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    FAQ/Move List by Wally Domey

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    Complete Faq (Final Release)
    Rage of the Dragons Faq, Version 1.4
    (c) 2003, Wally Domey (ouelletdom_n75.hotmail.com).  All rights
    This document is Copyright 2003, Wally Domey and is protected by US
    Copyright Law, and the Berne Copyright Convention of 1976.  You may not
    use this for profitable purposes. Any reproduction of this document
    without my permission is illegal and strictly prohibited.  Do not post
    this FAQ without my permission.  This is my work, not yours.
    Rage of the Dragons and all related characters (c) 1987-1988-1989-1990-
    2002, Technos, Noise Factory, Evoga, Playmore.
    1) Revision History
    2) Introduction
    3) Story
      3.1) The Legend of the Dragons
      3.2) Background Story
      3.3) Rage of the Dragons
    4) Basic Controls
    5) Characters Moves List
      5.1) Billy
      5.2) Lynn
      5.3) Oni
      5.4) Cassandra
      5.5) Pupa
      5.6) Pepe
      5.7) Mr. Jones
      5.8) Kang
      5.9) Radel
      5.10) Annie
      5.11) Alice
      5.12) Elias
      5.13) Jimmy
      5.14) Sonia
    6) Bosses
      6.1) Abubo
      6.2) Johann
    7) Combos List
      7.1) Individual Combos
      7.2) Special Teams Combos
      7.3) Edit Teams Combos
    8) Endings
      8.1) Edit Teams
      8.2) Billy & Lynn
      8.3) Oni & Cassandra
      8.4) Pupa & Pepe
      8.5) Mr.Jones & Kang
      8.6) Radel & Annie
      8.7) Alice & Elias
      8.8) Jimmy & Sonia
      8.9) Abubo
      8.10) Extra Ending
    9) Author Notes
    10) Credits
      Version 1.4 (2003/03/22)
    a) I make some little modifications about the endings and the combos.
      Version 1.3 (2002/12/16)
    a) Major update!  In fact, I revamped my faq a lot and I think this is
       probably the final version.
    b) I make some corrections about the profiles of some characters.
    c) I change the names and motion for some special moves of different
    d) I add the Overhead Elbow and Uppercut Finish to Jimmy's moves list.
       Look at Jimmy's own character moves list for details.  Thanks a lot to
       Serpent Snake for the infos.
    e) I add the complete moves list of the final boss Johann and some infos
       about him.  Look at Johann's own character moves list for details.
       Thanks a lot to Muhammad Ali for all the infos.
    f) I add some combos for all the characters and some teams.  Look at the
       combos list for details.  Thanks a lot to Hayato Kanzaki, K'BRON, Terry
       Bogard, Bhai, Yashiro!!! and FRK for their precious help with this.
    g) Finally, I put in this faq the endings for all the teams.  Look at
       ending section for details.  Thanks again to FRK for his help.
      Version 1.2 (2002/08/12)
    a) I make some modification about the Super Special Move (look at the
       Basic Controls section).  I found you can have access to two levels of
       power when you're doing a Super Special attack.
    b) You can make an alternate version of Cassandra's White Wave Super but
       directly on the ground.  Look at Cassandra's own character moves list
       for more details.  Thanks a lot to Kuang Liew for this great piece of
    c) I found some infos about Abubo (not Abobo).  Look at Abubo own
       character moves list for more details.  Thanks to
       Playmore(www.playmore.co.jp) for the new things about this mid-boss.
      Version 1.1 (2002/08/01)
    After having played many times, and writing a faq for some times now, I
    am ready to give it to the public.   My major issues in this faq are
    about the backgrounds of the characters, the controls, and the moves
    names and their respective joystick motions.  Any help on these will be
    greatly appreciated.
    Rage of the Dragons it's a Tag Team fighting game (2 VS 2) developed by
    Noise Factory and distributed by Evoga.  The victory goes to the first
    team able to defeat the 2 other fighters.  The game features 14 playable
    characters and 2 bosses.
    I'm writing this because I don't find any faq about this game until
    today, and I think this game deserve it because it's a very good one.
    The fighting engine is great and the graphics are good (a little under
    Mark of the Wolves standard). The animation it's sometimes choppy, but
    real good in general.  The backgrounds and the musics are OK.
    There probably a few mistakes about the names and the background of the
    characters; the controls; the names and the motion of the special moves,
    but I'm still working on it.  Sadly, the Rage of the Dragons machine in
    my local arcade it's already gone.  So, if I don't find another arcade
    with the game, I will probably buy the NeoGeo cartridge to complete this
    faq when it's come out.
    3) STORY
    3.1) The Legend of the Dragons
    The art of the dragons it's a very unique art among the rest because it
    practices the worship of the dragons, ancient creatures that once roar
    on the earth.  This mythical art can transform the human energy into
    power for good or evil depending of which dragon the user decides to
    The cult comes from all parts of the world, and in many ancient cultures
    it was used.  However, there are different ways to learn the abilities
    of the dragons.  The power of the dragons gives to the user the power
    over many elements among other powers.  But the resonance among the
    different dragons provokes the user to look for the challenge of other
    dragons.  Those who pay respect to the legends will fight for honor. But
    those blinded by ambition and power will destroy the adversaries to gain
    more power from the defeated dragon.
    The dragons have been in many different ways and in very different
    persons along the history.  They have decided some important parts of
    mankind during many centuries.  Sometimes, evil dragons raise to gain
    power to become superior over other dragons and rules.  Unavoidably, the
    dragons must clash to balance the power and keep peace.
    The humans are conducts to the dragons energy, and can live in harmony
    or be consumed by the power of the dragons.  Those that had summoned a
    dragon are also mark to be in constant confrontation with the rest of
    the dragons and to feel the resonance of the spirits.  Only those who
    train can control the full power of the dragons.  Those who don't will
    live in a constant confusion because they don't know how to deal with
    this kind of power.
    3.2) Background Story
    Sunshine City is ruined.  Decadent and corrupted, the city is a no man's
    land ruled by the law of the strongest.  The police and the national
    army are not able to stop the violence wave along with the corruption in
    the government and others authorities that make the situation worse.
    Among the chaotic situation exist a strong group that practice the
    religious worship to the BLACK DRAGON.  This group is quite recent but
    has gain a lot of young followers with their faith lost in life and in a
    world in economic recession and severe climatic crisis.  The leader of
    this sect is a young and powerful heir with a sumptuous mansion set in
    one island close to the Sunshine Bay.  From their, this young man
    controls the city in totality and the fates of many people.
    This man has been possessed by the evil spirit of the BLACK DRAGON, an
    ancient spirit confined in a sacred stone and it was awaken by this
    powerful man.  Long ago, he was a martial student, tenacious and strong
    but also too ambitious.  Because of this, he was expulsed from the dojo
    where he was learning the ways of the dragons along with the SHO SETZU
    KEN art.  Because of this, he promises that his old master will be trash
    for rejecting him.  So, he steal one of the old seals that kept the
    BLACK DRAGON spirit.  His anger and hate feed the BLACK DRAGON spirit
    and took possession of him and became a powerful leader.  With his
    power, his cult grow quickly and overpowered the Sunshine City
    authorities, and now, its expanding through the country.  This has
    happen in humanity several times, and now, it will happen again.
    This sect will overwhelm in a way or another the life of many people in
    Sunshine City.  The sect has grow more and more ruthless.  So this time,
    when two brothers feel the need for confrontation, that flows from the
    BLACK DRAGON energy.  The dragons have the destiny to fight each other
    and they can't escape from it.  The confrontation is set!  The dragons
    are summonded!  This is the...
    3.3) Rage of the Dragons
    Old master of the SHO SETZU KEN and guardian of some of the Dragon
    Spirits have travel long time ago and stay in Sunshine City when it was
    a blooming community in development.  From there, he will look to
    fulfill his mission, and the task of guardian of the dragon symbols is
    to keep alive the ancient art of the SHO SETZU KEN, but he will commit a
    Knowing the power of the dragons and feared to not find nobody capable
    of keeping the seals, he took the decision of inserting the spirit of
    the dragons in his most noble students.
    He found two brothers with the natural spirit of the dragon born with
    them, something very unusual.  This young blood came from Jimmy and
    Billy Lewis.  This brother were from a violent family that make big
    brother Jimmy to escape from it with his younger brother and they were
    welcome by Master Lee.  He felt the energy that marks those who can
    achieve the enlightment of the dragon, so he started the training of
    both brothers on different worships.  Jimmy started the training on the
    RED DRAGON, while Billy did the same with the BLUE DRAGON.  But a
    tragedy and a dispute between both brothers after Marian's death, the
    girlfriend of Jimmy, make them to split and leave the training.
    The old master knew that this could be dangerous because they did not
    achieve enough discipline to control the dragons power that lives inside
    them.  After the confrontation, both brothers took different ways in a
    self quest to find more about the dragons and how to control the power
    that lives inside them and grows each time more and more.
    Knowing that his days where count, the master decide to give to his
    grandaughter, Lynn Baker, the WHITE DRAGON seal and train her in this
    art to have a successor.  But he did not expected that an old student
    returned to show how powerful he became with the BLACK DRAGON spirit.
    So he confronted his old master, but because of his elderly age, the old
    man died before the fight.  After he left the dojo, Lynn returned to the
    site after she escaped from the training.  She felt the fall of a dragon
    and the rising power of a new one.  This energy was felt also to by the
    brothers who decide to return to the city, each one by their own side to
    know what is going on, while the power of the BLACK DRAGON keeps growing
    more and more powerful.
    Up :	Up			QCF :	Quarter Circle Forward
    Uf : 	Up-Forward		QCB : Quarter Circle Back
    Fd :	Forward		HCF : Half Circle Forward
    Df :  Down-Forward	HCB : Half Circle Back
    Dn :	Down			DP : 	Fd,Dn,Df (Dragon Punch Motion)
    Db :	Down-Back
    Bk :	Back
    Ub :	Up-Back
    Buttons A-B-C-D : Weak Punch - Weak Kick - Strong Punch - Strong Kick
    Swift Escape :		Press AB
    Escape Roll :		Fd or Bk + AB
    Tag Partner :		Press BC
    Counter Attack :		Back + CD (before the opponent hits you)
    First Impact :		Press CD
    Team Duplex :		QCF+BC
    Dash :			Forward, Forward
    Retreat :			Back, Back
    Taunt :			Press Start
    Surrender :			Press ABCD
    You can accumulate three Power Stocks and you keeps it when you tag your
    partner.  With this Power Stocks, you can do Super Special Moves and
    Duplex Combos.  The Special Meter fill up very quickly when you're using
    Special Moves, and when you hit the opponents or when they hit you.
    The Partner Meter fill up automatically, and when it's full, you can tag
    your partner or you can use a Team Duplex.  When you're tagging your
    partner, he comes out running and he hits the opponent.  You can also
    use this in combos.
    After pressing CD, the opponent fly into the air and you can do a
    special combo (in the air).  Each fighters has specific combo,
    consisting of a series of different buttons press (indicated at the
    bottom of the screen). Other combos are also usable when your opponent
    is near the edge of the screen.
    By doing QCF + BC, you can do a Duplex Combo (used two Power Stocks of
    the Special Meter).  To do this kind of attack, your two partners should
    have energy life and the Partner Meter must be full.  It's like a Team
    Super Special Move.  Your character will ram the opponent.  If you hit
    the target, your character will do a combo and your partner will come
    out.  You can even do a second Duplex Combo with your new character
    before the opponent falls down.  Timing is the key.
    Note : If you fight with your Special Partner, the Team Duplex will be
    different and exclusive for the team, comparatively to a Team Duplex
    with any other partner.
    Each character has one Super Special Move, but you have access to two
    different levels of power.  If you make the move with WP or WK, this
    will use one Power Stock of the Special Meter.  But if you make it with
    SP or SK, the attack will be more powerful and it will use two Power
    Stocks of the Special Meter. This attacks are very devastating (similar
    to the Desperation Moves and Super Desperation Moves in King of
    Like KOF 2001, some sort of Wire Attack exist in this game : the Spring
    Attack.  However, the opponent don't bounce back at you.  In fact, he
    stucks on the wall a few seconds and falls down.  After several Spring
    Attacks, the wall will disappear and the background comes taller (like
    Real Bout).
    One of your character can surrender during a fight.  This technique has
    the characteristic that your surrending partner will give you his
    remaining Power Stock(s).  To do a Surrender, your two partners should
    have energy; the Partner Meter must be full, and you should not be under
    SPECIAL NOTE : Some characters have Special Cancels (Fd + WP or WK).
    5.1) ~~BILLY~~
    Real Name : William Lewis (Lee)	Nationality : American
    Age : 22 years old			Fighting Style : Ryu Zui Ken and Own Style
    Best Partner : Lynn or Jimmy		Emblem : Blue Dragon
    Billy, the young brother of Jimmy, have always followed his brother in
    different adventures since their childhood.  Because of that, he decided
    to leave his house when Jimmy had enough of multiple physical abuse.  He
    contact his uncle in Sunshine City and where taken by him.  The man put
    them under the guidance of the master Lee Song.  The old man introduce
    Billy to the training of the RYU ZUI KEN and the ways of the BLUE
    DRAGON.  More centred and calm than his brother Jimmy, he decides to
    move away from the gangs and to be devoted to the training with his
    teacher Lee Song and his young granddaughter, Lynn.
    But even with his efforts to stay away from the gangs, he felt a special
    attraction for Jimmy's girlfriend.  At that time, Billy had opposing
    feelings because he felt something more that just friendship.  So, he
    decided to talk with her, and when they met, she was murdered by the
    gang that wanted to attack Jimmy.  Because of this, Jimmy blamed him for
    her death, and the relation between both brothers were broke.  Both of
    them abandoned the city, leaving the dojo and the training unfinished.
    With time, Billy found fortune on street racing; earning a good
    reputation with his first car, an old Trans Am 77 customised by himself.
    He was catapulted from there to semi and pro circuits, until he became a
    professional, and carrying on the training of the RYU ZUI KEN with a
    self-made discipline.
    Someday, he felt the resonance of the dragons and he contact his master
    just to hear in the other side of the phone Lynn, crying and telling him
    of the death of his grand father.  So, he took his car and headed to
    Sunshine City; feeling that he would meet his brother again.
    > Additional Attack :		Fd+B
    > Slashing Cross :		QCF+Punch (repeat two times)
    > Ko Ryu Kyaku :			DP+Kick
    > Lightning Tail :		QCF+Kick
    > Blue Rage :			QCB+Kick (repeat three times with D)
    > Back Slasher :			QCB,HCF+Kick***
    > First Impact Combos :		(ground) BACDD
    					(air) ABBCD
    5.2) ~~LYNN~~
    Real Name : Lynn Baker (Lee)		Nationality : Chinese/American
    Age : 18 years old			Fighting Style : Ryu Zui Ken and Tai Chi
    Best Partner : Billy			Emblem : White Dragon
    Lynn is the unique daughter of an American father and a Chinese mother.
    She lived her childhood in China, but had to left the country after the
    war.  The family establish itself in Sunshine City, where her
    grandfather was living since a long time.  There, she learned the ways
    of the dragon from her grandfather, and her mother taught her to enjoy
    the martial arts.  But she often escapes from the hard training and
    prefers to go to the malls in downtown.
    She met the Lewis brothers, Jimmy and Billy, at the age of 14 years old
    and she feels special attraction for the younger brother.  All three
    were under the guidance of the old master Lee Song. She also remembers
    another students that one day left the dojo in a hurry.  The old master
    trained her under the WHITE DRAGON spirit.  In that way, Lee Song hopes
    that she will be the next guardian of the old scrolls.  With the use of
    Tai Chi, Lynn developed a faster and smoother version of the RYU ZUI
    KEN.  However, she does not take seriously all this things and she want
    a make the things a normal girl of her age does.  She likes to wear the
    most recent colourful miniskirts, and she hates pants.  Her father
    brought a pair of loose socks from a trip to Japan and she loves to put
    it for training.  She prefers a more suitable clothing that usually
    master did not approve, and to make some money, she gives classes to
    some students in the backyard of the dojo.
    Someday, after school, she heads for the dojo, but finds that her
    grandfather had just pass away. She fells an enormous power.  She knows
    that this power is the spirit of an evil dragon.  The kids tell her that
    one strange man was there just some minutes before.  Then, she receives
    a call from Billy and she explains the situation.  Billy calms her down
    and head for Sunshine City to fix the burial of the master; to look for
    the mysterious guy and to find a if relation exists between the master's
    death and the dangerous man.
    > Additional Attack :		Fd+A and (air) Bk+B
    > Air Throw :			(air) Fd+C
    > Enretsu Ken :			HCB+Punch
    > Ko Ryu Sho Zan :		QCF+Punch
    > Ryu en Hou :			DP+Punch, then QCF+Kick,Kick
    > Ko Ryu Kyaku :			Dn,Up+Kick
    > Tobi Ryu :			QCB,HCF+Kick***
    > First Impact Combos :		(ground) AAACC
    					(air) AAACC
    5.3) ~~ONI~~
    Real Name : Oni Inomura			Nationality : Unknown (possibly Japanese)
    Age : 20 years old			Fighting Style : Predator Art
    Best Partner : Cassandra		Emblem : Hunting Claw
    At the age of 12, Oni lit fire on the dorm rooms of the orphanage and
    escape along with Cassandra.   With a background of violence for Oni and
    autism for Cassandra, both lived alone in the streets for some years
    until an Irish preacher gave them shelter, but after the good man save
    Oni from several injuries caused by a fight with an entire gang.
    They lived under the guidance of Elias for 2 years.  But the violence in
    Oni kept growing.  Elias believed that he was possessed by some kind of
    demon and tried to help him.  But after Oni tried to attack Cassandra in
    her sleep, Elias lost his temper and punish him severely.  Because of
    that, Oni went back to the streets and Cassandra join him some times
    later and without knowing what happened at Elias' shelter.  Soon, Oni
    was well known in low Sunshine City, thanks to his extreme violence and
    his fame as a ruthless fighter in the illegal circuits.  Oni does not
    have relation with nobody, except for one girl from low Sunshine City.
    After hearing about a person that knows everything, Cassandra decide to
    look for this person in an attempt to know something about her past and
    their parents.  The reason is, even if they are as close as brothers,
    she is not sure about that.  So, Oni decide to go with her to look for
    the one that calls himself "BLACK DRAGON".
    > Additional Attack :		Fd+A and Df+B
    > Air Throw :			(air) Fd+C
    > The Ripper :			HCF+Punch
    > Rising Cutter :			DP+Punch
    > Cold Steel :			QCB+Punch (repeat three times)
    > Cutting Edge :			(air) QCB+Punch
    > Bloody Mess :			QCF,QCF+Kick (can be held with D)***
    > First Impact Combos :		(ground) AACCD
    					(air) ABCCD
    5.4) ~~CASSANDRA~~
    Real Name : Cassandra Murata		Nationality : Unknown (possibly Japanese)
    Age : 20 years old			Fighting Style : Tenshino Energy User
    Best Partner : Oni			Emblem : Gabriel's Wings
    One of her first recalls is when Oni stand on her side during the L.A
    exodus.  She consider Oni her brother, but she is not quite sure about
    this.  A close relation exists between them and when Oni lit fire in the
    orphanage where they lived, she decided to follow him into the streets.
    They expended some time living alone and starving.  While she developed
    an autistic case, Oni developed a violent behavior.  After Oni fought
    against a gang and trying to protect Cassandra from abuse, he was badly
    injured.  Cassandra decided to ask for help even with the disapproval of
    Oni, because he believed that they will be separated.  So, Cassandra
    asked for help to a preacher.  Both where took by Elias and bring into
    his shelter.  Finally, and after a long time, they had a good place to
    Later, Cassandra recalls the years with Elias; some of the best she ever
    had.  He taught her some techniques to control her energy, avoiding by
    that to fall into a case of autism where she may lose all contact with
    reality.  But after the runaway of Oni from the shelter under unknown
    circumstances, she decide to say goodbye to Elias and follow Oni into
    the streets.
    Some times later, she try to stay away from the savage adventures of his
    "brother", but her state was not so good.  Oni likes to dress her just
    as he wants.  And he was proud of the fact that Cassandra can have
    everything money could buy, thanks to his success in the street fights
    where he was ruthless.  But when the sect started to spread the word
    that a visionary and mystic man that knew everything had arrived to the
    city, she saw an opportunity to, once again, look for her past and her
    parents.  She had attempted before, but Oni did not allow it.  Now,
    after convincing him, both go in search of this man that may have a clue
    for their past.
    > Additional Attack :		Fd+B and Df+B
    > Fallen Angel :			(air) QCB+Kick
    > Angel Wings :			DP+Punch
    > Illusion :			QCF+Kick (she appears in the front with B
    					and in the back with D)
    > Innocence :			HCB+Punch (counter high and mid attack)
    > Air White Wave :		(air) QCF,HCB+Punch***
    > Ground White Wave :		QCB,HCF+Punch***
    > First Impact Combos :		(ground) ABCCD
    					(air) ABCCD
    5.5) ~~PUPA~~
    Real Name : Pupa Salgueiro		Nationality : Brazilian
    Age : 17 years old			Fighting Style : Regional Capoeira
    Best Partner : Pepe			Emblem : Sun Dancer
    Pupa is a young girl from Brazil that likes to eat, dance, go to parties
    and cause problems.  The little sister of two brothers, she loves to
    make sport, practising regional capoeira, the traditional martial
    art/dance of Brazil.  She's a hard worker and she has also a strange
    fascination for machines.  She loves to assemble and dismantling
    machines, a passion hereby by her father.
    She lived in Brazil with her brothers and her father, an engineer who
    raise them after their mother pass away when she was only a child.  She
    specifically remember her mother the day of her 5th birthday.  The woman
    gave her a hand-made hat that now is one of her most precious
    One day, her father decided to send his children to America to attend
    school.  There, Pupa made lots of new friends, especially boys that were
    amazed by the little blonde girl that speak broken english and very
    smart in class.  But her brother was shocked by the city, and soon, he
    started to get into troubles when he goes to some sect sessions that
    were quite popular.
    Finally, one day, her brother did not came back home and she was worried
    about him.  Sometimes, he heard his other brother talking about a very
    special group that had the real truth about the world.  She knew that
    those sects where nothing but troubles and were quite dangerous.  So,
    she decide to go out to look for his brother.  But she knew that task
    would not be easy in a dangerous place like Sunshine City.  So, she look
    for Pepe; a popular guy from school that bothered her several times.
    So, she had to kick him out.  But this time, Pepe notice how much
    worried was Pupa and he decided to go with her in the dark streets of
    Sunshine City.
    > Additional Attack :		Fd+A and Df+B
    > Parafuso :			HCB+Kick
    > Bencao :				QCF+Punch (A version goes straight and C
    					version goes upward)
    > Breeze Dancer :			DP+Kick, then Dn+Punch
    > Queixada :			Hold D for at least 2 seconds and release
    > Real Beat :			Tap B or D repeatedly, then QCF+Kick
    > Au Lande :			QCF,QCF+Kick***
    > Super Queixada :		Hold D for at least 10 seconds and
    					release (needs 1 Power Stock)***
    > Ultimate Queixada :		Hold D for at least 30 seconds and
    					release (needs 2 Power Stocks)***
    > First Impact Combos :		(ground) AABBD
    					(air) BBDDD
    5.6) ~~PEPE~~
    Real Name : Jose Rodriguez		Nationality : Mexican
    Age : 19 years old			Fighting Style : Aztec Fighting Art
    Best Partner : Pupa			Emblem : Green Dragon
    Pepe has a fame to be tough and undisciplined at school and house.
    That's why he's usually in troubles.  When he was 13 and after moving to
    southern Mexico, he started to practice all kinds of extreme sports,
    even expeditions into the jungle alone.  There he found an ancient ruin
    that once belong to the great Aztec empire that spread across all
    Mexico.  Inside, he found an ancient scroll that kept the spirit of the
    GREEN DRAGON, the winged serpent god Quetzalcoatl, as it was know in
    ancient Mexico.  The sleeping spirit felt the natural resonance in this
    new host and took possession of Pepe's body. Confused, Pepe returned to
    the city.
    After this encounter, he started to train under the hidden guidance of
    the spirit to the ancient Aztec art of fighting with bases in speed,
    kicks, short range attacks and grabs.  Because Pepe ignored he was doing
    all this stuff under the guidance of Quetzalcoatl, he tough it was cool
    all those movements that suddenly he was able to perform.  But this,
    along with his lack of discipline, got him some troubles.
    Back in Mexico City, he got into troubles with a band that ruled his
    neighbourhood.  Because of that, his father, fearing something may
    happen to his son, decided to send Pepe to Sunshine City where an uncle
    lived.  There, he goes to high school and easily made lots of friends.
    He met Pupa and Pau, two girls that will cause him lots of pains.
    After the rising power of the BLACK DRAGON and the arrival of the rest
    of the other dragons, Pepe felt something was not right.  The spirit of
    the green dragon felt the confrontation with evil forces was about to
    start.  So, once again, the dragon leads Pepe into battle when he
    decided to help Pupa to find her big brother lost in the turmoil of the
    > Additional Attack :		Fd+A and Df+B
    > Air Throw :			(air) Fd+C
    > Arriba :				DP+Kick
    > Istak :				QCB+Punch
    > Cuautli :				(near) HCB+Punch
    > Temoc :				(air) QCB+Kick
    > Quetzalcoatl :			QCF,QCF+Punch***
    > First Impact Combos :		(ground) ABCDD
    					(air) BACDD
    5.7) ~~Mr. JONES~~
    Real Name : Johnny Jones		Nationality : American
    Age : 34 years old			Fighting Style : Jeet Kune Do/Kung Funky
    Best Partner : Kang			Emblem : Funky Music
    Fanatic of the retro era and the disco music, he has devoted his entire
    life to become a real legend, just like his childhood heroes from
    martial arts movies.  Now, after years of hard work, he has finally
    develop a very unique martial art derived from Jeet Kune Do and named
    Kung Funky.  This impressive style has won fame in the underground
    circuits and he became very popular as an actor in action movies.
    But his spirit and will, following the basis of his heroes, has made a
    freedom fighter of Mr. Jones.  Always willing to help the weak and fight
    evil, he travels from city to city, proving his skills in the heat of
    the fight and the sound of the music, all this while shooting his latest
    Now, Mr. Jones is worried about his acting carrier.  After a big fall in
    the box office, he needs a good story to save his status.  So, after a
    conversation with Kang about the making of a great action movie, he's
    convinced that the time for major change has come.  He decided to join
    his friend in this new adventure to make the best action movie ever.
    But once more, his will to prove himself took him and Kang in front of
    the "ultimate challenge".  A fight against the leader of a sect that
    calls himself the "BLACK DRAGON".  Now, he wanders in Sunshine City,
    looking for this terrible foe and proving that he's a real "Dragon"
    > Additional Attack :		Fd+A and Df+B
    > Air Throw :			(air) Fd+C
    > Retro Knuckle :			QCB+Punch
    > Gaudy Punch :			Tap Punch repeatedly
    > Arc Fliegen :			QCB+Kick
    > Funky Impact :			QCF+Punch
    > Groove Master :			QCB,QCB+Kick***
    > First Impact Combos :		(ground) ABCDC
    					(air) ABBCC
    5.8) ~~KANG~~
    Real Name : Jae Mo Kang			Nationality : Korean
    Age : 35 years old			Fighting Style : Free Wrestling
    Best Partner : Mr. Jones		Emblem : Heavy Strenght
    Kang was quite a big child, and sometimes, people made fun about his
    size.  But soon, they found that the young Kang knew how to take profit
    from it.  Since his early years, Kang trained himself. Pushing his body
    and strength to the limits while practising wrestling movements.  This
    allowed him to move fast even for his size.  Soon, he won fame in the
    wrestling circuits and after a world tour around the world, his fame
    grew.  In those constant world tours, he liked to check for street
    fights in all the countries he visited.
    One day, in California, he assisted to a private fight.  There he met
    Mr.Jones, a B-movies action hero, but also an excellent fighter.  After
    the fight, they met on the street.  Kang just knew some words in English
    and Mr.Jones some in Korean, but after a while of funny chat with signs
    and pantomime, both were very good friends.
    But Kang's dream was beyond the arena.  Since his childhood, he had the
    dream to produce films like those he collected.  Action movies from all
    around the world could be seen in Kang's house.  He knew he had the
    resources to fulfilled his dream, but he needed help and who's better
    than his old friend Jones for this task.
    He establish his company and headed to America to met Jones in Sunshine
    City, where the actor was shooting his last film: "BIG TROUBLE IN GROOVY
    CHINA".  There, he talk about the project with Mr.Jones.  Jones was
    pleased with the idea and he knew the right people for that.  But first,
    he wanted Kang to go with him to check about the rumor of a incredible
    foe that called himself "BLACK DRAGON".  Kang accepts because he never
    refuses a good fight.  While they get into the city, both decides the
    title for their first movie: "ENTER THE FUNKY DRAGON".
    > Additional Attack :		Fd+B, Df+A and Df+C
    > Fire Bomb :			QCF+Punch
    > Kang Anger :			HCF+Kick (unblockable)
    > Rolling Fire :			QCB+Punch
    > Kang Screw :			DP+Punch
    > Body Press Special :		(near) HCB,HCB+Kick***
    > First Impact Combos :		(ground) AAAAC
    					(air) AAAAC
    5.9) ~~RADEL~~
    Real Name : Radel				Nationality : European (possibly Norwegian)
    Age : 26 years old			Fighting Style : Ancestral Hunting Art
    Best Partner : Annie			Emblem : Siegfried's Sword
    Radel's lineage is lost in the mist times.  His family is descendant
    from a clan that is slowly disappearing.  Along the centuries, they have
    fought the mystic beings that exist in our world; those that cause pain
    because of the ambition of power and the dark side that dominates them.
    It's believed that the mighty hero Siegfried, who battle and slain a
    dragon, might be an ancestor of Radel.  Before this dragon died, he
    anticipated his return to cause more mayhem in the world.
    When Radel was just a small kid, an evil curse struck his family.
    Weakened for years of combat, Radel's parents where killed in battle
    against the BLACK DRAGON and others spirits. When Radel saw his parents
    died in front of his eyes, he made a promise to follow what his father
    had taught him: never to use his soul to fight unless it was for a fair
    cause.  He knew then, which was his destiny.
    He began to train hard along with his brother.  When both finish they
    decided to leave their hometown to search the BLACK DRAGON and they took
    the road.  Their grandfather told them that the family was almost
    extinct and they should be very careful and confident on their souls to
    make the correct decisions.  Finally, he told Radel to visit the
    patriarch of the Murakami family.  He would know how to help him in this
    Radel head up for Japan and lost trace of his brother who took a
    different way.  In Japan, he finally met the patriarch of the Murakami
    clan.  He also met Annie, a young girl with psycho powers and her
    mysterious black cat that she's adopted.  Annie was ready to leave for
    the quest along with Radel even if he not liked the idea to be guided by
    such a small girl.  But he knew that he should follow his grandfather's
    > Additional Attack :		Df+B
    > Glass Escape :			QCF+Punch
    > Head Execution :		HCB+Punch, then QCB+Punch
    > Screw Back :			HCB+Kick
    > Dead Dragon :			DP+Punch
    > Shadow Sword :			QCF,HCB+Punch***
    > First Impact Combos :		(ground) AAACD
    					(air) AAACD
    5.10) ~~ANNIE~~
    Real Name : Annie Murakami	Nationality : Japanese
    Age : 16 years old		Fighting Style : Psychic Powers User
    Best Partner : Radel		Emblem : Shadow Cat
    Annie comes from an old Japanese province and since her childhood, she
    has been taught to dominate the psychic forces that her family had since
    many generations.  The patriarch of the Murakami family is Annie's
    parents best friend.  He think Annie will became a good representative
    of the family; and she must be ready to face the challenges soon.
    Annie, although she likes to practice her abilities, is too young and
    too distracted, reason why she sometimes gets in troubles.  She needs to
    be focus when practising her abilities, for which she's constantly
    reprehended by her parents.
    One day, the patriarch of the dynasty announce Annie's parents something
    very important.  He told them that a man will come to request for help
    in a dangerous task and Annie was the must suitable to go with this man.
    Her parents insisted that she was too young and inexpert to confront
    alone the challenges that would come up.  But the patriarch told them
    this kind of quest would be good for Annie to develop her powers under
    the guidance of this man from abroad.  So Annie's parents had a long
    talk with her daughter, and she found great excitement and curiosity to
    meet the warrior that will accompanied her in this trip.
    Later, Radel arrived, and even if Annie never met him, she knew
    perfectly who he was.  But she kept the secret, because it was the first
    time she felt that strange feeling.  However, her concentration broke
    apart when she saw her small cat walking behind Radel like a shadow.
    This cat was Quizi, a small companion who will follow Radel and Annie on
    their quest.
    Shortly after the Murakami?s patriarch speak with Radel.  He introduce
    them formally and later, they set off to the quest that will lead them
    into a journey of self discovery for Annie and dangers for Radel.  They
    started in the Orient and now they bound for America... to Sunshine
    > Additional Attack :		Fd+B
    > Air Throw :			(air) Fd+C
    > Zuum :				QCF+Punch
    > Zuum Cross :			DP+Punch
    > Ichi ni Zan :			HCB+Kick
    > Cat Leap :  			HCB+Punch
    > Magical Comet :			(air) QCF+Punch
    > Crossing Wrath :		QCB,QCB+Punch (can be held)***
    > First Impact Combos :		(ground) AABCC
    					(air) AABDC
    5.11) ~~ALICE~~
    Real Name : Alice Carroll		Nationality : English
    Age : 13 years old			Fighting Style : Gymnastic and Evil Powers
    Best Partner : Elias			Emblem : Insane Rabbit
    Alice was a normal girl from an aristocratic family in London.  She had
    gymnastic classes and was one of the best.  She likes to use a pair of
    old boots that belonged to his father because they are a cool fashion in
    London even with the disapproval of her mother.
    When she was 10 years old, a terrible crime was committed in her
    family's summer house in England's county.  Both of her parents were
    found brutally murdered and she was covered with blood and in catatonic
    state.  Any assassins were found and some people had suspects Alice
    because after the events, she became a very aggressive child.  She was
    interned in a psychiatric hospital under aggressive treatments.
    There, she also received treatment from the priest Elias.  He was trying
    to cure her by other meanings because he knew that she had something
    abnormal that science could not cure.  When she was hospitalised to
    America, her state got worst and finally, she made a impulsive runaway.
    Only Elias was capable to follow her and took her under his control.  He
    manage to control the evil that lived within her.
    Now she hopes that her hellish nightmare will end and finally find the
    true behind the death of her parents.
    > Additional Attack :		Fd+A or (air) Dn+B
    > Eat It :				QCB+Punch
    > Rising Hell :			DP+Punch
    > Twinkle Twinkle :		QCF+Punch
    > Heads Off :			(air) QCB+Kick
    > Red Rose of Darkness :	HCB,Fd+Punch (counter)***
    > First Impact Combos :		(ground) AACCC
    					(air) BACDD
    5.12) ~~ELIAS~~
    Real Name : Patrick Elias		Nationality : Irish
    Age : 42 years old			Fighting Style : Boxing and Exorcism Talent
    Best Partner : Alice			Emblem : Salvation Cross
    Born in a high class family, he was taught, since his youngest age, to
    follow a strict religious life.  He made studies of philosophy,
    theology, psychology and psychiatry as well as ancient languages.
    There, he met a foreigner student that, even if they were good friends,
    both had different goals in life and in human theories.  After a family
    tragedy, his faith was lost.
    Later, he was accused of murder and put in prison even if he was
    innocent.  Then, he learned from the jail's priest the ways of the
    exorcism and he train himself to build a perfect body naturally.  In
    this long years in prison, he recovered faith in the religion and, after
    his innocence is proved, he finally steps out.
    Now, his primary task is to help.  He travels to America to help in the
    L.A exodus and installs a shelter in Sunshine City.  There he met Oni
    and Cassandra.  He was worried about the behavior of Oni.  According to
    what he knew, there was an evil spirit, not only inside Oni, but in
    Cassandra as well.  After both escape the shelter, Elias made a long
    search to find them but the kids simply vanished in low Sunshine City.
    So, Elias went back to England because he was ask to check some patient.
    There, he had another encounter with an evil spirit, but this time in
    the body of a little girl named Alice.  With Alice, he knew that a new
    task had been addressed to him, so all of his thoughts and wise were
    focus on the small girl.  Later, she was transferred in America to a new
    research facility and Elias followed her.  Once in the facility, Alice
    condition got worse and she was not able to control the evil spirit that
    had been awakened.  She escape from the facility and only Elias was able
    to track her down in Sunshine City.  Now, he has been able to control
    the spirit and is looking for a way to help without harming her.
    > Additional Attack :		Fd+A and Fd+B
    > Sinful :				(near) DP+Punch
    > Magnus :				QCB+Punch
    > Holy Flare :			QCF+Punch
    > Hell or Heaven :		HCF+Kick
    > Maximum Delirium :		HCB,Fd+Punch***
    > First Impact Combos :		(ground) ABACD
    					(air) ACDDD
    5.13) ~~JIMMY~~
    Real Name : James Lewis (Lee)		Nationality : American
    Age : 24 years old			Fighting Style : Ryu Zui Ken and Street fighting
    Best Partner : Sonia			Emblem : Red Dragon
    Hardboiled, explosive and very unsociable, he escaped from his home
    along with his brother Billy and lived on the streets for a while until
    they were take by an uncle who was a cop in the Sunshine City
    department.  He put both brothers under the guidance of master Lee Song.
    When young, he had always problems with the local gangs of Sunshine City
    and he was the type of guy that do not follow any rules.  He was under
    the guidance of the old master Lee Song to learn and train in order to
    take the RED DRAGON spirit without knowing the plan of the old master.
    When a powerful gang, angered because Jimmy reject them to join the
    gang, attacked his girlfriend, he was not able to protect her and she
    died.  Jimmy went in search of vengeance, destroying all the group with
    the help of his younger brother Billy.  He blames himself for the death
    of Marian and the broken relation with his brother.  He left the
    training and became a lone fighter, picking up fights to earn money or
    just for the thrill to hide the burns inside his tormented soul.  In
    those circuits, he earned fame to be a tough opponent.  But some day, an
    unknown fighter hurts him badly leaving a scar in his face.  In these
    low places, he meets Sonia, an assassin for hire that challenge him.  He
    refuses, but Sonia insist.  So after a tight fight where he won, Sonia
    started to follow him from town to town close in the shadows.
    One day, Jimmy, because of his natural resonance with the RED DRAGON
    spirit, knows that something is wrong and decide to return to the city
    he left to forget his past.
    > Additional Attack :		Fd+A and Df+A (autoguard)
    > Red Rage :			QCF+Punch
    > Sho Ryu Dan :			DP+Punch
    > Heat Hurricane :		HCB+Punch
    > Overhead Elbow :		Press Up before the third hit of the Heat
    > Uppercut Finish :		Press Dn before the third hit of the Heat
    > Cannon Kick :			QCB+Kick
    > Gun Blow :			QCB,HCF+Punch***
    > First Impact Combos :		(ground) AABCC
    					(air) BACDD
    5.14) ~~SONIA~~
    Real Name : Sonia Romanenko		Nationality : Russian
    Age : 22 years old			Fighting Style : Killing Techniques and Sambo
    Best Partner : Jimmy			Emblem : Cold Snake
    Sonia comes from an old family with deeps roots in Russia.  She's the
    only daughter of a general. So, she was raised in her childhood in
    constant luxury despite the severe crisis in this poor country.  But her
    life had a shocking turn when her father is murdered because of
    political fights and her mother disappears.  With nobody to look for
    her, she's quickly dragged by the turmoil of crisis on the country, and
    soon, she found herself as an assassin under the orders of former
    partner of his father.
    After several years of training that turns her into a cold machine of
    assassination, she discovers that her father's death was planned by the
    man she have served for several years and finds the reality behind the
    works she has done before: they were sometimes just innocents that were
    in the ambitious way of her boss.
    After failing the assassination of her own boss, she fled from the
    country, and after a while, she gets to America where she continues her
    job as a hitman.  To gain money, she joins the BLACK DRAGON sect because
    she know the head behind the sect: a powerful and handsome richman.  She
    had a torrid romance with him, but later, while out for a job, she met
    Jimmy.  The first impression of the young fighter leaves her without
    breath and falls in love; all of this after having a fight with him.
    But she ignores everything about the dark shadow that torments Jimmy.
    After this, some guys from the sect have been trying to kill her.  While
    following Jimmy, she realises that soon, both will be in Sunshine City,
    and the time to settle business with her former boss is close.
    > Additional Attack :		Fd+B and Df+B
    > Fascination Sharp :		HCB+Punch
    > Snake Hold :			QCF+any button (the button pressed change
    					the direction of the knife)
    > Snake Bite :			QCB+Kick
    > Snake Whip :			DP+Kick
    > Guardian Mercy :		QCF,QCF+any button***
    > First Impact Combos :		(ground) AACCD
    					(air) BABAC
    6) BOSSES
    6.1) ~~ABUBO~~
    Real Name : Abubo Rao			Nationality : American
    Age : 32					Fighting Style : Street Brawling
    Best Partner : None			Emblem : Unknown
    > Additional Attack :		Fd+A, Df+A and Df+C
    > Destruction :			HCB+Punch
    > Steel Crusher :			QCF+Punch
    > Flea Catch :			DP+Punch
    > Violent Instinct :		HCF+Kick
    > War Path :			HCB,HCB+Punch***
    > First Impact Combos :		(ground) AABBD
    					(air) AABBD
    Note : To play with Abubo, at the Characters Select Screen, quickly
    press Up, Up, Up, Up, Dn, Dn, Dn, Left, Left and Right. If you done it
    right, Abubo's portrait will appears in the middle of the characters
    select screen.
    6.2) ~~JOHANN~~
    Real Name : Unknown			Nationality : Italian
    Age : Unknown				Fighting Style : Ryu Zui Ken and Methods of Mayhem
    Best Partner : None			Emblem : Black Dragon
    Surge of Anger : 			QCB+A
    Signs of Doom : 			QCB+B
    Silent Sorrow : 			QCB+C
    Painful Scream : 			QCB+D
    Burnt Offering : 			QCF,HCB+Punch***
    > First Impact Combos :		(ground) ???
    					(air) ???
    Note : It seems that Johann is only playable with an emulator and the
    roms of the game. I also heard that you can used him in Training Mode in
    the home version (NeoGeo Console). Johann doesn't have a Duplex Attack.
    If you do this, he gets stuck on the screen for 3 seconds. He doesn't
    have any jump attacks except with Strong Kick, and he doesn't have a
    crouching attack with Weak Punch.
    7.1) Individual Combos
    Billy :
    - Jumping D -> (ground) Dn+B -> Fd+B -> QCB,QCB+D -> (dash) C ->
      QCB,HCF+B or D
    - Jumping D -> (ground) D -> QCB,HCF+D -> (wall) CD -> BACDD -> Fd+B ->
    Lynn :
    - Jumping C or D -> (ground) D -> B -> (wall) CD -> AAACC -> D
    - Jumping D -> (ground) Dn+B -> Fd+A -> Dn+B,B -> QCB,HCF+D
    - Jumping D -> (ground) D -> QCB,HCF+D -> (wall) CD -> jumping AAACC ->
      (ground) QCB,HCF+B
    Oni :
    - Jumping C -> jumping D -> jumping QCB+A
    - Jumping C -> (ground) C -> Fd+A -> QCB+C -> QCB+C -> QCB+C
    - Jumping C -> (ground) C -> Fd+A -> QCF,QCF+D -> CD -> jumping ABCCD ->
      (ground) Df+B -> QCF,QCF+D
    Cassandra :
    - Jumping D -> (ground) Dn+B -> Df+B -> QCF+B/D or DP+A/C
    - Jumping D -> (ground) D -> Df+B -> DP+C -> (wall) CD -> ABCCD ->
    Pepe :
    - CD -> ABCDD -> DP+D -> (wall) CD -> ABCDD -> DP+D
    - C -> Df+B -> DP+D -> (wall) CD -> ABCDD -> QCF,QCF+A or C
    - Jumping D -> (ground) C -> Df+B -> DP+D -> (wall) CD -> jumping BACDD
      -> (ground) QCF+BC,QCF+BC
    - Jumping C -> (ground) C -> HCB+B or D -> (wall) CD -> jumping BACDD ->
      (ground) QCF+BC,QCF+BC
    Pupa :
    - Jumping D -> (ground) CD -> AABBD -> QCF,QCF+B or D
    - Jumping D -> (ground) C -> Df+B -> DP+B or D -> Dn+A or C -> (wall) CD
      -> AABBD -> QCF,QCF+B or D
    - C -> Df+B -> DP+B or D -> Dn+A or C -> (wall) CD -> jumping BBDDD ->
      (ground) QCF+BC,QCF+BC
    - Jumping D -> (ground) CD -> AABBD -> QCF,QCF+B -> (wall) CD -> jumping
      BBDDD -> (ground) QCF+BC,QCF+BC
    Mr.Jones :
    - Jumping D -> (ground) C -> Df+B -> QCB,QCB+B or D
    - Jumping C -> (ground) C -> Df+B -> QCB,QCB+D -> (wall) CD -> jumping
      ABBCC -> (ground) QCB,QCB+B
    Kang :
    - Dn+B -> Dn+A -> (dash) HCB,HCB+A or C
    - Jumping D -> (ground) Dn+C -> Df+A -> HCB,HCB+A or C
    Radel :
    - Jumping D -> (ground) D -> HCB+ A or C -> QCB+A or C
    - Jumping C or D -> (ground) D -> B -> C -> (wall) CD -> AAACD -> C or D
    Annie :
    - Jumping D -> (ground) D -> Fd+B -> HCB+B or D -> QCB,QCB+A or C (in
      the corner only)
    - Jumping D -> (ground) Dn+B -> jumping D -> jumping QCF+A -> (ground) D
      -> Fd+B -> HCB+B -> QCB,QCB+C
    Alice :
    - Jumping D -> jumping D -> (ground) Dn+B -> (wall) CD -> jumping BACDD
      -> (ground) Dn+B -> CD -> AACCC -> HCB,Fd+C
    - Jumping D -> (ground) D -> Fd+A -> HCB,Fd+C -> (wall) (dash) HCB,Fd+A
    - CD -> jumping BACDD -> (ground) Dn+B (repeat the sequence
    Elias :
    - Jumping D -> (ground) C -> Fd+B -> HCB,Fd+A or C
    - Jumping D -> (ground) C -> Fd+B -> HCF+B -> (wall) -> CD -> ABACD ->
    Jimmy :
    - Jumping D -> (ground) C -> DP+C -> (wall) CD -> AABCC -> Df+A ->
    - Jumping D -> (ground) C -> QCB,HCF+C -> (wall) CD -> AABCC -> Df+A ->
    Sonia :
    - Jumping D -> (ground) C -> Df+B -> DP+B
    - Jumping D -> (ground) Df+B -> DP+D -> (wall) CD -> jumping BABAC ->
      (ground) QCF,QCF+A
    Abubo :
    - Jumping D -> (ground) C -> Df+A -> HCF+D -> (wall) CD -> AABBD -> Df+A
      -> QCF+A or HCF+D
    Johann :
    - Jumping D -> (ground) D -> QCF,HCB+C -> (wall) QCF,HCB+A -> B -> QCB+A
      -> B -> QCB+D -> QCF,HCB+A
    - D -> QCB+A -> D -> QCB+A -> D -> QCB+A -> D -> QCB+A -> D -> (wall) C
      -> QCF,HCB+C
    7.2) Special Teams Combos
    Billy & Lynn :
    - Fd+A -> QCB+D -> QCB+D -> C -> QCF+A -> QCF+A -> Dn+B -> QCB,HCF+D ->
      (wall) CD -> BACDD -> BC -> QCB,HCF+B
    - Jumping D -> (ground) CD -> BACDD -> Fd+B -> QCB,HCF+B -> (wall) CD ->
      jumping ABBCD -> (ground) QCF+BC,QCF+BC
    Lynn & Billy :
    - Jumping D -> (ground) Dn+C -> QCF+A or C -> (dash) Dn+B -> QCB,HCF+D
      -> (wall) CD -> AAACC -> BC -> Fd+A -> QCB,HCF+B
    - Jumping D -> (ground) Dn+C -> QCF+A or C -> (dash) Dn+C -> QCF+A or C
      -> QCF+BC,QCF+BC
    Oni & Cassandra :
    - Jumping C or D -> (ground) C -> Fd+A -> QCF,QCF+D -> (wall) CD ->
      jumping ABCCD -> (ground) Df+B -> QCF+BC,QCF+BC
    - Jumping C or D -> (ground) C -> Fd+A -> QCF,QCF+B or D -> CD -> ABCCD
      -> BC -> QCB,HCF+A or C
    Cassandra & Oni :
    - Jumping D -> (ground) CD -> ABCCD -> QCB,HCF+C -> (wall)
      QCB,Ub,QCB,Ub+B -> CD -> jumping ABCCD -> (ground) QCF+BC,QCF+BC
    - Jumping D -> (ground) D -> Df+B -> DP+C -> BC -> (cancel) Fd+AB ->
      (wall) CD -> jumping ABCCD -> (ground) QCF+BC,QCF+BC
    Pepe & Pupa :
    - Jumping D -> (ground) D -> Df+B -> QCF,QCF+A or C -> (wall) CD ->
    - Jumping C -> (ground) CD -> ABCDD -> BC -> DP+B or D -> Dn+A or C ->
      (wall) CD -> jumping BBDDD -> (ground) QCF,QCF+B or D
    Pupa & Pepe :
    - Jumping D -> (ground) CD -> AABBD -> BC -> DP+D -> (wall) CD -> ABCDD
      -> QCF,QCF+A
    - Jumping D -> (ground) CD -> jumping BBDDD -> (ground) QCF,QCF+B ->
      (wall) BC -> (cancel) Fd+AB -> CD -> ABCDD -> QCF,QCF+C
    Mr. Jones & Kang :
    - Jumping C -> (ground) C -> Df+B -> QCB,QCB+B -> (wall) CD -> jumping
      ABBCC -> (ground) QCF+BC,QCF+BC
    - Jumping D -> (ground) Dn+C -> Df+B -> QCB,QCB+D -> BC -> (cancel)
      Fd+AB -> (wall) CD -> jumping AAAAC -> (ground) DP+C
    Kang & Mr.Jones :
    - Jumping D -> (ground) D -> Df+A -> HCB,HCB+A -> (wall) CD -> jumping
      AAAAC -> (ground) QCF+BC -> QCF+BC
    - Jumping D -> (ground) CD -> AAAAC -> BC -> QCB+D -> (wall) CD ->
      jumping ABBCC -> (ground) QCB,QCB+B
    Radel & Annie :
    - Jumping D -> (ground) D -> Df+B -> QCF,HCB+A -> (wall) CD -> jumping
      AAACD -> (ground) QCF+BC,QCF+BC
    - Jumping D -> (ground) D -> Df+B -> HCB+B -> BC -> QCB,QCB+A
    - Jumping D -> (ground) D -> HCB+A or C -> QCF+BC,QCF+BC
    Annie & Radel :
    - Jumping C -> (ground) D -> Fd+B -> HCB+B or D -> QCB,QCB+A -> (wall)
      CD -> jumping AABDC -> (ground) QCF+BC,QCF+BC
    - Jumping D -> (ground) CD -> jumping AABDC -> DP+C -> (wall) CD ->
      AABCC -> BC -> QCF,HCB+C
    Alice & Elias :
    - Jumping D -> (ground) D -> Fd+A -> QCF+A -> HCB,Fd+C -> (wall) CD ->
      jumping BACDD ->  (ground) Dn+B -> QCF+BC,QCF+BC
    - Jumping C -> (ground) D -> Fd+A -> QCF+A -> HCB,Fd+A -> (wall) CD ->
      jumping BACDD -> (ground) QCF+BC,QCF+BC
    - Jumping D -> (ground) D -> QCF+A -> QCF+BC,QCF+BC
    Elias & Alice :
    - Jumping D -> (ground) D -> Fd+B -> HCB,Fd+A -> (wall) CD -> jumping
      ACDDD -> (ground) QCF+BC,QCF+BC
    - Jumping D -> (ground) C -> Fd+B -> QCB+A -> BC -> (cancel) Fd+AB -> CD
      -> jumping BACDD -> (ground) HCB,Fd+A
    Jimmy & Sonia :
    - Jumping D -> (ground) CD -> jumping BABAC -> (ground) QCF+BC,QCF+BC ->
      CD -> AABCC -> Df+A -> DP+C -> (wall) CD -> jumping BACDD -> (ground)
    - Jumping D -> (ground) CD -> AABCC -> Df+A -> QCB,HCF+A -> BC ->
      (cancel) Fd+AB -> CD -> jumping BABAC -> (ground) QCF,QCF+A
    Sonia & Jimmy :
    - Jumping C or D -> (ground) QCF+BC,QCF+BC -> CD -> ABCDD -> Df+A ->
      QCB+D -> CD -> jumping BABCD -> (ground) QCF+BC,QCF+BC
    - Jumping C or D -> (ground) D -> Df+B -> QCF,QCF+A -> (wall) CD ->
      jumping BABAC -> (ground) QCF+BC,QCF+BC -> CD -> ABCDD -> Df+A ->
    - QCF+C -> (dash) CD -> jumping BABAC -> (ground) QCF+BC,QCF+BC -> CD ->
      AABCC -> Df+A -> QCB,HCF+A -> (wall) CD -> AABCC -> BC -> QCF,QCF+A
    7.3) Edit Teams Combos
    Billy & Jimmy :
    - Jumping D -> (ground) Dn+B -> Dn+A -> Dn+A -> QCF,QCF+C -> (wall) CD
      -> jumping ABBCD -> (ground) QCF+BC,QCF+BC
    - Jumping D -> (ground) CD -> BACDD -> BC -> Df+A -> QCB,HCF+C -> QCF+A
      -> CD -> AABCC -> Df+A -> QCB,HCF+A
    Oni & Radel :
    - Jumping D -> (ground) Fd+A -> QCF,QCF+B -> CD -> AACCD -> Df+B ->
    Cassandra & Billy :
    - Jumping D -> jumping C -> (ground) QCF,HCB+C -> (wall) CD -> ABCDD ->
      BC -> Fd+B -> QCB,HCF+B
    Pepe & Jimmy :
    - Jumping D -> (ground) D -> Df+B -> QCB+B or D -> (wall) CD -> ABCDD ->
      BC -> Df+A -> QCB,HCF+C
    Radel & Oni :
    - Jumping D -> (ground) D -> Df+B -> QCF,HCB+A -> CD -> AAACD -> BC ->
      Df+B -> QCF,QCF+D
    - Jumping D -> (ground) CD -> AAACD -> QCF,HCB+A -> CD -> AAACD ->
    Annie & Oni :
    - Jumping D -> (ground) Dn+C -> Fd+B -> HCB+B or D -> QCB,QCB+C ->
      (wall) CD -> AABCC -> BC -> Df+B -> QCF,QCF+B
    Elias & Oni :
    - Jumping D -> (ground) CD -> ABACD -> BC -> Df+B -> QCF,QCF+B -> (wall)
      CD -> AACCD -> Df+B -> QCF,QCF+D
    Jimmy & Billy :
    - Jumping D -> (ground) CD -> AABCC -> Df+A -> QCB,HCF+A -> QCF+A -> CD
      -> jumping BACDD -> (ground) QCF+BC,QCF+BC
    Abubo & Billy :
    - Jumping D -> (ground) D -> HCB,HCB+C -> (wall) CD -> AABBD -> BC ->
      Fd+A -> QCB,HCF+B
    8) ENDINGS
    After your battle with Johann and your victory over him, the threat of
    the Black Dragon is supposed to be over.  So, you will see an image of
    Johann's Dark Island and a beam of light emerging from it.  Then :
    8.1) Edit Teams
    A young woman and a strong officer are talking on the bridge of a
    -	Eddie : What a mess!
    -	Wong : It looks like we miss the party.
    -	Eddie : Maybe...  But there still a lot to do in this city.
    -	Sailor : Sir!  We haven't found anything near the explosion site,
    	no bodies or survivor.
    -	Eddie : Well, it looks like somebody help us to destroy the sect.
    -	Wong : I think there still a lot to do about this sect problem.
    -	Eddie : I still have a bad feeling about this.
    8.2) Billy & Lynn
    -	Lynn : Wha...  What happened?  The Black Dragon!?
    -	Billy : He's gone Lynn.  Don't worry about it.  Now stay calm...
    	I'll take care of you.
    -	Lynn : But...
    -	Billy : Shhhhhhh...  Just stay calm...
    2 days later...
    -	Lynn : Are you serious?  Please Billy.  Don't go.  I need your
    -	Billy : Lynn, you should be resting.  Now it's all over.
    -	Lynn : No, it's not.  Who will take care of grandpa's dojo?  Who
    	will take care of the seals?
    -	Billy : I'm pretty sure that you will make a wonderful job, Lynn.
    -	Lynn : You think that?...  Thank you.
    -	Billy : Cutie...  You are still the same.
    -	Lynn : Goodbye Billy!!!
    After a moment...
    -	Billy (in his car) : Sorry Lynn, but I have some unfinished
    	business with my brother...  And I feel that this is not over yet.
    	The Black Dragon was only the beginning.
    And in the street...
    -	Kid 1 : Wow!  You saw that car!!!
    -	Kid 2 : An impressive 1977 with 220hp and turbo engine...
    -	Kid 3 : Is that your boyfriend, Sensei?
    -	Lynn : Eeeh...  ki... kids, lets go inside...
    8.3) Oni & Cassandra
    -	Cassandra : Enough of this.  Please don't keep going.  Enough of
    	this destruction.  Please...
    -	Oni (talking to Johann) : I can't believe it!!!  I'm tired of
    	leaving scumbags like you alive.  You don't have answers.  You
    	have no use for me.  Hell's waiting you.
    A flash of light, then...
    -	Oni (carrying Cassandra on his back) : Soon, you will be ok
    	Cassandra.  I know that you suffer the same as I.  Even if you
    	fight it.  But I can feel that soon, we will know the truth about
    	this rage.  Thrust me...
    8.4) Pupa & Pepe
    -	Pepe : Ay ay ay ay...  I hope they won't charge us for this mess.
    -	Pupa : He is not here!  He his not here!  It can't be...  Big
    	brother is not here.  Pepe!  What can I do?
    -	Pepe : Don't worry Pupa.  I'll help you to keep looking for him.
    	I promise.  Now gimme a big smile and let's get out of here.
    	Still I have a strange feeling about that guy.
    Some times later, at school...
    -	Pau : Hi Pepe!  I heard that you had a very dangerous adventure
    	last night.
    -	Pepe : Oh!  It's nothing really.  Just some lonely guys that tried
    	to challenge me.
    -	Pau : I bet you beat them.
    -	Pepe : Of course!  Now, what about if we go dancing tonight?
    -	Pupa : No mister!  You promise me that today...  Pepe, you liar!
    -	Pepe : Pupa!?  Aaahhh!  I can explain it!!!
    -	Pau : Heyyy girl!  Hands of him...  I was first!!!
    -	Pepe : Hey girls!  Don't fight!  Maybe we can fix this...  How
    	about if we go all together out?
    -	Pau and Pupa : NO WAY!!!
    8.5) Mr.Jones & Kang
    -	Jones : Ha ha ha!!!  I'm the main man!!!  I'm fabulous!  I'm
    	cool!!!  I'm one step closer to the great master!!!
    -	Kang : Hey Jones...  I'm having an idea about this.  We might be
    Some times later...
    -	Producer : Mr.Kang, this idea about a martial arts movie and
    	computer graphic effects will be a success.
    -	Kang : It was an idea I had from a long time ago Mr.Dino...  And
    	my star, Mr.Jones, will make all the action sequence.
    -	Jones : Of course!  I'm sooo good that I don't need double.  And I
    	love the tight black leather clothes.
    During a movie festival...
    -	Actress : And now the winner!  For the best action movie "Rising
    	Dragon"...  Mr.Jones!!
    -	Jones : Thanks all!  It's a pleasure to receive this prize.  Now,
    	I'm truly a Master of martial arts!!
    8.6) Radel & Annie
    -	Radel : It's all over...  Impossible...  Look out Annie!!!!
    A burst of flames appears...
    -	Radel : Arghhhhh...  A...  Annie...  It can be...
    -	Annie : Radel!!!!!  Noooooo!!!!!!
    -	Black Dragon : Your friend underestimated me!  That was a fatal
    	mistake.  Enjoy your last moment with him child because I shall
    	return for you.  A Dragon hunter may be very useful for my
    -	Annie : Radel!!!!  Wake up!!!  Don't leave me!!!!  You were the
    	best Dragon hunter...
    Some times later...
    -	Annie : Radel!  What I'm going to do.  I can't hunt by myself.  I
    	need your help, your strenght, your experience.  The Black Dragon
    	is too powerful for me...  What do we do now, Quizi?
    And a mysterious man is waiting in the dark???
    8.7) Alice & Elias
    All the island is breaking up...
    -	Black Dragon : With her spirit, my power will be immense,
    	hahahahaha.  Nobody will stop me.  Elias, you fool!  You brought
    	the child to me!
    -	Elias : Alice, get out of here!  Quickly!
    -	Alice : But Father...  I can't leave you here!
    -	Elias : Escape my child.  Now you are free!
    -	Alice : Father Elias!!!!!!!!!
    Some days later...
    -	Alice (thinking on a swing) : Father Elias...  It looks like now
    	I'm alone...  You are not here...  The spirit is not here.  I'm
    	free at last, but I'm afraid.  What should I do now?
    -	Elias (thinking in a different site): My little child...  You must
    	build your own path.  Be brave and have a humble heart.  I must go
    	now.  I will follow the lord wishes to seek the Black Dragon.
    	Take care my child.  I'll be watching you.
    8.8) Jimmy & Sonia
    -	Jimmy : Are you ok?
    -	Sonia : Ye...  Yes...  What happened?
    -	Jimmy : Too much power to handle.  What a jerk.  The pain is still
    	the same...
    Some times later, in a cemetary...
    -	Jimmy (in front of a tombstone) : Hello baby...  It's been a long
    	time...  There are things I haven't not fixed yet.  But besides
    	that, there is something wrong and I think this is only the
    -	Sonia : So, who was she anyway?
    -	Jimmy : "She" was somebody special for me!  So keep your mouth
    -	Sonia : Sorry, but I was just asking why we are here.
    -	Jimmy : She died because of my fault...  And I must live with
    	that...  You had your vengeance!  Why are you still here?
    -	Sonia (thinking) : That was not a vengeance.  I was only returning
    	a favor.  I think I should thank you for saving me last night.
    -	Sonia : Now, what are we going to do?
    -	Jimmy : ... (He's gone)
    -	Sonia : Jimmy, you are so rude to leave a lady alone here.  Well,
    	I think the chase game starts again.  I will catch you Jimmy...
    	Ok, let's go!
    8.9) Abubo
    -	Abubo : Ha ha ha!  Abubo power is superior.  Abubo strenght is
    	greater than ridiculous mystic power.  Now Abubo will rule
    	completely this city!!!!
    Some times later, Abubo now rules over the mafia groups with force.
    -	Reporter 1 : Mr.Abubo, what do you think of the rumors that
    	connect you with the mafia??
    -	Reporter 2 : What about the rumors for political corruption that
    	surrounds your person??
    -	Abubo : No comments!
    8.10) Extra Ending
    Some times after the battle with Johann...
    -	Jimmy : What are you doing here?
    -	Billy : I need to talk with you about all this mess the Black
    	Dragon made.  Jimmy, this is important.  This is not over yet.  I
    	can feel it.  Jimmy!  Are you listening to me?
    -	Jimmy : ...
    -	Billy : I know that it hurts about what happen to Marian, but it
    	wasn't your fault.  You must forget that!
    A flash of light, and Billy is down...
    -	Jimmy : You know nothing!!  And I don't care about the Black
    -	Billy : Jimmy, please...  You need to forget her.  Wake up! I need
    	your help on this.  You can't run forever Jimmy.  Someday, the
    	Rage of the Dragon will consume you.  The spirit is to strong and
    	you feed it with hate!
    -	Jimmy : Don't worry about me little brother.  I'll be ready if
    	that's my destiny.  And for the Black Dragon, don't worry if he
    	gets in my way.  I'll take him down.
    -	Billy : You don't understand, but I wish you good luck anyway...
    SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT THE ENDINGS : In some of the endings, I tried
    to correct the text because of the bad "engrish" we are used to
    know from SNK/Playmore and Co.
    -  Maybe sometimes, I will made new sections about the Team Duplex
       attacks and other moves combinations for all the characters.
    -  Like I said before, I probably make some mistake about the names and
       the background of the characters; the controls; the combos; the names
       and the motion of the special moves.  Sometimes, I tried to translate
       the japanese names, but my japanese it's not so good.
    -  The entire story of the game and the characters  backgrounds are from
       the Evoga Entertainment site (www.evoga.com) and the Noise Factory
       site (www.noise.co.jp) and the Playmore site (www.playmore.co.jp).
       You must take a look at this site if you didn't do it already.
    -  The Basic Controls list and the Special Moves list are from the Evoga
       Entertainment site (www.evoga.com), the Noise Factory site
       (www.noise.co.jp), the NeoGeo-World Online site (change to Neo-Arcadia now), 
       (www.neo-arcadia.com), the SpekSnk site (www.speksnk.com), and finally,
       the RotD arcade cabinet itself.
    -  If you have some infos about this game or you want to contribute to
       this faq, you're welcome. Contact me to ouelletdom_n75@hotmail.com
       and you will be credited for your work. Thanks!
    10) CREDITS
    -  To Technos Japan for the creation of the Double Dragons series.
    -  To Noise Factory for making this great game about the Double Dragons
    -  To Evoga Entertainment for publishing this game and for their support
       and partnership to the great Playmore/SNK family.
    -  To Playmore/SNK for making so many good titles, especially all their
       awesome fighting games.
    -  To all the staff of NGW-Online/Neo-Arcadia, SpekSNK, MMCafe, 
       Kazuya/NeoGeoforLife, VGMuseum and company for all the fantastic pieces
       of information they gives to us, SNK and NeoGeo fans.
    -  To Kuang Liew for his info about Cassandra's Ground White Wave.
    -  To Hayato Kanzaki for all the infos and combos he gave me about Pupa
       and Pepe.  Don't forget to read his faqs about Pupa & Pepe and Jimmy
       & Sonia (available on GameFaqs).
    -  To Muhammad Ali for the general infos he gave me about Johann and the
       movelist for this boss character.
    -  To SerpentSnake for the infos he gave me about Jimmy's Heat Hurricane
       and the Team Duplex.
    -  To K'BRON, TerryBogard, Bhai and Yashiro!!! for all the great combos
       they found.  Don't forget to visit K'BRON
       site(www.geocities.com/kbronyagami), and read TerryBogard Combos faq
       (avalaible on Gamefaqs).
    -  To my friends FRK, who bought an RotD MVS board, and for helping me
       to found some combos; for his help with all the teams ending, and for
       giving me the chance to play this great game again.
    -  To my friends BRO and Rogue for sharing their passion for fighting
       games with me.
    -  To all the staff of Gamefaqs for publishing my work and for all the
       efforts they invested on this video games site.
    -  To you for reading this faq.
    Copyright (c) Wally Domey 2002.  Reproduction and translation of
    this document without my permission is strictly forbidden.
    All names and marks are proprieties of their respective owners.
    All rights reserved.

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