droid fighters 
    that dare try and tailgate you. 
    XVII.	Coruscant Encounter
      Gold Requirements:
    Time               1:30
    Enemies            1
    Accuracy           43%
    Saves              15
    Bonus              Yes
    Lives              3
    Recommended Ship: Naboo Starfighter (only choice)
    -Good Lord, this gold is so easy it's not even funny. It takes about 10 
    seconds to get the bonus, and then you get over a minute to track down that 
    horn-head Darth Maul. Believe me, even your parents could get this gold.
    -From the start, fire one cluster into the back of Darth Maul's Infiltrator 
    without moving. Dip down below the surface, and make a hard U-turn to the 
    right. You will see a threshold. Go through it. After you pass under the 
    first archway, you will see an alcove in the top right. Go up to it, grab the 
    bonus, and hook a right on the way out. Go through the little tunnel. Follow 
    it and then, if you see the little droid exiting the tunnel, turn right when 
    you emerge. Go back above the surface, and brake until you see Maul's ship. 
    Launch another cluster at him, and if it connects, the mission ends. 
    -Actually, the above is the strategy I used to get the Platinum. If you can 
    do the strategy above in 23 seconds, you get the Plat. 
    -If Maul's ship has already gone past you when you resurface, just follow him 
    around until you get a good shot. 
    XVIII.	The Dark Side
      Gold Requirements:
    Time              7:25
    Enemies           39
    Accuracy          24%
    Saves             11
    Bonus             No
    Lives             3
    Recommended Ship: Sith Infiltrator (only choice)
    -So, you've busted your butt saving Naboo and getting 17 golds, all just to 
    become Darth Maul and use his Sith Infiltrator to reek havoc upon the Naboo 
    Bayou and destroy everything you've fought so hard to save. And it's all 
    worth it. This level is so cool. I love shooting down the Naboo Starfighters, 
    and best of all, Jar Jar Binks and family.
    -At the beginning, take out the Gian Speeders as fast as you can. After the 
    first wave is gone, go towards the swamp and destroy the next wave. Finally, 
    take out the one after that. When you enter the swamp, take out the two 
    Police Cruisers right in front of you. From here on out, you're on your own. 
    Just be sure to take out all the houses and houseboats, and the gungans 
    running around the island nearer to where you enter. Watch out for the Naboo 
    pilots' guns, and take them out as fast as you can, and then the level ends 
    when you have 46 kills. And do it relatively fast. 
    -Again, keeping track of your kills could help.
    -You have lots of time, but don't dawdle. That time limit will creep in on 
    you quickly if you slack off. 
    -Know where all the houses and docks are located. You will need to check 
    these locations if all the fighters are gone and the level hasn't ended. 
    -If you happen to take down all the fighters, and the level does not end, 
    that means a house, dock, or gungan is still alive. Check out all these 
    locations, and disregard the orange cone in your radar. It will point you to 
    the Trade Federation Gunboats because your mission is to protect them.
    Congratulations, you have just attained all 18 gold medals in Battle for 
    Naboo! Have fun with that Sith Infiltrator!
                                (5) Platinum Strategies
    As if getting 18 gold medals wasn't enough, LucasArts and Factor 5 decided to 
    throw in a little bit more of a challenge. Make that a lot more. These medals 
    require you to have a keen knowledge of the level, and get near perfect stats 
    on each mission. I myself have only gotten 7, just to show you how difficult 
    they are to attain. Below are the requirements, along with a little tip for 
    each level. An asterisk means I have gotten the Plat, and the level probably 
    has a strategy.
    Escape from Theed
    Time              1:38
    Enemies           49
    Accuracy          84%
    Saves             7
    Bonus             Yes
    Lives             3
    -Ummmmmmmmmm...Go really fast?
    Nemoidian Plunder
    Time              4:01
    Enemies           34
    Accuracy          64%
    Saves             65
    Bonus             No
    Lives             3
    -Be really good at auto-aim and use that time saver.
    Naboo Bayou *
    Time              2:43 
    Enemies           21
    Accuracy          59%
    Saves             7
    Bonus             No
    Lives             3
    Recommended Ship: Naboo Starfighter
    -Immediately take out the gunboat to your left, then the one near the strait, 
    then the one to the right. Try and take out the two fighters that come in 
    with one cluster. If you can't, gun down the one you missed with lasers 
    Go into the next area, fly straight, and then launch a cluster at the group 
    that comes in to rack up four kills. Now, wait around here until Kael decides 
    to move on, follow him, and then use a cluster on the two fighters that come 
    behind him. When he goes a bit further, the other two fighters will come. Use 
    a cluster when you see the first one. Even if you don't get the other one 
    with the cluster, at least you still got this one. Take down the other if you 
    didn't already (use clusters or lasers, whichever you want) and then proceed 
    to the final section.
    Continue straight until you come upon the secret gunboat. Use a cluster on 
    it, then go over to Dellis. You should be able to get one of the bombers and 
    the group of fighters with a single cluster, and then use another cluster on 
    the other fighter. Now, just take out the final two fighters when they enter 
    the area and you're all set.
    Smuggler Alliance
    Time              5:24   
    Enemies           43
    Accuracy          58%
    Saves             2
    Bonus             Yes
    Lives             3
    -Become an expert at auto-aim, and take out almost everything you see, as 
    fast as you can.
    Hutt's Retreat
    Time              3:38    
    Enemies           38
    Accuracy          56%
    Saves             15
    Bonus             No
    Lives             3
    -The kills only count if YOU are the one to get them. That means you have to 
    beat your wingmen to the kills. 
    Disruption of Comm 4 *
    Time              4:50   
    Enemies           49
    Accuracy          84%
    Saves             4
    Bonus             No
    Lives             3
    -It's possible to do this the honest way, but that cheap method will make 
    things infinitely easier. Place tons of potshots into the shield, go towards 
    the satellite, come back, get above the comms satellite and launch all of 
    your clusters into it. That's the end of that chapter.
    Glacial Grave
    Time              6:03
    Enemies           77
    Accuracy          89%
    Saves             4
    Bonus             Yes
    Lives             3
    -You have to go insanely quickly and take enemies out quickly and accurately. 
    Use clusters wisely.
    Andrevea River
    Time              5:18
    Enemies           54
    Accuracy          83%
    Saves             0
    Bonus             No
    Lives             3
    -Do it quicker, and be very accurate.
    Time              6:12    
    Enemies           49
    Accuracy          62%
    Saves             6
    Bonus             No
    Lives             3
    -Now, this says you don't need to collect the bonus. I'm skeptical, but try 
    it anyway. It seems like it'll help you drop that minute off your time.
    Search for Captain Kael *
    Time              4:35
    Enemies           26
    Accuracy          63%
    Saves             0
    Bonus             No
    Lives             3
    Recommended Ship: Gian Speeder
    -This one is actually not too hard. At the start, mow down the STAP that 
    crosses the way, then veer off to the right of the path and down the droid 
    bomber. Make your way to the bridge with the tanks, taking down any STAPs 
    that you can along the way. Stop yourself just at the beginning of the bridge 
    on the left-hand side. If in the correct position, you'll be stopped by an 
    invisible wall. Take out the two tanks with repeated heavy laser shots, and 
    then turn 90o to the right to get onto the bridge. Once across, charge up 
    your laser and take out the tank when you have a good shot.
    Now, go into the valley and do your stuff. Take out the tanks, and then when 
    the cutscene is over, the building and the two turrets on either side of it. 
    Go down, destroy the turret next to the shield rejuvenator, and then enter it 
    to get your shields up and fire a nice flurry of shots into the wall until 
    the first transport comes. Once it's destroyed, take out the remaining 
    turrets, and the second should be just about to come into the valley. 
    Intercept it, head over the ridge, and snipe out the third from close to the 
    valley (if you go too far, you will be automatically turned back). When it's 
    down, two bombers will fly overhead. Destroy them, and then turn around.
    Head back into the valley and across to the other side, going through the 
    shield rejuvenator on the way. Continue until you see the two AATs. Two 
    bombers will come out over the canyon above, so take them down. Follow the 
    two tanks. If you stay behind the tanks, you'll get hammered from behind by 
    three STAPs. You can take these nitwits out when you pass by them if you 
    think you have the time and the need for them, or you can just take out the 
    two tanks. The level ends when you reach Kael and take out the final bomber.
    Borvo the Hutt
    Time              3:39
    Enemies           42
    Accuracy          74%
    Saves             4
    Bonus             Yes
    Lives             3
    -Take out the fighters quickly, then go throush a heavily populated route to 
    Portho Hill, and take out as many enemies as you can surrounding the Hutt.
    Liberation of Camp 4
    Time              4:44
    Enemies           77
    Accuracy          75%
    Saves             19
    Bonus             Yes
    Lives             3
    -Yep, you're not gonna get to lose that life this time. Get lots of kills in 
    the beginning, and then go quickly through the camp.
    The Queen's Gambit
    Time              4:06  
    Enemies           55
    Accuracy          56%
    Saves             11
    Bonus             No
    Lives             3
    -Be very, very efficient. Take out everything you see, as quickly as you can. 
    Use method 1 (see gold strategy).
    Panaka's Diversion
    Time              3:41
    Enemies           96
    Accuracy          67%
    Saves             5
    Bonus             No
    Lives             3
    -You're going to have to go ahead of everyone, taking out almost everything 
    that gets in your way, and blow the door at the end away yourself.
    Battle for Naboo *
    Time              3:51
    Enemies           41
    Accuracy          78%
    Saves             3
    Bonus             No
    Lives             3
    -I am almost 100% sure that the time limit only deals with the second half of 
    the mission. So use your missiles as instructed to in the Gold strategy on 
    the fighters in the first half, and then take your time placing your shots on 
    the 3 or 4 fighters that survived the barrage. If there's any more, you did 
    something wrong. 
    Immediately take out the tractor beam generators, and then fly on top of the 
    station and take out all 6 of the satellite dishes on the two arms. You 
    should have 7 clusters left, and the generator will blow after 4 or 5, so you 
    have 2 at your disposal. When you've taken out the satellite dishes and about 
    8 droid fighters, head to the back of the stations, fly for about 6 seconds 
    from the back of it, then turn around. Lacerate the big dish with laser 
    shots, then, when you see it, do the same to the generator. When you're close 
    enough that the missiles will all sink into it, launch until your tubes are 
    empty. The shield generator will blow, and so will the space station.
    Trade Federation Secrets *
    Time              5:27
    Enemies           68
    Accuracy          50%
    Saves             5
    Bonus             No
    Lives             3
    -I won't write a real walkthrough for this one, since it is very 
    inconsistent, but I'll give you some pointers. You absolutely have to let the 
    MMT unload it's stock of battle droids, and then mow them down. Afterward, 
    take out droid fighters until you run out of clusters, then go over to the 
    secret hangar and hop into the Police Cruiser. You have to get back before 
    the shuttle takes off, or else it will be destroyed. Use your clusters on any 
    fighters that get within range until the end of the mission.
    Coruscant Encounter *
    Time              0:23
    Enemies           1
    Accuracy          68%
    Saves             30
    Bonus             Yes
    Lives             3
    -Use the strategy I gave you for the gold. Know the route like the back of 
    your hand. The only difference here is that if you miss Maul, you're screwed 
    and will have to start over.
    The Dark Side *
    Time              7:15
    Enemies           40
    Accuracy          25%
    Saves             13
    Bonus             No
    Lives             3
    -Do the level as normal, but 10 seconds faster. Easiest Plat in the game.
    For getting all the Platinum medals, you are permitted to play as an AAT 
    anytime you would use a land vehicle, and the Swamp Speeder in place of the 
    gunboat. Enjoy!
                                   (6) Acknowledgements
    Certain things in this guide I was informed of by my fellow Phoenix group 
    members over at the IGN Boards.
    I would like to thank snooozer for teaching me the auto-aim and time saving 
    trick in Nemoidian Plunder.
    I would like to thank olivicmic for the weakening of the base trick in 
    Andrevea River and for pointing out the fighter that gets shot down on Naboo 
    I would like to thank episode for pointing out to me the secret gunboat in 
    Naboo Bayou.
    I would like to thank the guys at GameFAQs.com who worked so hard on the 
    tedious task of finding all the Platinum stats.
    Finally, I would like to thank Nintendo, LucasArts, and Factor 5 for enabling 
    me play this awesome game.
                                     (7) Contacting Me
    Well, it's been fun writing this guide for all of you to learn from. If you 
    wish to contact me with questions, comments, praise, suggestions, or if you 
    want to use this guide on your site, feel free to e-mail me at 
    Steckman17@aol.com. I check my e-mail every morning when I wake up and every 
    night before I go to bed, so you should get a response quickly. 
                                   (8) Legal Info
    Copyright Greg Stecker 2001. All rights reserved. This document is written to 
    help along whoever it may concern and is not to be remade in any way unless 
    by the author or with the author's consent. If one who is not the author 
    desires to remake or use it, they must have my consent. E-mail at 
    Steckman17@aol.com if you wish to put this document on any other site, disk, 
    magazine, or other form of public article and I must get credit.
    So long, and may the Force be with you!

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