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Reviewed: 03/30/01 | Updated: 11/09/02

Take out your Neo-Geo and prepare to howl with pleasure!!!

They're back! Who? Those little soldiers who would just make you howl with pleasure and keep you in front of your TV set for hours on end. Metal Slug X is in fact a ''remix'' of Metal Slug 2. Those who've played it will recognise the stages. A whole bunch of new weapons, new vehicles and even bigger and harder bosses have been added but basically, the game is the same as Metal Slug 2.

The principle is still the same. You get to choose a character and have to control him through various stages. You'll have to work your way through these stages and kill your enemies and at the end of each stage, you'll be greeted by a boss which occupies the whole screen in most cases. There are a lot of bonuses hidden in the stages and you even get to control certain vehicles like tanks which are really useful in the game.

2 players can play at the same time as usual and this adds a lot of excitement to the game. By freeing the prisoners on the various stages, you'll still collect different options which will be of a great help to you. However, your weapons have limited ammunitions so you'll have to be careful or you'll be facing one of those gigantic bosses with only a tiny gun in your hand.

Metal Slug X has a lot of small details which are really funny at times and which make this new title much better than the previous one. Now, when the enemies are hit, they'll do different things like holding their stomach in agony and the backgrounds are amazing!

The graphics are great and more details have been put into them compared to Metal Slug 2! The enemies too are well-drawn and you'll often laugh at their actions when they're hit. There are many situations like this throughout the game and these make the game very funny and thus, very enjoyable.

As for the animation, it's not as fast as I would have expected. It even slows down from time to time specially against the bosses but it remains decent and great all the time.

The sound effects in this new Metal Slug are simply great and efficient. The music is great too and really packs a lot.The themes are well-varied and every single one of them is excellent. Just listen to Mission 1 theme once and you'll want it over and over again. It accompanies the game well and gets you in the mood to kill your enemies.

The game is fairly easy at the beginning but gets harder as you work through the stages and gets really really tough once you've completed half of the game. The gameplay is thus excellent with three difficulty settings. And believe me, you'll need a lot of luck to finish Metal Slug X on the hard setting!

And the control? Amazing, just like in every SNK game!

Graphics: 9
Cute graphics and a lot of details!

Control: 10
Metal Slug X is a SNK title. The control is SNK!!!

Music: 9
Excellent themes which will get you in the mood.

Sound effects: 8
Simple and efficient!

Gameplay: 9
The game gets harder as you progress through the stages.

Overall: 10
If you already have Metal Slug 2, don't bother about this one as the changes, even though they are cool and great, do not justify it. Otherwise, this new Metal Slug is a must!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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