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"Fun and Underated Game for Nintendo 64"

Star Wars Battle for Naboo is very similar to the Rogue Squadron games. Unlike other Star Wars games for the Nintendo 64 it is not mediocre.

Game play 10/10
As I said the game is much like Rogue Squadron.You play as a star fighter through out the whole game, and sometimes a ground speeder or a tank. There are 15 missions for you to do, including three secret missions. The ground speeders and star fighter handle well and have great weapons. The AI is intelligent and is good at dodging shots. There is a huge collection of star fighters, speeders and tanks to choose from. Overall this game has great game play.

Story 10/10
The game is set in Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace. You play as a pilot of the Royal guard of Naboo, named Lt. Gavin Sykes. You are trying to stop the invasion of Naboo from the army of the Trade Federation.

Graphics 7/10
Pretty good graphics for the Nintendo 64. The vehicles all look realistic. Like their movie counterparts, the civilians that are sometimes walking around all look exactly the same, and for some reason explode like a missile when you shoot them. The huge spaceships in the space levels all look amazing. Overall this game has wonderful graphics.

Sound 9/10
This game has great music in the tradition of Star Wars.The explosions are loud, and the laser fire from the star fighters all sound like they do in the movies. The voice acting is believable, excellent, and easily understood.

Replay Value 10/10
This game has good replay value. It will keep you interested for weeks after you beat the game. After each level you get rewarded with a medal. Once you get all the gold medals on every level you are able to unlock a bonus. There are also secrets in each level that will power up your star fighter, for example , more missiles. There is also three secret levels.

Overall 8/10
This game proves that not all Star Wars games are mediocre or terrible. Great game play and replay value make this a very good game. In my opinion, Star Wars: Battle for Naboo is the best Star Wars game for the Nintendo 64.

Rent or Buy
If you can still find it definitely buy. It probably can be found for around five dollars or less.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/05/06

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