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    Nintendo 64 FAQ by Nooz

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    Nooz' N64 FAQ and Guide v1.3
    E-Mail to nooz@quackquack.com or ICQ to 8308120
    1. Introduction/What's New
    2. The N64's Specs
    3. How to hook up N64
    4. The N64 Control Deck
    5. The N64 Controller
    6. The N64 Rumble Pak
    7. The N64 Controller Pak
    8. How to care for N64
    9. My (whatever) doesn't work. What's wrong?
    10. Why won't foreign games work on my N64?
    11. What's this RAM Expansion stuff?
    12. Dolphin? 
    13. Credits
    14. End
    1. Introduction
    First, I would like to congratulate you on purchasing the N64. It is an 
    excellent gaming console if I may say so myself. This FAQ will help you 
    will any questions you may have about your N64 and if you have any other 
    questions not explained here, feel free to e-mail me at 
    nooz@quackquack.com . or ICQ me at 8308120 so I can give you a reply. If 
    the same question is asked 5 times, I will put it up on this FAQ. Thank 
    you for choosing this FAQ.
    What's New
    V1.3: Small changes. Added Dolphin.
    v1.01: Fixed my e-mail address. I still get a few e-mails from this. If 
    you sent an e-mail to my excite one and haven't got a reply, e-mail 
    nooz@quackquack.com .
    2. The N64 Specs
    I know you may not want to know these but some people do. Remember, this 
    is only the basic specs.
    CPU: 64 bit Risc CPU, (R4300I series) 93.75 MHz
    Graphics 64-bit MIPS Risc Co-processor, GSP & DP, 62.5 MHz (RCP)
    Built-in Audio/Video Vector Processor (RSP)
    Built-in Pixel Drawing Processor (RDP)
    4.5 MB Rambus DRAM (36 megabits)
    Rambus DRAM subsystem
    Custom 9-bit Rambus Bus (to the DRAM)
    Resoloutions: 256x224 to 640x480. PAL also 768x576
    Video Output: RF, Stereo A/V, S-Video
    Colour:21-bit colour video output, 32-bit RGPA, pixel colour frame 
    buffer support
    Digital Sound
    Wavetable Synthesis
    Major Special Features:
    Perspective correct texture-mapping
    Realtime Anti-Aliasing
    Tri-Linear Mip-Mapping
    Expansion Options:
    Cartridge Slot
    Controller Ports
    Pak Holder (Controller)
    Extension port (Bottom)
    Memory Expansion Option (Top Front)
    10.25" x 7.5" x 2.9"
    2.42 lbs (1.1kg)
    America $129
    Australia $184 (plus free Atomic Purple Controller)
    3. How to hook up N64.
    With your N64 comes 2 cables with various ends.
    Plug 1. 
    Description: Power Outlet Plug on one end and a large rectangular plug-
    like thing on the other.
    This Fits Where: Power Outlet Plug goes in Power Outlet in your homes' 
    wall. The other thing goes in the large slot in the back of your N64.
    Plug 2. 
    Description: a thin square shaped plug on one end and three plugs on the 
    other end, a red, yellow and white one.
    This fits where: Thin square shaped one in the other slot on the back of 
    your Nintendo. The other 3 go in your VCR or TV's Video and Audio plugs. 
    The colour of the outlets will suit the N64's plugs. If your VCR and TV 
    have only 2 outlet plugs for these, you will need to purchase a $15 
    thing to hook it up. Ask the person at the electronic store about this. 
    Trust me, $15 extra to play the N64 is worth it.
    Now just turn on the power outlet on your wall, change the TV to the 
    correct station (if VCR is used, find out what you have to do) and turn 
    on your N64. Remember NOT to touch the control stick on your N64 when 
    the machine is being turned on. Now your N64 is ready and raring to go.
    4. The N64 Control Deck.
    This is the N64 itself. 
    A large black box with a slot on top for your games, a power switch, a 
    reset button, 4 controller ports, a slot on the bottom, 2 slots on the 
    back and a plastic N64 Logo stuck on the front. 
    This is the major part of the N64, without it, your are really stuffed 
    and if you did not get one in the box, go back to the store and demand a 
    refund. Other wise you paid only for a controller and 2 cables. 
    5. The N64 Controller
    Your gamepad.
    A control pad with 3 handles, an analogue stick a D-pad and 9 other 
    This controller, due to its strange, yet easy to use look, as 3 ways of 
    holding it:
    The Home Mode:
    Holding the controller by the 2 outer prongs with your left thumb on the 
    D-pad, your left index finger on the L button, your right thumb on 
    buttons A and B and your right index finger on R.
    The Main Mode:
    Holding the controller by the middle and right prongs with your left 
    thumb on the analogue stick, your left index finger on the Z button, 
    your right thumb on buttons A and B and your right index finger on R.
    The Left Mode:
    Hold the controller by left and middle prongs with your left thumb on 
    the D-pad, left index finger on L, right thumb on analogue stick and 
    right index finger on Z
    The Buttons etc.:
    A: Your main button
    B: Your secondary button
    C: The 4 camera and/or second option buttons
    L: The left shoulder button
    R: The right shoulder button
    Z: The trigger
    D-pad: The original control pad. Rarely used.
    Start: Pause or menu button
    Analogue Stick: Control.
    6. The N64 Rumble Pak
    The infamous Rumble Pak. An amusing N64 'add-on'
    A large, usually rectangular shaped object that fits in your N64 
    Controller giving your controller a good shake in Rumble Pak compatible 
    There are many types of Rumble Pak, the Official N64 Rumble Pak, the 
    Jolt Pak, and the Tremor Pak, to name a few. The best, I would have to 
    say is the Tremor Pak. It's cheap, it's smaller and it has a High and 
    Low mode. The Low mode is equivalent to the N64 Rumble Pak so you can 
    think what High is like.
    The Rumble Pak comes with Lylat Wars (Star Fox 64 for Americans) as an 
    add-on. The Rumble Pak is a fun thing to have and is recommended for 
    7. The N64 Controller Pak
    The controller pak is a nifty device that allows you to save particular 
    games that the cartridge may not be able to handle. The are different 
    types, 256KB, 1MB, 2MB, 4MB, 8MB and a 32MB is being created by NYKO. 
    Each pak has a different amount of pages. These are used for particular 
    games, ie. Iggy's Reckin Balls only need 3 pages but WWF Warzone needs 
    about 54. Not all games will use the Controller Pak.
    A very small (unless you get the NYKO) device that clicks into your 
    Controller. A menu will pop up at the save game feature if the 
    Controller Pak is needed.
     I believe to erase the files on it, hold Start while you turn on the 
    N64 with the Pak in it. The only bad thing about the Paks is that you 
    have to swap between them for the Rumble Pak unless you shelled out 
    extra for a combo device.
    8. How to care for N64
    Keeping your N64 free of grit can save you a lot of money in the long 
    run. Occasionally, your control deck will probably get very dusty or 
    covered in cat hair or whatever, just wipe over the control deck with a 
    Your N64 controller gets dirty too. If you leave you controller laying 
    on the floor, make sure the parts of it touching the ground don't get 
    dirty. You don't have to care about this but it looks better. Keep it on 
    top of the control deck with the Pak Holder on the vent part. Also, 
    between your analogue stick and the side on the hole it is in, forms a 
    soft powdery substance. Leaving it there can jam your stick up. Just put 
    a tissue over a rounded pencil and clean it with that.
    Never EVER blow into the cartridge or any other slot. Just wipe the slot 
    or cartridge lightly and carefully with a tissue. 
    You don't have to look after your N64 this way but if you want it to 
    last longer, I suggest you do.
    Oh yes, and if you have more than one controller, keep them off the 
    ground somehow by either unplugging them and putting them somewhere 
    where air will circulate.
    Remember, you don't have to do this. Your n64 will last longer and look 
    better if you do.
    9. My (whatever) doesn't work. What's wrong?
    My controller isn't responding or is not doing what I tell it to do.
    This probably means your controller isn't plugged in properly. Just wipe 
    possible dust from the plug and port and plug in properly.
    My TV is black and white when I play Dark Rift (or other games).
    There is a bug with Dark Rift and older TVs. Dark Rift just seems to not 
    have colour on older TV's. No-one knows why. As for other games, your TV 
    isn't working properly. Have it looked at or get a new one if you can.
    My N64 just doesn't turn on at all.
    Your main plug (the big rectangular one at the back) isn't in properly. 
    It is sometimes difficult to put this one in properly. Same with the 
    smaller one.
    If you have another problem, e-mail me at nooz@quackquack.com or ICQ me 
    at 8308120 and I'll give you a personal reply and if your question is 
    asked 5 times, I will put it up.
    10. Why won't foreign games work on my N64?
    There is a small difference in every country's N64. There are four 
    different types. Japanese, USA, European and Australasian. Australiasian 
    is still different from Japanese. There is small differences in the 
    cartridge slot and cartridges from every area. You can alter some but 
    this voids your waranty and some cannot be altered at all. So don't get 
    some relative in another country get you a game there because it is 
    released earlier, ask them to send money for when it comes out near you 
    or not get it at all because it's just not worth it if it wont work.
    11. What's this RAM Expansion stuff?
    The 4MB RAM Expansion that is already available, lets you see some games 
    in a high-resoloution mode. The main games with the option so far are 
    Turok 2, Southpark 64, SW: Rogue Squadron and QBC 99. Some other games 
    have it too. The Expansion lets you have a better view on your screen, 
    although it may give you lower frame rates at other times (that really 
    has no affect at all). It costs $19 American or $39 Australian. Its 
    worth every cent.
    12. Dolphin?
    The Dolphin is Nintendos new system. Very little is known about it, but 
    what is known is that Rare and Factor 5 has definitely signed on and is 
    already making games. The Dolphin will use state-of-the-art chip 
    technology which will apparently slam the PSX2 down in the dust for less 
    than a quarter of the price. The Dolphin will use DVD and will contain a 
    cable modem *.
    *not confirmed.
    13. Credits
    Nintendo Corp. – for making the N64
    Nintendojo – for the N64 Specs
    You! The Reader! – for reading my FAQ – there is more to come!
    Your Name Here – if you send in a question for section 9.
    14. End
    Again, thanks for reading my FAQ. I am writing a few others now and they 
    should all be available at GameFAQ's http://www.gamefaqs.com/
    This FAQ is Copyright ©1998 - 99 Nooz. It cannot be sold for profit or 
    public showing outside of the net without my permission. It may be 
    printed. For any questions, nooz@quackquack.com or ICQ UIN 8308120.

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