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"Much better than Rogue Squadron!!!!!!"

Back a few years ago, for Christmas my brother and I got Rogue Squadron. That was one of my favorite games for the 64. After about a half a year. I was hoping for a new Star Wars game like Rogue Squadron. Well a new one came along, Star Wars: Episode 1: Battle for Naboo. I waited for Jan. to get it( for $40 and a month old??) and I was so sad I did not get it in December. This game is very cool! I think that it is better than Rogue Squadron. Well on to the scores.

Gameplay: The controls work very well, and are much like Rogue Squadron. The game runs very smoothly. It makes you want to keep coming back! Rating: 9

Story: The story is based on Star Wars: Episode One, and it tells of the time that the queen leaves the planet. You get to see what the Trade Federation does when she is gone. You also get to see a lot of the planet, and it is a very different planet in different places, like Earth. There is planes, forests, swamps, mountains with a lot of snow, cities, and more. The story is very cool and gets you hooked. Rating: 9

Video: Wow. I have never seen the framerate drop once, even with 50+ ships on the screen and a lot of laser blasts all around. This game, like Rogue Squadron, has a problem with pop-ups. At times you don't know what your flying at and what your flying at just appears in front of you. They should of worked on pop-ups. Rating: 8

Audio: Yes, Star Wars music! Everyone likes Star Wars music!
This game has sweet music. I love it. Not only that, it has laser blasts, the sound your and other ships make, explosions, and voices, sometimes all at the same time! The audio of the game is one of its high points! Rating: 10

Replayability: With 15 levels, a few more secret levels, and Bronze, Silver, Gold, and higher medals to earn to get secret stuff, this game will have you playing it for along time!! Rating: 9

Overall Rating: 9

Rent or Buy: If you like Star Wars or flight sims. you will want to go to the store now and get it(note to flight sim. fans: You will not always be flying in this game). If you don't like flight sims. or don't like Star Wars, I would rent this game and see if you think it is worth getting.Warning: It is like Tony Hawk Pro Skater: It is one of those games that you will keep coming back to.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/27/01, Updated 01/27/01

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