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    Goro Daimon Guide by ERiggs

    Version: 1.02 | Updated: 02/08/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: EDDIE <riggs@btinternet.com>
    Date: Sat, 7 Mar 1998 09:38:39 +0000
    Created by Edwin-John Riggs esq (aka AMANO)
    Last edited on 8th of February 1998
    000 - Contents
    001 - Personal Information
    002 - Background Information
    003 - Taunts and Quotes
    004 - Direction  Shorthand
    005 - Basic Moves
    006 - Basic Command Moves
    007 - Special Command Moves
    008 - Chain Combinations
    009 - Special Move Combinations
    010 - Gameplay Stratagy
    011 - Directional Shortcuts
    012 - Throw Range Comparison
    013 - Alternative sources of Goro info
    014 - Version History
    015 - Aknowledgements
    016 - On a final note
    Personal Information
    Name - Goro Daimon
    Nationality - Japanese
    Age - 29 Years
    Birthday - 5th May 1968
    Height - 204 centimeters
    Weight - 138 kilograms
    Bloodtype - A
    Marital status - Married
    Fighting style - Judo
    Hobbies - To be one with nature
    Favourite food - Noodles (zaru soba)
    Favourite sport - Professional Judo
    Valued possessions - Geta sandles
    Hates - Computers/Technology
    Background information
    002.1 - Fighting History
    Goro has been a close companion of the Kusangi clan for what seems many
    years, so when Kyo and his high school chum of a best friend Benimaru
    decided to enter the king of fighters tournament, Goro saw it as his duty
    to accompanie them as their guardian of sorts.
    Alledgedly Goro was once a world famous bastian of the art of Judo, but
    when he felt that Judo could offer him no more, he decided he must move
    on, dissapearing from the professional industry....in time he developed
    his own techniques which complimented his vast Judo knowledge to become
    a almost omipotant close range grappler. He is a very proud traditionalist
    very conservative in his ways quiet and calm, he values his friendship
    with Kyo and Beni very highly and will not hesitate to dive in assist them
    during their time of need.
    For the King of Fighters 97 tournament, Goro pretty much like everyone
    else except Orochi, packed in the obligatory 4 variations of costume
    garments for fighting in.
    which are - A (Adv) - White trousers and wrist cuffs
              - D (Adv) - Black trousers and wrist cuffs
              - A (Ext) - Off White trousers and wrist cuffs
              - D (Ext) - Turquoise trousers and wrist cuffs
    and of course his trademark Japanese 'Red Sun' headband and Geta sandles.
    002.2 - Meaning Of Goro Daimon?. (special thanks to Chika)
    Goro Daimon - "Fifth Child of the Great Gates"
    Go  - Five
    Rou - Man
    Dai - Large/Big
    Mon - Gate
    Tradition has it that the sons are names by the order they are born in
    this makes 'Goro' the fifth son of a family.
    The name 'Daimon' usually is related to the gates of hell, which is
    commonly used in old Japanese literiture.
    Taunts and Quotes
    A firm beleiver of actions speak louder than words, he fights with pure
    aggression, hence he grunts with power, He voice seiyuu is 'Masaki Usui'
    talk about earning easy money.
    Direction  Shorthand
    QCF - Quarter Circle Forwards
    QCB - Quarter Circle Backwards
    HCF - Half Circle Forwards
    HCB - Half Circle Backwards
    DP  - Dragon Punch Motion
    RDP - Reverse Dragon Punch Motion
    Bk  - Backwards
    Fd  - Forwards
    DnFd- Diagonally Down/Forwards
    DbBk- Diagonally Down/Backwards
    UpFd- Diagonally Up/Forwards
    UpBk- Diagonally Up/Backwards
    Basic Moves
    005.1 - Generic Advanced Character Moves
    005.2 - Near Standing Moves
    005.3 - Far Standing Moves
    005.4 - Jumping Moves
    005.5 - Crouching Moves
    005.6 - CD Moves
    005.7 - Basic Command Moves
    005.8 - Basic Throws
    005.9 - The POW meter
    005.1 - Generic Advanced Character Moves
    A  - Light Punch.
    B  - Light Kick.
    C  - Heavy Punch.
    D  - Heavy Kick.
    CD - Fierce Attack.
    Fd+AB - Forwards Roll.
    Bk+AB - Backwards Roll.
    *ABC   - MAX out.
    *Fd+AB - Forwards Counter Roll.
    *Bk+AB - Backwards Counter Roll.
    *Fd+CD - Counter Attack.
    (* - requires 1 stock)
    005.2 - Near Standing Moves
    Near Standing A
    Hmmm, one of those rarely used moves, well for me at least, though Gamest
    'Technical Manual' illustrate that a standing 'A' blocked hit on a
    crouching opponant then HCB-Fd+A/C is a valid tactic, but I prefer the
    standing 'B' whiff interupt, mixed up with crouching B into DM.
    [move rating *]
    Near Standing B
    Wow, my favourite basic move, I cannot express how useful this move is
    without standing on top of the nearest chair and shouting at the top of my
    voice, it plays an intergal part in my 'okiseme' techniques and generally
    using it to combo either HCF-Fd+A/C or either DM. Not to pokey but enough
    to interupt plenty of attacks, the near standing 'B' has good range as well
    perfect for running at opponants with, and buffering either DM during the
    kick, if the opponant blocks low the 'B' will whiff, and you be GUARENTEED
    the DM (trust me, I've had a few people call that a skank tactic before
    because it's so effective).
    If they try to do something when they see you running towards them, then
    the standing 'B' more often than not will hit them out of what their
    attempting, and of course combos nicely into HCF-Fd+A/C or either DM.
    If they block high and you perform far standing 'B', the next one will
    be a far standing B which hits low, nasty huh!.
    [move rating ****]
    Near Standing C
    I seldom use this move, outside jump-in combinations, my main use for it is
    to punish opponants when they are recovering, like when Benimaru uses his
    'Raikoken', I dash after it stops and 'C' into HCB-Fd+C/DM, the 'C' comes
    out quite fast, but 'B' comes out faster and has better range.
    When I use jump in combinations I usually jump+D, stand+C.........whatever.
    [move rating **]
    Near Standing D
    Hee hee, I tend to use this move involentary fairly often when I poking
    with my far standing D and this comes out when my opponant gets too close
    to me fortunatly this also has pretty good range, I very rarely use this
    move with the intension of using it outside a combo, but in combinations I
    almost always opt for standing 'C' through habit, unless I perform a
    standing strong into DnFd+C, in which case I use the close standing D
    into DnFd+C.
    [move rating ***]
    005.3 - Far Standing Moves
    Far Standing A
    A quick forwards palm pretty standard move, that is interuptable and the
    range is pretty adequate, though the far standing A, lacks a distinct
    advantage over the far standing B, which is more deceptive a move, and the
    far standing will not interupt low hits like the standing B does which is
    very useful.
    [move rating **]
    Far Standing B
    Goro standing light kick great range, but more importantly it hits LOW and
    fast, all the hallmarks of a useful poking device, like other good light
    hit standing 'B' moves it has the ability to interupt your opponants moves
    but not jumps, which if they do, the near standing 'B' will take them out
    when their on their way up, you may want to prepare to use the DnFd+C
    after using repeated poking B's hella lot, as a lot of opponants decide
    to jump in when encountered by a formidable poking character like Terry
    Ryo, Yash, Leona, Billy etc.......
    [move rating ****]
    Far Standing C
    I have seen a fair amount of other Goro users, use this as air defence,
    which seems to work well, as Goro lurches forwards and thrusts both hands
    forward for decent reach, but personally i'm more at home with standing 'D'
    myself, so I tend not to use this move too often in light of that.
    [move rating **]
    Far Standing D
    This makes for excellent air defence, because of it tremendous reach and
    height it gains, better reach than that of his HCF+A and DnFd+C, priority
    is decent as well, I tend to use this if I can see my opponant is jumping
    in and my DnFd+C isn't going to hit.
    But my main use for this is a poking tool, when used in conjunction with
    small distance dashing, so basically Fd-Fd-D, if my opponant likes to back
    jump the range of the standing 'D' is very good, use it like you would
    Clarks's standing 'D', but Goro's is more effective, interestingly I like
    to use this as a kind of poke as well against characters who do not posess
    long range sweeps, as sometimes they decide to roll under my standing 'D'
    but I always buffer DP+B/D just in case they do decide to roll through
    which immeadiatly scoops them outta their roll, just because far 'D' into
    DP+B/D does not combo, it doesn't mean you cannot interupt into it when
    whiffed. When you trap opponants in the corner, watch out for those back
    jumps, it's advisable to hit your opponant on the way up, because the
    majority of people jump then do their...whatever on the way down, otherwise
    you risk trading hits.
    [move rating ****]
    005.4 - Jumping Moves (Up/UpFd/UpBk)
    Jumping A
    A jumping downward angled punch, I cannot say I use it much though, another
    of thosemoves that do not have as much use or are not effective as other
    moves in the same catorgory, if you do use a light hit for air-air/ground
    then I would reccommend Jumping B.
    [move rating *]
    Jumping B
    I like using this move, in the nature of light hit attacks it is quick
    to come out and in this case has good priority in air-air/ground attacks
    it's recovery time is very good when blocked, and hit opponants out of
    alot of air defense type moves like Mai's DP+B, Kyo's crouching C for
    example and if the jump B does connect you can use a command throw/DM
    straight away from the hit stun, or combo the usual stuff that you
    normally do from a jump in.
    I just mention that if you use jump in not too deep with B and buffer
    Goro's HCF-HCF+B/D DM as your landing you can tick throw opponants when
    they block the hit, this works pretty well with his HCB-HCB+A/C DM as well.
    [move rating **]
    Jumping C
    Although a reasonable jump in move in it's own right, the jumping D is that
    much better in terms of priority, downwards angle and of reach, the move
    basically entails Goro leaping through the air, forearms first which
    surround and protect his head from injury (looks kinda weird if you ask me)
    So to summerize yet another good move that's over shadowed by something
    similar that is more effective, in this case jumping D.
    [move rating *]
    Jumping D
    This is what you should be using is his main jump in, good priority in the
    air, decent range and the kick aims downwards, so if timed late it's
    possible to hit say, Ralph and Athena's crouching C (which attack level is
    very close to the floor)
    You know that decent King players use a jump in, then if the opponant is in
    the crouch block position , quickly up jump D to hit them on her accent
    this acts as an overhead (very nasty too) guess what!!!..Goro can do kinda
    the same by back jumping and immeadiatly pressing D, you can hit a
    crouching opponant, crouching right next to you, not quite as effective as
    King's technique but has it's uses.
    Though I don't encourage back jumping moves because they're cheap, I just
    quickly mention that Goro's back jumping D is able to take out Clarks
    jumping CD and Iori's jumping D, but if your skillful you will not need to
    play cheap to win.
    [move rating ****]
    005.5 - Crouching Moves
    Crouching A
    Admittedly sometimes when I occasionally panic I resort to mashing
    crouching A, which chains into itself until you push your opponant out of
    range, useful to an extent, but of more use, the crouching 'A' is comboable
    I personally use Dn+A into HCB-Fd+A/C using the shortcut method which Dn+A
    can be incorporated into, which is DnFd+A-Bk-Fd+C, just for convience sake
    DnFd+C can be chained after Dn+A to extend the combo.
    [move rating **]
    Crouching B
    This move has longer reach than the crouching 'A', but it not meant
    interuptable into anything, though it does combo nicely into either DM.
    I sometimes use this to push opponants away if i'm in the crouching
    position when I've exhausted the range of crouching A's, as the down+B is
    fairly fast and stops people retailiating close to me after 2 crouching A's
    though I prefer Dn+A, Dn+A, DnFd+C interupt QCB+B to go on the offensive
    when mixed up with near standing B it is a very potant weapon.
    [move rating ***]
    Crouching C
    A low lurching headbutting type move..! Again can be used for air defense
    yet another air defense move I hear you cry...sheesh, he needs another air
    defense move like Bill Gates needs a paper round, anyway it has it uses but
    DnFd+C does the same job which is air defense that hits very close to the
    floor. Crouching C is also interuptable but again crouching B has more
    range and is alot faster to come out and combos either DM, what more do you
    [move rating *]
    Crouching D
    Pretty decent reach of course a knockdown move and it's also interuptable,
    it gets used mainly as a set up for mind games, you know your opponants
    will AB roll to safty when you connect his Dn+D, so after the Dn+D either
    QCB+D or dash forwards as soon as you can for a running command throw or DM
    nasty stuff, it's probably better that they not AB landing roll and accept
    the HCF+C pickup instead.
    [move rating ****]
    005.6 - CD Moves.
    Standing CD
    As with alot of characters in 97 Goro's CD is slow, but is main strength
    lies in it's interuptability, which can be deceiving especially for a
    character like Goro, who can interupt a whiffed or blocked CD into a
    running grab or advancing roll, though I mainly use it for asthetically
    purposes as well as a distraction.
    [move rating ***]
    Jumping CD
    Well kinda average in air-air situations, and better suited for air-ground
    due to it's reasonable downward reach, for example it can hit Clark outta
    his standing 'D', not that I use this move much, If I do jump in it's
    almost always a jumping 'D' or 'B', and of course as with all CD attacks
    it results in a knockdown, if it sucessfuly connects.
    [move rating **]
    005.7 - Basic Command Moves
    Motion of Move - DnFd+C
    Number of hits - RUSH 1
    Japanese name  - Takara Tsubushi
    English name   - Treaure Smash
    Not content with just Standing D and HCF+A for air defense, his has
    retained his old Dn+C from KOF95, only this time it is a command move with
    pretty high priority.
    This moves takes almost everything out the air, good for using against
    people who like to jump alot with high priority air moves for example riot
    Iori's jumping D, or Clarks CD, better still it acts as a mini kinda
    launcher when opponants are caught by this in mid air, so it possible to
    register a rush 2 hit combo, by following up the DnFd+C with usually a HCF+A
    but other alternatives are available see the combo section.
    On ground level it can be used instead of standing C/D and is fully
    [move rating ****]
    Motion of Move - Fd+A
    Number of hits - RUSH 1
    Japanese name  - Zujo Barai
    English name   - Overhead Sweep
    This acts as an overhead when used at close range, and is a guarenteed
    knockdown move, no A+B rolling outta this move when it connects, it's
    properties are pretty interesting as well, it nulifies projectiles
    including Halohshokens....! but be careful as it is little slow to come
    out so practise with the timing.
    Also after a sucessful knockdown, you can follow it up with his HCF+C
    pickup. Priority against other attacks is reasonable, it trades with Riot
    Yashiro's standing CD and rush supers like Kims and Iori's.
    [move rating **]
    005.8 - Basic Throws
    Motion of Move - Fd/Bk+C
    Number of hits - RUSH 8
    Japanese name  - Juji Shime
    English name   - Crossbar Choke
    Range          - 24 dots
    He straddles his opponant (the 'crossbar choke' on Benimaru should be
    banned!!) and proceeds to strangle the life out of them, a time
    consuming throw as well, so your opponant may call for help, if the
    circumstances are right, like Joes C throw, mashing the buttons during
    the throw is normal precedure....for erm..yes, thats right to get more
    hits, your opponant will also be mashing awayrelentlessly, trying to
    get out of it.
    [move rating *]
    Motion of Move - Fd/Bk+C
    Number of hits - RUSH 1
    Japanese name  - Tsukami Tataki Tsuke
    English name   - Tossing Strike Grip
    Range          - 25-32 dots
    An amusing throw Goro picks up the opponant, dangles them upside down and,
    thrusts them forcefully into the floor, this throw is initiated when you
    are just out of range of his 'Crossbar Choke' throw hold, if you aim to use
    this throw volentarily, being able to judge distances certainly helps.
    [move rating **]
    Motion of Move - Fd/Bk+D
    Number of hits - RUSH 1
    Japanese name  - Okuri Ashi Barai
    English name   - Escorting Foot Sweep
    Range          - 40 dots
    This has very good range for a basic throw, which entails Goro tripping
    up his opponant, as good as this throw may be, I rarely use basic throws
    if i'm using a command throw based character such as Goro, the throw when
    used also switches your characters positions around from left to right or
    vice versa. (the advantages of switching sides is explained later)
    [move rating ***]
    005.9 - The POW meter (management)
    It well known that throw based characters take longer to fill the POW
    meter than, say projectile or short range special move characters like
    Kyo, so I suggest that you place Goro 2nd of 3rd in your team line up,
    if you habour such character on your team, either at the selection screen
    or the screen where you choose what order the characters will fight in
    hold down C then press A or D, this sometimes changes the nature of the
    'small face' that appears, by doing this, characters who would not usually
    pass on POW meter stocks or jump in and aid you, will help you, and pass
    on their stocks, there are a few character exceptions though.
    Okay, so you have 3 stocks, always MAX out when ever you can, and save the
    rest of your stocks for your SDM moves, HCB-HCB+A/C does 50% damage on MAX.
    Special Command Moves
    006.1 - Commands for Special Moves
    006.2 - Commands for Super Moves
    006.3 - Quick reference Interuption Table
    006.1 - Commands for Special Moves
    Motion of move - QCF+B/D
    Number of hits - RUSH 1
    Japanese name  - Nekko Gaeshi
    English name   - Root Digger
    Admittedly not the best of counters, it only counters standing basic moves
    though it has its uses, especially handy against characters that use
    alot of standing pokey moves such as Ryo's and Terry's Standing B and
    Yashiros Standing A. Though its risky using this, as your at the mercy of
    a jumping, crouching combo special move or (s)DM, so make sure you know how
    your opponant uses pokey moves before you risk using this, take note that
    people nearly always link several pokes in a row, the throw is a viable
    move, but best applied in rare circumstances.Move switches opponant from
    left to right and vice versa.
    [move rating  ***]
    Motion of Move - DP+C
    Number of hits - RUSH 0
    Japanese name  - Jirai Shin
    English name   - Mine Shaker (fake)
    If your playing against someone who knowledgeble, they'll know jumping
    towards Goro is the LAST thing they'll want to do, even if they think
    he's exposing himself, with this in mind it makes this move redundant,
    as soon as people begin to see Goro raise his hands in the air expect
    them to immeadiately assume the crouch block position. To summerize,
    against a decent challenger, leave this move well alone. or just think
    of it as another alternative for his taunt, it's just that the move is
    far to obvious use other more subtle moves for provoking opponants to
    jump like repeated crouch A's or far standing B, etc, save this move
    for the CPU.
    [move rating  *]
    Motion of Move - DP+A
    Number of hits - RUSH 1
    Japanese name  - Jirai Shin
    English name   - Mine Shaker
    Goros minelayer is of course best used when your opponant is at some
    distance, preferable just after you have floored them with a command
    grab or DM, so you'll be risking nothing by using it, and often catches
    people by suprise. if you see your opponant is using a character who's
    stratagy is based on "running away" for example Iori, Sie users will
    generally begin the round by backing into the corner and tossing out
    QCF+A/C to build their meters. With this in mind you can take them out of
    their fireball animation before they have released their fireball.
    [move rating ***]
    Motion of Move - QCB+B/D
    Number of hits - RUSH 0
    Japanese name  - Chou Ukemi
    English name   - Super Defence
    A few people have said to me what's the point of Goro having a Fd+AB roll
    and a command move roll, well the true value of Goro's QCB+B/D lies in
    it's interuptability, the B version is of considerable value, it's very
    quick, enough time to buffer whatever you want during the roll and if
    like me you play Goro offensivly, it works for you
    especially well when mixed up with HCF+C interupts, though do not overuse
    the interupt roll, as it's the element of suprise that will work in your
    favour.Also rolling by using QCB+B is a good way of building up your meter
    which cannot be done with AB rolling.
    [move rating ***]
    Motion of Move - DP+B/D
    Number of hits - RUSH 2
    Japanese name  - Chou Osoto Geri
    English name   - Super Outer Sweep
    I like this move and tend it to use it alot more than other expert Goro
    users, more than any thing I find this a move of conveience and a nice
    alternative to HCB-Fd+A/C. This is where I apply 90% of the move, well
    as have a habit of using his far standing D is a poke, this leaves my
    lower half exposed, quite a few people try to roll in and command throw
    me, as the Goro standing D is laggy when whiffed, but his
    whiffed standing D, can be interupted into DP+D which scoops people outta
    their rolls, conveiniently all on one button, I've punished more than my
    fair Clarks attempting A roll buffered DM in my time, when they've rolled
    under my Standing D.
    [move rating **]
    Motion of Move - HCF+A
    Number of hits - RUSH 1
    Japanese name  - Kumo Tsukami Nage
    English name   - Cloud Grappling Throw
    The main purpose of this move is to act as air defence, though the range
    is limiting it is ideal against an opponant attempting a jump in combo on
    you. Pretty useful when opponant is back jumping in the corner, but I
    personally prefer standing 'D', I only really tend to use this after
    DnFd+C, with opponants on ground level, it is only comboable against the
    tall characters. Also after Iori has knocked you down and you see him
    leave for the air to go for his crossup Bk+B, HCF+A as soon as you can
    which will take him out BTW beware of the sudden direction change.
    This also results in you and your opponant switching sides.
    [move rating ***]
    Motion of Move - HCF+C
    Number of hits - RUSH 1
    Japanese name  - Kirikabu Gaeshi
    English name   - Stump Digger
    Oh yes I love this move, like Clarks DP+B/D, this also has the ability
    people out of the air, as soon as they are about to land or just leave
    for a jump, but best of all is of course it's ability to pick people up
    off the floor from a knockdown move and the it's ability to throw your
    opponant out of a sweep move like for example Robert's, as the moves
    dowm in an arc, and has good range, it's a little too laggy for my
    liking when blocked, even though it does push the opponant back, and
    If it connects switches sides.
    [move rating ****]
    Motion of Move - HCB-Fd+B/D
    Number of hits - RUSH 1
    Japanese name  - Ura Nage
    English name   - Back Throw
    Running running grab type move, though Goro is left very exposed when this
    move whiffs, he runs for the grab, slides and spins around 180 deg to a
    halt, and is very vulnerable in this position, though while he is
    recovering from the whiffed running grab he is able to buffer throws, which
    can be useful if you get the conditions perfect, on occasion I have used
    standing CD on opponants going for a jump, and i interupted into HCB-Fd+B
    and ran through them just as they fall, and Goro runs just past them and
    turns around (HCB-Fd+B/D recovery) and stands virtually over his opponant
    lying on the floor, during the recovery
    time buffer either DM, preferably HCF-HCF+B/D, and it will grab them just
    as they have risen from the floor, timing is very crucial, Not as good as
    Clarks though, as the conditions with Goro are far harder to accheive.
    [move rating *]
    Motion of Move - HCB-Fd+A/C
    Number of hits - RUSH 2
    Japanese name  - Tenchi Gaeshi
    English name   - Heaven to Earth Reverser
    This should be used as his main command throw, though the range is a little
    short when compared to Clark's and Chang's main command throw, that why I
    usually combo this from near standing B which is fast and has good range,
    the the shortcut method is Fd+B-DnBk-Fd+A/C which includes the standing B.
    Though against hit based characters I tend to use run then command throw,
    kinda like how CPU Goro was in KOF96, the throw can be intergrated into
    short dash forwards which is Fd-Fd-DnBk-Fd+A/C.
    [move rating ***]
    007.2 - Commands for Super Moves
    Motion of Move - HCB-HCB+A/C
    Number of hits - RUSH 5 [DM]
                   - RUSH 10+1 [SDM]
    Japanese name  - Jigoku Gokuraku Otoshi
    English name   - Heaven to Hell Slam
    Motion of Move - HCB-HCB+A/C
    His old and trusted DM remains as good as ever, though it is overshadowed
    by the new DM (Yama no Arashi Nekko Nuki) by the simple fact that the
    range is a fair bit better and on DM level inflicts more damage if HCF+C
    is used as the final part, though the range on the 'Heaven to hell slam'
    is still pretty reasonable, like you can perform this from the standing B
    whiff and combo it from crouching B, and, An advantage that this has over
    his new DM is that if you somehow do not manage to hit all the directions
    that are required for this move to come it overlaps with his HCB-Fd+A/C,
    which is still useful unlike, messing up the motion for his new DM which
    overlaps his counter...not the best thing to do when your in
    throwing range of your opponant.
    [move rating ***]
    Motion of Move - HCF-HCF+B/D
    Number of hits - RUSH 1 [DM]
                   - RUSH 1 [SDM]
    Japanese name  - Yama no Arashi Nekko Nuki
    English name   - Mountain Storm Root Digger
    Motion of Move - HCF+B/D (Yama no Arashi Nekko Nuki DM/SDM)
    Number of hits - RUSH 1 [DM]
                   - RUSH 1 [SDM]
    Japanese name  - Zoku Kiriabu Gaeshi
    English name   - Stump Digger Continued
    Motion of Move - DP+B/D (from above Zoku Kiriabu Gaeshi DM)
    Number of hits - RUSH 1 [DM]
    Japanese name  - Zoku Tenshi Gaeshi
    English name   - Heaven to Earth Reverser Continued
    Motion of Move - DP+B/D (from above Zoku Kiriabu Gaeshi SDM)
    Number of hits - RUSH 3+1 [SDM]
    Japanese name  - Bukko Nuki-Kumo Tsukami Nage
    English name   - Uprooter-Cloud Grappling Throw
    His new multi-part super move requires you too perform 3 seperate motions
    to complete it sucessfully, at DM level, for the 3rd part, always use HCF+C
    instead of DP+B/D it does more damage, also if 3rd part is HCF+C it does
    more damage than his HCB-HCB+A/C at DM level.
    Also it has unbeleivlable range, it's almost like you can teleport your
    opponant over to your awaiting hands, so use this to your advantage.
    [move rating ****]
    007.3 - Quick reference Interuption Table
                  |   A   |   B   |   C   |   D   |  CD
    Near Standing |   X   |   X   |   X   |   X   |   X
    Far Standing  |   X   |   X   |   -   |   -   |   X
    Crouching     |   X   |   -   |   -   |   X   |   -
    Up Jump       |   -   |   -   |   -   |   -   |   -
    Fd/Bk Jump    |   -   |   -   |   -   |   -   |   -
    X = Represents interuptable move
    - = Represents non interuptable move
    Chain Combinations
    Personally I use D as my main jump in, because of the downwards angle and
    priority of the kick, but ocassionally I jump in with B, as jump B, crouch
    A, DnFd+C doesn't push your opponant as far away as say Jump D, stand D,
    DnFd+C (blocked or not).
    If you do use DnFd+D after a standing move make sure it is 'D' as it
    interupts alot easier than trying to interupt off the same button.
    Jump in -- Dn+A -- Dn+A
    Jump in -- Dn+A -- DnFd+C
    Jump in -- D -- DnFd+C
    Jump in -- Dn+C -- DnFd+C
    Special Move Combinations
    008.1 - Abbreviation Key
    RU  - Amount Of Rush Hits.
    NC  - Normal Combinations.
    CC  - Corner Combinations.
    SS  - Side Switching Move.
    DM  - Despiration Move Combinations.
    SDM - Super Despiration Move Combinations.
    OTG - Off The Ground Combinations.
    MID - Mid Air Combinations.
    BIG - Works On Big Opponants Only
    NOT - Not Technically A Combo But Still Valid To
          Be Used Because It Can Be Pretty Effective.
    INT - The Move Before Can Be Intergrated Into either special
          or DM move (for example when comboing DnFd+C into say
          HCF-Fd+A/C) You Can Use DnFd+C-Bk-Fd+A/C As A Shortcut.
    008.2 - Combinations
    [OTG][SS][RUSH 2]
    Dn+D, HCF+C
    [OTG][SS][RUSH 2]
    Fd+A, HCF+C
    [MID][RUSH 2]
    DnFd+C, Far Standing D
    [MID][RUSH 2]
    DnFd+C, Up+D
    [MID][RUSH 2]
    DnFd+C, Up/Fd+D
    [MID][SS][RUSH 2]
    DnFd+C, HCF+A
    [NC][SS][BIG][RUSH 3]
    Jumping D, Standing C, HCF+A
    [NC][SS][RUSH 3]
    Jumping D, Standing C, HCF+C
    [NC][INT][RUSH 3]
    Crouching A, HCB-Fd+A/C
    [NC][RUSH 4]
    Jumping D, Standing C, DP+B/D
    [NC][NOT][RUSH 3+1]
    Jumping D, Standing D, DnFd+C, DP+A
    [NC][NOT][INT][RUSH 3+1]
    Jumping+D, Standing D, DnFd+C, HCB-Fd+B
    [NC][INT][RUSH 4]
    Jumping D, Standing C, HCB-Fd+A/C
    [DM][INT][RUSH 6] [SDM][RUSH 11+1]
    Crouching B, HCB-HCB+A/C
    [DM][RUSH 7] [SDM][RUSH 12+1]
    Jumping D, Standing C, HCB-HCB+A/C
    [DM][RUSH 8] [SDM][RUSH 13+1]
    Jumping B, Crouching A, DnFd+C, HCB-HCB+A/C
    [DM][RUSH 5] [SDM][RUSH 7]
    Jumping D, Standing C, HCF-HCF+B/D, HCF+B/D,DP+B/D
    [DM][RUSH 5] [SDM][RUSH 5]
    Jumping D, Standing C, HCF-HCF+B/D,HCF+B/D,HCF+C
    [DM][SS][INT][RUSH 6] [SDM][RUSH 6]
    Jumping D, Standing D, DnFd+C, HCF-HCF+B/D, HCF+B/D, HCF+C
    [DM][INT][RUSH 6] [SDM][RUSH 8]
    Jumping D, Standing D, DnFd+C, HCF-HCF+B/D, HCF+B/D, DP+B/D
    General Gameplay Stratagy and Techniques
    Help your opponants into the corner.
    Goro is at his best when zones his opponants in the corner, so take note
    of which of your moves and combinations result in you and your opponant
    switching or NOT switching sides, and use them to your advantage, by
    knowing how to keep your opponant in the corner.
    Okiseme fun with near standing B whiff interupts.
    This is what I usually use in Okiseme, and a very potent weapon it is too
    when an opponant gets thrown to the floor, I immeadiatly run towards my
    opponant while he is still down. people will usually expect a Dn+D so they
    usually crouch block as soon as they begin to see a move coming toward them.
    But the special properties of Goro's near standing B are, standing B has
    pretty good range it is readily comboable into either DM, and  HCB-Fd+A/C,
    but best of all, it totally misses opponants in a crouch block, it travels
    straight over their head, and you can perform standing B whiff interupt
    into either DM. This is great because it is very deceptive.
    I cannot stress how useful a technique this is, if opponant catches on to
    your technique and stands after knockdown then near standing B is pokey
    enough to interupt what ever he tries to throw at you, and of course to
    recap standing B combos nicely into either DM. Alternativly and better
    perhaps if they are accustomed to your whiff standing B tactics,
    and stand then use crouching A/B (B is prefered) comboed into any DM.
    Other forms of okiseme.
    DP+A as soon as opponant gets up from the ground, very basic but highly
    effective and often catches a lot of people caught off guard, be sure
    not to do too close to your opponant though, as the recovery time of the
    DP+A isn't the best.
    Trap your opponants into the corner.
    I normally use this with my opponant backed in the corner, if he got any
    sense he won't go for repeated up jump buffered moves, cos Goro's standing
    D will bring his ass back down earth (remember opponants cannot air block
    moves that originate from the ground).
    When my opponant is backed in the corner, I keep repeating far standing B
    which as we all know is a low hit move, if they try to roll through the
    far standing B they will either be his out of the roll with a far standing
    B, or hit as they rise from the roll by Goro close standing B (so as soon
    as you begin to see the roll buffer his DM from B. So by repetedly using
    the poking far standing B, they will be cowering in a crouch block when
    you feel the time is right for you, quickly Fd-Fd standing B (which
    will come out as a near standing B which will whiff over their head and
    buffer HCF-HCF+B/D from the close standing B whiff, or perform a straight
    running DM, but I reccomend the standing B whiff, as if they up jump Goro's
    near standing B will also bring them back down.
    QCB+B roll interupt buffered moves.
    A fairly useful technique that often takes people by suprise when used in
    moderation,I normally interupt either near standing C or D into his 'B'
    version of the roll and basically buffer your desired throw or DM during
    the roll, there is also a small invincability window in the roll that
    allows you to pass safely through projectiles and sweeps etc, but if an
    opponant is using crouching pokes, which combo into a chain, this may
    disturb your buffered move, if they poke with hits which do not chain
    together you will get the command throw after the hit that doesn't combo
    into the next.
    QCB+D roll interupt from Dn+D
    Most good players perform A+B landing roll if they managed get hit by
    something as obvious as a Dn+D, so against experts ALWAYS interupt
    into a QCB+D instead of expecting to use your HCF+C pickup, so when
    they come out of the landing roll, you'll be right next to them, for
    your choice of command throw.
    QCB+B roll interupt from whiffed standing CD.
    I useful tactic, which I used to use lot's in KOF96 with Clark, CD whiff
    interupt into running grab, and it was only after looking at KOF97
    technical manual, that when I began using this, but anyway this is how it
    works, get near your opponant, standing just out of hitting distance range
    then stand C+D which will whiff in the air, as soon as you hit CD interupt
    it straight away with QCB+B, although it will not make contact with him
    anyway, it will serve as a distraction and will not expect the suprise roll
    which you will buffer whatever during it.
    QCB+B roll interupt from blocked near standing C/D/DnFd+C.
    I tend to use this fairly frequently, I break when my jumping and standing
    hits are both blocked and interupt the roll off my standing hit, so Jumping
    D, standing C QCB+B, or even jumping B, crouching A, DnFd+C, QCB+B as an
    alternative for rolling in there and getting your command throws in, can be
    very suprising when used in moderation, a cheeky tactic.
    UpFd+A/B buffer HCF-HCB+B/D (tick throws)
    I usually nearly always use the B version, jump in with a light hit, not to
    deep though, as you risk being command thrown, buffer the HCF-HCB+B/D while
    your travelling through th air, when you get the block hit, the buffered
    DM will automatically connect due to it ludicrously large range.
    Goro's jumping B also has the ability to eat through alot of anti-air moves
    like Mai's DP+B for example and if the jump B hits you are guarenteed the
    DM, or any command throw for that matter from the hit stun. alternativly
    use the combos you usually use from a jump in with D.
    Fighting against projectile characters
    Well there's, Fd+A everything that comes towards you, though this may be
    of tremendous comical value, ultimatly it is on the slightly risky side
    of things. Though in terms of fun factor it's up there with your Kyo
    QCF+A, nailing every projectile, but you cannot mount an offensive from
    it because the move is too slow, to roll past always use your QCB+B rolls
    as they are faster and have better recovert than the Fd+AB rolls.
    Fighting against opponants who poke
    Well against characters with good good poking ability who poke high, that
    would include Yash, Ryo and Terry, and possibly Kyo you have QCF+B/D
    counter at your disposal, but Goro's QCF+B/D only counters high attacks.
    The best way to counter a low hit poker like Billy and Leona and to a
    lesser extent another Goro user is to use your own poke which is far
    standing B, it's pretty amusing when Billy goes into his Dn+A poking
    routine and your are able to kick his stick and him him at a distance, but
    a lot of hits will trade so remember to back dash DP+A, if your opponant
    pokes relentlessy.
    Jump....Simon says Jump......
    I love a battle of wits and try too anticipate what my opponants will do
    this is made easier by me trying to entice my opponant into doing what I
    want him to do, and being able to set up the conditions where your
    opponant may risk a jump in, usually involves me exposing myself, for
    example a lot of people jump in after you perform a HCF+C that is blocked
    or repeated crouching 'A'. usually anything that involves me being in the
    crouching position, I use this to my advantage by placing exposing myself
    in those situations and entice them to jump towards me, then of course use
    DnFd+C...whatever. But it must be said DP+C is a little too obvious to
    expect them to jump, as soon as they see Goro raise his hands, expect an
    immeadiate crouch block.
    Rolling, Rolling, Rolling..
    Not many people seem to expect two or more roll in sequence, which is a
    bonus for Goro users, I mainly use Fd+AB out of range followed by QCB+B,
    this catches many people unawares, though I have used QCB+D, QCB+B in the
    past, I find that if my opponants see the QCB+D command roll he tends to
    get more suspicious and jumpy than if I use his Fd+AB roll, which is the
    run of the mill roll.
    The running man
    Running DM are very effective against opponants you usually put alot of
    pressure on I usually prefer using Goro's HCB-HCB+A/C DM because I find
    it more conveinent, though his multi-part DM has better range, remember
    to use the short cut method. Fd-Fd (hold) -- DnFd-Bk-DnFd-Bk+A/C and
    Fd,Fd (hold) -- DnBk-Fd-DnBk-Fd+B/D.The running throws are very useful
    after you have sucessfully used a crouching D, as their performing their
    AB landing roll you run up and command throw them, as soon as you are able
    to, one of my favourite throw setups.
    Dash intergrated HCF-HCF+B/D
    As well as the above running DM method this also works well, over short
    distances DnBk-Fd-Fd-DnBk-Fd+B/D which intergrates the dash into the DM,
    however I like to run at my opponants from far away run close to them
    then use the DM intergrated dash, it should look almost seemless running
    apart from when you do the DnBk motion, but that actually helps if you mix
    up dash Dn+D in your repertoir, as opponants see you crouch, may lure them
    into a defensive crouch. Although this guide is meant to cover advance mode
    it is worth noting that this works well for extra mode users as you can
    intergrate the hop into his DM as well.
    Jump+B, Crouching+A, DnFd+C, HCB-Fd+B/DP+A (Rush 3 + Running Grab/Minelayer)
    Although not technically a combination, though the first 3 parts chain
    together nicely and doesn't push your opponant out too far, and your
    opponant won't usually expect the running grab tacked on the end, even if
    the first 3-hits are blocked, your opponants is not pushed out too far,
    also many players do not suspect running grab from a DnFd+C, however if
    he/she catches on to this and repeatedly hit you out the HCB-Fd+B, mix it
    up with up with DP+A.
    Connecting Jumping D, standing D, DnFd+C, HCF-HCF+B/D
    I pretty hard combo to pull off consistantly, mainly because after the
    standing D, you have to interupt with the DnFd+C immeadiatly after, too
    late and your opponant will be pushed out too far, also after the DnFd+C
    you have to perform the DM as fast as you can too connect it or again
    pushed your opponant out too far, the speed of the DnFd+C doesn't make
    it any easier, this is how I perform it, using the DnFd+C intergrated
    method, Jump D, Stand D, use Bk-DnBk-Dn-DnFd+C-Fd-DnBk-Fd+B/D in a fluid
    motion (intergrates DnFd+C with DM)
    Jump back D hit a crouching opponant
    Explicitly cunning little move, because of the downward angle that Goro's
    standing D strikes at, you can jump in on a crouching oppoanant doesn't
    matter if the jumpin is blocked or not, then as soon as you land
    immeadiatly diagonally back jump with D and it hits crouching opponants
    as you jump back to safty, ala King style. only not quite as refined as
    her nasty technique.
    Get the hell away from me...
    What I generally use too keep opponants away from me.
    Crouching+A, Crouching+A, DnFd+C
    Crouching+A, Crouching+A, Far standing B
    Far Standing+B - Standing+D
    Far Standing+B - Far Standing+B
    Kof Technical Manual far standing B tactics.
    This is a set of tactics to counter certain situations and create
    opportunities for your self by conditioning your opponant, with
    certain set of moves, which starts with far standing B, moves for
    all situations, I shouldn't need to explain where to apply the moves
    following the far standing B, as it's pretty obvious.
    Standing B - Standing C/D
    Standing B - DP+A
    Standing B - DP+C - HCF+A/standing D
    Standing B - DP+C - Dash HCF-HCF+B/D
    Standing B - QCB+B - Throw
    Standing B - Dash DM (either)
    However say an command throw opponant is in very close proximity to you
    make certain you only you moves that chains to prevent you being command
    thrown for example if Clark is right next to you and performs his DM
    motion if you use Dn+A-Dn+B he will be able to throw you after the Dn+A
    as Dn+B doesn't chain properly however if you use Dn+A-DnFdC this will
    leave no gap in time for him to get his DM in, and you'll push him out
    of range.
    Keeping opponants at distance.
    Welp we all know that Clark, Chang, Shermie and Riot Yash have better range
    on their main throw than Goro does, so if you havn't got any stocks, it's
    best if you keep them back at some distance, as they wouldn't dare to start
    a jump in combo keep them pinned back with far standing B's and D interupt
    DP+B, just in case the roll under your standing D. watch for the pokes
    though. and remember to use far standing B into HCB-Fd+A/C as this extends
    your range.
    Directional Shortcuts
    If you happen to find performing the moves a bit on the fiddly side when
    used in intricate combinations look no further, you can use the simplified
    methods to make the moveslightly more managable, well these are the ones
    that apply to Goro.
    HCF = DnBk-Fd
    HCF = Bk-Dn-Fd
    HCF = Bk-DnFd-Fd
    HCB-Fd = DnFd-DnBk-Fd
    HCB-Fd = Fd-DnBk-Fd
    HCB-Fd = Fd-DnBk-Bk-Fd
    HCB-Fd = DnFd-Bk-Fd
    HCB-Fd = Fd-Dn-Bk-Fd
    Just reverse the HCF motions to get the HCB shortcut motions, and perform
    the HCF or HCB shortcut motions twice to get the shortcut motions for the
    DM moves. In case your interested I'll list the shortcut motions that I use
    which also happen to be the same shortcut motions that Gamest reccommend
    using, which are:
    HCF = DnBk-Fd.
    HCB = DnFd-Bk
    HCB-Fd = Fd-DnBk-Fd
    HCF-HCF = DnBk-Fd-DnBk-Fd
    HCB-HCB = DnFd-Bk-DnFd-Bk
    NG Freak 'Perfect Manual' also mention that a short Fd-Fd dash can be
    intergrated into the buffering of his 'Yama no Arashi Nekko Nuki', using
    the shortcut method and it goes like this: DnBk-Fd-Fd, DnBk-Fd + B/D
    another useful technique.
    Throw Range comparison
    Just something to compare the range of Goro throws to, the measurement of a
    characters suck in range is measured in DOTS, I'll only give a few example
    of characters worth mentioning apart from Goro, but if your interested in
    other characters throw ranges not mentioned below, feel free to mail me.
     Goro - Bk/Fd+C (N) - 24 dot            Shermie - Bk/Fd+C     - 32 dot
            Bk/Fd+C     - 32 dot                      Bk/Fd+D     - 32 dot
            Bk/Fd+D     - 40 dot                      HCF+B/D     - 32 dot
            HCB-Fd+A/C  - 32 dot                      HCF+A/C     - 42 dot
            DP+B/D      - 42 dot                      HCB-HCB+A/C - 48 dot
            HCB-HCB+A/C - 43 dot                      HCF-HCF+A/C - 46 dot
            HCF-HCF+B/D - 63 dot
                                          Riot Yash - Bk/Fd+C     - 32 dot
    Chang - Bk/Fd+C     - 40 dot                      Bk/Fd+D     - 32 dot
            Bk/Fd+D     - 40 dot                      HCF+B/D     - 32 dot
            HCF-Fd+C    - 60 dot                      HCF+A/C     - 42 dot
                                                      HCB-Fd+A/C  - 45 dot
    Clark - Bk/Fd+C     - 28 dot                      HCB-HCB+A/C - 48 dot
            Bk/Fd+D     - 28 dot                      HCF-HCF+A/C - 59 dot
            HCF+B/D     - 42 dot
            DP+B/D      - 45 dot               Mary - Bk/Fd+C     - 28 dot
            HCF+A/C     - 56 dot                      Bk/Fd+D     - 28 dot
            HCB-HCB+A/C - 48 dot                      HCF+A/C     - 32 dot
            HCF-HCF+B/D - 56 dot                      HCB-HCB+B/D - 56 dot
    So Goro has the best range with his 'Yama no Arashi Nekko Nuki' super...?
    well no, that belongs to Orochi himself, with his vacuum like DM that
    ends up with him crushing your soul, this weighs in at a formidable 66 dots.
    Alternative sources of Goro (97) information
    Book  - Gamest Mook Vol.86         Book  - Gamest Mook Vol.93
    Title - KOF97 Graphical Manual     Title - KOF97 Fighters Book
    Made  - Shinseisha Publishing      Made  - Shinseisha Publishing
    Pages - 144                        Pages - 114
    Price - 980 Yen                    Price - 980 Yen
    ISBN  - 4-88199-378-X              ISBN  - 4-88199-381-X
    Book  - Gamest Mook Vol.99         Book  - Gamest Mook Vol.117
    Title - KOF97 Technical Manual     Title - KOF94-97 Perfect Art Col.
    Made  - Shinseisha Publishing      Made  - Shinseisha Publishing
    Pages - 176                        Pages - 272
    Price - 1280 Yen                   Price - 1980 Yen
    ISBN  - 4-88199-406-9              ISBN  - 4-87465-459-X
    Book  - Neo-Geo Freak Special      Video - Gamest Video Vol.41
    Title - KOF97 Perfect Manual       Title - KOF97 Gamest Video
    Made  - Geibunsha Publishing       Price - 4800 Yen
    Pages - 192
    Price - 1650 Yen
    ISBN  - 4-87465-380-4
    Version History
    Ver. 1.01 - Unchecked version.
    Ver. 1.02 - Corrected some mistakes.
       Special thanks goes out to the following:
     - Gamest mook 86 for interuptables table.
     - Gamest mook 93 for personal information.
     - Gamest mook 99 for various techniques.
     - KOF97 'Perfect Manual' for combinations.
     - KOF mailing list for Goro air juggle.
     - Chika for Japanese word translations
     - SNK for making Goro the way he is.
     - Goodge St Casino for cheap credits.
       (though recently they put the price up)
     - Players at Namco Wonderpark for practise.
       Special no thanks goes out to the following
     - Riot of Blood Iori, Yashiro and Leona users.
     - Infinity move users.
     - Extra mode and chicken players.
    On an final note
     If there is anything you which to add or contribute or if you disagree or
     have a discrepancie with any of the listed information, then feel free to
     contact me at riggs@btinternet.com.
     Regards EDDIE
     Goro Daimon Perfect Literiture © 1998.

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