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"KOF 94-97 put together in one game. Does it live up to expectations?"

Yep, KOF 98. A while ago players were really into Street Fighter II, made by Capcom(duh). However, SNK tried to put out two fighting games:Art Of Fighting and Fatal Fury(Garou Densetsu), which were released for the Neo Geo. Unfortunately players didn't like them as much as SFII.

But then, players got sick and tired of all the SFII remakes that Capcom was pushing out. Obviously, the fighting game fans had enough of this @#$%.

Then SNK released KOF 94, which I will review later. Eventually the King Of Fighters series, whose major feature was the innovative 3 on 3 gameplay, reached its fourth year. Each year, 94 to 97, added to the storyline.

However SNK took a break from storyline in 98, basically compiling all the games from 94 to 97 together. It turned out to be a good game, but not the best.

Yep, there's plenty of detail on the characters. The special effects, such as Kyo and Iori's flames when they attack, are quite cool.

Cool music, cool voices, but some characters just don't talk enough, like Rugal, who only grunts and the only thing he says is ''Ikkuzou!'' at the beginning of the round.

First, about control. There are two ways to control characters. You can play ADV, which is similar to Capcom's fighting system, or EX, which is SNK's KOF 95 system. Each has its good points and bad points. Personally I think ADV is better. Both modes use the A, B, C, and D buttons as quick and fierce punches and kicks. Standard fare controller motions are in there, but some moves have unusual motions, such as Iori's move where he keeps clawing you and ends by biting. And, ah yes, gameplay. First, don't expect any tag team here. You can't switch characters in team battle. If you want a fighting game with tag team from SNK, play Kizuna Encounter. But it's still cool how the game is set up. You have three characters, and you set an order for the characters, who goes first, second, and third. When you lose your first character, you go to second, and then to third. Lose all three, kiss your credit goodbye. And if you have the cartridge version(Which I used to review this game), there's also 1 on 1, Survivor(Which is Survival, obviously it's a bad translation), and Practice.

Replay:I'd say high, especially against another player. CPU Omega Rugal is way too cheap to expect a winning fight against.

Not the best fighting game out there, but still flawless.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/02/02, Updated 03/02/02

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