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Mindless shooting. I'd like to think everyone can use this from time to time. Even the most hardcore RPG fan has to be able to let him or herself sit down for a few minutes with a copy of Contra or something of the like and just.. and just.. well, SHOOT for a while. In the 90's, shooting became something you do from a first person perspective. Ever since games like Wolfenstien and Doom hit the market, people have kind of forgotten about the old-school way of shooting stuff: from the side! Well, someone remembers. That someone is SNK, and god bless em, they've graced us this time.

Meet Metal Slug 2.

Like the Original.. but better. (Duh.)

I can explain this game in a heartbeat. You put in your quarter. (Or, if you're lucky enough to own a neo geo you.. well.. I don't know what you do then) You press the start button. You pick one of the four gunners. You start the level and you madly press the shoot button while running forward and aiming at anything that moves. (Don't worry, you can't kill your friends.) It's simple. It's a no-brainer. But Metal Slug 2 makes you remember why you spent so much money on Contra, or, if you're a NES guy, why the words "up up down down left right left right b a start" will forever mean "30 Lives."

First of all, I'm no expert at Neo Geo, but I can tell you this game presses its hardware to its limits. HUGE bosses, thousands of enemies... so much going on at once you can't be sure what's up or down. You shoot, and shoot, and shoot and shoot some more. You just keep shooting and grabbing stuff to get more points, while voyaging around absolutely GORGEOUS levels that are detailed with people in the background, trees or clotheslines flapping in the wind. THere's no shortage of explosions or terrorists that bleed white (or aliens that bleed green) when they die.

And of course, what would any game with a gun be without.. MORE GUNS! Metal Slug does not disappoint. There's flame throwers, heavy machine guns, rocket launchers, grenades.. all the basics, and then some. You should feel right at home. And of course, the grand kebab.. the Metal Slug. Every level has its own "Metal Slug" tank. You hop in and you take it fer a ride.. you get to shoot all kinds of blue stuff. There's camels, tanks, planes, dune buggies to ride in. There are even more little interesting things.. you can be turned into a zombie, for instance!

Teh graphics are cartoony but fun and stylish, not detracting from the gameplay a nihl. The bosses are huge. The guns are sweet. I don't know about the sound since my local arcade is pretty noisy.

But.. if you ever pass by a Neo Geo outfit.. and it's playing Metal Slug 2.. and you have a friend and a few quarters.. waste em on that machine! Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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