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"King of the Monsters 2- A King of Games!"

I have played this game on several systems before and just about all of them make this game EXCELLENT! I have played this game on Neo-Geo, Arcade, Super Nintendo, and an emulator version for MAME. If you don't kno what MAME is, you might need to get out more often! Anyway, I think King of the Monsters 2 is an excellent game. It only has 3 characters, but they all have strengths and weaknesses depending on which boss you are fighting or what area you are in. Atomic Guy is a fast character with a few good looking and powerful special attacks like the Atomic Blast, the Power Shock and others. Atomic Guy is fast, has poor attack power, and has good recovery skills. Cyber Woo, in the Neo-Geo version, has stats that says that he(it) has the most attack power, but I believe that that could be wrong. He is fast, fairly powerful, and has okay recovery skills. Cyber Woo has some amazing special attacks like the Mega Cannon, and the Power Fist along with some others. However, his Jumping special attack, the Flybot is pretty dumb looking, and isn't very powerful. Now, when you want to talk to me about Super Geon! NOW THAT'S a MONSTER! In MY opinion, he is the STRONGEST of them all! He has some of the COOLEST special attacks I've ever seen! Like the Fire Blast, the Power Stomp and the Horn Sword. He is not very fast, but he is VERY powerful, and has okay recovery skills. When it comes to a two-player game, MAKE SURE that somebody gets Super Geon! In a two-player battle with the bosses, Super Geon is a good choice, along with Atomic Guy. Some of the levels are quite hard, and the last two levels are the HARDEST. While in the MAME version I have, it is handy to have Free Play.

Graphics: This game has some good graphics, while not being 3-D or anything like that, looks pretty good to have a slight cartoon look to it. Some things in the Arcade and NeoGeo version, might make you sick unless you have a strong stomach, like when you attempt Super Geon's Bite in a grapple. Watch close enough, and you might catch your eye on a little bit of blood.

Control: The control is very responsive, which is good, considering the fact that you might start to sweat trying to win a grapple with a boss or another player.

Sound: I like the sound in this game. They gave it fitting sound when you, say for example, step on some houses(one of my favorite things to do). If you listen close enough, you may hear the *crunch* sound!

Difficulty: This game is difficult or easy depending on what system you play it on. In the Super NES version, the difficulty is so, so. Now in the Arcade and Neo-Geo versions, prepare to meet your match! I am a pretty good player on it, but I got whooped on the SECOND LEVEL! Not for a beginner gamer!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/10/00, Updated 05/10/00

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