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    Ending Guide by Basel

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    Art of Fighting 3:
    A Word Before We Get Down To The Real Talk:
      This faq is only for the endings and so. So if
    anybody have anything to add, please do so.
    Otherwise... do not bother.
    Name: Robert Garcia
    Robert: Know Kyokugen's true power!
    Wyler: Ohh! The pain! Father, help!
    Robert: What the...? Now he is in fear?
    Freia: The drug side effect regressed his mental Age
    to a child. To the time when he was living happily
    with his father. I'm sorry Robert... I, I can't leave
    him like this. If I leave him now, I would be
    repeating what my father did to his... I can't abandon
    Robert: Freia...
    Yuri: Robert...
    Robert: Yuri, I'm here. Are you ok? I will be done in
    a minute...
    Yuri: ...
    Robert: I understand Freia. I will not ask you
    anymore. Take good care of Wyler. I will say bye for
    Freia: Good-bye, Robert. Treat your girl friend well.
    Robert: Yeah... good-bye. 
    -In the airport-
    Robert: Well, off to Italy where my old man awaits. Is
    the next flight to Italy from this gate?
    Yuri: ....
    Robert: Yuri! What are you doing here?
    Yuri: Giggle giggle. It's not fair taking a trip to
    Italy alone!
    Robert: Vacation? Ha ha, I gotta keep quiet or someone
    would bother to take them with me.
    Yuri: Don't worry. I have a ticket of my own,
    riiiiiiight here.
    Robert: I prefer the shouthern islands instead of
    Italy for our honeymoon.
    Yuri: What? Giggle giggle.
    Robert & Yuri: Ha ha ha ha ha!
    Name: Ryo Sakazaki
    Ryo: Had enough, wimp king?
    Wyler: Oh, my head! Help, daddy...
    Ryo: Freia, let's get outta here!
    Freia: No, Ryo. I can't leave him here! It would be
    like as my father did, he abandoned Wyler's father...
    sorry Ryo. Tell Robert...
    Ryo: Are you sure? You might regret...
    Freia: I've made up my mind.
    Ryo: Okay... Robert will probably understand.
    -In the airport-
    Robert: Hello, Ryo, a brief farewell.
    Ryo: Yeah Robert... about Freia... 
    Robert: She'll be okay. No problemo! No problem at...
    why so glum, Yuri? Where's the happy Yuri I know?
    Yuri: I... Robert... I just... 
    Robert: Well, I better get going. See ya later guys.
    -After He left-
    Ryo: Are you just letting him go?
    Yuri: .............
    Ryo: Geez, you're stubborn. Here... 
    Yuri: Bro, this is a...
    Ryo: You better say it to him before I change my mind.
    Yuri: ... thanks... bro...
    -She happily ran after Robert-
    Ryo: Take care of her, Robby!
    Name: Karman Cole
    Karman: You're tougher than ever, bob! By the way,
    I've heard you have come here looking for someone.
    Robert: Yeah, but now that you found me, I can't
    finish what I started. I was so close...
    Karman: Stop whining. The tough little boy would never
    say anything like that!
    Robert: Why you!
    Karman: That's better. Well, I now know where you are.
    There's some time before returning to the country.
    Robert, if you have to finish something, on your way!
    Robert: Karman... thanks...
    Karman: For some reason, I'm always allowing him to
    get away with things. I just can't kick the hapit.
    -Took his self phone and called Robert's mother-
    Karman: Hello? Yes, I've found Robert. I understand,
    Madam. I shall tell master Albert as you say. 
    -After he finished talking with her-
    Karman: Hmmm, she is so harsh at times. She should
    come visit if she is so close by... now Robert has
    matured! Kyokugenryu Karate, you have come in to
    contact with great art... Robert... 
    Name: Kasumi Todoh
    Kasumi: Pant, pant, Ryo Sakazaki. This is the end.
    ???: THAT'S ENOUGH!
    Kasumi: Mother! Let me end it now!
    Kasumi's Mother: Kasumi, I understand your feelings
    for your father. But, leaving the house unannounced is
    Kasumi: But, mother!
    -Kasumi got slaped by her mother-
    Kasumi's Mother: Stop your disobedience. Right now,
    you must no longer foul our family name.
    Kasumi: Oh, mother! Forgive me!
    Kasumi's Mother: Ryo, forgive my spirited child.
    Ryo: Hey, no problem here.
    Kasumi's Mother: I have witnessed the true power of
    Kyokugenryu. My husband is training himself in another
    corner of the world to fight with you again. Come
    visit Japan.
    Ryo: I understand and shall do so. 
    Kasumi's Mother: Kasumi, let us leave now. 
    Kasumi: Yes, mother.
    -After they left, Kasumi returned again to Ryo-
    Ryo: What's wrong?
    -Kasumi gave her headband to Ryo- 
    Kasumi: I shall give this to you, to prove that I
    shall fight you once more. I shall return to face you,
    to take posession of the headband. Will you fight me
    Ryo: I'll be waiting.
    Kasumi: You promise?
    Ryo: Of course.
    Kasumi: Absolutely? You're serious?
    Ryo: Yes! I'm serious!
    Kasumi: Really? Cross your heart?
    Ryo: ......
    Kasumi: Because next time...
    Kasumi's Mother: KASUMI, HUSH!
    Kasumi: YES, MOTHER. 
    Name: Roddy Birts
    Roddy: Pant, pant, how's that? I can taste victory...
    Wyler: My head... it hurts like it gonna split...
    daddy... help...
    Roddy: Now, Freia. Let's go!
    Freia: No, I can't leave him like this. If only I
    didn't bring the data from the drug, it wouldn't have
    been like this...
    Roddy: Is there a problem? I have priorities too... oh
    well, with my client in such shape, there's nothing I
    can do...
    Freia: Sorry, Roddy. Thank you. 
    Roddy: You don't have to thank me... I guess the
    problem is now I'm gonna convince her.
    -After he left. He went to Lenny and she tried to
    attack him-
    Roddy: What are you doing! Le, Lenny?!
    Lenny: "Le, Lenny?!" How dare you interfere in my big
    Roddy: Huh?
    Lenny: I went through a lot of trouble to find where
    Freia was, and then I found the place empty! You
    goofed, didn't you?
    Roddy: Chill! You'll get wrinkles!
    Lenny: Just tell me where she is!
    -Lenny trys to scare him with her whip to make him
    Roddy: COOL OFF! COME ON!
    -Keeps trying-
    Roddy: Geez, once you get off, there's nothing I can
    Name: Lenny Creston
    Lenny: Whipped him silly, I guess. 
    Wyler: Oh, my head. Daddy, help!
    Lenny: Let's blow this joint, Freia!
    Freia: No, I must fight help him fight the drug side
    effect. If only, if only I didn't bring the drug data,
    this would not have happened...
    Lenny: No way, I'm taking ya back!
    Freia: Please, let me help him!
    Lenny: Okay, call me an ol'softy!
    Freia: What? Thanks, Lenny!
    Lenny: I guess I failed this job like the others. The
    problem is, how to convince him...
    -After she left-
    Roddy: Lenny! At last I've found you!
    Lenny: Sure took your time, Roddy.
    Roddy: Relax... did you find Freia?
    Lenny: Nope. She's not here. No clues.
    Roddy: She wasn't here huh... no way! I'll go look for
    her myself.
    Lenny: SHOOT... hey, Roddy. 
    Roddy: What?!
    Lenny: You can't believe what I just said? Don't
    worry, there's another job waiting.
    Roddy: What are you talking about? I don't understand.
    Lenny: A guy shouldn't pay attention to details. Now,
    let's go!
    -Forced him to leave with her-
    Roddy: Hey, Lenny! Let me go! AHH!
    Name: Wang Koh San 
    Wang: You went out of control, huh? I will take the
    Wyler: Oh, my head's bursting! Help!
    Wang: Hmm? There seems to be something wrong. 
    Freia: It's the side effect of the drug. It's still
    Wang: What?! That is a problem... 
    Freia: Leave the drug, it will destroy it.
    Wang: Whadda ya say, Hoeh-Hoeh?
    Hoeh-Hoeh: Gwaa, gwaa!
    Wang: Ok. Any trouble, call Dr. Lee. 
    -After they left-
    Wang: I guess I've been able to create a masterpiece
    from this trip. Well, Hoeh-Hoeh. Choose the picture
    that you like the best from these.
    Hoeh-Hoeh: Gwaa, gwaa.
    -After he saw the picture-
    Wang: Eh, is that so...? This is the one you like?
    Then, I shall choose this for the contest.
    Name: Jin Fuha
    Jin: What is the meaning of this, Sakazaki? You might
    think you have fooled me, but you have not. Why are
    you holding back?!
    Ryo: What are you talking about? 
    Jin: Kyokugenryu uses the power of "ki." The power
    from within. I can sense the flow of "Ki" during a
    combat. But I do not feel any "Ki" from you. Why?
    Ryo: I don't battle with thugs, Jin.
    Jin: I seek only Eiji's death!
    Ryo: Kill Eiji, and then what?
    Jin: There is nothing to say to you. Ryo, come back to
    Japan to see. 
    Ryo: Japan! Why?
    Jin: If you come, you will see. 
    -In the blink of an eye, Jin had disappeared. Later
    Jin will be facing his sworn enemy Eiji. But now he is
    just a shadow in the darkness, mandering.
    Name: Sinclair
    Sinclair: It's over. You lose.
    Wyler: To lose to you... to you...
    Sinclair: A power gained by using a drug only goes so
    Wyler: Where are you going... you're leaving...
    without me... Sinc... come back...
    Sinclair: There's no reason for me to stay any more. I
    will do what I want to do.
    Name: Wyler
    Wyler: Aagh, what has happened?! My body, it doesn't
    respond... aaagh! 
    Freia: Wyler!
    Wyler: Why... the drug was complete! This cannot be...
    Freia: Wyler, let us end it. The drug is dangerous as
    I thought
    Wyler: What have I been doing until now...
    Freia: If this didn't exist... you could have... 
    Wyler: Hah hah, you're the first woman to cry for me. 
    Freia: :(
    Wyler: Freia...
    Freia: Wyler...
    Wyler: It seems I've been dreaming... a little too
    Unknown By Many:
              The Path of the Warrior
                 Art of Fighting 3
         Object Designer
             Heitarou     Black Tree
             Futatsu!!    Higetoboin 
             UG           Ponda
             Tohru        Pinkey-EX
             Hori-Pu~?    Terarin
             Kattsun      Sumiccho
             Nana         Ashizawan
             Satopyon     Tani Tani
             Koara        Rave Man
             Sasa         K.Miya
             Rolly@       Tony Oki
         Back Designer
             Muramama     Eiko
             Daisuke      Wa-Da-Mo
             J     K      Sho-Chan
             Ma2++        Yuritaro
         CG Creater
             K-Asa        Aki.Yama
             Demao.Sat    Seri
         Music Composer
             Yamapy-1     Papaya
         Capture Assisted By
             Jeffrey Zoern
             Raymond Ho
         Character Voice
             Atsushi Maetsuka
             Masaki Usui
             Mantaro Koich
             Eiji Yano
             Harumi Ikoma 
             Kumi Ishida
             Masae Yumi
         Special Thanks
             Kaori Kasai
             Osamu Sato
             Finish Hiroshi
             Shigeti #3
    Last Words:
      There you have it. If anything is wrong, just send
    me an E-Mail. Hope there will be some respect for the
    hard work. Art of Fighting lives on no matter what...
    Quote List will be next Inshallah. 
    Special Thanks:
    1)To SNK.
    2)To Gamefaqs.
    3)To all my friends for the encouragement. 
    Art of Fighting 3 The Path of the Warrior is Copyright
    SNK Crop. This document Copyright 2003 Basel
    If you need to contact me to add or ask me about
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