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    Angel by Toxic

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    Anhell User's Guide.
     Unpublished work by Toxic (also know as Toxic Avanger)
      ICQ number: 146473636
      Version 1.2 on 26/01/2003
     - Fixed Beyond the Flames move properties (Hcf + Kick).
     - Fixed Important Symptom move properties (UC Chain, dn + K).
     - Fixed the a little the storyline explanation.
     - Added some combos
     - Added Royalty Test for the Rebel unblockabke bug.
     This guide must be only found in:
       - www.gamefaqs.com
       - http://cheats.de
     + Note that in the current release; this guide will might be of no use
       to an expert or an average player of Anhell; this version will only
       help the begginer player; one that has no knowledge of the character
       what so ever.
     Needless to say; is that Angel (pronunced as Annhell) is a new 
    character of the King of Fighters '2001 game that has been released
    by SNK & Eolith; I found out is actually somewhat difficult to get a
    grip of this gal; thus I have vowed to perform this guide in order to
    help players with some of her basic features, I am far from being an
    expert with her... I have only played with her a couple of times yet
    I kind of learned how did her chain system worked and how some of her 
    moves worked... and I thought that Maxima and Ramon where complicated
    for their age; even so, I have been told that the Chain Circle System
    was 'inspired' on a character of Bloody Roar, can't recall the name
    but it was the one that could transform into a tiger... I haven't played
    that game in eons.
     By all means; Angel/Annhell and the King of Fighters are trademarks 
    from the almighty SNK, now know as SNK NEO GEO; also, all the content
    of this guide is meant for only free and unconditional use; any miss
    usage of the info contained in this guide or in its similars will
    eventually mean the cease of the walking capabilities -by my hand, of 
    course- and/or will bring legal issues upon the conspirator, that 
    has unagreeded these conditions and has used these info for profitable 
    issues or/and used the info without requesting it or without given due 
    credit... Defy these conditions and you will just rub me on the wrong
     By all means imitation is not a way of admiration or praising one's
    efforts, and remember that Avanger is not a word, avenger it is...
    always play with their minds.
    FAQ Leyend:
    b, u, f, d = Back, Up, Foward or Down.
    ub, uf, df, db = Up-Back, Up-Foward, Down-Foward or Down Back.
    A, B, C, D = Weak Punch, Weak Kick, Strong Punch or Strong Kick.
    Qcf, Qcb = Quarter Circle Foward or Quarter Circle Back.
    Hcf, Hcb = Half Circle Foward or Half Circle Back.
    Upc, Rup = Uppercut motion or Reverse Uppercut motion, also know as dp.
    cls = close standing attack.
    far = far standing attack.
    cr = crouching attack.
    Overhead = Attack that must be blocking standing.
    Sweep = Attack that must be blocked low.
    , = means that the move is a follow up from other move.
    ; = means that the moves are different from the prior ones
      * Can't Kick the AoF habit ¬.¬ *
    About This Gal:
     * I do not need to explain the basic features of the game; do I???; if
    I do so you better check any of KoF '2001 movelist at this same page *
    - Profile:
    Fighting style:  Variable ("Whatever", stated by her)
    Birthdate:       March 6
    Age:             19
    Country:         Mexico
    Blood type:      O
    Height:          168 cm
    Weight:          Unknown ("If you write you are done for", stated by her)
    Hobby:           Live concerts
    Favorite food:   Sliced cactus, tequila
    Best sport:      Soccer
    Most important:  Vintage B-3 and Deck Coat P.D series clothing
    Dislikes:        Gambling
    Seiyuu: Miina Tominaga [Patlabor - Noa Izumi]
     Funny thing; Annhell is from Mexico and as far as I know she does not
    speak Spanish on her moves or either on the game itself... Her name
    is pronunced 'Annhell' in order to emulate the Spanish pronunciation
    of the name, so us Spanish speakers don't have to do a thing when we
    pronunce her name, funny thing; huh?
     On the story of the game itself I can say that Angel is very much in 
    love of K9999; or so does it seem, because she is very much supporting
    to K9999, you will see, it is my understanding that K9999 is enraged
    becuase of his looks; he thinks that people misrespect him becuase he
    looks extrange and he is always comparing himself to K' afirming that he
    is better; Angel always come up with phrases like "you are better 
    looking" and "you are stronger"; I rather like to think that is a
    very good friendship, as I don't want to see Angel on those 'No future
    realtionships' that SNK has (Andy - Mai for example, nothing is
    official). Let us remember that Angel work for the organization known
    as NESTS; What does she do, I heard you ask? Considering the kind of
    affairs that NESTS seems to be involved and the fact that Angel 'snap
    your kneck' in one move and 'break your leg' in other I would assume
    that she is a killer working for that organization.
     It does not matter if it is love or frienship; K9999 is always rude and
    impolite to Angel, though he hangs around with her most of the time 
    showing that at his very unconventional way he see her as a friend,
    strangely similar to my behavior; K9999 is selfconceinted and
    selfcentered, selfish and arrogant, bossy and pushy; aside that this
    fellow seems to always have time to speak with Angel... Nice touch,
    not because their are evil it does mean that they can't show positive
    feeligs like friendship or tender care for each other.
     She has special victory quotes over K9999, over K', Maxima & Whip and
    over the Korea Team. I don't know about the special intros, but they seem
    to be just like KoF '2000 Kula's intro; I mean, dialog change and only when
    the characters is starting the match (may be first character or may be
    that the opponent defeated other character and she has reached them), and
    that intro will be agaisnt against K', Maxima, Kyo, Iori, K46; her special
    victory pose suffers from the same desease, it's the same sprite with
    different sprite, done over Kyo, Iori or K'.
    - Moves: Normal Moves.
     + As far as I know, there are only two normal moves that deserve a
    special mention; the others are named by their obvious uselfulness:
     crouching C
       * This will make Annhell perform a swinging punch; this move is a
         little bit similar to Maxima's CD; in the way that is a little
         slow and she will swing her hands covering most of her body; the
         sweet threat is that this move will knock the enemy high up and
         will allow you move attacks while the enemy is on the air.
     jumping C
       * I have only tested with high jumping front; if she can make it 
         with any other kind of jump, I don't know, but this attack will 
         make Annhell perform and elbow; the thing to notice is the this 
         attack will not hit an enemy in front of her; but it is specially
         suited for cross ups; just like Iori's jumping b + B.
     far standing D
       * This kick is Annhell best anti-air; only the most prioritary 
         attacks will knock you out of this.
     far standing C
       * Quick, long range move; really good to annoy people and general
     crouching B
       * If the enemy gets TOO DAMN CLOSE remember that weak attacks are
         faster than strong attacks.
    - Moves: Throws.
    Go Go Futen Girl                          close to opponent, b or f + C
     * Annhell will perform a quick and small chain on the enemy.
    Starlit Field                             close to opponent, b or f + D
     * Annhell will teleport behind the enemy and perform a quick and small
       chain on the victim.
    - Moves: Command Moves.
    Senseless Chatter                          f + B
     * Annhell will perform a two hit kick, nothing special about it as
       far as I know, cancelable on both hits..
    At the Wasteland                           in air, d + D 
     * This woman will attack with her knees while she is on the air; this
       move can be comboed after a jumping A; making two hits on the air;
       and please do note that Angel do the same trick that Iori, Kyo, Mai,
       Athena and others to escape, that is using a back hop (b,b) and then
       this attack (that would be b,b; d+D).
    - Moves: Special Moves.
    Formalist Blue                             df + B
     * Angel will perform a kick that must be blocked low; this move
       may be followed with "Chain Circle Start Moves"; this move is
       quick enough to combo from a C or D; but not as quick to combo
       from a A or B.
    Red Sky of Yaponesia                       Hcb + K
      * Angel will run foward; if the enemy is not blocking she will 
        perform a throw on them; this move can be blocked, has good 
        recovery time, is quick as hell, can hit on the air but it does 
        small damage. I like to use this move to go under my enemy when
        he is jumping.
    Mad  Roulette				   close to opponent, Rup + K
      * Annhell will hold the enemy and then kick them on the air; you may
        attack afterwards; as far as I have noticed, this throw comes out
        a little bit slow, similar to Xiang Fei's Hcb, Fwd + P.
    Repun Kamui                                Qcb + P
      * This move will make this sweety to give a powerful blow on the
        enemy stomach; this move has small range and is a little slow; yet
        it's C version produces "Guard Crush" and can be followed with any 
        of the "Chain Circle Moves", yummy. The C version leave the enemy
        standing and the A version will knock them down; yet the next moves
        have the posibility to hit because the enemy is left vulnerable.
    Beyond the Flames                          Hcf + K
      * This move will force Angel to teleport foward at not so great speed; 
        the thing is that this teleport may be followed with any of the
        "Chain Circle Moves".... Here is how the move works: while Angel
        is running perform and "Chain Circle Moves"; and she will do it 
        while she is running... If you do naught or input to late the "Chain
        Circle Moves" this move will act like Rock's Howard Qcb + D; both of
       these cases happens upon performing the move with the D version.
        Now if you do Hcf + B, then just before she teleports near her 
        opponent do one of the "Chain Circle Moves", as it was said; if done
        with the B version one of two things will happen:
        1. If your opponent blocks... Angel will not teleport behind, but 
           instead hit the opponent with something that looks like a 
           teleport, then she will do the chain circle move that was input;
           this only happens if you use the B version of the move.
        2. If your opponent does not block, Angel will "hit" the opponent 
           with the teleport and will appear behind the opponent, then she 
           will do the chain circle move that was input, as it was said,
           done with B version, I cannot emphatize this one enough.
           * Tricky; Huh??? 
    Moves: "Chain Circle Starters".
     + Note that these moves are available after the df + B *
     Welcome to Rogue                          A or C
       * On this Annhell will perform a quick punch; note that this move 
         does combo after the df + B.
     Citizen of the World                      B or D
       * Using this Annhell will perform an axe kick on the foe; note that
         this move is not quick enough to combo after the df + B; but it
         is an overhead.
     + Note that these moves may be "chained" into any of the "Chain Circle
    Moves: "Chain Circle Moves".
     + Note that these moves are available after any "Chain Circle 
    Starters", the Qcb + P or the Hcf + K or the previous chart.
     + Also do note that all of this moves can be Chained with other moves
    of this section; enlarging the total of hits of the Chain; for example
    you could do:
     A formalist Blue, a Chain circle Starter, a Chain circle move, a Chain
    circle move and a Chain circle move and a Chain circle finisher...
     This is only one example, but it is clear; there are some restrictions
    to these rules, for example you can do:
     Qcb + C, d + C; since the d + C can be Chained into a u + D, chain it;
    the u + D can be Chained into a d + C; but since you used that Chain 
    once it will be unavailable for the time being, thus to use another
    you need to extend the Chain with several other moves... thus even with
    these rules you can build up some long hitting Chains, not only for
    strategical purposes, but to combo as well.
    Bye-bye Rogue                              u + P
       * Annhell will give a quick hook... this move is quick enough to
         combo a funny thing of this move is that after it you can access
         the "Train to see Cherry Blossoms", the "Important Symptom", the
         Buggy and Coffin" moves; but not any of the "Chain Circle 
    Shelter from the Storm                     u + K
       * Angel gives a quick standing kick; this move is quick enough to
         combo; after this move you can access the "Important Symptom"
         and the "With a Lamp for the Pathway", but not any of the "Chain
         Circle Finishers".
    A Train to see Cherry Blossoms             d + P
       * Angel will throw a quick low punch; this move is not only
         quick enough to combo; but it is a sweep, after this move you can
         access the "Shelter from the Storm", "With a Lamp for the Pathway"
         and any of the "Chain Circle Finishers".
    Important Symptom                          d + K
       * Angel hops forward a bit and does a low kick...must be blocked 
         low and doesn't combo, after this move you can access the
         "Buggy and Coffin", the "Bye-bye Rouge" or any of the "Chain Circle
         Finishers"; note that this move can pic up grounded enemies as well
         as air bone enemies.
    Buggy and Coffin                           f + P
       * Annhell will use a standing punch; though this move is not quick
         enough to combo, hits twice and it is an Overhead, after this move
         you can access the moves "Important Symptom", "Shelter from the
         Storm" & any of the "Chain Circle Finishers".
    With a Lamp for the Pathway                f + K 
       * Angel will leap foward with a kick; this move it is not quick
         enough to combo and this move is an overhead; after this move you
         can access the moves "A train to see Cherry Blossoms", the
         "Bye-bye Rouge or any of the "Chain Circle Finishers".
     + Note that these moves may be chained into any of the "Chain Circle
    Finishing Moves".
    Moves: "Chain Circle Finishing Moves".
     + Note that these moves are available after any of the "Chain Circle 
    Moves" (that's the chart bellow these).
    Crown under the Sky                        f,f + P
     * This move will make Annhell send the enemy to the sky; allowing many
       others follow ups; such as Hcb + K; this move is quick enough to
    State of Heathess                          f,f + K
     * This will make Annhell Spin while she gives a tree hit kick; this 
       move is an Overhead, I need to check out this; this move is not 
       quick enough to combo.
    A Full-Moon Evening                        Qcb + P
     * Angel leaps back and does a REALLY big punch... this move hurts if
       it connects; it is kind of slow thus it is not quick enough to
       combo; but the tasty thing is that this move can not be blocked.
    Ride Your Cycle                            Hcf + K
     * Anhell teleports foward and hops on the opponent's back; she snap
       their neck; or so do it seems. A fact to take in consideration is
       that the enemy can avoid this even if the previous hit of the Chain
       successfuly connected; but the most important value for this move
       is that it leaves you behind the enemy.
    Red Sky of Yaponesia                       Hcb + K
     * This is the exact Hcb + K that it you have without a chain.
    A Garden to Play with Ghost                b,d,db + K
     * This will make Annhell grab the enemy with a very stylish throw; I
       have yet to check how this works; if the enemy must block the 
       previous attack; if the enemy must recibe the previous attack but 
       can not escape; of the enemy must recibe the previous attack and has
       the chance to escape... further inquiring is required; the problem 
       is that Annhell will give a "back hop" before using the throw; 
       making it hard to land; yet somewhat effective to run away,
       considerting the special nature of the move I have only managed to
       grab an enemy when Angel is cornered.
    UC Moves restrictions:
     + This section is mainly created by the work of Shinji_Ikari and his
    extensive investigation work; I have noticed that looking at this section
    is a easier way to learn the maximun of possibilities that Angel can do
    while she is performing her "Chain Circle Moves".
     Well; thanks Shinji-Ikari, my hat is rised to you.
    ==> I:
     This rule applies on the "Chain Circle Moves"; and it is only applied
    if you DO want to extend the chains you are performing; in order to
    enhance the posible combinations you can do, the rule itself points:
     " You MAY NOT cancel a punch move with another punch move or cancel
    a kick move with another kick move; you MUST cancel a punch move with
    a kick move and vice-versa"
    ==> II:
     Also applied to the "Chain Circle Moves", it's consist on:
       You can't input a Chain Circle Finisher after a Chain Circle Move 
    that needs to press 'up', like the Bye-bye Rogue (u + P) or Shelter 
    From The Storm (u + K). 
     You'll need to use at least another Chain Circle Move to have the 
    possibility to use a Chain Circle Finisher. Although, you can use a 
    Chain Circle Finisher right after all the others Chain Circle Moves 
    (except those with the 'up' motion, as mentioned) that are: d + P, 
    d + K, f + P or f + K.
    ==> Concluding:
       You can cancel an 'up' Chain Circle Move into a 'f' or 'd' Chain 
    Circle Move; yet, a 'f' into a 'd' or 'up'; still, a 'd' into a 'f' 
    or 'up' Chain Circle Move. If you use u + K, you can do f + P or 
    d + P; so, if you choose to do f + P, after you can do d + K. Then, 
    you can repeat this proccess to add more hits and confuse the enemy 
    with the 'high-low game', but the next motion (in this exemple) must 
    be an u + P, followed by f + K, followed by d + P!!!
     Now you can notice all the variations you can get mixing the 
    commands (but respecting the rules you already learned). This 
    results in a max of 48 different combinations (excluding the 
    Chain Circle Finishers you can chose):
    CCM = Chain Circle Move
    *** 12 of them are started with the Repun Kamui (qcb + P): 
           - 6 if followed with a 'P' CCM
           - 6 if followed with a 'K' CCM
    *** 12 of them are started with the Beyond The Flames (hcf + K): 
           - 6 if followed with a 'P' CCM
           - 6 if followed with a 'K' CCM
    *** 24 of them are started with the Formalist Blue (df + K):
           * 12 if you follow with Welcome to Rogue (P):
                - 6 following with a 'P' CCM
                - 6 following with a 'K' CCM
           * 12 if you follow with Citizen of the World (K):
                - 6 following with a 'P' CCM
                - 6 following with a 'K' CCM
    This is indeed; an art that craves to be mastered; but as the result
    you can make this character very much unpredictable and mostly; FUN
    to play; just yesterday I was laughing at the frustation face of my
    foes when they didn't knew what the heck was going on. BWA JA JA JA
    (Spanish laugh).
    Moves: Desperation Moves.
    The Unidentified Victim Consciousness      b, Upc + K
      * This DM is a counter attack; as far as I know; it will react 
        differently if it caught an air attack or an standing attack.
        - Standing attack: Anhell will perform a quick chain that will end
          up with the enemy on the air ready to recibe more attacks, if
          you conuter an attack at it's maximum range chances are that
          the enemy has chances to block the chain.
        - Air attack: Anhell will give tree powerful attacks on the 
          helpless victim... It is odd; but the last attack can miss.
    Royalty Test for the Rebel                b, Upc + P
      * This move is a "Chain Circle Finishing Move"; so it must be 
        performed after any "Chain Circle Moves"...  this attack can be 
        blocked and is can be described as a "Ryuuko Ranbu"; and that, 
        if you do not know; is Ryo Sakazaki Multi hitting DM... Obviously; 
        this move is quick enough to combo from a successful hit of any
        "Chain Circle Moves".
    Moves: MAX Desperation Moves.
    Royalty Test for the Rebel                b, Upc + A + C
      * Same as the previous one; this move is a "Chain Circle Finishing 
        Move"; so it must be performed after any "Chain Circle Moves"... 
        this is only a powered up version of the normal one, it is also 
        quick enough to combo; otherwise it would not have any practical
    Moves: Striker Action.
      * Annhell will perform Beyond the Flames; but she will not follow up
        with any of the chain circle follow ups; I mean, when she "hit" she
        will go behind the enemy leaving them open for attacks; but she 
        will not cause any damage.
    Simple combos:
     + Of course; most combos may be started from a jumping attack; or even 
       better; from her C cross up.
     ++ Note that in most of her Chain based combos you may use different
        attack; that is why I have given the work of listing what can combo
        or how must be blocked.
     - cr B; cr A; Rup + D; far C.
        * I have done it one bloody time; needs short distance + lightning
     - cls C; f + B; Hcb + D.
     - cls C; df + D, C, d + C, ff + C; Hcb + D.
     - cls D, df + B, A, u + B, d + A, b, Upc + A.
        * b, Upc + A may be either normal or MAX version.
     - cls C; fwd + B (1 hit); df + D, C, u + A, d + C, ff + C; cls D.
     - cr C; [df + B], B, d + B, b, Upc + C.
     - cls C; fwd + B (1 hit); df + B, C, u + D, d + A, ff + C; CD;
       [Qcb + A], d + D; b, Upc + A.
        * b, Upc may be either normal or MAX version; I am not sure if
          the enemy can roll recover to avoid the combo.
     - cls D, df + B, A, u + B, d + A, f + B, u + A, d + B, f + A, Qcb + P
        * This combo is to catch the enemy off of their guard; because of
          the high-low game involved in this.
     + Striker King
     - cls D; fwd + B (1 hit); df + D, C, u + D, call King, d + C; King hits;
       Qcb + C; CD; [Qcb + C], d + D; b, Upc + C.
        * The CD hits and the Qcb + C is canceled in the d + K; that must
          leave the enemy standing.
           Thanks to Time Mage of the MMcafe for this one; though the combo
           he originally posted was longer *can't do it* >_<
     + Striker Vanessa, Ralf & Ryo
     - cls C; fwd + B (1 hit); df + B, A, u + B, d + C, call Vanessa, fwd + B,
       call Ryo, u + C, call Ralf; Ryo hits, d + B; Ralf hit; [Qcb + A],
       d + B, b, Upc + C.
        * Thanks to Chupiler for this one; though it is untested, I can tell
          it is a very long chain of the Chain Circle Moves aided by the
     + Striker Iori, Vanessa & Andy
     - cls D, fwd + B (1 hit), call Andy; df + B; §; cls D; fwd + B (1 hit);
       df + B, up + B, dn + A, call Vanessa; fwd, fwd + A; §; cls D, call Iori;
       [Qcb + A], dn + B; fwd, fwd + C; §; cls D; df + B, up + B, dn + C,
       bk, Upc + A.
        * I advise putting Andy foward & Vanessa on the middle (thus, Iori is
          back); to call Andy press fwd + BC; to call Vanessa press dn + BC
          during the Chain Circle; to call Iori input Qcb + BC, the enemy
          can't recover from this one.
    Corner only:
     - cls D, df + B, A, u + B, d + A, ff + A, Enemy on the air, then
       Qcb + p, quickly cancel into u + A, f + B, ff + A...
       you may repeat from this.
         * Rei4eva: A semi infinite combo....hard to do...only been able to
                    repeat the combo 3 times.
     - cr C, [df + B], B, Fwd + A, dn + B; Bk, Upc + A. 
           The Desperation move may be either normal or MAX version.
     + Notes on Chains: some moves are not quick enough to combo from the
       previous one; but that does not mean that the chain must stop there;
       for example if you use:
       - df + B, B, d + C, ff + C... you can be hit between the df + B 
         and the following B; but if that B connect the rest of the chain
         will connect too; that is the key of the high/low game.
     Well, the most known one is that Angel is vulnerable to many infinites
    mainly if you are on the corner. For example if you jump towards a Daimon
    you are done; you will suffer from an infinite (df + C, Qcb + B infinte)
    same with many others.
     Other well known bug is the "back hope escape", performed by doing a back
    hop (b, b) and then doing the d + k.
     Other bug that is from benefict to us is the unblockable DM/SDM, here is how
    it is done:
     First knock down the enemy leaving them open (with either striker or the
    b,d,db + kick throw).
     After that immediatly perform the Hcf + B and follow it up with a f + A; then
    do a d + B and cancel it on the DM/SDM (b,f,d,df + Punch) and the DM will be
    unblockable. But that will work only if the enemy didn't use a roll recover.
     And this is it.
     If you happen to be playing 2002' you can see that the bug still works, and
    aside that you can do a more dangerous version of the bug, a version that can
    catch enemies that roll recover, here is how it's done:
     First of all, use the same formula (b,d,db + kick throw and then Hcf + B); but
    in this time you will use a different set of chains:
     Use f + B, f +BCD and then the DM, it will be unblockable but the enemy has some
    time to escape, but note that he can't hit you since the jump is invincible.
     A second better option would be: u + B, f + BCD and then the DM. That will be
    the inblockable DM and less to none time for the enemy.
     KoF '2001 is sweet, and this is a very good and complicated character
    to play with; I did have a lot of fun... mainly because the guys over
    there did not know how the chains worked or where blocked... so that
    means this character will be a pain to someone that does not know her
     Remember that the time where old characters like Iori or Goro where
    invincible are long gone along '98; characters like Maxima, Ramon. Whip
    and MOSTLY Angel can leave a very mean quantity of "bodies"... just
    takes a little of practice.
     Do not be discouraged by the fact that Angel may be suceptible to some
    infinites combos; with practice you will Understand that Angel is one of
    the most complete characters on the game and is tough as hell, not even
    the legendary ninja with "the sailor moon slap", Lin has a sweet time
    with a skilled Angel player; but she needs a little of understanding,
    and that is what this guide is pursuing.
     KoF is looking more as AoF 3 as time passes and that's a good thing.
    What's Needed:
     Character Dialogs, by the way; Angel has 3 victory poses; but the only
    difference is the dialog (puaj) the special ones are over K', Iori & 
     Moves that lack: I am sure that I may lack some Annhell moves...
     More complicated and complete combos... I will try to do this myself; 
    but since from my city to KoF '2001 there is a long travel that I may 
    not afford that oftenly and easily; so I would not mind help from 
    contributions from the fans (lol).
     Of course, money, words, jokes, viruses, ASCII, contributions or 
    ANYTHING may be sent to:
     ... Adress that was stated at the begginning of the FAQ.
    Beethoven, Verdi and The Pillows:
      These guys get me inspired.
    Juan and Juna:
      One is my friend; the other one is my creation.
      Most of the combos; descriptions that where lacking, notes on the 
      moves; A LOT of them; THANKS A LOT!
      For his EXTENSIVE research on the possible restrictions that the UC
      chains have... I did knew that they existed yet I was not willing to
      research about them  ;p. He also corrected some serious mistakes I 
      did have on the previous version.
    Orochi K:
      For autorizing me to use the move names and the profile from his 
      KoF '2001 FAQ, thanks a lot!
    Chupiler & Time Mage:
     Those persons aren't related in any way -except that they both posted
     combos for Angel on the MMcafe board-; combos that are now being used
     for the benefict of the world. Thanks for they unvoluntary help.
    Dawson Mamaria:
     Credit for accidentally discovering how the Hcf + K does work in my
    presence, it seems that you worth the oxigen you spent.
    Mad Man's Cafe:
      For accepting me as I am, a raving loony.
    Kao Megura:
      Well; he is in every FAQ that I have read... I could not break the 
      tradition... inspiration issues of course.
    Galen Komatsu:
      This guy is acurrated; so I must follow his example.
    And all the people that has ever speaked to me:
      Remember: Never Argue with a Psycho.
     "Hey!! You are not up to Dodge Ball!!"

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