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    Kim Kapwhan by APark

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         *        *    ***  *          * *   *****  *        *          * *  !!
    **** *   **** *   *   * *     **** * *       *  *   **** *        * * *  !!
       * *      * **   ***  *     *    * *      *   *   *  * *       *  * *  !!
      *  *     *  *     *   ***   **** ***   ****** *   *  * **     *   * *  !!
     *   *    *   *   ***** *     *    * *      * ***   **** *     *  *** *  !!
     *****    *****    *    *     **** * *    * *   *    *   *    *  *  * *  !!
     *   *    *   *    *    *   ,      * *    * *   *    *   *   *    * * *
     *****    *****    ******* ,,      * *    ********   ******         * *  !!
    (The above is an ASCII representation of the Korean 'hangul' for:
      "Kim Kaphwan, Tae Kwon Man Seh!", or "Long Live Taekwondo [and]
      Kim Kaphwan!" -- taken from the banner in Kim's KoF '96 stage.)
    "If God is a fighter... it would be Kim!!!"
    This Guide is designed to help players become competitive with
    the character Kim Kaphwan in The King of Fighters '97.
    (*) Contents:
    (I.): Who is Kim Kaphwan and Why Should I Play Him?
    (II.): Basic Info, And Where To Get More Info
    (III.): Kim's Moves: Normal Moves, Command Attacks,
            and Throws
    (IV.): Kim's Special Moves and DM's
    (V.): Kim's Combos
    (VI.): Kim's General Strategy
    (VII.): Character-Specific Matchups
    (VIII.): Version History
    (IX): Credits
    (I.) Who is Kim Kaphwan, and Why Should I Play Him?
    "Kim," as he is commonly known, is a master of Taekwondo, and has
    been the Korean national champion in this martial art since his first
    appearance in Fatal Fury 2, 5 years ago (when he was 26 years old).
    Now something of a martial arts veteran at age 30, Kim is still in
    fantastic shape, and continues to take both his martial arts discipline
    and his beloved family very seriously -- he has been happily married for
    a number of years, and his two young sons are his pride and joy. The
    pure-hearted Kim is still the 'captain' of Team Korea, and continues to
    fight alongside the two vile ex-convicts he has recruited as his
    teammates: Chang Koehan and Choi Bounge -- in an attempt to
    reform them from their dastardly criminal ways.
    As a character, Kim is equipped with 5 special moves--3 of which
    require a 'charge' to perform; 2 "DM's" (Desperation, or "Super"
    Moves), both of which can be performed both in the air AND on the
    ground; and two normal move 'command attacks,' with various uses.
    Playing him competitively requires players to master the use of Kim's
    'manual' (i.e. non-charge) moves while 'holding a charge' for use at
    opportune moments, as well as mastering his unusual normal moves
    and command attacks -- a tough Kim player will focus half his
    attention on putting up a blistering offense and the other half on any
    openings or mistakes the opponent might make. Doing either of these
    successfully takes a bit of learning, much more so than a more shallow,
    easier-to-use character. In fact, at higher levels of play, Kim really
    is a 'skill character.'
    If you find any of the above to be appealing, perhaps you might
    consider trying him out on your next few teams.
    Character Name: Kim Kaphwan
    Nationality: Korean
    Martial Art: Taekwondo
    Birthdate: December 21, 1967
    Age: 30
    Height: 176 cm
    Weight: 78 kg
    Blood Type: A
    ===Special Moves:===
    -Hangetsuzan (qcb + K)
    -Hienzan (charge dwn, up + K)
    -Kuusajin (charge dwn, up + P)
    -Comet Cruncher (charge bk, fwd + K)
    -Hishokyaku (jump, qcf + K)
    ===Command Attacks:===
    -Taekwondo Dora Yup Chagi (fwd + A)
     [Korean: "Turning Side-Kick"]
    -Taekwondo Neri Chagi (fwd + B) (overhead)
     [Korean: "Descending Kick"]
    -Hououkyaku (qcb, hcf + K):
            Note: can be performed in the air and on the ground.
    -Houou Tenbukyaku (jump, qcf, hcb + K)
            Note: can be performed in the air and also buffered
            "off the ground" by: qcf, up-fwd, hcb + K.
    Extra:    A-button (Default):  Off-white with red fringes
              D-button (Alternate):  Black with red fringes
    Advanced: A-button (Default):  White with blue fringes
              D-button (Alternate):  Yellow with green fringes
    (Note: The Advanced default palette-swap is his old Fatal
      Fury 2 default palette; the Extra alternate palette-swap is his
      KoF '94/Fatal Fury 2/Real Bout Fatal Fury (sans "taeguki"
      Korean flag emblem) alternate palette; and perhaps the
      Advanced alternate colors are a reference to the national
      flag of Brazil, where SNK of South America is located.)
    ===Normal Round Introduction:==
    Kim tightens his rolled-up sleeves, and shouts: "Ikuzo!"
    (Japanese: "Let's go!")
    ===Special Round Introductions:===
    Against certain "evil" characters (Yamazaki, Iori, Billy, Orochi Iori,
    Orochi Leona and Orochi himself) Kim has a special round introduction:
    Kim stands with his back turned and arms crossed; then his eye glints,
    and he turns to his "evil" opponent and shouts "Aku wa yurusan!"
    (Japanese: "Evil is unforgiveable!")
    ===Kim's Taunt:===
    Kim grins amiably and shrugs.: "Kakatte koi yo!"
      (Japanese: "Come and fight [already]!")
    You Might Taunt When:
      -Your opponent is turtling (in which case you are inciting
       him/her to try fighting "for a change").
      -You are hammering your opponent (in which case you are
        snidely implying that you are "doing all of the fighting").
      -Time is running out and your opponent is successfully
        attempting to run out the clock (in which case you are
        expressing frustration or an honest plea).
    ===Kim's Win Poses:===
    A-button: Kim wipes the sweat from his brow, nods: "Nakanaka
        ote maede." (Japanese: "Such formidable skills!")
    You Might Use When:
      -You had a good fight, and you want to show your opponent
       a little respect.
      -You barely won, but you still won it, fair and square.
      -Your opponent was a complete turtle / pushover and the round
       was very boring/frustrating, but you have this thing for sarcasm.
    B-button: Kim turns towards the player and takes his "junbi" stance.
    You Might Use When:
      -You gave your opponent a severe beating.
      -You had a good fight [also].
      -You don't think the A- or C-win pose is quite appropriate.
      -You find the A- and C- win poses too embarrassing to use.
    C-button: Kim clenches his fist, turns towards the player, and grins.
        His teeth glint loudly.
    You Might Use When:
      -You barely won, but only because you got lucky.
      -You have been winning quite a bit, without taking much damage
       yourself (in which case you might mean: "Even after all this
       fighting, I haven't broken a sweat!").
      -You enjoy the 'audible' glint of Kim's teeth.
    ===Loss to Time-Out:===
    Kim kneels and pounds his fist on the ground. A single glittering
    tear falls from his eye.
    ===Preferred Mode: ADVANCED===
    Kim needs the ability to dash and roll in order to maneuver himself
    closer to his opponent. Though his short hop jump in Advanced Mode
    is quite high (higher than it was in '96), it's still quite useful in many
    situations. The ability to store up POW stocks is augmented by his
    ability to perform the "empty Hishokyaku"** to build up his meter, and
    helps him during play as it gives him more frequent access to SDM's;
    since Kim's DM's are readily combo-able, this gives him more
    of a competitive edge than in Extra Mode.
    **The "empty Hishokyaku," as will be described later in the guide, is
            performed by using Kim's fwd + A Turning Side Kick (which
            launches Kim in the air, allowing him to buffer it [only] into
            aerial special moves) buffered into the Hishokyaku (jump,
             qcf + K). Since the fwd + A automatically launches Kim
            in the air, he does not need to jump, and can simply do:
            fwd + A -> qcf + K. When used in this manner, the
            Hishokyaku will NEVER actually connect; however, Kim
            always lands safely and, having performed a special move,
            augments his POW meter.
    NOTE: This guide assumes general knowledge and familiarity with
     KoF '97. The KoF '97 Beginner's Reference contains a more
     in-depth description of the basics, and can be found at:
    (III.) Kim's Normal Moves, Command Attacks and Throws
    ===Normal Moves:===
    Kim's Bufferable Normal Moves:
    (An "X" indicates that the move is bufferable.)
    Button:         Standing Far    Standing Close          Low     Jumping
      A                   -                  X                X         -
      B                   -                  X                -         -
      C                   -                  X (1)            X         -
      D                   -                  -                -         -
      CD                  X                  X                N.A.      X
    -Only the first hit of Kim's 2-hit close standing C is bufferable.
    Normal moves are listed as follows:
    <Button Pressed, where it is pressed, close or far, # of hits>:
    <Description>: <what the move looks like>
    <Where to Block>: <how to block this move: High, Low or both>
    <Buffer a Charge?>: <whether or not this move 'stays out long enough'
            to hold a charge afterwards, and if so, in which direction>
    <Use>: <when, where, and how to use it>
    <Notes>: <details about the move you may need to know>
    <Usefulness>: <How useful the move is:>
            Very Useful:            [*****]
            Quite Useful:           [****]
            Marginally Useful:      [***]
            Fairly Useless:         [**]
            Nigh-Useless:           [*]
    Far standing A (1 hit):
    Description: A quick jab to the opponent's collarbone.
    Where to Block: High or Low (will whiff on small crouching characters)
    Buffer a Charge?: No
    Use: -fast, high poke at 1/2 - 1 character width away (short distances)
    Notes: -this jab is too quick to buffer a charge move; so using it usually
            means giving up a charge if you were holding one.
           -Kim reaches fairly far out when he does this jab, so if he whiffs,
            he's very vulnerable to a sweep-kick.
           -if Kim is walking forwards, this move 'overlaps' with Kim's
            fwd + A Turning Side-Kick, which is punishable if used at the
            wrong time, so be sure you're not holding the joystick forwards!
    Usefulness: Fairly Useless [**]
    Far standing B (1 hit):
    Description: A very weak-looking front kick.
    Where to Block: High or Low
    Buffer a Charge?: No
    Use: -slightly slow, mid-level poke at 1/2 character width distance.
    Notes: -a little slower than the far standing A.
           -if Kim is walking forwards, this move 'overlaps' with Kim's
            fwd + B Descending Kick, which is punishable if used at the
            wrong time, so be sure you're not holding the joystick forwards!
    Usefulness: Nigh Useless [*]
    Far standing C (1 hit):
    Description: A fairly slow side kick done with Kim's near leg.
    Where to Block: High or Low
    Buffer a Charge?: Yes (bk only)
    Use: -very slow poke, about 1/2 to 1 character width distance.
         -this kick is slow enough to store up a back-charge.
    Notes: -very slow, but decent priority; however, if overused, this
            kick will often trade hits.
           -at close range, a better choice for a poke is the far
            standing D or the low A.
           -at longer ranges, a better choice for a poke is the low D
            or fwd + A.
    Usefulness: Fairly Useless [**]
    Far standing D (1 hit):
    Description: A fairly fast, high, outward-arcing roundhouse kick.
    Where to Block: High or Low (will whiff on small crouching characters)
    Buffer a Charge?: Yes (bk only)
    Use: -A quick retaliatory hit against a small mistake.
         -A good poke up close to 1/2 character width away
         -air-defense at close range, ESPECIALLY against repeated
          short hop jump attacks (it is very useful for that!).
         -fairly decent air-defense otherwise.
    Notes: -Fast; good priority; decent damage. Somewhat short-ranged.
           -Note: if Kim whiffs, this move has lag at the end (leaving him
            vulnerable to sweeps), so use this move at fairly close range.
    Usefulness: Very Useful [*****]
    Close standing A (1 hit):
    Description: A fairly fast jab to the opponent's collarbone (Kim
            makes a 3/4-turn towards the player).
    Where to Block: High or Low
    Buffer a Charge?: Yes (bk only)
    Use: -bufferable into a special move; use at very, very close range.
    Notes: -this move is bufferable into a special; you can use it to quickly
            buffer a [blocked] special to keep pressure on your opponent.
           -this move is very weak; Kim's close standing C and low A
            (which are bufferable) are much more useful.
           -if Kim is walking forwards, this move 'overlaps' with Kim's
            fwd + A Turning Side-Kick, which is punishable if used at the
            wrong time, so be sure you're not holding the joystick forwards!
    Usefulness: Fairly Useless [**]
    Close standing B (1 hit):
    Description: A fairly fast horizontal back kick done with Kim's far leg.
    Where to Block: High or Low
    Buffer a Charge?: Yes (bk only)
    Use: -this move is bufferable into a special.
    Notes: -buffer a [blocked] special to keep pressure on your opponent.
           -this move is very weak; Kim's close standing C and low A
            (which are bufferable) are more useful.
           -this move has a little more range than his close standing A;
            so if you're slightly less than 1/2 character width away and
            you need a fast poke, use it, then buffer into a B-Hangetsuzan.
           -if Kim is walking forwards, this move 'overlaps' with Kim's
            fwd + B Descending Kick, which is punishable if used at the
            wrong time, so be sure you're not holding the joystick forwards!
    Usefulness: Marginally Useful [***]
    Close standing C (2 hit):
    Description: A fairly fast 2-hit straight kick done with Kim's near leg.
    Where to Block: High or Low
    Buffer a Charge?: Yes (bk only)
    Use: COMBOS (buffer the first hit):
            *fwd + A, Hangetsuzan (B/D); Comet Cruncher (B/D);
             Hououkyaku S/DM (B/D)
            *fwd + B (after a crossup or from behind, only)
    Notes: -This is a fairly short-ranged move; there are 3 ways to
            guarantee that it 'comes out':
            *(most common way): dash towards your opponent
            *after blocking a move that brings your opponent very close
             (e.g. Ryo's Ryuuko Ranbu), leave the joystick in the 'neutral'
             or 'back' position and press C (if you do fwd + C, you might
             do a throw attempt instead)
            *after landing a deep jump-in C/D
           -Note: only the FIRST hit of this kick is bufferable; the second
            hit comes out fairly swiftly, so you must buffer the first hit
            fairly quickly if you want to combo from it.
           -Note: Kim can only buffer a back-charge from the 1st hit of the
            close standing C if he is standing completely still and
            charging back (blocking) OR if he has done a jump-in attack;
            otherwise the 2nd hit comes out too quickly for him to charge.
           -Kim's close standing C -> fwd + A is a VERY IMPORTANT COMBO
            for him. He can follow the fwd + A with a Hououkyaku DM (if he
            has a POW stock) or an "empty" Hishokyaku (if he does not),
            which is COMPLETELY SAFE and builds up his POW meter.
          -the Comet Cruncher can really only be comboed from a jump C/D ->
            close standing C (1st hit) -> Comet Cruncher. However, you can
            use this to your advantage; each time you do a jump D -> close
            standing C, 'charge' the joystick back and watch carefully: if
            your jump D -> standing C connected, buffer the first hit
            immediately into a Comet Cruncher; if not, buffer the first hit
            into a fwd + A -> "empty" Hishokyaku.
           -Kim can also buffer the close standing C into a B-Hangetsuzan;
            this will not build up the POW meter as much as a fwd + A ->
            empty Hishokyaku, but it does a bit of block-damage and it is
            also COMPLETELY SAFE.
    Usefulness: Very Useful [*****] -- Note that this move 'overlaps' with
            the slower far standing C at a distance. However, it is still
            one of Kim's most important and powerful normal moves.
    Close Standing D (1 hit):
    Description: A fairly fast high kick done with Kim's far leg.
    Where to Block: High or Low
    Buffer a Charge?: Yes (bk only)
    Use: -A quick retaliatory hit against a small mistake.
         -air-defense against repeated short hop jump attacks.
         -somewhat decent air-defense otherwise.
    Notes: -this move is NOT bufferable, and has fairly short range.
           -this move is very similar to Kim's far standing D: fast, high,
            good for punishing small mistakes; this kick sometimes comes
            out on accident instead of his far standing D.
           -at a short distance away, it is sometimes good to punish mistakes
            with a fast standing D; however, when you are very, very
            close to your opponent, you should try a stronger combo instead.
    Usefulness: Marginally Useful [***]
    Low A:
    Description: A fairly fast kneeling jab.
    Where to Block: Low
    Buffer a Charge?: Yes (dwn-bk / dwn)
    Use: COMBOS:
            *Kuusajin (A/C); Hienzan (B/D); Hououkyaku S/DM (B/D);
             Tenbukyaku S/DM (B/D) (buffered "off the ground")
             (NOTE: though both versions of Kuusajin and Hienzan combo,
              the C-Kuusajin and D-Hienzan + Finisher do more damage.)
            *fwd + B (after a crossup or from behind, only)
         -PRESSURE TACTIC: buffer low A -> B-Hangetsuzan for
          safe block-damage
         -PRESSURE TACTIC: buffer low A -> fwd + A -> empty
          Hishokyaku for more POW meter
         -Whiff 1-2 low A's 'in air'; use the delay to buffer a charge.
    Notes: -When up close, watch carefully: if the low A hits, combo into
            a Kuusajin/Hienzan; if it is blocked, buffer into a B-Hangetsuzan
            or fwd + A -> empty Hishokyaku.
           -Note: The D-Hienzan's Finisher doesn't always combo after a
            low A; sometimes the low A connects from too far away and the
            opponent gets knocked down before the Finisher can hit.
           -Note: The C-Kuusajin -always- combos after a low A [near or far],
            but does less damage than the D-Hienzan + Finisher. Therefore to
            do the most damage, combo the C-Kuusajin from the low A from
            farther away; and the D-Hienzan + Finisher from closer up.
    Usefulness: Very Useful [*****]
    Low B (1 hit):
    Description: A very fast kneeling short kick.
    Where to Block: Low
    Buffer a Charge?: No (see Notes, below)
    Use: LINKS:
            -low B -> low B
            -low B -> low A (bufferable)
            -low B -> close standing B (bufferable, but not too useful)
         -when up close, link 1-2 low B's into a low A, then combo
          a Kuusajin/Hienzan; if the low B's -> low A were blocked,
          buffer a B-Hangetsuzan or a fwd + A -> empty Hishokyaku.
         -when up close, poke your opponents out of their moves.
         -whiff 1-2 low B's 'in air;' use the delay to buffer a charge.
    Notes: -THE LINKUPS ARE IMPORTANT; they give you
            just enough time to see if the low A connected (and what you
            should buffer the low A into).
           -this move very good priority; use it to poke your opponents out
            of their moves; but note that A COMMAND THROW WILL
            BEAT THE LOW B.
    Usefulness:  Very Useful [*****] Link to low A's, poke opponents out
            of their moves, use several to buffer a charge. Very useful.
    Low C (1 hit):
    Description: A very slow, very strange looking vertical kick.
    Where to Block: High or Low
    Buffer a Charge?: Yes (dwn-bk / dwn)
    Use: -COMBOS: (see Notes)
            *Kuusajin (A/C); Hienzan (B/D); Hangetsuzan (B/D); fwd + A
            *fwd + B (after a crossup or from behind, only)
         -air-defense: an early low C is decent air-defense, but an early
          B-Hienzan or a vertical jump C or D is more reliable
         -corner-trap: use on a cornered opponent if you think s/he will
          try to jump out; this should hit them back down.
    Notes: -bufferable, but difficult to hit with because it is so slow.
           -the hit detection seems to be located directly above Kim, though
            it does have very slight horizontal range. Too little to be practical
            as a regular ground attack (and too slow besides).
           -the most reliable way to hit with it is after a crossup jump D;
            you can follow with a fwd + B chain combo.
    Usefulness: Fairly Useless [**] -- Though this move is fairly strong
            AND bufferable, it is far too slow and has too little range
            to be used regularly.
    Low D (1 hit):
    Description: A long sweep-kick that knocks the opponent down.
    Where to Block: Low
    Buffer a Charge?: Yes (dwn-bk / dwn)
    Use: -long-ranged, low sweep kick. Good poke, too.
         -if used to follow-up a Hishokyaku, it will hit an opponent
          who does anything but block or command throw.
         -SAFE follow-up to a blocked low A (alternative to B-Hangetsuzan)
    Notes: -fairly good priority, but not as much as Kensou's.
           -has lag at the end which you can use to buffer a charge move,
            but if someone hops over your sweep, the lag will leave you
            vulnerable, so don't overuse it on a very jumpy opponent.
    Usefulness: Quite Useful [****]
    Standing CD (1 hit)
    Description: A slow, short-range forward kick that knocks down.
    Where to Block: High or Low
    Buffer a Charge?: Yes (bk only)
    Use: -pressure-tactics up close, especially on a downed opponent (press
          CD a little bit before s/he gets up to discourage a wake-up attack),
          then buffer a B-Hangetsuzan. Especially useful in the corner.
         -can sometimes outprioritize a poke or stuff a roll up close.
    Notes: -slow AND short-ranged, but bufferable.
           -if you think you may Counter your opponent, watch carefully, and
            quickly buffer a D-Hangetsuzan or D-Hououkyaku if you do!
    Usefulness: Marginally Useful [***]
    Horizontal Jump A (1 hit):
    Description: A downward-lunging jab.
    Where to Block: High
    Use: -fast air-to-air defense (vertical jump C or D is better)
         -a fairly decent jump-in tick for tick-throws.
    Notes: -no longer bufferable (used to be in KoF '96).
           -'stays out' a long time.
           -this is a poor jump-in attack in Advanced since Kim's
            short hop is much higher than it was in '96.
    Usefulness: Somewhat Useless [**]
    Horizontal Jump B (1 hit)
    Description: A weak vertical 'splits' kick.
    Where to Block: High
    Use: -fast, less reliable air-to-air defense than jump A
         -a jump-in tick to tick-throws.
    Notes: -shorter-ranged than jump A, does not 'stay out' as long either.
    Usefulness: Nigh-Useless [*]
    Horizontal Jump C (1 hit)
    Description: An upside-down swooping kick.
    Where to Block: High
    Use: -JUMP-IN COMBOS: follow with:
            *close standing C; low A; low B [-> low A]; low D;
            *close/far standing D
         -can be used as air-to-air defense if done quickly (early).
         -corner-trap: use on a cornered opponent if you think s/he will
          try to jump out; this should hit them back down.
         -fairly good as a pressure attack: short hop jump C.
    Notes: -comes out faster than the horizontal jump D.
           -less forward range than the horizontal jump D.
    Usefulness: Quite Useful [****]
    Horizontal Jump D (1 hit)
    Description: A downward-angled jump kick.
    Where to Block: High
    Use: -JUMP-IN COMBOS: follow with:
            *close standing C; low A; low B [-> low A]; low D;
            *close/far standing D
            *low C (crossup only)
         -fairly good as a pressure attack: short hop jump D.
    Notes: -Kim's best jump-in-combo move; this can even crossup!
           -poor priority otherwise; try not to use as air-to-air defense.
    Usefulness: Quite Useful [****]
    Vertical jump A (1 hit):
    Description: A downward-lunging jab.
    Where to Block: High
    Use: -possibly air-to-air defense.
    Notes: -vertical jump C & D are more reliable and damaging.
    Usefulness: Nigh-Useless [*]
    Vertical jump B (1 hit):
    Description: A weak-looking vertical 'splits' kick.
    Where to Block: High
    Use: -maybe air-to-air defense. Maybe.
    Notes: -the vertical jump A is better than this.
    Usefulness: Nigh-Useless [*]
    Vertical jump C (1 hit):
    Description: A strange-looking horizontal jump-kick.
    Where to Block: High
    Use: -air-to-air defense.
    Notes: -use fairly early as air-to-air defense
    Usefulness: Marginally Useful [***]
    Vertical Jump D (1 hit):
    Description: A strange-looking, upward-angled kick.
    Where to Block: High
    Use: -air-to-air defense
    Notes: -can be used a little late because of the upward angle.
    Usefulness: Marginally Useful [***]
    Jump CD (1 hit):
    Description: A slow, horizontal leaping kick done with Kim's near leg.
    Where to Block: High
    Use: -passable air-to-air defense.
         -pressure tactic: short hop CD -> buffer into a Hishokyaku
         -Guard Crush/Counter Juggle: jump CD -> Hououkyaku DM(!)
    Notes: -THIS MOVE CAN BE DUCKED by midsize or smaller characters.
           -THE MOVE CAN BE LOW-BLOCKED by larger characters.
    Usefulness: Marginally Useful [***]
    ===Command Attacks:===
    fwd + A -- Taekwondo Dora Yup Chagi ("Turning Side-Kick") (1 hit):
    Description: A forward hopping kick (KoF '96 far standing C).
    Where to Block: High or Low
    Buffer a Charge?: Yes (dwn-fwd only)
    Use: -COMBO into: Hououkyaku DM.
         -Buffer into: "empty" Hishokyaku.
         -a high (head-level) poke (will whiff against shorter characters).
    Notes: -fairly good priority; can stuff some normal/special moves/DM's
           -after doing this, Kim is 'in the air' -- he can buffer the
            fwd + A, but only into his 3 aerial moves: Hishokyaku,
            Hououkyaku, Houou Tenbukyaku.
           -After fwd + A, HOUOU TENBUKYAKU ALWAYS WHIFFS (don't use it).
           -After fwd + A, Hishokyaku always whiffs, but Kim lands safely.
            fwd + A -> "empty Hishokyaku" is a good way to build up POW.
           -must be buffered fairly quickly.
           -if not buffered, this move lags, leaving Kim vulnerable.
    Usefulness: Very Useful [*****]
    fwd + B -- Taekwondo Neri Chagi ("Descending Kick") (2 hits)
    Description: A fairly slow 2-hit vertical overhead axe kick
    Where to block: High (if used by itself); High or Low (if chained)
    Buffer a Charge?: Yes (dwn-fwd)
    Use: -use as an overhead to hit low-blockers -- try dashing close to your
          opponent [if s/he is low-blocking] and immediately fwd + B [s/he will
          expect a close standing C and will be low-blocking].
          This tactic can leave Kim vulnerable, so don't overuse it.
         -chain combo after low C/close standing C (1st hit)/low A
          after a crossup jump D.
         -as a chain combo, COMBO THE 2ND HIT INTO:
            *Hangetsuzan (B/D), Hououkyaku (B/D)
    Notes: -a very slow kick; vulnerable at the beginning, so don't overuse it.
           -when chained, the 2nd hit must be buffered IMMEDIATELY
            into a special move -- try to buffer a special move/DM JUST
            AS Kim connects with the 2nd hit.
    Usefulness: Marginally Useful [***]  -- An overhead, but a slow one.
            Only combos reliably from a crossup, which doesn't happen often.
    fwd or bk + C: Kubi Kiwane Otoshi ("Refined Edge-of-Neck Drop")
    Description: Kim does a "head-scissors" on his opponent.
    Use: -use when you have a throw opportunity and need to push your
          opponent backwards.
    Notes: -opponents may not recovery roll from this throw.
           -useful on cornered opponents you want to keep there.
    Usefulness: [*****] -- It's a throw.
    fwd or bk + D: Sakkyaku Nage ("Deadly Leg Throw")
    Description: A toss in the opposite direction.
    Use: -use when you have a throw opportunity and need to switch
          sides with your opponent.
    Notes: -this is Kim's old throw from Fatal Fury 2.
           -opponents may recovery roll from this throw.
           -useful for throwing opponents back into the corner,
            if they somehow escaped before.
    Usefulness: [*****] -- It's a throw that switches sides with the opponent.
    (IV.) Special Moves and DM's:
    ===Special Moves are listed in the following format:===
    Move Name: <Japanese name of move; how to do>
    Translation: "<English translation of move name>"
    # Hits Light: <[maximum] number of hits the move delivers when the
                    'light' version [A or B] is used>
    # Hits Heavy: <[maximum] number of hits the move delivers when the
                    'heavy' version [C or D] is used>
    Where to Block: <how this move can be successfully blocked,
                    either High [joystick bk] and/or Low [joystick dwn-bk]>
    Description: <what the move looks like>
    Use: <when, where, and how to use it>
    Notes: <details about the move you may need to know>
    Usefulness: <How useful the move is:>
            Very Useful:            [*****]
            Quite Useful:           [****]
            Marginally Useful:      [***]
            Fairly Useless:         [**]
            Nigh-Useless:           [*]
    -Hangetsuzan (qcb + K)
    Translation: "Half-Moon Slash"
    # of Hits Light: 3
    # of Hits Heavy: 3
    Where to Block: High or Low
    Description: A two-legged 'splits' somersault kick forwards.
            *close standing C (1st hit); fwd + B chain combo (2nd hit); low C.
         -B-Hangetsuzan has no end-lag, so it's useful as a pressure move.
         -this move can be used as air-defense; if done early, it will hit
          once and do very little damage; if done slightly 'late,' it will
          "suck in" the opponent and deliver its full damage (3 hits).
         SPECIAL NOTE: Kim has an INFINITE COMBO with his B-Hangetsuzan!
          In the corner, on a jumping opponent, do a B-Hangetsuzan. If it
          hits, it should juggle; now whiff (e.g. low A) a bufferable normal,
          and buffer immediately into another B-Hangetsuzan. Repeat.
    Notes: -The D-version is very strong, so use it in combos; however,
            it has end-lag, so try not to use it outside of combos.
           -The B-version does poor damage, so don't use it in combos;
            but it has NO end-lag if blocked, so use it for pressure.
    Usefulness: Quite Useful [****]
    -Ryusei Raku (charge bk, fwd + K)
    Translation: "Comet Cruncher"
    # of Hits Light: 1-2
    # of Hits Heavy: 1-2
    Where to Block: Low (1st hit); High or Low (2nd hit)
    Description: A sliding followed by a leaping axe kick.
            *close standing C (1st hit); fwd + B chain combo (2nd hit).
         -use as a quick counterattack to punish small mistakes.
         -use in a priority battle up close: knock your opponent out of
          any low-priority move with it.
         -air-defense from a distance: use only against jumpers who
          are not using a long-reaching jump attack (e.g. Yashiro's
          jump D).
    Notes: -as usual, there is no end-lag on this move if it is blocked.
           -the slide kick is a little slower, but it still has good priority.
           -unless it connects deeply, it usually knocks down with the
            slide kick and whiffs the axe kick.
            KIM'S LOW A, as it did in KoF '96.
            IS VULNERABLE to a fast counter-attack (e.g. Kyo's "Kusanagi
            no Ken" DM), so DO NOT OVERUSE THE COMET CRUNCHER.
    Usefulness: Quite Useful [****] -- Just don't overuse it.
    -Hienzan/Hienzan Finisher (charge dwn, up + K,
      then dwn + K [on D-Hienzan only])
            SHORTCUT MOTION for Finisher: hold dwn, tap D
    Translation: "Swift Flying Slash"
    # Hits Light: 1
    # Hits Heavy: 3 (4 with Finisher)
    Where to Block: High or Low (Finisher can be blocked High or Low)
    Description: An aerial backward somersault kick.
            *low A; low C (D-Hienzan does more damage).
         -use early as air-defense (B-Hienzan is more reliable).
         -use B-Hienzan as pushback.
    Notes: -the D-Hienzan Finisher 'flattens' the opponent; s/he may
            not recovery roll if hit by it.
           -the D-Hienzan Finisher is no longer an overhead.
           -the Hienzan isn't as high-priority as it used to be; however, it
            is still useful as air-defense if done early:
            *D-Hienzan has more reach and does more damage (use against
             jumping attacks with average priority, e.g. Chris' jump D)
            *B-Hienzan has more priority and comes out faster (use against
             jumping attacks with high priority, e.g. Yashiro's jump D).
           -to do the most damage, combo a D-Hienzan + Finisher from a close
            low A; combo a C-Kuusajin from a farther-away low A.
           -the B-Hienzan won't knock down ground opponents, but it will
            push them fairly far back; so it's safe to use if your opponent
            isn't in the corner.
    Usefulness: Quite Useful [****]
    -Kuusajin (charge dwn, up + P)
    Translation: "Sand Blaster"
    # of Hits Light: 2
    # of Hits Heavy: 3
    Where to Block: High or Low
    Description: An upwards leaping, spinning kick.
            *low A; low C (C-Kuusajin does more damage)
         -combo a farther-away connected low A (use D-Hienzan up close).
         -good air-defense, but only if done early.
    Notes: -more forward range than the Hienzan; therefore
            *it must be used a little earlier than the Hienzan as air-defense.
            *it always combos from the low A.
    Usefulness: Quite Useful [****]
    -Hishokyaku (jump, qcf + K)
    Translation: "Flying Kick"
    # of Hits Light: 4
    # of Hits Heavy: 5
    Where to Block: High
    Description: A downward barrage of kicks.
    Use: -A good aerial attack, bufferable from a jump CD.
         -after a fwd + A, buffer an "empty Hishokyaku;" this WILL NOT
          HIT the opponent, but lands SAFELY and builds up POW.
         -Hishokyaku -> low D "trap": if the opponent blocks the Hishokyaku
          and tries to do anything other than block or command throw, s/he
          will get hit by the low D.
         -can be used as a combo starter, e.g. Hishokyaku -> low B -> low A.
    Notes: -this move now has A LITTLE STARTUP LAG.
           -this move still has NO END LAG.
           -Kim follows a predefined angle on the Hishokyaku:
            *B-Hishokyaku: ~ 30 degrees vertically downward
             (Goes down at a steep angle; use up close!)
            *D-Hishokyaku: ~ 45 degrees vertically downward
             (Goes down at a shallower angle but comes down
             a bit faster; can be used from a distance.)
     Usefulness: Quite Useful [****] -- The startup lag now makes this
            move very obvious, but no less useful.
    -Hououkyaku (qcb, hcf + K or jump, qcb hcf + K)
            SHORTCUT MOTION: dwn, n, hcf + K or
              jump, dwn, n, hcf + K
    Translation: "Phoenix Kick"
    # of Hits Light: 12 (DM), 18 (SDM)
    # of Hits Heavy: 12 (DM), 18 (SDM)
    Where to Block: High or Low
    Description: A forward leap followed by many kicks.
            DM version: Kim ends the Hououkyaku with 2 Hienzans
            SDM version Kim ends the Hououkyaku with
                    a Kuusajin, a D-Hienzan and Finisher(!)
            *low A, low C, close standing C (1st hit), fwd + A;
             fwd + B chain combo (2nd hit).
         -this DM is invulnerable at the very beginning; so you can use it as:
            *air-defense: from a short distance (like Iori's Maiden Masher DM)
            *air-to-air: against another jumper(!)
         -you can also use this move to surprise opponents by jumping past
          them (as though crossing up) and doing it in the opposite direction!
    Notes: -this is Kim's old Fatal Fury 2 DM.
           -when blocked, this DM makes Kim leap forward and do several
            blocked kicks, dealing some block damage, but leaving Kim
            vulnerable to a MAX roll or CD counter while he is hitting.
           -note that when this move is blocked, it has very little end-lag.
    Usefulness: Very Useful [*****] -- The more powerful and versatile
            of Kim's DM's.
    -Houou Tenbukyaku (jump qcf, hcb + K or qcf, up-fwd, hcb + K)
            SHORTCUT MOTION: jump, dwn, hcb + K or
              dwn, up-fwd, hcb + K
     Translation "Phoenix Heaven Dance Kick"
     # of Hits, Light: 12 (DM), 22 (SDM)
     # of Hits, Heavy: 12 (DM), 22 (SDM)
    Where to Block: High
    Description: A downward leap followed by several mid-air flip-kicks.
            DM: Ends with a single Kuusajin kickaway.
            SDM: Ends with the full C-Kuusajin.
            *low A.
         -outprioritize an opponent below you, either in air or on the ground.
          In this way, it is similar to Leona's V-Slasher DM; however, it
          comes out a little slower, so should be used with caution.
         -you can also use this move to surprise opponents by jumping past
          them (as though crossing up) and doing it in the opposite direction!
           -good priority at the startup.
           -B-Tenbukyaku descends vertically at ~ 30 degree angle.
           -D-Tenbukyaku descends vertically at ~ 60 degree angle.
           -Tenbukyaku does less damage than Hououkyaku
            BOTH as a DM and as an SDM.
      Usefulness: Marginally Useful [***] -- This move might look cool, but
            is simply not as versatile or as damaging as Hououkyaku.
    (IV.) Kim Combos
    Moves listed in brackets are optional and need not be used in order
    to make the combo work.
    ===Jump-in Combos: Begin with a deep Jump D, Jump C or Hishokyaku:===
    -[low B ->] [low B ->] low A, Kuusajin (A/C)
    -[low B ->] [low B ->] low A, Hienzan (B/D) [-> Finisher]
    -[low B-> ] [low B ->] low A, Tenbukyaku (D)
    -[low B-> ] [low B ->] low A, Hououkyaku (D)
    ===Begin with deep Jump D or Jump C:===
    -Close standing C (1st hit) -> Comet Cruncher (B/D)
    -Close standing C (1st hit) -> Hangetsuzan (B/D)
    -Close standing C (1st hit) -> Hououkyaku (B/D)
    -Close standing C (1st hit) -> fwd + A -> Houokyaku (B/D)
    -Close/Far standing D
    -Low D
    ===Crossup Combos: After a crossup jump D, Kim can do all of the
            above combos, as well as:===
    -Close standing C (1st hit) -> fwd + B (2nd hit) -> Hangetsuzan (B/D)
    -Low A                      -> fwd + B (2nd hit) -> Hangetsuzan (B/D)
    -Low C                      -> fwd + B (2nd hit) -> Hangetsuzan (B/D)
    -Close standing C (1st hit) -> fwd + B (2nd hit) -> Hououkyaku (B/D)
    -Low A                      -> fwd + B (2nd hit) -> Hououkyaku (B/D)
    -Low C                      -> fwd + B (2nd hit) -> Hououkyaku (B/D)
    -Low C -> fwd + A -> Hououkyaku (B/D)
    ===Ground Combos: These are combos started from the ground
            (i.e. without a jump-in):===
    -[low B ->] [low B ->] low A, Kuusajin (A/C)
    -[low B ->] [low B ->] low A, Hienzan (B/D) [-> Finisher]
    -[low B-> ] [low B ->] low A, Tenbukyaku (D)
    -[low B-> ] [low B ->] low A, Hououkyaku (D)
    -Close standing C (1st hit) -> Hangetsuzan (B/D)
    -Close standing C (1st hit) -> Comet Cruncher (B/D)
    -Close standing C (1st hit) -> fwd + A -> Houokyaku (B/D)
    ===Hishokyaku juggles:===
    (Kim can juggle his opponents with certain moves if he hits his opponent
     with a Hishokyaku WHILE THE OPPONENT IS ALSO IN THE AIR.):
    Try juggling with:
     -Hienzan (B/D)
     -Kuusajin (A/C)
     -Jump CD
    ===Normal Move Linkups:===
    -low B -> low A
    -low B -> Close standing B
    (VI.): Kim's General Strategy
    Kim has always been erroneously known (to the ignorant) as a turtle
    character (except for KoF '96, when he actually was a turtle character).
    Though Kim certainly has quite a few defensive tools in '97, he really is
    a poor turtle at best; since none of his moves have autoguards and most
    of his moves deliver very little damage on their own as singular
    counterattacks. Kim is best played extremely aggressively, with all of
    his many moves used in concert.
    ===Getting in Close:===
    Always try to get in close to your opponent by using attacks that advance
    Kim forwards. To this end, Kim can attack in a variety of ways: from a
    distance, normal and hop jump D's and normal/hop jump CD's buffered
    into Hishokyakus (the D-Hishokyaku, when buffered from the jump CD,
    will just barely touch your opponent) can get you in close; from a shorter
    distance, use hop jump D's and C's against standing or crouching opponents
    or short hop CD's buffered into Hishokyakus against standing opponents;
    on the ground, use the B-Hangetsuzan and the fwd + A -> empty
    Hishokyaku (the Comet Cruncher is also an excellent means of gaining
    ground, but should be used sparingly as it can leave Kim vulnerable if
    blocked); if you can get in clearly, a dash-in close standing C is ideal
    [chain into fwd + A, then buffer an empty Hishokyaku or combo a
     Hououkyaku, if you've got a POW stock].
    ===When in Close:===
    When in close, vary your game but keep the heat on. Kim has a mildly
    effective high/low game interchanging short hop C's and D's, low B's
    and fwd + B's; don't rely on this game too much (as it may leave you
    vulnerable), but use it every so often to keep your opponent on his/her
    toes. When in close, keep Kim's standing C -> fwd + A and low A +
    Hienzan/Kuusajin combos in mind, and do your best to maintain a dwn-bk
    charge while using low D's and low A's [buffered into B-Hangetsuzans /
    or fwd + A -> empty Hishokyakus / or followed by low D's] to poke
    at a blocking opponent; if up very close [in the corner, especially], make
    use of Kim's standing CD buffered into a safe B-Hangetsuzan as well.
    Keep half your thoughts occupied with possible attacks you might use,
    and the other half focused on your opponent; watch his/her legs and be
    ready to outprioritize his/her vulnerable normals and specials with the
    high-priority D-Comet Cruncher [or the faster B-version]. Punish smaller
    mistakes up close with a Comet Cruncher or standing D; punish larger
    ones with a low A -> Hienzan/Kuusajin/Hououkyaku combo or a close
    standing C -> fwd + A -> Hououkyaku/empty Hishokyaku.
    ===Defend Yourself:===
    In the unlikely event that you may need to look to your own defense,
    remember that at point-blank range, Kim's low B is probably his most
    useful normal move, as it is fast and has excellent priority for poking
    opponents out of their moves; a B-Hangetsuzan and B-Hienzan are also
    useful for gaining breathing space. At a farther distance, you might
    consider using B- or even D-Hienzans, Kuusajins, vertical jump C's and
    D's as air-defense and low D's as pokes/pushbacks. However, the most
    frequent distance at which Kim may need to defend himself [usually
    against fleeing, poking opponents] is about 1-2 character-widths away;
    at this distance, make good use of his far standing D -- this move comes
    out fast, and has very good range and excellent priority. This will stop
    a short-hopper cold and poke many opponents out of normals and
    certain specials. At this distance you may also want to make use of
    Kim's low D and his B-Hienzan, which unfortunately tends to push
    grounded opponents extremely far back.
    ===Keep Your Eye on the POW Meter:===
    A completely aggressive Kim can build up POW meter very quickly,
    since several of his moves, when used correctly, can be done more or
    less safely (fwd + A -> empty Hishokyaku; [low A ->] B-Hangetsuzan;
    [short hop] jump Hishokyaku). However, Kim really does need to
    perform DM's and DM combos to stay competitive, since his regular
    special move combos don't deliver all that much damage. When possible,
    save 2 stocks and ABC POW explode so that you can perform an SDM
    [Kim's close standing C (1st hit) -> fwd + A -> Hououkyaku SDM
     does about 70-75% damage; if begun with a jump D, this combo will
     do about 80% damage!]. However, if this is not possible [i.e. an
     opportunity presents itself before you can POW explode], do not hesitate
     to go for the DM -- either a Hououkyaku in the form of a combo or
     Tenbukyaku as an air-to-air or air-to-ground assault. Don't forget that
     Kim's Hououkyaku can be used in the air as air-to-air defense as well!
    (VII.) Character-Specific Matchups: The following are generally Kim's
            toughest opponents. Though you should nearly always be on the
            offensive and always have some sort of attack planned next, you
            may want to be extra careful when you are up against:
    -Kyo: Be careful here. Kyo's autoguard moves can really give Kim a
            hard time. If possible, stick to the ground; if you must
            jump, try to use up-close hops, otherwise he'll simply
            autoguard you out of the air with his Oniyaki uppercut. In
            this fight, it is crucial that you get in close and stay close;
            if possible, try to keep him on the defensive and occupy
            him with pushing you away, rather than unleashing his own
            offense (once he starts attacking with his autoguard moves,
            you may be in trouble). Keep him on the ground with standing
            D's and Hangetsuzans. One last thing: use the Comet Cruncher
            ONLY if you are assured of a hit; if Kyo blocks the slide kick,
            he will be able to easily punish you with his Oniyaki, or his
            "Kusanagi no Ken" (qcf x 2 + P) DM!
    -Benimaru: Another very tough opponent. Benimaru has a very powerful
            air-defense, so jumping in on him from any sort of distance is
            more or less out of the question (you may get away with some
            point-blank hop-jumps). Try to keep close to him and absolutely
            smother him. Use fwd + A's buffered into empty Hishokyakus
            to close distance and keep him in the corner. Punish a blocked
            Shinkuu Katategoma with a D-Hououkyaku.
    -Goro: Though it might not seem obvious, this is a very difficult fight
            for Kim; possibly his most difficult. Kim's speed, his fwd + A
            and his [air] DM's are probably what make him most dangerous
            as a character; Goro's reversals, high-priority air-defense and
            command throws can counter all of these. Goro can shut down
            a jumper very easily, either with his Cloud Tosser throw or his
            dwn-fwd + C command attack (or his dwn-fwd + C comboed
            into his Cloud Tosser!) -- these will easily stop Kim's jump D
            and his Hishokyaku (remember that Kim has a rather high short
            hop in Advanced Mode) and often trades hits with his DM's,
            leaving both characters slightly damaged [and Kim without a
            POW stock]. A smart Goro player will nearly always be watching
            for this, so stick to the ground at any sort of distance. All
            things considered, you've got two options here; try to play
            offensively or go on the defensive and turtle up. If you're
            planning to attack, stay close to Goro [since he has quite a
            defensive advantage at a distance with the Cloud Tosser,
            the Reversals and the sweep-countering Stump Throw ] and
            watch his every move extremely carefully. Take advantage of
            every opening. However, if you do decide to turtle up instead,
            simply wait and let him come to you; watch for a mistake and
            capitalize on it. In both cases, if you see Goro's legs at all
            vulnerable (after low-blocking a Minelayer or high-blocking his
            fwd + A overhead) Comet Cruncher him immediately; if he
            makes any sort of mistake, don't hesitate to hit him with a
            Hououkyaku (comboed from a fwd + A, a low A, or on its
            own). Don't do the same thing twice in a row, either; Goro
            will usually guess you the second time and counter you.
    -Terry: Another one of Kim's tougher opponents. Terry's far standing B
            is faster and longer-ranged than any normal Kim has, and can
            cause trouble when Kim is trying to advance. If Terry is poking
            at you with far B's, low-block until you are out of range (you
            should be charging dwn-bk), then retaliate with a low D or a
            Comet Cruncher; or, if you see an opening, your own far
            standing D (try to buffer a back-charge afterwards just in case;
            if you don't see a Comet Cruncher opening afterwards, try a low
            D or a fwd + A poke). Another very underestimated move of
            Terry's is his Power Wave, which has huge range horizontally
            and vertically. At a distance, the Power Wave will stop just
            about any of Kim's moves cold. The best way to beat Terry is
            to get in close and hammer him into submission; if you let him
            push you back, you'll have a much harder time of it (as Terry
            will then get the chance to counterattack).
    -Joe: Some of the smarter Joe players out there realize that his best
            weapon is probably his A-Hurricane Upper; as such you'll
            probably see more of this move than you might care to. Block
            the Hurricane Uppers while charging a Comet Cruncher and,
            if you think Joe will throw 2 consective Hurricanes, use a
            Comet Cruncher or low D to punch through the first just as it is
            dissipating; you'll hit Joe out of the second (most likely knocking
            him down), allowing you to escape any nasty corner-trap you
            may be stuck in. Though Joe has a tough offense, he doesn't have
            all that much in the way of defense; therefore you must make sure
            that as soon as you shut down his Hurricane Upper trap that you
            gain ground on him. Use hop jump D's to keep him pinned to the
            ground and be ready with an air-defense Hangetsuzan if you think
            Joe will try to escape with a Golden Heel.
    Kensou: One tough little guy -- in some ways he's just a faster Kyo
            with a faster sweep (and all the autoguards). Kensou's low
            D is extremely highly prioritized and can cleanly stop a Comet
            Cruncher(!); so don't throw it out randomly unless you're sure
            it will hit (a good time to use it up-close is if Kensou attempts
            to push you back with a bufferable normal buffered into a
            Chokyuudan projectile; or if you react quickly enough to hit
            him out of his extremely slow [but powerful] standing CD).
            Because of Kensou's autoguard moves, jumping in from any
            sort of distance really isn't a viable option, so Kim should try
            to stay on the ground. Watch Kensou very carefully; if you
            think you see a sweep coming, hop over it with a fwd + A; if
            you think you see one of his elbow attacks [hcf + P] coming,
            do not flinch; block the entire thing and punish him afterwards.
    Mai: This is one opponent you simply must smother. If Kim gives Mai
            just an inch's worth of breathing space, she will do her Fan
            Dance (fwd, dwn, dwn-fwd + P), which will outprioritize most
            of his moves and [more importantly] push him back. Once you
            are in close, be wary of her low C, which still is as fast and
            long-ranged as ever; when used at a distance, her low C will
            outreach and outprioritize Kim's low B's (which are useful to
            keep her from Fan Dancing); she will then certainly hit you and
            combo a C-Fan Dance for a cool 25% damage(!). However, if
            you make sure to back Mai in the corner (or near it) and not
            allow her much space to retreat (to use her high-priority back-
            jump D), you should be able to win. If you feel you can anticipate
            the next low C, hop jump straight up into a D-Tenbukyaku.
            NOTE: when blocking Mai's Fan Dance, do not hesitate to use
            a MAX roll or CD counter; Kim can very easily afford to spend
            POW stocks (since he can build them up cheaply enough), but
            he can't afford to take upwards of 10% block-damage!
    Mary: Mary is a tough opponent because Kim must be as relentless as
            ever but extremely careful, because one mistake can lead to very
            serious damage. Be sure to watch her every move carefully;
            especially if she tries to hit you with a reversal. If you're on
            your toes and mix up hop jump D's, low B's/A's, wisely-placed
            Comet Crunchers and walk-up/tick-throws, you should be able
            to fake Mary out every time (and never be hit by a reversal). If
            you find yourself getting too close against an overly defensive
            Mary, push back a bit with a low A buffered into a B-Hangetsuzan
            or a low D; if you wind up too close she'll command throw you
            for sure. Also, since Mary has any number of tricks up her sleeve
            (not the least of which is the massively damaging Splash Rose
            DM -> M. Snatcher juggle), Mary players will often be looking
            for openings to land big combos and may sit still briefly. If you
            do catch a Mary player snoozing, walk up and throw her!
    Yamazaki: This fight nearly always turns into a cat-and-mouse game; as
            Yamazaki will invariably fold under Kim's pressure tactics and
            try to play keepaway games with his Snake Arms and occasionally
            anticipate you with a Sadomazo reversal or Guillotine DM as air-
            defense. Stick to him. Don't let him get far, and up close, use
            low B's to poke him out of whatever it is he is doing. Though
            Yamazaki hasn't got as strong an air-defense game as Benimaru
            or Kensou might have, he can still Snake Arm you out of the air
            or use his back-jump C. Some smarter Yamazaki players will also
            craftily 'allow' you to jump in on them, and immediately perform
            the Sadomazo in hopes of counterhitting you, so if you do get a
            jump-in opportunity, jump forwards and input the appropriate
            attack button [e.g. jump D], but pull back on the joystick and
            don't immediately follow-up when you land; if Yamazaki does
            try the Sadomazo, Kim will trigger the counterhit, land, and
            block it, leaving Yamazaki vulnerable to a quick low B -> low
            A -> Kuusajin combo. If far away, you might consider dashing
            and rolling in close instead; if you anticipate a Snake Arm from
            a close distance, you might try a Comet Cruncher to slide
            underneath, instead.
    Billy: Surprisingly (or perhaps not) Billy can give Kim quite a bit of
            trouble, since his long-range low A's and his high-priority
            uppercut can be very effective at keeping Kim at bay. In cases
            like these you may try using fwd + A to get in close, or backing
            up a bit and performing a Comet Cruncher to slide under and
            get in close.. At best, you may be able to anticipate a poking
            Billy's next attack and jump directly into a Tenbukyaku. If you
            are at a distance, don't jump in too often; his air-defense is
            clearly inferior to Benimaru's or Kensou's, but it's still quite
            good; if you are going to jump, look for openings first, and
            jump with caution [use a jump D, but pull back on the stick], as
            Billy may "allow" you to jump-in and perform the Dragon Rave
            reversal immediately (the counterhit can be blocked "on
            anticipation" like Yamazaki's Sadomazo, above). Once you are
            in close, the match should probably be yours.
    Yashiro: Yashiro's strongest and most effective special move is easily
            his Upper Duel (fwd, dwn, dwn-fwd + P); this move will thwart
            any poorly-timed jump-in, as well as most mid-level attacks (like
            the fwd + A!). Smart Yashiro players will be anticipating any
            jump-ins and pokes. Kim should therefore try to vary up his
            game and be as unpredictable as possible; keep in mind that a
            Upper Duel-happy Yashiro's legs are nearly always vulnerable;
            so try to set up traps (hopping vertically upward, walking or
            dashing forward, then stopping short or rolling behind) that will
            fool Yashiro into whiffing his Upper Duel; punish him quickly
            with a Comet Cruncher or a dash-in combo. In fact, a good
            strategy is to stay on the ground for much of the match and
            worry Yashiro with low D's and low A's buffered into
            B-Hangetsuzans; then, when he isn't expecting it, do a
            hop-jump or fwd +A. If you can keep Yashiro guessing
            while attacking him continuously, he will probably wind up
            relying mostly on Upper Duel and normal move pokes in
            hopes of knocking you down and getting some breathing
            space; this can be thwarted by some smart trapping and a
            quick counterattack with a Comet Cruncher. Be sure to keep
            the heat on him, however; if he starts attacking you and gets in
            a few close standing D (an overhead kick that is bufferable!)
            combos, Kim will be in bad shape, if not dead (so when up
            close to an attacking Yashiro, it's best to always block high).
    -Robert: An annoying opponent, to be sure. Robert tends to function
            best at short distances of about 1-2 character widths to 1/2
            screen length. If you can break through this zone and get in
            close, you shouldn't have many problems; however, if he
            pushes you back, be prepared for a lot of Hien Senpuu
            Kyaku. If you can possibly try to anticipate one of these, hit
            Robert with an early C-Kuusajin or a normal vertical jump CD
            or Tenbukyaku; otherwise, block it. Never, ever try to Comet
            Cruncher or back-roll against a HSK; you'll invariably get hit.
            Another of Robert's favorite tactics at this distance is to poke
            you with a low D or far standing D, anticipate a jump-in, and
            perform an early Ryuuga uppercut, which will stop just about
            any jump attack. Note that the HSK often stops jump attacks
            as well (though it tends to trade hits more often) so use jump-ins
            cautiously at this distance. Oh yes, don't be afraid to MAX roll
            or CD counter if you are getting corner trapped; just get out of
            there and start up a new offense.
    Iori: Make no mistake, Iori is still a very strong character, and his
            many options (including his extremely fast ground projectile,
            which hits slide-kicking Kims) can make fighting him at a
            distance difficult. His C-button Oniyaki uppercut is still
            extremely good, but his A-version is very poor now -- use
            this to your advantage by putting some serious pressure on
            him when you do get close -- Iori can no longer do his
            A-uppercut whenever he likes (as he could in '96), as it has
            far less priority and does not knock down grounded opponents
            (hit him with a D-Comet Cruncher or a Hououkyaku if he
            makes this mistake). Many Iori players will not like to take
            the risk of performing the high-jumping C-uppercut up close
            either -- so once you're in, don't let him out. When trying to
            break through his ranged defenses, make sure you use the
            B-Hangetsuzan as a pressure move on the ground, and
            cancel every fwd + A into an empty Hishokyaku, because
            if you land too closely to him after a laggy move, there's no
            reason why he won't Scum Gale command throw you and
            hit you with a strong combo. This is especially true after
            knocking Iori down; a Iori who is just getting up can very
            easily wakeup Scum Gale a careless opponent. Also: Iori
            has one of the best pushback games in '97: his far standing
            D is an excellent, fast poke; his full-screen projectiles come
            out extremely quickly, his standing CD is still quite fast, and
            his Deadly Flower sliding punches will send you flying. If you're
            having trouble getting in close, be patient; rely on far standing
            D's; fwd + A -> empty Hishokyaku from maximal distance;
            and low D's to counter his poking game until you can knock
            him down and get in close. As with Kyo, only use the Comet
            Cruncher on an assured hit; otherwise you will get hit by Iori's
            3-hit C-button uppercut...or his Maiden Masher DM.
    (VIII.) Version History:
            v.0.10: Completed 12:03 P.M. Thursday 20 November 1997
            Several embarassing typographical errors corrected. A bit of
            new info (jumping past Hououkyaku/Tenbukyaku) added.
            v.0.00: Completed 11:19 P.M. Monday 17 November 1997
            Initial version of the Guide; contains complete list/guide of Kim's
                    Normal/Special Moves; several Combos; General and
                    Character-Specific Strategy
    (IX.) Credits:
    -The KoF Mailing List: kof-ml@umich.edu
     For various info from a mailing list full of
     KoF enthusiasts
    -Greg Kasavin: shrike@slip.net
     For correction of some embarrassing errors and several formatting
     tips. Greg's webpage, the Mega Shock, is located at:
    -Tony Wedd: miku@camtech.net.au
     For correction of the remainder or the embarrassing errors, and
     for setting a Guide-writing precedent with his Leona Guide:
    -Kao Megura: cgfm2@hooked.net
     For several names and translations
     taken from his KoF '97 FAQ at:
    -Matt Hall: Kensou@aol.com /  Kensou@ix.netcom.com
     For Kim's infinite and more. Matt's KoF '97 Combo FAQ can
     be found at:
    -Olivier: fj891558@er.uquam.ca
     For the Hishokyaku juggles, and more
    -Chikaku Jennifer Ishikawa ("Chika"): iorin@aol.com
     For Kim's vital statistics and some translations from her page:
    -Takuma: takuma@pacific.net.sg
     For the inspirational quote. Takuma's fine KoF page is at:
    -The UC Berkeley "Underground" Campus Arcade
     For actually getting KoF '97. Bravo!
    -SNK Corp.
     For turning out an excellent fighting game, KoF '97.
             Please remember that this guide is intended for
             entertainment purposes only, and is therefore to be
             distributed freely--the only cost incurred should be
             the price of reproduction (making photocopies).
             It is also my property and if part or all of it is
             to be used in any way shape or form, proper
             credit must be given.
            Thanks again, and enjoy KoF '97!
            -EX Andy (asp@uclink2.berkeley.edu)
            End of Guide v.0.00 Copyright 1997 Andrew S. Park aka EX Andy
            Kim Kaphwan, KoF '97 are trademarks of SNK Corp, Copyright 1997

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