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    Clark by hebretto

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    This FAQ is a free publication so if you see any parts of this document in 
    magazines(like EGM)or any form of media please contact me. If you would like 
    to put this document on your site or whatever kind of media please ask me 
    first for I have no problem with those who would like to use this FAQ(like 
    anyone would anyway), I'd just like to know where my things are. King of 
    Fighters and Last Blade is copyright of SNK/Eolith. This FAQ is copyright 
    of Yang Yang He
    Version:1.4 (December 2001) 
    Site/s where this FAQ should be found:
    4.Normal Moves
    5.Command and Special Moves
    6.Desperation Moves
    7.Shortcuts and Strategies
    8.Striker Move
    Well another installer of KOF is upon us and so another year I decided to 
    make a FAQ on my favourite character. Now before you start sending me emails 
    about how this FAQ looks pretty much like my KOF2000 one, your correct, Clark 
    hasn't changed a lot at all aside from the fact that his SAB has faster 
    recovery time and his still got his good priority normal moves from KOF2000. 
    But hey just to show that I did _some_ work I've added my Clark strategies 
    (which can be applied from KOF98 to KOF2001). Happy grabbing ^_^
          If you find any mistakes that I might have made or you might have found 
    this FAQ in another site from the ones listed above, please kindly email me 
    KOF2001 is very different from its predecessors. A few things would be that 
    Strikers now don't use Striker bombs but rather your Powerstock whenever you 
    call upon them, more so, you can actually use THREE Strikers instead of one. 
    Below I've added the new system so you will understand what I say in my FAQ
    >Order select<
    -KOF2001 allows you the option to have either a team of one character (and 
    3 Strikers) or four characters (with no Strikers). You can choose which 
    character is to be a Striker or not by pressing up (which is default is for 
    active character) or down (which means Striker). There are a set of rules 
    that apply to this arrangement:
    Characters         Strikers          Powerstocks
      One                 3                   4
      Two                 2                   3               
      Three               1                   2
      Four                0                   1
    More so if you have a one character team your character will do more damage 
    and take less damage. Your Powerbar length will also be shorten if you have 
    a one character team (thus it will take longer for a 4 character team to build 
    one Powerstock compared to an 1 character team)
    -Like I mentioned above, you can have up to 3 Strikers or no Strikers at all. 
    The method to calling out your Strikers (if you have more than one) goes like 
    Striker number      1 Striker      2 Strikers      3 Strikers
      One                  BC   
      Two                  BC           back + BC
      Three                BC          forward + BC     back + BC
    Do take note that Strikers now costs one Powerstock rather than Striker bomb, 
    so use them wisely (in my opinion you don't really even need Strikers since 
    Strikers are back to their KOF99 self. KOF2001 is more character dependent 
    like KOF98)
    Wire attacks
    -New system in KOF2001. What an Wire Attack does is it makes your opponent 
    bounce off the wall thus creating another opening for you to combo (like to 
    S? button in the Last Blade series). Any move with the [W] next to it indicates 
    that it is a Wire Attack. Certain moves can also become Wire Attacks if they 
    are registered as a Counter hit, which in that case it will be called a Counter 
    Wire [CW].
    Special cancels
    -You can cancel certain Special moves in other Special moves. This will be 
    indicated by [SC]
    Super (DM) cancels
    -Like Special into Special. Certain moves allows you to cancel into DMs, but 
    this process takes up TWO Powerstocks, you will know that you executed this 
    because when your character cancels s/he will flash before doing the DM. This 
    will be indicated by [DM]
    [W]   = Wire Attack
    [CW]  = Counter Wire Attack
    [SC]  = Special Cancel
    [DM]  = DM Cancel
    All are for the left side of the screen
    qcf - down,down-forward,forward
    qcb - down,down-back,back
    hcf - back,down-back,down,down-forward,forward
    hcb - forward,down-forward,down,down-back,back
    dp  - forward,down,down-forward
    The following applies to any character:
    -Hold a direction for 2 seconds
    -In order light punch,light kick,hard punch etc
    -Press two buttons at the same time(like AB)
    -You will do a forward roll(slide for some characters)which grants you 
    invincibility for a short time,by holding back and pressing AB you will do 
    a back roll(slide for some characters).If done while blocking you will roll 
    away(roll back if you hold back,roll forward if you leave it neutral/hold 
    forward)from your opponent thus escaping from their attacks but it costs one 
    Safe Fall(press AB when your just about to hit the ground)
    -A quick recovery from a fall.Comes in handy sometimes but watch out for 
    grapplers cause they can throw the moment you do a Safe Fall (fine example 
    would be King'd hcf + A/C -> run -> you Safe Roll -> hcf + A/C)
    Call Striker(BC)
    -Call out your 4th character for assistance
    CD attack
    -A knockdown attack which can be done in the air.If you do this when blocking 
    you will knock down you opponent thus preventing them from doing their attack 
    but it costs one powerstock if you do it and it also does no damage.
    Throw(when near opponent,forward or back + C/D)
    -Throws,who can live without them.
    Throw escape(tap any button before being thrown)
    -Stops a throw period. You will knockdown your opponent instead of pushing 
    them away.
    Super Desperation Move(motion of any Desperation Move + AC/BD)
    -An enhanced version of one of your DMs,the set damage for a SDM is about 
    50%. You will need TWO powerbars in order to do one of these (so a 4 character 
    team cannot do a SDM)
    4.Normal Moves
    >A button<
    -A quick jab that's about a standard character's neck height. Nice priority, 
    good to poke people with. But don't do it too much, else you'll be called 
    a poor player cause all you do is poke
    -Same as the Standing/Far attack. You can follow his Super Argentine 
    Backbreaker or Ultra Argentine Backbreaker after this (but you will need a 
    bit of timing for you have to cancel the command throw / DM a bit after the 
    A hits)
    -A crouching quick jab that _can_ be connected into a Gattling Gun, Super 
    Argentine Backbreaker, Ultra Argentine Backbreaker and maybe a Mount Tackle. 
    For the throws (SAB / UAB) you don't need to cancel it straight away, you 
    can do the pause method mentioned above
    -Strikes with his fist at a 45 degree down-arc (KOF98 Jump-in A animation)
    Jump-in (jump towards the opponent)
    -Same animation as the normal Jump version but with a hand chop position, 
    got very good priority. Use this often because of its priorities (this would 
    be his best jump attack followed by Jump D), it can cancel a lot of normal 
    moves (some Special moves) and it's very quick. Though try not to use this 
    at the start up of a jump (especially against other grapplers because of your 
    recovery time when you land)
    >B button<
    -A quick kick about the height of the stomach of a standard character. Another 
    good poke, fast recovery
    -A quick high-knee attack reaching the middle part of a standard character 
    that _can_ be connected into a Super Argentine Backbreaker, Ultra Argentine 
    Backbreaker, Mount Tackle and Gattling Gun but you have to be very close to 
    actually hit the opponent. The pause method (please see Far / Standing A 
    regarding this) can be applied here too
    -A middle ranged but quick kick that _can only_ be connected by a command 
    throw (tiny pause before doing the command throw)
    -An animation that looks like he's about to sit down with the back leg hitting
    Jump-in (jump towards the opponent)
    -A very kick so if you do choose to use this it's best not to do it until 
    you come down from the jump. Use this when your opponent is in the air as 
    well (but it would be better to use Jump C / D). Best in my opinion is to 
    do this when your jumping away from an attempted command throw
    >C button<
    -A slow but good range straight punch. Good priority and nice poke (plus the 
    -Very quick, if you have a contest between who would counter first it would 
    be this one IMO. 2 hits, you _can_ connect it after the first hit with the 
    ground based special/command attacks except the Frankensteiner and both of 
    his DMs but you might have some trouble with the Running Three
    -A new animation from 99 which has some extra range but slower. Best priority, 
    use this to counter Iori's Crossover back + B and when your opponent is jumping 
    towards you
    -A straight punch in the air. Good to attack high jumpers like Choi
    Jump-in (jump towards your opponent)
    -Same as the normal Jump C (is it me or does all of Clark's C attacks does 
    good damage and priority???)
    >D button<
    -An average kick about neck height. Very good as a anti-air, I'm just 
    surprised that hardly anyone down at where I play don't use this much (also, 
    seems that all of Clark's Far attacks are good pokes)
    -Another great anti-air, it has the animation as the Frankensteiner but 
    faster. Try not to use this unless as an anti-air because of its recovery 
    -A long-range sweep that comes out at medium speed, I would recommend doing 
    this when your opponent is about to get up from the ground or maybe while 
    trying to play a high / low game (overheads then crouching attack and then 
    mixing it up) but since it's not as fast as Ralf's Crouching D be careful, 
    this year your Striker can't save you if you make a mistake
    -Looks very similar to the normal jump version of the B button but with a 
    bit more priority but also slower, best to do it when you start falling down 
    from a jump.
         This attack has alot of potential for Clark and the reason why? OK, most 
    people just try to distant themselves' after knocking down an opponent, but 
    since some of Clark's moves are throws you can often jump up and do this attack 
    just about when they get up. Now this dance can go mostly in two ways-
    1)They try to block even though it won't even hit since it takes some time 
    for the attack to come out so the moment you land you've a few choices to 
    choose from like a normal throw, a command throw or the Ultra Argentine 
    2)They are so damn calm and thinks so fast that they will jump and attack 
    you or do an anti-air 
    -A kick which is at a 45 degrees high-angle arc, great for those who are 
    jumping towards you. If you plan to start a combo with this (though you should 
    use Jump A for that) it's best to do it when you're a little above the 
    opponent's head, since this hits high the Jump D might just miss completely 
    (especially if your going against a crouching Bao / Choi >_<)
    -He will slowly turn around and do a spin kick (head level). Due to it's delay 
    it has that small time of invincibility but it's still slow. I would only 
    recommend you to do if you know that your opponent is about to jump towards 
    you (since it's a high kick, it's a good anti-air) or perhaps fake the CD 
    and then cancel it into another move like dp + B/D or hcf + A/C (I call this 
    method "empty cancel")
    Jump / Jump-in
    -He would sorta put his legs together and do a down-arc kick. Good priorities 
    and range, use this as an offensive attack rather than a defensive attack 
    (other words don't jump back with this)
    5.Command and Special Moves
    >Command Moves<
    Stomping(back or forward + B)
    -A foot stomp, can be comboed after the first hit of the Standing C. Can cancel 
    into a command throw without being comboed into 
    >Special Moves<
    Gattling Attack(hold back,forward + A/C). A is [DM?]
    -A charging attack that knocks the opponent into the air. The A version 
    travels about 1/3 of the screen while the C version travels 2/3. Very fast 
    attack, you can try to fool your opponents by doing some fake (empty cancel) 
    normals from into this (like Far A / Standing CD). Regarding [DM] with the 
    A version, you should do it right before the last hit (so other meanings do 
    it when it hits since A version only does 2/3 hits)
    Mount Tackle(hcf + A/C)
    -A rundown attack that's very quick, you can use this to catch your opponent 
    in the air (but if you miss...). You can try to fool your opponent into this 
    by doing a Standing CD and then empty cancel into it (since the Standing CD 
    is slow your opponent will jump or roll for an easy hit, the empty cancel 
    is to prevent that). Cause no damage. Try to combo it from a Standing C for 
    this move is _blockable_. Since Clark's specials are like 99 then this _might_ 
    work, in 99 if you did hcf + A from the end of the screen you won't tackle 
    your opponent (provided they are at the other end of the screen). Once you 
    reach the end you can simply do a command throw because you missed and thus 
    there will no longer be a blocking animation (but best to wait a moment before 
    doing the command throw). Thanks to Endless for the information
    Clark Lift(down,down+ A after Mount Tackle)
    -Clark picks up the opponent off the ground and throws them down to the ground 
    Rolling Cradle(down,down + B/D after Mount Tackle)
    -Clark picks up the opponent off the ground and rolls for about 4 seconds
    Sleeper Lift(DDT)(down,down + C after Mount Tackle)
    -The best follow-up after the Mount Tackle. Clark picks up the opponent off 
    the ground and performs a DDT(duh)
    Napalm Stretch(dp + A/C)
    -Clark's anti-air move, he jumps and attempts to grab the opponent. If he 
    does, he will do about 3 spins and then land on top of the opponent. What 
    makes this good is that it has a throw range (other meanings if your opponent 
    is only one centimeter away you will grab them). Unfortunately if you miss 
    your opponent can punish you while your still trying to recover. If you do 
    happen to miss you might be able to cancel into a SAB / UAB if your opponent 
    hesitates before trying to punish you (giving you the time to recovery and 
    then punish them)
    Frankensteiner(near opponent,dp + B/D)
    -By far one of the best counter moves in the game. When you perform the 
    Frankensteiner you are invincible to anything but throws and command throws. 
    The animation at the start of the move looks like the close Standing D but 
    a little slower. Now in KOF2001 the Frankersteiner is better than ever
    Super Argentine Backbreaker(near opponent,hcf + B/D)
    -Clark's deadliest move. He picks up the opponent and throws him/her into 
    the air saying _wooyaar_ and then about a second later their back will land 
    on his head causing a bone crunching sound and then he'll throw them back 
    to the ground. What makes this move the deadliest is that not only does it 
    do excellent damage, you can also pick your opponent up if they miss a hit 
    in a combo. You can pick up your opponent if they are about a length of Clark's 
    hand away from you (i.e.-about 0.7cm). Mind you Clark no longer has the long 
    lag of a missed SAB like in KOF2000
    Flashing Elbow(qcf + A/C after Sleeper Lift, Frankensteiner, Napalm Stretch 
    or SAB)
    -The best follow-up move in the whole game (my opinion). Clark runs after 
    the opponent and then elbows the opponent on the ground. Trying to perfect 
    the Flashing Elbow can be quite difficult so I'd taken the liberty of putting 
    in a note for those that has trouble (all on the right side of screen). Note 
    that the Flashing Elbow has been weakened and sometimes it will miss after 
    a move (but not the SAB):
       *Sleeper Lift-perform it when the opponent hits the ground or when you 
    see the spark that appears after each slam. Note: if you throw your opponent 
    to the left, do qcb instead of qcf, if he throws them to the right, do qcf. 
    You don't need to do the Flashing Elbow with this method, the one listed above 
    is easier to remember to do
       *Frankensteiner-perform it when he first slams the opponent onto the 
    ground. Note: seeing that you throw your opponent from left to right, do qcb 
    Clark slams the opponent to the ground
       *Napalm Stretch-perform when you slam the opponent to the ground. Note: 
    this one is always towards the way your facing (e.g.-you slam on the right, 
    you do qcf + A/C)
       *SAB-(Method 1) One way is do it just before your opponent lands on Clark's 
    head or (Method 2) wait one second after they'd landed on his head and then 
    perform the motion towards your opponent (e.g.-you throw your opponent to 
    the right, you perform qcb +A/C[on the right side]). Note: certain characters 
    can only be performed with one Method
    6.Desperation Moves
    Ultra Argentine Backbreaker(near opponent hcb,hcb +A/C _or_ hcb,hcb + AC for 
    -A desperation you will see a lot among Clark users. Clark will perform 3 
    Super Argentine Backbreakers during this move with the last one ending with 
    a slam to the ground for the normal version. At the end of the SDM version, 
    Clark will jump up after the 3rd SAB and clutch himself to the opponent and 
    slam them down on the ground saying "Clark Spark". This has more range than 
    other command throws and has more invincibility and speed
    Running Three(hcf,hcf + B/D)
    -Another throw DM used by the king of throws. Clark will first expand his 
    arms then come running towards you, if he manages to grab you, he will run 
    from one side of the screen to the other slamming your head to the ground 
    for 3 times. It also has an invincibility start up so if you do it as your 
    about to get up (while your opponent is about to attack you), chances are 
    you will grab them rather than them hitting you, but only apply this if you 
    know that it will work since some attacks are planned to hit you the moment 
    you get up (thus can't do anything but block)
    7.Shortcuts and Strategies
    You might find it hard doing the DM/SDM motions (I still can't do hcbx2 on 
    the left side) so here's some shortcuts that might be to you:
    -For the UAB, you can either do hcb, then run forward for 1.5 seconds and 
    then perform hcb + C _or_ you can do hcb + C(Standing C)and then hcb + C before 
    the second hit
    -For the Running Three, you can do hcf,b + C then hcf + B/D. It might take 
    some time for you to sink this shortcut into your head during a tense match
    -With all motions that are used by Clark (ie-hcf,dp,hcb etc), you can perform 
    the motion first and leave it for 1.5 seconds, then finish it(eg-hcf, 1 second 
    later press A/C means you did the Mount Tackle)
    Jump A/B/C/D -> dp + B/D
    -Your opponent will mostly be thinking that you're going to do another attack 
    after the jump attack so they'll attempt to block it
    Jump A/B/C/D/CD -> run -> SAB / UAB
    -Yeah pretty much the same as above. The opponent usually thinks that you're 
    going to attack them instead of throwing them. If trying the UAB try this 
    shortcut: Jump A (do hcb as your about to land) -> run -> hcb + A/C
    Jump A/B/C/D -> run (optional) -> dp + A/C
    -Well if your opponent thinks that your going to do one of the two above why 
    not confuse him/her by doing a dp + A/C. Since they know that your going to 
    attempt a throw the easiest thing to do is to jump. That's why it's good to 
    mix up your moves, make them so scared that the only thing they can do is 
    Crouching B -> run (optional) -> SAB / UAB / dp + B/D
    -Yet another trick up my sleeve with Clark. Since Clark has a fast recovery 
    after his Crouching B you can just run up to your opponent and do another 
    throw. If you plan to do dp + B/D I'd suggest NOT to run. You can do a Jump 
    A before the Crouching B if you want. For the UAB you can use that shortcut 
    I mentioned above as well (Crouching B -> hcb -> run hcb + A/C)
    run -> SAB / UAB
    -Err the easier way of doing it I guess
    SAB -> NO Elbow -> Hop -> SAB / UAB
    -Nice way of screwing up your opponent's game plan. It's expected that Clark 
    does his Flashing Elbow right after the SAB right??? So why not make them 
    think that your going to do that whilst your doing a Hop (qcf,uf) and then 
    another SAB / UAB. The hop / jump trick can be applied anywhere. Just do a 
    fake attack (aka early Jump D / CD) and throw them when their trying to block
    Opponent does AB recovery roll -> throw
    -Do like a Jump CD when your opponent is near the corner. If it hits them 
    they'll most likely AB recovery roll. If they do that punish them by doing 
    a throw. Note that by doing an AB recovery roll the opponent is considered 
    as on the ground, not lying on it. If not done in the corner then just run 
    forward and do the throw
    SAB -> late Elbow -> throw
    -Maan did this to Genuwine Expert in one of the Kuwait vs Belgium tournament 
    movies. If your opponent is dumb enough s/he will attempt to attack you after 
    your late Elbow (do the command as late as possible after you throw the 
    opponent onto the ground), I wouldn't use this tactic a lot cause a lot of 
    the players know about this.
    Crouching B (miss) -> SAB / UAB
    -Do this as your opponent is about to get up. They'll think it will hit them 
    and they'll attempt to crouch block. Sucker!
    mini jump (tap up lightly) -> SAB / UAB
    -There are a few variations to this. Like mini Jump A (if hits then do Standing 
    C into SAB or UAB) or mini jump then Crouching B -> run -> =P. Of course you 
    can just annoy your opponent completely by doing mini Jump As over and over 
    to them in the corner (one of the experts here poked his friend so much his 
    friend didn't know what to do)
    Crouching B -> SAB / UAB
    -If you managed to hit your opponent with his Crouching B as their getting 
    up then just follow it with a SAB / UAB since it connects (this method can 
    also be applied to Ralf's Crouching B -> SAB)
    Jump D/CD (miss) -> SAB / UAB
    -One of the first Clark strategies, you will deliberately do an early jump 
    attack (one that you know won't hit the opponent) and then cancel into a SAB 
    / UAB when you land. Too bad everyone already knows this, but hey it might 
    work once in a while. If your using the Jump CD, do it the moment you jump 
    so that it won't hit _or_ do a small jump up CD (this won't hit since the 
    Jump CD takes so long to come out, by the time it does come out you would 
    have landed)
    Standing CD (miss) -> dp + B/D
    -Do this when next to the opponent, do the Standing CD as your opponent is 
    about to get up from a fall and then cancel into his Frankensteiner. Since 
    his Frankensteiner has that start up time, by the time your opponent gets 
    up the move would have started and soon grab. Sometimes this won't work though 
    so you should practice before trying it out on real opponents
    8.Striker Move
    He will jump in with a CD attack and do his A version Gatling Attack (Charge 
    back, forward + A)
    * = optional
    1.Jump A/B/C/D* -> Standing C(1 hit) / Crouching A -> SAB(hcf + B/D) -> 
    Flashing Elbow(qcf + A/C) 
    2.Jump A/B/C/D* -> Standing C(1 hit) -> Mount Tackle(hcf + A/C) -> any of 
    Mount Tackle's follow-ups -> Flashing Elbow(qcf + A/C)(if you used Sleeper 
    3.Jump A/B/C/D* -> Standing C(1 hit)(shortcut-hcb + C) / Crouching A(if your 
    fast enough) -> UAB(hcb,hcb + A/C or SDM ver hcb,hcb + AC)
    4.Jump A/C/D (hold back if your going to follow-up using C or down-back for 
    A) -> Standing C(1 hit) / Crouching A -> Gattling Gun(hold back,forward + 
    C. Note: in this case, just forward) -> just before Gattling Gun finishes 
    do Napalm Stretch(dp + A/C) -> Flashing Elbow(qcf + A/C)
    5.Jump A/D* -> Standing C (1 hit)(shortcut-hcf,b + C) -> Running 
    Three(hcf,hcf + B/D)
    6.Jump A (hold down-back) -> Crouching A -> forward + A (thus A version Gatling 
    Gun) -> [DM] hcb,hcb + A/C
    I would like to thank the following in helping me write this FAQ(In no 
    particular order)
    -Without him you wouldn't be reading this FAQ
    Chris MacDonald(Kao Megura)
    -One of the best FAQ writers around,a real pioneer.Always an inspiration for 
    FAQ writers everywhere.Also got (NAME HERE) moves' names from his FAQ.Check 
    out his FAQ at where you found this(GameFAQs.com)
    Anyone I versed over the years in KOF(70s guys, Mandarin players, UNSW players, 
    ON members)
    -For giving me an goal to beat you guys,if not for these people I wouldn't 
    want to learn how to play everybody
    My gaming friends (Ivan, Bufa, Stefan, Jake, Jacky, Ming, FCL, Wolferaizer, 
    Krizalid, Skinner, Jackson, William, Joey, and the rest that I might have 
    -Another reason for me to play games,to beat you guys(exception to 
    Bufa,Krizalid and Ivan since you guys don't live near me)
    -For keeping the Australian fighting game scene alive. Sorry but only 
    Australians can join at the moment (there's no point in talking about an 
    American tournament in Australia)
    Neo-geo.com Bulletin Boards
    -If you want to find out stuff about Neo-Geo hardware or Neo-Geo games,they 
    have a bulletin board their to help you(very helpful).I frequent there 
    Orochinagi Bulletin Boards
    -Another BB that I frequent.If your more into the games this forum is 
    it(Neo-Geo is more pro hardware but there's still games)(to access the 
    bulletin boards go to the top right corner and find the SD Orochi Iori and 
    Orochi Leona pic near the envelope icon)
    -A great site on upcoming Japanese games (and has some Toro the Cat 
    -I got the System info from there (with thanks to MMCafe and Brief Vegeta). 
    Check the site out if you want to read KOF HK comics or maybe see KOF fanart 
    / cosplay
    -For reading this FAQ
    Version 1.0 (November 23rd 2001) - Everything complete (though there
                                       Might be a slight mistake in here)
    Version 1.1 (November 25th 2001) - I knew I made a mistake on 2.System
    Version 1.2 (November 20th 2001) - Minor correction
    Version 1.3 (December 1st 2001)  - Added more description to a lot of
                                       moves (that I felt needed more
                                       detail) so I could please Persona =P
    Version 1.4 (December 22nd 2001) - Correction on his Striker move

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