Review by Ralf Loire

Reviewed: 08/18/02 | Updated: 08/18/02

It doesn't get any better than this!

I tell you... I LOVE THIS GAME!!! I wish I could play Metal Slugs 3 and 4... but I can't find the ROMs. Darn it! But what the heck! I love this game series anyways, and it doesn't seem to matter how frantic it got, it's still buku fun!

This time, in Metal Slug 2, you are able to pick from four characters. Marco and Tarma (who were originally Player 1 and Player 2 in the first Metal Slug) are now joined by two female characters, Eri and Fio. I'm not sure what the differences are in each of the 4, but I'm guessing that they're there in case you want to use someone other than Marco and Tarma. I like the female characters. =)

Once again, it's up to you (and a pal) to rescue all those lovable hostages and shoot everything that moves (and all those buildings that CAN be shot! XD). And to help you is the tank, the METAL SLUG. But this time, however, you now have a few new vehicles at your disposal, and the bosses are bigger and badder than ever. The graphics are just as amusing and detailed as always, and the gameplay is simple, yet a blast to play!

And it wouldn't be Metal Slug without those countless soldiers who attack you at every chance they get (is it me, or does General Morden, the main villian, seem to have a million of these guys?). You even get a new weapon to destroy your enemies with, the LAZER!

There are some points where the game has slowdown, however... and that can hurt the game sometimes. But that depends on how much it bugs you. Still, it could have been better if SNK didn't make it to where so many sprites, large or small, would populate the screen and slow it down so badly. Also, the game could have been a little longer, but not so much as an extra stage or two. In my humble opinion, I don't think MS really needs anymore stages. 6 is quite enough for me. =)

There are also some new animations in the game. The most amusing ones I found were in the 4th stage when your character eats too much food and s/he becomes fat, burping here and there and popping like a balloon when they die.

All in all, Metal Slug 2 is still a blast, alone or with a pal. If you loved the first Metal Slug, you'll definately love the second! Just don't let that slowdown bother you, and you'll pretty much enjoy this game for a long time. This game deserves, out of two thumbs, 4 thumbs up... now if only I knew where to get two more thumbs of my own...

Graphics - 10
Control - 9
Gameplay - 10
Sound - 9
Music - 10
Replay Value - 9

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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