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    Platinum Medal Guide by SubSane

    Version: 0.8 | Updated: 05/18/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                         STAR WARS: EPISODE I: BATTLE FOR NABOO
                              PLATINUM MEDALS GUIDE, v0.8
                               Based on the  N64 version
                              Written by the Plat Hunters
                                 Maintained by SubSane
                                Last updated 2013.05.18
        1.01 About the Game
        1.02 About the Guide
        3.01 Escape from Theed
        3.02 Neimodian Plunder
        3.03 Naboo Bayou
        3.04 Smuggler Alliance
        3.05 The Hutt's Retreat
        3.06 Disruption of Comm 4
        3.07 Glacial Grave
        3.08 The Andrevea River
        3.09 Sanctuary
        3.10 Search for Captain Kael
        3.11 Borvo the Hutt
        3.12 Liberation of Camp 4
        3.13 The Queen's Gambit
        3.14 Panaka's Diversion
        3.15 Battle for Naboo
        3.16 Trade Federation Secrets
        3.17 Coruscant Encounter
        3.18 The Dark Side
    4.0 LEGAL / MISC.
        4.01 Version History
        4.02 Guide Credits
        4.03 Contact Information
        4.04 Legal Stuff
    ===== 1.0 INTRODUCTION ========================================================
                                  1.01  About the Game
    Star Wars: Battle for Naboo was released by LucasArts in December 2000. It was
    the spiritual successor to the highly successful Star Wars: Rogue Squadron that
    released in 1998.
                                 1.02  About the Guide
    The game's Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals were featured along with easily
    viewable requirements for each tier within the game. This was much the same
    as Rogue Squadron and no one was surprised by their inclusion in the game.
    Then a discovery was made several weeks after the initial release of the game.
    People began to discover a fourth tier of medals: Platinum. There was no
    mention of these medals from LucasArts or Factor 5, nor within the game. They
    were simply earned when the player attained what were then unknown
    requirements. It was both exciting and frustrating to realize that the new
    Platinum medals were even more difficult to earn than the Gold medals and the
    requirements were a complete mystery.
    Several groups of forum users began investigating these requirements and
    assisted each other in figuring out the required stats for each mission's
    Platinum medal. This guide is the result of collaboration between one such
    group, informally known as the Plat Hunters. Theirs was the great Plat hunt.
    It began in late December 2000 and became a fervor of activity with users
    actively reporting stats and spending hours upon hours attempting different
    strategies as they learned new tips and tricks for each mission. Users who
    earned Platinum medals then contributed their walkthroughs and tips to the
    main forum threads so that others could also finally attain what some consider
    to be the most difficult skill-based medals in the history of video games.
    The Platinum Medal Guide was planned to release in early 2001, and now, twelve
    years later, it is compiled. We hope you find these walkthroughs and tips
    helpful in your own Plat hunt.
    ===== 2.0 GENERAL TIPS ========================================================
    Adequately Prepared
    These walkthroughs reference many power-ups and vehicles that are not unlocked
    at the start of a new game. It is best to complete several playthroughs of all
    missions with at least a Gold medal in each mission so that the required
    power-ups and vehicles are available to you when you begin your Platinum medal
    Increase Accuracy
    [by Foehn]
    On every level there is a certain object that you can shoot to increase 
    Escape from Theed - The door to your left, it emits explosions when shot.
    Neimodian Plunder - The hangar, shoot bullets into the doorway on it.
    Naboo Bayou - ???
    Smuggler Alliance - The door to the power-up.
    The Hutt's Retreat - The hangar.
    Disruption of Comm 4 - The satellite when it's shielded, easily get 96%
    accuracy on this level.
    Glacial Grave - The boat hangar.
    Andrevea River - The big rock overhang partway through the level & the 
    invincible boats.
    Sanctuary - The hangar at the end, and the statues.
    Search for Captain Kael - The mine deposits at the quarry, big things with the
    crystal on them.
    Borvo the Hutt - The little gates that surround the bonus.
    Liberation of camp 4 - The big H plane, boosts your accuracy a TON.
    The Queen's Gambit - Shoot the pillars.
    Panaka's Diversion - Certain walls, like in Theed.
    Battle for Naboo - There are tons of accuracy boosters on the ship big
    satellite dish, small satellite dishes, etc. 
    Trade Federation Secrets - The hangar.
    Coruscant Encounter - ???
    The Dark Side - The houses, basically all buildings.
    ===== 3.0 PLATINUM MEDALS GUIDE ===============================================
                                3.01  Escape from Theed
    Official Platinum Requirements
        Time: 1:38
       Kills: 49
    Accuracy: 84%
       Saves: 7
       Bonus: 1
       Lives: 3
    Walkthrough by rgw
    This is a hard one... And it is the first one! I would say go through the level
    three or four times in the speeder you are going to use (Flash Speeder is the
    smart bet). From the get-go shoot a well-aimed blast of lasers into the
    threesome of droids. Be sure to take out every moving thing... And be careful
    not to miss the one fenced off at a curve near the middle of Theed. Every turn
    must be taken with a sharp turn (R-trigger). Be sure to knock off the Droidekas
    that attack Kael when they roll up (if you're lucky to catch up like that)...
    Or just shoot like bloody mary; shooting all of the attackers of Cap. Kael's
    speeder will give you 7 saves. Use your missiles on the AAT at the end then
    blast the Droidekas with what's leftover... Other than that my only advice is
    pray that you're on God's side ;). 
    Walkthrough by Rodney (w/notes from GauRocks)
    Hint: Use the tight turn button mostly. Okay. You start out with 3 droids in
    front of you. Run over them all. You'll make a small turn to your right. There
    will be (2) droids on the far right wall. Run over them so that your accuracy
    won't go down. Then follow that wall out. Then turn left. After the turn, there
    will be (3) droids in front of you. Run over them. Follow the road a little bit
    more. Look to your right and you'll see this black square tunnel to your right.
    Follow it out. Then you'll rendezvouz with Captain Kael in that big room.
    Destroy all (4) Droidekas. Go through the largest door in the room. Then turn
    right, and there will be (2) Droidekas. Then there will be a doorway to your
    left, go through it. Directly in front of you when you come out of the door,
    there will be (4) droids. Then turn to your right and there will be a large
    arch above you.
    You know you've went the right way if your see (3) droids in front of you, run
    over them. Then turn to your left, Directly in front of you will be a Droideka.
    After you kill that, turn to your right and there will be a (1)AAT. Destroy it.
    Go in the room behind where the AAT used to be and get the power-up to your
    right. Go out of the room and go straight, eventually you'll see Captain Kael
    right in front of you. You'll see (1) Droideka to your left. Kill it and the
    (1) in front of Captain Kael. Be careful and make sure Captain Kael doesn't
    Then go straight a little ways, but don't go left, just shoot the droids on the
    left. I repeat DON'T TURN!!!! Just shoot the droids on the left. Now you can
    turn right. Here's the tricky part. After you turn right there will be a door
    on the left with (3) droids. Shoot them. Don't turn into the doorway. Just
    shoot. Go straight, then turn left. Hold your brakes 'cause there will be (1)
    ATT shooting at you. Kill him. Go forward a little, there will be (1) Droideka
    to your right. Kill him. After you kill him, go straight. You'll need to turn
    left. You'll see a doorway straight ahead. Don't go in it. Turn left and you'll
    see a doorway, go through it. You'll see (2) droids. Kill them. Then go back
    out of the doorway you just came in. Now go through the doorway on the left
    (the one that I told you not to go through a minute ago) and go straight.
    There will be (3) droids. Kill them. Turn around and go left. After you turn
    left, there will be (2) droids on the right. Go straight then turn left. Then
    there will be (4) droids in front of you. Kill them. Then turn right. Go
    straight. Turn right again. Then there will be (6) droids. Kill them.
    (Preferably shoot them.)
    Keep going straight. Go through the door and you'll be in a circular room with
    pillars. Go to the center of the room. There will (3) Droidekas. Kill them.
    Then you'll see (1) AAT moving the outskirts along the room. Kill him with all
    you got. Try not to miss him any. Then you will have beaten the level. 
    After the fifth droid, turn left to see another droid coming out of a little
    alley. Then, right after that, before the three droids at the left turn, wait
    a little near the place with all the pillars.
    You'll see three droids walk out of a little alley on the left, past the
    pillars. It's enclosed, so you'll have to aim and shoot them. 
    Walkthrough by skeenan
    Use the Flash speeder, hold down the tight turn button through the whole level.
    At the beginning, fire one shot and drive straight ahead to kill the first 3
    droids. Line up and shoot the next 2 against the wall. As you make the right
    turn, shoot the potted plant closest to the corner (furthest to your right) to
    give yourself a clearer shot for your first missile, which you should shoot
    through a gap to kill the 3 droids coming out from under the archway. As soon
    as you fire the missile, start turning left around the corner and shoot/ram
    the 3 droids there. Move into the courtyard. Get your sight centered on the
    first archway and fire 3 shots to kill the first droideka. Turn left and drive
    towards your eventual exit, fire 3 shots to kill the next droideka as he comes
    rolling in. You should stop completely here, and you should be very close to
    the archway you'll be leaving through. Turn right and fire 3 shots at the
    droideka close to Kael as he's rolling up. Turn left and shoot your 2nd
    missile at the 4th droideka as he comes rolling out of his archway. Now keep
    turning left and move out of the courtyard. You'll save time the closer you
    are to the exit when you kill that 4th droideka.
    Shoot the next droideka as he rolls to the right of the fountain. If you hit
    him from far enough away, you won't run into him before he blows up. This next
    part is tricky, but if you do it right, you'll really save time. As you're
    coming up the ramp and looking at the 4 droids lined up against the wall, line
    your sight up perfectly with the far left one. As you come up the ramp, you'll
    be launched in the air a little bit. Aim down as you're in the air, shoot the
    first droid, start turning right and shoot the next one, then continue making
    a hard right turn and you should land right on the last 2 droids. You should
    also be perfectly lined up to shoot the 3 droids guarding the civilians. Keep
    the accelerator pushed down and don't brake at all while you're doing all of
    this. After killing those 3 droids, you'll turn left and kill the droideka
    ahead of you. (Don't fire too soon.) Make the right turn and fire several
    shots at the AAT before shooting your 3rd missile at it. Get into the room
    behind him and grab the bonus. Don't brake here either. As you come out, aim
    to the left and shoot the droideka there as he's rolling. Fire 7 shots at the
    droideka in front of Kael, pause for a second, then fire 2 more to kill him
    right as you're about to run into him.
    Ignore the 3 droids to your left. Shoot the last tree on the right side to
    give yourself a more direct route into the tunnel. Shoot/ram the 3 droids
    there, and then the next 2. Make the left turn, fire 3 shots to kill the 3
    droids at the far end of the road, turn right, shoot/ram those 2 droids, turn
    left, shoot/ram the next 4 and keep going. Line your sight up with the far
    left droid in the final group of 5. Start shooting as you turn to the right,
    and you should be able to shoot/ram all 5 of them. As you enter the last area,
    go around the pillar blocking you to the right. Aim at the center droideka,
    and shoot him, immediately aim at the one to your left, shoot him as he's
    rolling up, then turn right and fire your 4th missile at the last droideka.
    Turn to the archway the AAT will be coming through and fire your last 2
    missiles as soon as he appears. Turn towards the STAPs and shoot one of them
    to increase your accuracy until the level ends. That method will give you 50
    kills. You should be at full acceleration through the entire level except for
    the first courtyard, and the final area. 
    Walkthrough by Nairb10
    Start off with a heavy laser blast to the droid on the far left.
    Then give the other two next to him a taste of your bumper. Follow the road
    and there will be a slight turn to the right. Two droids will be standing
    against the wall there. Fire one heavy laser blast to each of them starting
    with the one on the right. Leave the battle droid coming out of the door on
    the left alone. After the destruction of those two follow the road and it will
    come to 180-degree turn. After 90 degrees you will see a dark passageway
    through the poles on the side of the road. Three droids will be coming out of
    there. Fire in two normal blasters, and make sure that they're high enough to
    clear the mini posts. If successful you will here an explosion, and see sparks.
    That's the sound of their doom. Continuing with the turn, three more droids
    will be visible in a triangle formation. Use your heavy laser to eliminate the
    droid furthest to the left. Exchange paint with the other two. Turn right into
    another 180-degree turn that will be dimly lit.
    As soon as you enter this turn begin to charge your heavy laser. Coming from
    the opposite end will be a Droideka. Aim slightly downward, and as soon as you
    get a clear shot create a fireworks show. Then turn sharply to the left with
    the R button while braking. Start boosting again and don't head directly to
    the door where the second Destroyer Droid comes from, but rather slightly to
    the right to the corner that you see. This will give you a better angle to
    wipe out your next victim with a charged heavy laser. After he becomes ashes
    head toward Captain Kael while charging yet another heavy blaster shot. A
    Droideka will be standing to the left of him. Make sure you kill him before he
    cuddles up into his cute little ball, or else you'll have problems. After it's
    oblivion turn sharply to the left and the last Droideka should be just rolling
    out from the dark room. Give him a taste of your heavy blaster, and turn to the
    left, and get out of there.
    After going through the door stay as far to the right as possible without
    hitting any trees. Make sure you are charging up another heavy blaster for
    this encounter. If you stay right he will be easy to kill because he'll be
    rolling almost directly at you coming from in back of the fountain. Kill him
    and head towards the ramp to the right of the fountain. Go up it, and try to
    hit the battle droid furthest to the left first. As soon as you make contact,
    slam on the brakes for a brief second and hold down R. Then accelerate
    through the other three standing in your way waiting to die. Ahead of you will
    be a group of three more droids. Fire a heavy blaster at the one on the right,
    and power slide through the other two. After this begin charging up your heavy
    laser yet again. To the right of the statue will be a Droideka. Fire it at him
    before he cuddles up and goes after Kael. After he's history turn to the right
    and you'll see a tank. You won't have time to charge up a heavy laser so fire
    three normal shots and four heavy shots to kill the tank. After the tank's out
    of your way hold R and turn to the right and you'll see the bonus. When you
    see it, hold down the brakes and move your controller stick to the bottom left
    of your controller. If done correctly your back end will snag the bonus. After
    you hear the chime begin to boost up again, but continue to hold R. As you
    head toward Kael's speeder charge your heavy laser up. You'll see a Droideka
    rolling against the side of the left wall. Fire at him, hopefully hitting and
    killing him. Charge up again, and head straight toward Kael only slightly to
    his left. When you are along side of him fire your shot at the Destroyer. Look
    left and they'll be three droids standing in a little indentation along the
    wall. Only two of them will actually be visible. Go to the left of the tree
    you see, which will shave off a little time. Fire at the droid in the middle,
    then at the one on the right with your heavy blaster. Completely ignore the
    droid furthest on the left. If you kill him, it could mean the difference
    between a Gold and a Plat in the time category.
    After killing the two droids you will see a black hole in the wall further up
    the road. Go through it and ram the three droids standing in there. You might
    have to wiggle around a bit to get all three though. After they're gone you'll
    see two droids at the end of the tunnel. Shoot the one on the right first with
    your heavy blaster, then the one on the left. Come out of the tunnel and turn 
    to the left. You should be ahead of Kael. In the distance there are three 
    droids ahead of you, but only two are visible. Fire two heavy shots at the one 
    at the left and one shot to the droid on the right. Make a sharp turn to the 
    right and there’ll be two droids trying to shoot at you. Ram them both and turn 
    to the left. There are four droids standing there. Try to shoot two of them 
    with the heavy blaster, but at least hit one. Hit the others. Turn to the right 
    and they’ll be five more droids there. Shoot the two furthest on the left with 
    you heavy blaster, and put the other three droids’ guts on your speeder’s 
    windshield. Head straight and there'll be an opening with a pole in the middle. 
    Go to the right of the pole and begin to charge up the beast. Shoot it at the
    Destroyer in the center. Begin to charge again until you hear that funky noise
    it makes and shoot it at the one on the right. Turn left and the third
    Droideka should be rolling right in front of you. Let him have it and heads
    toward the end of the city slightly to the right. If you did it fast enough
    the AAT shouldn't be visible yet, but he'll be blasting away at something.
    With a charged up blaster shoot him in the middle of his haul killing him.
    After that, drive around somewhere, eat, drink, pray, or try not to have a
    heart attack.
    This level is the hardest Plat to get, and will take you a solid 50-60 tries
    to get it. This walkthrough could get you a time between 1:35 and 1:40 with up
    to 51 kills. Your Accuracy should be around 90%. Saves, the Bonus, and Lives
    shouldn't be a problem. May the Force be with you!
    Additional Tips
    #1 [by Naboo_Dude]
    For Escape from Theed it's so much easier to use the Gian Speeder than the
    flash... The heavy laser is great, many of the droidekas don't bring up their
    shields until you shoot them once, and just a semi-charged laser can take them
    out quickly and the AATs fall fast to it as well... however I don't know if
    they run at the same speed...
    #2 [by Kami]
    Tip for Platinum. Use the flash speeder! When those 3 fighters fly by, hit the
    middle one with one of the rockets. the repercussion from the blast (the ring
    thingy) knocks out the other 2!
    For the 3 droid fighters: come to a dead stop. Fire and pray. If you don't hit
    at the tip of the middle fighter, the explosion will come too late. Note: I've
    only hit the shot once out of like 50 tries. The shot MUST be perfect. If it's
    a little off you'll see a small explosion off the ship like he got shot but
    they will fly away...
    #3 [by snooozer]
    On Escape from Theed, try shooting those 3 droid fighters BEFORE you go down
    the ramp. One time I almost hit one of them by stopping at the very top of the
    ramp, cuz otherwise, (esp in the Flash speeder) you won't even be able to point
    your crosshairs that high up on the screen. Well, it's just a tip anyways. 
    #4 [by snooozer]
    Okay, first of all, Escape from Theed is about 5000 times easier with the Gian.
    Like I said, there are THREE MAJOR reasons why it makes it so easier. While
    using the Flash I could not get ANY BETTER than 1:47, and my accuracy was
    always like 75-78% at best, not to mention less enemies for time. Those
    Missiles slow you down like mad.
    Yeah, so I give all you guys MAJOR PROPS for doing it with the Flash, because,
    well, let's put it this way. I think it's impossible. no doubt about it,
    impossible. If i didn't trust all you guys like I do I'd probably think you
    were lying. 
    It still took me 50 tries with the Gian so I cant imagine doing it w/ the
    Flash. It is faster, more maneuverable but here's why the Gian makes this
    level WAAAY easier:
    1) Accuracy. Use only the Heavy laser. 1 SEMI-charged laser per droideka (it
    DOES NOT need to be charged the whole way) so you only fire 1 shot at each
    enemy, ram droids, etc. 
    2) Bonus. Getting the bonus is way easier because the Gian has better turns and
    maneuverability in a small place like that. I noticed I saved myself lots of
    time getting the bonus using the Gian.
    3) No missiles that make you STOP when you shoot them. ALL enemies in the
    level only take ONE shot to kill. Both the no stopping for Missiles & only 1
    shot kill makes you go WAY faster & I've had my time as low as 1:34 still
    getting the bonus, which even though that might be normal for you guys, it's
    INSANE for me, since I'm not good at the speeder missions. I am the ultimate
    master at Rogue though, and I am pretty darn good at BFN too, esp the flying
    And I was good at EfT w/ the Gian, good enough to get the Plat anyway and
    that's all that matters. I think I'm going to write a short walkthru for EfT
    w/ the Gian for the FAQ, just because all the ones we have now use the Flash. 
    Also, I found another accuracy increaser (besides the door) in Panaka's
    Once you save Palmer's group 3, and after you kill the 2 AATs, as you're
    going straight (with the 8 trees going down the middle) down that pathway,
    there's a building in front of you. The top of the building has a round roof,
    and if you shoot at it, it will make explosions meaning it increases your
    Cool. Even though I already got the Plat on Escape from Theed, I've been doing
    some research on that level and I'd like to say a couple things. 
    1. The Gian DOES HAVE BETTER maneuverability than the Flash. I've been using
    them back to back, and the Gian makes VERY QUICK turns (with the tight turn
    button), while the Flash makes WIDE + SLOW turns.
    At first I assumed the Flash had better maneuverability probably just cuz I
    like the Flash better, but it's not true. The Gian has better maneuverability. 
    2. The flash is a little bit faster than the Gian, but not much. 
    3. On Theed, the Gian OWNS the Flash as far as speed. I played them back to
    back using the same exact strategy, and not screwing up even once, and I got
    a way better time with the Gian. This is the end of story. You know that part
    in the plaza where you first save Kael? That part goes by SO MUCH QUICKER with
    the Gian, because only 1 shot per droideka, and it has better turning (that's
    where I first discovered that). You can do those really sharp hard turns so
    much quicker in the Gian, and destroying ALL ENEMIES goes much quicker than in
    the Flash.
    So yeah, you people who got the Plat on EfT w/ the Flash should be proud, but
    I guarantee if you tried it with the Gian you'd do much better.
    4. I'm not biased to the Gian. Most of the time I'll choose the Flash over the
    Gian (Smuggler Alliance, Search for Capt Kael, Queen's Gambit, the tail end of
    Lib of Camp 4, though I use the Gian to destroy some turrets, shield
    generators, and free some prisoners, etc) because I think it has better aiming
    and I just like it better. Missiles come in handy but those charge up lasers
    DESTROY droidekas. Also, if an unshielded droideka is not moving, it only
    takes ONE SHOT from the heavy laser to kill it, WITHOUT CHARGING IT UP. If it
    is moving, it still only takes one shot to kill it but you need to have it at
    least 1/4 of the way charged up (I swear, that's it!).
    I can't even describe how much better the Gian is than the Flash for the Theed
    level. I tried going thru the level as fast as I can w/ the flash and my best
    time was probably somewhere around 1:27, that's NOT getting the bonus, and only
    killing the REQUIRED enemies, and shooting droids so I don't have to ram them
    (I think when you ram droids it slows you down a little bit). I can do much
    better in the Gian. Period, the Gian OWNS this level. That part in the 1st
    plaza alone saves you TONS of time and there's NO WAY you can do that part
    faster in the Flash, because of 3 shots per enemy and the WIDE SLOW TURNS (the
    gian is much more responsive).
    Well I just thought I'd put that to rest, so for everyone who still doesn't
    have the Plat on Theed, USE THE GIAN.
    #5 [by skeenan]
    For everyone who's wondering, here's a quick run down of the 58
    enemies you can kill on this level if you don't count the 3 droid starfighters,
    in the order that I kill them. 3 droids, 2 droids against wall, 1 droid
    emerging from doorway on left, 3 droids at sharp left turn behind barricade,
    3 droids before 1st plaza, 4 droidekas in plaza, backtrack to kill another
    droideka, then resume normal course- 2 more droidekas, 4 droids against wall,
    3 droids guarding prisoners, 1 droideka, AAT guarding bonus, 2 more droidekas
    shooting Kael (one to your left, one straight ahead), 3 droids to the left, 3
    droids through arch, 2 droids behind them, turn left- 1 droideka and 1 AAT,
    follow Kael- 3 droids in front of you, turn right 2 droids, turn left 4 droids,
    turn right 5 droids, final area 3 droidekas, 1 AAT. 
    You do get credit if you run over a droid. Sometimes a droid will shoot
    another droid in the back if you're not quick enough, especially in the groups
    near the end. Captain Kael will not kill anything on this level, so you don't
    have to worry about him stealing kills. The key to getting fast times is to
    get out of that first plaza quickly. You can kill all 4 droidekas there in
    quick succession with just your lasers if you know when to shoot. As soon as
    you're coming into that plaza, shoot straight ahead and you'll kill the first
    one as he's coming out of his little alcove. Turn quickly and catch the one
    that's rolling in from your eventual exit. Then turn to the one that's right
    by Kael and he should just be starting to roll up. Kill him then turn left and
    shoot the 4th one as he's rolling out of the alcove.
    #6 [by Knightcrawler]
    I found the level's accuracy increasers for you!!! They are: 
    1. The fountain where the 3 Droid Starfighters fly overhead. You have plenty
    of space to take pot-shots here. 
    2. The statues, but they are kind of hard to hit. 
    3. The domes on top of the buildings. They are also in Panaka's diversion.
    Watch out not to hit the building itself. 
    4. The pillars that one of the first droidekas hides behind.
    5. Where the AAT, droideka, and 5 battle droids are in that one part with 2
    paths, there are some short barrel/pillar things. I think they increase
    accuracy as well. They are blow-upable.
    6. Maybe the potted plants. It's hard to tell because they explode on the
    first hit so their explosion covers up the evidence. 
                                3.02  Neimodian Plunder
    Official Platinum Requirements
        Time: 4:01
       Kills: 34
    Accuracy: 64%
       Saves: 65
       Bonus: 0
       Lives: 3
    Walkthrough by Patamon
    It's hard to write a walkthrough for this level because there aren't really 
    any signs except hills so think of the level like this, you begin at south 
    facing north and you're at the east side of the map.
    Once you begin make sure you choose the Heavy STAP, it is more maneuverable
    than the Flash with more missiles. Skip the cut-scene and begin by facing
    towards the farm. (Don't save the Captain being chased by 2 STAPs). Accelerate
    and you should see 3 STAPs heading in between the two houses (one house was
    destroyed). Your Captain should be trying to kill the 3 STAPs, so destroy at
    least 1 one of them before your Captain does. Then quickly turn around and go
    behind the 2 STAPs chasing your Captain and destroy them. You should have
    destroyed them just after they've turned out of in between the houses. Two
    STAPs should be coming and will slow down for you to destroy them in one shot
    each. After you destroyed them, head north and you should see 3 STAPs coming
    towards you. Brake and shoot all three with preferably 1 shot each. Auto-aiming
    is big in this level so don't worry too much about missing. Continue north and
    you should see another STAP heading towards some houses. Destroy it. Then sharp
    turn to you're left and look at your radar for a red dot (a STAP). Go up to it
    and destroy it. Face north again and you should see another STAP near some
    trees, blast it and if you're lucky it shouldn't have destroyed the house it
    was shooting (doesn't matter if it does).
    By now your Captain should have already said he is being chased by a STAP
    so save him and follow him until he begins to turn on the road which is turning
    left, then brake. 3 STAPs will be shooting at him so go behind them and destroy
    them fast. If you do it fast enough, a STAP followed by another two STAPs
    should appear in front of you and your Captain may shoot one sometimes. The two
    STAPs also may shoot a car thing and destroy it (it's likely that they will
    destroy it) so quickly go behind them, line yourself up with them and blast all
    three with 3 shots. Then when going down the road look for a STAP on the top
    right of your radar, and destroy it in one shot. Quickly, and don't go to the
    houses, instead head south-east (the beginning of level) and you should see two
    STAPs. Destroy them from afar then turn to the houses, and a cut-scene should
    appear right now. If it didn't, you were too slow...
    After the cut-scene continue to the houses and aim your cursor while driving
    to the three STAPs. Destroy each of them with one shot, the house shouldn't be
    destroyed. Turn south (left) and accelerate. You should see two STAPs by the
    river, shoot the one on the left first (you can shoot him from very far away)
    then shoot the one on the right. Go behind the hill (which is right of you) and
    you should shoot a STAP there (refer to radar). After you destroy him, turn to
    your right and start heading for the STAP going for the houses. Shoot him from
    a distance but keep going straight until you see another STAP at the top left
    of you radar. Destroy him from far away. Turn to your right to see the last
    STAP going up a hill to shoot the houses. Shoot him and head for the houses to
    see a cut-scene. What you should have just done was go in a big circle around
    the houses!
    After that cut-scene, your dumb Captain should be circling the houses, DON'T
    FOLLOW HIM!!!! Go to the bridge (south-west) and I mean directly to the bridge
    with the AAT in front of it (this part is the key), stay on the road in front
    of the AAT and far enough so that it won't shoot you and start to shoot at it
    with blasters. After it is destroyed, your Captain should ask you to watch his
    back but obviously don't turn around. Wait 3 seconds then proceed to the bridge
    (sometimes while going to the bridge too early, your Captain will die). While
    going to and on the bridge shoot at the ground of the bridge while accelerating
    until 2 STAPs start blasting you. Quickly shoot them before they get past you,
    then shoot the AAT with one missile and a lot of blasters shots. Keep going
    straight and before going to the hanger, shoot the AAT on the right of the
    entrance with three missiles.
    Once in the hanger, choose the N1 and turn to your left, there should be 2
    STAPs far away from each other so shoot a cluster at each one. Turn around and
    fly high above the cement path which leads to the ending. When the path makes
    it's first turn to the left don't follow it anymore. Instead head a bit to your
    right and you should see 2 STAPs in the distance. When close enough, shoot a
    cluster at them then turn to your left and shoot another pair of STAPs with
    clusters (if you don't see the STAP, look at the radar) now head to the swamps
    and your done.
    Additional words by snooozer: 
    That last paragraph where it tells you to find the 2 STAPs far away from each
    other when you exit the hangar with the N-1, just ignore that part. Truth is
    those 2 STAPs are very much out of the way, and there are PLENTY of extra
    enemies in the walkthru. When I got my Plat, I skipped those 2 enemies and
    still came out with 40 kills (2 kills above minimum). If you forget about
    those 2 STAPs to the left of the hangar and just turn right instead, heading
    for the swamp, it will cut off a good 10-15 seconds of your time.
    Additional Tips
    #1 [by snooozer]
    Once the dialogue starts that says "keep your eyes open & your head up LTNT,
    watch my back & provide cover", then go ahead, kill the AAT, & cross the
    As I said, this works 99 times out of 100. For some odd reason, one time I
    played it, waited for the dialogue to start, & then started firing at the AAT.
    Then when I crossed the bridge, Kael was under heavy fire & I got a mission
    failed. Here's why: 
    First of all, make sure you position yourself so the AAT CANNOT FIRE AT YOU.
    You have to be slightly out of its range. Secondly, when a dialogue segue
    starts, you'll notice that a split second before it starts, the music from the
    game will lower its volume, so you can hear the dialogue segue better. Well
    what I did, was I heard the music start to fade out and then immediately
    started firing at the AAT. So there's a good chance I started firing a split
    second too early. So if you still have trouble with it, just wait 1 extra
    second so you KNOW FOR SURE that the dialogue already started. 
    And then you'll be fine & you can cross the bridge. 
    #2 [by skeenan]
    You may notice that after Kael says "I've got one on my tail" near the
    beginning, he does a loop around the area he's in before proceeding down the
    road, and he sticks to his path no matter when you kill the STAP chasing him.
    It's annoying because you'll find yourself waiting for him to 'trigger' those
    3 STAPs to come out from behind the hill. I had lots of runs with 4:10 for time
    because I would waste time waiting for him. Here's how you can solve that
    problem. If you kill the 2 STAPs chasing Kael as quickly as possible at the
    beginning of the level, he'll say "I've got one on my tail" much earlier, so
    he'll get done with his loop faster, thus triggering the 3 STAPs sooner. Sorry
    if I've misused the word 'trigger' here, but I couldn't think of a better word
    to fit. So if you're having trouble getting your time under 4 minutes, try this
    method. It worked for me.
    #3 [by Pizza the Hutt]
    Here's how you get under 4 minutes. After you save the farm and killed the 2
    STAPs behind that hill just rush that tank at the bridge. Now take alot of time
    to shoot the bridge. When you hear Kael say "Watch my back and keep your head
    up" or whatever, start a stopwatch. When that stopwatch reaches 20 seconds go
    across the bridge. If you go any sooner Kael will be killed by a trigger. With
    at least 20 seconds to shoot the bridge you should have way above 65% accuracy.
                                   3.03  Naboo Bayou
    Official Platinum Requirements
        Time: 2:43
       Kills: 21
    Accuracy: 59%
       Saves: 7
       Bonus: 0
       Lives: 3
    Walkthrough by EXCELSIOR
    Alright boys, this is how it is done. Destroy the three boats and two ships at
    the beginning. Keep going and destroy the four ships. Now leave your wingman
    behind and fly ahead until your radar shows the spot where you turn to defend
    that little hill with the police cruiser on it. Destroy all the ships there at
    that time and retreat. By this time your buddy is getting swarmed, so go back
    and save him. Then proceed to the spot with the single tank and get it. Now fly
    back to the hill, take out the last two fighters, and your done. This little
    trick saves a lot of time, and you will find that this Plat is not bad at all. 
    I also used laser on everything restrained by gravity... IE, on the ground. The 
    boats take four shots to kill, I think, so just remember how many it takes and 
    only shoot that many times. 
    By doing the trick above, it allows those last two fighters to get to the hill 
    while you go save your buddy so you don't have to wait on them. And you do know 
    what I mean about the fourth boat don't you?
    Walkthrough by snooozer
    Take out the 3 gunboats in the beginning, followed by 2 fighters, then book it
    towards your radar and take out those 4 fighters. Wait for the animation
    sequence to play and then make sure Captain Kael is at least on your screen or
    on your radar before you leave him behind and book it to the island.
    Once at the island, take out the 2 bombers, and the set of 3 droid fighters 
    circling around the island. Then book it BACK to the way you came, where 
    Captain Kael is. You have to do this fast, make sure that when you get back to 
    Kael that there are FOUR enemies there, fire a cluster to take them all out. 
    You have to get there fast, otherwise that 4th enemy crashes into a tree and 
    kills himself, and you don't get the enemy kill.
    Then do a 180 and book it to the place where the 4th gunboat is, fire a cluster 
    at the gunboat, then head back to the island.
    When you get here there will be 2 more enemies left: 1 bomber, 1 fighter. Take 
    them both out and you're done. 
    Walkthrough by snooozer
    Make sure you have clusters.
    Start the level and take out the 3 Gunboats, starting from the left. Use 
    blasters. Do it fast, take each boat out on 1st pass. Once you killed the 3rd 
    boat, 2 fighters will be coming in (use your radar). Aim your cluster between 
    the 2 of them, even if you can't see the 2nd one coming from around the hill 
    yet. Fire it & it will take out both of them and immediately accelerate forward 
    in the level to the next part.
    The whole point of the level up until the first cutscene (cue the guy from the 
    island) shouldn't take longer than 35 seconds or 45 seconds AT THE MOST.
    Then just book it to the island, destroy 5 fighters, go back & save Kael from 4 
    fighters, go destroy lone TF Gunboat, go back to island and destroy 2 remaining 
    Fly straight ahead & fire one cluster at the 4 oncoming fighters. Wait for the 
    cutscene, now right after the cutscene, make sure you at least see Captain Kael 
    on your radar or on the screen before you LEAVE HIM BEHIND and take off for the 
    next part. Go straight & then turn left (fly a diagonal route if possible) then 
    take another left & head towards the island. 
    There'll be 2 bombers overhead, take them both out with 1 cluster. Now there 
    will also be 3 regular droid starfighters circling the island, take them out 
    with a cluster then FLY BACK TO RESCUE KAEL. Again, this should all be one 
    continuous motion. Take out the 2 bombers + 3 fighters w/ 2 clusters all in 
    same pass then book a 180 & head back for Kael. 
    When you catch up with him, he'll be in some trouble. He'll be being chased by 
    4 fighters total, 2 right behind him & maybe another 2 a tiny bit further back 
    (but by this time they should all be in the same general area). Now here's the 
    part you need to know. One of these 4 fighters (the one closest to Kael, & 
    closest to you), WILL ALWAYS DIE ON HIS OWN. You need to kill him before he 
    does or you won't get the 21 kills. 
    Anyway, once you get back to save Kael, fire 1 cluster to kill all 4 fighters 
    (make sure you get all 4) THEN DO A 180 & FLY STRAIGHT.
    This part is key because you want to fly straight, over a house or something 
    like that, and into a little alcove where a lone TF Gunboat is shooting at a 
    civilian boat. Use 1 cluster to kill the TF Gunboat when it's in range (you'll 
    hear the civilians say "WE'RE FREEE!") then do a 90 degree left turn and head 
    BACK for the island. There should be 2 more fighters left. Finish them off with 
    cluster/blasters (it doesn't really matter) and the level is done. 
    Additional Tips
    #1 [by snooozer]
    At the beginning, where he says "leave your wingman behind and fly to the
    island" ... This part is very important. You have to at least wait there 
    for a little while after the cutscene plays, because the first time I tried it 
    (also, I've tried this same idea on my own before), I flew straight to the 
    island, then at the part when I'm supposed to go back and save Kael, he's not 
    even there!
    This involves that "trigger" I spoke of. It depends on how fast you take out 
    the gunboats and fighters in the beginning. If you take them out VERY fast, 
    then you will get to the set of 4 fighters and kill them, and have the cutscene 
    play before Kael even gets to that area!
    He'll still be back in the first area (with the 3 gunboats) and if you take off 
    without him too early, he'll never go anywhere!
    So make sure you don't take out everything in the beginning VERY VERY fast, or 
    if you do, don't take off for the island until you know Kael is on his way as 
    To know for sure that he'll go to the island, after the cutscene plays, wait 
    for the sound dialogue sequence where Yedd (the guy on the island) instructs 
    Kael to come and save him. Then Kael says "that must be Yedd, let's get 
    going" and you say "yes sir". Well at least wait for that sequence to play 
    to instruct Kael to go to the island, and make sure you at least see Kael on 
    your screen or on the radar (don't get fooled into thinking any green dot is 
    Kael... There are also boats 'n stuff that are green dots on the radar) before 
    you take off for the island. 
    #2 [by Knightcrawler]
    I can't get my time or accuracy down like this, but there are 21 enemies in the
    level. Maybe you didn't save the boat at the end.
    Alright, at the end of the level, you get to a lake with an island in the
    center with three rivers leading from/to it. Like this: 
    | \ 
    You normally come up the | one, as that's where the radar points. Continue to 
    do so. But, once you destroy the first five fighters that are in formations and 
    it is clear for a while, take the \ path. This will take you to a boat who is 
    being attacked by a gunboat. It isn't attacked until later in the mission. See 
    if you can nail him and get your time down to 2:29. There is down time for a 
    while after you destroy the original five, isn't there? I don't know what is 
    down the - path, but I didn't see anything. Maybe you have to check near the 
    end of the level, like the \ path. 
    #3 [by snooozer]
    There is a 4th Gunboat which is shooting at a civilian boat.
    If you get that enemy every time then the one you are missing is the 4th 
    fighter on the way to the island (the part that you'd be skipping over if you 
    follow EXCELSIOR's guide) who runs into a tree or something.
    I don't know exactly what happens but I know for sure he dies on his own. You 
    have to kill him before he dies on his own, or you won't get the enemy kill.
    So you at least know WHICH ENEMY I'm talking about, I'll tell you what to do so 
    you can at least find the enemy. So don't worry about getting the Platinum,
    just locate the enemy first then go from there.
    Here's where he is: 
    After you kill the 3 gunboats in the beginning, you'll kill 2 droid fighters 
    then move to the next area. In this area you'll reach a set of 4 fighters (3 
    regular 1 bomber). Kill them, then you'll hear the guy say Excellent! And it 
    will go to a cutscene. This is basically Yedd on the island, ordering Kael to 
    go there and help him. After the cutscene plays, stay there and wait for Kael. 
    He'll probably loop around the area one last time, then get moving to the 
    island. The 1st thing you'll do is make a left turn heading towards the island, 
    right about now is when a set of 2 fighters approach. Kill these guys then a 
    2nd set of 2 fighters come from the left. The one who's furthest away from you 
    (if you're headed towards the island) is the enemy who runs into the tree. He's 
    also the closest enemy to Kael. 
    #4 [by snooozer] 
    The 2 most commonly missed enemies in Naboo Bayou are: 
    -A lone Trade Fed Gunboat at the end of the level, in an alcove in the distance 
    on the way to the island (go straight instead of turning left).
    -On your way to the island, Kael will get chased down by 2 pairs of 2 fighters 
    a piece. There is one fighter (the one closest to Kael, or the one that's 
    FURTHEST from you if you are behind Kael) who will always go down on his own. 
    You have to kill him before he does. You might want to set aside one cluster 
    JUST for him, don't wait for the other ones to be in range (you can take 'em
    out with blasters if need be). Just make sure you get that one fighter before
    he dies on his own, or you won't get the kill. It's commonly missed. 
    snooozer tried this level 5000 times and he wants everyone to know that he's
    very proud of his Naboo Bayou Platinum medal. Hehe, or something like that.
                                3.04  Smuggler Alliance
    Official Platinum Requirements
        Time: 5:24
       Kills: 43
    Accuracy: 58%
       Saves: 2
       Bonus: 1
       Lives: 3
    Walkthrough by skeenan
    Use the Flash Speeder for this level. Try not to shoot wildly at the STAPs.
    Instead, try to wait until you have a good shot before firing. At the beginning
    of the level, you need to take out the 6 STAPs circling the farmhouses quickly.
    As you're driving up, don't try to shoot from far away.
    Instead, drive to the left of the road, and look for 2 of the STAPs to cross in 
    front of you from left to right as you get close to the houses. Turn to the 
    right and you should be able to get right behind them, making them easy kills. 
    Now quickly turn left, (you should still be in front of the houses, not in 
    between them yet) and you should see 2 STAPs going in different directions. 
    Follow the one going to the right. You'll be following him to the left of the 
    houses. He'll make a turn like he's going to turn right to go between the 2 
    houses, but he keeps going to the left of the second one. Keep following him 
    and when you get a good shot, take it. Continue on your clockwise circle around 
    the houses, and you should come behind 2 more of the STAPs. After you shoot 
    them, check your radar and find the 6th one, and kill him. If you find it too 
    confusing to follow all of that, just find your own method, as long as you take 
    all 6 out fairly quickly and don't waste a lot of shots. 
    Now get in position to shoot the 2 STAPs that come down the hill to chase the 
    guy in the speeder. You can see them coming on your radar, so move to one side 
    of them so that they don't shoot you as they're coming. Get right behind them 
    and shoot them quickly, before they kill the poor guy. Now boost ahead of the 
    speeder to get to his garage before he does. While you're waiting for him 
    there, shoot the gate before he opens it to raise your accuracy. Once he opens 
    the gate, get the bonus and get out of there quickly. Move fast to the next 
    area. Sometimes there will be an easy to hit STAP going the same way you are on 
    the road past the farmhouse. Either way, make sure you keep moving fast through 
    this area. I was never able to hit the 2 STAPs chasing that red hovercraft 
    thing on a consistent basis, so I stopped trying. Now you'll be making your 
    right turn into the 'valley of death' as I liked to call it. If you don't do 
    this part right, you can easily come out the other end flashing red. Here's one 
    of my best tactics for this level, which I call the 'side strafe'. If you drive 
    right up the center of the road, those STAPs will land a lot of hits on you, 
    you'll end up running into some, which will screw up your aiming, and you won't 
    even get many kills. I found that the better method is to drive off to the left 
    of the road, with your targeting sight angled back to the right so that your 
    shots cross the road. Now, try to shoot the STAPs as they move through your 
    line of fire. Once you get used to the timing, I think you'll find this method 
    will score you more kills and you'll take less damage than if you try to take 
    them head on. You should try to get around 5-6 kills here. The more the better, 
    but make sure you keep moving. 
    As you make your way up the road, the cutscene will play. 
    After the cutscene, try to hit the STAP moving to your left, then shoot the 
    first AAT (12 shots). Turn right and 2 STAPS will be coming right at you. Try 
    to hit one of them. Continue along, kill the next AAT along the ridge, and as 
    you're coming to the next AAT, you should see 2 STAPs crossing from left to 
    right in front of you if you've been going fast enough. Shoot them both, then 
    turn and kill the AAT. Now continue along, shooting any STAP that's coming at 
    you or that you're chasing. Now you'll see 2 more AATs, the one to your right 
    still moving into his firing position. Get right behind that one to kill him, 
    then kill the next one. Now there's more STAPs, try to kill as many as you can 
    without slowing down. You'll see the next AAT standing still straight ahead, 
    but if you kill him first, the next AAT will land some hits on you. So pass the 
    first one, kill the second AAT, then turn back to the first one. Continue on, 
    killing any STAPs you can. Hug the side of the hill to your right so that the 
    next AAT can't shoot you. Get behind him, shoot him, then kill the next AAT as 
    well. Now there should be 2 STAPs coming from your right, so shoot them and 
    turn back to the road. Another 2 STAPs will be coming together, and after you 
    kill them, you'll have to make your way through the final onslaught of STAPs. 
    On my medal run, I think I only got one or two of them, so if you've gotten a 
    lot of kills up to this point, worry more about not getting hit than anything 
    else here. Now there's just the last AAT on the bridge. If you're doing fine on 
    health, just charge him head on and he'll only land a couple hits before you 
    kill him. If you're in the red, try to kill him from far away. This is tough, 
    because it's hard to get your speeder on a flat surface because of how the 
    bridge is shaped. Once you kill him, you'll hopefully have that Platinum. 
    Walkthrough by snooozer
    -Use the flash speeder.
    -Kill the 1st part of the level as FAST as you can, esp. the first STAPs
    because the quicker you do that, the quicker those next 2 STAPs will come to
    shoot at the guy with the bonus. Kill these 2 *before* the speeder leaves. Now
    rush ahead & hold accelerate.
    -Shoot at any trees along the way to increase accuracy! This lets you miss 
    plenty of times w/o worrying about accuracy.
    -Speed ahead to the bonus, shooting at more trees along the way, and this part 
    is key, the quicker you get to the gate, the QUICKER THE GUY WILL OPEN IT. I 
    just discovered this. If you follow him or lead him there at his speed, he will 
    go slowww, however if you speed ahead to the gate he will get there much 
    quicker. Once you're at the gate fire at it NON-STOP to increase your accuracy
    big time. This is the big one folks, because I've done this until he opened the 
    gate, non-stop rapid fire, then missed LITERALLY HUNDREDS of shots later & 
    still had my accuracy be 59%. I know it's not good enough for the Plat but
    still, it shows you how much it helps if I really missed that many shots.
    -In the next part, here's my general strategy. Follow the trail killing any 
    STAPs I might see (usually only one or two this pass), once going around the 
    hill, bear right and start to get behind those STAPs coming from the houses 
    behind the hill. Now follow the STAPs and do a 180 loop around, killing as many
    as you can. Follow them back to the first house killing every stap you can 
    along the way (if your not a pro, go only for the ones that you are BEHIND, and
    start with the closest one to you). Now loop around again behind the last STAP 
    and repeat, killing every stap you can & head on the trail to Borvo's ship & 
    the cutscene. Since the STAPs regenerate, you might have left 1 or 2 behind (or
    5 or 6 if you haven't practiced this level already) but don't worry about it).
    -On the previous part of the level, where you first get to that "trail", 
    sometimes there will be ONE lone STAP there. Know what I mean? Sometimes he'll 
    be right in front of you when you get there, sometimes he'll be further along 
    the trail, and sometimes he'll just be getting to the house, before he loops 
    around on the trail. Most of the time he should be in killing range, and it's 
    just another automatic enemy to help add to the number of STAPs you can kill. 
    You have to kill about 34 THIRTY-FOUR STAPS IN THIS LEVEL. Looks like there are 
    a total of 10 AATs, and you need 44 kills, so yeah.
    Anyway my point was, depending on where that one Lone STAP is when you first 
    get to the trail, well that will directly affect where all the other STAPs are 
    further along the trail. Get what I'm saying? You just might have to play it a 
    couple times and get comfortable with their pattern, and killing enough to get 
    the required kills.
    I think that this little "loop around" that trail area is the only efficient 
    way of racking up the necessary 40-some odd kills every single try, because 
    there are just SO MANY STAPS.
    Back to the thing about that ONE lone STAP when you first get to the house, 
    affecting all the other STAPs, well, when I had my Platinum run, I noticed 
    something different about that 1st STAP. He was much further along the trail & 
    I didn't have to "wait" for him as much, and I was in a much better position 
    to loop around quickly, kill like 10-15 STAPs very, very quickly & then loop 
    around again and head up the trail. Cue cutscene. 
    A very good general tip:
    When you shoot STAPS coming AT YOU move the frig out of the way ! when you 
    blast them and they come towards you, often they will hit you and MAJORLY SLOW 
    YOU DOWN. doing this 1-2 or 3 times in the level and it severely adds to your 
    time, not to mention annoys the crap out of you. however, I had this happen to 
    me at least once or twice on my Platinum run.
    Walkthrough continued:
    -After the cutscene, DON'T use accelerate and DON'T use brakes. Just go at
    normal speed, aim for the AAT you see and fire at it NON-STOP rapid fire. It
    will die in 12-15 shots (actually that's just a guess) now accelerate to the
    right & fire a couple shots at the 2 STAPs coming TOWARDS you, but don't worry
    if you miss.
    Now kill the STAP that's a little bit ahead of you, going away from you and
    head for the next AAT. Take it out with blasters too, don't use accelerate or
    brake. Now keep going & if a STAP is in range, kill it. Now line yourself up
    with the 3rd AAT and there should be 2 STAPs coming in from the left, who will 
    eventually be in your line of sight with the AAT. Fire some blaster shots so it 
    hits the 2 STAPs when they cross your path, then accelerate a tad bit, fire 
    some blaster shots (only about 3-4) & fire your 1st missile at the AAT.
    -Now immediately accelerate fast & kill 2 STAPs moving away from you (unless 
    you killed them when they crossed your path), another STAP going away from you 
    & another one coming towards you. Go over the mini-hill now you can see further 
    ahead. 2 AATs will be headed to their positions. Bear right & start with the 
    one on the right. I used to turn around for this guy (since he usually flies 
    right past) but don't, it wastes too much time. Fire at it w/ blasters & use 
    your 2nd missile all on the same pass then immediately turn left & aim for the 
    2nd AAT. Aim & fire rapidly when you have a good shot, accelerate a little bit 
    but not ALL the way so that way it won't slow you down if it blows up near you, 
    once you're past that accelerate and follow the trail. Kill one STAP going away
    from you & another one heading towards you.
    -Then you will go down the hill and see a lone STAP on the grass headed towards
    you. Kill him if you can.
    -Like one person said, it's better to take a chance & fire a shot from far away
    than to waste time by waiting til you get in range. Fire at it from afar & move
    on... great strategy for this level.
    -There should be an AAT on a ledge far ahead of you, at the bottom of the hill 
    & to the left. Ignore this for now & instead bear right & look for the STAP 
    coming from the right and going towards you & to the left. Pick him off with 
    blasters (he's coming at an awkward angle, and so are you, cuz you can't hit
    him head on or you'll suffer energy loss) but you'll probably have to turn
    around, so start turning to get behind him almost as soon as you see him. that
    should allow you a couple good shots before you turn around & get behind him &
    finish him off with blasters. Now turn left to the AAT on the ledge you ignored
    before. Fire 3-4 blaster shots and use your 3rd missile. Now do about a 180 
    degree turn and head BACK on the trail. Kill the STAP coming towards you once 
    you are back on the trail heading the right way.
    -You should be approaching some trees followed by a left turn on a slight hill. 
    Fire at the trees once in range to increase accuracy. Now look past the trees, 
    coming from the left, going towards you is a STAP, shoot it and now to the 
    right of the trail is an "Incoming AAT!" (the guy says it). Kill this AAT 
    head on (he doesn't fire too much, and if you start off at a good angle he
    won't really hit you) with 3-4 blaster shots and your 4th missile. Now do a
    30-45 degree left turn & look for another AAT along a ledge. You should be 
    approaching this dude from the side. Fire blasters at it & use your 5th 
    missile. Turn right & head back for the trail, but in your turn right, point 
    the crosshairs a little to the left to kill the 2 incoming STAPs. Now look 
    ahead and you will see lots of STAPs, try to keep your eyes on the next pair of 
    2 STAPs, as they will be headed straight for you also. They're easy to kill. 
    There will be 2 STAPS that you see right away however these are MOST LIKELY not 
    the ones headed for you. They're usually the first ones you see but they are 
    headed AWAY since the other ones might not be there yet, cuz they're going up a 
    small hill. Now basically kill any STAPs you can, going mostly for the ones 
    that are grouped together and/or closest to you. As you start to reach the 
    bridge, a lot of the STAPS will be looping around from the right, so it's a
    good idea to be on the right and firing at them as they head left & start to
    loop around.
    -Don't slow down at this part no matter how many STAPs you miss just keep going
    straight. That is what I did on my Platinum run even though I was sure I didn't 
    get enough kills. Head on the bridge & if you still have plenty of life, go at 
    full acceleration, line yourself up with the AAT fire blasters and a missile. 
    It's a good idea to get off the blasters & missiles before you are close to it, 
    cuz if you accelerate at it too fast without killing it then it will fire at 
    you for one, and for two, eventually move out of the way (if you accelerated 
    too fast before shooting blasters + last missile). 
    Don't worry guys, I gave you PLENTY of extra kills. There's NO WAY I KILL EVERY
    SINGLE ONE OF THOSE ENEMIES any given time I play it. Each time I miss several 
    that's why I've memorized just about every STAP useful to kill. The only ones I 
    didn't mention are ones that appear at awkward times (like when you should be 
    killing an AAT instead) or ones that are too far out of range to bother with. 
    But the biggest barrage of STAPs (besides the first part of the level) is at
    the very end before the bridge, after the 2nd-to-last AAT. 
    Additional Tips
    #1 [by snooozer]
    One less kill. Concentrate on TIME (at least that's what I did). To tell you
    the truth, I didn't think i was going to get Plat this run because I had many
    missed shots at the tanks, which sucks on time when you use rapid fire & miss,
    I also had 1 missile miss a tank, I had to 'turn around' to kill tanks that
    only needed 1 more shot a couple times, and I missed lots of STAPs at the 
    end. I definitely didn't think i was anywhere close to the time (I was always
    at best just a few seconds away, but usually around 5:45) so I just kept going
    anyway, then shot the last tank. I knew i didn't have 45 kills but it's cool
    that you can get 44 kills. 
    #2 [by snooozer]
    Here's an important tip to better your time:
    -Once you kill the 2 STAPs attacking the guy who opens the gate for the BONUS, 
    don't follow him or wait for him and just ACCELERATE ahead to the gate (you can 
    shoot at it to increase your accuracy the whole time with rapid fire, but 
    anyway) and go all the way to the gate (RIGHT in front of it) then hold your 
    brakes. Now if you will notice, the guy will open the gate MUCH FASTER than 
    normal. I just discovered this. Watch your radar, at first he will be going the 
    normal speed, but as he gets closer & closer, he will start moving impeccably 
    fast. Look at your radar, you'll see that he moves about 15X the length of his 
    ship in like half a second!
    (Remember, the radar in this game is very sensitive when in a speeder. You'll 
    see something right next to you on your radar & it's still a good 5 seconds 
    away, at full acceleration). 
                               3.05  The Hutt's Retreat
    Official Platinum Requirements
        Time: 3:38
       Kills: 38
    Accuracy: 56%
       Saves: 15
       Bonus: 0
       Lives: 3
    Walkthrough by snooozer
    Start out with the Flash speeder. It is faster catching up with those droid
    STAPS in the beginning of the level, and it really helps when you have to turn
    around and zoom back to the hangar. 
    Kill the first 2 STAP droids you see, there will be some more ahead of you but
    you can't kill them (out of range). So let your buddies kill them. Keep going
    and when you reach the hangar, don't go in it just yet, make a right turn and
    you will see more STAP droids, who are far off in the distance but are actually
    headed towards you. Kill as many of them as you can yourself (get to them
    before your wingmates do, or you won't get the Enemy kills). Kill all of them
    or all but one of them then immediately turn around, fly into the hangar and
    get the N-1.
    Fly to where the ship is at, by this time, any droid fighters that were there 
    have already been shot down, don't worry about it, it was only 1 or 2 of them. 
    What you need to do is keep going and fire a cluster missile, killing all of 
    those Proximity Mines. There's about 5 of them so that will bring your enemy 
    count up. Proceed (don't wait for Borvo's ship) and kill the laser turret 
    there, fly over that hill, keep going and you will see some enemy fighters. Use 
    a cluster or 2 to take care of them. Keep going and you will come along some 
    more fighters, use another cluster to take care of 3 out of 4 of them (the 4th 
    will be out of range of the cluster), so use your blasters on the 4th. Proceed 
    again over this hill as fast as you can, there are 2 laser turrets on the 
    ground on the other side. If you do not get to this part fast enough, one of 
    your other fighters will have already taken them out, thus leaving you with 2 
    less enemy kills. So get to them fast and take them out. Next take out the 2 
    AATs on the ground, then 2 more AATs at the base. Then 2 droid fighters coming
    from the other end of the base. Then an animation sequence will play and take
    you to the final base, where you get the N-1s. Fly in, take out 4 laser turrets
    on each corner, and 2 AATs roaming around, along with 2 or so droid fighters in
    the sky and you're all done! 
    Walkthrough by snooozer
    Pick the Flash (speed). Kill the first 2 STAPs you see, the ones that are
    closest to you, and ignore the rest which are out of range, & will be taken out
    by your wingman. On your way to the hangar shoot at the hangar to increase your
    accuracy a little. 
    Take out the N-1 & fly straight ahead, and fire 1 cluster at all the STAPs on 
    the ground. Now on the next part, there's a trigger that will KILL Borvo's 
    ship, so here's what to do. Before you take out all the mines, wait for Borvo's 
    ship to get there. So once you get to the area, hop on the tail of a fighter or 
    something, or do a loop around, then Borvo's ship should be stopped so fire 1 
    cluster at the mines and move on. 
    Bear left around this turn and shoot your blasters at the Laser turret on the 
    ground before the hill. Now go over the hill and bear left, and go straight. 
    There will be a droid starfighter flying straight at you. Line yourself up & 
    kill him w/ blasters (don't turn around if you miss). Keep going straight & 
    there's 3 more fighters so fire 1 cluster to take them all out. Do a 90 degree 
    right turn & you see the 2nd group of mines. Fire a cluster and accelerate 
    Now as you come up to this part, there'll be 4 fighters. If you get the proper 
    angle coming around that mountain, you can get all 4 with 1 Cluster (even 
    though you might only see 1 or 2 DSFs on your screen, they're still in range). 
    If you only get 3 don't worry about it, just keep going straight and kill the 
    4th one w/ blasters (if you wait too long sometimes that 4th one is out of 
    range). Now go over the hill and there might be 2 Laser turrets there, 
    depending on how fast you were up until this point. If you were too slow, your 
    wingmen took them out. If he did, don't worry about it, but if the Turrets are 
    there fire a cluster to destroy them. Now turn left & there will be 2 AATs on 
    the ground. Use another cluster to kill them both and proceed forward. 
    Once you get to the base, 2 more AATs one more cluster to take care of these 
    guys. Now, from the rear end of the base will be a bomber coming. Take him out 
    w/ blasters and once you kill him, there will be a 2nd bomber coming from where 
    the first one was. Kill him w/ blasters too. Now wait for the cutscene. 
    Final base. Go straight & turn right, kill the first turret you see w/ blasters 
    (kill all 4 turrets in this part w/ blasters). Now go around the building and 
    head straight & you'll see an AAT on the ground. Fire 1 cluster and it will 
    take out the AAT on the ground and 1-2 fighters in the sky (if you get the 
    right angle). Keep going & take out 2nd laser turret. Do another left turn & 
    take out 3rd turret, then turn again go straight & destroy 4th turret. Now loop 
    around back to the way you entered, find the remaining AAT and any remaining 
    fighters and destroy them. Use clusters if you have any left. 
    Additional Tips
    #1 [by snooozer]
    I don't even think I got hit once, those clusters are invaluable. You take out
    like 3 or 4 fighters before they can even *touch* you. I swear man, follow the
    exact route that I described in my notes, and I guarantee you'll get a
    After you take out that first ground Laser Turret in the level and fly over the 
    hill, and after you take out the set of fighters there, turn right and you will 
    see a 2nd set of Proximity Mines. Fire away at them with a single Cluster 
    torpedo. This will bring up your enemy count another 5 kills and also bring up 
    your accuracy (5 shots out of 5... remember guys, when a Cluster missile splits 
    up, each individual missile counts as a separate shot). This is what you need 
    for the Platinum. 
    After destroying the Proximity mines don't waste any time getting to the next 
    set of ships. Remember, don't sit and wait around for Borvo's ship, just move
    it and follow your radar!
    #2 [by snooozer]
    As for the 2nd set of mines, the only other thing I can tell you is that right
    before you get to the mines, there are a few sets of fighters... maybe you're
    missing some of them? They're hard to see against the white-colored background
    of the mountaintops. Maybe you're missing something earlier in the level?
    #3 [by Pollo Frito]
    Also, I figured out FOR SURE what the stupid trigger is that kills the Hutt's
    ship. I tested this a few times, so I know it is 100%.
    What happens is, no matter WHAT, you don't get to battle the final "base" until
    Borvo catches up to the landing strip (where the second group of 2 AATs is)
    Knowing this, I took my time through the level. I even missed a couple STAPs,
    and the second fighter at the beginning of the level. Anyways, the trick is,
    SET OF MINES. Do this by taking them out with your lasers. This increases your
    accuracy slightly as well. Once he gets there and stops, blast the last mine,
    and you're home free. I tried getting through with a cluster before he even
    gets there. After that I would practically hold his hand through next part, but
    he would die regardless of what happened. Also, he ALWAYS dies right before
    getting over the ridge. Odd..... Anywho, just thought I'd let you know. I'm
    SOOOOOO happy!!! Once again, thanks everyone. Onto Borvo The Hutt... (So I can
    blast his ass out of the sky for putting me through sooooo much frustration.)
    #4 [by Pollo Frito]
    You don't need to kill the turrets to get the minimum kills. As for the STAPs,
    you should only have to kill the first two from the first group (first one is
    heading towards you, second one is heading away). After you get to the second
    group, fire a cluster before you're directly over them and you'll have gotten
    #5 [by Pollo Frito]
    I meant to add that you change to the N1 as soon as you get to the hangar. 
    After that you can fire that cluster I mentioned into the second group of 
    STAPs. From here, you'll round the next corner and see a droid fighter RIGHT in 
    front of you. QUICKLY take it out with your lasers. From here, make sure that 
    you let the Hutt stop for a second before you finish off the first group of 
    mines (see the posts that I mentioned before). This way, the Hutt's ship won't 
    #6 [by snooozer]
    First, remember to use Pollo's advice on the trigger so Borvo's ship doesn't
    blow up. Besides that, here's what you do. ONLY use blasters when I say 
    to, & use Clusters for EVERYTHING ELSE. You should not have any trouble getting
    the required 56% accuracy. 
    If Accuracy is still a problem, try shooting at one of those stands that holds 
    the Laser turrets. It's not an enemy, but usually if you continuously fire at 
    something like that, it'll bring up your accuracy.
    DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT fire at any of the bunkers there at the base, since 
    those are all friendly bunkers & that is what the AATs & bombers are trying to 
    destroy. Only fire at those stands that the Laser turrets were on. 
                              3.06  Disruption of Comm 4
    Official Platinum Requirements
        Time: 4:50
       Kills: 49
    Accuracy: 84%
       Saves: 4
       Bonus: 0
       Lives: 3
    Walkthrough by snooozer
    1. As soon as you start the level, turn left at somewhere between a 45°-90°
    angle, so your ship is pointed just to the left of the Droid Control ship
    waaaay off in the distance. This is important because it saves A LOT of 
    time, instead of just waiting for your radar to point you in the right
    As soon as you get to the satellite, or as soon as you start seeing the massive 
    amount of red dots on your radar, hit the brakes & slow down to minimum speed. 
    Right here is where I'm going to give you one of the best tips for this level,
    it will help your accuracy, your enemy kills, & your completion time. Fire only
    TWO shots each at Proximity Mines. I know it takes only 1 shot to kill them, 
    but just trust me on this, it's the most efficient way to kill them. If you
    follow this strategy you'll have the Platinum in no time.
    So anyway, upon entering the area of the 1st satellite, immediately hold your 
    brakes, & kill any/all Proximity Mines along the way. At this point (with your 
    brakes on) you will be far away from the mines on the screen, but just fire 2 
    shots at it. Let me see if I can explain this. No matter how good your aim is, 
    when you're at that distance from a mine, firing just one shot will not hit it,
    probably cuz it's too far away. HOWEVER, no matter how far away you are or how
    poor your aim is, if you fire 2 consecutive shots you WILL take the sucker down.
    I tested this theory before making this post, by aiming at 'em as poorly as I
    can, shaking the crosshairs all over the screen, & no matter how far away I was
    from a given mine, if I fired 2 shots, they always blew up. This is the key for 
    those enemy kills, since they're not really moving targets & since they're 
    really easy to kill. Don't spend too much time on the mines though, or you
    won't have enough time to finish the level. Anyway, in between killing all
    these mines, you should be constantly firing at the satellite, with your brakes
    on so you can get in as many shots as possible. Doing this correctly, it is
    possible to take the satellites out in your 1st pass.
    Another efficient strategy is... Once you get to the satellite area, don't put
    your brakes on just yet, & just kill every mine you can see, & kind of go in a 
    360 degree pattern taking out all the surrounding mines in your viewpoint
    (don't go overboard by looking above & below u too, only kill the ones that are
    either visible on the screen or really close to you). Remember, only fire 2
    shots & you will take them down. Then once you have all the visible mines
    destroyed, get far away, turn around, hold your brakes at minimum speed, & fire
    away at the satellite. So that way, your 1st pass is all mines going at normal
    speed, then your 2nd pass is ALL shots at the satellite going at slow speed.
    Here are 2 other things I forgot to mention:
    -Don't use any of your clusters yet.
    -Don't kill ANY fighters yet (it will slow you down & lessen your accuracy).
    Once you kill the 1st satellite, move on to the 2nd one. The 1st satellite is 
    at a normal elevation. You should be able to see the VERY TIPPITY-TOP edge of
    the planet Naboo at the bottom of your screen. The 2nd satellite is at a lower
    elevation than the first one, so point your ship down a little bit, so that way 
    you can see the planet Naboo at the bottom of your screen, so that it should be
    covering the lower 1/6 portion of your TV screen.
    The 3rd satellite is at a VERY high elevation. On your way to the 3rd
    satellite, see if you can find your fellow wingmates, look up high in the sky & 
    notice they are all flying way above you. Get up there & then you will be
    properly lined up with the last satellite.
    2. Once at the 2nd satellite, the strategy is mostly the same, except for a few
    things. Do the same thing you did on the 1st satellite, except now, initially
    there will be A LOT LESS visible mines on the screen. Don't fret, there are 
    mines there, but you should use your 1st pass mostly for the satellite, but
    don't completely destroy it yet. Look at your radar & watch for a MASSIVE
    formation of fighters coming in. There's probably a total of about 10 fighters
    in 1 formation. There should be an initial group of 3 at the front, 4 more
    barely trailing behind, & then 3 more at the back. This swarm of fighters is
    what you need to get your kills up. Make sure you fire a cluster or 2 at the
    fighters in the FRONT of the formation. DO NOT get behind the last set of 3
    fighters & fire a cluster then, cuz it'll only hit those 3 & the rest will be
    out of range. What I usually do is watch my radar, then fly in at an angle
    where they can't shoot me, but I still have the main 7 fighters in front in
    range, then fire the cluster & immediately turn & get behind the last 3
    fighters, & take them out with lasers.
    Blow up a few more mines & keep blasting the satellite. Keep watching your 
    radar, cuz there's gonna be a SECOND enemy fighter formation. Kill these guys 
    the same way you killed the 1st ones. Those 2 formations alone should give you
    like 20 kills. Also, in this area, there are LOTS of enemies so if you see
    around 5+ targets in range, then fire a cluster to up your kill count even
    more. Make sure you save AT LEAST 5 clusters for the end of the level (once all
    3 satellites are down). 
    3. At the 3rd satellite, your strategy is still mostly the same, but a little 
    changed. Here are the key points to remember about this last area:
    There are loads of enemies and PLENTY of fighters, however, this time, there 
    are almost no enemy formations, instead all the fighters are scattered 
    everywhere & always shooting at you. It's easy to avoid a huge group of
    fighters in a formation but it's hard to avoid a massive amount of single
    fighters all flying different patterns. If you get 5+ targets in range, fire a
    Most important thing to remember about the 3rd satellite: take out the 
    satellite FIRST & FOREMOST. Take this one out faster than either of the 1st 
    two. Mainly for 2 reasons: 1) the enemies in this area are all scattered & this 
    is where it's easiest to get shot down, so be careful & 2) to make up for your 
    slack time for the 1st 2 satellite areas. You don't have much time to get the 
    Platinum, & you can take out the 1st 2 satellites at a moderate pace, but don't 
    waste any time with the 3rd one! Take it out & get the f%ck outta there! 
    (You should have 5 clusters left for this part.)
    Now for the end, the easiest part - just follow this to the letter. As soon as 
    the final communication satellite appears on your screen, pull on the brakes 
    hard & slow down to minimum speed. Do this while FAR AWAY from it, you don't
    want to get hit by any missiles. So immediately brake & aim for the 2 Missile
    turrets on top of the platform. You kinda have to know where they are cuz from
    this far away, you really won't be able to see them very well. Take out both of
    the ones on top & then start firing at the 2 on the bottom (you probably won't
    hit them from that angle, but it's okay, you'll still hit the communication
    Slowly let off the brakes & accelerate, & as soon as you're in range QUICKLY
    fire 2 clusters & make a FAST HARD RIGHT TURN to get the hell outta there
    before those remaining Missile turrets lock on to you (there are also a couple
    Missile turrets on the other side, that's why I told you to go right). Once you
    get far enough away where you think you're out of the turret's range, TURN LEFT
    & do a 180, & head back to the satellite shield generator. This time you should
    be going at it from another angle, & now you can see those Missile Turrets that
    were on it's back side. Accelerate FAST & as SOON as you're in range, QUICKLY
    fire your last 3 clusters, wait for them to hit the target & you're done.
    Walkthrough by snooozer
    The really easy way:
    First, shoot at the giant shielded central satellite. Shoot at it with rapid 
    fire for at least TWO PASSES. It works out to something like every 5 shots = 1 
    kill. You can keep shooting at it to reach something like 200 kills. 49 kills 
    are required for Platinum. Once you've shot at it for like 2 passes, fly to the 
    tan moon off in the distance to the right of the shield. You will soon approach 
    a minefield and what WOULD have been the 3rd and last satellite. Fly until the 
    mines start shooting at you then immediately do a 180 and fly BACK to the 
    central satellite, except now the shields will be down! You should have all 10 
    clusters left so let 'em loose and you should have the Plat. 
                                  3.07  Glacial Grave
    Official Platinum Requirements
        Time: 6:03
       Kills: 77
    Accuracy: 89%
       Saves: 4
       Bonus: 1
       Lives: 3
    Walkthrough by skeenan
    First of all - the turrets on this level only need 5 laser blasts, and 
    the missile launchers need 8. From the start, kill the 3 turrets and 1 ML 
    (missile launcher) on the first platform. They don't need as many hits since 
    your wingmen softened them up. Shoot everything on the second platform, then 
    fire a cluster at the third. Finish off the ML if only one of your missiles hit 
    it, then fire your second cluster into the minefield. Shoot as many more mines 
    as you can while braking (I got 4 more) but don't compromise your accuracy. 
    Now, this next part takes practice but you need to be able to do it on full 
    acceleration. Shoot the turrets on the next two platforms from right to left so 
    that you're to the left of the second platform when you're done. Remember, only 
    5 shots each. There is some auto-aiming help if you have your targeting sight 
    close enough.
    Now you're coming up on the platform with the building on it. First get the 
    turret on the corner closest to you (left) then the one behind it. Dive down to 
    get the one on the water and then you'll be coming right at the ML. Don't try 
    to shoot it at first, you have to juke the missile (I do this with a full 
    acceleration banked turn about 50 degrees right, then I yank it back so that 
    I've got a shot) then kill it. Pull a 180 fast and kill the last turret on the 
    platform and the other one in the water (5 total around that platform) go 
    through the little valley just to the left of the platform and if you've been 
    going fast enough, you should meet 3 droid starfighters (DSFs) head on. Give 
    them your 3rd cluster. Now follow the path left and kill the mine, then brake 
    and kill the ML before you fly over it. Kill the next two mines, and right 
    about now someone will yell ''incoming droid starfighters!''. This part is key. 
    Dive low and 3 DSFs will come out from the right and pass right over you.
    You should be low so they fly over you, then circle behind them by turning left
    and now you should see a total of 5 together. 
    As soon as they do (check radar), make a hard banked turn left and now you
    should see 5 DSFs on your screen. Let loose your 4th cluster to kill them all. 
    Now move into the next arena and make sure you come in high. Fire your 5th 
    cluster to take out some mines as you fly towards the right side of the 
    platform. Once those hit the mines, look down and fire your 6th cluster right 
    at the platform and it should kill 3 of the turrets. Watch and see if one of 
    those clusters hits a boat that's coming into view from the right of the 
    platform. If it does, finish him off. Now turn right, away from the platform, 
    then 180 back to kill the last turret on the backside and any mines that are 
    still floating around. Don't mess with the DSFs here.
    Now head through the exit and to the right towards the powerup. Kill the first 
    two turrets. Turn towards the buildings. Shoot a few shots at the building with 
    firing your 7th cluster. Juke the missile, BRAKE, kill the ML, blow up the 
    building collect the powerup and bank turn hard to the left out of there. This 
    should all be done in one pass, the cluster should kill everything but the ML. 
    Go to the right and follow along the river. Use your 8th cluster to kill the 
    two boats and at least one of the turrets that surrounds the building. Shoot 
    the other turrets and head towards the last area, using the right path. 
    Come in low and kill the first turret that's near the hanger. Juke the missile 
    if you have to (It may be chasing a wingman), aim up and kill the ML. Now brake 
    and bank down the the left to kill the other turret. Fly towards the dam, fire 
    your 9th cluster to kill the turrets, and some of the mines beyond the dam. Fly 
    over the dam and try to shoot the remaining mines. They only need one hit each. 
    You can't fly all the way out to them though, since there's an invisible wall 
    there. Now fly back towards the hanger and you should be able to use your last 
    cluster on two boats and a floating turret. Fly to the right of the hanger, 
    shoot the shield generator and fly in. Take the boat out, and you may get to 
    kill one last enemy boat to your right. Hit the gas and blow up the dam. 
    Walkthrough by snooozer
    Kill first platform, then next one, then fire 1st cluster at 3rd platform.
    Finish off Missile launcher w/ a few blaster shots, then fire another cluster
    at all the mines. Take out any remaining mines w/ 2 shots each that are in your
    line of sight. Now turn left and skip this platform and go to the next one.
    Take out both turrets here.
    Now you'll get to the first major platform (with a building on it). Kill the 
    Laser turret closest to you (it's on the left side of the platform), then go 
    around the platform to the right, line up with the Missile turret, turn hard 
    right to avoid the missile, then kill it with blasters. Do a 180 to the left, 
    line up with the platform and fire a cluster to destroy all remaining 
    turrets/enemies here. Now 3 fighters should show up any time, get behind & take 
    em out with blasters (sometimes your wingmen might get one of the kills). 
    Remember 2 shots each for DSFs).
    Now head to the little alcove where there's a mine high above a hidden Missile
    turret. You should be coming at this area from BEHIND. Kill the mine then kill
    the missile turret. If you're coming from behind, the missile turret will be
    unaware to your presence and you don't have to worry about getting hit by a
    missile. Now take out the next 2 mines and this part is key. 3 fighters will
    come in from the right and you'll hear "incoming droid starfighters!". Do a 180
    and now there should be 5 fighters in range.
    Fire a cluster. Now 2 more fighters will come from behind you, find them and 
    take them both out with blasters. Now move to the next area, once you get close 
    to this platform (2nd platform with building on it) fire a cluster, then come 
    at it from another angle and fire another cluster to finish off all the turrets 
    here. Hopefully your 2 clusters locked on to some boats, mines, etc as well. 
    Now head towards the bonus. Take out the first 2 laser turrets w/ blasters, 
    then fire a cluster at everything else, juke the missile, and finish it off 
    with blasters. Now use heavy blasters at the building to get the bonus. Should 
    all be done in 1 pass. Now head upriver and you should see a boat below you. 
    You're coming from behind it so it's easy to take it out w/ blasters. Now
    you're coming to a round building with 3 turrets around it, and 2 boats in the
    water. Fire a cluster and you should be able to hit all 3 turrets, and weaken
    the 2 boats. Finish off the 2 boats w/ a few shots each now head to the final
    once you're there, immediately fire a cluster, juke the missile, finish it off
    with blasters. Finish off the 2 remaining turrets (one on the other side of the 
    shielded hangar, the other turret in the water), and head towards the eventual 
    exit of the level. Kill the turret on the left, and make sure you're at a high 
    elevation. Point down at the mines that are FURTHEST AWAY and fire your last 
    cluster. This is what helps you get 78-81 enemies in only 5:24, since you don't 
    have to waste time in other parts of the level. Now do a 180, fire at some 
    accuracy increasers (the shield, the building where the ML was, and the 
    platforms that the Laser turrets were on) then take out the generator. Do a 180 
    and go into the hangar and take out the boat. Use your bombs quickly to get rid 
    of all Gunboats in the area. Unless you have a REALLY GOOD SHOT, the boats
    won't be destroyed by just 1 bomb. So either fire 2 bombs or 1 bomb + a couple
    blaster shots. Now head towards the exit and if you don't think your accuracy
    is good enough, kill the blockade there with lasers instead of a bomb. Make
    sure to get the turret on the right side too, the one you left behind earlier.
    If you missed any mines here earlier (hopefully the ones closest to you) then
    fire a couple bombs to take them out for extra kills.
    With this method I get 81 kills, and I usually miss some kills anyway so you 
    can miss quite a few.
    Some extra things on Glacial Grave:
    5 shots for laser turret, 8 for missile launcher. And ALL platforms can be shot 
    at to increase your accuracy. So if you're high elevation, don't worry about 
    missing shots to laser turrets on a platform. For the most part you won't have 
    time to use much accuracy increasers though, except for those ones at the final 
    area. It pays to be a good shot. :P
    You can also fire blasters at the 2 buildings in the area of the bonus to 
    increase accuracy too, just be careful you don't die, cuz you're pretty blind
    when you're trying to get the bonus (it's hard to see where the building is in
    front of you, and it's easy to crash into it).
    Walkthrough by Pizza The Hutt
    I had the hardest time with accuracy. Remember that it takes 5 shots to destroy
    a turret and 8 to destroy a missile turret. Also don't fire a cluster unless
    you have at least 4 or more enemies in the screen. Here is a short walkthrough
    which is a summary of what I did when I got Platinum.
    First off turn to your right and fire a cluster. If you time it right you will 
    destroy everything on that platform if you time it wrong a missile will hit Hol 
    Hotha and you'll receive on less kill. Next floor it to the next platform on 
    the left and fire a cluster. Now finish off the droid starfighter with 
    blasters. Now fire a cluster at the final platform. If you time it right you 
    should destroy the turrets, weaken the missile turret and get 2 mines too. Now 
    finish off the missile turret with cannons. Now look up and take out 6 mines 
    with a cluster. Continue forward, take out as many mines as you see left with 
    cannons (2 shots a piece), around 3 or 4. Now floor it straight forward to the
    ship. Set a collision course with the closest Droid Starfighter. When your 
    about 10 feet from him fire a cluster. You should take out all 3 fighters and 
    all 3 turrets in the water. Now pull a U-turn. 
    Head over the mountains and take out the 2 turrets on the platform (5 shots a 
    piece). Now you should hear your wingmen complaining that the turrets are 
    active and the platform lights should come on. Now take out the 2 turrets on 
    the next platform. Now comes the tricky part. If your wingmen are way behind 
    you then great. If not then I'll explain what to do later. If your wingmen are 
    way behind then take out the 3 turrets on the platform (one to the right, one 
    to the left, and one in the back left corner, I could be wrong there may only 
    be two on the left side) and the one in the water with cannons. Then gun it to 
    the missile turret. Go normal speed and floor it when you see the missile come 
    out at you. Dodge it and hit the brakes and kill the turret then gun it and U-
    turn off to the left. If you do it right the missile will come down directly 
    above you and miss and hit the ground. Now your wingmen should say ''we have 
    visitors''. 3 starfighters will come out. Fire a cluster in their direction and 
    it should take out them and the remaining 2 turrets. If you were too late and 
    your wingmen were with you then just take them out in the beginning and it 
    should take out the 3 turrets and 3 starfighters. 
    After you're done here, move on to the mountain up ahead and turn off to the 
    left. You should see a mine high up in the air. 2 shots. Now continue left and 
    slow down. Shoot the Missile turret with 8 shots. Now look up and shoot the 2 
    mines, 2 shots a piece. Now gun it forward. You should see 3 starfighters come 
    in from your right and 2 from your left. Get behind them and when they get 
    together fire a cluster. Now kill the 2 fighters coming out of the valley. Turn 
    around after you've annihilated them and take the shortcut through the 
    mountain. When you see the next platform in sight, fire a cluster. It should 
    take out 3 turrets on the platform and 3 mines. Finish the remaining 2 mines 
    and the final turret. Now take off after that bonus. Take out the 2 turrets on 
    the cliffs and head towards the missile turret. When your in range fire a 
    cluster. It should kill the boat the 2 turrets weaken the building and weaken 
    the missile turret. Finish the missile turret and turn around. Head forward a 
    bit and then turn around finish off the building and grab the bonus. 
    After that follow the river and take out the boat in the water. Now take out 
    the 3 turrets around the building. Now take off and follow the river way to the 
    last area. When you get close take out the turret on the pedestal and then 
    dodge the missile turrets shot. Now take it out and then take out the turret on 
    the other pedestal. Now head towards the dam. Fire a cluster which should take 
    out both turrets and 4 mines. Now take out the shield generator and switch to 
    the boat. When your in the boat take out the turret and then shoot 7 shots at 
    the wall to take it out. Now just hope you made it in time. 
    Additional Tips
    #1 [by jpl]
    Just a few different strategies for the beginning of Glacial Grave - I 
    don't shoot at the first platform at all - I just accelerate full speed ahead 
    but moving off to the right a bit - if you're to the right you can find an 
    angle where you can turn back to the left and have both the second and third 
    platforms in view - fire a cluster - it kills the three on the left and the two 
    turrets on the right - then you need to take out the ML on the third platform 
    with your lasers. Then pop off two clusters (wait for the first cluster to hit 
    before you fire the second cluster or you'll be wasting some of your shots -
    also if you're not far enough forward parts of the cluster will impact the 
    platform without killing anything as there are mines below the platform that 
    they home on). Then I fly straight ahead to the area with the large H ship and 
    using the technique that someone posted here I get a little low and go straight 
    at the nearest fighter coming my way - one properly aimed cluster should take 
    out several fighters and all the turrets - don't wait to find out - head back 
    the way you came.
    This is where I play it two ways depending on whats available - look at your 
    radar - if there are a lot of mines still left in the original area turn that 
    way and use a cluster for quick kills with high accuracy - immediately head 
    toward the next area killing at least two of the turrets that are on the two 
    platforms on the way - (if there are only a couple of mines skip this and go 
    straight at the turrets on the platforms).
    I enter the area through the main entrance staying left - as I remember it if 
    you stay close to the left wall and turn hard right just as you cross over a 
    small spit of land you can take out all of the turrets on the platform and in 
    the water with one cluster - this means you don't have to even go at the ML in 
    this area - so I just head straight for the next area (the one in between this 
    platform area and the next) by flying right over the killed platform - take out 
    the flying mine and the ML below it (you can keep an eye on the three fighters 
    in your radar and at some point in here you can just flip around and take them 
    out with a cluster).
    From there on I pretty much follow the walkthrough and snoozer's advice. If you 
    need more kills make sure that you are taking out the far mines behind the dam 
    at the last area i.e. kill both turrets with lasers and then one cluster or 
    kill the mines from the sky with the N-1 (just the far ones - you can get the 
    close ones from the gunboat with no problem.)
                               3.08  The Andrevea River
    Official Platinum Requirements
        Time: 5:18
       Kills: 54
    Accuracy: 83%
       Saves: 0
       Bonus: 0
       Lives: 3
    Walkthrough by skeenan
    Man, I had almost given up on this level. Despite what others have said, this
    was extremely difficult to get Platinum on. Hopefully it will be easier for
    everyone else now that you at least know what stats to shoot for.
    Here we go...
    I think accuracy is the biggest problem on this level. Some helpful tips that 
    you may already know- mines need 2 shots to kill from far away, but 
    occasionally, if you get close enough and they start coming towards your boat 
    they only need one. All of the laser turrets (LTs from here on) and missile 
    launchers (MLs from here on) only need 3 shots to kill. 
    At the start of the level, don't hit the gas right away, and turn to your right 
    to shoot the first mine, then turn left to get the next one, then you should 
    have enough room to accelerate as you shoot the next two (I'll keep a running 
    kill count here- K#4) From here on you should have the accelerator held down 
    all the way up to the cutscene. Shoot the next mine (K#5)and as you come around 
    the bend you should be able to see 3 more. Important- if you come in at the 
    wrong angle, the 2 right most ones will be lined up behind each other and for 
    some reason this can screw up your auto aiming. Instead, be a little more to 
    the left and then the closest one should be off to the right. Kill it, and then 
    the next one (K#7), but leave the 3rd one for now. Bank turn to your right to 
    kill the LT and then turn back left to shoot the mine (K#9). Shoot the next 2 
    mines (K#11) and then hug the left river bank as you come up on the next LT. If 
    you haven't noticed yet, the LTs on this level fire two shots and then they 
    have to pause before they can shoot again. Use this to your advantage here. 
    Listen for the 2 shots, and then turn to your left and shoot the LT (K#12). Now 
    you'll be coming to a fork in the river. You'll be going down the right path, 
    but first shoot the closest mine and then turn left and shoot the 2 mines that 
    are down the left fork. Try to get them from far away (K#15). Now do a quick 
    banked turn to the right and shoot the LT that's sitting there, then drive down 
    the right fork and kill the next 2 mines (K#18). Again, hug the left river bank 
    while the next LT fires his 2 shots and then come around and kill him (K#19). 
    Now the first cutscene will play. After that, you'll be coming at a line of 5 
    mines blocking your way. On full acceleration you should have time to shoot 
    them all from right to left before you get too close. This may take some 
    practice. Note that the left most mine only requires one shot to kill, possibly 
    because it gets damaged by the explosion of its neighbor. (K#24) Now shoot the 
    next mine and if you've been quick enough, you should be right behind the droid 
    bomber that's flying over you. Aim carefully and bring him down with two shots 
    and then kill the last mine in the channel (K#27).
    As you come into the first open area, be looking to the left for the LTs 
    sitting on top of the prison camp. Shoot the left one and then turn left and 
    kill the next LT and the power generator that it's guarding (#30) Bank turn 
    right and kill that other LT that's on top of the first prison camp, then 
    continue along that side of the river and shoot 2 mines that have been dropped 
    in the water (#33). Now let off the gas and look over to the right to shoot a 
    LT that's on top of a hanger, then turn left again to shoot the last 2 LT's in 
    this area- one is on top of the prison camp and the other is right in front of 
    the 2nd power generator (K#36). Don't blow the generator yet, or the cutscene 
    will play. You need 5 more kills before you leave this area so backtrack and 
    start shooting more mines that are being dropped by some funky looking ship 
    that's flying around. I wouldn't shoot at the bombers unless you have a perfect 
    angle, because you can't afford wasted shots. After you get 5 more kills blow 
    up the generator (K#42) The second cutscene will play. 
    This next part can really screw up your accuracy if you're not careful. Try to 
    land one shot on the boat as he's leaving the gate, but make sure you drive 
    enough to the left so that when you come through the gate you've got a good 
    angle on the first mine that he drops. Shoot it and then chase after the boat. 
    Don't try to hit him yet, you'll get a better chance later. Follow him to the 
    left and shoot the next mine he drops before it even hits the water (takes 
    practice). Now as he's making his right turn you should try to land 2 or 3 hits 
    on him but aim carefully. I found that aiming down just a hair improved my 
    accuracy here. Now, let him go for the moment and get behind the other gunboat. 
    Try to kill this one quickly, but watch your accuracy as you'll tend to shoot 
    over him if you're right behind him. Now you'll see that first gunboat going 
    down the left pass. Shoot the mine that he drops but then you take the right 
    path, shooting the mine in your way (K#47) Now, he should come into your screen 
    from the left. Aim carefully and drop a bomb on him, and if you've already 
    damaged him enough, it should sink him (K#48). Now you're coming up on the last 
    Remember, only 3 shots per target here. As soon as your 3rd shot it on its way, 
    you should be pivoting to your next target. Even with full acceleration you 
    should be able to kill almost everything before you're in range. If a ML and a 
    LT are close together, shoot the LT first obviously. Don't try to shoot any 
    bombers or gunboats here. Shoot the LT on the gate then move on to the MLs that 
    you can see on the far bank. Kill them from right to left. The order should be: 
    2 MLs, 1 LT, 1 ML (K#53) Continue down the right side and shoot the next ML/LT 
    pair. Now turn to the left and shoot the LT that's on the island (K#56), then 
    turn more to the left to shoot the next ML/LT pair (K#58). Go farther and 
    you'll shoot another LT alone on an island then look on the left bank and shoot 
    a lone ML (K#60). For the next part make sure you're not too close to the bank 
    or your shots might get blocked by the docks. You'll shoot two ML/LT pairs that 
    are in front of the big building. You may need to aim up just a hair for the 
    second of those LTs since your shots can get blocked by the bank (K#64) Now 
    bank hard right and shoot another LT that's on an island (K#65) and then hit 
    the brakes and finish the level using the turret aiming. Kill the last three 
    pairs of ML/LTs from right to left to get your last six kills. If you stopped 
    in the right place, you should be out of their range but still be able to hit 
    them. (K#71!) That's it!
    Walkthrough by Zefram42
    Okay, here's my walkthru for Andrevea River. It makes one assumption: that you
    know the level pretty well already (enough to get gold). 
    TIP: For this level, turn the brightness on your TV all the way up. You can see 
    SO MUCH better. You can pick out the mines easier, and see all the turrets etc 
    much earlier, I found this makes life much much easier. So just do it. 
    When you first start out, stop and shoot all mines in site. Each will take two 
    shots, so when you get that cursor over a mine, just let loose two shots and 
    don't wait for the first to hit. Now speed forward. In this first part, don't 
    worry too much about time; however, don't dawdle either. Your main focus in 
    this part should be not getting hit by any mines. When you come to a turret, I 
    read somewhere that they fire twice and then stop for a second, and that's when 
    to attack. I personally never bothered with this, as it was time doing nothing, 
    and the blasters don't hurt you that much: plus, they'll often miss. I usually 
    just charge them. They take three shots apiece. When you come to a fork, always 
    take the right path. Now assuming that 59 kills is the minimum(its not known 
    for sure yet), at the second fork there are two mines at the entrance to the 
    left fork. Kill these, but then swerve back to the right fork and take out the 
    turret. Don't shoot the bombers when they come! You want the first base 
    ''asleep'' when you get there. When you get to the line of mines, because I'm 
    always coming around the corner, I see and shoot the far right one first. Then 
    I stop and take them out from right to left. The second mine from the right 
    will only take one shot. If you shot the far left one earlier like I do, the 
    one second from the left will only take one shot also. After taking them all 
    out, speed forward and don't forget about the mine straight ahead. Follow the 
    curved path, and when you see the first overhanging rock, get on the far right 
    side of the river and then turn. This should give you enough time to kill the 
    mine there without getting hurt by it. Speed on, and while passing the rock 
    poking out of the water, shoot it, but don't waste time. Its an accuracy 
    increaser. The next overhanging rock you reach is also an accuracy increaser, 
    so shoot at that while passing.
    When you reach the first camp don't shoot anything. Turn 90 degrees right and 
    there is a factory-like building. If you do this and the rest of the level 
    efficiently enough, you can sit and shoot this for a good 20-30 seconds. It 
    will make getting the required accuracy much easier. On my Platinum run, I 
    timed myself for 25 solid seconds of shooting.
    Note: this doesn't at all mean you can slack on the accuracy for the rest of 
    the mission, you still need to be meticulous about it. Even though you have 20-
    30 seconds, the gun boat doesn't shoot that fast.
    Now, line up your guns with the nearest turret on the prison camp and blow it 
    away. Then turn and launch a bomb onto the turret/generator, then take one shot 
    at the generator with your blasters to knock it out. Start heading over to the 
    other bank, but make sure you're hanging to the right so you can take out the 
    turret on top of the hanger. Then take out the turret on the left side of the 
    wall, as you can see this one first. Then kill the turret/generator combination 
    Skip the cut scene, and speed forward parallel to the exit gate. When you reach 
    the shore, turn right and go forward. I found this gives you an extra second to 
    shoot the mine. YOU DON'T WANT TO GET HIT BY THIS MINE. If that means you have 
    to stop, do so. You need all the life you can get for the last part. Now, if 
    you're close enough, fire a projectile at him, but I usually wait. Always take 
    a right at the forks in this section. Fire two projectiles at the second gun 
    boat you encounter. If this didn't kill him, take a careful shot with blasters 
    to take him down. If you missed completely with one mine, it'll take more than 
    just one. Be quick to take him down with blasters. Now the first one will come 
    from the left. Drop your remaining projectiles on him. In this section, there 
    is a mine or two, make sure you take them out. 
    At the second camp(this is where that brightness thing makes a world of a 
    difference) take out the turret at the entrance. Ignore all the bombers and 
    gunboats. Look to your right, and take out the missile/gun turrets as you can 
    see them. Of course, if there is a missile/gun turret pair, take the gun turret
    (GT) out first. Now turn left and take out the gt on the island. Keep going and 
    take out the missile turrets (MT) and GTs over on that shore near the hanger. 
    Now keep going down the shore. Take out the GT right in front of you as soon as 
    you can see it. Turn right and take out the GT on the island. Now turn back and 
    take out the MTs you can see. Keep going down and take out the GT when it pops 
    up. Now turn 45 degrees right and go forward until you can see the GTs on the 
    shore right there. Take them out. Take out the two MTs. Continue heading down 
    the shore and take out the last GT then the last MT. You're done! 
    It take a little practice to figure out when everything pops up, but with this 
    method I didn't have any trouble making it through without dying after a couple 
    times. If you follow this, you can get 61 kills, so if you miss one or two, 
    don't panic and go out of your way to get another. The hardest part is 
    accuracy, which just takes time. 
    Walkthrough by snooozer
    Here goes. The best tip though for getting those 2 boats before the final base
    is always take the path on the RIGHT. It's always faster and when they come
    out, they end up right in front of you.
    Start off and shoot the 2 mines ahead of you. You shouldn't get hit by 1 mine 
    in this part. Each mine takes TWO shots. All turrets take THREE shots. You 
    shouldn't get hit too much by the turrets and by the time of the cutscene you 
    should still be on blue/blue-green energy.
    So you don't get hit by the turrets, here's a tip. When you are close to the 
    turret (even if there's a wall between you and the turret and you cant see it), 
    the turrets fire 2 shots, then they pause-- don't shoot for about 4-5 seconds. 
    Use this to your advantage. When your coming up to a turret, make sure it cant 
    hit you (behind a wall) and listen for it to fire 2 shots. Then hurry up and 
    attack it with 3 shots quickly so you don't get hit. 
    After the cutscene, there will be 5 mines. From right to left, shoot the one on 
    the right with 2 shots, then the next one with 1 shot. The middle one with 2 
    shots, the next one over with 2 shots, and then the one on the most left with 1 
    When you get to the first base, if you didn't shoot any of the bombers on the 
    way there, the base will be unaware to your presence until you kill something. 
    When you enter the base, do a 90 degree left turn and aim at the laser turret 
    in front of the generator. Fire 3 shots at it, then kill the generator, and do 
    a 90 degree right turn and get out of there fast. Don't bother killing the
    other turrets, you'll take more damage if you don't, and you'll get all the
    kills you need for Gold just from the mines and turrets you kill. Now approach
    the other side of the base and once you're in range just keep firing non-stop.
    The auto aiming should take out the laser turret in front of the 2nd generator,
    then the generator itself, then the cutscene. 
    After the cutscene, drive STRAIGHT, parallel to the shore to your left. Then do 
    a 90 degree right turn and kill the mine at the entrance w/ 2 shots. This way 
    you'll do it from far away, the mine won't lock on you and you won't get hit. 
    Now keep going and always take the RIGHT path, cuz you'll catch up with the 
    boats much quicker. Take out the first boat with blasters, and the 2nd boat 
    with a bomb + blasters, killing 1 mine along the way. If you kill both boats, 
    the final base will be asleep to your presence until you kill something. 
    Now, here's a valuable tip to staying alive that works for most people. I never 
    really used it but its good advice anyway. Since the final base is asleep to 
    your presence until you kill something, and all turrets (laser turrets and 
    Missile turrets) take 3 shots to kill, what you can do is this. Go around the 
    base and fire 2 shots at every turret. Nothing will be shooting at you as long 
    as you don't fire the 3rd shot to kill it. Even boats won't shoot at you and 
    neither will the bombers. Once you hit everything with 2 shots, then go around 
    and finish everything off with only 1 hit each. This is a decent tip to keep 
    from dying. 
    Otherwise, just take out all the turrets going at normal speed (no 
    acceleration, no brakes), and do it all on the first pass. Auto aiming is big 
    here, so just point the cursor in the relative direction then fire 3 shots and 
    move on. When you get to the part at the end of the base when there's like 5 
    pairs of Laser/Missile turrets all near each other, start using ALL your 
    remaining bombs quickly. Aim for the Laser turrets (since that's what is 
    shooting at you) and sometimes it will take out, or at least damage, the 
    Missile turrets as well. 
    Additional Tips
    #1 [by Patamon]
    In that area on Andrevea River I would make two quick passes around, on your
    first pass kill all the turrets plus the 1st generator, then make one more
    quick circle to try to kill the required number of mines. Also, no matter where
    you kill that last generator from, you always start in the same spot after the
    cutscene. So the second you get the last mine you need, hit the brakes and use
    the turret to fire at that generator even if you're far away. The seconds you
    save by not driving (sailing?) up to it might make a difference. Other than
    that, just make sure that you're full speed ahead for the rest of the level.
    All that being said, what works for me might not work for everyone. I was awful
    at trying to hit gunboats with the secondary weapon, and I couldn't hit bombers
    to save my life. I guess what I'm saying is, my way might not be the best way,
    and someone else might be able to beat the level more easily using a different
    #2 [by Zefram42]
    It's been awhile now since I played Glacial Grave, but I think that on my medal
    run, the only moving targets I used my blasters on were the gunboats. I think I
    always used clusters for the fighters, because chasing after them can ruin your
    accuracy in a heartbeat. 
    #3 [by Pizza The Hutt]
    One: shoot the rock in the water when heading toward the first base to increase
    accuracy. Two: shoot the arch right after the rock to do the same. Three: shoot
    buildings and stuff to make sure you have the accuracy part. Four: let me
    remind you to shoot stuff to raise your accuracy, ha.
                                    3.09  Sanctuary
    Official Platinum Requirements
        Time: 6:12
       Kills: 49
    Accuracy: 62%
       Saves: 6
       Bonus: 0
       Lives: 3
    Walkthrough by vivagorditas007
    Start out as the boat and find the one AAT positioned on the left about half
    way down the lake. Take it out. (AATs take 6 shots from the boat and about 12
    from the Police cruiser and the N-1.) Turn 180 and you should see two AATs just
    in front of the AAT factory. One AAT is coming up to the shore and one going
    right (direction) along the shore. Take out the AAT you see coming up to the
    shore. Next turn 90 degrees left and on your right you will see a little cove
    and four AATs traveling together. Use your bombs and take them out. It takes
    two of bombs to do the job. If you only get three AATs it is okay. Now as you
    go to the hangar, take out the AAT that you see at the end of the wooden dock
    with blasters. Next get into the hanger as fast as you can and choose the
    police cruiser. 
    Use a cluster and take out the AAT right in front of you. Turn right and go 
    back to where the factory is. When you are a ways off, fire a cluster to take 
    out the AAT at the shore and the one that goes right along the shore. Remember 
    the AATs regenerate so it is like deja vu. (This is a trigger and is very 
    important!) Now that those two AATs are gone the factory sends two more AATs 
    out. With your clusters take those two AATs out. Another pair will come out and 
    take those out. Take three or four pairs out with clusters. Now take out the 
    factory with a cluster. You should have one or two clusters left. Go to the 
    city and take out as many bombers as you can with your clusters. Now that 
    almost all the enemies are dead in this area go back to the hanger ignoring all 
    other enemies unless one is right in front of you. 
    Once in the hanger choose the N-1 and turn 180 to the left. Once you see the 
    fallen clock tower take it out as far away as you can. When the tower is 
    destroyed turn 120 degrees right. You should see a low ridge and when you get 
    close enough. You can see it on the map. Once over the ridge turn left and head 
    down the canyon. Once to the area where the AAT fleet is you will see a group 
    of four droid fighters in front of you. Since the canyon is close if you shoot 
    the cluster while you're in front of them you may miss and the clusters will 
    blow up hitting the sides of the wall, so get behind them and shoot them all 
    down with a cluster. Now go to the AAT fleet and take them out with two 
    clusters. Now two more groups of four or five fighters come, take them out the 
    same way you did the first group. Meet back up with the convoy and follow them. 
    (The trigger to getting DSFs is taking out the AATs and the fighters before the 
    convoy is even near the area where the AAT fleet is.) Once you get back with 
    the convoy to the area where the AAT fleet was. You should see lone DSFs flying 
    around. If you see two or three flying near each other take them out with a 
    cluster. If you only see one, take it out with lasers, carefully. Try not to 
    lower your accuracy here. In all you should get about 10-12 kills here. After 
    all the fighters are gone and no more are appearing, run like mad to the bonus. 
    You should know where it is from getting the gold on this level. If you still 
    have one cluster left, use it to shoot the rocks that seal the hideout at the 
    end of the level. This will end the level. If you don't just shoot at it to up 
    your accuracy, and the level will end as it normally does.
    Walkthrough by snooozer
    Start out with TF gunboat, head towards hangar and kill the AAT on shore to the
    left. Enter hangar, get Police Cruiser and head straight to the factory, firing
    at it constantly then when you get close fire a cluster.
    Now turn right and fire 1 cluster at the 2 AATs along shore (get a good 
    angle). Now turn right one more time, and you'll see 1 AAT to your right and 
    another AAT straight ahead, which is on that dock near the hangar. Fire a 
    cluster at them (you might need to finish one of them off with blasters, since 
    your Cluster might lock on to some other AATs in the area). Now head towards 
    the city, using 2 clusters on the bombers flying around (you should be able to 
    get all 6 bombers), now finish off any AATs in this city area, then use a 
    Cluster + blasters to take out the fallen clock tower. Now head towards the 
    normal entrance to the canyon and take out the AAT there before you do a 180, 
    get back in the hangar and take out the N-1. If there are any AATs left 
    roaming around, use a cluster on them to destroy them quickly. 
    Now use the side entrance to the canyon. I got to the 5 AATs before the 
    bombers even showed up, so I destroyed them w/ 2 clusters then I destroyed the 
    set of 4 fighters that is triggered when you kill them. Then I headed towards 
    the ruins and waited for the massive amounts of lone fighters to show up. I 
    killed maybe one or two of them then went back to where the AATs were and took 
    out the 1st 4 bombers with a cluster. I went back and started taking out more 
    fighters while waiting for the last group of 4 fighters to appear back where 
    the tanks were, then I took them out with 1 cluster.
    The best tip for taking out all the lone fighters is, since there's going to be 
    so many of them, you won't be able to use clusters on all of them, so you need 
    to use blasters. You won't always have time to get behind them, so just fire at 
    them head on. This is the best way. You will sacrifice accuracy, as I did, but 
    its okay since I'll give you some accuracy increasers for later.
    You can kill them MUCH quicker and in more abundance if you fire at them head 
    on. If you get 2 fighters in range, fire a cluster. Try to save 1 but its okay 
    if you don't, it's not important. It's possible to get 3, even 4 fighters in
    range of 1 cluster, but since the fighters are so spread out, you don't really
    have time to waste.
    Once the speeders get to that right turn right before the area before the 
    ruins, the fighters will stop coming. Now go into this area (near the entrance 
    to the bonus), find one of those statues, hold your brakes and shoot at it 
    rapidly. Now accelerate forward to the bonus. Get it, do a 180, and head back 
    to the ruins. If the chime still didn't happen yet, fire at some statues some 
    more. Once the chime rings, accelerate towards that rock structure near the 
    entrance to the ruins and fire at it, to increase accuracy and to finish the 
    level early. If you have a cluster left, fire that at it too (it won't lock on, 
    but if you're close, all 6 missiles will hit).
    Additional Tips
    #1 [by vivagorditas007]
    The way you you get the 5th or 6th friendly save is you have to find a fallen
    clock tower in the city by the lake and destroy it. That will free 2 speeders.
    #2 [by snooozer]
    The part about taking out the 2 AATs at the shore, & the factory sends out 2
    more AATs, kill 'em with a cluster, & they send out 2 more, kill those, etc.
    LISTEN TO THIS PART. It's the key to getting the 50 enemies. You must have the
    factory release at least 3 NEW PAIRS of AATs. I tried it with 2 & I was 2
    enemies short. I tried it again & got 50 kills (& the Plat). 
    For those that are having trouble with other parts of the level, I'll post my 
    own personal method & some new tips.
    First, take out the AAT to the left of where you start (near the hangar). Then
    go in the hangar (since it's right there) & get the Police cruiser. As soon as
    you come out make a HARD right. Now you will see 4 AATs. 3 coming towards you
    & 1 that is getting ready to station there at the shore & fire at the boats.
    Keep in mind, the AATs that are MOVING a) DO NOT SHOOT at the boats and b) when
    you kill them, the factory will not replace them.
    So fire a cluster at these guys if you want & if it doesn't take out that 
    stationary AAT, take him out with your blasters. Now fly over that little hill 
    where the 2 AATs are that are shooting near the shore. (Right next to the 
    factory). Make sure to get a good angle, then fire a cluster. Now take out the 
    next 2, the next 2, so on until you get like 3 pairs or so then blow up the 
    factory. Now turn around & there should still be 2 stationary AATs that shoot 
    at the boats (one in a small alcove between the factory & the hangar, the other
    on a boardwalk-thing right next to the hangar). Take out these w/ blasters. If
    you have any clusters left, get a good angle & fire them at starfighters in the
    air & any of the AATs on the ground attacking the city. It is possible to fire 
    1 cluster & have it kill enemies in the sky & on the ground. Now take out the 
    fallen clock tower. If you didn't have any clusters left just take out the N-1
    & do the same thing (take out remaining fighters & AATs attacking the city,
    then take out the clock tower).
    No matter which you do, IMMEDIATELY after taking out the clock tower (most 
    enemies should be gone by now except for maybe 2 or 3), fly over to the hangar 
    & on the other side, take out that AAT tank w/ blasters. You definitely should 
    kill it once you destroy the Clock tower cuz otherwise those speeders will go 
    over there & either take out the AAT themselves, or get taken out BY the AAT. 
    Now turn around (if you still have the Police cruiser, go to the hangar & get
    the N-1) & head towards the city, taking out any remaining enemies, but only
    fire no more than 1 cluster. (You shouldn't have any less than 6 clusters,
    using the N-1) now book it for the side-entrance to the ruins & turn left &
    wait for the 1st set of 4 bombers.
    You know what to do from here. Use 1 cluster on each set of 4 fighters (get 'em 
    from behind) & use 2 clusters on the AATs. From here on the rest of the level 
    is the same except now you only have 2 (maybe even 1) cluster left for the 
    stray fighters at the end. Try not to use em unless you have 3 enemies on
    screen, unless you've been taking out all the other fighters very well & don't
    have much time left, if you only see 2 fighters in range, go ahead & fire. 
    IMPORTANT TIP for COMPLETION TIME: at the very end of the level, you will hear 
    a little sound (similar to the sound when you get a BONUS) when the speeders 
    get to the ruins (meaning the level is over). You get like approximately 5-10 
    seconds after that before the final cutscene appears). To make this happen 
    quicker, if you get back to the ruins after getting the bonus, wait til RIGHT 
    AFTER you hear that confirmation sound, then BLAST that rock thing there to
    make it fall down & seal the entrance to the ruins. This will end the level
    several seconds early. 
    #3 [by Pollo Frito]
    Note, I actually let out FIVE groups of three tanks at the beginning. When I
    left the city, I only had three clusters left (which worked out cuz there are 3
    groups of four fighters). Anyway, I tried to take out as many individual
    fighters as I could (which is why I only got 75% accuracy).
    Anyway, yeah, it's about six or seven seconds from when you here the fanfare 
    (when the speeders get to the end) to when the level ends. Just remember this: 
    don't wait until you here the fanfare to get the bonus (jeez, that bonus is 
    really out of the way).
    #4 [by Zefram42]
    I pretty much followed snooozer's tips with this. One thing I found 
    useful, however, is to kill the four AATs in the little convoy, then QUICKLY 
    fire another cluster at the two on the shore next to the factory. This makes 
    THREE AATs come out of the factory at a time. I killed three groups of those 
    for 9 kills and only used 3 clusters before taking out the factory. This made 
    taking out the fighters at the end a little easier, and I was able to get back 
    out of the bonus area just as the little 'chime' played, and immediately shot 
    the rock. That's how I got a few seconds less and a couple more kills.
    #5 [by snooozer]
    You can get 3 AATs coming out of the factory at once. If you come out of the
    hangar in the Police cruiser, do a 90 degree right turn, take out the tank
    stationed right in front of you (between you and the factory), then fly high
    and look over the mountain & fire a cluster at the 2 AATs there, all while
    holding your brakes, then turn back to the factory and you'll see 1 AAT
    followed by 2 more, fire a cluster to take all 3 out then 3 more will come out,
    so on. You might have to make another pass at them if you run out of room. 
    #6 [by snooozer]
    The side entrance is back behind the settlement that is to your left as you
    first start the game - or if you want to think of it a different way - after
    you blow up the fallen tower and release the two ''friendlies'' from the small
    town start heading back towards the hanger, but then look to your left.
    It's just a dip in the mountains that you can fly through - it puts you way
    down the road towards the tanks and so it saves you quite a few seconds - BUT -
    it is not necessary to Platinum - I got it by going down the regular path -
    what IS necessary is to get way ahead of your speeders and take out the first
    enemy aircraft and the tanks quickly! 
    Also you can shoot at the rocks at the entrance to the ruins (ONLY once the 
    speeders pass thru, and you hear the confirmation sound) to end the level a few 
    seconds early. 
    #7 [by snooozer]
    By the way, in Sanctuary, there's 2 methods for the Plat:
    1) Get 49 enemies by letting out extra tanks from the factory, and then get to 
    the 5 AATs in the canyon early, before the speeders say ''we need to reach the 
    2) Don't let out any extra tanks from the factory, and instead get to the 5 
    AATs in the canyon REALLY EARLY, way before the speeders say ''we need to 
    reach the ruins''. Depending on how early you get there, there will be a 
    different # of fighters at the end. 
    I HAVE gotten 49 enemies on Sanctuary, without letting out any AATs from the 
    factory, by getting to the 5 AATs early but the 4 bombers were already there. 
    So if you can't get to the AATs before the 4 bombers are there, don't get 
    discouraged. It's still possible to get the required amount of enemies even if 
    the bombers are there first. As long as they're just getting there. The only 
    trick is, to get the bombers you have to get behind them, which kinda wastes 
    time. But it's possible. I'd almost suggest using 2 clusters to kill the AATs 
    first anyway, then loop around 180 to kill the 4 bombers, then loop around yet 
    again to get the next set of 4 fighters that is triggered when you kill the 
    Also if you're having trouble getting there that early, then don't use the TF 
    Gunboat at all in the beginning. Fly towards the hangar and while in the boat, 
    kill the AAT to your left on shore. Now go in hangar, grab Police Cruiser, 
    destroy the factory, then take out all the AATs, tanks, and bombers in the 
    city with your 8 clusters as quickly as you can. Try only to make one or two 
    passes tops in each section of the city. As soon as you free the 2 speeders 
    from the clock tower, FLY BACK to where the hangar is and kill the AAT blocking 
    the entrance to the ruins. Now immediately switch back to the N-1, use the side 
    entrance, and blow thru everything in this area as quickly as possible. 
                             3.10  Search for Captain Kael
    Official Platinum Requirements
        Time: 4:35
       Kills: 26
    Accuracy: 63%
       Saves: 0
       Bonus: 0
       Lives: 3
    Walkthrough by snooozer
    Well guys, this one was definitely easy. It took me less than 7 or 8 tries, and
    it probably shouldn't have taken me THAT long. 
    The best way to get the 26 kills required is to shoot at statues (to increase 
    accuracy) while you're waiting for that last transport to arrive at the section 
    with the Laser turrets (but only do this after killing all Laser turrets + 
    first 2 transports).
    Do this for a little while (not too long... you'd be surprised how quickly it 
    takes to fire enough shots at it to get your accuracy to a reasonable sum), 
    then you DON'T NEED TO WORRY AT ALL about missing shots.
    Remember, you only need to kill about 2-4 STAPs assuming you killed all 4 
    bombers (1 at the beginning, 3 at the end), all AATs, Laser turrets, and the 3 
    Kill as many STAPs as you can at the beginning. If you even get 1 STAP at the 
    beginning you should be fine.
    Now skip ahead to the end of the level, after killing the 1st 2 bombers and the 
    2 AATs there, turn right to head for that last bomber. Ignore any individual 
    STAPs that you see and keep going until you see a LARGE group of STAPs (at 
    LEAST 4 or 5 of them) that should have just got done destroying a nearby house. 
    They will be not be headed near you, so just fire continuously at them but
    don't worry if you miss, and don't turn around to follow them. Chances are you
    hit at least 1 or 2 of them & if you did, that should definitely be enough for
    the 26 kills. This is the least time consuming way to up your kills to 26.
                                 3.11  Borvo the Hutt
    Official Platinum Requirements
        Time: 3:39
       Kills: 42
    Accuracy: 74%
       Saves: 4
       Bonus: 1
       Lives: 3
    Walkthrough by skeenan
    First of all, realize that all the cannon turrets only need two hits from
    advanced lasers to kill, so that can help greatly with your accuracy. From the
    start, hit your accelerator and move just a little to your right and take out
    the first turret, then the next one slightly to the left. Now you should see
    two ships crossing paths. If you time your cluster right, you should be able to
    hit both of them plus another turret with one shot. Now pull a complete 180 and
    fire another cluster and if you timed it right you should get two more ships
    and another turret. Fly around and kill the rest of the turrets, and fire
    clusters at the two remaining ships. Don't try to fire lasers at the ships
    because they usually take too long to bring down and time is an issue here.
    When you blow through the mine field and see your friend, you should still have
    6 clusters left.
    Go left along the river, keep bearing left and kill the turret(1) that's on the 
    water. You should come to an alcove with two turrets(2,3), after killing them, 
    go back the way you came and then turn left, killing another turret(4), turn 
    right for another (5) look up on the hill for a missile launcher (6), back down 
    on the water and to your left for another turret (7), make another left turn 
    and get that turret(8), and then you want to go up onto the plateau where all 
    the missile launchers are. You should try to aim between the two closest ones, 
    fire a cluster to kill them both (9,10), but as soon as you fire it make a hard 
    right to avoid the missiles and dive back down to the water where you kill 
    another turret(11) and you should be looking right at the island where the 
    power-up is. Before you get it, head left and get one more turret (12), then 
    pick up your power-up and head for the final stage.
    Blow through the mines and after the cut-scene, let loose two clusters to take 
    out the two missile launchers and some of the ships. Make a circle around the 
    island, killing all the turrets (make sure you get to them before your wingmen) 
    and use your 8th cluster if you see a good shot (two ships or a ship by two 
    turrets). Again, don't go chasing after ships with laser fire. Now you should 
    have 2 clusters left for Borvo, so let him have it along with some laser fire 
    and he should go down in one pass.
    It's better to sacrifice some time for more kills and more precise shooting. 
    Additional Tips
    #1 [by snooozer]
    I followed his tips word for word except for at the end. Like I said, when I
    was playing it, I wasn't even really trying to get the Platinum, I was just
    trying to get a feel for the level so I could find out what I need to improve
    on (as it turns out... nothing). Anyway, when I got to the final battle at the
    end w/ Borvo... I took out both Missile Turrets, all laser turrets, and a
    couple of Borvo's fighters but I know I left *at least* 1 fighter alive
    (possibly 2) and still got the Platinum. So just kill all the enemies he said
    and once you get to the end, take out Missile turrets first, Laser turrets
    second (use a cluster if there are fighters in range as well) and make sure you
    save 2 clusters for Borvo's ship. Take one loop around the entire place killing
    whatever you can, then go for Borvo's ship, hold your brakes, fire your lasers
    as rapidly as you can, until you get really close to the ship, then let those 2
    Clusters go and you're all done.
                              3.12  Liberation of Camp 4
    Official Platinum Requirements
        Time: 4:44
       Kills: 77
    Accuracy: 75%
       Saves: 19
       Bonus: 1
       Lives: 3
    Walkthrough by Dark Lord of Sith
    1) Naboo Starfighter (for obvious reasons).
    2) Heavy Stap (used when you switch from Naboo).
    3) GIAN SPEEDER (I used this over a Flash Speeder because whenever I made a
    turn on the edge of a mountain I would spin off and die).
    TIPS (giving these hints is like giving the key to the bank):
    -The time you spent in the Naboo Starfighter isn't included in your final 
    time!!! I repeat, the time you spent in the Naboo Starfighter isn't included in 
    your final time which means you could spend 24hours flying in your Naboo and 
    finish the rest of the mission in 4:25 (which is my best time).
    -REMEMBER, only the TIME doesn't count. The rest like accuracy, kills, friendly 
    saves DO count!! So don't think you could go straight to the Camp4!!!
    -To get some serious time off the end the mission you can pass by the ''pink'' 
    (or whatever color) shield at the end of the level whenever an AAT comes out!!! 
    Meaning you don't have to wait for your buddy to shoot the wall for you!!!
    -If you have problems getting accuracy in this level then all you have to do is 
    keep shooting the ''BIG H'' ship at the beginning of the level. You can't kill 
    it (at least I haven't killed it) but this will help you a lot if can't reach 
    Well first off since time isn't a factor at the beginning all you have to do is 
    kill, kill and well kill!!! YOU NEED OVER 100 KILLS so first off you should go 
    into the valley where your buddies go in the beginning of the mission. Shoot 
    all the turrets and missile launchers in sight. I think there are about 5 in 
    this area. In this area you will find the ''BIG H'' what you want to do here is 
    make sure you start a strafing run here from the left of the pad that the 
    ''BIG H'' is on. Put on your brakes and start firing away until you see that 6 
    Droid Fighters have deployed from the same pad in which this case follow them 
    from behind and launch your (1) cluster knocking out all 6. The ''BIG H'' 
    should behind you so boost up a little and make a 180 degree turn around and 
    fire your (2) cluster in which would knock up a bunch of enemies around it 
    including a few ground units. Let the ''Big H'' go ahead of you and fire at it 
    from behind shooting the 2 prox. mines that come out at this point you should 
    hear the call for help from the farmers DON'T PANIC. The Droid fighter in my 
    opinion take a while to blow up the farms so boost up and you should use your 
    (3) cluster and destroy the 4 droid fighters you see. Boost toward the river 
    area and you should see many different things depending on the time it took 
    1) 2-3 droid fighters can be coming out from the valley that the ''BIG H'' was 
    in so shoot your (4) cluster at them 
    2) 6 droid fighters can be coming towards you in which you would your (4-5) 
    cluster at them. REMEMBER TAKE YOUR TIME. You don't want to hurry your shots so 
    aim carefully 
    After these these 6 fighters there shouldn't be too much trouble for the 
    farmhouses so just continue the journey regularly up the river shooting all 
    the turrets, missile launcher and Gunboats along the way. At one point you 
    should see the ''Big H'' again so fire at will and increase your accuracy. When 
    it flies away go back and finish off any enemies that you missed along the 
    TAKE ALL THE KILLS FOR YOU!! Anyways as you know up the river you will see the 
    a docking area for GUNBOATS, DROID FIGHTERS, and (land units that lead to the 
    camp) Fly into this area and knock off the 4 fighters and 2 gunboats in the 
    ocean past the docks and maybe two (land units). When you're done clearing this 
    area a cut-scene will appear and this is where the real mission begins!!! 
    What to do when you're in the Heavy Stap??? 
    This is where the time starts clicking so boost up the first land unit and blow 
    it up in 3 shots (you should hear a scream from someone but that's all right) 
    but don't shoot the other one or else you'll be stuck waiting for the next set 
    of land units. When you've blown up the first part shoot at the 2 turrets, 
    timing is everything in this level so don't stop to shoot them. Also remember 
    to shoot the 1 droid on the right of the entrance. All this should be done 
    before the shield is down. When you enter the base boost straight up and you 
    should see 3 enemy STAPS so go behind them and fire at them. Don't take too 
    much time doing this so if they get away from you don't pursuit. After you're 
    done this go up the ramp that lead you to the prisons. You should one AAT up 
    the way DON'T SHOOT IT because it takes too much time and it could get ugly if 
    you're going head to head. I only suggest shooting at it if you missed one of 
    the three STAPS at the beginning. Anyways going up this ramp leads you to the 
    first shield generator, along the way there should be an AAT that can be easily 
    destroyed if you fire your 1st missile along with a fury of lasers. Quickly 
    shoot your 2nd and 3rd shots at the turrets guarding the prison and fire 2-3 
    shots at the shield generator on the right. HINT-If you look at the entrance 
    that just opened up you should see 2 Staps coming out so shoot them if you can. 
    If you manage to take these 2 STAPs down another pair will come out again BUT 
    LEVEL!!! Anyways I usually take out 1 STAP and let the other go. Quickly shoot 
    the 2 Battle Droids guarding the prison and also the door after boost out this 
    place and head up the sloped on your right. You should see another two turrets 
    so quickly fire 4-5 missile at them. There should also be 1-2 Battle Droids 
    behind these turrets so take them out too. HINT-ALL THIS SHOULD BE DONE WITH 
    BOOSTING. When you're past this part you should see a hanger if front of you 
    but I usually take the closest turret with my last missile before switching to 
    the Gian Speeder!!! 
    What to do when you're in the Gian/Flash speeder?? 
    First of I would like to say that I used the GIAN SPEEDER to get the Platinum 
    but you could do it with your Flash Speeder. Why did I use Gian over Flash??? 
    Well simple I kept dying with the Flash Speeder at the end!!! 
    Anyways this part of the mission is fairly simple so I'll use point form notes 
    to explain this part; 
    1) Boost and take out the 3 turrets and 1 STAP 
    2) Look for cans of explosives blow them up to blow up the wall to the prison 
    3) Take out the Battle Droid in their respective positions and also EVERY door 
    to the prisons. You also need to take out the Shield Generator here. 
    4) Leave this place and enter the prison opposite to the one you're in. 
    5) Basically take out everything here (Battle Droids and prison doors) and
    boost yourself up the hill with the other shield generator. Take out the turret
    that is near the generator. Boost out from the same way you came in, taking out 
    every Battle Droid near the exit. 
    6) Shoot the 2-3 Battle Droids in front of you (near a building). 
    8) TURN RIGHT (NOT LEFT BACK TO THE HANGER) and take out the 2 battle droids on 
    9) Boost down the hill (and this is wear the Gian Speeder comes in handy)
    charge up your blaster shots and take out all the AATs with them but SHOOT your
    lasers at the turrets. If you have the Flash Speeder use your missiles!!!
    10) If you took out everything here fast enough DON''T WAIT FOR YOUR WINGMAN TO 
    SHOOT DOWN THE WALL FOR YOU. Instead head up to the entrance to the prison and 
    wait for an AAT to come out. Charge up your blaster (if you're using the Gian) 
    and wait for it to lower the shield just like the land units did for you when 
    you were in the Heavy Stap. Once open fire and BOOST right into the base. If 
    you were lucky you would have taken out the AAT with your charged shot. 
    11) The rest is simple boost up the hill for your the last shield generator but 
    WATCH OUT for the turret since most of your life should be gone already. Take 
    out the generator and turn left to get the the UPGRADE (I think everyone here 
    knows where it is) *This is where you should hear your wingmen blast the wall 
    where you would usually come in* 
    12) Boost yourself out of here as quickly as possible without falling off the 
    13) Watch for 2 Battle Droids at the end of the mission standing on the side of 
    the exit!! 
    14) You're done and hopefully with a PLATINUM!!! 
    Just some notes: 
    1) I would like to thank Knightcrawler for giving me the idea of not switching
    the land vehicles in this mission even though he didn't say it directly he
    still helped so... THANKS!!! 
    2) About the land units before the cut-scene- I think they do come out but once 
    your wingmen shoot the droid fighters the cut-scene appears automatically. 
    3) I didn't mention all the places to shoot your cluster because the places to
    I told were the MORE important ones!!! 
    4) I also forgot to mention that there is a hidden turret in the mountain near 
    the first set of farm houses (but it's only one more kill).
    Walkthrough by snooozer
    First part of the level, fly to the base, kill Missile turret. Now kill Laser
    turret right there. Now kill the next Missile turret (on a ledge to the left).
    Once you kill both missile turrets, turn to that platform, find the fighters
    that are launching from it (should be 4) and use a cluster. 4 more should
    launch, fire another cluster. Rinse & repeat as you see fit, killing fighters
    and then follow the BIG H as it releases some mines, killing them along the
    way. Once you exit here, take a left and find a group of fighters attacking a
    farmhouse. Use a cluster. now make a right turn & head to the RIGHT side of
    that big mountain in the middle with a Laser turret on top. There might still
    be some leftover fighters exiting the camp, if there is, get behind them and
    wait for a large group of about 5-6 fighters coming straight ahead of you.
    Fire another cluster. Now take out all remaining fighters attacking farmhouses, 
    make sure you get that one TF Gunboat in the river. Also, eventually get that 
    Laser turret on top of that mountain there in the middle. Now fly BACK to the 
    base and finish off ALL remaining enemies here, especially those transports on 
    the ground (use your radar to find ALL red dots). There is one transport on the 
    ledges around the base, and he's very hard to see so use your radar. Now see 
    that Platform? Blast at that for about 5-6 passes with rapid fire, just to 
    ensure you will have enough accuracy no matter what, that way you have tons of 
    leeway to miss shots. Now fly to where your wingmen are (the entrance to the 
    Camp). Kill the first Laser turret to your right, second laser turret to your 
    left. Now there should be 2 TF gunboats in the water. Use a cluster on them. 
    Then kill the Missile Turret on the ledge to your right. Keep going, skip one 
    turn and then kill the Laser turret up on the right. Approach this part 
    straight and there will be 2 transports on the ground heading for the Camp, 
    with one fighter overhead. Either take them all out with a cluster or blasters, 
    doesn't matter. Now fly over the hangar and to the ocean there, and kill the 2 
    Gunboats using a cluster. Now finish up the 2 Laser turrets on the hangar & all 
    droid fighters, then you're in the STAP. 
    Set a timer for 3 minutes. AFTER THESE 3 MINUTES ARE UP, you should be ON YOUR
    WAY to the bonus. This was my best strategy as to not go over the time limit. 
    Okay so now you're in the STAP, accelerate at full speed. kill the 2 laser
    turrets there & the droid, then wait for the gate to open. Make a hard left &
    fly up the hill, now turn right & go at the AAT head on, firing blasters + 2
    missiles. DON'T TURN AROUND if YOU miss (you shouldn't miss him though). Keep 
    going & do the same thing to the next AAT, with blasters + missiles. Now kill 
    the Laser turret to the right, turn right to take out the shield generator, 
    then turn left & as you're entering this base here, take out that other Laser 
    turret (use missiles if necessary). Fly up to the door where the prisoners are, 
    RAM the 2 droids there, blast the door, then do a 180 & exit this base. Go up 
    the hill, kill the 2 Laser turrets at full speed, & see if you can pick off
    that droid standing up on the left side of the entrance. now go into the hangar
    & take out the Gian.
    On your way out of the hangar, make a hard right turn with brakes on, get your 
    heavy laser ready. Charge it up, kill the first Laser turret, rinse & repeat 
    for all 4 turrets (1 charged laser shot per turret). Once you get the last one, 
    do a left turn 180, take out those droids + boxes blocking the side-entrance to 
    that base, once you blow that up, fly in there, take out the shield generator.
    Also there'll be some droids up ahead standing outside of a building. Kill them 
    if you can but only between other shots, you don't have much time. turn around
    to your right, set the prisoners free, now exit this area & fly across to the 
    other base. Free the prisoners here by blasting the 3 doors. Now go up the 
    hill, charge the heavy laser. Take out the shield generator with your regular 
    Double blasters then take out the Laser turret behind it w/ your heavy laser. 
    Re-charge your heavy laser, & on your way BACK DOWN the hill, take out that 
    Laser turret up on that ledge w/ 1 charged up heavy laser shot. Fly back down 
    the hill, exit this base now go back to the hangar, if you want, & take out the 
    Flash (I needed to do this just cuz of my energy). Plus, you get 6 missiles.
    Hurry up & exit this camp blasting any droids u can along the way however don't 
    worry about them too much. Go down to the last base, killing the first laser 
    turret you see. Now make a right turn, & kill the first AAT u see w/ blasters
    + 1 missile. Now go to the entrance of this base here & wait for the AAT to
    come out, once it does, the gate opens temporarily (you should be standing
    RIGHT NEXT to the gate) so fly in it. That's the key to getting 4:30.
    Immediately go up the hill, blast the Turret there, kill the shield generator,
    go get the bonus, now go back down the hill and BE CAREFUL... especially if
    you're in the Flash which has like no brakes. On your way back out of this
    base, try to kill that one laser turret there. You should have plenty of
    missiles left so use 1 if you need to (don't slow down, the whole point is to
    stay accelerating). Now once you exit that base you should see at least 1 AAT
    in your path, so kill him (there are probably plenty of others but you can
    leave 'em alone... remember, the AATs can't shoot the prisoners if you beat the
    level early). Now take out any other AATs along the way w/ your missiles & TAKE
    OUT THOSE 2 TURRETS near the exit to the level, and if you can hit one of the
    droids on either side then do it. But just keep going and fly thru the exit and
    you're done. 
    If you kill EVERY enemy in the first part of the level then you don't need to 
    worry about it. Right there you have 65-70 enemies, & all the rest will 
    accumulate automatically from things that you HAVE TO KILL, or will kill 
    Just remember, I'm telling you what I did when I got the Plat, but remember I 
    was playing poorly this time so if it doesn't sound quite right to you, you 
    might want to make some changes. but you should do fine.
    I'll name all enemies in the 2nd part of the level:
    2 turrets, 1 droid, 1 AAT, 1 AAT, 1 turret, shield generator, 1 turret, ram 2 
    droids, 2 laser turrets, 1 droid, 4 laser turrets, 2 droids (blocking the side-
    entrance to the base there), shield generator, next shield generator (on top of 
    the hill), Laser turret, Laser turret on the way back down, first Laser turret 
    at last base, 1st AAT at last base. Go up the hill to get the bonus, 1 shield 
    generator + 1 laser turret. Get the bonus, come back down, 1 laser turret, 1 
    AAT, 2 laser turrets guarding the exit. 
    Now that's THE BARE MINIMUM of enemies. Chances are that you're gonna kill WAY 
    MORE ENEMIES than that, especially droids, so like I said, enemies aren't a 
    problem, time is.
    When I say ''I'll list all enemies in the second part of the level''... well
    obviously, I didn't mean ALL THE ENEMIES, just the bare minimum of enemies. And
    I think I even gave you plenty of extra enemies so you don't freak if you miss
    some. However most of those enemies are important & if you don't kill them,
    then you'll lose more friendly saves. 
    Additional Tips
    #1 [by skeenan]
    I just have a few thoughts to add regarding this level. At the beginning, when
    I flew into that first area, I killed all the turrets first, saving the one on
    the platform for last. As the 'H' was taking off, all of those droid ships
    started launching. I got right behind about 6 of them and launched a cluster,
    and then it seemed like another 6 launched so I killed them, and they launched
    more again! I think this is similar to the AAT factory/tunnel on sanctuary,
    where a new droid starfighter will launch for each one you kill! Except here,
    it only happens for a limited time, maybe until the farmers start yelling for
    help. Regardless, I know there were times I played this level where I only
    killed maybe 8 starfighters there, and this time I killed nearly 20! It's a
    great way to up your kill count. 
    The only other thing I was going to add was a description of how I handled the 
    last area. As I came down the hill I shot that first laser turret, turned right 
    and hit the AAT with a charged up shot. Then, using Dark Lord's EXCELLENT tip, 
    I got past the barrier by killing the very next AAT that was coming out. This 
    is the KEY to getting your time down! (The first few times I tried Dark Lord's 
    walkthrough, I would try to kill the laser turrets by the exit first, then the 
    AAT that was already out, and then I'd try to get through the barrier when the 
    next one came out. I was worried I would lose a save if I didn't take out the 
    enemies before I went up to get the bonus. Unfortunately, my times suffered.) I 
    sped up the hill, killed the turret and generator, grabbed the bonus, came back 
    down, shot 2 AATs, the 2 laser turrets, and the 2 guard droids all as I was 
    boosting out of there!
    #2 [by Pizza The Hutt]
    First off I read that it only times the second half of this level. THIS IS
    TRUE. So when you play the first half just take your time. I went around and
    shot every enemy. Every enemy. To raise my accuracy I shot at the prison
    buildings in the cannons until they exploded (about 300 shots).
    Actually I shot a bunch of stuff to raise accuracy (anything that makes an 
    explosion when shot, even if it will never explode raises your accuracy, IE 
    walls, some buildings, search towers, etc.) During the second half of the level 
    I just burned rubber and killed any enemy in my way and rescued all the 
    prisoners. As for the last area with the tank trap, just kill the turrets, the 
    first two tanks then blow the buildings inside the walls to destroy the wall 
    without having to wait for Hollis. Then just floor it up to destroy the shield 
    generator and collect the bonus. I used the Gian Speeder.
                                3.13  The Queen's Gambit
    Official Platinum Requirements
        Time: 4:06
       Kills: 55
    Accuracy: 56%
       Saves: 11
       Bonus: 0
       Lives: 3
    Walkthrough by SubSane
    First part, the speeders. Pick the flash speeder, fastest and best for this
    part. When you start, just follow any STAPs you see and kill them QUICK, don't
    waste time. More than about a minute and it's over. Also don't lose TOO much
    accuracy here, though it's not too strict. After the cutscene, blaze over to
    the hangar, destroying the two turrets on the bridge, and the two tanks. Also
    on the speeders section, save ALL the houses. Pick the N-1 in the hangar.
    The N-1 section. After you get the N-1, as you turn that right corner, you'll
    see a group of mines. Shoot a cluster at them. Next another group of mines,
    another cluster. Finally one more group of mines, one more cluster. Next
    destroy the base with turrets using a cluster. Turn right and destroy the
    next base and turrets with another cluster, turn left and destroy that base
    and turrets with another cluster. Turn right and head straight, use a cluster
    to destroy the group of fighters that should be there. The mine in the way
    should also be blown up. Finally destroy the final base with another cluster.
    That's two clusters left. Head back around and destroy any turrets or mines you
    might have missed. Shoot the last two clusters at the convoy, then head back to
    the hangar where you change vehicles.
    Part 3: the Infiltrator. It's finally useful!
    Once you enter as the N-1 and exit as the Infiltrator, head back to the convoy.
    All the turrets and mines should have been destroyed by now. Now just destroy
    the MTTs. Blast 'em with the superior blasters, way better than the N-1's.
    After they are all dead, try and shoot a few missiles at those AATs, just for
    some extra enemy kills. Alright, that's it. ALWAYS hold the accelerator, except
    in the end when you have to destroy the convoy. If some of you think that going
    back for the Infiltrator will waste more time, trust me, it will save you a
    lot of time. The N-1's blasters are just too weak against the MTTs.
    Additional Tips
    #1 [by snooozer]
    To get your time down, it really helps to have 2 clusters left before going 
    back to get the Infiltrator. On your way back, fire the 2 clusters at the 
    convoy and like SubSane said, take out any mines you might've missed. Then when 
    you get the Infiltrator, fly back to the convoy and start blasting it from 
    behind. Take out the stuff closest to you first, including any AATs (they go 
    down really quick with these blasters, especially if you fired the 2
    aforementioned cluster missiles) and blasting with the MTTs with blasters and
    2 missiles each. Then fly over to your right and kill a mine in that trench for
    an extra enemy kill. It's VERY hard to see against the background, but check
    your radar for it, it's there.
    #2 [by Pollo Frito]
    The only additional advice I have to offer is that accuracy isn't too important
    at the first part of the level (when you fight off the STAPs). I just held down
    the trigger for most of that part. Also, you have to be SPEEDY through the
    first part. Oh, and one more thing: you can destroy a group of
    buildings/turrets/tanks easily by just targeting the silo type structure (it
    blows up EVERYTHING around it, including you if you aren't careful!).
    #3 [by Zefram42]
    A little trick - to get your kill count up, make sure you destroy all the
    buildings in the little "bases" that the convoy goes through, they count for
    kills. Also, go through the first part really fast, that helps.
                                3.14  Panaka's Diversion
    Official Platinum Requirements
        Time: 3:41
       Kills: 96
    Accuracy: 67%
       Saves: 5
       Bonus: 0
       Lives: 3
    Walkthrough by skeenan
    Before I start I have to give lots of credit to everyone else who has been
    working on this level. Specifically, Zefram42 who was the first to mention that
    you could really increase your accuracy in the Gian speeder if you fire the
    heavy laser instead of regular blasters at most targets. GauRocks was, I 
    believe the first one to post the infamous 'door trick', and he also posted a 
    great preliminary walkthrough, which I used and modified to get the Platinum. I 
    never would have gotten it without the tips from you guys. Also thanks to 
    anyone else who posted their stats and ideas.
    Initial tips: Use the Gian speeder. I hold down the tight turn button through 
    the whole level, but that's up to you. Use the heavy laser (secondary weapon) 
    to kill almost everything. It works just like a regular blaster if you just tap 
    it, don't hold it down or it will charge. When I talk about killing an enemy in 
    the walkthrough, always assume I'm using the heavy laser unless I specifically 
    say ''regular blasters''. In some places, you'll have time to charge the laser 
    before you face an AAT, but otherwise, 5 quick shots from the heavy laser will 
    kill an AAT! This is key to saving time, since it takes longer to charge up a 
    shot. I'll mention which technique to use at specific points in the 
    From the beginning: Shoot the 2 droids on the right, ram the 2 on the left. Go 
    through the right path and shoot the 2 droids there, then turn left and shoot 
    or ram the next 2 droids. Ignore the droids up on the stairs, instead try to 
    hit at least 2 of the 3 droids behind the barricade, but don't waste time. You 
    should be moving fast through this whole part. Start charging heavy laser as 
    you come around the curve, shoot the droid against the wall with regular 
    blasters, then unleash charged shot on AAT straight ahead. Try to do this 
    quickly or you'll take too many hits. Turn right and take out the next AAT with 
    5 quick shots. Don't worry if your wingman (Kol Kotha?) Doesn't follow you. He 
    has never died when I played, and if he stays behind for awhile it actually 
    makes the next part easier. Shoot the two droids before you get to the canal. 
    Don't try to shoot the AAT across the canal just make a quick left turn and try 
    to stay on the upper path so you can ram the 2 droids there. Keep moving fast 
    to the next area, and the cutscene will play. 
    After the cutscene drive and then stop in a position where you can look up the 
    stairs but not have Kotha in the way of your shots if he's with you. Try to 
    shoot at least 3 droids up the stairs, the turn left and shoot the droids in 
    the windows. Don't sit here too long or the droidekas will start pounding you 
    and you'll waste time. Blast through the gate (Make sure you're ahead of Kotha 
    if he's with you at this point) Shoot or ram the 2 droids in front of you then 
    turn left and get the 2 droids in the corner. Turn back to your right and shoot 
    the 2 droids in the windows then ram your way through the potted plant! You 
    don't even have to shoot it, since this would lower your accuracy. As you turn 
    right, look to the right and there's 2 more droids in windows. Let the first 
    one go, but you can actually sideswipe and kill the next one with your speeder, 
    since it's hard to aim and get a shot on him. Then start charging the heavy 
    laser and use your regular blasters to shoot the two droids to the right of the 
    stairs. If you aim right between them sometimes they both die with one shot.
    Go down the stairs, unleash the charged shot on the AAT as you ram the 2
    droids. Start charging another shot and shoot the 2 droids on the bridge with
    regular blasters. Turn left and hit the AAT with your charged shot then turn
    and hit the other one with 5 quick blasts. Now shoot through the barricade. You
    MUST be in front of Kotha this whole time, especially now, or he'll steal your
    Take the lower path and shoot or ram the 4 droids you see. Go down the tunnel 
    and kill the 4? droids in there and start charging the heavy laser as you're 
    making your way out. Shoot the AAT on the right with the charged shot, the 
    drive right up to the other AAT and hit him with 5 quick shots. This next part 
    is where I often died. The droidekas in here can really rip you to pieces. Try 
    not to sit still for too long just shoot the droidekas with quick shots from 
    the heavy laser, killing the 2 that are in front of your friends. Turn right 
    and try to get the lone droid against the wall before your wingman does then 
    keep turning right and start shooting the droideka that's standing next to 
    another droid. Kill them both then start charging another shot. I like to cross 
    over to the right side of the street since I think it gives me the best angle 
    at the 2 AATs coming at you. Hit one of them with the charged shot (make sure 
    not to hit your friends!), then 5 quick shots for the other one. You shouldn't 
    have to stop here, just go at full speed. Go to your right to enter the next 
    plaza, charging a shot as you go. Try to hit some droids that are in the middle 
    of the plaza with your regular blasters as you come in, but then quickly turn 
    right and hit the AAT with your charged shot. Look up and shoot the 2 droids on 
    the ledge, then go up the ramp and start running over all the droids that are 
    there. You have to get up there quick or your wingmen will start picking them 
    off from below. There are at least 5 droids up there you can run over, just 
    don't fall off. You should be charging the heavy laser as you do this, then use 
    it to hit the other AAT. Shoot the 2 droids that are on the ledge above where 
    the AAT was, then turn left and drop down. You should see 2 droidekas, one 
    right in front of you and another right by your exit. If you're lucky, a droid 
    will be standing right by one of them, but your wingmen might have gotten him 
    already. Shoot both of the droidekas and get out of there. You don't have to 
    wait for the audio cue from the commandos. 
    Okay, as you're exiting that plaza, shoot the 2 droids up on the ledge, then 
    come into the next plaza. This part takes a steady hand. Just barely get into 
    the plaza then come to a complete stop. Start shooting droids. I start with the 
    4 on the ledge to my right since they seem to land hits sometimes, and then I 
    sweep around to the left, killing all the droids in the plaza. With practice, 
    you can do this fairly quickly. If you miss one or two don't worry, just make 
    one quick sweep then head to the door. Don't worry about the droideka that's up 
    the stairs to your left. Start blasting the door! At first I tried to do this 
    with continuous blasters and charged up heavy lasers, but you can actually blow 
    through it faster if you don't charge the laser! I switch my hold on the 
    controller so that I'm holding the brake with my left index finger, and I take 
    my left thumb off the control stick and use it to hold down the blaster button. 
    Then my right hand it free to hit the heavy laser button as quickly as 
    possible. The faster you do it, the faster that door comes down! You should be 
    through the door before any of your wingmen or the commandos are even in the 
    plaza. Move it down the path while charging the heavy laser. Don't even slow 
    down when you see Panaka. Hit the AAT on the left with the charged shot and 
    keep driving into the final area. Use 5 quick shots for each of the next 2 
    AATs, while you're also driving around shooting and ramming as many droids as 
    possible (Try to get about 8) then quickly blast the last AAT and look around 
    to see if you can get one more kill before the level ends. If you got all the 
    droids, sometimes you can kill a droideka if you shoot him fast enough. 
    Walkthrough by snooozer
    Ram thru the 4 droids, bear right. Ram the next 2 droids in the corner, turn 
    left & get the 2 droids there. Now you'll be coming up on a right turn, with 3 
    droids behind some posts. Before you get there, look on your radar to your 
    left, there's 2 lone droids there on a set of stairs that are COMMONLY missed. 
    These 2 kills are easy & might be missing from the walkthru. Once you stop to 
    kill those 2 droids, turn back & shoot rapidly at the 3 droids behind the 
    posts. Also those little posts there will increase accuracy so don't be afraid 
    to fire your Double blasters & don't worry about missing shots cuz it'll help 
    your accuracy anyway. Just make sure you get all 3. Have your heavy laser 
    charged & take out the lone droid around the corner with your Double blasters, 
    then let go your charged Laser at the AAT (don't get hit by him more than 
    twice). Turn right & take out the next AAT, with a charged laser or 
    laser/blasters combo. Take out the 2 droids against the wall & this part is 
    important. You have to time it right so you can make it into this next area 
    WITHOUT stopping or touching the walls, otherwise it will slow you down & 
    you'll take massive damage from the AAT across the river. So get thru the 
    little entrance & turn left. Stay on the upper path & hold the accelerate, & 
    ram the 2 droids there. Now before you go near that turn when the cutscene 
    happens, you will notice again, 2 droids in an alcove behind some posts to your 
    left. After you rammed the previous 2 droids, head into the alcove (enough into 
    it so the AAT cant hit you) & take out both droids behind the posts with your 
    blasters. Now go around the turn & the cutscene happens. You should still be 
    ahead of your wingman. Now to your right is a staircase with 2 droids, 2 
    droidekas, & 2 more droids at the top. Try to take out the 2 droids towards the 
    bottom & any other droids you can get your hands on, but don't sacrifice time.
    Get thru the barricade by blasting it & hopefully you should still be ahead of 
    your wingman. He might be just catching up now. Behind the barricade take out 
    the 2 droids standing there, 2 droids against the wall to your left. Now for 
    the 2nd barricade, DON'T BLOW THROUGH IT. Instead either ram or shoot potted 
    plants to the left of it & then you can sneak around the barricade, AHEAD of 
    your wingman. So if you're behind your wingman, there's your chance to catch 
    up. You'll also notice lots of droids in the windows. Once your on the other 
    side of the barricade blast the droids, go up the mini-ramp and powerslide to 
    the right & kill at least one of the droids in those windows with blasters (or 
    by ramming it). Now continue & there will be 2 more droids against the wall, to 
    the right of a staircase that goes DOWN. Get those 2 droids either by ramming 
    them or using 1 Double blaster shot. You should have your heavy laser charged. 
    Now when you come down these stairs, there's a little trick to saving some good 
    time, plus it just makes you feel like a pro. There will be 2 droids and 1 AAT. 
    As you come down the stairs ram the first droid (the one on the right) as you 
    are doing a 180 by turning to the left. You'll ram the droid on the right while 
    simultaneously doing a 180 to the left & ramming the 2nd droid on the left. At 
    this point you'll be facing backwards (180 degrees) & facing the tank. Let go 
    your charged laser as you keep turning to do a 360. This should all be one VERY 
    SMOOTH MOTION. With practice, it'll really help you out. With this technique, I 
    can take out those 2 droids & AAT in about 1 1/2 seconds, all while doing a 360 
    & getting back on track.
    Next fire 1 Double blaster shot at the droid(s) in front of you, then let go 
    your charged laser at the AAT on the left, then using R and brakes, turn to the 
    AAT on the right & take him out too. Now you're at the last barricade. 
    Before I go any further, let me say this. 
    SKIP ALL BOATS IN THE LEVEL. You should be going so fast thru the level anyway 
    that the boats aren't even there yet, but in case you do come across any boats, 
    DON'T take them out. It will cost you WAY too much valuable time. You have to 
    play perfect to get 3:41 with 96 kills. 
    Anyway, now you're at the last barricade before you get to Palmer's group. This 
    barricade is very weak, and if your wingman snuck past you while you were 
    killing the 2 AAT, you have another chance to get past him. This part is also 
    tricky. First charge your laser and drive past him. Make sure you are ahead of 
    your wingman and RIGHT IN FRONT of the barricade before you let your charged 
    laser go. For some reason this barricade is weaker so one charged laser WILL 
    destroy it. Now you are ahead of your wingman again and you only have to stay 
    ahead of your wingman for about 5 more seconds, just to nab the next 5-7 kills 
    or so. Make sure you didn't let your charged laser go at the barricade unless 
    you were AHEAD of your wingman, cuz otherwise he will ram into & slow you down 
    then you'll be behind him again.
    Anyway, when you are coming ahead, take the right path. Kill 1st droid, next 2 
    droids, then 1 more droid against the wall before you turn right down the 
    corridor. Here, there are 4 droids, 3 standing on the right and 1 in the corner 
    at the very end of the hallway. Get all 4 of those kills. 
    Now this next part is tricky. Kill the 2 AATs, the 2 droidekas behind them, 
    then get the next 2 droidekas further down this area. Some might say to skip 
    those last 2 droidekas but I always kill them. You can usually get a droid near 
    that 4th droideka as well. Continue down the hallway and kill both AATs. Now 
    you're coming up on a big building in front of you, with a domed roof. On the 
    way you can shoot at this to increase your accuracy. It's a VERY HELPFUL 
    accuracy increaser. 
    Now when you enter this plaza, here's my personal strategy. Skip the droidekas 
    for now, and kill the AAT to your right with a charged laser. Kill the 2 droids 
    standing on a ledge behind the AAT, then go up the ramp and ram ALL droids 
    standing up there on the edge. You should get at least 4-5 droids on the ledge 
    alone. Then you'll come to the 2nd AAT where you kill him with a charged laser, 
    you might still be on the ramp at this point. If you are and you can get those 
    2 droids on the ledge behind him too, go for it. Now take out the 2 droidekas 
    closest to you, one right there and another one blocking the exit. 
    When you exit that area, get the 2 droids on a little mini staircase then kill 
    EVERY ENEMY in the next area before blasting the doors, including the 
    temporarily unshielded droideka on the staircase.
    Blast through the doors, kill the 4 tanks quickly and try to get lots o' droids 
    in that final area as well. After you kill the 4th tank, its VERY EASY to get 
    at least 4 extra droids. When you kill the 4th tank, look straight ahead and 
    you should see 2 droids standing in front of some green blocks. Kill them then 
    look to the right and you'll see 2 more droids against the wall. You should be 
    able to get all 4 of them before the final cutscene. 
    Lastly, I might have missed some enemies for the 96 kills, but it should be 
    obvious that you should kill every enemy you can lay your hands on anyway, 
    Especially if they're droids, or not time-consuming enemy kills. Good luck.
    Additional Tips
    #1 [by vivagorditas007]
    When I get to the plaza where you have to save group three, I kill the two AATs
    and then proceed to the droidekas right in front of group three. (To do this
    right you literally are pushing against the shields of the droidekas here) I
    kill the one on the right while I am pushing against it and then for some
    reason the droidekas usually don't shoot at you. Next kill the one on the left
    pushing against it. Now that group three is free the computer is trying to kill
    them and you can turn around and kill one more droideka on the left. And if you
    are lucky a droid will be just standing there. Now just follow the walkthrough
    for the rest of the way.
    #2 [by Pollo Frito]
    -You can save time at the beginning by taking the LEFT way, and not even
    bothering with those two droids in the corner. 
    -As you approach the curve, stay left. That way you can easily take out the 
    droids from left to right while you're turning (might take a little practice, 
    -Do as the walkthru said and release a charged shot at the AAT ahead. 
    -DO (as in YES, I SAID DO) take out that AAT across the river, because it saves 
    you a lot of health. To kill them quickly, hold B and also fire your heavy 
    -After the cutscene, kill the six enemies on the stairs (4 droids plus 2 
    droidekas), the two that you can shoot over the gate (in the windows, I mean), 
    and the four droids in front of you (that includes the two on the left around 
    the 'corner'). 
    -Shoot the pots, and speed through. 
    -Do what the walkthru said and whip the droid in the far window, shoot the two 
    droids against the wall, and head down the stairs to QUICKLY take out the AAT 
    and two droids. 
    -Use REGULAR blasters to take out the two droids you see as you approach the 
    bridge while you charge up your laser. If you miss with any shots, they'll hit 
    the gate, bumping up your accuracy. 
    -Take out the two AATs (of course). 
    -Use regular blasters to shoot the four droids on the lower part of the next 
    section to avoid frustration, and do the same with the droids in the corridor. 
    -In the next part, where your wingmen are pinned down, you can avoid taking a 
    lot of damage if you're very quick. With luck, you can destroy the two tanks 
    before the droidekas turn around. Then you just have to waste em. Make sure you 
    kill the other two droidekas as you go down the street, and use you regular 
    blaster plus heavy laser to take out those damn annoying tanks as they tear 
    down the street at your buddies. 
    -For the next part, take out the AATs first, and use your buddies for cover. 
    Start shooting at droidekas from behind your friend's paths, so that every few 
    seconds one of them will pass between you and the droid, blocking some of the 
    damage for you (it sounds cruel, but it works). Finally, be fast about taking 
    out the droids on the wall, cuz you need to get most of them for a high enough 
    kill count. 
    -Be just as quick in the next part, and eliminate all the droids from left to 
    right with a steady stream of regular blaster fire. Don't worry about accuracy 
    here, it doesn't really hurt you to much. Also, Don't forget about that 
    droideka on the stairs. 
    -Get nose to nose with the door and keep a steady stream of regular blaster 
    fire on it while pressing C-Left like there ain't no tomorrow. You should have 
    that door down in no time. 
    -Charge up your heavy laser as you get closer to the final plaza. Fire it at 
    the second AAT from the left, and take out the others with regular blasters 
    plus your heavy laser. After you kill the fourth tank, literally don't stop 
    shooting until the cutscene starts. Take out as many droids as possible, and 
    maybe even some droidekas too. 
    #3 [by Zefram42]
    1) For the part where you save the speeders, that IS THE HARDEST 
    part of the level to stay alive in. It seems to be where everyone tends to die. 
    Here's the trick. Stay in the tunnel you come through to kills the two tanks. 
    Then rush forward to the FAR droideka. Stop right behind(in comparison to the 
    speeders) it. Or even bump up against it. Then start pummeling it with shots. 
    Then pivot in place and face the other droideka and pummel it to a pulp. Then 
    try to get the droid standing right beyond it(or while shooting the droideka) 
    before Kael does. Then I race out at top speed charging my blaster to blow 
    apart the far tank, then kill the other. I always try to be ahead of all the 
    other speeders at this point, cause its real easy to nail a friendly without
    that charged up blaster.
    2) For time, memorize the locations of the droids in the plaza with the door 
    you blow through. You should be able to sit in the entrance and pick them off. 
    Then, once through the door, I always killed the tanks first(killing all droids 
    in the way), then take out any droids I can before the level ends. But alot of 
    other people have killed three and then droids and then the last one, but I 
    preferred my method for time.
    3) Don't shoot the tank across the river.
    4) Don't spend time shooting the droids up the stairs to your left at the 
    5) The droids behind the little barriers at that turn near the beginning, only 
    shoot what you can in passing.
    6) I liked to shoot the droids on the far side of the fountain as I passed them 
    on the far side instead of taking out all the ones on the stairs just after 
    that. Just a matter of preference.
    7) You can sideswipe one of the droids in the opening after the first barrier. 
    I never shot any of them besides the most exposed on the stairs right before 
    the barrier and the sideswiped one.
    8) Don't kill the gunboats.
    9) I never killed any of droidekas in the plaza where you wait for the 
    demolition team. Only the tanks and droids.
    10) Just shoot that door as fast as you possibly can. Until your hands bleed. 
    Then double your speed. 
                                 3.15  Battle for Naboo
    Official Platinum Requirements
        Time: 3:51
       Kills: 41
    Accuracy: 78%
       Saves: 3
       Bonus: 0
       Lives: 3
    Walkthrough by ???
    No walkthrough available at this time.
    Additional Tips
    #1 [by snooozer]
    The only addition I have to make is you might not want to mess with those sets
    of Laser Turrets near the shield generators. Almost every time I did I kept
    dying, so here's what you can do instead to get your Enemy count up. when you
    first get to the ship and are blowing up the Tractor Beam generators, once you
    blow up the first 2, if you make a sharp left turn to loop around and get the
    3rd one, on your way there, if you look up, you'll see a barrage of fighters.
    Fire a cluster torpedo or 2 over there and that should do it. Remember to kill
    those radars along the arms of the control ship as well. 
    #2 [by snooozer]
    As for the dishes on BfN level, just take em all out. 
    #3 [by Zefram42]
    I discovered a hint to take out all of the fighters at the beginning REALLY
    fast and without taking ANY damage at all. When you first start the mission,
    immediately hit the boosters and fly 45% to the left (probably the right too,
    but I've never tried it). Now, the trick is to keep the orange cone at 45% (so
    you'll be turning slightly back to the right at a constant pace) until you see
    the orange cone filled with red little specks. When you see a bunch of the red
    dots, make a hard right so that the cone is straight ahead of you. You should
    start to see a huge mass of fighters flying perpendicular to you. Fire two
    clusters into them, and that'll take them all out. Now farther in the distance
    and a little to the left is a group of 5 fighters. Take them out with another
    cluster. Then do a 180 to find the other group of five. Another cluster. You
    should immediately see the following cut scene. No worrying about having to use
    blasters(and potentially lowering your accuracy) at all! Time won't be an issue
                             3.16  Trade Federation Secrets
    Official Platinum Requirements
        Time: 5:27
       Kills: 68
    Accuracy: 50%
       Saves: 5
       Bonus: 0
       Lives: 3
    Walkthrough by Knightcrawler
    Alright, make a very slight left turn so that you're moving straight down the
    beach. Use one cluster on the STAP group. Continue forward. Use one cluster on
    the AATs. Get a little distance and turn around. Get down low and behind them,
    use the brakes, obviously. Getting down and behind them will increase your
    accuracy. I mean almost touching the ground. Continue on and destroy the rest
    of the STAPs. I would use lasers unless there are more than, say, 6 of them.
    Getting low and behind them to improve your accuracy. Beware of sand dunes,
    they'll bump you back into the sky. Destroy the rest of the AATs. Since there
    are about six left, you might want to stay up in the air, but try to be
    especially accurate. Once you are done, LEAVE THE MMT ALONE! Go back to the
    base. If you see two fighters in your line of sight, use lasers and don't as as
    much about accuracy, they may hit the other. Use clusters if your see four or
    more enemies in its range. Consider using them if there are three. Don't use
    them for just two, you don't have enough.
    After eliminating around 8 or so fighters, head to the other end of the beach 
    (not over the mountains) than the MMT was on. There will be two STAPs. Get low 
    and behind them to take them out.
    Go back to the base and dogfight until the MMT unloads its battle droids. They 
    are surprisingly easy to take out with lasers. Use only up to two clusters. 
    Definitely use lasers. Once done, destroy the MMT. Take out the rest of the 
    fighters. Don't get below 3 clusters!
    Once the Republic Cruiser leaves, there will be around 7 fighters by it. Use a 
    cluster once you get close enough to take them all out. Now, AGGRESIVELY, take 
    out the other fighters. You're done. 
    Additional Tips
    #1 [by snooozer]
    Remember to use the FLASH SPEEDER in the beginning purely for it's speed. It
    really helps when you have to zoom back to the hangar to get the N1. 
    #2 [by rc_p120]
    Tips: When you start the level go straight to the enemy units & fly right over
    the STAPs & fire 1 cluster torpedo @ the line of AATs. Then fly behind them a
    good distance & stay LOW & fire lasers @ the backs of the AATs (with your
    brakes of course) & take them all out.
    When they are gone, fly toward the base & fire 1 cluster torp at the STAPs from 
    behind to take them all out. When @ the base destroy ALL droid fighters with 
    your lasers unless there's a formation of 3 or more in your range, then you can 
    use your clusters.
    Keep taking out those fighters with the tactics above until the MTT shows up. 
    Let it release the ranks of droids as you need as many kills as possible, take 
    them out from the side with 1 cluster & all laserz. Keep protecting the base & 
    Republic Cruiser when it arrives. When the cruiser leaves, protect it from 
    fighters, but you don't have to follow it just KILL ANY FIGHTER YOU SEE!!!
    That's very important to get your kill count up to the 70s.
    Be accurate, take out as many enemies as possible, & conserve clusters.
    #3 [by Knightcrawler]
    The only tip I can give you that hasn't already been given is to re-emphasize a
    few points that I already made. Conserve Clusters. Don't worry about time
    (actually, I haven't said that yet, but there it is). Get down LOW and behind
    STAPs and AATs to actually hit them; it may seem like you're hitting them, but
    you might not be.
    #4 [by snooozer]
    At the very beginning of the level, fly immediately to the hangar.
    Switch to the Police cruiser then fly back to shore and head towards the 6 
    AATs and the one MTT behind it.
    DO NOT KILL THE MMT. Just leave it there, don't kill it. You need to wait 'til
    it reaches the base and unleashes the droid army (to up your enemy kills).
    Anyway, get BEHIND the 6 AATs and fire 2 of your 8 cluster missiles at it. If 
    it didn't kill all of them then fire somewhere around 2-4 shots with your 
    blasters at each one that's still alive. Then continue forward and there should 
    be a large group of Droid STAPs on the ground, moving towards the base. Take 
    these guys out from behind as well, using another Cluster.
    Continue to fly around and use up all your remaining Clusters on fighters 
    roaming around and any droid STAPs that might be left on the ground. Also, 
    another group of 3 STAPs comes from the western part of the shore shortly 
    after you kill the 1st set of fighters and STAPs. Don't shoot a cluster unless 
    you have AT LEAST 2 targets on screen. The only reason I say this is because
    you don't have much time, and you want to hurry up and fire your remaining
    clusters before heading back to the hangar. 
    Now go get the N-1 and finish the mission as normal. Except now change your 
    thing with the Cluster missiles. Instead of firing only if you have at least 2 
    targets on screen, change that to at least 4 now. You don't have enough
    clusters to waste, and there are so many enemies in this level that you can
    easily get shots with 4 or 5, even 6 enemies on screen. 
    Also, use at least one of your Clusters on the Droid army that is released from 
    the MTT, and use blasters on the rest. These are the EASIEST things to kill in
    the entire level. I know they're small but they are STATIONARY (not moving) and
    50x easier to kill than Droid STAPs because they just stand still. Attack the
    army from either the side or from behind, and DESTROY THE MTT immediately after
    it releases the droid army. You don't need to kill the droid army first, it
    doesn't really matter, as long as you just wait for it to *release* the army
    first then you're all set. 
    Also, themetroid and Zefram42 will be credited with the Trade Fed Secrets 
    'secret hangar', which makes the Plat for that level much easier. 
    #5 [by Pollo Frito]
    To do this, I tried something new. First of all, whoever posted that one that
    said when to get into the Police Cruiser, that helped A LOT!!
    Anyway, I started out by heading STRAIGHT for the oncoming AATs and STAPs. I 
    took them out as you normally would (in the N-1, mind you) and THEN went to the 
    hangar. I busted out the PC and fought at the base for a while. (Hint: when the 
    fighters start coming in groups of two, shoot at the first one head on, then 
    fall in behind the second one for the easy kill. Rinse, and repeat as desired). 
    I used up as many clusters as I could, and saved 3 for the droid soldiers. When 
    they were let loose, is used my clusters on them from behind (that way stray 
    clusters would lock onto a fighter) and took out the MTT thing. I then 
    proceeded back to the hangar, and got into the N1 (which still had 8 clusters). 
    From here, I just went at the fighters like one mad mutha, cuz I always miss 
    out on the accuracy and enemy kills. Anywho, I got something BIG from this 
    experience. The time spent in the hangar ABSOLUTELY DOES (that is does in the 
    affirmative, I didn't mean 'doesn't') count toward your completion time. That 
    is why I had, at one point, actually gotten nearly 5:40 on one attempt where I 
    was slowly searching for the Police Cruiser, trying to catch a breather. I hope 
    this helps out.
    #6 [by snooozer]
    I believe the time only counts while you're IN the hangar, but NOT WHILE you
    are switching vehicles. If you notice, from the point to where you go in the
    hangar, everything else around you is still going on. But once your ship 
    gets settled in the hangar, and they switch camera angles (to let you switch + 
    browse ships), I believe everything around you stops. So I think while you're 
    actually switching vehicles, time doesn't go by, but otherwise, the time spent 
    in the hangar does count.
                               3.17  Coruscant Encounter
    Official Platinum Requirements
        Time: 0:23
       Kills: 1
    Accuracy: 68%
       Saves: 30
       Bonus: 1
       Lives: 3
    Walkthrough by snooozer
    This is tough! Remember to be very FAST, this is the best tip I can give you.
    And yes, it really requires you to beat it that fast. I had to play this thing
    like 500 times, and I beat it in 0:25 seconds with all the other statistics the
    same, and it didn't give it to me. So you have to be extremely fast.
    Here's my strategy. Immediately when it starts, hold your brakes, aim at Maul's
    ship and fire a cluster torpedo. Do this FAST. I know they are Homing missiles,
    but here's why you need to aim anyway. When a cluster splits into 6 individual
    missiles, it counts as 6 shots instead of 1, which affects your accuracy. You
    can fire 2 clusters at Maul and kill him, and have your accuracy be anywhere
    between 22% and 92% (trust me, I had to play this mission A LOT). So when you
    fire one, aim carefully. ANYWAY, fire a cluster at him immediately, then make a
    SHARP immediate left turn, before that first building you see to your left.
    Don't go around it, turn before it, this cuts off the extra 3 seconds you need
    to get 0:22. Now get the bonus. If you don't know where it is, keep turning
    left (a total of about 180 degrees from where you start) and go thru the pipe.
    When you come out of the pipe, turn left and fly up on that ledge. Once you get
    that, keep going straight and bear left, then fly out that exit to the right.
    Now, as for Maul, where will he be? From what I've observed there are several 
    possible patterns that he flies each time. When you come out of that exit, look 
    at your radar. Here's the deal: 
    There are only 2 possibilities from here. Either your Radar will be pointing 
    east, or pointing straight ahead. A good suggestion is just keep playing the 
    mission over and over to this point, looking at your radar. If the Radar is 
    pointing east, he'll be in the same place pretty much every time. If the Radar 
    is pointing straight ahead of you, there's several things he can do.
    I suggest you shoot him down before he can go anywhere, but it's a good idea to 
    know which direction he's going and coming from. So play the mission many times 
    and if you play it enough, you'll get comfortable with each of his flight 
    patterns (there's only about 3 - 4 different routes he goes) and you should be 
    able to get the Platinum.
    PS - The major key to Platinum is that key juncture where I say ''look at your
    radar'' (after you get the bonus, go left off the ledge, then turn right & go 
    out that exit). It all comes down to learning where Maul is at this EXACT 
    moment - remember, you only have 22 seconds; just enough time to fire once, get 
    the bonus, fire again & that's it - 2 hits w/ clusters & he's dead.
    If you have trouble with it, post here & I'll make some additional suggestions,
    just don't forget to mention which part you're having trouble with (time, 
    accuracy, catching Maul after the bonus, etc.)
    Additional Tips
    #1 [by Knightcrawler]
    If he is East of you after you exit the Bonus Area, pull straight up,
    accelerate, and go East. You can hop over a building and cut him off. He's
    almost always there. You ought to be right behind him or right in front of him.
    Has anyone completed it with 24 seconds so we can see what the max time is?
    #2 [by Patamon]
    You can shave off some time by turning RIGHT at the beginning instead of left,
    and using what would normally be the EXIT after the bonus as the entrance.
                                  3.18  The Dark Side
    Official Platinum Requirements
        Time: 7:15
       Kills: 40
    Accuracy: 25%
       Saves: 13
       Bonus: 0
       Lives: 3
    Walkthrough by ???
    No walkthrough available at this time.
    Additional Tips
    #1 [by snooozer]
    -How do you beat the level in under 7:15? 
    This is simple, it took me a while to figure out, but here goes. Take out 
    ALL FIGHTERS & AIR COVER with first priority. Now in case you didn't understand 
    that, DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT take out anything on the ground, no trees, no 
    boats, no docked boats, no houses, no Gungans, nothing. Here's the way it goes. 
    You need to kill ALL fighters to beat the level, right? Well some of those 
    fighters, such as the 2 sets of 3 Police Cruisers each, the set of 4 N-1's, and 
    the set of 5 N-1's WILL NOT APPEAR UNTIL you destroy ALL the fighters from the 
    first batch (the ones that were there from the beginning of the level). In 
    other words, the latter sets of fighters (2x3 Police Cruisers, 4 N-1s + 5 N-1s) 
    are triggered to appear only when you destroy all OTHER fighters. All Police 
    Cruisers = the sets of Police Cruisers appear; all N-1's destroyed = the sets 
    of 4 and 5 N-1's appear (the set of 5 N-1's only appears once you destroy the 
    previous group of 4). The level will not end until you destroy all Resistance 
    forces (all the Red dots on your Radar), including the Gungans, Boats (docked 
    and mobile). The houses & trees and stuff only affect your accuracy, but don't 
    count as a kill or save or anything like that. So anyway, just take out ALL of 
    the fighters. 
    -How do I get 25% accuracy? 
    Well I never had a problem with accuracy. I can miss TONS OF SHOTS and still 
    end up with 30% or so accuracy. It's only 25%, you have PLENTY of room for 
    error, so try not to worry about it. The more you worry about accuracy, chances 
    are, the worse you'll do. 
    Anyway, here are the ACCURACY INCREASERS for the level. Trees, houses, boats 
    (mobile and docked), and the statues and houses and stuff in the beginning of 
    the level, with the Gian speeders. However, just remember that you have VERY 
    powerful blasters, so only about 2 shots for a tree, 4 for a house (maybe 5 for 
    the houses in the beginning), about 4-5 for a boat (3-4 for a docked boat). If 
    you can find a statue, they won't blow up so you can shoot at it with rapid 
    fire for a whole pass, if you want. Also keep in mind that Police Cruisers only 
    take about half as many shots to destroy as N-1's. 
    -How do I get 13 Friendly Saves? 
    The main tip here is to take out ALL fighters with priority, and almost 
    *never* stop to kill anything else. Just fighters, fighters, fighters. They are 
    pretty much the only thing to worry about for friendly saves, since N-1's and 
    Police Cruisers will take out TF Gunboats, Droid Starfighters & Droid Bombers. 
    Those are the only friendly saves you have, the AATs in the beginning don't 
    count (if all 7 AATs die, your mission has failed). However, it is VERY RARE 
    to lose all your AATs in the beginning, so if you have that problem, just use 
    your 8 Missiles on the Gian speeders, since they are mostly stationary targets.
    Anyway, make sure you take out all air fighters as fast as you can and don't 
    stop, no matter what. You should be constantly killing fighters. If you do it 
    fast enough you should have no problem with the saves. Again: ONLY N-1'S AND 
    anything else will kill your saves, so only worry about the fighters. 
    #2 [by snooozer]
    Also, unless you're a hardcore crackshot at this game, then I'd say use all of
    your missiles at the beginning of the level against the speeders, since they
    are (relatively) stationary targets, and after the part with the speeders,
    they're pretty much useless. 
    Other than that, memorize the N-1 and Police Cruiser flight patterns, try to 
    take out all of the major ones and go for the Police cruisers too because you 
    know that none of the droid fighters are going to take out any N-1s, but they 
    might take out some of the Police cruisers. 
    Also, for the swarms of like 4-5 N-1s that come at the end of the mission: Hop 
    on their tails fast and take them out as best you can. 
    ===== 4.0 LEGAL / MISC. =======================================================
                                 4.01  Version History
    2013.05.18 - Version 0.8: Compiled walkthroughs for all but the Battle for
    Naboo and The Dark Side levels. References are made to a Battle for Naboo
    walkthrough by Knightcrawler but I could not find it in any of the old forum
    threads. The Dark Side may have also been by Knightcrawler by I couldn't find
    I also know there was a guide for Queen's Gambit written by snooozer in which
    he did not use the Infiltrator, but again, I could not find it in the old
                                  4.02  Guide Credits
    Thanks to:
    1. Factor 5 and LucasArts for creating a fantastic game. Great job, gentlemen!
    2. All of the GameFAQs Plat hunters circa 2000 - 2003. They are the authors
    here, and I'm merely the guy putting together the volume of their work. The
    great Plat hunt would not have yielded the ingenious strategies you see in this
    guide without their cooperation and contributions.
    Here are the GameFAQs users who contributed stats, walkthroughs, and tips in
    this guide:
    Dark Lord of Sith
    Naboo Dude
    Pizza The Hutt
    Pollo Frito
    3. snooozer again for being the first Plat Medal archivist and one of the
    driving forces behind the Plat hunt.
    4. GauRocks again for archiving the forum topics.
    5. You for reading.
                               4.03  Contact Information
    subsane at gmail dot com
    I encourage any Plat hunters to contact me if I made mistakes or missed
    something. Specifically, I need the full walkthroughs for Battle for Naboo and
    The Dark Side, and the alternative non-Infiltrator walkthrough for the Queen's
    Gambit level.
                                   4.04  Legal Stuff
    1. Star Wars: Episode I: Battle for Naboo (C) 2000 LucasArts Entertainment
    Company LLC.
    2. I'd usually place a copyright (C) notice here... but I'm not the sole
    author. So, I simply ask that you respect the hard work of the many people who
    contributed Platinum Medal strategies. This guide was written by members of
    GameFAQs and that's where it's permitted to be hosted.

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