Review by Zylo the wolf

Reviewed: 12/11/06

A few things got fixed in Metal Slug X, but this game is still fun.

Neo-Geo was a system that had one, or two, or heck a bit to many fighting series on it. Ask someone who has a Neo-Geo or is an emulator player which is his favourite Neo-Geo game and he or she will name one fighting game, or one of the Metal Slug games.

The Metal Slug series is the most successful (and perhaps the only) run and gun series on the Neo-Geo system. There are 6 stages a lot of enemies standing in the hero's way to reach the boss of each stage. The player use one button to fire his or hers gun, one button to jump and one button to throw firebombs. On each stage there are civilians who can be rescued and will in return give the player something good (Usually a new and more powerful weapon).

General Morden is back with his army and this time he even has joined forces with aliens from an unknown planet. Lucky for our heroes Marco Rossi and Tarma Roving two new characters have joined them , the two girls Eri and Fio. While you can select which character you want to play as this time, there aren't any difference between the characters except for the looks. No unique weapon for each character or a small difference in the storyline.

A few other changes from the original Metal Slug is that there are now even more weapons to choose from, which include a laser-rifle. There are also a few more vehicles than just the metal slug. How does a camel with the same weapons like the metal slug sound? Another funny thing is that one civilian will help you once his rescued by shoot fireballs through his hands, however he leaves as soon as the hero gets hit.

Another good improvement is that the stages are now longer than in Metal Slug. However there are one thing that brings down the rating a lot. It doesn't matter how technical a game is if it's not fun to play. And while Metal Slug 2 still is fun to play, the slowdown in this game is destroying the whole gameplay. The first part of the final stage is almost unplayable, and it will cost you many lives during the whole game.

There are another version of this game called Metal Slug X, were the slowdowns have been fixed, so I suggest that you try that version instead. However, this version can still be fun to play with a friend.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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