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"Succeds were KM failed.....but also fails were KM succeded...still a better game than part one."

When King of the Monsters first appeared in arcades around the world, it almost instantly became a arcade hit, yeah I checked the numbers people! KM was a hit at least when it was in arcades! Not only was it pretty much the first Kaiju fighting game of sorts (Kaiju=Giant monsters), it was amazingly fun in two player cooperative mode, were there was a battle royal between fours monsters. Unlike the head-to-head like style of KM King of the Monsters 2 takes a new spin on the same kind of game-play, making you start off levels in a side scrolling like mode running through levels killing weak leveled enemies and destroying buidlings. While at the end of the level you come face to face with a Alien monster of some kind. Although it didn't pick up nearly as well as the first game, it did get a few good points and did farely well in arcades.

Graphics:9 Vastly improved over the first game, were the player monsters had few frames of animation and the levels had more detail put into them than the monsters themselves, The monsters in KM2 are VERY detailed having very fluid animation and tons of crazy looking effects after taking certain hits. The enemy monsters are VERY COOL looking and some have some excellent design. The backgrounds are still just as beautiful as before, only slightly improved and having more than just modern Asian cities as your battle feild. The only real beef with the game is that unlike the first KM that at least tried to be serious, KM2 is a very comical game...some of the enemies.....and levels....are just plain out funny looking, its more like playing a cartoon than actually controlling a 400ft monster.

Sound:9 Well the sound also like the graphics in KM2 is vastely improved, some of the sounds are taken right from KM only retuned to sound alot better...and they do. Also the timing of the sound effects and music is prefect, as it wasen't in the orginal.

Control:6 Compared to the simple but effective controls of KM, the controls for KM2 are lacking slightly. As some moves are very hard to pull off and winning a grapple is a living hell to actually try to pull off.

Story:6 6 years after KM only three monsters are left alive...all the others were killed in the battle for King of the Monsters...and the battle continues today....and things get a bit intresting when a bunch of nasty aliens try to take over the world that just happens to be ruled by 3 400ft monsters...but they got a few heavy weights to throw around themselves. The story is comical just like the game itself but manages to keep from being a complete flop. All three monsters have there own ending....but its not much to look at. And what is up with Astro guy throwning up a PEACE SIGN at the end!?!?

Gameplay:8 You go about through the level destorying buidlings and killing enemies until you reach the end were you go head-to-head with a alien boss monster. Unlike the orginal which had 6 playable monsters, KM2 only has three...but thats all it needs as all three of them are awesome! Super-Geon is what happened to regular Geon after a fight with Astro guy that left him half dead, he regenarated into a larger more powerful Geon. Astro guy is the only monster not changed from from the first game...he just looks alot better. Cyber Woo is the metal version of the King kong wannbe Woo from the first KM after he was killed by Geon, his brain was put into the machine and it now has a mind of its own. The amount of moves in KM2 is shamefully a little low compared to the first, 2 grapple moves for each monster, 3 basic, and 3 Super power-up moves. Put is pretty obvious that if you liked KM at all you'll enjoy KM2.

Replay value:2 ACK! Beat the game with all three monsters, and you'll never want to play it'd rather play KM if you feel like some giant monster bashing then going through this one again.

Well a Kaiju, Godzilla or a fan of KM should give it a whirl.....anyone else.....just go ahead and leave it alone its nothing new...but maybe if ya get bored ya might find it in the deepest darkest cell of your brain to give it a shoot.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/25/00, Updated 07/25/00

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