Review by KBoon

Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

Even better than the first two metal slug games?

How was metal slug? Was it good? Great right? With all that good graphics, sounds etc. And just how was metal slug two? With upgraded weapons, harder bosses, more new stages and more secrets to discover. How will metal slug x fair? Will it be better than the first two metal slug games? Well, metal slug x has even better weapons. Ranging from the same old handgun, homing rocket launcher, improved shotgun etc. You get much harder bosses than before. Next, although it's an upgrade from metal slug 2, you'd think that the bosses will be on the same levels. Well, you're wrong. Most of the bosses have been mored to different levels. Also, there are many more new and harder enemies. There are also many new secrets in the game. Well, let's review the graphics first. I'd give the graphics a ten. The game yet has the same four characters from metal slug 2. The stages are more or less the same although there are more colours added to the background. The background also looks better compared to metal slug 2. Characters still can grow fat, there still are the same vehicals etc. Next, I'll review the music and sound fx. I'd give it a nine. It hasn't improved much from metal slug 2, just a bit better in quality. Now to review gameplay. I'd give it a ten. You will definitely be engrossed with this game as it's better than metal slug 1 and 2. With more weapons, harder bosses and enemies, of course this is a hit. Overall, this game gets a ten. It's very good, although it's hasn't and probably won't come out for playstation, why not get the neo-geo version.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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