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"Star Wars Episode 1!"

This game is an extraordinary, action packed game if you enjoy most Star wars games. You get to fight for Naboo in so many different roles, ways and places. Sit back, wait don't sit back, sit up and prepare to put a lot, I mean a lot of effort in to this hard, fun and extraordinary game. So take a deep breath and turn on the console.

This game is fun, like you get to fight a lot of enemy's in different vehicles in many levels and from the view of many different heroes. This game, Star wars gains a lot, I mean a lot of difficulty as you progress through the many different levels of Star Wars, fight for Naboo. The controls can be pretty easy once you get used to them, and the controls will be vital to completing the game.

In the game you have to do everything you possibly can to defend the peaceful planet of Naboo, which is home to many different creatures. Star Wars, fight for Naboo is not just the plain watch the jedi do everything, destroy a sith and win. No, you have to destroy generators, save different people, defeat a fighter, destroy a space ship and so much more. So be prepared to put a lot of effort if you want to beat Star Wars, fight for Naboo.

This game has pretty good graphics for its time on the Nentendo 64, I mean they could be a lot better but I guess they just were not. The sound is great though, flying through space, bogs and plains. Don't forget zooming around in city's to. Star wars, fight for Naboo is complete with R2 D2 sounds, actual actor voices and much more.

It takes a long time to beat the game, trust me on this, I mean a long time to completely beat the game and I don't think you would want to do it again, beating it once is enough for a lot of people and I don't think most people would be up for it again.

Final Recommendation
If you either needed to choose between buying Star Wars, fight for Naboo or renting it I extremely suggest buying it. By renting it you will never beat it no matter how many times you rent it and if you buy the actual game than you can take as much time as you want to beat this great action packed game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/02/04

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