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Reviewed: 04/14/02 | Updated: 04/14/02

Great game, just like Rogue Squadron!

Battle for Naboo is a shooter that is made by the same group that created Rogue Squadron. Is is a shooter, but unlike RS, you can pilot speeders, boats, and tanks along with fighters. There are three major mission types; Land, Water, and Air. As you might have expected, BFN is based on the movie Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace. You are Lt. Gavin Sykes, trying to form a resistance with your captain. Along the way you must fight the trade federation throughout Naboo and rescue solders and pilots. You gain allies and men to help you retake Naboo, but there are plenty of plot twists. Plenty.
The game's AI is a lot better than most games, as I will explain later. Very impressive.

Gameplay: 90/100 (A-)
Storyline is excellent, controls are almost feel as if you are actually there. The controls are to good, and it is easy to adapt with each type of mission craft. However, some craft are a bit too slow. The game itself is very challenging in some missions. A lot of fun, overall, blasting droids and all. =D The AI is superb. Some of the enemy fighters are so agile they can simply turn in midair and fire back at you. They move left and right a lot, roll, shoot the living daylights out of you, e.t.c.

Music: 90/100 (A-)
The music makes you feel as if you are actually there, like the gameplay. It is so complex; you can hear everything zipping past you, all the complex engines and blaster fire. The music is quite good; some is from the Phantom Menace, some is not. Only downside is some songs are a bit...childish, only to some people, though.

Graphics: 85/100 (B)
Great graphics, but the game freezes up sometimes, and some levels it is hard to see through the snow/rain. Still, an improvement over RS in this section. Some of the largest figures in N64 history are in this game, according to Factor 5 (game designers).

Replay: 95/100 (A)
In one of the most highest numbers I've given to a game...REPLAY IS EXCELLENT! I still have not unlocked the final secret mission without codes (no gameshark codes, just passcodes). It is so hard to get all gold metals, since infinite lives does not help in this game, unlike Rogue Squadron. Plus, you have special metals that you must really work hard to get, bonuses to unlock, and new craft to earn. Plenty of replay, trust me.

Buy, or Rent: If you like Star Wars, and you loved RS, BUY this game, for sure. Just take a look at the replay value I gave it. If you do not like SW, rent it, just to try it. If you like it, buy it!

My final words....enjoy the game! I gave it an overall score of 90/100, or 9/10.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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