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"Yet another unjust death of a great console."

The Nintendo 64 was Nintendo’s secret weapon that would revolutionize console video gaming as we knew it. The reason for this was because it had 3D graphics. Revolutionize it did, but succeed it did not, sadly. There were many reasons for this. N64 was released right before Sony’s new console, the PlayStation. People were certain that N64 would beat PSX, but PSX did something even more revolutionary than N64: it proved that a CD-based game console could be fun. Many of you probably already know this, but at first, Nintendo hired Sony to make a CD-based add-on for the N64 (which was supposed to be the N64DD, the Nintendo 64 Disc Drive). Nintendo funded the project and gave Sony a license and everything. But, halfway through the project, Nintendo realized that a CD-based add-on would never work, and cancelled the project. This left Sony with tons of leftover money, a half-finished video game console, and a license to develop, produce, market, and sell video game consoles for the next ten years. Sony took advantage of this, and created the Sony PlayStation. Thusly, Nintendo shot themselves in the foot, and created their own rival. The Sony PlayStation beat Nintendo in almost all aspects, except graphics. N64 had twice the graphical power of PSX, but yet PSX won. The reason? Game selection. The N64 was the last console ever to be cartridge-based, and this made manufacturing costs for each N64 game ghastly high, whereas, with PSX, they just burned a new CD. The N64 didn’t really have a good game library, as compared to that of Playstation’s.; the latter being the reason why. Strike number one against Nintendo.

The little sound that N64 could produce was produced very well. But, since the PSX was a CD, it had CD-quality music and sound, and a lot of it. A great example is Tony Hawk Pro Skater, ported to both PSX and N64. The PSX version had full, CD-quality songs in it. N64 version had bits of songs, lyrics cut out, looped play, and about half as many as the PSX version. This happened to a large number of games. But, the N64 had great sound nonetheless (the little sound it had, since it was cartridge-based). Strike number two against Nintendo.

Game price was another losing factor for N64. Since the N64 had cartridges and not CD’s, the manufacturing of each game was very expensive, and that cost relates back to us, the consumer. An N64 game could cost up to $70 new, meanwhile a game for PSX could cost up to $50 new. Also, PSX games were extremely easy to pirate, and PSX games had a new means of circulation amongst gamers via black markets everywhere (mainly in China because of their goofy copyright laws). Strike number three against Nintendo; sadly enough, The Big N is out (for THIS generation..... :Þ)

The N64 was not a bad console. It was a GOOD console. The only negative thing was that it needed a $30 expansion pack for later games that couldn’t handle the system’s I believe it was 4MB of VRAM initially. Other than that, N64 was the first console to have something very revolutionary; four controller ports. Those four controller ports set a standard in video gaming nowadays. If a console doesn’t have four controller ports, people don’t hate it (except with PS2, as the hype alone keeps it alive).

Rest In Peace, Nintendo 64, for you will always live on in the hearts of many gamers, including myself. Goodbye.

Game Worth Getting:
all Zelda games, all Mario games, GoldenEye 007, Perfect Dark, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Donkey Kong 64, WWF: No Mercy, Tony Hawk 1 and 2

Games You Should Stay The Hell Away From:
Cruis’n USA, all Mortal Kombat games, all wrestling games except No Mercy

Best Moment I've Had With N64:
Turning it on when I got it on the launch day with Super Mario 64 in and my jaw dropping to the floor when I saw the graphics, and thinking, ''Hot DAMN, those graphics kick ASS!!!!''

Another fine review by *~*Aristotle*~*.

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Originally Posted: 11/05/01, Updated 11/05/01

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