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Reviewed: 12/27/00 | Updated: 12/27/00

Yikes!! What went wrong?

Being a fan of Rouge Squadern I decided to give Battle for Naboo a chance. After all Rouge Squadern was a fun game and had decent replay value.

The problems begins when you first start the game. There is no way to change the difficulty level of the game. While this may not be a BAD thing, it definatly takes away from the ''Okay I just wanna shoot things.'' Which leads me to my next gripe, in the games 15 missions, only 2 of them are actually ''Rambo'' missions where you blow up everything. So if your the type of gamer who likes to think a lot while blowing things up, this game COULD be for you. If youra fan of Rouge Squadern your probally won't like this as much simply because it's a total step in the wrong direction. Here's how it stacks up.

GRAPHICS- Not bad, just not good. Rouge Squadern was actually better graphically. Lots of slow down when numerous enemies are on the screen. However, at the same token the water effects are really nice and the game does manage to ATTEMPT to harness the power of the 4 meg pack(which you have to have.)

Storyline- Well, this is a blow em up game. It has a storyline, but one doesn't play this type of game for a story. But it's about you(name yourself), and your superior trying to find help to fight off the trade federation. Simple huh?

Sound- Ahh finally a good point. The music is great. But it's Star Wars, so that's to be expected. The opening music is great, albit a little ''shortened'' down version of the movie. It's very good though and will not dissapoint. Same can be said for the SFX, great!! Top notch stuff.

GAMEPLAY- Neat feature is that you can actually switch the type of craft(etiehr air or land) you use. This sadly is the only good thing. The levels are boring, you end up facing a unknown time limit. And their are hardly any type of power ups.The levels are just to boring. But, hey the controls are good, so at least while your riding around blowing things up in boring levels the control will be good:-)

In conclusion the game itself I guess could be okay, IF you haven't played Rouge Squadern. If you have, may not like this game as much. Definatly a rent if your intrested, if not their are better games coming out. If your a die hard Star Wars person, then wait for Starfighter. Just my 2 cents.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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