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"More weapons, more vehicles, more enemies to kill and no slowdowns."

If you haven't played any of the other Metal Slug games then it's about time that you do! All games in the Metal Slug series is action filled "Run And Gun" games. There are six different stages in this game, each is called a mission. The whole point about these games it to save as many civilians as possible (who then usually gives the player something good in return, like power-ups or more powerful weapons) and get to the end of each stage where a boss fight awaits.

Metal Slug X is not a completely new game, it's an updated version of Metal Slug 2 which also got released on Neo-Geo. While Metal Slug 2 was indeed a fun game to play, it had one big flaw. The slowdowns in that game got at the later stages so bad that it was almost impossible to play. But since it took SNK a year and a month to release Metal Slug X after Metal Slug 2 had been released, they also added more weapons and enemies in the game, and managed to remove all type of slowdowns.

Anyone who played Metal Slug 2 should already knew the story: General Morden, the mastermind of the enemies in the first Metal Slug is back with his army of soldiers and have made an alliance with aliens from outer space. It's up to our heroes Marco Rossi and Tarma Roving to once again stop Morden's plans. Lucky for our two heroes, they now have two new female partners, Eri and Fio. One thing that SNK still didn't change anything is that it still doesn't matter which character you choose to play as.

Another thing that has changed is the location of some power-ups, and some bosses have been changed. But this game isn't actually that much better than Metal Slug 2. While it's nice of SNK to do a new version with no slowdowns, they could have done much more. A completely new stage would have been nice, just to name something.

But still, it's hard to not have a great time with an Metal Slug game. Metal Slug X isn't the sequel that would have given the Metal Slug series a whole new fanbase, but it's one of the best multiplayer games on the Neo-Geo for those who want to play some Co-op.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/11/06

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