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"Samurai nights are all right for fighting!"

Back in 1994, most of us were growing up in the Street Fighter era. Street Figther 2 (turbo, super, whatever) was probably sitting in your SNES at some point and you loved it. Some local arcades may have had Samurai Showdown 2 available, but must were carrying Ninja Turtles. If you did wander through life missing the second installment of Samurai Showdown, I suggest going out and getting it. Anywho, this must be the first innovative fighter to ever hit the market. Leave it to SNK to produce it too.

Graphics (9 out of 10):
These graphics are phenomenal. You have to remember that this system was a 16-bit system, and when that's all accounted for you realize how great these graphics truly are. This cart pushes every polygon, and squeezes every available color in the poor Neo-Geo's innards to give you this high-quality eye-candy. They're just great but the Neo-Geo has seen better graphics.

Sound (8 out of 10):
SNK knows there way around the mixing machine. The music is great but sometimes the voice get those 16-bit rusty overtones. Hey, it doesn't really bother me, and you'd have to be extremely anal-retentive to be annoyed by it.

Gameplay (9 out of 10):
When you first start playing you'll notice that the backgrounds are somewhat interactive. You can slice through bamboo trees, a pile of wood and a pure gold statue. This is just for looks however, the actual gameplay is coming up.
So you're playing your favorite fighter and your buddy corners you and unloads on you with countless fireballs until you finally die. This is something SNK has thought over a few times apparently because as you get beat your ''POW'' meter increases. When this ''POW'' meter reaches it's fullest, you can unleash one devastating move onto that cornering button masher. This isn't you're only special tactic though, each of the 15 characters has roughly 7-12 special techniques.
One of the coolest things in this series is that your weapons can eventually break. Don't fret however, in SS2 the judge just throws your weapon back in after about 10 seconds. The engine itself is so innovative, you won't believe it was made in '94.

Fun-Factor (10 out of 10):
This game is such a pain on the harder difficulties but something will keep pulling you in anyway. This game grabs hold of you and never lets go. It's hard to explain how a fighter can do this to a man since fighters never really stick around with you too long. This is different. This game is fun.(period.) The single player is great and the multiplayer is better, two beginners can have a hell of a button mash while two experts will have a geniusly crafted sword fight ruined often by the time-limit.
I can't stress this enough, this may be the greatest game you've ever played and you wouldn't know it.

Overall (9 out of 10):
This game is just pure fun spliced perfectly with wonderful graphics and a very unique engine. This game will cater to almost anyone remotely interested in fighters, so why don't you go buy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/01/02, Updated 09/01/02

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