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    Kensou by Basel

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    Sie Kensou
    -Wrote in 2/4/2002-
    A word before we go on:
    People sometimes misunderstand Kensou because he is one of the characters that
    do not to be balanced or have good personality, but in fact in gameplay... he
    is one of the few characters that you really enjoy using. Give the kid sometime
    and surely, you will really like him.
    What's so good about him?
    Actually, other than the gameplay... nothing. I hate his friendship with Athena
    and his silly personality, but I so like to use him because he has some good
    moves and normal attacks.
    Move List:
    Ryuurenga Chiryuu
    Ryuurenga Tenryuu
    Ryuugakusai (cancel move)
    Ryuusou Geki
    Senkyuu Tai
    Shinryuu Seioh Rekkyaku
    Shinryuu Tenbu Kyaku
    Senki Hakkei
    Special Normal Attacks
    Kobobute: Forward A
    Gosentai: Forward B
    Here is the normal attacks that can be connected to special moves, DM or SDM:
    1)Crouch light punch
    2)Crouch hard punch
    3)Crouch hard kick
    4)Stand hard punch
    5)Distance stand hard punch
    6)Stand hard kick
    7)Stand light kick
    8)stand light punch
    9)Distance stand light punch
    10)stand CD
    Here is the normal attacks that cannot be connected to special moves, DM or
    1)Distance stand light kick
    2)Distance stand hard kick
    3)Crouch light kick
    Air attacks that can be connected to Ryuusou Geki:
    1)Light kick
    2)Light punch
    Air attacks that cannot be connected to Ryuusou Geki:
    1)Upforward light kick
    2)Hard Kick
    3)Hard punch
    What about the striker system?
    Screw it... I do not use it AT ALL. And yes, I am doing GREAT without it. I
    never believed in it anyway.
    Strategy and some detail information about how to use his Normal Attacks,
    Special Moves, DMs and SDMs perfectly good:
    Kensou is so damn strong, even stronger than 95... I never thought of seeing
    him thrashing Iori easily like that in my life! Okay, step by step!
    Kensou is now completely different than he was in both 99 and 2000. Still, the
    only good purpose about his Choukyuudan move is to confuse your opponent! I
    noticed that his Kobobute is now faster than before, so you can do it freely
    whenever you want to confuse your opponent. I did not try to combo it.
    His standing light punch, kick, and strong kick (not close) are still
    powerful... I mean it is good to corner your opponent with these normal attacks
    and just change your ways in attacking. For example, use his standing light
    punch, kick, crouching light kick... follow by crouching strong kick, then
    Choukyuudan or hey, use his Gosentai and then continue with the same method,
    once your opponent jumps... do his Ryuugakusai... woow three hits can really do
    something to you. This move is better than Ryuurenga Tenryuu... because
    Ryuurenga Tenryuu can be hit by so many air attacks. So if you are looking for
    something useful, use his Ryuugakusai.
    If you feel that you are making a distance between you and your opponent, fast,
    do his Gosentai as I said before then DON'T block after that move, just proceed
    with his normal attacks... there is no way the opponent can have any chance to
    attack you after you do Kensou's Gosentai... you have the chance to control the
    match with it...
    As for his air attacks and CDs, his standing CD is good but only if you cancel
    it with a Choukyuudan. For sure, to confuse your opponent, you can always do
    (even if you don't hit the opponent) standing strong punch or kick and cancel
    it then with a Choukyuudan. Or standing CD or "even" standing C (I am taking
    about NOT hitting the opponent with his normal attacks)... always cancel them
    to a Choukyuudan to confuse your opponent (what is so special than confusing
    your opponent!). However, his Ryuusou Geki is not so useful, so if you want to
    do it... only do it when Iori does his DM... Iori's DM cannot be hit with
    Kensou's air attacks, so Ryuusou Geki will only slow down Kensou to fall down
    for Iori's DM. So Iori will not hit you and neither you will do! Do the move
    when you jump a long jump! Because the small one will only give your sorry @$$
    to Iori! And when you see Iori's DM do it, do not ever GUESS what he will do!
    It is easy I think since the DMs and SDMs stop the whole screen from moving.
    So, if you want good air attacks, always do his strong punch, kick, light kick
    (good if from a distance), and CD only when you jump a long jump, because it
    will not hit your opponent when he is higher than your character. But why not
    do it when you play fast! See! It is only a matter of the type of your
    gameplay! When the opponent does AB (rolling), for your own good do not think
    of far thoughts other than throwing him\her or strong kick, or punch then
    Ryuurenga Chiryuu or Senki Hakkei! You know, the more you make it simple, the
    better it will be! If you like his DMs, do his Shinryuu Seioh Rekkyaku... I do
    not use Shinryuu Tenbu Kyaku at all because he misses the opponent by mistake
    sometimes... I do not know if it is some sort of a glitch or something like
    Only remember one thing, your opponent can roll backward when you do Kensou's
    SDM, Senki Hakkei. So be careful, combo it, or do it when the opponent does the
    How to play against Iori Yagami
    As far as I can see, Kensou takes complete advantage over Iori. His light kick
    and punch can cancel all Iori's normal attacks. Even his DM. And yes, you can
    do Choukyuudan freely with him, because Iori's true fan will never think of
    doing his DM (anyone does it is completely stupid!), he will never go under
    Kensou's Choukyuudan and hit him... so it cannot be dodged! At least, that is
    what I discovered so far. So try it and tell me if I have mistaken! Also,
    Iori's air attacks are nothing but a complete waste. Whenever he jumps from a
    distance, always do crouch strong kick! But if not from a distance, you can do
    crouch strong kick with only his both light kick and punch... and strong kick!
    But always remember that he can hit you with his strong punch or CD by luck
    sometimes. After all, you have two eyes right?! So use your head, be smart and
    focus... if Iori jumps strong kick or other attacks, do crouch strong kick, and
    if he jumps strong punch, then simply block! Or if you can think fast, do
    Ryuugakusai. Most of the people in here are afraid to face Kensou with Iori
    because of that. But always watch yourself carefully. Because Iori's
    combinations are a pain in the @$$... they hurt so much. The guys will mostly
    wait or turtle to do so! Do not bother yourself with the Kensou's air attacks,
    you do not need to jump with Iori at all. Iori will poorly try to fireball you,
    so, either roll or jump! Yeah, why not jump and give him a very harm
    combination?! But that is only when he over uses his fireball at you. By the
    way, you have to be so close to him to kick him out with your attacks! So he
    will never have that uselss chace to do any fireball. But if you cannot think
    fast, only roll or do upforward jump! For your own good information, Iori can
    play good when it comes to air attaks. So, for the last time, DON'T JUMP (you
    do not have to).
    How to play against Ramon
    Ramon unfortunately is nothing compared to Kensou. I do not want to sound
    sarcastic, but that is the truth. I know some guys in here use him daily,
    because he is hard to use and still they can do nothing to me. They cannot even
    come near Kensou! Ramon does not have any decent anti-air special move, DM, SDM
    or even normal attack! That is completely his weakpoint, you can jump as long
    as you like. Also he is not good in air attacks, his only good air attack is
    his CD! But you can always break it out with Kensou air light kick, it comes
    out so fast and that is good for him. You can always use your stand light
    punch, kick or CD to make him defend, he will not have any chance to do
    anything, any Ramon good player would only use his crouch light punch from a
    distance. Nothing else will ever work on Kensou, so, a Ramon player will depend
    on your mistakes! And if he is kind of stupid, he will do the boring usual
    tactic for Ramon, I mean stand light kick, stand hard punch, Feint Step + A,
    run forward and repeat the same thing with you just to confuse you (not a
    combination at all), so you can only use your normal attacks to make him not be
    able to do anything. If he jumps, simply do your Ryuugakusai. This is a very
    good anti-air for any attack that comes from him! The last thing I heard when I
    beat a Ramon fan was: "F#$&ing useless"!
    How to play Against Clark
    Yes, Clark is giving most of Kensou's fans a very hard time because his Super
    Argentina Back Breaker is now so damaging, and he recovers from it (if he
    misses) fast. I am sorry to say this but in this match, you have to use
    Kensou's move Choukyuudan only from time to time, I mean only when Clark falls
    on the ground, or from a distance! And if not at all, then it would be better
    for you. Do not bother to cancel your normal attacks to Choukyuudan, and in
    return you see Clark jumping or doing AB to grab you! Yes, sometimes if you do
    crouch hard kick from a distance then Choukyuudan even if Clark ABs, you will
    recover from that move fast and you can grab him, do any combo or jump. But
    when you play you will miss somethings, so go for something safe! Always and
    ALWAYS depend on your stand normal attacks except distance hard punch, and do
    not forget to do his crouch light punch as a very good start for your attacks.
    If you are good, then whenever you catch him with your first crouch light
    punch, proceed with another one then stand light punch then stand light kick,
    this combo will make any Clark good player feels angry and just tries to do
    anything to grab you! If he jumps, do Ryuugakusai... it is better than
    anything. And he can beat your Ryuugakusai, if he does air CD from a distance
    so just defend or do crouch hard kick. And you can do Kensou's Senkyuu Tai as a
    good replacement to Choukyuudan. If by any chance you did this move in the
    right time, just jump CD... not Shinryuu Tenbu Kyaku! Because Kensou misses a
    LOT his opponent sometimes, so if you do his Senkyuu Tai in the corner then you
    can do his DM Shinryuu Tenbu Kyaku, he will not miss the opponent for sure.
    Also when you can use his Kobobute to confuse him, so when he falls, either do
    his crouch hard kick or Kobobute to confuse him. but not everytime or he will
    get your tricks easily! If you are far from him, do his Gosentai, but do not do
    it when you are near him because if he blocks then he will grab you! And if he
    jumps and does CD (not to kick you with it but to make you block), just block
    and do not move your hand from blocking because he will try to grab you... many
    guys do this, so when he misses fast do stand hard kick then Ryuurenga Chiryuu.
    All you need to do is to push the right button for every attack fast and focus
    your mind on wha you are doing! You can break out his crouch hard punch easily
    with your crouch light kick or punch (many guys depend on it). When you corner
    him and happen to do cround hard kick to make him falls, he will try to do AB
    to not fall, so do Kensou's SDM fast Senki Hakkei... he will not be able to AB
    forward, because this SDM can only be dodged by A backward, when he is
    cornered, he can do nothing but to eat the whole sh!t!But unfortunately most of
    the guys know this so they will just accept to fall down on the ground. Only be
    not so close or far from him, to not grab you or give him the chance to play
    How to play against Goro
    you can take some things from Clark and Iori to play against Goro... Goro is
    just great to make you stad still on the ground, but he is bad if he happens to
    play with you on the ground, so he will most of the time depend on his powerful
    air attacks, so you either defend or do Kensou's great move Gosentai (against
    most of the players except Clark). This works also on Maxima, Chang and some
    other charaters as well.
    At the end:
    Hope I was some kind of help for you. Always remember that Kensou does not have
    to play cheap or turtle to win, because he can win easily with his own skills!
    Do not misunderstand your opponent or you will be doomed. Good luck!
    The King of Fighters'2001 is Copyright SNK/Eolith Corporation and
    SNK/Eolith Corp. of America. This document Copyright 2000 Basel
    If you need to contact me to add or ask me about anything, E-Mail me at
    Mr_Basel@yahoo.com or Mr_Geese@hotmail.com
    Credits for GameFAQs, SNK Corp and Eolith company.
    Special Thanks To:
    1)SNK for this great game
    2)Eolith for keeping this game alive (I am still mad about the idiotic Striker
    System idea)
    3)All SNK fans, because without them... I would not bother to write anything.
    Lastly, do not stick with the rules a lot... Screw The Rules!

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