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"SNK's greatest contribution to the video game world."

Metal Slug 2 was released for the NEO GEO in 1998 by the SNK company. Metal Slug 2 has a strong military theme with a lot of graphic violence. One of the greatest attributes for Metal Slug 2 is the graphics, I don't think 2D graphics have ever looked better. Owning a NEO GEO and not owning a Metal Slug game is a true shame in my opinion.

Graphics 10/10
Like I said, Metal Slug 2 has some of the greatest two dimensional graphics of all time. The four main heroes are perfectly designed, and there's bound to be someone you like more then the others. The enemy soldiers and enemy machines are perfectly designed too. The backgrounds for each level are amazingly detailed. I like the way this all turned out and the games beautiful graphics really do add to the game.

Sound 9/10
Sound effects are great, especially the guns and machines. The level themes are very well put together and add to the game's military theme.

Control 10/10
With the right amount of time put towards learning the game's controls and the patterns of the enemies, it's possible to master the controls on Metal Slug 2. Everything your character can do is very responsive. Unlike the original Metal Slug, it's easy to control the special vehicles scattered around the levels.

Gameplay 10/10
The Metal Slug games have always played a lot like the classic Contra games. Because the NEO GEO is so much more powerful then the NES and SNES, Metal Slug 2 is like Contra on steroids. The main goal of the game is to advance on enemy strongholds while rescuing hostages and killing everything else. The game gets more action packed on each level. The Metal Slugs (vehicles that you find in game's levels) offer a great diversion to the standard run and gun action. My favorite part of the Metal Slug games is how if you put a lot of effort into learning the games controls, you can master the game. I used to feel it was daunting to make it to the end of the game on the measly amount of credits they give you for the console version, but now I can make it to the end with 2 credits to spare.

Metal Slug 2 is my favorite Neo Geo game. In my opinion, Metal Slug 2 is one of the greatest SNK games of all time. I can't imagine a Neo Geo owner not owning at least one of the Metal Slug games. Full recommendation to buy if you own a Neo Geo.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/27/01, Updated 12/27/01

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