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"An impressive sequel to Rogue Squadron that does better in some areas, and worse in others, for an even balance..."

Yes, yes. We all know The Phantom Menace wasn't the greatest Star Wars movie ever, and that some gaming attempts on the franchise (Phantom Menace and Jedi Power Battles, I'm looking in your direction) have been sub-par, but this game, published by Lucasarts, and developed by Factor 5 (developer of Rogue Squadron), is a fine tribute to the Star Wars vehicle combat scene.

Right. You're a member of the RSF (Royal Security Force), a volunteer group, considering the fact that Naboo has no real military. Your name is Lt. Gavin Sykes. Your planet is overrun by droids from the Trade Federation, what do you do... WHAT DO YOU DO?

That's right. Blast everything in sight. Ah, for fun...

Gameplay: 9

If the gameplay seems similar to Rogue Squadron to you, that's good, because that's what the designers were going for. Since there's not a wealth of old Star Wars craft to go with, like there was in Rogue Squadron, the designers had to create some of their own new craft. There is, of course, the standard N-1 Starfighter, but there's also the Police Cruiser, which is the craft that leads you into said Starfighter, and the Naboo Bomber, which is, more or less, a Y-Wing that looks similar to an N-1...

There are also a bunch of surface craft that have been throw in to mix things up. You'll have two kinds of Speeders and a Heavy STAP to pilot in your missions.

So, with these craft in hand, it's your job to clean the place up. The controls are quite similar to Rogue Squadron, so if you've played it, you'll have little to no problem. One of the welcome additions is a ''quick turn'' feature that you can use by pressing R.

And, like in Rogue Squadron, everything's separated into missions, and, based on your performance, you'll earn bronze, silver, or gold medals in each mission, and, like in Rogue Squadron, you'll get rewards for completing all missions with bronze or better, silver or better, etc.

In short, a well-constructed job, if not spectacular.

Graphics: 9

A decent use of the Expansion Pak here. The landscapes look very pretty and the craft is moderately detailed... There are no problems with framerate choppiness or slowdown. Some of it looks a little grainy, particularly passing ships and the like, and there's a slight pop-up issue in large areas.

Sound and Music: 9

Classic Star Wars stuff, of course. No beef here. Let's move on.

Challenge: 7

Here's a bit of an unsteady point for the game. There's really no difficulty progression throughout the game. Some missions are nail-pullingly frustrating, and others are a cake-walk. This would be no big deal, if the frustrating ones were at the end, instead of the middle.

Replay Value: 9

Medals? Oh, yeah... Bonuses? You betcha. Secret codes? Definitely... Hidden missions? You better believe it... Need I go on? ^_^

Icing on the Cake:

Duel of the Fates on the Select Screen, and Jar Jar Binks gets squashed by the N logo at the very opening of the game... Thank you, Factor 5.

Flies in the Ointment:

Sure, you can go into space finally, but there's still auto roll and pitch so that you're always over the planet, but you can turn this off...

Droid Starfighters are a little too good...

Overall: 9

Definitely a good follow-up to Rogue Squadron. Star Wars fans (like myself) will enjoy this one... Flight sim fans will also enjoy...

May the farce be with you...

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/01/01, Updated 01/01/01

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