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    Blue Mary by mario_san

    Version: 2.9 | Updated: 09/19/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Blue Mary FAQ - The King of Fighters 2001 -=-=-=-=-=-|
                              Written by: Mario san
                                    Ver. 2.9
                Last Update: September 19, 2002 - FINAL VERSION
                             Mario san: KOF Bulletin
       [ NOTE:  La version extendida de este FAQ en ESPAŅOL se encuentra ]
       [        en http://www.liquid2k.com/mariosan/ y en la comunidad   ]
       [        KOF_Mexico de KOFonline.com                              ]
                               [!] - Warning - [!]
         [ All the things related to The King of Fighters, Blue Mary   ]
         [ and all the characters are Copyright 2001 SNK and Eloith.   ]
         [ This FAQ cannot be used for any commercial intention, only  ]
         [ for personal use, if you need permission to use this FAQ,   ]
         [ ask me for authorization and I will decide.                 ]
                                 [*]  Content  [*]
                       [1.] Introduction
                             1.1 Version Updates .
                             1.2 Blue Mary Profile.
                             1.4 Team story.
                       [2.] Stuff
                             2.1 Opening & Victory poses.
                             2.2 Wear colors.
                       [3.] Game System
                             3.1 Notation.
                       [4.] Commands
                             4.1 Normals & Throw moves.
                             4.2 Special moves.
                             4.3 Comments about updates.
                             4.4 Desesperation moves.
                       [5.] Combos.
                             5.1 Combos.
                             5.2 Striker Combos.
                       [6.] Fatal Fury Team end.
                       [7.] BONUS: Blue Mary's Background.
                       [8.] Notes and curiosities.
                       [9.] Credits.
    [ - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1. Introduction - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ]
       Once again, this year I request that if somebody has something and
       it had to be in this FAQ, me lets it know by means of a mail... 
    = 1.1 Version Updates =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
     Ver. 0.1 - FAQ struct, is late... =)
     Ver. 0.5 - Explications, transcriptions and..... more comments.
     Ver. 0.8 - Mmmm Mary don's have Mary's Typhoon <DM> anymore.. =(
     Ver. 1.0 - Uuuuuta! <DM> Cancels!! Great!
                All the combos that I have been able to obtain until
                the moment ...
     Ver. 1.5 - =( I had to translate all my FAQ to english because
                Gamefaqs does not accept characters FAQs in Spanish...
                I'm sorry about my english!!
     Ver. 1.8 - Corrections about the game, and more...
     Ver. 2.0 - Corrections, updates, end quotes, stuff, and the double
                Desesperation move without cancel.
     Ver. 2.5 - All the end quotes, more mini-uselful combos, and the
                team end. Many corrections, sorry!!
     Ver. 2.7 - Some combos, last combo corrected, all the Fatal Fury end.
                Notes and Curiosities.
     Ver. 2.8 - BONUS!!! the appearently Blue Mayy true story, thanx to
                Killah for the link. Well I have forgoten a combo too...
     Ver. 2.9 - Wow! this is the final version. Added the last combo
                (i hope). Thanx to all! until the next KOF....
    = 1.2 Blue Mary Profile =-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
      Real Name       :  Mary Brian (Ryan)
      Fighting style  :  Comando Sambo
      Birthdate       :  February 4
      Age             :  25
      Country         :  USA
      Blood type      :  AB
      Height          :  169 cm
      Weight          :  48 kg
      Measures        :  Bust  - 86
                         Waist - 54
                         Hips  - 85
      Hobby           :  Bike touring
      Favorite food   :  Beef
      Best sport      :  Baseball
      Most important  :  Leather jacket
      Dislikes        :  Cats
       Well, this year there are 4 new characters (K9999, Foxy, Angel and
     May Lee), 3 are back (Xiang Fei, Daimon and Heidern) and Kula is a
     selectable character. Many moves were modified and others are new, also
     new <DM> to Mai, Robert, Hinako, Lin, etc, etc...
       Are you ready to be the best one?.........
    = 1.4 Team Story -=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=--=-=-=-
     Well, is important to me include the story in the FAQ once again because
     I want that this FAQ complete, anyway involve Mary. Was translated
     by Hiro to KOF Cartel BBS (www.KOFcartel.com)
     Blue bright sky, the feeling of the wind feels good. This is the park
     of South Town. The shout of the children playing football or baseball
     never ends. 
     [Terry]: Yo! Everybody playing hard?
     [Kid]: Yeah, it's Terry! You came again! That's cool!
     After Terry played basketball with the kids, he started talking on
     the bench. 
     [Kid]: Terry, nowadays they show a lot of commercials about another
            King of Fighters tournament. You're going on the tournament
     [Terry]: Oh!? Yeah. They have another tournament this year. It so
              happens that I entered it every year.
     [Kid]: Terry, I hope you enter this year. You're the hero of this city.
     [Kid]: I was watching you fight and it helped me to understand that we
            aren't alone.
     Terry often visited the kids in the park. It was because they were kids
     without parents like him. And, like his stepfather he wanted to give
     them hope and courage. To see their happy faces forever...
     Terry decided. 
     [Terry]: Alright! I'm entering!
     Terry said with a smile.
     [Kids]: Really? Oh yeah!
     The kids started jumping up and down.
     Looking at the happy faces of the children, Terry remembers the time
     he spent with his stepfather Jeff. Missing those days, he looks to 
     the sky. As he thinks, a woman gets off her motorcycle and walks
     towards Terry. 
     [Mary]: Terry, long time no see.
     Terry was surprised. 
     [Terry]: Oh, Mary! Good to see you! How did you know I was here?
     [Mary]: I guessed that you were here. Hmm, It's like my women's
             intuition... anyway, looks like you're having fun. What were
             you talking about?
     [Terry]: Actually, it's about this year's King of Fighters tournament.
              I wanted to make them happy.
     [Mary]: Oh... actually I came here, because of the tournament too.
             This case involves the tournament again.
     [Terry]: Really? I'll help you again, Mary! Let's rock in this
     Mary laughed.
     [Mary]: Even though it's a case, I have to solve it because of the
             client, sometimes I forget it's a case and I want to enter
             the tournament. I always get help from you and this time I
             want to lend a hand.
     [Terry]: Hah. Then, Mary you're entering the tournament with us this
              time right?
     [Mary]: Yeah Terry!
     [Terry]: Alright, guys! Like last time, the victory is ours!
     The setting changed to Japan. Andy was training a disciple at Shiranui's
     town. With torn clothes and bare feet, he was very young but Andy
     trained him harshly.
     [Andy]: I think you know about KOF as well.
     [Hokutomaru]: Yes, Master talked about it a lot.
     [Andy]: Hmm, my brother contacted me. I'm entering this year and I 
             want to show you my fighting till the end. I want to show you
             what a real fight is.
     [Hokutomaru]: Yes! I know!
     [Andy]: And... erm, can you talk to Mai for me? I can't tell her that
             we're not entering the tournament together.
     [Hokutomaru]: Master, again? It's always me that has to calm down my
                   sister. Ah! Master! Recently you opened a dojo right?
                   Why don't you go hide there?
     [Andy]: No, I can't. Mai would probably be waiting for me there...
             I can't hide.
     [Hokutomaru]: Then, Master. Do what you can. Then, see ya!
     [Andy]: W, wait!! Hey !
     Back in Thailand, Joe was having matches everyday as a Muay Thai
     Champ for many months. One day when Joe had a day off, he visited a
     gym where he got trained. But, gym he visited wasn't lively as before.
     Joe met his old teacher. 
     [Joe]: Good to see you. Master, what happened here? There's no action
            here. What happened here?
     [Master]: Oh, it's Joe! Long time! It's good to see a Muay Thai champ!
               This gym isn't like what it used to be before. They all want
               to be strong, but training here costs money and time. If it
               keeps going on like this we may have to shut down.
     [Joe]: Wait, master! I'll do something about it, but don't close this
     A few days later, at sunrise, Terry was in front of his father, Jeff's
     burial. He was here to tell his father that he is entering the
     tournament. Terry put a flower on the burial and heard a familiar
     voice behind him. 
     [Andy]: Brother! Long time no see!
     [Terry]: Andy! How are you? Oh! Joe is here too. Haven't seen you guys
              in a long time. I've heard about you time to time.
     [Joe]: Yah! Terry, you haven't changed! It's good to see us three
     [Terry]: Yes! And we are to meet Mary at the tournament.
     The three remembers the past and wishes to win the tournament in front
     of the burial. 
    [ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 2. Stuff - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -]
    = 2.1 Opening & Victory Poses =-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=
     < Opening >
        vs. Terry    : Similar to KOF 2000. Blue Mary look up, while Terry
                       says: "Get ready?", then Mary put her hand in her
                       mouth and says: "Let's fight Terry!".
        1er Round    : Start wearing her jacket and taking off call her
                       dog (Mary says: "Anton!!").
        Round Normal : Start crouching and then ask: "Are you ready?"
     < Victory poses >
        Button A: Mary send you a kiss and says: 'I did'... (ha!)
        Button B: Mary cross her arms and sigh, suddenly her dog
                  appear and jump on Mary, falling in the floor.
        Button C: Mary target the opponent with her finger and says:
                  "Bakyoo!" (the japanese shoot sound)
        Button D: Random pose.
     < Winning Quotes >
       This is the first KOF where each character have more than one
       winning quote, all depend who is the looser.
        English : 'I have no pity for you. You disgrace us battlers.'
        Spanish : 'No siento lastima por ti. Eres la deshonra de los
        English : 'Like my command samba? It kicks in KOF battles. '
        Spanish : 'Que te parece mi commando sambo? Creo que es el mas
        English : 'Everyone knows their limits. You just got more than 
        Spanish : 'Cada uno conoce sus limites, y tu tienes mas que otros'
      vs. Terry:
        English : 'You're not yourself. Don't hold back for my sake.'
        Spanish : 'No me pareces el mismo, eh?. No hagas ceremonias
      vs. Female Team
        English : 'It's been a while... Hate to bloody a buddy... '
        Spanish : 'Hacia mucho que no nos veiamos! Odio pelear con un
      vs. N.E.S.T. Team
        English : 'You cannot escape. Now tell me what's what!'
        Spanish : 'No ya no te escapas.. ahora explicame bien que pasa!'
    = 2.2 Wear colors =-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
        a) Original (Button A):
    	Top     : Red
    	Pants   : Blue
    	Hair    : Blonde
        b) "Copy"  (Button B):
    	Top     : Pink
    	Pants   : Dark Brown
    	Hair    : Blonde
    [ - - - - - - - - - - - - - 3. Game System - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -]
    = 2.2 Notation =-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
                          Up-back    |   Up-forward 
                                   \ | /
                           back  --- * --- forward
                                   / | \
                         down-back   |  down-foward
      Up       : u       Button A : Weak Punch
      Back     : b       Button B : Weak Kick
      Forward  : f       Button C : Strong Punch
      Down     : d       Button D : Strong Kick
      Block               : Hold b/db when attacked
      Taunt               : Press Start
      Run                 : f, f
      Back Step           : Tap b, b
      Evade               : b/f + A+B
      Recovery roll       : (on floor touch) AB
      Guard cancel        : CD during block    (cost 1 stock)
      Guard escape        : AB during block    (cost 1 stock)
      qcf - Quarter Circle Forward (d,df,f)
      hcf - Half Circle Forward (b,db,d,df,f)
      qcb - Quarter Circle Back (d,db,b)
      hcb - Half Circle Back (f,fd,d,db,b)
      DP  - Dragon Punch motion (f,d,df,f)
    [ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 4. Commands - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ]
     = 4.1 Normals & Throw moves =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
     < Normals >
       Hammer Arch       : b/f + A
       Climbing Arrow    : db/df + B
       Double Rolling    : b/f + B
     < Throws >
       Victor Throw     : Close b/f + C
       Head Throw       : Close b/f + D
     = 4.2 Special moves -=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
      The half Mary's moves need to be completed for additional damage.
      The moves with (a.) are the principal moves, you can do it always, but
      the moves with (b.) are complementaries, cannot be do it alone, don't
      work. For Real Counter (qcb + A/C), you must choice the Backdrop
      Real(hcf + A/C) or Reverse Headlock (hcf + B/D).
     a. Spin Fall                : qcf + A/C
     b. Mary's Spider            : qcf + A/C   (after Spin Fall)
     a. Real Counter             : qcb + A/C
     b. Backdrop Real            : hcf + A/C   (after Real Counter)
     b. Reverse Headlock         : hcf + B/D   (after Real Counter)
     a. Straight Slicer          : charge b    (2 seg), then f + B/D
     b. Crab Clutch              : qcf + A/C   (after Straight slicer)
     Mary Reverse Facelock       : qcb + B     (against air attacks & <DM>)
     Mary Headbuster             : qcb + D     (against low attacks)
     a. Vertical Arrow           : DP + B/D
     b. Mary's Snatcher          : DP + B/D    (after Vertical Arrow)
     = 4.3 Comments about updates -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
      These are the changes:
     - Spin Fall
          Now is a kind of overhead, you need block stand up.
     - Climbing Arrow
          This moves juggle the opponent for additional damage.
     - Mary's Dinamite Swing <DM>
          The command has changed A,A,f,B,C
     - Mary's Typhoon <DM>
           IS GONE!!!!!
     = 4.4 Desesperation moves =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
     < Mary's Splash Rose - qcf,hcb + A/C >
        This is my favorite. Blue Mary dash to opponent and attack.
        Can be cancelled into Mary's Dinamite Swing <DM> or <SDM>
     < Mary's Dinamite Swing - A,A,f,B,C >
        What's that!!! yep, I said that when I looked the new command.
        My friends say than is similar to Akuma special move, I don't know,
        I don't play Street Fighter series =).
     < Mary's Dinamite Swing (Super Desesperation Move version)- A,A,b,B,C >
        Is the stronger version. More damage and additional frames.
    [ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 5. Combos - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ]
     = 5.1 Combos =-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
      <DM>  = Cost 1 stock.
     <SDM>  = Cost 2 stocks.
     <CRN>  = Only in corners.
      C/D   = C or D
       x    = Repeat X times.
    <Cross> = Crossover
       St   = Striker
     This will be at the beginning of each combo:
       <# stocks required for the combo : description of use>
     Her tradicionals combos still working:
      - Jump C/D, Stand C (1 hit), charge b + A, f + B, qcf + B/D
      - Jump C/D, Stand C (1 hit), f + A, DP + B/D, DP + B/D
      - Jump C/D, Stand C (1 hit), charge b + B (2 hits),
         f + B, qcf + B/D
     With <DM>:
        <1 stock : DM>
      - Jump C/D, Stand C (1 hit), f + A, qcf, hcb + A/C
        <1 stock : DM>
      - Jump C/D, Stand C (1 hit), f + B (2 hits), qcf, hcb + A/C
        <1 stock : DM>
      - Jump C/D, Stand C (1 hit), f + B (2 hits), A, A, f, B, C
     [ Easy Combos ]
     - qcf + A/C, qcf + A/C
       (2 hits)
     - qcb + D (after counter), DP + B/D, DP + B/D
       (3-4 hits)
     - qcb + D (after counter), qcf,hcb + A/C
     [ Cancel Combos]
       Each character have 2 or 3 cancel moves into <DM> (similar 'Counter 
       Mode'), but you need minimum 2 stocks, because you need 1 stock to
       cancel the move and 1 or 2 to <DM> or <SDM> (2 stocks to Mary's 
       Dinamite Swing <DM>).
      Cancel Moves
         * Mary's Vertical Arrow
         * Mary's Snatcher
         * Straight Slicer
         * Mary's Splash Rose <DM>
     * <2 stocks : Cancel + DM>
      - Jump C/D, Stand C (1 hit), charge b + A, f + B, qcf,hcb + A/C 
        Comment: During Mary's Slicer (charge b (2 seg), then f + B/D)
                 and do <DM>...
     * <2 stocks : Cancel + DM> - <3 stocks : Cancel + SDM>
     - Jump C/D, Stand C (1 hit), f + A, DP + B/D, DP + B/D, A, A, f, B, C
        Comment: Is TOO fast...
     * <2 stocks : Cancel + DM> - <3 stocks : Cancel + SDM>
     - qcb+ D (after counter), DP + B/D, DP + B/D,  A, A, f + B, C
        Comment: Similar.
     * <3 stocks : DM + Cancel + DM>
     - Jump C/D, Stand C (1 hit), charge b + A, f + B, qcf,hcb + A/C,
        (before elevating) A, A, f + B, C
        Comment: Amazing, isn't? Mary's Splash Rose (qcf, hcb + A/C),
                 must be cancelled before raising it (starting the blue
                 rings). Like reference, the Mary's Dinamite Swing
                 (A, A, f, B, C) must be completed in the first blue ring.
                 ERRATA: This combo cannot be canceled into <SDM>, because
                         after the cancel you only have 2 stocks, and you
                         only can cancel into Mary's Dinamite Swing DM ver...
     [ Update from April 2002 ]
     * <2 stocks : Cancel + DM> - <3 stocks : Cancel + SDM> 
      - [CRN preferently]
      - Jump C/D, db + B, DP + B/D, DP + B/D, A, A, f + B, C
        Comment: Climbing arrow juggles
     * <1 stock : DM> - <2 stocks : SDM>
      - [Opponent in corner]
      - Jump C/D, stand C (1 hit), f + A (or f + B  for 2 hits), 
         qcf,hcb + A/C, at finish : A, A, f + B (or back for SDM), C
        Comment: WOW! This is amazing too. You can do Mary's Dinamite Swing
                 after Mary's Splash Rose, just do it when tho opponent
                 rebound on the floor.
     [ Update from May 2002 ]
     * <1 stock : DM> - <2 stocks : SDM>
      - [Opponent in corner]
      - Jump C/D, db + B, qcf + A, A, A ,f + B, C
        Comment: Spin fall must be hit the opponent in the air then
                 inmediatly do Mary's Dinamite Swing.
     * <3 stocks : Cancel + DM + DM> - <4 stocks : Cancel + DM + SDM>
      - [Starting in stage middle]
      - Jump C/D, stand C (1 hit), charge b + A , f + B cancel into
         qcf,hcb + A/C, at finish : A, A, f + B (or back for SDM), C
         Comment: This is the more powerful combo with Mary, in fact is a
                  100% combo when you cancel and finishing with <SDM>
     * <1 stock : MD> - <2 stocks : SMD>
      - [CRN]
      - Jump C/D, db + B, qcf + A, A, A, f + B, C
         Comment: The Spin Fall must be hit to the opponent in the air, then
                  inmediatly do the Mary's Dinamite Swing.
     * <1 stock : MD>
      - Jump A, tand A, Dp + B, C
         Comment: When finish the Dp with the joystick to front is completed
                  the command A, A, f + B, C to the Mary's Dinamite Swing
                  in this way you can cancel the Vertical Arrow when you
                  press the C button.
     * < No stocks requiered >
      - Jump C/D, stand C, f + A, qcb + A/C, hcf + B/D
         Comment: Do it VERY fast, you don't have see the qcf + A/C, you
                  only see the hcb + B/D after the f + A
     [ Update from June 2002 ]
     * <1 stock : MD> - <2 stocks : SMD>
      - Only works in Lin, Robert, Kula, Foxy, Zero and Igniz...
      - Jump C/D, stand C, f + A, qcb + A/C, hcf + B/D, A, A, f + B, C
         Comment:  Just execute the Mary's Dinamite Swing rapidly after
                   the Reverse Headlock (hcf + B/D) don't matter where.
     * <1 stock : MD> - <2 stocks : SMD>
      - Works on all, anywhere.
      - qcb + D (after counter), jump D, A, A, f + B, C
         Comment: After connect Mary Headbuster, follow with a jump D,
                  Mary will fall before the opponent then do Mary's 
                  Dinamite Swing
     * <2 stocks : Cancel + DM>
      - [CRN preferently]
      - Jump C, stand C, f + A, DP + B, qcf, hcb + A
         Comment: If you end in the corner you can continue with
                  Mary's Dinamite Swing (<DM> or <SDM>) or you can
                  cancel too.
     [ Update from July 2002 ]
     * <1 stock : MD> - <2 stocks : SMD>
      - Jump C, stand C, f + A, A, A, f + B, C
         Comment: Yeap, this combo don't is new. The secuence must be
                  completed while the botton C is pressed.
     * <1 stock : MD> - <2 stocks : SMD>
      - Jump A, stand A, crouching B, then terminate en Mary's Dinamite
        Swing (A, A, f + B ,C)
         Comment: This is a chain combo with the Mary's Dinamite Swing
                  (A, A, f + B ,C) secuence. Easy with pratice.
     [ The Final Update from September 2002 ]
     * <2 stocks : Cancel + DM> - <3 stocks : Cancel + SDM> 
      - Jump C, stand C, f + A, charge b, f + B, A, A, f/b + B, C
         Comment: None.
     = 5.2 Striker Combos =-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
      The striker aren't the main in KOF 2001 anymore. Some striker moves
     has been changed and Seth as striker is unseful.
     Striker  : Angel
     # Stocks : <3 stocks : St + Cancel + DM>-<4 stocks : St+ Cancel + SDM>
     Combo    :
      - Jump C/D, Stand C (1 hit), charge b + A, f + B, call Angel,
        Jump C/D, Stand C (1 hit), f+A, DP + B/D, DP + B/D, A, A, f, B, C   
    [ - - - - - - - - - - - - 6. Fatal Fury Team End - - - - - - - - - - - -]
      Well, like the opening story, the end is important too. These are
     only where the dialog is different to Fatal Fury end. The rest is
     generic for any edit/original team.
      NOTE : A part of this section was taken of Orochi Yamazaki FAQ
             available in Gamefaqs.
      The image description are into [].
     - > After defeat the last team.
       [The airbone flying] 
      Voice : 'The KOF victors are airborne, as planed'
       [The Fatal Fury team]
      Mary : 'An aerial victory party? What a snazzy flying fortress!'
      Andy : 'But.. why are we alone..?'
      Joe  : 'Wha! Who's that?!'
       [The airbone]
       [A blue lion face]
      Zero : 'I've been waiting for you, King of Fighters' Champions'
       [Appear Zero and his 3 strikers]
      Zero : 'Waiting to see if you're really worthy of your title'
       [Appear Zero in full screen]
      Zero : 'But now, the real me shall see just how mighty you are'
     - > After defeat Zero.
       [Appear Zero's face]
      Zero : 'Impresive., Fatal Furies. I now see why you won KOF so easily'
       [The airbon arrive]
      Zero : 'Well, we have arrived.'
             'My duty ends here'
             'Now.. go to him! Unless you all wish perish with this ship'
       [Foxy and Kula appears]
      Foxy  : 'It looks like things.. are just getting started'
      Voice : 'No. it's the end of the line'
       [Foxy was attacked]
      Foxy : '!!!, Kula!'
       [Angel, then K9999 appears]
      Angel : 'We already have the mightiest fighters, so buzz off, creeps!'
      K9999 : 'Failures like you and K'? Your days are finished!'
       [Kula appear ]
      Kula : 'You'll pay for this. You will pay big for this!'
       [K9999 in the screen ]
      K9999 : 'What can you biological defect hope yo do to by your self?' 
       [All running ]
      Joe  : 'That singed my shorties'
      Andy : 'Now where are we?'
       [In the space]
      Voice : 'Welcome warriors'
      Mary  : 'What?'
      Terry : 'Who are you?'
       [Igniz appears]
      Igniz : 'Igniz, ceo of NEST, and ruler of the new human race'
      Terry : 'NEST's ceo. The ringleader!'
       [The green screnn with the NEST]
      Igniz : 'Krizalid, Kula, K9999 and who can forget? K'...'
              'My dear guinea pigs. Your use for me has ended'
       [The hand on the head...]
      Igniz : 'and your use for NEST too'
              'NEST, this world, humans.. all mean nothing to me now
               from hereon a new god will rule over creation'
      Mary : 'Whah! what! now?!'
       [A shining Igniz ]
      Igniz : 'NEST was but a means for a new god to create a new world'
              'When this satellite descens to earth, a new god shall be born
               With the defeat of you 'Kings of fighters,' I will become
               god. Now secrifice your mighty bodies to the birth of a god!'
     - > After defeat Igniz.
       [Igniz is walking forward slowly, limping.]
      Igniz : 'Urrgh... Is this the end... of lovable Igniz? Why can't the
               people accept me as their new god?'
       [Igniz puts his hands on two column-like panels, activating what 
        seems to be a self-destruct mechanism. The spaceship ignites 
        from the heat. ]
      Andy  : 'What are you thinking?!'
      Igniz : 'If they won't welcome the coming of a new god... then I shall
               become a demon! All will return to nothing!'
      Mary  : 'What's happening?!'
      Andy  : 'He's going to blow us up!'
       [The door closes, shutting out all light.]
      Joe  : 'Don't do it, dolt!'
       [The outside of the spaceship starts to crumble from the intense
        heat. It is heading back towards Earth.]
      Voice : 'Do you believe you can do it?'
      Voice : 'Yes... I do.'
       [The spaceship splashes into an ocean. We see the shadows of the
        Fatal Fury team on a high cliff, overlooking the ocean. ]
      Andy  : 'So, what do you think saved us?'
      Terry : 'I believe Lady Luck saved us. Now, let's return to Southtown.'
       [Next, we see Mary, in her underwear, cleaning up what looks like a
        living room in an apartment. ]
      Mary : 'After that, most things returned back to normal.'
       [A picture of Joe is displayed in a newspaper. ]
      Mary : 'Joe went back home, to help out at a friend's dojo.'
       [Then we see a picture of Andy and Mai, on a date. ]
      Andy : 'Need I tell you?'
       [Mary is getting ready to go out, putting on her lipstick. ]
      Mary : 'And me? I'm busy cleaning up the mess that NESTS caused. But I
              must thank NESTS for giving me my new partner.'
       [Finally, we sees Terry on a motorcycle, with Mary wearing her 8-ball
        jacket, close behind. ]
      Terry : 'C'mon, Mary. Let's go!'
      Mary  : 'OKAY, TERRY!'
    [ - - - - - - - - - 7. BONUS: Blue Mary's Background - - - - - - - - - -]
     This article was taken completly from http://ironmouse.dhs.org/
     dragon/_bluemary.html, thanx to Killah about the link =)
     A native of Southtown, Mary Ryan was raised alone by her father. Mary
     was trained in martial arts, as he in turn had been trained by his
     grandfather, who was also one of the teachers of Southtown's notorious
     crime boss, Geese Howard. However, Mary's father, a fundamentally honest
     man, refused to use his skills for criminal ends. The lawless
     environment and her father's lessons left Mary with a deeply ingrained
     sense of justice. When her father was killed by Geese for his refusal
     to cooperate, she vowed to one day become a police officer to fight
     this sort of corruption.
     Mary succeeded where many others would have failed, and became a
     undercover cop at a very young age. It was during this time where she
     met the first man in her life, Butch. Another undercover operative,
     Butch was her partner on numerous cases, all of which were successfully
     completed. Butch also introduced Mary to the martial art of Commando
     Sambo, which she took to quickly. As they worked together, Mary became
     charmed by his looks and attitude, and before long they were a couple.
     In fact, one day when they were drinking together in a bar, Butch stood
     up, got behind the bar, and made a drink which he named the "Blue Mary".
     Thus, her nickname was established. Their happiness together was not to
     last. Butch was assigned to a very dangerous mission, and he refused to
     let Mary accompany him in spite of her objections. He never returned.
     Weeks later, Butch's green leather jacket was delivered to her, and she
     was told that it was found where Butch had died. To this day, the jacket
     is her most treasured possession. 
     Mary quickly became even more renowned than Butch, developing a
     reputation for completing cases quickly and efficiently. In fact, many
     of her cases took her and her dog, Anton, to the far corners of the
     globe. During one of her missions, she encountered another fighter,
     with long blond hair and wearing a distinctive red cap. The man, Terry
     Bogard, appreciated her toughness and the two became fast friends,
     sharing several adventures together. And if their KoF intro, Terry's
     KoF '97 ending, not to mention both of their endings in Real Bout
     Special are any indication, they've become a lot more than friends. 
     One day, Mary received a tip which told her that the infamous criminal
     Ryuji Yamazaki, with whom she had run-ins in the past, would be entering
     the King of Fighters tournament. Mary decided to enter the tournament,
     and swallowing her distaste teamed up with Yamazaki in order to keep
     an eye on him, as well as his team-mate Billy Kane, who was known to
     work for Geese Howard. Discovering that Yamazaki had Orochi blood, she
     deduced that Kane was there for a similar purpose... to watch Ryuji on
     his boss' behalf. Unfortunately, Yamazaki managed to give her the slip
     before she could follow through on this. Suspicious now, Mary
     investigated the mysterious person who had tipped her off in the first
     place. To her dismay, she found out that he was also in the employ of
     Geese Howard, and that she was being used to help Billy control Yamazaki
     for him! Enraged, she turned her efforts towards the crime boss,
     determined to bring Geese to justice, as well as to catch Yamazaki, one
     of the few criminals who had managed to elude her. She has since
     returned to Southtown.
    [ - - - - - - - - - - - 8. Notes and curiosities - - - - - - - - - - - -]
     - There is a Mexico background!, isn't good, mmmmm........
     - With Angel and Ramon, there are 2 mexicans.
     - The floor in Mexico background was our flag (Mexico), but was a
       missunderstand and was replaced with KOF logo.
     - The 'Real Zero' has 3 strikers and don't has stocks!!!!
     - He has the Zero's moves plus a kind of reflector.
     - Ryo's striker move has been changed (with his hcb+A/C)
     - In the intro, there are Krizalid and Ron (or Roy) portraits.
     - The Battle Points are gone.
     * [ June 2002  ]
      - You can defeat Ryo (com) with only Spin falls + Mary's Spider.
      - Crouching D can avoid many high and medium attacks.
      - You can follow the Hammer Arch (f + A) with any special move
        without stand C first.
      - When Mary's Splash Rose (qcf, hcb + A/C) fails because the opponent
        was blocking, Mary will finish in the contrary side...
    [ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 9. Credits - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -]
     - To Madman Cafe. Thanks for all the information in his web page.
     - A Fernando y Luis Haro con quienes juego KOF desde siempre.
     - A Ivan por lo de el doble DM sin cancelar...
     - To Vastago for his help...
     - To SNK and Eloith, I hope more the next edition........
     - Special thanx to Killah about the link to the Blue Mary's Background.
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