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    100% Combo Guide by BKim

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                                 King of Fighters 97
                                    May  22, 1999
                                      version 1
                               ***  100% COMBOS  ***
    Table of contents
    1. Intro
    2. Q/A     Y?     i don't know  ^(^    ^_^    ^)^
    3. Combos
    4. Final words
    5. Credits
    1.  Intro
    King of Fighters 97 has 100 % combos.  This is a faq explaining and teaching
    those who whishes to know them...  some are hard some are easy.  You might
    already know them, but here they are.
    There isn't 100% combo for everybody, at least not to my knowledge.  Some of
    them are imposible and only works in theory.
    Q: Do you really need 100%s
    A: yes/no 
       no because you should rely on other things as well to be to be ... ???
       yes you do need it.  Especially when you are facing a tough player and
       you wait for the chance and execute and presto instant victory.
    Q: It's 1999 why are you writing writing 97 faq?
    A: Good question.  I don't know.  I wish I knew but I don't...  Actually
       That is a stupid question.  It's 1999 Why are you reading 97 faq?
       Actually it's for people who still plays 97 on personal console.
    Q: Do you have any KoF playable Consoles?
    A: Nope. I wish I did. If you're selling, I might be interested if the price
       is right.  Well,  then again who know how far away you are.
    Q: How'd you learn these 100% combos?
    A: Through videos provided by friend(s)
    Q: Any more questions?
    A: ???
    Characters with 100 combos
    Athena (works in theory)
    Blue Mary (easiest of them all)
    Chang (easy but hard)
    Choi (hard but possible)
    Iori(Some what in the Corner)
    King (Corner)
    Kyo (not too hard)
    Orochi Chris (easier than Kyo's)
    Orochi Shermie (Similar but slightly different from Athena's)
    Ralph (simple but hard)
    Robert (Corner)
    Shingo (doesn't always work)
    Orochi Yashiro's 
    (possible to escape but hard when well timed.)
    not really a combo. 
    qcb    -  quarter circle backwards    down, back
    qcf    -  quarter circle forwards     down, fwd
    hcb    -  half circle backwards       fwd, down, back
    hcf    -  half circle forwards        back, down, fwd 
    dp     -  dragon punch    uppercut    fwd, down, down-fwd
    rdp    -  reverse dragon punch   back, down, down-back
    requirements:  Two gems  one for Charge (ABC)  other for SDM
    Athena's 100% is impossible because it requires your opponent to be running
    away from you.  This combo only works if your opponent wanted to be killed
    by the combo.  This is not very practical at all to be a 100% combo but the
    psycho ball can be taken out for a heavy damaging combo.
    First make your opponent run away from you.  To do this have your opponent
    run towards you non stop.  You jump over your opponent.  Now your opponent
    is running away from you on the edge of the screen but not going anywhere.
    You shoot a fire ball (psycho ball) qcb A and run forward.  Because of the 
    running you and your opponent must have chosen Advanced.  Running forward 
    will give your opponent space to run towards the corner.  When your opponent
    reaches the corner and still continues to run, high jump forward before the 
    psycho ball hits your opponent. 
                                      Jump D, C,  hcf A/C, hcb B,  SDM (hcb x2)
    Blue Mary
    requirements:  Two gems  one for Charge (ABC)  other for SDM
    Blue Mary's 100% is very simple and useful.  Anyone who can execute a DM can
    do it.   Total of 32 hits   (I think)  it can be done any where.
    Jump attack is not required in order for the combo to work but without it,
    it might not be 100% 
    Start with a jump C/D, C (two hits), fwd A, SDM (qcf hcb A/C) When mary does
    her spinning arm thingy at the end prepare to do Mary Snatcher (dp B) then
    while still in the air (dp B) again for the grab.  Mary will land on the 
    ground first.  Without delay execute the move.
    *extra* you can do her special grab back breaker (hcf A/C) then Mary snatcher
            (dp B while in air dp B again)
    requirements:  Three gems  one for Charge (ABC)  others for two consecutive
                    Supers.   opponent near or at corner
    I never got this to work.  One must know how to control Chang's Combo SDM
    finish.  The SDM must end with a front kick  ( don't know )  when he kicks
    the opponent quickly do the heven to hell drop SDM.  He will hit on the way
    up and on the way down for complete kill.
    the combo SDM (qcf hcb A/C), then the belly flop SDM (qcf x2 A/C)
    requirements:  Two gems  one for Charge (ABC)  other for SDM
                    Cornered opponent
    I couldn't understand how this worked until the end of 98.  ^_^
    It's mainly because Choi's flying drill must connect with the CD attack
    I didn't know you could do the move using down (hold 2 sec.) up B/D.  This
    move when executed makes Choi leap to the end of the screen (either end).
    This is the part I couldn't figure out until end of 98...  if you just press
    the button B/D he will leap to one side and just drop down, but if you hold
    the button B/D he will leap and when he reaches the wall he will do the drill
    claw move  for up to 4 hits without touching the floor.
    **note**  same rule applies for Mai Shiranui's air dive attack
    To execute this combo one must be charged up (ABC) jump towards opponent and
    hold down (first part of off-wall flying drill attack).  Before reaching the
    ground execute CD attack.  Just as you land quickly execute off-wall flying
    drill attack up with B/D (second part of off-wall frying dill attack).  When
    the opponent gets hit with the claw press B/D again for the second hit and
    press it again for the third and forth.  When the opponent is hit by the 
    claw for the forth time you should be close to the ground, just as you land
    do the combo SDM and presto they're dead.  Number of hits?  can't remember
    more than 28 hits I think.
    *note* as long as you catch them with off-wall or non off-wall frying dill
    attack for four consecutive hits you should be able to connect the combo
    requirements:  Two gems one for Charge (ABC)  other for SDM
                   opponent must be a step or two away from corner
    This isn't really difficult as long as you can do his reverse kick (jump 
    forward hold back and B) you must jump over your opponent and kick the back
    of his/her neck.  They must be step or two away from the corner because you
    have to corner yourself.  There are two ways of doing this.  One is done as
    written above the other is that as long as you corner yourself  it's fine.
    You can, in the corner, jump back and press D for the jump kick, C, special
    grab that grabs the opponent pushes him/her to the other side (hcf A/C), C
    again, special grab again (hcf A/C), C again, then crazy SDM.  As written
    above, the reversal kick can also be used.  All it is, is that reversal kick
    is replaced by jump D.  Use either of them which ever is more comfortable.
    requirements:  Two gems one for Charge (ABC)  other for SDM
                   opponent must be in corner
    This is pretty simple like Blue Mary's 100% but requires you to move a bit
    faster.  And this restricts you to a corner combo.  This is 28 hits.  
    SDM and air juggle.  Quite similar to Blue Mary's.
    First of all jump kick  Jump D, then D (one hit not two) then SDM  Silent
    Flash (qcb x2 B/D) then lastly after the final blow which takes your opponent
    way up in the air Tornado Kick (hcb D).  I suppose you should time this last
    special move, maybe... or don't delay and execute right away.  Your choice.  
    I personally don't think it matters.
    About that one hit business.  You must cancel the second hit by doing the
    SDM Silent Flash.
    Kyo  97 ver. not 94
    requirements:  Same thing  2 gems  1 4 max other 4 SDM,  and opponent in
    This combo is similar to Orochi Chris' 100% since their SDM is the same or
    almost the same.  O. Chris doen't go on fire.  This one isn't hard but it's 
    a bit more complex than O. Chris' but it is reletivly easy.
    Jump C/D, C/D, double kick (qcf D D), fire punch (qcf A), body flame shot
    SDM (qcb hcf A/C) little bit of holding the button may be necessary for more
    intensive burning.
    After the double kick the fire punch needs to be well timed.  The fire punch
    not only adds another hit it also brings closer to your opponent.  After the
    fire punch the SDM should burn your opponent back up with Kyo's body heat
    you should let go of the button just as soon as your opponent reaches their
    max height.  If you let go to early ???   If you let go to late you miss
    the super that should kill fry cook whatever your opponent.
    Orochi Chris
    requirements:  Same as Kyo  should be sweep distance away from opponent
                   Leona's sweep range more or less  in the corner
    This combo is similar to Kyo's 100% since their SDM is the same or almost the
    same.  Kyo goes on fire.  This one isn't hard and it's a bit more simple than
    Kyo's  overall relatively easy.
    This one starts off with a fire ball (qcf A/C), forward A, burning combo
    (hcf A/C),  finger flame shot SDM (qcb hcf A/C).
    The fire ball is the important part you wont be able to do fwd A until fire-
    ball hits three times.  Distance is required for the fireball because Orochi
    Chris steps forward when he shoots it out.  The hardest part of this combo
    is getting the fireball to hit.  I usually do a standard combo get the fire-
    ball connected.  Jump D, C, fwd A, fireball.  Some people tries to escape the
    fireball and gets caught in it.  If they block the fireball,  repeat the
    process over until they do.  They can escape however by CD counter (which 
    uses up a gem or in extra the whole meter), rolling, counter rolling (which
    also uses up a gem or meter in extra mode), or doing special move in the 
    split second they have (literally).
    Orochi Shermie
    requirements:  Same as everyone eles  away from corners
    This is next to impossible because of the chance of you pulling this one off
    is better than performing Athena's.  The reason for you actually pulling this
    off is if your opponent let you or he/she was preoccupied.
    From somewhere away from corners stand right in front of your opponent.  Do
    her lightning kiss (qcf B),  quickly press C, fwd B (two hits), lightning 
    fist SDM.  Lightning kiss can be done by qcf any button A,B,C or D.  They
    control the distance of the lightning ball.  A is the closest and D sends it
    far.  I think you can still do the combo without the lightning kiss.  The 
    hard part should be connecting SDM with the two hit flip kick.  Otherwise
    they're easy enough.  Other than the lightning kiss part of course.
    requirements:  Same as everyone else.  not too close to opponent
    This is the most simple yet still has troubles concerning the practicality of
    the SDM.  Yes, the SDM.  That is the 100% one hit omega punch insta death
    touch of death move or whatever you want to call it.  This SDM is the most
    powerful of them all one hit will take up at least 75%.  It will do more
    damage if it hits as a counter hit.  (i.e. when your opponent is doing a move
    and gets hit during the move)  for example  Chang is spinning his ball around
    you charge up and do the fatal punch SDM (qcf x2 A/C) insta kill.  It should
    kill.  Some characters will be extreamly hard to get because of their height.
    Such as Chin Gentai and Choi Bun Gae.  The only way is to get them while they
    are in air so that the punch will actually hit them.For some reason, some
    characters have more life than others.  Example.  Orochi can take more damage
    than other characters.
    requirements:  Same as everyone else.  corner
    This is pretty easy to perform.  This combo starts off the same as Robert's
    normal combos.  
    Jump C/D, C, fwd B, multi kick SDM.  All you have to do is that and it's all
    over.  It need's to be in the corner because after the forward B Robert is
    slightly pushed back and the SDM doesn't have too much starting range unlike
    his DM in which he just flings up with his kicks forward but his SDM starts
    off with some kicks before he launches up.  You can, however, do the combo
    with his DM and doesn't require the corner,  of course it's not going to be
    100% but hey it's a combo.
    requirements:  Same as Chang's.    3 gems
    This is very similar to Chang's.  This is where the term super cancel comes
    in.  Most people already know or should know that Shingo's Shoulder charge
    SDM (SDM not DM) (qcf x2 A/C) can be canceled into a Special move or another
    SDM.  I really like this one because the super cancel can be applied whether
    or not the opponent blocks or gets hit.  When Shingo gets ready for his
    shoulder charge SDM the opponent has 3 choices.
    1.  Get hit
    2.  Block
    3.  Dodge (by either jumping or rolling or hitting him out of it)
    If your opponent chooses 1...  Do I need to explain?  Obviously your opponent
    needs special attention.   Anyway, just as it hits you can do his punching 
    SDM (qcb hcf A/C).  For the complete 100% combo.  If you are a bit slow the
    shoulder will send him/her up and the punching SDM will only hit them twice,
    more or less.
    If your opponent chooses 2  he/she's either new to the game or he/she forgot
    about the whole ordeal.  Why?  Elementry my dear...  reader.  Shingo's SDM
    can super cancel remember?  His shoulder charge SDM (qcf x2 A/C) is so
    powerful it shatters the opponent's defences for a second.  Just as it
    touches the opponent do another SDM.  Either one is fine.  Your opponent will
    be in a position where he/she can't block.  If you choose to do another
    shoulder charge SDM (qcf x2 A/C) you can chain it by doing a special move.
    Uppercut (dp C) is the simplest to do but you can do other moves as well.
    If you choose to do the punching SDM (qcb hcf A/C) have fun watching Shingo
    beat your opponent.  The critical hits during this SDM can alter the damage
    done to the opponent.  I heard that if every hit that Shingo does in this
    SDM is critical it will be 100% but I never confirmed it.
    If your opponent chooses 3  pray that they fail in what they're doing.
    Right after the shoulder charge SDM (qcf x2 A/C) hits air Shingo is very
    open to attacks.  Long enough for some one to do a combo on you if they
    dodge your SDM.
            Shoulder Charge SDM (qcf x2 A/C) into Punching SDM (qcb hcf A/C)
    Orochi Yashiro
    requirements:  3 gems   away from corners
    This isn't a combo but if done correctly hard to dodge.  Computer will
    dodge most of the time and the people who know exactly when to roll can
    as well.  I have a hard time dodging or rolling out of the charged beam
    SDM (qcf x2 A/C hold)  Maximize holding for unblockablilty.
    To do this first jump C/D, C/D, head grab toss SDM (hcb x2 A/C) not to
    be confused with over head grab toss SDM (hcf x2 B/D), just as the grey
    skull beam hits your opponent do charged beam SDM (qcf x2 A/C hold) if
    timed right Yashiro should release his bean to kill just as the opponent
    gets up from the floor.  The computer uses the split second it has to
    roll out of the way.
    4.  Final words
    If any of the combos don't work tell me and I'll tell you or at least try
    to explain to you where you went wrong, because all combos listed above
    work.  I've seen it work.  I did most of them on Shingo  A.K.A. Raphael S.
    so it should work.
    If there is anything that I missed or is unclear on please tell me. 
    More questions for the Q/A section?   Ask away.
    If you know any other 100%  please e-mail me at    
    Same goes for questions and/or comments.         ksk_bill@hotmail.com
    5.  Credits
    First and foremost  NeoGeo/SNK for making such great game in series and
    continuing to make more.
    Secondly the people who provided me with the video that showed the combo
    and of course the people that made the video itself.   I am sure you know
    who you are.   If you truely want to view some videos bother Shingo
    A.K.A.  Raphael S.    send him an e-mail   Shingo@Canada.com
    The places that had the game where I enjoyed playing.  Well without them
    I don't I would be writing this
    And You.    If you didn't read I wouldn't be writing.
    If I missed anyone tell me.
    ---All characters mentioned are trademarks of SNK---
    *You may use this faq any way you want to, BUT give credit to me
    and ask permission before publishing or post this.  I will most likely
    say yes but I want to know if you are.  This faq may never be
    used as money making project or whatever eles that's not legal.*
    (This Document Copyright 1999 Billy Kim)

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