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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Aster Azul

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    Super Geon's Supercheap Strategy v92% (v.92)
    King of the Monsters 2 for Neo Geo Arcade
    31 July 2002
    (insert copyright and legal info here)
    Aster Azul (asterazul@yahoo.com)
    Best viewed in 9-point courier.
    Table of Contents
    A. Intro: Why You Might Want to Play KotM2 for Neo Geo Arcade
    B. General Tips
    C. Guide For Each Level and/or Boss
     1. Huge Frogger in American City
     2. Eifflelelyte in French City
     3. Clawhead in Grand Canyon
     4. Beetle Master in Desert
     5. Aqua Slug in Ocean (what the heck was Ocean called again?)
     6. Lavicus in Volcano
     7. Famardy and Friends in Hideout
    D. Moves List (not started)
    E. Ending Benefits
    F. Cool Colors
    G. Review (not started)
    H. Also Try
    V80%- Writing this from memory, but I do know what I'm talking about. I need to
    get the guide down and then I'll do a run through and fix errors. It's
    definitely not finished, but I'm going to turn it in so that the update will
    come sooner. That and I might not have time to work on it for another week :-(
    V90%- It's pretty much done for now.
    V92%- I added strategies for Atomic Guy.
    Check out my website which has a KotM2 Genesis manual up for download:
    ** ****
    A. Intro: Why You Might Want to Play KotM2 for Neo Geo Arcade
    Most people who would be interested in playing KotM2 would be fans of the
    Genesis version game, which is much superior in gameplay. OK, so KotM2 (Neo
    Geo) has better graphics, cool monster origins and sound, great animation,
    story, and the like. But in truth it is not a very good game. It's fun but not
    well-thought-out. Only a KotM2 fan could truly appreciate this game, so others
    are warned to leave off and play the Genesis version of this game.
    You can find King of the Monsters 2 on the internet and get it to work on a Neo
    Geo emulator. It's a lot of heck to find it, though. Try the "Top 50 Emulation
    Sites" or somesuch. I can never remember those blasted web addresses. Some of
    those sites are terribly worm-eaten with adds for pornography and other such
    corruption, but you WILL get your ROM eventually if you look around. I suggest
    the shareware Geo Mame emulator for running this. The Mac version can be found
    at www.emulation.net, a great site for Macintosh emus. If you've got a Windows,
    you're on your own!
    The King of the Monsters 2 (Genesis) ROM does not work at all as far as I can
    tell. Perhaps you can find a way to get it running, but it seems hopeless.
    KotM1 (Genesis) works fine if you can find it but KotM1 (Neo Geo Arcade)
    doesn't even have a working ROM set. Every single ROM that I've ever seen for
    it has been the same: a bunch of random misnamed files that are the wrong
    length and number for the game. If you can get it to work contact me at
    This guide shoots for about a 6 to 8 quarter strategy, which is the only
    realistic goal for a game like this. Although it is possible to reach the final
    level on one or two quarters, beating it is quite another matter.
    I played the game in "Home Version" mode on easy and normal modes. The arcade
    mode is rather similar, I'm sure, except in that you won't lose your power-ups
    when you need to switch to player 2's side. You can just put in more quarters
    Easy mode was hard, normal mode was slightly harder, and I expect that hard
    mode would be slightly harder than either. I suggest just playing through on
    easy mode. The harder difficulties are not particularly interesting.
    ** ****
    ** ****
    B. General Tips
    *Super Geon's Earthquake special move is most likely the best attack in the
    game. Get it early and use it often to defeat bosses with near perfection. Ah,
    the cheapness! It requires two power levels. Hold down the punch button to use
    it when you have two power-ups.
    *When using moves such as Earthquake, the player is invulnerable. Quite useful!
    As long as you let go of punch before an attack or bullet hits you, you will
    not be hurt.
    *Special moves are performed by holding the punch button, kick button, or jump
    button until your character really red and white, and then letting go. Learn to
    time them perfectly so that you can send them off whenever you want to. Holding
    the punch button always uses your strongest move.
    *Super Geon's Snake Fire special move is also very useful at times, especially
    for beating Lavicus at the Volcano. You can trap him in that pit.
    *Get power-ups whenever possible by destroying buildings and such.
    *When destroying buildings and enemies to get power-ups, stay off to the side.
    Although there are many powerups lying around, there are also terrible terrible
    anti-power-ups. These are EVIL. They will practically ruin your game if you're
    playing at a later level, say Lavicus's area. You should also avoid small life
    bonuses or points if you are fighting a boss or difficult enemies as your
    character will perform a dangerous "happy!" animation that leaves you open for
    *To stop a character's "happy!" animation, move left or right. This is
    incredibly useful because it allows you to bypass the animations that appear
    after you use a special move. This way you can use your special moves quickly
    and efficiently.
    *Grapples are bad. To win a grapple, continually press a punch or kick button.
    The winner of the grapple is pretty much determined at random, but favor shifts
    towards the enemy once you've performed a succesful grapple with the life you
    are on. Dying resets this and makes you more likely to win the next. Grapples
    do significant damage but are not really recommended because of their luck
    *You can destroy planes and tanks merely by jumping upscreen and downscreen
    through them. Use this to easily defeat them and destroy the nearby buildings.
    *Avoid damage at all times. Damage is very bad. Get health, avoid damage.
    Hurting enemies is basically icing on the cake, so just avoid things when
    necessary. Jumping upscreen and downscreen is often useful for doing this.
    *Flashing enemies contain power-ups. Beware! These are not always good
    power-ups! Never let a flashing enemy collide with you, as it may drop an
    anti-power-up at your feet and leave you with no power pellet abilities. This
    can happen with Lavicus's evil minions.
    *Point bonuses are useless. The scoring system in the game doesn't really add
    much to it, so I would ignore it for the most part.
    *Power-ups are always in the same exact spots. Try to remember these spots.
    *There are two areas of the game in which you fall from the sky. Practice
    "pushing the button in a timely manner when landing" in order to get an extra
    life! The timing is tricky. You press the jump button right before you hit the
    *If you are playing with a friend, decide who actually needs the power-ups in
    the clifftop wrestling match minigame rather than simply competing. You can use
    megafire to defeat your opponent.
    *In the target practice type minigames, both players should help take out
    enemies. If you are playing a solo game, take each set in stride and don't let
    anything past you. Punch slowly to avoid combos which often miss.
    ** ****
    ** ****
    C. Guide For Each Level and/or Boss
    1. Huge Frogger in American City
    Defeat Huge Frogger at a distance to avoid getting pummeled. He only takes a
    few hits at first.
    Now use your skills to avoid planes and enemies. This is fairly easy once you
    get the hang of it. You should be able to reach the end of the level with both
    power levels and a full lifebar.
    As Super Geon:
    Beating Huge Frogger at the end is not a problem. I recommend continually using
    your jump attack, which causes you to roll up into a spiky ball of pain. When
    you knock Huge Frogger over, you may want to try whacking him with your tail as
    well (it's the kick button) If you want to stick with one strategy, though,
    keep using the spiky ball on him whether he is down or up. You should win
    without losing much (if any) life.
    As Atomic Guy:
    The same strategy works fairly well. Use Guy's jump attacks, which have longer
    range than Geon's, to keep Huge Frogger of his feet. When he falls down, kick
    him. Make sure you jump attack from slightly above or below him so that you are
    out of his line of fire.
    Par: 0 lives list.
    Aster Azul's best possible: 0 lives lost.
    2. Eifflelelyte in French City
    The French city is also pretty typical. Just avoid what you can and destroy
    what you can't. Make sure to pick up any good life-ups you find in the planes
    as well
    As Geon:
    Eifflelelyte is a bit tougher. Use your kick attack to damage him from afar
    before he grows to normal size. You should then change your tack. Your best
    strategy is to knock him over using a kick or jump attack and then use a
    continuous barrage of Earthquakes to defeat him. Remember, don't charge for an
    Earthquake if Eiffelelyte is going to reach you before you can pull it off. If
    you manipulate the timing correctly, Eiffelelyte will be a cinch. Just make
    sure that you use Earthquake just as he starts to roll backwards. Next, his
    parasitic body will detach and attack you directly. Stay far enough away to be
    safe and use your Snake Fire when it comes towards you. It will split into two
    pieces, but Snake Fire will still take them out easily.
    As Guy:
    Use kick attacks until he grows to normal size. You will probably get hurt a
    bit, as Guy has much shorter range than Geon. Use continuous jump attacks to
    knock him off his feet just as you did with Huge Frogger. Then kick him while
    he's down. Using Atomic Thunder is difficult against Eifflelyte, so don't
    bother. When his parasitic head comes off, charge your Neo Geo Ray (the one
    that shoots a beam that looks like Guy's face) and blast the head with it from
    above or below it. Jump attacks work on the head fairly well, too.
    Par: Maybe 1 life lost, hopefully zero.
    Aster Azul's best possible: 0 lives lost.
    3. Claw Head in Grand Canyon
    The grand canyon can be a bit tricky to avoid in. There are some anti-power-ups
    here as well. PLEASE avoid these at all costs! It's better to lose your life
    than your power-ups! You will probably be able to destroy most of those
    flashing enemies, though, and pick up some health. The elevator with the slime
    spitting worms is tough. Do the best you can to avoid their shots with jumping,
    circular walking, and perhaps some charge attacks. You'll come out with only a
    little less than what you came in with, if all goes well.
    Watch yourself in the canyon area. There's a power up in one of the upper
    spires but an anti-power-up in another. Careful, please! You can break the
    canyon walls for kicks, but it only gives you points. It's very helpful for
    avoiding those dratted I.T.O. creatures. (Check out the downloadable manual at
    www.geocities.com/asterazul/King_of_the_Monsters_2.html for monster names). You
    can hide in the above area you create by destroying cliffside and allow the
    enemies to pass, although you can still bash them for possible small power-ups.
    For Geon:
    Claw Head is usually trouble, but I have developed a useful albeit extremely
    cheap strategy for defeating him.
    Trick Claw Head into walking into the area to the very right of the screen
    which forms a pit. Then jump onto the overhanging cliff. Now use your
    Earthquake attack from the cliff above. If everything goes well, he will be
    nearly helpless to resist! Thereby you may pound him into submission. This
    happens because he seems a little confused about getting onto the top of the
    cliff. I've gotten this to work on normal mode. I have not tried it on easy.
    If this doesn't work, focus on knocking Claw Head down and then using
    Earthquake. Avoid his evil slime attacks and the periodical I.T.O.s as well as
    you can. Try using Earthquake to avoid damage from his moves.
    Far Atomic Guy: Atomic Thunder can accomplish the same sort of cheap effect
    that Earthquake has on Claw Head. Try to learn the timing of the move and you
    will do well.
    Par: About 1 life lost in this level.
    Aster Azul's best possible: 0 lives lost.
    4. Beetle Master in Desert
    The desert can be extremely annoying at times. Your main concern is to avoid
    those evil quicksand pits that swallow you up. Sometimes you will be eaten
    immediately following going near the center, but sometimes you will be able to
    escape. What you really need to do is watch out for Shark Fins. Don't let ANY
    of them so much as touch you or you will be knocked down and drift towards the
    terrible quicksand pit of doom. If this happens, press the button as fast as
    possible to get back up and then get the heck away from that pit! Knock the
    shark fins out with your tail or punch or simply avoid them. There IS some nice
    life bonus in this area from destroying Shark Fins, but go for it at your own
    risk. You may be knocked down and trapped in that quicksand if you try to
    destroy all of the Shark Fins.
    I don't quite remember where they show up, but those floating cutter creatures
    are bad news as well. Line up and use your tail to take out all five in a row
    before they take YOU out.
    There are some P-Heads at the end of the area that shoot slime at you. Avoid
    the slime and destroy about two P-Heads per cycle but do not get damaged. If
    you can just avoid damage, do so.
    Anyway, after the P-Heads you will be sucked into a tornado. As mentioned in
    the tips, time your jump as well as possible so that you can land in on your
    feet and earn that one-up.
    After some annoying enemy fighting (P-Heads and such, be careful. Also
    cutters.) you will move onto Beetle Master. If you're low on health, try
    breaking the pyramids before you reach him so that you can pick up the health.
    Beetle Master is the last semi-easy boss. My strategy for him is to jump kick
    him over and then time my Earthquakes PERFECTLY to take him out. It is much
    easier to defeat him if you can get the timing perfect. If you get into a
    position where pulling off another Earthquake is impossible, knock him over to
    buy time. Use another Earthquake immediately afterward. After he loses over a
    third of his bar, Beetle Master splits. As long as you can keep his two clones
    coordinated, you will be in good shape. But as soon as they start to think
    independantly you are in trouble. You just have to attempt to knock them both
    over using jump attacks and such, and if you can use another Earthquake that's
    great. Otherwise all you can do is use brute force and your own brain. Remember
    that if you are in the air using an Earthquake those grabby hands from Beetle
    Master's underground grab attack can't get 'ya.
    Par: About 2 lives lost in this level.
    Aster Azul's best possible: 0 lives lost.
    5. Aqua Slug in Ocean (what the heck was Ocean called again?)
    The ocean is where things get too tricky for perfection. You just have to do
    your best.
    Keep jump attacking in order to ward off the pesky brain-sucking-jellyfish that
    descend from above. The Pujimonds you just have to avoid or destroy. Don't do a
    lot of swimming here, as those jellyfish will get you.
    Aqua Slug is one of the few bosses that I am clueless about. There is no true
    super-duper Aqua-Slug-beating strategy. Earthquake no longer works on him
    (heaven help us all!) and your other specials are likewise useless. Just do
    what you can. Attack, jump attack, heck, even GRAPPLE Aqua Slug if you can pull
    off some of them. (Especially if you have a mega-fire!) All I can do here is
    help you avoid his specials. When he throws a whirlpool or other such dangerous
    projectile, swim WAY upwards to escape. Just don't stay up there too long or
    the jellyfish will return. You can pretty much lure Aqua Slug anywhere and it
    is a big stage, so mess around if you wish. Oh, and falling into the bottomless
    pit doesn't hurt you or Aqua Slug. You can use it to avoid him sometimes.
    If you are going for a two-player strategy (which I have never done. Both
    players must be quite proficient.) this would probably be the best time for
    player 2 to switch in. By now the original player is nearly out of lives and
    could probably use some help.
    Good luck on the boss. Figure out a good strategy and let me know.
    Atomic Guy Strategy: Finally, I've figured out a way to beat Aqua Slug! If
    you're using Atomic Guy (or if you die as Geon and can continue as Guy) then
    just use your Atomic Thunder attack on Aqua Slug! Unlike Earthquake, Atomic
    Thunder is capable of hitting Aqua Slug and can be timed to give you an almost
    perfect win!!! After you knock Aqua Slug over and he starts to get out of his
    shell, let loose Atomic Thunder.
    Par: 4 lives lost in this level.
    Aster Azul's Best Possible: Gee, I dunno. I'm sure I've done pretty well here
    once or twice. Maybe 2 lives lost?
    6. Lavicus in Volcano
    Another evil boss, but not quite as unstrategic as Aqua Slug. There's no level
    before this boss. It's just straight to the fight. You can't use Earthquake or
    Atomic Thunder on Lavicus.
    Lavicus will waste you if you are not careful, but you can pull off some pretty
    good strategies if you get the boss in a groove.
    Knock down Lavicus and flame him with Snake Fire. If you have two people
    playing then it is easier to do this. One person can knock him down and the
    other can use a special move.
    The only really good strategy is to knock him into the lava pit and trap him
    with Snake Fire. If you time it correctly then he won't have a chance to escape
    and you will beat him very easily. It's hard to do this, though. Don't let any
    of the monsters he spews touch you-- sometimes they contain anti-power-ups.
    Par: 4 lives lost in this level.
    Aster Azul's Best Possible: Probably two lives.
    7. Famardy and Friends in Hideout
    Well, the terrible thing about this level is that you have to fight all of the
    bosses over again. All I can say is: Good Luck! Use the strategies I told you
    about. For Claw Head you can use Earthquake but not the cheap corner trap. For
    Lavicus you're on your own again.
    (Note: Famardy are plural. Okay, it's just a technicality, but I use it anyway.
    I say this because Famardy call themselves "us." It's basically just one boss,
    Famardy are pretty tough, but they are do-able. It will take you many lives to
    beat them, but you must accept this. I suggest using Super Geon's tail attack
    to attack him from a distance. Remember that you can attack them from above or
    below. If you lose your continue with Super Geon, then you can switch to Cyber
    Woo. Cyber Woo's kick attack is GREAT for taking out Famardy. Stand above them
    and use it continually. Put the button on megafire if you have the option.
    This level is at the point where, if you are playing the home version on
    one-player, you will run out of your four continues. When you are on player
    one's last life, switch to player 2 and save yourself! You'll have no power-ups
    but you may manage, especially if you have already reached Famardy.
    After wasting your credits on Famardy and beating them, they will split into a
    zillion little Famardies. Beating them within the time limit will earn you the
    good ending. Otherwise you'll get the bad ending. It's easier to do this on
    ** ****
    ** ****
    D. Moves List (not started)
    I'll add this in at some later date.
    ** ****
    ** ****
    E. Ending Benefits
    The good ending is much longer and more fun than the bad ending, but the bad
    ending is interesting to see at least once. Seeing the text of these endings is
    cool because you'll recognize it from the Genesis version.
    ** ****
    ** ****
    F. Cool Colors
    Each monster has three colors.
    Normal Colors (no power)
    Normal Colors (1 power)
    Normal Colors (2 power)
    Normal Colors are always available. Super Geon's super colors are switched from
    the Genesis colors. You'll also see a purple shade when you are poisoned.
    The Genesis version has over twice as many color schemes.
    ** ****
    ** ****
    G. Review (not started)
    Bah! Who needs one?
    ** ****
    ** ****
    H. Also Try
    King of the Monsters #1 - Not as good, but still fun.
    King of the Monster 2 (Genesis) - Definitely the best monster fighting game of
    all time. If you liked KotM2 (Neo Geo) you will definitely like KotM2
    (Genesis)! It is superior in so many ways! Although graphically inferior, the
    Genesis version is definitely the better game.
    Any Rampage game - These are pretty fun arcade-type monster games. Sort of an
    opposite of KotM games. Rampage is to KotM2 as King Kong is to Godzilla. Great
    game, but it gets old (unlike KotM2!)
    Someday I may expand my website to feature these games. We shall see...
    ** ****
    ** ****
    ** ****
    SNK - For making the so-so Neo Geo version of this game.
    Konami, SNK, Takara - For making the best monster game EVER! The Genesis
    rendition of King of the Monsters is probably the best monster fighting game
    ever. Better even than the arcade or SNES version. Great job, guys!
    Aster Azul - I never gave up and finished these wacky KotM2 guides.
    Silver88 of the GameFAQs message boards - Actually HELPED me get a partial
    moves list for KotM2 Genesis! What a first! Thanks, man!
    Laladien of the GameFAQs message boards - Really REALLY helped me by getting a
    complete KotM2 Genesis instruction manual for me! What a guy! Now you can read
    the manual after downloading it on the web at:
    Daneasaur of the GameFAQs message boards - Another KotM2 expert. You may see
    him on Godzilla game message boards. He was able to remember a few of those
    super secret moves! Cool! Most notably, he knew about Huge Frogger's Triple
    Super Body Slam which ISN'T in the instruction manual for KotM2 Genesis!
    LTZ - A Malaysian student who told me how to do Eifflelyte's secret move for
    KotM2 Genesis. Thanks, LTZ!
    Go beat those evil invading monsters! Go! Beat them!
         *Aster Azul*
    E-mail me if you need some help. Always glad to be of service! If you're a KotM
    fan, e-mail me and we can talk! asterazul@yahoo.com
    This document Copyright 2002 Aster Azul

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