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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Evanboy203

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                               Great Adventure
                           By Evanboy204@yahoo.com
                              Total Pages: 25
             Hey everybody, Evanboy203 here again with a FAQ for Goemon's 
    Great Adventure. Now here in the states, you rarely see any one owning 
    one of Goemon's games. Well, I'm a fan of these games and I played this 
    game so much, I'm willing to write this. This is my first attempt to 
    write a FAQ, so help me out of some parts here or there. Let's get 
    started shall we.
                        2.)Player's move
                        3.)Impacts' move
                        6.)Little Help
                        9.)Legal Stuff & Disclaimer
    Version 0.6 = seventh draft 11/25/01
                     -added something to the Little Help section
    Version 0.5 = sixth draft 3/24/01
                     -*NEW* E-mail address (yes again.. totally forgot to
                       tell everyone.. sorry!) 
    Version 0.4 = fifth draft 6/18/00
                     -added a code 
    Version 0.3 = fourth draft 6/17/00
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    Version 0.2 = third draft 1/25/00
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                     -added little help section
                     -also more credits
    Version 0.1 = second draft 1/12/00 
                     -spelling and grammar corrections 
    Version 0.0 = first draft 12/28/99
                Unlike the last Goemon N64 game, this is all in 2D. Trust 
    me, it's better this way. No camera mistakes or anything like that. What 
    you'll need for this game is one of those packs that you save things 
    with. Controller Packs, something like that. You have new foes and old 
    friends here to help you. Also the great 2 player mode is back and with 
    a special code, you'll be able to perform a 4 player mode.  
        Player's Moves      
                The leader of the group. From Edo, he helps save the world 
    with his trusty pipe attack. He got 5 moves. (*= Find it somewhere in 
    the game).
                Pipe: His main weapon, press B and grab fortune dolls to 
    power it up to level 3. 
                *Chain Pipe: A pipe that extends great distance. Also break 
    star blocks. Press R. 
                Coin: Press Z. Cost 1 Ryou.
                Flame Coin: Press and hold Z until light circles you and 
    then let go to release a more powerful weapon. Cost 3 Ryou.
                Double Jump: Our friend here can go higher with his Double 
    Jump. To do this, you must press A twice. Master this move because it is 
    important to finish the game.
                Goemon's faithful pal is back with 5 new moves. Our "Ninja 
    of Justice" is a fat comedian who will make you laugh here and there. 
    (*= find in game).
                Spoon: Weird weapon, but it works. Press B and use fortune 
    dolls to upgrade it.
                *Solid Megaphone: Something to project his voice into words 
    of stone by pressing R. This is useful as stepping blocks. Cost no money 
    and you can only use it once until the last time you used it is 
    completely destroyed.
                Shuriken: Press Z and he fires a ninja star. Cost 1 Ryou
                Poison Mist: Press and hold Z until light circles around 
    you. This makes his famous poison fart attack. This cost 3 Ryou.
                Hip Attack: This is helpful for jumping. Jump (A) and press 
    down to perform this move. Combined with the Solid Megaphone, he can 
    jump pretty high.
                A little robot created by the Wise Man to help our friends 
    to complete the game. Only 4 moves this time, but they're pretty 
    powerful. (*= same thing)
                Dagger: His main weapon. Performed by pressing B. Collect 
    fortune dolls to bring it to its most powerful state.
                *Sasuke Dive: He can swim by pressing R. By being connected 
    by a propeller, later in the game, he can swim while still using his 
    Daggers as his weapon.
                Bomb: Press Z to fire a bomb. Cost 2 Ryous.
                Fire Cracker Bomb: The bigger and better version of his 
    regular bomb. Press and hold Z to release this powerful bomb that can 
    break down cracked boxes.
                The last member of the team and my favorite. A member of the 
    "Secret Special Investigation Ninjas", so she'll be very helpful with 
    some great information when you meet her. She's hardcore and ready to 
    battle anything. But also has a soft side to her as she bakes for her 
    group. Finally, she comes all prepared with her four moves. 
                Katana: Here trusty sword comes in play while you collect 
    fortune dolls to bring it to a better version. Down side of this game is 
    she can't use her sword shield anymore =(.
                Mermaid Magic Power: Her old move is here again to fight the 
    baddies under the water. Press R in the water and move with the control 
    stick. Press A to use her dash attack and B to use her Bazooka.
                Bazooka: This is used by pressing Z. Cost 2 Ryous.
                Lock-on Mode: To put Yae's Bazooka on Lock-on, press and 
    hold Z. When an enemy comes, it will target in a destroy it. May cost 5 
    Ryous, but it's very helpful.      
        The Impacts' Move
             There is one new robot that comes in and guess who it is. 
    That's right, it's Miss Impact and Impact himself has fallen for her. 
    These to have the same moves for in the cockpit and field control. On 
    the top is the enemy's HP. On the bottom right hand corner, there's your 
    HP. Left of that is your Ryous that you can use as bullets. Finally on 
    top of those two is your laser gauge.  There is only one thing missing. 
                Pressing Z = Cockpit: Coin Bullet
                             Field Control: Coin bullet
                Pressing B = Cockpit: Left Jab
                             Field Control: Punch
                Pressing A = Cockpit: Right Jab
                             Field Control: Jump
                Pressing R = Cockpit: Baton Pass
                             Field Control: Calling out for Baton
                                 Cockpit only
                  Guard: A & B at same time.
                  G Kick: C-down, C-down, A
                  Repeated Punch: C-up, C-down, C-up, A
                  Blaster Beam: C-down, C-down, Z
                  Mega Power Beam = Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, 
    Left, Up, Z (not sure if it works) 
                  Delicious Attack: B, B, B, A
                Ryous = Used in stores and for projectile weapons.
                Sliver Fortune Doll = Charge up weapon. Lost when loses HP. 
                Gold Fortune Doll = Bring armor, HP, and weapons to full.
                Dumpling = Recover HP by one.
                Surprise Pack = Increase player's lives
                Raincoat = Raises armor level by one.
                Sliver Armor = Raises armor by two.
                Gold Armor = Bring armor gauge to full.
                Rice Ball = Bring you back to life, when dead, with 1 HP.
                Plum Rice Ball = Bring to life with 2 HP.
                Fish Rice Ball = Bring to life with full HP.
                Pot = Break with weapon to acquire Ryous.
                Entry Pass = Used to pass through Checkpoints. Received 
    after completing a level or mission.
                Mr. Elly Fant = Pick this up to continue that position when 
                Goal Raccoon = End of every level. Break open for Entry 
                Star Block = An obstacle that can only by passed by using 
    the Chain Pipe.
                Cracked Boxes = An obstacle that can only be overcome by 
    using Sasuke's FireCracker Bombs.
                Impact Rock = Obstacle that you can push, but can't pull.
                Impact Block = Obstacle that can be pushed and pulled.
                Teahouse Teleporter = Stand on this and push down to switch 
             Start by selecting Goemon or Ebisumaru and then you'll cut to a 
    cinema with the two walking in the forest to the Wiseman's house. You'll 
    see the Ghost Summon Machine that he created but Sister Bismaru will 
    soon steal it. Wiseman ask you to rescue the machine and so your 
    adventure begins...
             Lost'n Road
                Entry Pass: 1
                This is just a preview of what to come. Also you'll notice a 
    stick floating in the air. It's the hovering stick. Use this time to 
    practice that because it's very important. Complete the level, get the 
    Entry Pass(1) and enter...
             Lost'n Town
                Entry Passes: 3 
                By the time you get here, it will probably be dark. Wait 
    until it's very dark and go up to enter a walkway to you house. You'll 
    soon be near a well halfway to your house. Enter it and you should an 
    Iguana Man. Talk to him to receive an Entry Pass(2). Now you can go 
    around the town to buy stuff and save. I suggest you don't buy anything 
    this minute, because you'll need the money to buy equipment for the 
    castle ahead. Press and hold B to run to move around quickly. Now, go to 
    the teahouse where you'll meet Sasuke. He'll talk about how Impact has 
    gone out of control. You'll find out that Bismaru brainwashed him. 
    SASUKE NOW JOINS THE TEAM. Look around some more to your right and you 
    should see a hall that leads you to a house. Inside is DJ Beat Mania and 
    he lost some of his equipment. Say YES to get them back. Now go back to 
    Lost'n Road.
             MISSION: Lost'n Road.
             GOAL: Find DJ's LP, Mic, and Headset by 6 P.M. (12 minutes)
                 Go straight until you come to the hovering sticks. If you 
    practiced and mastered it, go up and you'll be on a landing. Go across 
    and you'll find his Headphones. Go back down and keep going across until 
    you reach the Impact Rock. Instead of pushing it right, go to the other 
    side and push it to the edge of the landing. But be careful of the 
    ghosts and the armored clay dolls. Dodge them or kill them until you 
    pushed the rock to the edge. Jump on it and go up to another landing. Go 
    across there to find the DJ's Mic. Now end all the way to the end to 
    come across a giant clay doll. No biggie. Keep hitting to make it 
    shrink. Keeps on hitting it until it explodes or short enough to double 
    jumps and grab it. Now you got all three and you'll be transported back 
    to town.
                He'll thank you by giving you an Entry Pass(3). Walk out and 
    look around some more. When you come across a fork, go down and run into 
    the last house. Look around to find a surprise pack. Now go into the 
    house that has lots of red on it. It should be after the fork that leads 
    you up. Talk to the two people and you'll find out that Omitsu is 
    missing. Now go back to the well where you found the first Entry Pass, 
    but instead of going inside, keep going until you see a house with a 
    marking next to it. It's your house. Go inside as Goemon. Talk to the 
    lady inside and listen to her. She'll ask you for 100 Ryous. Give it to 
    her in doses or pay her all right now. When you are all paid up, she can 
    go to the beauty salon and you'll soon find out the lady is a man!!! 
    It's Kenzo. You'll get the Chain Pipe in return. There is one more Entry 
    Pass, but you can't get it right now. Now exit and you have two choices 
    to go to. I'll do Digadig Gold Mine first.
             Digadig Gold Mine
                Entry Passes: 1
                Mini-boss: 1
                I suggest you Goemon here, because there are long jumps you 
    must do. Here, just keeping heading straight. Keep going until you come 
    to a fork. Head up. Grab Mr. Elly Fant and enter battle with... 
                Mini-boss: Giant Skeleton. 
                  He's not that hard to beat really. He has 2 attacks. 
    Fireball and Flame-thrower. (I'm making these attack names up, sorry, 
    pokemon got to me). Hit him while he's white and avoid him while he's 
    red. When he's about to use his Flame-thrower on one side, head straight 
    for the other. He'll go down in no time.
                Now that's gone, head straight until you reach the Raccoon 
    Goal and get an Entry Pass(4). Head back to town.
             Lost'n Town
                Entry Passes: 3(2 completed)
                Go back to the place that leads to your house. Go in the 
    fourth door and meet an old man. Listen to him about the Mudtrotters in 
    Digadig Gold Mine and you'll go on another mission.
             MISSION: Digadig Gold Mine
             GOAL: Defeat 7 Mudtrotters by 6 P.M. (12 minutes)
                Head straight and you'll see a rolling Mudtrotter. Kill it 
    >1<. Keep heading straight until you come across the fork again. This 
    time, head down. Keep going down until you meet up with another one. 
    Kill it >2< and head back up to where you encountered the mini-boss. 
    You'll see another, so kill that one >3<. On the bridge there is one 
    near the beginning >4<, one in the middle >5< and one near the end >6<.
    Head off the bridge and to the next platform. You'll see that biggest 
    one. After you kill that, you're done.
                The old man will thank you by giving you an Entry Pass(5). 
    Now save and whatever and head out again. This time to...
             Ringbell Pass
                Entry Pass: 1
                Enter as Goemon and keep heading straight ahead until you 
    see some star blocks. Use your Chain Pipe (you have one, right?) to 
    break it down. Head across the swings, up the stairs where a Mr. Elly 
    Fant will be there. Grab it and now you have reached a fork. I suggest 
    you go down, since it's the easier than the upper road. Head heading 
    across the bell and the swing. When you come across the second bell, hit 
    it and a rolling stone will fall out to wipe the enemies of the road. 
    Soon enough, you'll reach the end and gain another Entry Pass(6).
             ~*~Lost'n Town~*~
                Come and save, rest up for the night, and buy items you need 
    because now, you'll have to encounter...
             Edo Castle
                Bosses: 2
                After you pass the Checkpoint >have 5<, you'll cut to a 
    cinema with the castle on fire and Impact destroying the place. You'll 
    also meet Kurobei. Its turns out Bismaru captured Omitsu and have a 
    machine controlling Impact. Everyone decides to climb to the top of the 
    castle and drop down. Hard part is doing that.
                I suggest you use Goemon because of his Double Jump can take 
    care of the pits. This castle is pretty much straight forward. Watch out 
    for falling debris, and kill every foe in your path. When you come to 
    your first stamper (the big things trying to crush you), go on the other 
    side for an extra life. Now keep heading forward. Forget about the 
    Impact Block and Double Jump to the other stamper. The third stamper you 
    come to, go across instead of upward. First get the pot of Ryous above 
    the golden fortune doll that's blocked out by the star blocks. Break 
    them and grab the doll. Go back and jump to the upper platform. Keep 
    moving forward jumping and killing. After you have crossed the 
    Hoverstick, there will be a teleporter to switch players. Use if you 
    want to or stick with Goemon. Keep moving and you'll meet a Mr. Elly 
    Fant. Grab him and jump on the top of the stamper. Head right and when 
    you come to a fork again, go up. Run across the stampers, and break the 
    pots to grab some Ryous. Keep going and you'll soon drop down and must 
    head left across falling blocks. Keep moving straight until you see an 
    Impact Block. Push that to the edge and jump to the upper platform. Of 
    course, by going down, you get 2 dumplings and a pot, but go down there 
    if you are low on health, otherwise, you just want to get out of here as 
    fast as you can. You'll soon come across another block. Push that one 
    near the stamper and when the stamper comes down, jump on top of it. 
    Keep on heading left until you see a hoverstick. Use that to go on the 
    upper platform to reach on top of the stamper again. Head right and move 
    slowly here because Impact will try to crush you with his punches. 
    You'll soon come to a pit with no blocks on top of it. Go jump in that 
    one. Keep going, past the pits and rolling stones. Soon you'll see 
    another Mr. Elly Fant. Grab him and if you need any power ups, there are 
    some on the platform on top of you. Now cross the pits, and using some 
    of your money as you toss coins to your enemies across the pit. It will 
    help you not to fall down and die. Soon, you'll be at a dead end with 
    pots. Grab the money and go back and search for a platform that's above 
    you. Go across there; pass the stampers while avoiding the bullets 
    coming from the background. Now after all that, you'll be at the 
    elevator with a fortune doll next to it. Grab the doll and go on the 
    elevator to the next floor. Soon, you'll see Impact, calm down because 
    he won't attack you... yet. Just kill the enemies in you walk as fast as 
    you can. Now you're in a room with another teleporter. Use it if you 
    want and keep heading straight while looking all around you. Go on top 
    of the stamper and head right. Now you encounter Impact's Nasal Bullet 
    attack. Be calm and carefully dodge them as you go across the platforms 
    to get to the other side. Use the hoverstick to get to the upper 
    platform and grab Mr. Elly Fant again. Be extra careful and extra calm 
    to go across the swing successfully. Grab the two dumplings and you'll 
    see another elevator. Grab the extra life on the other side and then go 
    up. Keep going while killing enemies. You should see another gold 
    fortune doll, but it's hard to get. Only keep on trying if you think 
    you'll need it. Keep heading straight again and you'll soon see another 
    elevator. Go on it to the upper level. Grab the dumpling if you must and 
    head right. Keep going while collecting all the goodies. Now it's time 
    to face...
                Boss: Brain Washing Machine- Shishi Scarecrow.
                Your first real boss is one top of Impact's head. The 
    important thing is to run around. This guy has four attacks. Bullet 
    Rain, Spike Tail Whip, Fireball and Summon. The very first thing he does 
    is Bullet Rain. While the bullets drop, he'll also use fireball. 
    Carefully dodge the fireballs while hitting as many bullets as you can. 
    This causes them to backfire and hit him instead. He'll use Bullet Rain 
    again, but this time, instead of using Fireballs, Shishi will use Spike 
    Tail Whip. Plan on when to jump and hitting the bullets. He'll keep up 
    this pattern for a while and then suddenly there will be a green 
    triangle on the ground. This is his Summoning attack. This will cause 
    Impact's punch to land wherever the triangle is. Soon, after a few more 
    bullets, he'll go down. But if you do die, you'll come back with two 
    Sliver Fortune Dolls. Die again and get two Gold Fortune Dolls. When 
    he's gone, and after the cinema of Omitsu returning and Wiseman 
    introducing his newest robot, you'll face...
                Impacts' Boss: Transforming Robot- Bis Maru Elegant
                HP= 2000
                Your first Impact Boss is just a preview of what's to come. 
    You'll start out in the cockpit of Miss Impact. Go up and check my list 
    for the moves, or press start to get a Table of Commands. Bis have many 
    attacks. Whenever she comes close to you for a punch attack, use 
    Repeated Punch since that causes the most damage. She also uses her 
    Heart Bullets. Press A or B to get rid of them and gain some Ryous. 
    She'll also transform into a little UFO and comes to you using Spinning 
    Tackle. Use the G Kick or Repeated Punch when she gets close and use 
    Nasal Bullets when she is far. She'll also spin across the other side 
    while firing her Heart Bullets at you. Either punch them out really 
    fast, or use Nasal Bullets. Be careful of her sudden death move- Heart 
    Eliminator. Don't use the Blaster Beam, because it won't work. 
    Hopefully, the other Impact won't be lying on the ground. Pass the Baton 
    to the other and fight from there until she does it again. She also has 
    a special attack, which is Carnation. This is when a rose appears in 
    back of her and she starts to use thorn missiles. This is when you use 
    the Blaster Beam. Soon she'll go down. After that, she'll tell you that 
    she is going to Ryugu Island to regroup. She'll blast off and now you're 
                You'll be in a cinema with the Lord and Princess Yuki 
    themselves.  They'll be talking about where Ryugu Island is. Princess 
    Yuki knows, but has a hard time saying it out loudly. You'll find out 
    that it's a floating island out in the southern seas. Now you leave to 
    go there.
                                 RYUGA ISLAND
             When you reach here, it will ask you if you want to save. Save 
    YES and enter...
             Kappa Road
                Entry Passes: 3
                Go straight across. On the first floating platform, there is 
    a teleporter. Uses if you wish, otherwise, keep heading straight. You 
    also come across a bullet clay doll blocking your way. Don't try to jump 
    over it. Instead, use your projectile attack to get rid of him and enter 
    the cave. Keep going straight as you encounter big snakes and little 
    snakes and other clay dolls. Cross all the platforms and you'll soon 
    reach the end with another Entry Pass(7). Now if you read the top you'll 
    notice I said that you could get three Entry Passes here. To get to the 
    other one, there is an alternate path and there is something you must do 
    for the third. But you can't get that now. All you can do is move on 
             Frog Mountain
                Entry Passes: 2
                I suggest you enter as Goemon. If you didn't, go back to 
    Kappa Road and use the teleporter to get him. Now press START and exit 
    level. Now in Frog Mountain, use Goemon's Double Jump over the first 
    pit. Keep going and you'll soon see little platforms you must jump 
    across. After that, there will be a baboon plant going up and down by a 
    waterfall. Jump while it's down and go across when it reaches to the 
    top. Watch for the green water Imps or whatever they're called. Jump on 
    the frog and Double Jump to the platform in front of you. Keep on 
    heading and jumping the right way and you'll be at part where you have 
    to jump across tiny platforms again. On the very first one, is a Mr. 
    Elly Fant. Grab him and pass on. Keep on going, killing enemies and 
    you'll reach a fork again. Go up. If it's dark, go inside and you'll see 
    Iguana Man again. Talk to him to receive another Entry Pass(8). If it's 
    still day, you can do two things. Wait until it's dark or come back 
    later when it's dark. Either way, this is your eighth Entry Pass. Now go 
    to the bottom path and hop across the platforms. Just ignore that other 
    platform that leads you left. Keep going straight and you should get to 
    the Goal Raccoon and another Entry Pass(9).
             Otohime Town
                Entry Passes: 1
                First thing you want to do here is rest and save. Now head 
    to the teahouse. Here you'll meet Yae. She'll tell you where Bismaru is 
    hiding. In the castle in the middle of the island. To reach it, you have 
    to swim long distances. She has the magic of the mermaid, but she wants 
    another who can swim. A present from the Wiseman and soon Sasuke will 
    know how to swim and YAE WILL JOIN YOUR PARTY. 
                After that, switch to Ebisumaru. There is a new thing in 
    this town. A fortuneteller. Go to him in some town and he'll give you 
    clues on how to get Entry Passes. First thing you should do after that 
    is to go to the first house of the last three. There will be a girl 
    there. She will want to give you a gift. Say YES and you'll get the 
    Solid Megaphone. With this you can create stepping-stones. Now go 2 
    houses to the left. There should be a guy with a green bag. Talk to him 
    and he'll look like Ebisumaru. In reality, it's only Obisumaru. After a 
    few talks, he challenges you to a race on Frog Mountain. Accept the race 
    and you'll both be at... 
             MISSION:Frog Mountain              
             GOAL: Beat Obisumaru at a race.
             I'll tell it to you straight out, this will be hard. Hit him so 
    that he'll be stun and you'll have a few extra seconds to beat him. Go 
    around the level like you would but faster. There will be no enemies 
    besides Obisumaru, so don't worry. At the first pit, use the Megaphone 
    to create stones so you can get across. Same thing goes to when you are 
    in top of the frog, but aim carefully while you're on him. You could 
    make the stones fall and you'll have to wait until it breaks up and that 
    will cost you time. Remember that you also have your Hip Drop. If you 
    die, try again. Eventually, you'll beat him. Every time he jumps, he 
    loses speed, so use that to your advantage. Now, all I have to say is 
                After that race, he'll give you an Entry Pass(10) and leave, 
    vowing to return. Now go back to the teahouse and switch to Yae. Save 
    and whatever and go to...
             Kappa Road
                Entry Passes: 3 (1 completed)
                Just keep on going the same way until you reaches the cave. 
    When you reach the water, press R and dive. Kill any enemies that are in 
    your way, but the first thing you'll notice is a big pot. Use you 
    Bazooka to make a giant octupi appear. Try to attack from a distance, 
    because of his Black Ink attack. Soon, he'll be destroyed and you'll 
    gain another Entry Pass(11). Keep following the road until you have to 
    surface. Go on land and you should see some star blocks, Impact Block, 
    and some cracked blocks. Instead of pulling the Impact Block the entire 
    wall out. Just make it a little so you still have that staying up there. 
    Go on the platform left of it and there will be a teleporter. Jump on it 
    and change to Goemon. Now return and destroy the star blocks. Keep 
    moving forward and soon you'll reach the end for another Entry Pass(12).
             Naruto Road
                Entry Pass: 2
    Head going forward until you see the teleporter. Change to Yae and keep 
    going until you must go and dive underwater. Once under, keep following 
    the path until you come to a fork. Head down and then head left. You'll 
    encounter another big pot. Do the same thing you did for the last and 
    get another Entry Pass(13). Now head right, while avoiding the spikes 
    and speeding fishes until eventually you come to a dead end. Go up and 
    avoid the spikes. Soon you'll surface and move right to gain another 
    Entry Pass(14) for completing the level.
             ~*~Otohime Town~*~
                Heal, save, and buy equipment because the castle ahead is 
             Ryugu Castle   
                Bosses: 2
                 Go to the Checkpoint and >have 10< Entry Passes. Be very 
    careful in this castle because it has many booby traps. Keep going 
    straight while beating the enemies up. Look carefully on the floor for 
    moving platforms. These are helpful, yet dangerous. Get across the 
    spikes and head up while jumping over rolling barrels. There will be a 
    surprise pack in the air, but as soon as you go under it, the platform 
    will rise and try to crush you. If you think you're fast enough then try 
    to get it. Otherwise, just move on. Then you'll see there is a pit, but 
    you can't get across because the platform you have to cross is spiked. 
    Just wait till it turns over and immediately cross. Grab Mr. Elly Fant 
    that's about halfway through. Keep going and you'll see a big barrel 
    that is stuck on the ceiling. Well, guess what. It's not stuck. When you 
    pass it, it'll drop and you'll have to run for your life while dodging 
    enemies. Jump to the upper platform and repeat the same thing. Keep 
    going and you'll get some pots and a dumpling. Look on the ground again 
    because there are still uprising platforms that will still try to crush 
    you. Now you'll see some spikes with an uprising platform. If you want. 
    Go to the platform and up to the next level. Go across there and receive 
    a fortune doll, dumpling, and some pots. Now go across the spikes. There 
    will be a teleporter. Switch to someone who can swim. Now go in the 
    water and dive. Go left while destroying enemies. There are ells here, 
    and you have to cross when they're in the background. Keep heading left 
    until you see jellyfish. Move around those carefully too. After a while, 
    you'll have to surface again. Head left and be careful of the enemies 
    there. Don't be in a ruse. Beware of the speeding fishes in the 
    background and the dropping hermit skull crabs. Kill them while avoiding 
    the boat full of skeletons in the back throwing skulls at you. Soon 
    you'll come across Mr. Elly Fant, an Impact Rock, and a teleporter. 
    Change if you must. Push the Impact Rock to your right and jump on it to 
    reach the higher platform. Look around for those small clay dolls. They 
    can really hurt ya. Now you're on the platform with the rolling barrels 
    again. Jump over them to reach to the other side. Kill the enemies and 
    dive once more. Try to stay on the bottom and keep a look out for the 
    speeding fishes. Just go across everything. Don't bother trying to kill 
    them. Just keep a low profile and you'll soon reach a dead end. When you 
    do reach the dead end. Look down to see a surprise pack. Grab it and 
    surface. Grab all the items cause you'll need it. Go up the stairs and 
    you'll go into a cinema with Bismaru. She'll summon the one and only 
    Arrivederci, a spiked fish to kill you. What you must do here is keep 
    running or swimming while hitting the fish to keep him from hurting you. 
    Same deal as with Obisumaru. If you're lucky, you'll come across a 
    surprise pack. After this, you'll face...
                Boss: Enchanting Mermaid- Taisamba 3
                This boss isn't really that hard. It has 3 attacks. Bullets, 
    Sonic Ray, and Thunder. She'll probably start out with her Bullet 
    attack. While she is doing that, there is some rope. Cut it down and 
    move on to the next. Soon you'll be done and a giant object will take 
    away some HP from her. The number of rope you must cut will gradually 
    increase. When she uses her Sonic Ray, run away from it. When she uses 
    her Thunder, it will only affects the water. So just stay out of there. 
    Soon, she will fall and you'll soon face...
                Impacts' Boss: Enchanting Mermaid- Taisamba 4
                She'll use her dash attack first probably, so be ready to 
    punch. It will still use its bullet attack, so punch it to gain some 
    Ryous. She's pretty fast, so watch for him. But it's hard because of the 
    lack of radar. She also has torpedo attack that make you blind, so use 
    your repeated punch. She'll soon use his typhoon attack. When you're in 
    the middle, use your Blaster Beam attack. It will hit her and take her 
    down. After a few attacks, she'll die. Soon Bismaru will say she needs 
    to revive Dochuki as quickly as possible.
                You'll be back in town deciding on where to go next. This is 
    where you meet Suzaku. She'll tell some valuable information, after some 
    debating on whether or not to go. Everyone decides to go to...
                                 Mafu Island
                Same thing as before. It will ask you if you want to save. 
    Say YES and continue on to...
             Kokeshi Road
                Entry Passes: 1
                This stage is pretty hard with its stampers. You'll soon 
    reach where you are above a Sliver Fortune Doll. Kill those tiny clay 
    dolls to reach it. Keep going and you'll reach your first stamper. 
    Careful plan on when to go and when to jump away from it. Because, the 
    top stamper can block you off and fall into the poison water. After 
    that, keep on heading straight. Soon, you'll reach two Impact Rocks. 
    Push the second one to the pit ahead and push the other one over it and 
    across to or near to the edge. Go up and grab Mr. Elly Fant. If you're 
    playing Goemon, destroy the star blocks with your Chain Pipe. If you're 
    not, go to the bottom path and find the teleporter to switch to him. Do 
    what you have to do to get up there again. Destroy the star blocks and 
    you'll have two choices. Go on the ceiling or go through the little 
    walkway. If you go up, you'll encounter lantern ghosts. These ghosts 
    will explode on contact with anything. So use your Chain Pipe to get rid 
    of them or use your Coins. It's much better with the Coins. Grab the 
    dumpling at the end of the ceiling and continue on. And soon you'll have 
    lots of goodies in two paths, Go to the bottom one first to grab some 
    dumplings and coins. When you're done, jump to the upper platform for 
    more coins and a Sliver Fortune Doll. Go straight ahead now and you'll 
    soon encounter the same thing. Go to the bottom. After that grab the 
    dumpling and destroy the enemies blocking your way. Go down and you'll 
    see three stampers. You have to be fast. Forget about the pot in the 
    middle and reach the other side. After that, get your Entry Pass(15).
             Maneater Road
                Entry Passes: 2
                Mini-Boss: 1
                There are two exits for this stage. But head for the simple 
    one first. Which is to just keep on heading straight. There is a mini-
    boss here, but just forget about him and keep on heading straight up 
    whenever you get your chance. But not at the very first fork. Go up at 
    the second fork with the spikes at the bottom path. Watch out for those 
    swinging axes I must say. You'll soon enter a cave. Inside the cave is a 
    spiral tower with lots of good things for you. You'll reach the end and 
    come across a place with lots of swinging axes and rolling spikes at the 
    same time. Get across that and keep going straight and you'll be at the 
    end to receive another Entry Pass(16).
             Pochan Lake
                Entry Passes: 1
                By the sound of the name of the stage, you'll know that this 
    is Yae's and Sauske's type. Switch to one of them, Yae preferred and 
    take the bottom path. Get into the water and transform into a mermaid. 
    But don't go underwater. Instead, use Yae's Dash attack to get through 
    until the next platform. While using the Dash attack, she is almost 
    invincible. So she can go through TearJerker's (the purple thing flying 
    around) Poison Tear attack. Keep on doing this until you finish with 
    Entry Pass(17).
             Spook Village
                Entry Passes: 4
                First thing you do is go into the teahouse. Wiseman will be 
    there. He'll explain something about something that happened 300 years 
    ago with Dochuki. This will probably explain to you about the story line 
                First, you probably want to save and rest. After doing that, 
    go to the big house near the last floor. Go inside and you'll see a 
    surprise pack. DO NOT GET THAT YET! Instead go talk to Iguana Man. 
    Listen to his favor he ask of you. He borrowed a video and need to 
    return it. So guess who returns it. That's right, you. Now here is the 
    order you need to go in to do this whole trading thing right.
                #1.)Well across the bridge of the house.
                #2.)Well on the very top floor
                #3.)Well near Inn
                #4.)Well next to the house from where you got the video
                He'll thank you by giving you an Entry Pass(18). Now go near 
    the Inn and on the left side of it, there will be a Roadside Guardian. 
    Listen to its request and say YES to his mission. Now head back to 
    Pochan Lake.
             MISSION: Pochan Lake
             GOAL:Bring the true Roadside Guardians their 7 hats back by 6 
    P.M. (12 minutes)
                This is pretty simple from a trick I learned and trust me; 
    it's very useful. Roadside Guardians that have that words MYSTERIOUS 
    GUARDIAN IMAGE on the top, it's a fake. Find all 7 and get another Entry 
                Now that's done, switch to Sasuke and with until it turns 
    dark. Go to the house next to the well on the very top floor. There will 
    be a man that wasn't there during the daytime. Talk to him and say YES 
    to help him out...
             MISSION: Spook Village
             GOAL: Light all the firecrackers in the right order.
                This is very easy. I you can't remember, there is something-
    called paper and pencil. But don't be in a big rush. You can 
    accidentally light the firecracker next to it, and have to start all 
    over. The number will increase by one every time. 
                For your hard work, he'll give you an Entry Pass(20). There 
    is one more here, but you'll be unable to do the mission. So now go back 
             Maneater Road
                Entry Passes: 2 (1 completed)
                Enter as Sasuke and always head up, never down. There will 
    be a part where there are cracked boxes. Use his Firecracker Bomb to get 
    rid of that and move on. There will be a teleporter for you, and there 
    are large gaps to come. So switch to Goemon for a safe bet with his 
    Double Jump. You'll soon reach a cave. If you are ever low on money, 
    this is the place to come to. There are many pots and enemies to kill 
    and you can always go back out of the cave and back in so they can 
    reappear. But there is one thing you should be careful of and that's the 
    pit with the spikes on it. Soon you reach the end for another Entry 
             Tomb Pass
                Entry Passes: 2
                First thing you'll notice about this stage is that there is 
    a new enemy. A blue arm that tries to grab you and make you be stuck. 
    Just whack them and move on. There are lots of swinging axes in this 
    stage so be careful. Eventually you'll come up to a guy in a tank with 
    another guy pushing him. If you have two players mode, have one in the 
    tank and one pushing it. It can clear the way for any baddies and you'll 
    have lots of cannonballs to fire. Soon the joy ride will end. On your 
    way through, you'll see the big blue fish that was in the water castle 
    back at Ryugu. These can't be destroyed, so just hit them and move 
    quickly under them. Continue your way and you'll soon be out. If you're 
    playing Goemon, you'll probably see a surprise pack blocked off by star 
    blocks. DO NOT GET THAT EITHER! There is a reason for not stocking up on 
    lives. There are two exits for this stage. To the Checkpoint and back to 
    town. If you just headed straight, like in this FAQ, you'll go to the 
    Checkpoint exit. If you didn't you went to the town's exit. Either way, 
    you get an Entry Pass(22). Now go back and find that other exit that you 
    didn't do. If you got to the Checkpoint, look around for a hoverstick 
    halfway through the level. It will lead you back to another cave with 
    rolling wheels. To pass that, have patience. Where there is a clay doll 
    standing is where it is to be safe. So kill them and stand right there. 
    Go immediately after the BROWN wheel. Soon you'll reach a Mr. Elly Fant 
    and have to do the wheel thing all over again >(. This time there are 
    pits with green blocks for you to wait in. But always look for those 
    clay dolls. After a long time, you'll be done and be rewarded with 
    another Entry Pass(23).
             Spook Village
                Entry Passes: 4 (3 completed)
                Now getting the final Entry Pass for this town is pretty 
    hard. Now go to the house on the last floor. Inside there will be a 
    woman. Talk to her and she'll ask you to collect some mystery mushrooms. 
    You can go to two places. They are...
             MISSION: Tomb Pass or Maneater Road
             GOAL: Collect 30 mystery mushrooms by 6 P.M. (12 minutes)
             First, you listened to what I said and not stock up on lives; 
    you should have 2 - 0 lives. You're going sacrifice some lives because 
    to get all 30 mushrooms in 12 minutes is hard work. When you get to 0 
    lives, go to Tomb Pass. Get as many mushrooms as you can before you have 
    1 minute left. Die and the Game Over screen should appear. Now go to 
    Maneater Road. You'll see that you still have the mushrooms you 
    collected from Tomb Pass and the time is still 12 minutes. This seems to 
    work for me, so give it a try. There will be no enemies here to kill, so 
    run, run, and RUN! The things that you should watch out for are the 
    swinging axes, pit, spikes, and most of all, those stupid death wheels. 
    When you done the deed, you get an Entry Pass(24).
             >There is something I want to say about this trick. I've been 
    to Gamesages before and I notice that this code is very similar to a 
    code that Jordan M. Davis wrote. I'm saying this: I didn't not copy from 
    him what so ever. I figured this out on my own. I would have contacted 
    Jordan, but I didn't have his e-mail address. So Jordan, if you're 
    reading this. I did not copy from you and am truly sorry if anything 
    offends you.<
                Now that I got that off my chest, we can save, rest, and get 
    those lives that I said you couldn't get before. The next castle is 
    really hard. And so we go to...
             Majin Castle
                After the Checkpoint >have 15<, enter the castle. First 
    thing you'll notice is that it's very dark, so be careful of any pits. I 
    will just jump over any dark place. Destroy all your enemies in your way 
    and keep heading forward. Soon, you'll be done with the first part and 
    be in a more lighted area. Soon you'll see a teleporter. I suggest you 
    change to Goemon or Ebisumaru. After that is a sandpit. Beware of the 
    sharp claws that come out to get you after a few seconds. Pass that and 
    keep moving. Past the hoverstick is Mr. Elly Fant. After picking him up, 
    and after another sinking pit, there will be hoversticks again. This 
    time, on the middle one, there is an extra life. Grab that and continue. 
    Soon you'll be done with that part. This section is just full of those 
    egg monsters. Kill them to make it to the elevator. Behind you should be 
    a teleporter. Switch to Ebisumaru if you aren't him. Go forward and 
    you'll come across a long line of spikes. Use Ebisumaru's Megaphone to 
    get over that. Do the same for the other one after that. You'll be done 
    with that and on to the next section. You'll come across some new things 
    in this section. Cross and dodge everything to go to the next. Another 
    teleporter should be there. Switch to Goemon. I know there are cracked 
    boxes but thanks to Gerimon-Impact, you can go a lot faster than 
    charging up Sasuke for the firecracker bomb. So use his Double Jump over 
    them. Now be careful of the falling blades and those spiked clappers. 
    You'll see a Mr. Elly Fant and if you look into the background, there 
    are some spikes. Soon afterwards, these spikes will come and get you. Be 
    calm and move just like you would as if it wasn't there. Just a lot 
    quicker. Listen to the music. If you here grinding, that means the 
    rolling spikes have been activated. At the end, you'll get a surprise 
    pack and on to the next section. Now you're in a hot lava part. Jump at 
    the right time to avoid getting hurt. Before that is a teleporter. 
    Change if you must and then go on. Grab Mr. Elly Fant and all the 
    goodies that come your way. But something bad has returned. Those hands 
    that make you be stuck. Quickly hit them when it's time to move on or 
    you'll get hit by the wave if lava. After that is another teleporter. 
    Use Goemon for this part. Get past the hot water part and the spikes. 
    You're going to have to sacrifice one of your HP. Then you'll come 
    across pot lids that go up and down. Plan carefully when to Double jump 
    and when not. Soon you're over a pot of hot water with blocks that fall. 
    Kill the enemies and cross quickly. Grab Mr. Elly Fant and do the pot 
    lid thing again. Now Double Jump to the higher platform and keep going. 
    Soon you'll be out of there and soon you'll have to face...
                Boss: Gatekeeper of Hell- Gorotsuki 
                This boss has many attacks. I think about four. He'll try to 
    smash you with his Stun Clubber attack. After he misses (hopefully), now 
    is the time to hit him. He'll then try to use his Rolling Tackle attack 
    and try his Stun Clubber again. After you hit him a few times, he'll 
    faint and his ghost will come out. Hit the ghost as hard as you can. 
    After about three hits, the ghost will go into his body and you'll have 
    to do it again. Other attacks he'll also try his Debris Rain and Bubble 
    Butt attacks. Avoid the pieces of the ceiling coming down and just run 
    under him or away when he uses Bubble Butt. Keep doing this and soon the 
    ghost will be destroyed. Then you'll cut to a cinema of Bismaru 
    summoning Dochuki. After a few sayings, you'll have to battle...
                Impacts' Boss: Gods of Wind and Thunder- Ukulele     
                Really only one robot, but he is quick. Have quick fingers 
    so you can punch in the move for Repeated Punch quickly. Use this when 
    he tries to Dash at you. Electric Ball Bullets he will fire at you. You 
    can punch them for some Ryous. He'll also try to trick you by doing some 
    punches on one side and then quickly move to the other side. Another way 
    to get Ryous is that he'll fire some of disks at you. Use Repeated 
    Punch. When low on health and desperate, he'll fire his Hyper Disk 
    Missile. Use your Blaster Beam to get rid of that. He'll soon die and 
    you'll cut to a cinema.
                In the cinema, you'll talk to Wiseman. He'll tell you that 
    the only way to get rid of the ghosts is to destroy the machine. Save 
    and enter...
             Kaiware Road
                Entry Passes: 2
                Go straight and keep going up. There will be a teleporter, 
    so switch to Ebisumaru. Use his Megaphone to jump over the first tree 
    stump and move on. Push the Impact rock to right where you get to the 
    platform. Head straight. Beware of those little dudes. They can really 
    hurt. Keep heading straight you'll soon finish with an Entry Pass(25). 
    There is another one, but you can't get it now.
             Mokeke Forest
                Entry Passes: 1
                This stage is pretty simple. Just head straight while 
    killing all the genies, old guys, and ghosts that come your way. Those 
    little dudes are here again, so be careful. Push the Impact Rock to the 
    platform and jump on. You'll see after that, a clay doll under the 
    bridge. Past that is a teleporter. Don't dive underwater. There is a 
    secret here, but you have to complete the whole game to do it. Change 
    characters if you must and keep going straight. Now if you feel like you 
    can do a little backtracking, you can get some health and a Mr. Elly 
    Fant. You can get those after the first bridge you can go under. 
    Carefully go across the platform and watch out for a part when those 
    headless will fire his friend at the platform. Therefore hurting you and 
    causing you to die. Fire your projectile weapon to get rid of them. Keep 
    going and soon you'll be done(26).
             Wonder Valley
                Entry Passes: 2
                There are two exits here. First, you want to keep moving 
    straight and soon you'll encounter a fork. Go up. Keep going straight 
    after that. Forget about the platforms for now. Soon you'll see a 
    teleporter. Change if you want and move on. You'll see another fork. Go 
    up. Beware of those little dudes again. They made me die. Keep going and 
    you'll see a platform with pots on it. Go and get it if you want and 
    then immediately head back to the lower road. This will happen again. 
    Remember lower road. Pass the little tent to the next section. You'll 
    have to jump step to step. Beware of our little headless horse again. 
    After that you'll see even littler steps. Carefully make your way 
    across. Keep going and you'll reach the end with an Entry Pass(27). This 
    way leads to the Checkpoint. Now go back to Mafu Island and change to 
    Ebisumaru. While there save and rest. Go back to Wonder Valley and 
    enter. This time go down when you see the fork. Go across the stumps 
    using his Hip Drop or Megaphone if needed. You'll come to another fork. 
    Don't go up. Keep going forward. Eventually, you'll see a very high 
    platform and a surprise pack. Get the surprise pack and then go back to 
    the fork. Go up and then try to survive going up on the platforms while 
    killing the headless horse and the fire spinner. Soon you'll have to go 
    on wooden platforms. After you defeated those fire breathing plants and 
    grabbed the fortune doll. Head up. Get the surprise pack and then go get 
    the pots. Cross the pit and to the next section. Keep going and soon, 
    you'll see a folk. Go down. Keep going and soon you'll have to do the 
    tiny platforms again. Beware of the headless horse and the genie. They 
    can make you die. Cross that and you'll make it to the end(28).
             Tree Stump Village
                Entry Passes: 3
                This place is pretty big, make sure you know your way around 
    the place because you'll need it. Save and rest if needed. Now after you 
    know the whole town from top to bottom, go in the house next to the big 
    entrance that brings you to another Inn and another armor shop. Inside 
    should be a kid. Talk to him to play hide and seek. 
             MISSION: Tree Stump Village
             GOAL: Find all the Hide 'n Seekers (6) in total in 1 minute.
                This can be pretty hard looking for those brats. Knock down 
    every barrel and signs. Check every corner in every house. And always 
    look into every nook and crack in the town. They hide at random, so 
    don't always go to the same place as before. After you found them all, 
    you get a Entry Pass(29).
                After that, go to the teahouse and switch to Ebisumaru. Then 
    go to the house below the first Inn. Inside will be a girl. Talk to her 
    and hear her problems about Tengus. Now say that you'll do it and head 
    back to Wonder Valley.
             MISSION: Wonder Valley
             GOAL: Destroy 6 Tengus before 6 A.M. (12 minutes)
                Keep on going straight until you encounter the fork again. 
    There are three on the top road and three on the bottom road. Take the 
    bottom one first. Keep going straight under and soon you'll see your 
    first Tengus >1<. Defeat him and then go up. To do that, use your 
    Megaphone and make sure the biggest symbol is in front of the sign. Use 
    your Hip Drop on the symbol to get up there. Keep going straight and 
    soon encounter another Tengus >2<. Kill him and then go back to the 
    second fork. Go up. Keep moving forward and then you'll have to go up 
    again. Cross the pit and see another Tengus >3<. Kill him and now go 
    back to the very first fork. Go upwards and cross to the next section. 
    Keep going until you reach a fork. There is one in each path. Take the 
    high platform and kill the Tengus there >4< and go below to kill that 
    Tengus >5<. Taking the bottom path, keep going and soon you'll see the 
    final Tengus >6<.
                The girl will thank you by giving you an Entry Pass(30). Now 
    go to the teahouse and switch to Goemon. Go to the first house when you 
    come back from the teahouse. Inside, there will be a woman who looks 
    like the one where you got your Chain Pipe. Talk to her and listen to 
    her request. You'll have to give her some Ryous. 3,500!! She'll try to 
    hypnotize you and you'll have to give her the money. If you don't want 
    to just enter the money as 000.  I would wait until I finished the game 
    first because all you can carry is up to 999. So come back later. Now 
    save and do whatever you need to do because you have to go to the castle 
             Underworld Castle
                Bosses: 2
                After the Checkpoint, >have 20<, go inside the castle. I 
    suggest you do this place as Goemon. Instead of heading forward, go back 
    and there will be a surprise pack. Grab it and then go forward. Dodge 
    all the bullets, the fire-spinners, and the Genie as you pass by. In the 
    next section, go through and get pass the witch. When you a broken 
    bridge. A huge Monster will come out. His spike club will hurt you. So 
    move quickly but carefully. Whenever you feel it's not safe to move. Go 
    in the water. It's relatively short, so don't worry. Go to the door and 
    on to the next section. Kill the armored knights and the witches as they 
    pass by. Go across the flying platforms into the treadmill. Run 
    carefully because there are spikes at the end. Jump and keep following 
    the path. Go under the bricks and onto the flying platform again. But 
    instead of going to the next treadmill, go to the very top. There will 
    be a teleporter. Change to Ebisumaru. Jump to the flying platform to the 
    treadmill. After that, there will be spikes. Use his Megaphone to cross 
    over that. Carefully go across the flying platforms and treadmills to 
    reach to the next section. Here will you'll be going down in a spiral 
    type tower. Sort of. Kill the Hermit Skull Crabs and dodge those skulls 
    the skeletons are throwing. After that, there will be a teleporter. 
    Change to Sasuke. Use his Firecracker Bomb to break open the cracked 
    boxes. Go on the other side of the Impact Rock and push in down the 
    spiral tower. This will be a lot easier than killing those enemies 
    yourself. Soon you'll see a very big robot with a boomerang hat. Defeat 
    him with a projectile attack and get inside him. Have your little fun of 
    killing enemies with this guy and then move on to the next section. Be 
    very careful because some witches will come up and try to knock you 
    down. Soon you'll come to where there are some fire coming out of the 
    wall. Be careful of that. Finish that section and you'll soon be in the 
    main hall. Be very careful of the knights that try to stab you and the 
    Impact rocks to roll down. Hopefully, you'll be riding in a well-
    protected tank. After that you'll face...
                BOSS:Revenge Warrior- Kabuki64
                From the past, this guy wants Goemon and his friends dead, 
    and he has a partner. Remember that spiked club monster from the 
    beginning. That's right, you have to defeat him too. Be concern more on 
    Kabuki64. This guy has 3 attacks. Snot Spray, Spike Pillar Drop, and his 
    partner's Spike Club. Watch the floor carefully for any shadows when he 
    goes back into the background. He'll do two things. One, if you see the 
    triangle. This calls for his partner to attack. Move away from it and 
    step a little bit right from Kabuki64's side. This will cause his 
    partner to hit him. But if he's paying attention, he'll stop it in the 
    nick of time. Another thing he'll do is send down Spiked Pillars. Watch 
    the ground for the shadows and move to a clear spot. When he comes out 
    to face you himself, he'll use his shield to block your attacks. At 
    times he will jump around. This is the perfect time to hit him. He'll 
    fall back to the background and be stunned. Use the trick of his partner 
    crushing him and he will take away some major HP from Kabuki64. He 
    rarely uses Snot Spray, but if he does, crawl under him. Keep repeating 
    this process and he'll go down.
                IMPACTS' BOSS:Ultra Fighting Machine- Kabuki Final
                After a funny scene of Kabuki64 going down and Ebisumaru 
    destroying the machine, you'll hear Kabuki64 again. His soul has lived 
    on and taken a new form. Watch this guy and take down his umbrellas and 
    Hot Hand attack. Punch the umbrella for a few Ryous. Use Repeated Punch 
    when he is in front of you. He has a special move, which is Disillusion. 
    This is when he's coming at you with some colorful shadows besides him. 
    Be careful of that since it can really hurt. I don't know if it can 
    withstand the Blaster Beam, but try it and pray that it can't. There is 
    also a Teleport attack of his. He looks like he's coming right at you 
    but then switch to another side. He'll also go underwater and then pop 
    up in front of you. Again, Repeated Punch. Another special move he has 
    is Energy Ball. He gathers some of his energy into a powerful ball. Use 
    your Blaster Beam when he is doing this. Soon he'll go down.
                You'll soon be back at the village and meet Sukazu. She'll 
    tell you that Dochuki is in the sky in a large castle. Sakuza will also 
    tell you that Dochuki will attack Edo soon and tell you why is she is 
    giving you this information. She wants you to stop him. After accepting 
    the deed, you'll receive a container that is used to capture Dochuki. 
    After that, it's time to head to...
                                Floating Castle
             Cloud Fortress
                Entry Passes: 2
                Keep going straight and soon you'll encounter another new 
    enemy. It's a bird. But it flies around dropping lightening and diving 
    at you. After that you'll see a teleporter. Change to someone if you 
    must and then head up. Keep going straight while destroying all the 
    enemies that come your way. Cross the little open house and after that 
    you'll see another teleporter. Change if needed and then move on. Ignore 
    the cracked boxes for now and go up to Mr. Elly Fant. Soon after that, 
    you'll be in some sort of workshop. Grab Mr. Elly Fant and then go on 
    the little platform that those wheels bring around. When you're on them, 
    lay down so you won't be pushed off. Keep doing this kind of stuff until 
    you reach the exit of the building. After that, you'll reach the 
    end(31). There's another exit, but worry about that later.
             Wind Castle Wall
                Entry Passes: 1
                This place requires you to do a lot of jumping. So go to the 
    teleporter near the beginning and switch to Goemon. Take the upper road, 
    after you have done that. Carefully jump to the next platform while 
    using your projectile attack to get rid of the clay doll in front of 
    you. Go on one of the windmill's ledges to get to the other side. Keep 
    going and soon you'll have to jump over small ledges with enemies. Kill 
    that and jump to the other side. Grab Mr. Elly Fant and move on. Soon 
    you'll encounter another fork. Go up again. Jump on the windmill's 
    ledges and this time, jump over the ledges that come to you. Get off as 
    soon as you see the platform that you can go on. After that you're on a 
    very long windmill roof. Kill the enemies that come your way and then go 
    onto the ledges again. This time, if you look up, you'll see a gold 
    fortune doll. Use Double Jump to get it and then keep on going. When 
    you're on solid ground again, those little dudes are back. So walk 
    carefully to trigger them coming down. Soon you'll be done(32).
             Floating World Town
                Entry Passes: 5 
                This town is bigger than Tree Stump Village, but easier to 
    get around. First thing you want to do is save and rest. So do that 
    already. The first thing you want to do is get those 5 Entry Passes. You 
    want to do the easiest one first. Go across one middle bridge from the 
    entrance and then look around for a kid. Talk to him and he'll say that 
    he's father always forget his lunch. Now go to the last house on the 
    right. Inside will be the mom. She'll ask you to return the husband's 
    lunch, accept and then...
             MISSION:Floating World Town
             GOAL: Deliver a messenger's lunch in one minute.
                Ok, the road has been clear for you. The first thing you 
    must do is find the messenger. Hopefully, you have become familiar with 
    the town and know every place in town. Use your run(B) trick. That's the 
    only way to catch him. When you do see him, go up to him and hit him. Of 
    course, that won't be easy, since he runs like a train. After you have 
    done that, you'll be rewarded an Entry Pass(33).
                One down, four to go. Exit the house and switch to Yae if 
    you're not using her. Now, go across two middle bridges from the 
    entrance. There will be some signs that tell you where to go. Soon, 
    you'll see a chubby guy with a paper bag over his head. Talk to him and 
    he'll say something about the Letter of Introduction. Now go back to the 
    house with the messenger's wife and to the right of that, there will be 
    a bridge. Go across and enter the house. There will be another guy with 
    a paper bag over his head. Talk to him and say you really want to. He'll 
    give up and give you the Letter of Introduction. Now head back to the 
    other guy and start your job...
             MISSION: Floating World Town.
             GOAL: Do your job right!
                Well, this will be fun. Your job is to give advice over the 
    telephone. First, you're in a small room with a phone. It rings and the 
    kid and now you start the questions...
                Kid: Hey, is it true the Thunder God can steal your belly 
    button? Don't scare me like that, I might wet myself.
                Yae: ANSWER = Oh come on, it is not!
                >Explain some stuff about thunder<
                Kid: You don't have a dream, do you! If that's right, then 
    exactly what kind of phenomenon is it?
                Yae: ANSWER = Thunder, you see
                >More stuff about thunder<
                Kid: So nobody steal your belly button then.
                Yae: ANSWER = Now, your navel...
                >Explain stuff about the navel<
                Kid: Right, there's nothing to be frightened of.
                Yae: ANSWER = That's right
                >Tell kid to be careful of thunder<
                Kid: What do you think I should do?
                Yae: ANSWER = When I was a kid...
                >Tell stuff about lightening safety<
                Kid: Thanks, all my worries are gone.
                             THE END
                After you're all done, he'll give you an Entry Pass(34). 
    He'll also tell Yae that she has quite a sexy voice. Now go to the 
    teahouse and switch to Ebisumaru. Go to the messenger's house and then 
    look to your left to find more houses. Go in the middle house and see 
    none other than... Obisumaru! He'll then challenge you to a race again. 
    Now go to...
                MISSION: Wind Castle Wall
                GOAL: Beat Obisumaru at a race once and for all.
                This is harder than the last time. Now he rockets right past 
    you and you can't even stun him anymore. The important thing is to keep 
    on running no matter how far back you are. At times he will wait for 
    you. He'll either be eating, sleeping, or being with women. This is the 
    perfect time to past him. You have to carefully jump over him hope he 
    won't run off. Try using the Megaphone trick. (Use the Megaphone and 
    then Hip Drop on it). At the end, he'll slow down big time so you can 
    past him. After a few tries, you'll win and get an Entry Pass(35).
                Now three are done and two more are left. For the next one, 
    you'll have to wait until it's dark. Now go to the tree of legends. Past 
    that, there will be a man encircled with blue light. Talk to him and 
    he'll want to sell you something for 1,500 Ryous. Say NO and he'll lower 
    the price down to 500. If you have the money, say YES and get another 
    Entry Pass(36). Now just one more. But you can't get that yet. Exit the 
    stage and head back to...
             Cloud Fortress
                Entry Passes: 2 (1 completed)
                Go straight through as you did before, but this time go down 
    at any forks. Soon you'll be back in the windmill again. Get through 
    that and keep going straight. Grab Mr. Elly Fant when he comes and jump 
    onto the flying platforms. Head up and keep going. Soon you'll reach the 
             Sky Garden
                Entry Passes: 1
                There is a lot of water in this stage, and most of the time, 
    you can't dive underwater to find anything important. Only one part has 
    that and I'll let you to figure it out. Watch out because those little 
    dudes are back. Keep going and soon you'll see a teleporter. Switch if 
    you must and then move on. Go on the flying platform to the higher 
    level. Proceed with caution. There will be another teleporter on the 
    way, so switch if you want. About halfway, after the open house, there 
    will be a Mr. Elly Fant. Grab him and move on. Keep going through and 
    then go on the flying platform. After that, you'll go through the open 
    house again, but beware. There are clay dolls hiding in the bushes. Go 
    through the rest with ease and you'll be done(38).
             Floating World Town
                Entry Passes: 5 (4 completed)
                You still can't get the last Entry Pass for this town. So 
    what to do. Well, save, rest, and stock up on lives because now is the 
    time to face the castle.
             Dream Castle
                BOSS: 3
                After the checkpoint >have 25< enter the last castle in the 
    game. This is the hardest castle you'll ever faced in the game. Make 
    sure you have plenty of lives in stock, weapons up to level 3, and both 
    HP and armor level full. Dream Castle is made up entirely of the last 
    four you encountered. There are 4 sections.
                -Edo Castle-
                Be ready to jump here because there are a lot of falling 
    platforms. Look for green blocks. Those don't fall. Make your way across 
    the platforms and to the swings. Use projectile attacks to get rid of 
    the shooting clay dolls ahead. Keep going and slash those flying ghosts 
    that block the way. There will be a part where you come to a fork. Go 
    up. Carefully jump from platform to platform and you're done with 1/2 of 
    this part. 
                Next part is harder since there aren't as many green blocks 
    and there will be a lot of ghosts blocking your way. Not to mention the 
    fire spitting out of the ground. So run! Projectile attacks work best. 
    They clear the way. So plan ahead. Soon you'll be standing on a pillar 
    with a falling platform after you and a fire hole after that. Wait and 
    go through at the right time. Do it again after that. After that is the 
    hard part. Jump from platform from platform and then you'll see a row of 
    platforms. RUN! While jumping to kill the enemies of course. Never stand 
    in one place for more than a second. Your reward will be a surprise pack 
    at the end and switch to Goemon at the teleporter. After a break in a 
    hallway, go to the next section.
                -Ryugu Section-
                Oh god. Go right at and look on the floor. Those crushing 
    platforms are out to get you again. You'll be jumping from one to 
    another for a while. After that, you'll see some spiked platforms. Wait 
    until they turn over to move on. 1/2 of the section is done after that.
                This part requires you to switch to Yae or Sasuke and dive 
    underwater. From here to the next section is pretty much straight 
    forward. Get it done as quickly as possible to go on.
                -Majin Section-
                Again, switch to Goemon for this section. You'll have to 
    jump from pot lids while dodging spiked clubs and enemies' fire. Ok, 
    after you done that (sorry, that's all I can say about this part) go on.
                Those blades come back and another thing. Those spiked 
    clappers, but now they have those blue arms in them. All can I say about 
    that is Double Jump. Cross over and as soon as you see a platform above 
    you, go up. There will be another enemy that will get on your nerves and 
    that is the little guy that slows you down. Kill him! Soon you'll be 
                -Underworld Section-
                All right, go on the flying platform and watch for another 
    platform that's going up. Go on that one and it will lead you to a 
    teleporter and a surprise pack. I suggest you stay with Goemon. Get the 
    surprise pack and move on. Careful of the crushing hands and lantern 
    ghosts. Past that all and go to the other harder half. 
                Remember Kabuki64's partner? That's right, he's back and 
    he's madder than ever. To make this even harder, they now put poison 
    water so you can't go in it. Hopefully you bought a Fish Rice Ball. Past 
    that and cut to a cinema...
                IMPACTS' BOSS: Articious Machine- Devil Death God     
                HP: 6666
                God! This guy is one tough dude with a very high HP level. 
    Watch him carefully and study his moves. He might start by sending you a 
    really fast spike ball. Punch that for some quick Ryous. To get more 
    Ryous, he'll also send out some weird bullets. Then he'll probably use a 
    spinning slash attack or just come up in front of you. Use Repeated 
    Punch to get rid of that. Whenever you see him sending out three blue 
    lights, switch to the other Impact. That means he's about to use his 
    sudden death move. Another move is that, he'll make the other Impact 
    fall and throw it at you. You have no choice but to hit it back and send 
    it flying. Another thing he'll use is Summon. This calls for Bismaru's 
    ghost to come out and try to kill you. Use Repeated Punch to get rid of 
    that. Soon he should go down.
                BOSS: King of Devils- Dochuki
                I think Konami is giving you a break or something because 
    this guy is so easy. Only two attacks Dodge his bullets when they come 
    and hit him when he comes near you. When he uses an energy ball, just 
    run under it and hit him. Now it's time for a challenge...
                BOSS: King of Devils- Dochuki Final Form
                All right, now it's serious. He only has 3 attacks, but 
    they're hard to avoid. His first attack will be Bite. Move quickly to 
    avoid that and then turn around to hit him. But you'll notice that it's 
    not affecting his HP level. Worry about that later. Now he'll keep on 
    doing until he uses another attack, which will either be Eye Beam or 
    Poison Snot. For Eye Beam, just run away from it or jump at the right 
    time. Poison Snot might be a problem since it's hard to know what time 
    to jump and when not. So try to run away. After you hit him a few times, 
    it will look like he is stun. Go up to him and press UP. You'll go in 
    his mouth and see his tonsils. That's where his weak point is. Hit it as 
    fast as you can. He'll eventually spit you out. Keep doing this and 
    he'll die. If you die, you'll start back at the first form with fortune 
                Congratulations, now watch a very funny ending. But you now 
    need to find the 44 Entry Passes. So let's get going.
             Tree Stump Village
                Entry Passes: 3 (2 completed)
                Remember that woman who said to you have 3,500 coins to. Now 
    it's time to pay up. Pay her up and find out it's Kensuke. He'll talk 
    and give you an Entry Pass(39).
             Floating World Town
                Entry Passes: 5 (4 completed)
    Switch to Yae and then go back to the entrance and find a kid. He'll say 
    that he wants to become a game designer. Now go where you fond the part-
    time job. It will be opened again. Start the conversation...
                MISSION: Floating World Town
                GOAL: Do your job right
                Kid: Hello. When I grow up I want to be a game designer. 
    What do I need to do? Please tell me!
                Yae: ANSWER = Yeah, all right.
                    >Tell where a friend went<
                Kid: Ok,Ok, go on.
                Yae: ANSWER = What I can tell...
                    >Tell him hard part is staying there<
                Kid: I can stay there. Because I really love games.
                Yae: ANSWER = Yes, I suppose.
                    >Important to say you like something<
                Kid: So how did your friend become a game designer?
                Yae: ANSWER = Well, first he...
                    >Tell how he sends out information<
                Kid: Do the information brochures tell you how to become a 
                Yae: ANSWER = No, no
                    >Explain what the information brochures do and how to 
    get the job<
                Kid: Then what happens
                Yae: ANSWER = They call you soon
                    >Explain how company tells you second choices<
                Kid: If you are chosen by the game company, does that mean 
    you can become a game designer?
                Yae: ANSWER = Sure, I guess
                    >How to become a game designer<
                Kid: Is there anything you can do when you are still a kid?
                Yae: ANSWER = Sure
                    >Explain about having different experiences<
                Kid: Thank you very much! Now I know what I have to do.
                                    THE END
                He'll pay you with an Entry Pass(40) and say you have a sexy 
    voice. Now exit.
             Mokeke Forest
                Entry Passes: 1 (completed)
                Now it's time to go to the secret village. Go straight 
    through the stage as usual and then you'll see a clay doll under a 
    bridge. It's after the part with the Impact Rock. Go under that and kill 
    the clay doll to move left. See the teleporter? Change to Yae or Sasuke 
    and dive underwater. From there on it's pretty much straight forward. 
    Make your way to the end and surface. Go right and then you'll see a 
    place that you sit that you wait for bus. Wait there until morning. Just 
    keep yourself occupied by jumping around or whatever. There should be a 
    very strange bus coming to pick you up and drop you off at...
             Creep Village
                Entry Passes: 3
                Strange place full of Tengus. Don't worry, they are nice. 
    You killed the mean ones earlier. Ok, have lots of money. Look around 
    first to know the town. After that, head to the waterfall and stand 
    there. After a while, an Entry Pass will fall down(41). Now go right of 
    the statue's head and go talk to the Tengu. He'll ask if you defeated 
    the Tengu Brothers. Say YES and he'll give you an Entry Pass(42). Now go 
    to the general store and buy a Fish Rice Ball. Now go to the house left 
    of the restaurant. Inside will be a Tengu. He's hungry. Give him your 
    Fish Rice Ball. Do this two more times to get an Entry Pass(43). OK, 
    just one more to go. Head to the store next to the fortuneteller and 
    find a human being. Talk to her and buy a dish. Now exit.
             Kaiware Road.
                Entry Passes: 2 (1 completed)
                All right, go through the stage and always go down. Soon 
    you'll come up to a well. If it's night, there will be a ghost. She'll 
    ask for the dish you bought. Give it to her for the final Entry 
    Pass(44). Now you're done with the missions of finding the 44 Entry 
    Passes. Now try some codes with them. 
        Little Help
             This won't be a big section since I can't really think of 
    anything else that you'll need help in. If you got some little help you 
    would like to submit, then email me. 
               ->The whole reason I put this section up because most people 
    (including me) get confused when the fortune teller says, "The Iguna Man 
    really gets along well with the Frogs..." This mean you have forgotten 
    Entry Pass #8. So go back and get it.
               ->In the second race with Obismaru, the route you choose may 
    help you win the race. When the fork comes, always choose the easiest 
    route. So you'll have to go to the stage a couple of time to know which 
    way is harder and which way is easier. 
    ->(from G MAN) 
              Before going to Ryugu Castle, go to town and have the second 
    player buy armor and Fish Rice Ball. That way you'll have a fighting 
    chance against the mine. After you bought the stuff and saved, go play 
    Ryugu Castle on One Player Mode. Another reason to use Goemon's Double 
    Jump is to get across the water and onto the platform to cut the rope. 
    (HINT: Taisamba usually attacks the first player so use the first player 
    as a decoy sometimes. Another hint is to have player 1 cut one rope and 
    player 2 cutting another rope on another platform.) To fight Taisamba 3, 
    you must get past the water mine (Arrivederci)... 
              First play through the castle with one player until you reach 
    the stairs. Now have a friend join in and pick Goemon. (HINT: He's best 
    since he has his Double Jump.) Now have the second player stay in the 
    back and jump from Arrivederci. (HINT: But Goemon must Double Jump 
    farther by holding A.) Now you should pass Arrivederci without any 
    trouble. Try letting the second player get the armor so at the stairs, 
    they can stay alive during the mini-run for those who haven't made it 
    passed Arrivederci. You will find out the only way to hurt Taisamba 3 is 
    by cutting the rope. When all the ropes are cut, two things can happen: 
    (1)A piece of the ceiling will come down and bash her on the head, or 
    (2)Two battering rams will crush her face. Then you have to face 
    Taisamba 4. (HINT: When Taisamba creates a whirlpool and knocks down the 
    other Impact, just keep punching) When your Laser Beam is up to full 
    power, knock him down when he comes at you and then shoot him 
               ->To change costumes after you have bought them, go to the 
    character selection menu after picking on a file. When you are going to 
    select a character, press up or down. You'll get to pick costumes you 
    already bought! This works on all files.
             Four Player Mode
                Have two other friends that want to play as well. With this, 
    you can make that possible. This works everywhere, except in stores and 
    houses. Have the two controllers pulled in and start the game. When in a 
    stage or town, press C-right and start at the same time. This will make 
    one of the characters appear. Now do the same for the other one and now 
    you have four players playing. Player 3 & 4 will always have infinite 
    health and money. But every time you cross over to a new section, they 
    disappear. Use the code again to make them come back.
             Alternative Costumes
                If you talk to the Wiseman or Fortune Teller, they will say 
    that you should save your money to buy alternative costumes. In each 
    general store, they will be selling costumes. You can only buy the 
    costume for the character that wears them. Here's the list:
    Goemon   = Turban  (Looks like a genie)  
               Satchel (Looks like a schoolboy)
               Impact  (Explains itself)
    Ebisumaru= Raccoon   (Explains itself)
               Tight     (Looks like a wrestler)
               Sumo Belt (Haven't seen it)
    Sasuke   = Fur Coat  (Tarzan)
               Maid Suit (Explains itself)
               Bloomers  (Like a racer)
    Yae      = Kirameki Uniform (Can't decide- Britney Spear or Sailor Moon) 
               Bunny Fur (Almost like a stripper)
               Swimsuit (Explains itself)
             Race Obismaru with Someone Else
               I think this is a glitch and I don't if this might work for 
    other games. But after Obismaru beats Ebismaru once and Ebismaru died, I 
    was Yae and I went to talk to him. Then all of a sudden, I was able to 
    race him. Did this happen to anyone else? If it did, please e-mail me. 
    Also, when I was at the finish line, he never showed up, so I quit the 
    mission and he called me a loser. People these days.
            GameFAQs = for putting up this FAQ
            Konami = for making the game
            MaguaMaru/Gerimon = for the codes and the tip in Majin Castle
            G MAN = correction on Impact's move
            Bdrodman = code for Mega Power Beam   
        Legal Stuff & Disclaimer 
             (c) Copyright 2000 Evanboy203. 
             Evanboy203's FAQ is not associated with anyone in the 
    production of this game.
             Please don't sell, distribute, post, or copy any information 
    from this FAQ. I worked hard on this so ask my permission first.

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