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    FAQ/Walkthrough by The Steel Phantom

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                               Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3
                                  Nintendo 64 Version
    | Table of Contents |
    I. - How to Contact Me
    II. - Version History
    III. - Copyright Info. and Legal Information
    IV. - Purpose/What This Guide Will Cover
    V. - The Main Menu
       A) Career Mode
       B) Single Session
       C) Free Skate
       D) 2 Player
       E) Create Skater
       F) Park Editor
       G) Options
    VI. - Characters
    VII. - Levels
    VIII. - Guide/Walkthrough
       A) Level Objectives; Stat Points; Decks
    IX. - Earned Cheats
    X. - Credits
    | Section I. - How to Contact Me |
    Name - Josh Eaton
    E-mail - jjeatonusa1@netscape.net
    AIM - JJEATONusa
    | Section II. - Version History |
    Version 1.00 - (March 29, 2004) - The first one.
    Version 1.10 - (April 4, 2004)  - A few spelling/grammar/minor mistakes fixed.
    Version 1.50 - (April 5, 2004)  - Changed the layout and labels around.
    Version 2.00 - (April 10, 2004) - Fixed some ASCII and fixed layout mistakes.
    | Section III. - Copyright Info. and Legal Info. |
    Alright. Here's how it works. This guide will first be publicized on GameFAQs.
    It is Copyright 2004 to me, Joshua J. Eaton. You, the reader, may use it for
    whatever you want. However, if you are going to take it and place it on your
    own website or distribute it to ANYONE, you must first have my permission. Read
    the "How to Contact Me" section for information on exactly how you can get that
    permission. Just E-mail me or Instant Message me and ask. DO NOT take or use
    this guide for anything without my personal consent. Thank you.
    | Section IV. - Purpose/What This Guide Will Cover |
    This guide for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 for the Nintendo 64 will cover just
    about every detail in this game except the Gap Checklist, which even I myself
    have not yet completed. You can however be sure that I will include them in the
    next version, assuming I have them by then. This guide will walk you through
    each and every option and selectable in the game, and then go on to walk you
    through every level, its objectives, how to complete them; the Stat Points and
    Decks, their locations, and how to get them.
    | Section V. - Main Menu |
    When you first turn on your game, if an Expansion Pak is in your N64, the game
    will detect it (as far as I can tell, whether or not you have one does nothing
    to the gameplay). After the game's logo, you'll be shown clips of each skater
    present in the game skating around different levels also present in the game.
    You can skip this by pressing the START button. You'll be taken straight to the
    Main Menu. Here, you have several things you can do.
      Career Mode
    In Career Mode, you can load a previously saved career, or select to start a
    new one. It doesn't matter which you pick, seeing as how you'll be taken to the
    same screen. On the screen, you can pick from a plethora of characters, change
    their stats with earned Stat Points (see where to find them all later on), view
    their boards/decks, and even change their tricks. Career Mode is basically your
    players' career. In Career Mode, you can save your career so you can pick up on
    it later on, even if you turn off the N64.
      Single Session
    Single Session is much like Career Mode, but without the saving or editing of
    characters. In Single Session, you pick a character and level and you get a
    certain amount of time (2 minutes) to skate around and try to break the already
    set records by performing tricks and combos to earn points. Once done, you can
    keep going to even break your own records. Single Session makes good for prac-
    tice and record breaking at the same time.
      Free Skate
    Free Skate is just like Single Session in a sense. You skate around and perform
    tricks and combos and such to earn points. There's a few differences though. In
    Free Skate, you're not given a time limit, and your points do not add up. Each
    trick you do, your points reset to show you just how many points your last
    trick was. This could be valuable if you want to constantly beat your own score
    for your last trick. Another difference is that there are no records to beat in
    Free Skate. Free Skate is just basically what it says it is: free skating.
      2 Player
    2 Player can be a lot of fun. If you have a friend and another N64 controller,
    the two of you can play against each other. You can choose to Free Skate with a
    friend, or you can choose from a few games to play, all competitive and rather
    fun. Below are the games and the objectives of them.
    --Trick Attack: In this game, you and your friend compete in timed sessions of
    either 1, 2, 5, or 10 minutes to see who can accumulate the most points by pre-
    forming tricks and combos.
    --Graffiti: In this game, every time you perform a trick or a combo, everything
    you touched becomes your color. Player 1 is blue. Player 2 is red. If Player 1
    does a trick/combo off of a ramp, the ramp will turn blue. However, as a twist,
    if Player 2 performs a trick/combo off that same ramp that is worth more points
    than Player 1's trick, the ramp changes from blue to red (Player 2's color).
    --Horse: Ah, Horse. This game is just like the kind of Horse you play with a
    basketball hoop and ball. One player prefroms a trick/combo worth a certain
    amount of points, and the next player has to either match that, or do better,
    or else they get a letter... H would be default, but you can change the word.
    --Tag: Tag isn't as simple as it sounds. When you hear "tag", you think of the
    children's playground game. This is somewhat like that, except if you're "IT",
    then the other player is running from you. Well, the more tricks/combos you
    perform, then the slower the other player gets, and the faster you get, making
    it easier to run from, or chase the other player.
    --Free Skate: Same as the single player way. Just skate around for fun.
      Create Skater
    Now here's a neat option. In Create Skater, you do just what it says. You get
    to make your own skater. You name them, select how old they are, where they're
    from, how much they weigh, etc. You also get to change their appearance and
    edit their tricks and special moves. In order to keep a character though, you
    will have to save them in a Career Mode save file on a Memory Pak (goes in the
    back of your controller).
      Park Editor
    I myself have not done much here simply because it takes a lot of space on your
    Memory Pak to save a park you create. But, anyway... In this option, you get to
    build your own skate park. Use the C-buttons to choose pieces, and the A button
    to pick where you want to put it. Press START to get a few more options for
    your park, such as the appearance of the walls and floor, or even the size.
    Options is exactly what it is in every other game you've ever played. You can
    adjust the sound levels, save/load games, change controller configurations, and
    in this game, turn on/off certain cheats you've earned in Career Mode by beat-
    ing the game with a character. Among these things are a few other minor things.
    | Section VI. - Characters |
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, besides the secret character and characters you your-
    self create, has 14 characters. You can change the moves and specials of each
    one of them to your liking, but you can't change anything else. If playing in
    Career Mode with one of them, you can collect Stat Points and upgrade their
    stats like how high they Ollie, or how fast they can go, or how well they can
    balance on a grind rail. Collecting Decks in Career Mode with a character lets
    you use more of that character's skateboards in the game. The characters are
    listed below.
    Tony Hawk
    Steve Caballero
    Kareem Campbell
    Rune Glifberg
    Eric Koston
    Bucky Lasek
    Rodney Mullen
    Chad Muska
    Andrew Reynolds
    Geoff Rowley
    Elissa Steamer
    Jamie Thomas
    Bam Margera
    Officer Dick
    Some you may recognize from previous Tony Hawk games, and a few are new. If you
    create any skaters, they'll show up on the list as well. Also, if you complete
    the Gap Checklist (by finding and doing every gap in every level), you'll get
    to play the game with the secret character, X-Men's Wolverine.
    | Section VII. - Levels |
    There are a total of 9 levels in THPS 3, not counting any Custom-Made parks you
    created, and not counting the long list of ones already in the game. The 9 main
    levels are the ones in which the Career Mode is based around. They're the ones
    that you need to complete objectives in and get the Stat Points and Decks in.
    Below are the levels and a brief description of each.
    This level is pretty narrow. As by the title, you can tell it's a place where
    metal is melted and formed into shapes and such. There's only two dangers in
    this level; the molten metal pool and the water pool. If you land in them, you
    will simply be placed next to them with a funny message on your screen telling
    you basically that it's not good to go in those... So don't.
      Los Angeles
    This is a very big level. The only real dangers in it is falling from the ele-
    vator grind line and busting your butt. There's lots of things to grind on, and
    plenty of ramps and jumps you can use to your tricking advantage. Feel free to
    explore the power lines as grinds, and the broken highway above the level too.
      Rio de Janeiro
    Your first competition. It's a fairly nice sized level. Not as big as Los Ange-
    les, but fun to play. The majority of the level is ramps and jumps, but alone
    the sides are some major grinding rails that can take you around the entire
    street as many times as your hand-eye coordination can handle. Above the main
    area are power lines you can grind quite far as well on too. And if you're up
    for a bit of exploring, you'll be able to find the alley in the back.
    Personally my favorite level. It's as big, if not bigger than Los Angeles, and
    has just as many grinds and rails as it does ramps and verts and jumps. Again,
    power lines provide long nice grinds, this time even jumping to more lines! Off
    in a corner you'll also find a HUGE ground level bowl with a couple exits. It's
    a great place to practice grab moves. If you're good enough with your manuals
    and grinds, you'll also be able to spot the awesome combo you can pull off just
    as the level starts.
    Another narrow level, but much, much longer than the Foundry. This level proba-
    bly has the most grinds due to all the escalators and moving sidewalk rails
    you'll find. At the bottom of the level is a small halfpipe and some nice
    verts. I guess the game designers saw fit to include these with all the grinds.
    But then again, there's also a tons of grinds down here too if you can find
    them along the walls.
      Skater Island
    Combo city, baby! Here's your second competition. It gets a little tougher, but
    not if you know what to do and how to do it. You start off on a cool halfpipe,
    but don't stay! Explore the level. You can even go outside for some nice ramps
    and grinds. If you're into finding everything, you'll discover the rails lead-
    ing all the way around the level's walls high up. Now those are point-stackers.
    I don't know why, but I don't like this level. But you might, so okay. It's a
    pretty big level, probably as big as Los Angeles or Suburbia. It doesn't have
    many ramps and verts, but it's got its fair share. A couple of the Stat Points
    are a bit difficult to get, but you'll see how in the Guide. A small danger in
    this level is the boundaries. Don't go past them. There's a few pools you can
    have some fun in too. Don't worry, they have no water.
    If you have problems with bright lights and colors changing, you should proba-
    bly stay away from this level (lol). Anyway, Tokyo is your third and last com-
    petition. It's a lot harder, but not if you have good balance. There's a ton of
    grinds around the level you can take for some major points, and several ramps
    and verts for you to have fun on for those extra little points. If you win this
    competition with a gold, as well as the others, you'll get a cheat, and unlock
    the secret level...
    Talk about a fast level. This one's pretty narrow like the Foundry and the Air-
    port, but this one's downhill all the way. On the sides however, you'll find
    some major ramps and jumps, and some of the coolest grinds around. Some even
    lead you across the 4-lane street to MORE grinds and jumps. Have fun. You
    earned it.
    | Section VIII. - Guide/Walkthrough |
    Alright. From here on, you need to be playing in Career Mode to understand this
    and the next bit. This is the Guide part of the FAQ, and will tell you the best
    and easiest ways to complete each objective for each level. Start off by sel-
    ecting your skater and modifying his/her tricks to your liking. If you're using
    a created skater, your moves should already be selected. Because there are 3
    objectives (out of 50) that require you to have certain moves picked, I suggest
    making them simple. Here they are.
    Kickflip - You should put this on your "<- C-Left" selection under Flip Tricks.
    360 Flip - You should put this on your "^ C-Left" selection under Flip Tricks.
    Cannonball - You should put this on your "^ C-Right" selection under Grab
    Ok. There are 10 objectives in every level, except the competitions and the
    bonus level, Downhill. Of those 10 objectives, 3 are always going to be certain
    scores you have to break. There's the High Score, the Pro Score, and the Sick
    Score. The Sick Score is usually a really high (insanely high) number that you
    have to be really good at the game to be able to get... Or, have this guide. In
    each level, you will also have to "Collect "S-K-A-T-E". The letters S, K, A, T,
    and E are scattered about in each level, and you have to find them all in one
    run in order to complete this objective.
    In each level with objectives, you will also have to "Find the Secret Tape". I
    don't know why it's a tape, but you do. Each one is well hidden and takes a
    fair amount of skill to attain. And then of course, there's always 5 of some-
    thing you have to find or break, or unjam, or something. And then in each level
    with objectives, one of the objectives is always "100%". Meaning, complete each
    and every one of the other objectives, find all the Stat Points (5 per level),
    and find the Deck (1 per level). Then there are other minor objectives in each
    level to make it 10. There are 5 levels with objectives, thus, 50 objectives in
    the game. So... Let's get started, shall we?
    High Score - 10,000
    Pro Score - 25,000
    Sick Score - 75,000
    Collect SKATE
    Valves Unjammed
    Activate Press
    Cannonball Over the halfpipe
    Grind the Control Booth
    Find the Secret Tape
    High Score; Pro Score; Sick Score
    These are pretty easy if you have some skill at grinding and keeping balance.
    When you first start off, look at the wall to your right. There's a cylindrical
    silver pipe attached to it. Well, that pipe leads to another pipe, which leads
    to another, and again, another, then down. Your goal is to get on that first
    pipe and grind your way to the other side of the level basically. Do some spins
    and some Flip Tricks as you grind and jump to increase your score. When you
    land, you can manual (press up and then down quickly before you hit the ground)
    and that will keep the combo going long enough for you to jump onto something
    else as well. For these scores, as always, in every level, remember: manualing
    is your best friend. It connects everything.
    Collect SKATE
    The S is over the halfpipe.
    The K is past the halfpipe. If you jump over the halfpipe and keep going
    straight, you'll run right into it.
    The A is at the end of the level on the left side of the control booth vert.
    The T is on the right side of the level, about 3/4 to the end. There's a rail
    you can grind down from the pool that jumps to another. While jumping, you grab
    the T.
    After you get the T, turn around. Now on your right, still to the left of the
    press is a small vert. You can clearly see the E hovering above it.
    Valves Unjammed
    When you start the level, go down the roller on the left side. On the wall you
    will see a white box with some red buttons. Jump into it, or wall-ride over it.
    That's 1. There are 5. The second one is directly on the opposite side. Get it.
    Once you have this one, go towards the back of the level, up the ramp to the
    small pool of water. On the right wall is number 3. Now keep going and you'll
    go down a ramp and on the right wall is number 4. Now opposite this one, on the
    opposite wall of the level is number 5.
    Activate Press
    This one's easy. Past the halfpipe, on the right a little bit is a tiny ramp.
    To the very left of that is a thing you can grind, with a small lever on it.
    Grind past the level to activate it. Done.
    Cannonball Over the halfpipe
    Sounds easy, right? Well with the beginner-stats you have, it's not. To do this
    the quick and fast way, go down the roller right in front of you and turn left
    or right. There's a vert now on your left/right. Go up it and do a trick/combo.
    When you come down, get to the other vert and do another trick/combo. You now
    have enough speed to Cannonball over the halfpipe (Cannonball is a trick you
    should have set earlier like I said. It makes it easy).
    Grind the Control Booth
    At the back of the level, directly past the molten metal bowl is a control cen-
    ter thing. Simply go up the side of the vert and grind across the whole thing.
    Find the Secret Tape
    This is easy to find, but hard to get. Go back to the control booth. Now ok, do
    you see the very the control booth is on? Yea? Ok. You need to get enough speed
    to get high enough on that vert to grind the black and yellow taped grind above
    it. Jump off then, and go up the vert now on your right/left. Come back down it
    and ahead of you you'll see a big thing sticking out. Jump the black and yellow
    tape to get on it. Now grind the bar closest to the molten metal pool and jump
    off to the cylindrical silver pipe which leads straight to the blatantly ob-
    vious tape.
    Ok, to get 100%, you first have to have completed all the other objectives. Now
    you think you're done? You're not. You still have 5 Stat Points to go, and a
    Stat Points:
    #1 - In the beginning of the level, on your right, on the wall is a silver pipe
    you need to be on. Get on it by wall-riding and jumping to it. Grind it a
    little bit and you'll hit this Stat Point.
    #2 - From the starting point, go to the left and jump the lip (don't go down
    the rollers) onto the catwalk. Stay on the left side and at the end is the Stat
    #3 - From the starting point, do the same thing you did for #2, except on the
    right. Get on the catwalk and go to the end and make a left into a glass house
    thing. (You can get the Deck here too). Anyway, as you came into the glass room
    you'll see the deck hovering there over a line on the floor. Get on the line
    and turn right. Jump out the glass and you'll grab the Stat Point on your way
    #4 - Behind the control booth right by some steps.
    #5 - Above the control booth on a rail covered in black and yellow tape. You
    have to jump the vert and grind on it.
    DECK - See Stat Point #3.
    Congratulations! You're done with the Foundry!
      Los Angeles
    High Score - 15,000
    Pro Score - 40,000
    Sick Score - 100,000
    Collect SKATE
    Transformers Shutdown
    Grind the Electric Rail
    Elevator Grind
    Kickflip Over the Elevator Lobby
    Find the Secret Tape
    High Score; Pro Score; Sick Score
    It's a bit harder in this level to get the Pro and Sick Score due to the lack
    of perfectly placed grinds. Most everything is spread out, but you can get a
    good lot of points right in the beginning if you connect your moves the right
    way. Grind down the first small stone rail and hop to the pinkish orange one
    straight ahead of it. Do a nice Flip Tick in the air with a spin on it. A kick-
    flip should do it. Connect your combo by grinding on this rail and coming down
    on the street into a manual. From here, continue with several Flip Tricks to
    manuals to tack up the points. Again, manuals are your best friends.
    Collect Skate
    The S is right in the beginning. Go straight and grind the pinkish rail in that
    "hallway" thing to grab this.
    The K is on top a wall by the halfpipe in the middle of the level. Go up the
    outside of the halfpipe from either end to get on the wall in a grind to get
    The A is inside the carwash. Very easy.
    The T is on a bent pinkish-orange rail next to a vert by the carwash. The easi-
    est way to get it is to grind from the vert and jump on the rail in a grind.
    The E is back by the S. As soon as you get the S and land on the street, turn
    left about 100 degrees and you'll see it plain as day.
    Transformers Shutdown
    There's 5 transformers. From the beginning, head left a bit and you should see
    the first one on a wall. It's pink. Hit it or wall-ride it to break it. Now
    turn around and get right back where you start. Go down the small hill and turn
    right. On the wall on the right now is a second one. Hit it. Now keep going un-
    til you get to the street and a fence on your right. Turn left, and on the tan-
    white wall about 45 degrees to your right is number 3. Keep going past this one
    and you'll be at the carwash. Go inside and come out the other side. Directly
    ahead of you is a wall and on it is the transformer. 4. Now turn around and go
    back in the carwash. When you come out, take a right on the street and then a
    left. You should now be able to take another right into a little place with
    what looks like a small garden in the middle and a vert at the end. On one wall
    is the fifth transformer.
    Grind the Electric Rail
    Ok, this takes a bit of effort. Head back to where transformer five was. Now
    remember the vert at the end? You have to go up that and come back down for
    speed. A split second after you land and get balanced, you'll hit the ramp up
    the garden looking thing. Ollie with it to get height. You'll see a big V shape
    metal thing here. You probably won't make it the first time, but your goal is
    to Ollie up here and grind onto the left side of this metal V. At the end of it
    you have to jump onto the dark reddish brown sparking rail hanging over the
    street. When you grind it, there will be an explosion and the street will rise
    some. That means you did it... Not to mention the big red flashing thing on the
    screen saying so as well.
    Elevator Grind
    This one takes some serious grind balance. It's a LONG grind. From the beginn-
    ing, go down the first little hill and head right. You'll be on a small street
    that comes to a bigger one and a fence on your right. Straight ahead, only
    about 10 degrees to the left is the elevator lobby with glass sides. You can
    skate right on through the glass. On the wall adjacent to the glass is a button
    you have to jump into or wall-wide. You'll here a 'ding' sound of an elevator.
    Assuming you're facing the switch/button thing, turn directly around and you'll
    see a now open elevator. Go in it and it will take you up. Exit it when it
    stops and go out and to the left SLOWLY. You'll see two pinkish orange rails as
    side-rails, and then a white thick one that leads off the roof. Jump off and
    grind this rail all the way down. KEEP YOUR BALANCE and you'll be fine.
    Kickflip Over the Elevator Lobby
    I hate this one. You can't do ANYTHING except a Kickflip. Not even a 180, 360,
    or 540 Kickflip... JUST a Kickflip. Make sure of that. Anyway, head back to the
    elevator area. There's two verts outside that glass that act as a halfpipe. Get
    a lot of speed on these, and then using the one closest to the fence (the end
    of the street), jump the vert, leaning to the left, BUT DON'T SPIN, and simply
    do a Kickflip. You'll land on another vert on the other side (not on top) of
    the lobby. Now... There is a small halfpipe ON TOP the lobby, so don't quit if
    you land in that. You're only done with this objective when the game tells you
    that you did it. Otherwise, keep trying. It may take practice.
    Find the Secret Tape
    If you have no hand-eye coordination, you might as well forget about ever gett-
    ing this tape. Anyway... From the beginning, straight ahead of you, about 5 de-
    grees to the left is a white rail that goes up to the roof. Behind you is a
    vert. Use the vert to gain enough speed to nose-grind (fastest grind) up the
    rail. As soon as you're on the roof keep going and jump to the pinkish-red rail
    sticking out of the high-rise highway with the Stat Point on it and grind it to
    get on the highway and immediately jump the yellow ramp ahead of you a few feet
    to get onto an even higher roof. Keep skating and jump the gap between the two
    roofs and STOP!!! If you skate off the roof, you'll have to do it all over. Now
    look... You have to slowly turn around and look to your now left. There's a
    narrow piece of the roof that goes up some, and if you're lucky, you can spot
    the tape at the end of a white rail that comes out of that piece. You have to
    skate up the narrow piece, Ollie off and grind onto the white rail to the end
    where you'll snag the tape, then fall and fall and fall... But at least you'll
    have the tape. =P
    Stat Points:
    #1 - You literally CAN NOT miss this one if you've gotten the Secret Tape.
    #2 - From the beginning, skate down and through the hallway thing and onto the
    street. Keep going some until you can enter a tiny cove in the wall where a
    vert is. Jump the vert and you'll snag the Stat Point.
    #3 - Go over by the carwash. On the sides of it, near where the T for SKATE was
    are verts. Get some speed on them and then grind up one onto the bent pinkish
    rail and from there, onto the big white and sky-blue beam. Grind this some
    until you see the white rail going off to the left with the Stat Point on it.
    Jump from the beam to the rail and grind to the Stat Point.
    #4 - Get over by the elevator lobby. Get as much speed as you can on the half-
    pipe here and eventually you'll want to jump off the side of the one closest to
    the elevator button. You need to jump off it to the left. Don't go all the way
    up it or you can't jump off. With enough speed and some good aiming, you'll fly
    off and into the Stat Point on the rail, completely avoiding tons of grinding
    you'd have to do otherwise.
    #5 - Also by the elevator lobby. Gain speed like in #4 and this time go up the
    vert all the way and start pressing the grind button. You'll catch on an over-
    hang and grind around it. Keep jumping and grinding or else you'll lose speed
    and turn around automatically. If you do it right, you'll perfectly make it to
    the end and automatically grind down a white rail, grabbing the Stat Point on
    the way.
    DECK - Ok, remember when you Grinded the Electric Rail? You have to do it again
    now, but this time, you need to keep going, onto the wall and down. Now right
    before the street is a small yellow ramp that jumps you up to the power lines.
    Grind on the RIGHT power line all the way to the end, jumping and grinding with
    nose-grinds for speed. At the end of the power line, it's obvious you have to
    jump onto that tiny piece of roof with the vert. Go up the vert and with the
    speed you got, you'll easily get high enough, grabbing the Deck.
    Congratulations! You're done with Los Angeles!
      Rio de Janeiro
    This is your first competition? Excited? Ok, you'll notice right off the bat
    that there are no objectives for this level. That's because you have a gold me-
    dal to win! But just because there are no objectives doesn't mean there aren't
    any Stat Points or a Deck. But, first thing's first. In order to ensure your-
    self the gold medal, you need to do your best (meaning keep your skater's face
    from coming in contact with the ground) and get a load of points at the same
    time. The easiest way to get points, if you haven't noticed yet, is to grind
    anything and everything, connecting it all with manuals, ending it with a nice
    540 or 720 Grab Trick up a vert. Sounds hard, but you should be used to it by
    now. Also, for a TON of points, if you can find it, you'll see that the level
    is set up so you can basically grind a circle around it. =) Have fun.
    Stat Points:
    #1 - From the beginning, head left and you'll see a huge sign above a vert with
    red mountain and wave on it (it's a logo). Go up the vert to grab this Stat
    #2 - On the sides on the vert from #1 are regular straight ramps. Use the one
    to the right of the vert to jump out above the street onto the power lines and
    grind them, snagging the Stat Point which you'd have to be blind to not see.
    #3 - From the beginning, keep heading straight. You'll eventually end up going
    under something. Now about 30 degrees to your right you can see the back of a
    tan colored vert. Go up the back of it to the side and grind the power line to
    the Stat Point.
    #4 - Now it gets complicated. From the beginning, head directly left over the
    rail. Head down the street until you HAVE to turn right if you were to follow
    the street. But, go left and up the big ramp thing that winds left as it goes
    up. At the top will be a vert in front of you, and a lip you can jump with the
    Deck in the air. However, on the wall is a tan wooden-looking rail the wraps
    around the side of the wall. Grind it and get on the roof. Keep going until you
    get to the end where you can grind onto another rail to the Stat Point.
    #5 - This one takes some exploring. Go back to the part in #4 where you had to
    get on the wooden-looking rail. But this time, go up the vert (not the lip to
    the Deck, but the vert). When you come down, stay close to the wall on the left
    and go up the tiny jump of the ramp you came up before and grind on the thin
    metal wire into the alley. You're now at one end of the alley. Simply go to the
    other end and you see the brownish-orange vert on the right? Go up it to snag
    the Stat Point without having to grind along a bunch of crap.
    DECK - See Stat Point 4.
    Congratulations! You're done with Rio de Janeiro!
    High Score - 20,000
    Pro Score - 50,000
    Sick Score - 150,000
    Collect SKATE
    Appall the Appliances
    Disrespect the Dishes
    Ice the Ice Cream Man
    360 Flip the Weathervane
    Find the Secret Tape
    High Score; Pro Score; Sick Score
    You can score some major points right off the bat in the beginning. Start off
    with a manual down the small ramp and jump and grind on the first rail a bit on
    the right. Jump and spin to the U shaped metal rail now and do a Flip Trick in
    the air before grinding again. Come off the end of this with a Grab Trick and a
    small spin before landing on the next rail. Now as you come off the rail, conn-
    ect everything with a manual and jump the thing in front of you, performing a
    Grab Trick in the air before landing in yet another grind on one of the large
    pieces of wood. You'll grind up and fall into a halfpipe where you should again
    perform a manual to continue everything. Skate up the vert of the halfpipe in
    the same direction you've been going, but grind, and grind, and grind all the
    way down everything, going from halfpipe to rail to vert to rail until you're
    winding around a long vert. You can jump off now into an easy nose-manual for
    variation and wrap around and go up the vert for a great spin Grab Trick combo
    for MAJOR points. If you used various grinds and connected them with some Flip
    Tricks, you'll easily nail all three Scores in one combo.
    Collect SKATE
    The S is on the U shaped ramp right in the beginning.
    The K is between the halfpipe and the smaller quarterpipe. (The gap you have to
    jump between them is the Trailer-Park Gap)
    The A is on the long quarterpipe over near the house on the same side of the
    level as the K. You can grind to it or jump. It doesn't matter.
    The T is by the edge of the pool behind the house the A is near.
    The E is a tad bit above a vert on the backside of the house.
    Appall the Appliances
    There's 5 appliances. They all look the same... They're white boxes that look
    like short refrigerators or possibly stoves. Anyway, when you start, turn
    around and go behind the big long house. A vert raises the level to the first
    appliance, and if you're facing the wall after getting it, turn left and the
    second one is sitting on the corner of that level section you're up on. The
    third one is on the edge of the main halfpipe. The fourth one is near here. It
    is on top of the large gray box to the right of the halfpipe. And finally, the
    last one is back by the pool, sitting on the very edge of it.
    Disrespect the Dishes
    There are only three dishes. One is at the end of a roof on top the very long
    house directly behind you when you start. Another is on a small orange lip on
    top the house back by the pool. The last one you can get by jumping off that
    lip and onto a gray box. You can't miss it. (They are gray satellite dishes).
    Ice the Ice Cream Man
    To the left a bit from where you start, there's an ice cream truck playing some
    cheesy music. A bit past it is a large gold square pole. Next to that pole is
    two verts, one on either side. Past them, against the fence is a very long vert
    that you'll have to go up and come down for speed before you jump across one of
    the small ones to the other one, automatically tipping the gold pole down and
    smashing the ice cream truck. =P
    360 Flip the Weathervane
    When you first start the level, behind you is a big long house. On top of it,
    at one end, is a small silver weathervane. Simply start at one end of the house
    and go to the other and jump over that weathervane, doing a 360 Flip (which you
    should have set on an easy button like I told you to before). If you don't get
    this objective complete your first try, then try jumping a little lower so you
    go straight "through" the weathervane.
    Find the Secret Tape
    When you Iced the Ice Cream Man, that long golden pole made a grinding ramp in
    a sense. Go up the same vert that got you speed before, and come down it, and
    now just grind up the pole, lying on the ice cream truck, and at the end, jump
    off and you'll snag the easily seen tape.
    Stat Points:
    #1 - On top of the long house's roof (behind you when you start) at the peak.
    #2 - Over by the dish you disrespected, on the same roof, there are two power
    lines that lead out over the ice cream truck. Get on one and grind out and you
    will grab the stat point hovering between the two lines with ease.
    #3 - On the same roof with the dish and the orangish colored lip, there is a
    vert you can go up. On top of the small box is this Stat Point.
    #4 - From that same roof in #3 are a few wires that run down to the quarterpipe
    in the trailer park. The Stat Point hovers above the middle wire, but is still
    grabbed if you're on the left or right of it, so don't worry.
    #5 - On the edge of the quarterpipe that the wires in #4 led to is this Stat
    DECK - When you begin, turn directly left and keep going. Eventually you'll go
    under a small thing and over an upside-down V ramp (it's silver) and up a big
    piece of orangish brown quarterpipe, and come down it for speed. You now want
    to jump that silver ramp and get on top the thing you went under a few seconds
    before, and from there you'll jump a lip to one of the two wires on the RIGHT.
    (There are 4 wires. Two on the left, two on the right. Get on one of the RIGHT
    Congratulations! You're done with Suburbia!
    High Score - 40,000
    Pro Score - 100,000
    Sick Score - 200,000
    Collect SKATE
    Snag the Flags
    Lost Luggage Found!
    NoseBluntSlide the Airport Sign
    Grind the Plane
    Find the Secret Tape
    High Score; Pro Score; Sick Score
    Due to the enormous amounts of grinds in this level, one right after the other,
    all set up nice and perfectly for you and your combo grinds and manuals, these
    scores should be like cake for you. Start off with some Flip Tricks connecting
    them all with manuals and nose-manuals until you get to the first moving side-
    walk which is like grind city. You can end it with a manual again and grind
    your way right on down the escalator and straight to a couple more grinds. Then
    lookey there! Another moving sidewalk! Towards the end is another escalator and
    and the bottom of you have some nice quarterpipes, jumps, and verts to make
    that 200,000 seem like garbage to your score.
    Collect SKATE
    There really is no way you can mess this one up. They all come in order as you
    go down, and are really hard to miss.
    The S is on the first moving sidewalk.
    The K is on a silver rail on the left side of the airport a bit after the first
    escalator but before the second moving sidewalk.
    The A is on the second moving sidewalk.
    The T is above the left baggage check-in thing just a few feet in front of the
    end of the second moving sidewalk's A.
    The E is right after the second escalator. There's two quarterpipes after it on
    either side, making a halfpipe with a long floor. The E is above the left half.
    Snag the Flags
    There's 5 flags, all of which are at the bottom of the airport. This takes the
    time you don't have to do, so hurry on down there. Grinds will get you there
    fastest. After you come off the last escalator keep going straight. You should
    see the first flag hanging from a rail. Lean to the right and head left sharply
    up the vert so you can grab that flag (by touching it) and grind on the second
    rail it was hanging from. You'll grind all the way around a small corner and
    there will be another flag you need to jump and Flip Trick to get. DON'T FALL!
    Stay on the rail and keep going, because ahead of you, you can see your third
    flag which you'll also have to jump for and land back on the rail. After that,
    it gets easy. Just stay on the rail and you'll run over your fourth flag. You
    can jump off now. Look to the left of your fourth flag, assuming you're still
    going in the same direction. You'll see the last one on the low rail. Simply
    get on that rail and run it over, snagging it and completing this objective.
    Lost Luggage Found
    Ok, throughout the level, going down it like SKATE did, there are 5 tan-colored
    suitcases. All you gotta do is hit them/run them over to get them. From the be-
    ginning, stick to the left and you'll go inside a bathroom. You can grind the
    sink on the left to run right into the first suitcase and come out the other
    side. Stay on the left and go down the first escalator and remember the silver
    rail that the K was on? At the end of it on the floor is your second suitcase.
    Now the other 3 are at the bottom. Make your way there. After the second esca-
    lator, there are orangish benches on the left and right before the halfpipe.
    Just past the right bench is suitcase number three. After the halfpipe, turn
    right and suitcase four is right there between two verts. Now on the other side
    of this area is a bench that's shaped like a very thin 0. On top it is the last
    NoseBluntSlide the Airport Sign
    Really easy. Make your way to the halfpipe after the last escalator and go up
    the left side at such an angle that you'll land face first on the ground. But
    grind! You'll be on the airport sign. Now to do a NoseBluntSlide, you have to
    Ollie and just before you grind again, tap the UP button twice, holding it the
    second time, and grind. You'll pick up a Stat Point up here too. Grind to the
    end of the sign and when you fall off and touch the ground, this objective will
    be complete.
    Grind the Plane
    Another really easy one. After the first escalator, look up. There's a white
    airplane hanging from the ceiling for show. Just go up one of the two very thin
    pieces of silver vert just under it (there's a railing with a Stat Point on it
    going between the two verts) and grind along the wing of the plane. When you
    see the blue gap on your combo say "Plane Bash" then you can jump off, and when
    you touch the ground, you'll complete this objective.
    Find the Secret Tape
    Yet another easy one. Just before the last escalator, you can see a long white
    railing (I think it's a light) hanging over the escalator. Jump onto it and
    grind it to the next light after it that is slanted (you'll have to aim this
    jump and grind) and at the end of the second light/rail is the tape.
    Stat Points:
    #1 - Just before the first moving sidewalk is a jump/ramp on the left
    that if jumped right, will lead onto a light. With enough speed, jump this
    ramp and grind the light/rail to the Stat Point.
    #2 - Just like with the Secret Tape, only hanging above the first escalator is
    another white rail/light. Jump to it and grind it for the Stat Point.
    #3 - Just underneath the plane you had to grind are those two thin verts. Be-
    tween them is a small rail going from one to the other with the Stat Point on
    #4 - On top the Airport sign you had toe NoseBluntSlide.
    #5 - Remember the rails you had to grind on to get the flags? Go there. When
    you come off that last escalator go straight and make a sharp right and have
    enough speed to get you to the top rail (it's the third one). Grind all the way
    around it, heading right (opposite direction of all the flags) and you'll wrap
    around and be going straight at the Stat Point at the end of the rail. Just
    have some balance and this one's easy.
    DECK - When you first start the level, look to your right. There's a conveyor
    belt covered with a black curtain. Go straight through the black curtain and
    you'll be in a red hallway. When you come out the other end, the Deck is right
    in front of you on a small ramp.
    Congratulations! You're done with the Airport!
      Skater Island
    Ok, here's your second competition. The stakes are raised a bit, but in this
    level, you should still have absolutely no problem crushing the competition.
    If you notice, high up around the walls of the level, there are cylindrical
    silver pipes running along the walls that climb up like stairs. On one end of
    the level is an orange quarterpipe vert with two ramps on each side of it. You
    can't miss it. It's on the direct opposite side that the door to go outside is
    on. Anyway, go up the vert and come down to have some speed. Now on your left
    is a small upside-down U shaped ramp, and on the wall a bit higher is a silver
    pipe. You have to go up the ramp, wall-ride and jump to the pipe, grind for a-
    bout half a second and jump again, wall-ride, and get onto the next pipe. Now
    you can grind around the entire level, constantly climbing up the pipes, doing
    Flip Tricks from each one and different grinds, tacking up the points. =)
    Stat Points:
    #1 - When you first start, go down the halfpipe and go to the right about 45
    degrees. Jump out of the halfpipe and you should easily snag this Stat Point.
    #2 - As your jumped the halfpipe, you should have seen the other Stat Point al-
    most straight ahead and high up. Just go up the vert and jump past it to grab
    the Stat Point.
    #3 - This ones real close. See the door of white light (it leads outside)? On
    either sides of it are quarterpipe verts. Go up one and over the doorway, grab-
    bing the hovering Stat Point there and coming down on the other vert.
    #4 - From the beginning, go down the halfpipe and turn directly left. To your
    left a little bit you should see a steep ramp leading up. Go up it and up the
    next one too and turn around, and right there on the edge is a Stat Point.
    #5 - On the opposite side of the level as the doorway that leads outside is
    that big quarterpipe I told you about. When you go up the middle of it, you'll
    grab the Stat Point.
    DECK - Right up by Stat Point 5, except to get it, you have to jump PAST the
    quarterpipe, or, use one of the ramps on either side of it.
    Congratulations! You're done with Skater Island!
    High Score - 50,000
    Pro Score - 125,000
    Sick Score - 250,000
    Collect SKATE
    Totem Poles
    Blow Up the Tree
    Nosegrind Over the Tree
    Ollie Over the Pool
    Find the Secret Tape
    High Score; Pro Score; Sick Score
    Alright, again, as always, remember your manuals. This level doesn't have a TON
    of grinds, so getting the 250,000 is a tad bit difficult. But, that's what I'm
    here for. When you first start, there's a silver rail on your right a little
    bit ahead of you. Manual and Flip Trick onto it in a grind and jump from it to 
    your right onto the pinkish rail and go grind crazy now. Pull as many spins and
    tricks and grinds as you can around this rail, but don't fall off at the end. I
    recommend jumping off into a manual/nose-manual and turning around and doing
    the rail all over again in reverse for the points you really need. The biggest
    thing you can do to ensure that 250,000 is to combo like crazy.
    Collect Skate
    The S is hovering in the middle of the Kicker-2-Kicker Gap a few feet in front
    of you when you start. You can't miss it.
    The K hovering to the left of the pink railing I told you to use mainly for the
    The A is at the very top of a steep ramp in the very back of the pool section,
    next to the boundary fence.
    The T is hidden in a tiny tunnel you have the break the wood away from by runn-
    ing into it. It's back in the area with all the mining cart tracks.
    The E is near the K. To the right of that rail is a big concrete ramp. Go up it
    and jump off it to the side, coming from the A to easily snag the E.
    Totem Poles
    Ok, there are 5 totem poles throughout this level. When you start, there is a
    wall to your left (short one). Jump over it and turn around and stay close to
    the buildings and go past a pine tree. Right in front of you is the first totem
    pole. Now turn left about 45 degrees. Right there is a second one. Now keep go-
    ing around to where you see a circle thing on the ground made up of a bunch of
    curved verts. The third totem pole is right before this area. Now keep going
    past here and you'll get into the concrete pool area. There's a blatantly obvi-
    ous pole right there. Now down by where you got the K for SKATE, between two
    silver rails is totem pole number five.
    Blow up the Tree
    This one's really simple. As soon as you start, turn around and go up the ramp
    you came down. There's a small red TNT thing sitting on the mining cart track.
    Run it over and there will be an explosion and a tree will fall over. Done.
    Nosegrind Over the Tree
    Another easy one. For this one, you'll have to go and blow up the tree again if
    you already haven't. Now from that ramp that you start on, go straight all the
    way until you get to the quarterpipe vert at the end. Go up it as fast as you
    can and come down perfectly for some nice speed. Now stick to the left, by that
    pinkish rail you mostly used for the Scores. About halfway down it, jump on it
    with some quick grinds, gaining speed so when you go up the lip of it, you can
    jump off and come down in a nose-grind on the tree you blew up. Keep that same
    nose-grind all the way down the tree to easily complete this objective.
    Ollie Over the Pool
    Ok, remember where the A was? Up on that steep concrete ramp by the boundary a
    bit past the pool area? Go there. There is a pool shaped like the one shown be-
    low (excuse my crappy ASCII art).
    |   X           |
    |___X___        |
            |       |
            |       |
    It looks basically like that. Well you see where I've placed the two X's? That
    is the section of pool you have to Ollie over. With enough speed it's easy. So
    don't sweat. Just jump over it and you're done.
    Find the Secret Tape
    Alrighty... This is a real neck breaker. But ok. Go back to the area where you
    got your third totem pole and the letter T. Now head in the direction of the
    mining cart tracks and you'll see an orangish-red-brown small ramp that will
    jump you up onto what looks like an ash-covered hanging piece of concrete. Any-
    way, right up there a bit ahead of you is a tanish-colored halfpipe. Now high
    up above this halfpipe is another, just like it. You have to use this first
    halfpipe to gain tons of speed, then go up a side of it at such an angle that
    you get onto the second one. Now from the second one a piece of rail hangs out
    from the mountain, and at the end is your Secret Tape. =)
    Stat Points:
    #1 - From the beginning, go straight and you'll get to a quarterpipe. Go up it
    and come down for speed but go right back up the right side of it now and grind
    so that you grind up the wire leading up to that sign. At the top is this Stat
    #2 - This next one is over where you got the T. On the quarterpipe closest to
    the wood you had to break is where you wanna be. If you look up you can see a
    big board that goes out a bit past the quarterpipe. You need to go up the pipe
    at an angle so you land on the "roof" of the small cave part where the T was in
    so that from there, you can stop, turn around, and grind straight across the
    board to the Stat Point at the end.
    #3 - This one is over by the section of pool you had to Ollie over. It's hover-
    ing only a few feet away from it (like, literally... 4 or 5 feet). It's hard to
    #4 - Also in the pool area, but this one is over by the really deep, U-shaped
    pool. It's by the pink rail you used to get most of the Scores with. Anyway,
    you have to go up the ramp right by that pool and jump into it to get the Stat
    Point you should already be able to easily see.
    #5 - When you start, there is a wall to your left (short one). Jump over it and
    turn around and stay close to the buildings and go past a pine tree. In front
    of you is a totem pole. Turn directly around. Now keep going and jump the small
    lip there and grind on the snow covered roof, jumping then into the small part
    of building with an actual "ceiling". (Directly to your left is the Deck). Keep
    going straight and jump now the even smaller snow covered lip, staying on the
    left so you can grind the edge of the roof and easily get this Stat Point.
    DECK - See Stat Point 5.
    Congratulations! You're done with Canada!
    Ah. Time for your third and last competition. This one's pretty easy now that
    you should be a master at balancing your grinds and manuals. If you think you
    can do it, try going around the entire level using the grinds on the sides. You
    will most likely end up smashing your face in, but it's worth the points if you
    can even get halfway. Then just jump off to a manual and use the verts, ramps,
    and quarterpipes to your Grab Tricking advantage. There's a lot of cool stuff
    in this level, but concentrate on winning the medal first. If you've been using
    manuals and connecting your moves like I've been telling you to throughout this
    entire guide, you should, with some ease, be able to get the gold.
    Stat Points:
    #1 - When you first begin, go down the roller ramp and turn left exactly 90 de-
    grees. Go up the small part of the wrapped around quarterpipe right in front of
    you to grab this Stat Point.
    #2 - When you first begin, go down the roller ramp and make a right. Grind on
    the quarterpipe lip and hop to the edge of the balcony on the building to grab
    this Stat Point.
    #3 - From #2, just keep going and on top a wood-looking brown roof edge is your
    third Stat Point.
    #4 - Again, just keep going from the previous Stat Point and wrap around the
    back of the level. As you rise up a bit from the colored lip of the quarterpipe
    to a silver part, you'll be heading straight into another Stat Point.
    #5 - Yet again, from #4, just keep going and eventually you'll have to jump up
    some to a metal edge where this Stat Point is.
    DECK - There isn't one in this level.
    Congratulations! You're done with Tokyo! You just unlocked Officer Dick as a
    player character if this is your first time beating the game. If not, then you
    just unlocked a cheat you can turn on/off in the Options menu on the Main Menu.
    You also unlocked a secret level playable now for only that character (and any
    others you've beaten the game with)!
    There are no objectives for this level, not even scores you have to set. It's a
    level designed for fun and somewhere to put the other 10, yes, 10 Stat Points
    you have to get. Unlike all the other levels, you have 10 Stat Points to get in
    this level. You get nothing for it though except the Stat Point itself and full
    stats for the character once you upgrade.
    Stat Points:
    #1 - Throughout the level, in the middle of the street are small islands with
    trees on them. This Stat Point is located in the first tree of the first island
    you come to. Just jump the tiny island lip to get it.
    #2, 3, 4 - These all come directly after each other. They're all along the same
    black railing the goes from the right side of the street to the left, just a
    little bit past the first island where you got Stat Point 1.
    #5, 6, 7 - These all come directly after each other as well on another black
    rail that goes now from the left side of the street to the right, a bit past
    the first rail where Stat Points 2, 3, and 4 were got.
    #8, 9, 10 - These are well hidden, but all come right after another as well.
    When you come off the rail where you got 5, 6, and 7, you'll almost immediately
    jump a small lip. If you stay close to the wall and turn your player so that
    they'll boardslide, and tap the grind button, you'll grind on a balcony very
    high up and be taken back behind the wall and you'll get these Stat Points.
    Congrats again. You're done. =)
    | Section IX. - Earned Cheats |
    Each time you beat Career Mode, assuming you have a saved file, you'll earn a
    different cheat that you can turn on and off in the Cheats option under Options
    on the Main Menu. Even with the cheats you've earned ON, you can still play and
    beat the game with other characters. It makes it a lot easier. Below is how you
    attain each cheat and a brief description of each.
    NOTE: All cheats (except Officer Dick) must be obtained by beating the game
    with a character already in the game. You can't use a created character to earn
    any cheats except Officer Dick.
    Officer Dick - Beat the game 1 time. This cheat is automatically always on. It
    lets you play the game with the character Officer Dick.
    Skip to Restart - Beat the game 2 times. This cheat lets you stop your game (by
    pausing it as usual) and basically skipping to a number of starting points. You
    of course get to pick which one.
    Kid Mode - Beat the game 3 times. This cheat just makes all the skaters really
    short, making them look like children.
    Perfect Balance - Beat the game 4 times. This cheat gives you perfect balance
    for your grinds and manuals.
    Special Always - Beat the game 5 times. This cheat makes it so your Special Bar
    is always full.
    Stud Mode - Beat the game 6 times. This cheat makes it so no matter what your
    stats say they are, they're really maxed out.
    Weight Mode - Beat the game 7 times. This cheat makes it so you can adjust the
    weight of the characters, making them skinnier or fatter.
    Wire Frame Mode - Beat the game 8 times. This cheat turns everything in tiny
    little black lines on a big white screen.
    Slo Nic Mode - Beat the game 9 times. This cheat is like The Matrix. Whenever
    you do a trick, even a regular Ollie, it goes into slow motion.
    Big Head Mode - Beat the game 10 times. This cheat makes all the skater's have
    huge heads.
    Sim Mode - Beat the game 11 times. This cheat makes gravity really heavy. Your
    jumps and tricks will be landed very quickly. Be careful.
    Smooth Mode - Beat the game 12 times. This cheat turns everything in the level
    to a smooth bluish color. Nothing else as far as I can tell.
    Super Revert Mode - Beat the game 13 times. This cheat prevents your stats from
    dropping when your character is switched (in the opposite style of his or her
    Moon Physics - Beat the game 14 times. This cheat makes gravity incredibly low,
    like on the moon.
    Super Speed - Beat the game with Wolverine. This cheat makes everything really
    | Section X. - Credits |
    I'd like to thank a few sources who inevitably helped me write this guide. They
    are as follows:
    1. GameFAQs for posting (hopefully) this guide (my very first!) on their site.
    2. My friend Manny Capote for telling me that the secret character you unlock
    upon completing the Gap Checklist is Wolverine.
    3. ActiVision, Neversoft, and Edge of Reality for making such an awesome game.
    This Guide has been brought to you by:
        T      H   H   E
        T      HHHHH   EEEE
        T      H   H   E
       TTT    HH   HH  EEEEEEE
          SS          T     E        E         L
           SSSSSS     T     EEEE     EEEE      L
                SS    T     E        E         L     L
                PPPPPP   HH   HH      A      N     N  TTTTTTT  OOOOOOO   MMMMMMM
                P    PP   H   H      A A     N N   N     T     O     O   M  M  M
                PPPPPP    HHHHH     AAAAA    N  N  N     T     O     O   M  M  M
                P         H   H    A     A   N   N N     T     O     O   M  M  M
                P        HH   HH  AA     AA  N     N    TTT    OOOOOOO  MM  M  MM

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