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    Walkthrough by VC viper

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/05/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Magician Lord
    Developed by: ADK
    Published by: SNK
    Year: 1990
    Created by: Vc Viper
    Contact me @: battlecruiser2004@hotmail.com
    Copyright Info
    This "Magician Lord" FAQ is copyrighted by the author, Kevin He. If you wish
    to use this FAQ on your site, distribute it or display it for any reason,
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    1.	Update
    2.	Introduction
    3.	Controls
    4.      Game Mechanic
    5.	Power-ups/Items
    6.	Enemies/Hazards
    7.	Walkthrough
    8.      Credits
    1. Update
    V 1.0 5/06/12
    First Version.
    2. Introduction
    Magician Lord is a side-scrolling platform game made in 1990 by ADK and 
    published by SNK for the Neo Geo . In the game you control a young wizard 
    named Elta, the last descendant of the Magician Lord, on a quest to retrieve 
    the 8 Magic Books stolen by the forces of evil lead by Az Atorse.
    3. Controls
    The joystick moves Elta left or right. A button is attack, and B button is 
    jump. Tap B slightly to do a hop, or press it down to jump the full height. 
    You can attack upward by holding the direction Up while pressing A, or 
    downward by jumping then hold Down and press A. Certain forms of Elta allows 
    you to attack diagonally upward by holding the desired direction and pressing 
    A, and downward by jumping and holding the desired direction.
    4. Game Mechanic
    The top shows your current score, the high score, your remaining lives, and 
    the current orb combination you have. The bottom shows your current HP 
    (Blue is Elta, pink is transformed) the current power level, and the timer 
    (may or may not appear depending on system setting)
    The game has a difficulty of 8 different levels that can be adjusted by the 
    Operator. The increased difficulty will affect the enemy's health and 
    movement speed, guardians will be quicker, more resistant, and some even 
    have new moves. Also determines your starting HP.
    This is your health. The amount you have depends on the difficulty level, 
    3 bars for 1-3, 2 bars for 4-6, and 1 bar for 7-8. You also have 2 bars for 
    your transformed state (1 bar in difficulty 7-8) When you lose these 2 bars 
    you revert back to Elta, and lose a life when the remaining HP is lost.
    In a strict sense, there isn't any. The moment you are hit Elta begins to 
    flash and rear in pain off the ground, this is the only time when no other 
    attacks can hurt him. As soon as he lands on the ground however, the 
    invincibility ends even when he is still flashing for a moment. So if you 
    land right into another enemy/bullet/hazard, you'll take damage again, and 
    again, until you are dead. 
    You start with 2:30 which is the normal time, there are also 2 other 
    settings which can deduct either 30 seconds or 60 seconds on top of the 
    normal time, this applies to everything from stage to guardian battle and 
    boss battle. Each stage has its own time limit, for example the 1st stage 
    has 2:30, while the 4th stage has 4:00. Both outer and inner stage share 
    the same time. If you die during the stage the timer is reset to the stage 
    limit. Guardian battle has a normal time of 1:30, and if you die 1 minute 
    is added, every subsequent death will reset the timer with 1 minute added. 
    Boss battle starts at 3:00, if you die 2 minutes will be added, subsequent 
    death will reset the timer with 2 minutes added.
    If the timer hits zero, a large tentacle monster will descent on you, and 
    quickly drains your HP until you die. When you start on a new life, the timer 
    is reset to the stage limit and the monster disappears. However, should you 
    time out during a guardian battle the monster will also appear and will not 
    leave even on a new life, heck it won't leave even on a continue. So you 
    either have to use the few seconds of invincibility at the start of each 
    life to damage and destroy the guardian, or start the game anew. 
    The normal time setting gives you enough freedom to roam around and take side 
    trips to pick up treasures and power-ups. But if the time deduction setting 
    is on, there will be only enough time to get to the guardian, so don't stand 
    5. Power-ups/Items
    Throughout Elta's quest, he will come across treasure chests, these chests 
    can hold either treasures that gives you different amount of points, or 
    power-up that transforms Elta and power-up his attacks. Some chest however, 
    carries enemies within.
    The Change Orb
    This is the fundamental power-up in Magician Lord. With the right combination 
    Elta can transforms into various forms with different powers that may aid his 
    quest. There are 3 colored orbs: Red, Blue, and Green. Grabbing an orb 
    refills your entire HP to max, so keep that in mind when you are low on HP.
    You always begin the game with a red orb in the right box and the left box 
    empty(also applies if you lose a life) If you get another orb, the new one 
    pushes the old one to the left box while it remains in the right. Now 
    whichever colored orb is in the left box will never be in any treasure 
    chests containing a change orb. For example if you have red orb in the 
    left box, any other treasure chest that contains an orb will either be 
    green or blue, but never red. 
    With this in mind, you can know ahead of time what your next form could be. 
    Let's say you are using a Dragonwarrior, your next 2 possible transformations 
    is Shinobi or Waterman, if you are Shinobi and lost the transformation, your 
    next possible transformations are Samurai, Raijin, or Shinobi again.
    Your default form, Elta attacks with a blue crescent wave that flies straight 
    forward. He can have up to 2 on the screen. He can attack in the 4 basic 
    directions but can't attack diagonally. His walking speed is average but on 
    the slow side, and his jump height is kind of short. The wave gets bigger and 
    stronger with each power level, at level 3 it is quite powerful and can 
    defeat even some of the stronger monsters in one hit. 
    Usage: If you are good, you should never see this form again after picking up 
    the first change orb, otherwise you'll spend a lot of time with him, and 
    that's usually after taking 2 hits and losing your transformation and 2 
    power level. Find a change orb and power up quickly, or death is just moments 
    away when you are using Elta.
    2 Red
    DragonWarrior is arguably the best form in the game. Shooting out a jet of 
    flame that can toast even the strongest enemies in seconds. His advantage 
    comes from the high rate of fire and damage per second. It is also the only 
    form that can attack diagonally and 1 of 2 forms that has automatic trigger 
    instead of manually hitting attack. The flames can also go through walls and 
    surfaces, but not though shields and barriers. It is not without weakness. 
    The initial length of the flame is quite short, even fully powered it is only 
    average. The flame cannot hit ground based enemies even on crouch, so you 
    need to do a small hob and aim diagonally to hit them, which is quite hard 
    when not powered up. The Dragonwarrior is also the 2nd slowest form when it 
    comes to walking, and has a short jump.  Use it well and this form can 
    utterly destroy everything in sight.
    Usage: Fully powered, it can kill anything with ease, and mob the floors with 
    guardians and bosses alike. Jump while moving can increase his slow walking 
    speed somewhat, but don't jump haphazardly and land onto an enemy or hazard.
    1 Red 1 Blue
    This form is tricky to use but it does have some special traits. Waterman 
    throws out a water droplet in an arc, when it lands on the ground it creates 
    a water pillar that shoots upward, to the same height as the Waterman 
    standing. He can throw only 1 droplet initially, but every power-up lets him 
    throw an extra one, for a maximum of 3 at a time. The droplet has the unique 
    property of bypassing shields and protective barriers that certain 
    guardians/bosses possess. Giving you an opportunity to strike them at anytime 
    without waiting for an opening. The droplets are quite weak, the only way to 
    increase its damage output is prolonged contact, which is best done with the 
    water pillar. Since the pillar only appears on the ground, this makes it 
    unsuitable for air battle, the droplet falls to the ground way too quickly. 
    Although faster than Dragonwarrior, it has the same jump height as Elta.
    Usage: Although the droplet can go through barriers, the water pillar which 
    does the most damage cannot be formed in midair, and most bosses have weak 
    point above ground level, severely limiting its usage. It is quite useful on 
    the stage 2 boss but that's about it. Other time its best used to restore 
    full HP if you're about to die. But change out of this form as soon as you 
    2 Blue
    Easily the hardest form to use. Poseidon is basically a powered up version of 
    Waterman. Instead of throwing water droplet, he throws a big water bubble 
    that creates a wave of water pillars. The wave is initially short, but gets 
    longer with each power-up. Much more powerful than the Waterman's pillar 
    since the wave can sweep over multiple enemies while constantly damaging 
    them. Like the droplet the water bubble can bypass shields and barriers. 
    He has the same weakness as Waterman, plus being the slowest form in the 
    game. Also unlike the droplet, if you throw the bubble directly up or down on 
    an enemy, it will just disappear and do very little damage, make sure the 
    bubble is traveling in an arc to hit enemies normally.
    Usage: Same as the Waterman, only it's even more useless with its slow attack 
    and movement.
    1 Red 1 Green
    A good all-around form. Shinobi throws a crescent shaped fireball forward at 
    medium speed. Power-up stacks an additional fireball on top of the previous 
    one, for a total of 3 fireballs that counts as one projectile. He is also the 
    fastest walker and highest jumper. While he doesn't have an automatic trigger 
    like Dragonwarrior, his fireball when fully powered is fairly strong and can 
    decimate most enemies quickly. However only 2 fireballs are allowed on screen 
    at a time, so he might be left defenseless if the current fireballs haven't 
    left the screen and enemies are approaching. Getting close to an enemy will 
    allow him to attack repeatedly without the limit, increasing his damage 
    output but also puts him at greater risk of injury. His fireball, though big 
    in size, has a bit of a hit detection problem when it comes to hitting some 
    of the smaller targets on bosses, especially on the 2nd part of the final
    Usage: Very strong form if you like to take risks and get up close and 
    personal with bosses, close range rapid fire with power level 3 can kill 
    most bosses even faster than the Dragonwarrior. Precision is the key with 
    Shinobi, missing a fireball will leave you defenseless against the oncoming 
    enemy hoard.
    1 Blue 1 Green
    One of Elta's best forms with good range and damage.  The Samurai creates a 
    crescent shaped energy blade with a slash of his sword, the blade starts from 
    behind the samurai and circles around the samurai before disappearing. 
    Power-up will increase the range of the blade. The blade, like the water 
    droplet can bypass shields and barriers, but is significantly stronger. One 
    sweep can destroy a group of weak enemies. For stronger enemies, it is best 
    to distance yourself so that the blade can come into contact with the enemy 
    for a longer period when it is at its farthest point.  While not a very fast 
    walker, it does have a high jump.
    Usage: Great for crowd control, especially with his long reaching, barrier 
    ignoring blade. Good with bosses that have barriers so you can attack as if 
    they weren't there, and bosses with bigger weak point to keep the blade on 
    them for more damage. He has the same hit detection issue like Shinobi when 
    it comes to the 2nd part of the final battle, and some guardians will give 
    him trouble with their small size.
    2 Green
    Quite possibly the most underestimated form. Raijin creates an electrical 
    field in the shape of an 8 point star. The field gets bigger with each 
    power-up.  Raijin is the other form along with Dragonwarrior with an 
    automatic trigger. Because the field covers all direction, no aiming is 
    needed. Attack while jumping turns Raijin into a spinning ball of doom. 
    Having multiple points touching the enemy doesn't increase the damage, 
    just one point is enough.  His only weakness is the field's damage per 
    second is lower than the Dragonwarrior, but the tradeoff to attack all 
    directions is well worth it. Average walking speed, but jumping is equal 
    to Shinobi.
    Usage: Use it carefully and nothing can get close, much less touch you. 
    Aside from the stage 2 boss whom needs a bit of risky jumping to defeat at 
    power level 3, it works well with most bosses. Destructible projectiles 
    can't harm him with the field on.
    Power orb
    These increase your power level by 1, to a maximum of 3. You start every life 
    with power level 1. If you are hit, you will lose 1 level of power. 
    Increased power level will make attacks stronger and longer reaching. Stay 
    safe and hold onto these for as long as possible.
    6. Enemies/Hazards
    There is a good amount of enemies in Magician Lord. The later stage enemies 
    are usually palette swapped version of the original, but may have increased 
    resistance to damage.
    Skelton:  A basic enemy that teleports into a predetermined point on the 
    ground, pauses for a second and runs after you. It runs very quickly, so 
    fast that even with Shinobi you cannot outrun it. If you jump over it, it 
    will not turn out to chase you, rather spins in place a few times then 
    teleports out. Later versions run even faster. Very weak in defense, any 
    attacks can kill them easily.
    Trilobite: Usually placed in either raised platform or flat on the ground. 
    They shoot 2 bullets out of their eyes periodically at a fixed angle. They 
    cannot turn around nor shoot backward. Not very difficult, but annoying. 
    Arm demon
    A humanoid creature with an extendable claw that slowly launches and retracts. 
    When launched, the claw itself acts as a shield and absorbs projectiles. You 
    can safely duck under the claw, the extending arm itself is harmless to the 
    touch. More resistant than Skelton but still easy.
    A large bug that flies in a wave pattern from the side of the screen, 
    periodically firing a precise shot aimed at your current location. They 
    usually come in pairs, either one on each side of the screen or both from 
    the same side. Very annoying, often appears when you are taking too long to 
    proceed throughout the stage. Prioritize them first against other enemies.
    Electro Bird
    Appears as a hole in the ground at first, when you get close it rises from 
    the whole and shoots 2 blast of electricity from its forehead, then quickly 
    cover itself with both wings becoming impervious to damage. After a brief 
    moment it opens up and resumes the attack pattern.  Simply duck to avoid the 
    attack and they are easily taken out.
    Wandering Skelton
    A bit taller than the regular kind, these skeletons are usually found sitting 
    around. When you approach them, they will stand up and march slowly towards 
    you. Like the regular Skelton, these guys don't put up a fight and are just 
    cannon fodder.
    Face shooter
    A small button like creature stuck on the floor. Periodically they change 
    into a face that spits out a bullet in a fixed trajectory. Similar to 
    Trilobite, only they can shoot one bullet at a time and there is a greater 
    pause between each shot. They can change the direction they're facing, making 
    them a bit more dangerous than Trilobite, plus they are even smaller and 
    harder to hit.
    Winged demon
    A green demon with wings. It teleports in from behind you 
    (or whichever direction you're not facing) and throws a blue ball that 
    travels straight with medium speed. It does a little dance afterwards and 
    teleports out, and teleports back in a split second later and resume the 
    pattern. If you have a fast walker, you can try to outrun it, but they 
    usually come in groups, and might throw enough balls to form a wall that's 
    impossible to dodge. The position they teleport are in relation to your 
    position, if you jump they'll appear in midair, they can even teleport into 
    walls. Quite damage resistant, but easy if you take them on one at a time 
    and jump or duck their ball.
    Floating Trilobite
    While physically weak, they make it up with sheer numbers. Typically comes in 
    a swarm, they slowly float towards you, while occasionally shoot out a bullet. 
    Like Mosquito, they will also appear when you are taking too long. They can 
    pass through walls and surfaces, and approaches from multiple angles can 
    easily overwhelm you. Attack fast and kill them before too many appears on 
    Alien Cannon
    A cannon that glows red at the tip before firing a single bullet. Has a long 
    reload time and can only shoot to the left. The cannon itself is safe to touch. 
    Can be ignored to save time.
    Alien Spider
    It moves back and forth, occasionally launches 3 mini version of itself that 
    crawls quickly towards you. Not really a threat by itself, but the mini 
    spiders is quite small and difficult to hit with some attacks. Destroy them 
    while they're in midair for best result.
    Eyeball Skelton
    A skeleton that teleports in at a predetermined point on the ground and stays 
    there, while shooting eyeballs from the mouth. The eyeballs will follow Elta 
    until they time out and disappear by themselves. Although they have a 
    lifespan, they move too quickly to outrun and wait it out, plus the Skelton 
    will keep firing more eyeballs nonstop until it is destroyed. You can shoot 
    the eyeballs to destroy them. Usually appears on ledges.
    These guys appear from the background in front of you, wrap itself in flame 
    and quickly fire a bullet before flying away diagonally upward in an arc. 
    They too are an enemy that appears if you take too long. Be careful when 
    climbing ladders, since sometimes they can hit you when they are leaving. If 
    you're on a ladder when they appear, they will move with you until you finish 
    climbing before firing their shot. They too can appear and move through walls 
    and surfaces.
    This gargoyle fires a 3 bullet spread aimed downward and it swoops down in an 
    arc and repeats. Destroy it quickly before it can fire the shots.
    Leap demon
    A skinny red demon that appears from the background leaps diagonally into the 
    air, before shooting a bullet aimed diagonally downward as it falls to the 
    ground and disappears into the background. May catch you by surprise, but 
    easy to defeat.
    A group of fish that moves either left or right. After moving a short 
    distance, it shoots out a smaller fish from its mouth as projectile. The 
    smaller fish cannot be destroyed. Typically comes in large groups covering 
    a good amount of the screen, destroy them quickly to prevent them flooding 
    the screen with their projectiles. They can move through walls and surfaces.
    Gargoyle Knight
    A mini boss. The knight appears in the background and comes to the foreground, 
    dashing across the ground before returning to the background and comes back 
    for another pass. Other than being damage resistant, its attack pattern is 
    simple to avoid.
    A red colored demon that walks around quickly and occasionally jump high into 
    the air. They will do a quick bow sometime and stop momentarily.  Summoned by 
    the Stage 4 guardian. They are not tough to defeat, but if you don't kill 
    them as they appear, the guardian will just summon more until there are too 
    many on screen.
    A regular frog. Although most are harmless, some will grow into frogmen which 
    are not. Armed with trident, they repeatedly jump at you. Highly damage 
    resistant, they are very dangerous by themselves or in groups. You can find 
    out which frog will grow by attacking it in its frog form, if it takes a lot 
    of hits and still doesn't die then it will change. With enough attack it is 
    possible to destroy the frog before it changes.
    Armor Dog
    A dog dressed in armor, they run very quickly and can leap into the air for 
    aerial attack. Not very resistant.
    Cat girl
    Usually found sitting around, when you approach they quickly move close to 
    you and unleash their claw swipe. If you are far away they will leap to close 
    in the distance. Quite resistant, they too are dangerous in groups.
    Just like the Gargoyle Knight (minus appearing from the background). It moves 
    back and forth, trying to impale you with the lance. The lance itself acts as 
    a shield and absorbs projectiles.
    Floating Eye
    Just like the Floating Trilobite, these eyeballs will slowly float towards 
    you and shoot out a fireball. They can move through walls and surfaces. Their 
    fireballs are a bit faster than the standard bullet.
    Sword Master
    A girl armed with a sword. She can leap great distance to close in and 
    slashes with her sword, but for some reason are always slightly out of range 
    of you. She can use her sword to put up a guard that will reduce the damage 
    she takes, making her the most damage resistant normal enemy in the game.
    Monsters aren't your only enemies; there are many traps and environmental 
    hazards that can harm you. All of them have either a set pattern or ways to 
    avoid it.
    Bottomless pit
    Like its name suggest, a pit without a bottom (or just a very big drop), fall 
    in and its instant death. 
    Fire pit
    A  pit with fire burning. While it doesn't kill you instantly, the injured 
    animation and the lack of invincibility might as well equal an instant death. 
    Some of the fire pits are much larger, and impossible to jump out in time 
    should you fall in. Usually there is an alternate route that goes around the 
    pit, or floating platforms to help you across.
    Ball and Chain
    A  spiky ball attached to a chain that drops down from the ceiling before 
    retracting. These usually come in a row, and they either drop one at a time 
    or in pairs. Watch the timing when it retracts and move forward. Alternatively 
    you can also jump through the chain part which is harmless.
    Ceiling Spike
    Stuck on ceiling, these individual spikes drops straight down when you pass 
    under them. Because the speed they drop down is quite fast, walking ahead of 
    them is difficult. Instead get under it and quickly retreat, the spike should 
    fall down and miss you completely.
    Aerial Spike
    Appears only in one stage, a mass of flesh with spikes protruding from it. 
    Simply avoid it.
    Wall Spear
    A spear attached to the side of a wall that periodically thrusts out. The 
    spear usually comes in groups, and with either thrust out by itself or in 
    pair. They appear around ladder. Time your movement carefully to get past 
    each one. There is usually enough space in between spears as safe spots.
    Spear Bed
    The classic spike on ground. A bunch of spears in rows placed in the ground. 
    They don't move. Usually appears in areas where precise jump to narrow 
    platform is needed.
    7. Walkthrough
    The walkthrough covers all the paths, including the side areas. It is played 
    through the Dragonwarrior form. I will mention the chests with the change orb, 
    but the color of the orb depends on your current combination 
    (Refer to the game mechanic section to see how the orb is determined to appear)
    Stage 1: Dale of evil gods 
    Time: 2:29
    As you appear in this strange land, proceed right and take out 2 skeletons.  
    Entering a broken temple, 2 trilobites are perched on raised platform while 
    an arm demon walks on the ground below. Further ahead is another trilobite on 
    the ground and another arm demon, followed by 2 electro bird and 2 more 
    skeleton teleporting behind you. You'll arrive at a ladder to climb down with 
    2 electro bird guarding the first treasure chest which contains a red orb. 
    Grab the orb and change into the mighty Dragonwarrior. Down another ladder is 
    a group of 6 wandering skeleton waiting around, and another 6 on the next 
    ladder down. By this time Mosquitoes are probably showing up from both side 
    of the screen; take care not to get hit. Take the final ladder down and 
    defeat an arm demon, then get off the platform and face off with 6 wandering 
    skeleton waiting around a door; this door takes you to the inner stage. Don't 
    be stupid and jump off the bottomless pit to the right of the door. 
    Enter the door.
    Inner stage
    Immediately greeted by 3 wandering skeletons. There is a fire pit that's 
    impossible to jump across, so take the series of ladder to the left all 
    the way to the very top. Be careful, as 2 ball and chain are positioned 
    irectly above the ladder. An arm demon on the right with another chest 
    containing a change orb. This next part is a bit hard if you are the dragon. 
    A 2nd chest contains treasure, followed by a trilobite, a 3rd chest and an 
    arm demon. At power level 1, the dragon's flame is too short to hit the 
    trilobite (you have to do a small hop and aim diagonally downward to hit it) 
    and if you waste too much time the mosquitoes will just keep coming and give 
    you even more trouble. Don't destroy the 2nd chest, jump on top of it like a 
    platform and jump over the trilobite (make sure it's not firing first) and 
    you'll land right on the 3rd chest. Take out the arm demon and the 3rd chest, 
    which contains a power orb. Now your flame is a bit longer, you can use the 
    hop technique to take out the trilobite and get the treasure in the 2nd chest. 
    To the right is a ladder going down, which also has 2 ball and chain directly 
    above it. Climb down and take out the 6 wandering skeleton. Don't climb down 
    the 2nd ladder. Instead walk off and hold right. The reason for that is as you 
    are climbing down 2 mosquitoes flies in from the left and will surely hit you. 
    Take out the wandering skeleton group and advance forward. The music will 
    suddenly change, this means you have reached the stage guardian. Get ready.
    Sword Skelton
    Time: 1:30
    Armed with a sword and shield. The guardian can jump away at will and advance 
    towards you and slash with its sword. There is a very easy tactic to beating 
    it. Simply stand at the far left and wait till the guardian advances right 
    next to you, as you see it about to swing the sword jump straight up and 
    attack, the sword slash will miss and the guardian jumps backward, right into 
    your attack and takes damage. Repeat.
    Difficulty 7-8: Same pattern, only it advances towards you twice as fast.
    Now you are teleported away, as Az Atorse mocks you with some witty comment 
    on your progress, you then face off with the boss of the stage.
    Time: 2:59
    You arrive at the boss chamber, which consist of a bridge covering 3/4th of 
    the screen, a small gap and a face on the opposite wall. In case the bones 
    bubbling in the hot lava below you doesn't give you a clue, don't fall in or 
    its instant death. Right from the start the room shakes and rock spikes drops 
    from the roof, you can see where they will drop as they appear on the ceiling 
    for a moment before dropping. Navigate safely through them and the room stops 
    shaking. The face on the wall will shatter, reveling a giant pincer that opens 
    up and a purple alien face pops out. This is the weak point. The boss has 2 
    attacks; it either shoots out a single fireball that travels straight, or a 5 
    fireball spread. It can also attack 2 or 3 times before retracting into the 
    pincer, using the same attack or alternating between the 2. The fireball 
    themselves can be ducked, they start out small but grows larger as they 
    travel (but still duckable) The spread can easily be dodged by ducking farther 
    away, but the bare minimum distance to duck is just a bit left to the 2nd 
    bridge struts. At this point if you are the dragon and haven't lost your Level 
    2 power, your flame is just barely able to reach the face if you stand on the 
    space of the 2nd bridge struts. Hit it a few times and quickly move to the 
    safe spot on the left to dodge any incoming fireballs. From time to time the 
    room will start shaking again and you'll have to content with rock spike as 
    well as the fireballs. Move to the left side of the bridge so you can dodge 
    the fireball easily while avoiding the spikes. Repeat this pattern and soon 
    the boss is defeated.
    Stage 2: To the evil mine
    Time: 2:59
    As you start to exit the mine tunnel to the right, a series of ball and chain 
    will drop from the ceiling as well as 2 advancing mosquitoes. Get pass them 
    and 2 trilobites and an arm demon awaits you. Climb up the ladder, you'll 
    be right under a group of wandering skeleton, a trilobite on the far left, 
    and a barely visible mosquito flying in from the right. You can eliminate the 
    skeletons by shooting up, just move to the right to avoid the bullets from 
    the trilobite and watch for the ones fired by the mosquito. Climb up the 2nd 
    ladder and a door appear right beside it. This door leads to an optional area, 
    it is not necessary to go in, but there are good rewards inside.
    Optional room
    You land on a platform with a ladder going down. You can see 2 more ladders 
    but you can't reach those yet. Walk off and hold left to fall down the next 
    floor, 4 face shooters are on the ground. Quickly use the small hop method to 
    destroy them before they fire their shots and climb down the next level. 2 
    more shooters are waiting by the ladder. Moving to the left, the ceiling in 
    this long hallway is lined with ceiling spikes that drops down when you get 
    under it. Take it slow and wait for them to drop one at a time.  A few 
    skeletons will teleport in, there is also an arm demon patrolling the area as 
    well as 3 face shooters guarding a ladder going up, with 3 more shooters on 
    the floor above. The next floor up has a wing demon teleporting in. Climbing 
    one more ladder takes you to the top floor, where the real action is. An arm 
    demon guards near the ladder you climbed up, further to the right is a series 
    of ball and chain, as well as 3 winged demon teleporting in, when you get to 
    the ladder on the right there is another arm demon and a few skeletons that 
    teleports in from behind. Climb down the ladder and you'll be on the platform 
    that you saw in the beginning when you entered the area. Walk off the platform 
    to the right, there will be 2 more winged demons before receiving your reward, 
    10 treasure chests stacked together. Among the various treasures, one of them 
    has a power orb, while another one has a change orb. If you were careful and 
    didn't take a hit, your power level should be at 3 now. The flames will be 
    even longer and stronger. Exit through the door on the right.
    If you went in the optional room, the wandering skeletons will have 
    regenerated, as well as the mosquitoes. Move left to where the trilobite was 
    and climb the ladder, 2 arm demon are walking back and forth above you. From 
    there you can see another door, this leads to the inner stage. There are some 
    wandering skeleton on the right if you want to destroy them, but going there 
    will also send 3 mosquitoes flying in from the right. Whatever you do don't 
    climb the ladder, jump on platform instead. If you want, the platform directly 
    above the door has a ladder leading to a chest that contains a change orb. Go 
    through the door.
    Inner stage
    You appear on a small platform, there is no visible path but a giant drop. So 
    walk off the platform and hold right, you'll fall right past the 1st of the 5 
    aerial spikes, and then move left a bit so you're in the center, then 2nd 
    spike will pass by the right. Immediately hold right again, you'll fall into 
    an alcove with 3 chests, one with change orb and 2 with treasure. Walk off 
    again and hold right, you'll fall on a small platform. Repeat the last step 
    and you'll fall into a fake wall. Move right and take out 3 wandering skeleton 
    and claim the treasure from the chest beside the ladder. Climb down and there 
    is another chest with treasure to the left. Go back 
    (you'll most likely encounter mosquitoes on your way back) and fall down the 
    shaft again while holding right. The 3rd spike passes you on the left, as well 
    as the 4th just as you land in another fake wall. Climb the ladder and the 
    chest here has not only treasure but a power orb too, in case you taken a hit 
    earlier and lost some power. Fall down the shaft again and this time hold 
    left, the final spike will pass you on the right as you land on the ground. 
    Proceed right, you'll see 3 chests stacked, but a winged demon will teleport 
    in, in fact there are 3 of them near the chest. Take them out first 
    (remember you can make them appear in the air by jumping before they teleport 
    in, allowing you to stay safe from their ball attack) the chests contains 
    treasures. Once you got everything move right and get on the elevator, it 
    will propel you up at great speed. Make sure you walk on the elevator and not 
    jump to the far right, since when you reach the top the elevator propels you 
    up in the air, if you don't hold left and land on the ground the elevator will 
    drop back down and you will slowly fall back down and must try again, wasting 
    a lot of time. Once you are on solid ground, move to the left and the guardian 
    music plays.
    Moon Demon
    Time: 1:30
    The guardian comes in from the left. It has 2 attacks; it creates a crescent 
    shaped energy field and runs across the screen, or does an arcing leap with 
    the field on.  It will use one of those attacks to make its entrance. The leap 
    covers the whole screen length, while it can be ducked, only if you stay 
    relatively close to it, so jumping over it when its falling is safer. Its 
    biggest advantage is its unpredictable. There is no way to tell which of the 
    2 attack it will use next. Although it will use the leap attack more often if 
    you are on the opposite end. The energy field may look like a barrier but it's
    actually not, so attacks can still get through. With careful timing this 
    guardian is easy win. Onto the boss.
    Difficulty 7-8: Same pattern, but charges across the ground at great speed.
    The Arcing leap however is still the same speed as lower difficulties.
    Giant Eye
    Time: 2:59
    Remember the setup for the first boss, this one is very similar. Only the 
    tree branch platform you stand on is only 1/3rd the length of the bridge and 
    the lava is replaced by a bottomless void. The eye enters from the right and 
    hover in midair, 11 small balls linked together rotates clockwise constantly. 
    They act as a barrier and block projectiles, so your flame won't get through. 
    There is a gap that you can get your attack to go through. You do however, 
    have to stand near the edge of the platform in order to hit 
    (assuming your power level is 3) Once the barrier rotates 3 times, it will 
    move away from the eye on the 4th revolution and rotate around the platform. 
    As soon as you see this is about to happen, stand to the very left and move 
    into the gap when part of the barrier moves under the platform so you don't 
    get hit. The barrier continues to rotate clockwise, during this time I don't 
    recommend attacking since the window of opportunity is very small and the 
    risk is great. When it rotates 3 times, it will leave the platform and return 
    to the eye, make sure you jump out through the gap to avoid getting hit. 
    During all this time, the eye will periodically send out spikes that shoot 
    out straight. They can shoot out from various different heights. The hard 
    part when facing this boss is when the barrier is rotating around you, the 
    longer the boss remains alive, the more chance it has to shoot spikes at you. 
    High ones you can just duck, but if they are low, you have to do a small hop, 
    a high jump will only get you hit by the barrier, this is made even harder 
    when sometime 2 spikes shoots low one after another, or one low and one 
    medium height, making it impossible to dodge. Do as much damage as you can 
    when the battle starts and just pray that you don't have to hop any low 
    Alternatively if you are samurai or waterman your attack can ignore the 
    barrier all together, giving you plenty of time to attack the boss as it 
    makes its entrance.
    Stage 3: Highway leading to a foreign space
    Time: 2:29
    You begin standing on a platform of a giant dead monster. Move to the right 
    and encounters the flying trilobite, these guys are twice as bad as 
    mosquitoes; they slowly float towards you while shooting. The last platform 
    you step on begins to move to the right across a giant chasm. Be aware that 
    the platform is always moving, so if you jump, the platform will still move 
    ahead and it will appear as you have moved back a few steps don't be careless 
    and jump off the platform this way. The trilobites will appear en masses in 
    this section. Finally jump off when the platform reaches the other side. There 
    are 3 optional rooms in this stage. 
    Optional room 1
    You appear standing on a chest, which has a change orb. The bridge spanning 
    across the lava shrinks down when you stand on it, so keep jumping and moving 
    to the right. Take out and trilobites and exit the door on the right.
    Jump to the right a few steps to reach the 2nd door.
    Optional room 2
    You stand on a platform, 3 other platform ahead has an alien cannon on each 
    of them. You can ignore the cannon or destroy them, just watch out when 
    they're about to fire. Pass the cannons is a clearing and the alien spider 
    makes its entrance as a mini boss. Stand at medium distance and attack, if 
    the spider shoots it mini version in the air take those down too. Do not let 
    them land on the ground, they can't be hit by crouch attack and must use the 
    hop technique, giving the spider more time to shoot even more spawns.  After 
    the spider is history, grab the treasure in the chest right in front of the 
    Back outside, the 3rd door is on a high ledge that requires a high jump, but 
    before you do that attack upwards, trilobites usually comes down through the 
    ceiling, and their presence can be hidden by the backdrop. Make sure it's safe 
    before making the jump.
    Optional room 3
    You start at a lower level, a chest in front of you with treasures and a 
    change orb inside, as well as 3 trilobites bearing down on you. Keep moving 
    upward, as you reach the 3rd level 2 eyeball skeleton will teleport in; take 
    them out as well as the two stationary trilobites above you. The exit is at
    the top left.
    The remainder of the stage is straightforward, keep moving right, take out 
    trilobite that gets in your way. You'll see the door to the inner stage at 
    the far right.
    Inner stage
    Very short, you stand on a platform. There is a lava pool to your left, a 
    stone bridge hovers above it. The bridge is made up of individual block. 
    When you step on a block, they fall down, so you have to advance quickly to 
    prevent falling into the pool below when you run out of bridge. Don't walk 
    across the bridge normally, instead advance by jumping, taking out any 
    trilobite that comes in your way. On the other side is another platform, but 
    a stationary trilobite is sitting on it. If you have a high jump character 
    like shinobi, you can try to stand on the last block then high jump over it, 
    or you can attempt a risky maneuver by standing on the last block and attack 
    while the block is falling down, destroying the trilobite and jump on the 
    platform just before you fall in the lava pool. Needless to say, for 
    Dragonwarrior this part is quite hard if you want to keep your form and power 
    level. When that's done move left and its guardian time.
    Alien fish
    Time: 1:30
    Remember the 2nd stage guardian; this guardian shares the same unpredictable 
    nature. However it doesn't make its entrance by attacking, instead it just 
    walks in. It has 2 attacks. It jumps high into the air and dives down 
    diagonally at extreme speed, or it does the dive at a much lower height. 
    The unpredictable part is you don't know which attack it will use, but you 
    can exploit the one weakness it has. Until you attack it, it will not attack 
    and instead just walks around. You can land several attacks in, wait for it 
    to attack and get out of the way, and repeat. Easy. The boss however, is not.
    Difficulty 7-8: Walking speed doubled, diving speed is unchanged.
    Alien dragon
    Time: 4:59 (the only boss that has 5 minute timer limit by default)
    The setup is a bit more complicated this time. You're on a piece of land with 
    two small platforms attached, while on the ceiling there is a mirrored 
    version. The dragon is on the right side of the wall. As soon as the battle 
    starts, two teeth comes out from the platform on the ceiling and both land 
    closes in together. Stand on either of the platform to dodge it 
    (this is also the best time to attack the dragon) Once the land moves back to 
    their original position, the dragon uses 1 of 2 attacks, either shooting a 
    laser from its nose, or extend its neck and moves the head forward, pauses and 
    fires a spread of 5 rings from a hole near the back of the head. After the 
    dragon made its attack, the 2 teeth appear again on the ceiling, but this time 
    through the land instead of the platform. Do the exact opposite as the last 
    time and stand on the land to avoid the teeth. Afterwards the dragon gets to 
    attack again and the whole process just repeats itself. This is where the 
    Dragonwarrior shines, the rings it fires are very hard to destroy with 
    individual attacks such as the shinobi, but Dragonwarrior can just use the 
    flame to sweep all the rings the moment they are launched. The laser attack 
    can be easily jumped. The nose of the dragon acts as a shield to absorb 
    projectile. This is one of the tougher bosses in the game, but with some luck 
    you can beat it without too much effort.
    Stage 4: Castle of devils
    Time: 3:59
    The stage with the best music in the game. Right from the start you see a 
    door not too far from you, but it's not the one leading to the inner stage, 
    that door is directly above you. There are 3 optional rooms in this stage and 
    this is one of them.
    Optional room 1
    A series of small platform moving up and down, on the bottom is a fire pit. 
    There is a lone chest on one of the solid platform that contains a power orb. 
    The exit is on the ledge to the left.
    Skulls will function as mosquitoes in this stage; they'll appear from time to 
    time but only one at a time. Moving right, 2 eyeball skeleton will teleport 
    onto the raised platforms. Skeletons as well as a gargoyle will appear more 
    to the right. The 2nd door is here.
    Optional room 2
    You appear under a ladder, with wall spears ready to poke you. Note the chest 
    on the other side of the wall on a platform just above the rows of spear bed. 
    Carefully climb the ladder while avoiding the spears. At the top is the exit 
    as well as a chest with treasure in it. You can attempt to go down to the 
    right by stepping on the platforms that retract when stepped on. But the chest 
    there only contains a mimic, and if you're not careful it could knock you into 
    the spears below. Now you know. Exit.
    Move a bit more to the right and meet up with another gargoyle and the 3rd 
    Optional room 3
    You can climb down the ladder, but there is nothing down there except an arm 
    demon, plus you could be hit while climbing down the ladder by a fleeing 
    skull. To the right is a collapsing bridge and fishes will suddenly appear. 
    Jump to the farthest block and hold right, you'll land in an alcove. Keep 
    moving right. Leap demons will appear in front or behind you. The ladder here 
    will take you to the lowest level where a bunch of wandering skeletons is 
    sitting around. The exit is also here, but goes back up and jump on the 
    bridge. Once again stand on the farthest block and hold right to fall in 
    another alcove. A stack of 6 chests is here, containing treasures, a power 
    orb and a change orb. Jump out the alcove and exit from below. Still moving 
    right, the last gargoyle appears and a constant stream of skeleton teleporting 
    in. When you reach a series of raised platforms, use them to jump up to the 
    highest level. At the right corner there are 3 chests with treasures, a power 
    orb and change orb. Now it's time to head back to the door leading to the 
    inner stage. As you jump off the high platform, just after the 3rd door is 2 
    high platforms beside each other. If you would like to fight a mini boss, or 
    just skip the entire skeleton fighting you can jump up here and jump to the 
    platform above the 3rd door. Only Shinobi, Samurai, Raijin, and Dragonwarrior 
    can jump high enough to reach it 
    (Dragonwarrior has to jump straight up instead of a directional jump) Waterman, 
    Poseidon, and Elta will have to use to much shorter platform located near the
    2nd door to get up to the higher level.
    As you move across the higher level, the screen will stop scrolling at one 
    point and you'll see the Gargoyle Knight in the background. A simple jump 
    over then attack strategy is enough to defeat it.
    Using the series of platforms jump to the left until you are directly above 
    your starting point, the last door here leads to the inner stage.
    Inner stage
    There are 2 paths that lead to the guardian; one of them also splits into 2 
    more paths. One of them is quicker, while the other one yields a few rewards.
    Quick path
    Take the ladder from your starting position down, and down another ladder. 
    The path now splits into 2. You can go left, pass all the ceiling spikes, go 
    down 2 more ladders and keep moving right to reach the guardian, but this path 
    is dangerous and yields no rewards.
    Or you can move right and come up to a collapsing bridge, only the blocks will
    not fall when you step on it. They will only fall when you jump on the center
    block and walk in either directionmore than. Do high jumps to the center, 
    then immediately hold left and as the blocks fall it will drop you in an 
    alcove with a stack of 10 chests containing treasures.
    Reward path
    Ignore the first ladder and climb up the second one. A total of 16 chests are 
    stacked here. But only the bottom 4 has treasure in it, the rest are all mimic. 
    Climb down the ladder behind the chests and you'll come up with a collapsing 
    bridge with blocks missing in between. Stand on the first block and hold left, 
    it will drop you into an alcove with 6 chests containing treasures, but is 
    also guarded with 4 ceiling spikes. To get back to the floor above you fall 
    out of the alcove and go left, use quick jumps across the bridge so it won't 
    collapse. Climb up the first ladder you see here and another one above it and 
    you'll be back at the starting point. From there just go back to the bridge. 
    With the first block gone, you'll have to do a short jump on the next closest 
    one (miss and you'll have to go back all over again) once you get on the block 
    simply hold right to walk across, you won't fall down the gap and will keep 
    walking to the next block, except the last block, which you must jump off and 
    into the alcove or you'll fall through the gap. Since the blocks don't 
    regenerate, if you mess up you won't be able to come back to try again. There 
    are 7 chests in total; one holds a change orb while the other holds treasures. 
    Jump out the alcove and hold left, because if you fall down straight 2 passing 
    fish will hit you, this way you can stay clear of them. Climb down 2 more 
    ladders and you'll be at the guardian.
    I recommend you take the reward path first, after jumping out of the alcove, 
    you can proceed left and use the collapsing bridge to get into the 2nd alcove 
    for the treasure chests, then simply jump out and you'll be at the bottom level 
    where the guardian is. Once you're at the bottom level, keep moving right to 
    reach the guardian.
    Time: 1:30
    A wizard that flies above you, it can move around at will. Occasionally shoots
    out a blue fireball, but its main attack is throwing out 3 minions on the 
    ground. It will keep throwing more minions until there is too many on the 
    screen for you to handle. Take out the minions as soon as they land, then 
    focus on the guardian. Not very hard. The boss is a bit more challenging 
    Difficulty 7-8: Instead of hovering above you in midair, the wizard can now 
    fly randomly all over the screen at incredible speed, greatly increasing the
    chance of colliding with you. It also uses it's fireball attack more often.
    Time: 2:59
    This time, the setup is quite simple. No platforms, no pits, just flat ground.
    Hellhound stands initially on the right side of the screen, it can choose to 
    jump to the left or right at any time. When it lands it will either jump away 
    to the other side again, or use its only attack, 3 bullets fired from its back. 
    It can shoot these bullets up to 3 times in a row if it chooses to. You can 
    easily dodge them by ducking right in front of its head; the bullets will 
    miss you completely. From here it's just simple routine until hellhound 
    Stage 5: Underground passage of terror
    Time: 3:59
    This stage notorious for the frog enemy, which is what you see the moment you 
    start the stage. A group of frogs lands on the ground, while most are 
    harmless, some will grow into frogmen and they will chase you. Its best to 
    keep moving right, take out any electro bird along the way. Soon you'll enter 
    a narrow corridor; skeletons will teleport in from both sides. At the end is 
    a ladder, with 2 chests sitting on the level below, both carrying a change orb. 
    Down another ladder, there is 9 chests piled in a corner to the left, some 
    contains treasures (including a very valuable gem) but most contains frogs 
    that will grow into frogmen. Only the first 3 chests on the bottom counting 
    from right to left contains treasures, but unless you're Elta it's impossible 
    to break only those 3 chest without opening the others. The 1st door leading 
    to optional room is to the right of the ladder.
    Optional room 1
    Very simple, 3 arm demons walks on the bottom floor, while ceiling spikes are 
    planted facing down on sections of platform. As you walk under the platforms 
    the spikes falls down and the platforms shields you from the spike, perfectly 
    safe. To the right are 8 chests all with treasure and the exit. 
    Go down another 2 sets of ladder and 2 electro birds appear on both sides. 
    The 2nd door is on the right.
    Optional room 2
    Possibly the most dangerous optional room in the game. You stand on a platform
    over a giant fire pit, there are additional platforms to help you across, but 
    they sink when you step on them, just like the 3rd stage bridge. Jump from 
    platform to platform until you reach the stairs and witness the horror. 7 
    frogs, all turns into frogmen, attacks at the same time. Because of its 
    strong damage resistance, even 1 frog will take a while to defeat, let alone 
    7. What's even worst is that there are 5 chests on the stairs, 2 of them has 
    a power orb each, one has a change orb and the other 2 has treasures. If you 
    get the power-ups, you'll most likely lose it from the onslaught of attacks. 
    You can try luring them one at a time by jumping back towards your starting 
    point, attacking on each sinking platform to do some damage. This is very 
    risky but also the only safe way you can claim all those chest content. After 
    all the frogs are defeated, you can grab the treasure from the 2 chest closest
    to the fire (the closest chest has a high valued wand that will land in the 
    fire and becomes unobtainable unless you sacrifice your HP for it), the 3rd 
    chest contains the change orb, and the remaining 2 has the power orb. Exit
    through the door.
    The 2 electro birds have regenerated, past them is another electro bird 
    guarding a ladder going up, the 3rd door is to the left.
    Optional room 3
    Immediately you'll see the exit is directly above you, along with a chest. 2 
    sets of spear bed can be seen and a small collapsible bridge in between them. 
    Jump on the last block to the right, and when the block is falling down 
    immediately hold right and do a small hop to land you on solid ground, barely 
    missing the spear bed below. A ladder to the right with a chest containing a 
    change orb. Climb up carefully pass the wall spears, a ground of frogs falls 
    down, they all can change. Ignore them and quickly move to the left, the chest 
    here contains treasure. Exit the room before the frogmen catches up. Climb up 
    the 2 ladder on the left and another group of frogs that changes will appear, 
    climb down the only ladder here and enter the final door to the inner stage.
    Inner stage
    A simple yet seemly complicated maze. The basic layout comprises of 4 floors: 
    Top, middle, lower (starting point) lowest, and a secret room in the lowest 
    floor.  Your goal is the secret room, but how do you get to it, there is no 
    map, no directions. And with all these ladders going up and down which one do 
    you take? There is actually only 1 simple route that takes you there.  Most of
    the other routes don't take you anywhere, the screen simply wraps back to the 
    beginning, giving the illusion that there are multiple ladders leading to 
    different areas. The correct route is as follows. From starting point move 
    right, ignore the 1st ladder and climb up the 2nd one. Continue moving right, 
    ignore the next ladder and you'll see 3 chests with a power orb, change orb, 
    and treasures. Climb down the next ladder after the chests. Move right and 
    take the 1st ladder you see down, this will take you in the secret room. 
    Proceed right to fight the guardian.
    Axe warrior
    Time: 1:30
    A blue armored knight with an axe and shield. His main attack is to throw the 
    axe forward, that later comes back and catches it. He can also do a high jump 
    in the air, and does a short range strike with the axe when he lands.  The 
    only time he is vulnerable is during the jump, or the spilt second when he 
    throws out the axe and when he catches it. You have more time to attack if he 
    chooses to jump, just don't get cornered. Jump over the axe thrown, and jump 
    again when it comes back. You'll have to be patience when fighting this 
    guardian. The boss, for some forms will need even more patience.
    Difficulty 7-8: No change.
    Eye tower
    Time: 2:59
    For some forms, this battle is very hard, almost impossible, for others it's 
    a cake walk. The setup is the same as hellhound. Flat ground. The boss is a 
    thin tower that occupies the right side the screen, so you have a good amount 
    of space to move around with. The tower consists of an eye on top and bottom 
    of the tower, and a central eye (also the weak point) that opens and closes 
    in intervals. Its only attack is to shoot out a big ring projectile. The top 
    eye shoots diagonally downward while the bottom shoots upward. Both shoot 2 
    at a time. The center eye when it opens shoots a single ring straight forward. 
    Aside from the center eye ring, the other rings will bounce off the ground and 
    ceiling, drastically reducing your mobility. Since you have to destroy the 
    rings to keep you from getting hurt, you will have less time to focus on the 
    boss's weak point, and the boss will use this time to shoot even more rings, 
    eventually overpowering you.
    However, if you have Raijin or Dragonwarrior with power level 3, then this 
    battle is a joke. Simply stand 2 character length away from the boss and aim 
    at the central eye (Dragonwarrior) or hold down the attack button (Raijin) the 
    flames will destroy any rings fired from all 3 eyes and damage the central eye, 
    while one point of the electrical field can damage the eye and the others 
    protects you from any rings the boss may fire.
    Stage 6: Corridor leading to hell
    Time: 4:59
    With a stage name like that, you just know that the action will intensify. 
    This stage is fairly straightforward. Moving right, you are greeted by 2 armor 
    dog and cat girls, both of these enemies move very quickly so be on your guard. 
    The dog also can't be hit with Dragonwarrior unless you use the hop technique. 
    When the screen stops scrolling, another mini boss, the Chariot, shows up. 
    It's back and forth charging attack is so simple to avoid it can hardly be 
    considered a mini boss. Continuing right, 3 more cat girls shows up. By this 
    time you'll probably start seeing the floating eye now, these guys may float 
    towards you slowly, but the fireball they shoot moves faster than the regular 
    bullet, and they come in groups and endless waves. Keep moving.
    Climb down the ladder and immediately 2 cat girls shows up. The path now 
    splits into 2. Going left takes you to 2 of the 3 optional rooms, while going 
    right takes you to the 3rd room and the correct route to the inner stage. The 
    left side is filled with cat girls and armor dog, take them out slowly, but 
    watch for the floating eyes, make sure they don't get too close to you. Move 
    left until you reach the 1st door.
    Optional room 1
    A massive fire pit spans across the room, while several floating platforms 
    helps you to get across. The exit is directly across the pit, guarded by 2 
    armor dog. As you jump on the left most moving platform, you'll see an alcove 
    above with a barely visible chest. Wait till the platform reaches its highest 
    height before jumping to land in the alcove, which has 4 chest containing a 
    power orb, change orb, and treasure. Exit through the bottom left door.
    A little to the left is the 2nd room
    Optional room 2
    Rows of spear bed, with 3 moving platform, one of which moves faster. In 
    between each spear bed is a small land safe to stand on. 2 of the chest are 
    sitting in between each of the space, containing a power orb, change orb and 
    treasure. Exit is on the right.
    Move the entire way right, pass the 2nd ladder and the 3rd door is beside it.
    Optional room 3
    2 trilobites placed across each other, a breakable block in the middle of the 
    floor. Break the block and fall to the next floor with the same setup as the 
    last, drop down one more floor to land on 2 chests with power orb and 
    treasure. Alternatively if you are Raijin you can just high jump up the ledge 
    leading to the exit and climb down the ladder to claim the chest content 
    without having to fight the trilobites (you do have to destroy one of them to 
    jump up without getting hurt) Exit the room.
    Climb the ladder near you and 4 cat girls are waiting up top. Move to the 
    right until you reach another ladder going down. The only door here leads to 
    the inner stage.
    Inner stage
    5 trilobites, each sitting on top of a progressively higher ledge. Destroy 
    them one at a time. A ladder is here, climb up and move a little to the left. 
    There is a gap you have to jump across. A single block is connected with the 
    platform you're on, while another block is placed in mid air slight below in 
    the middle. The idea here is to hold left and walk off the first block and 
    land on the block in the middle, pause for a split second and high jump left 
    to reach the other side. If you messed up and the block is gone, there is 
    seemly no way to get across, it's not true. There is an alternate route. But 
    before that, if you jump off the platform (without touching the connecting 
    block) while holding left, you'll fall into an alcove with 3 chest containing 
    2 power orb and treasure.
    If you messed up the jump with the blocks, here is the alternate route to the 
    guardian. From the base of the ladder, continue jumping to the right until you 
    come up to a breakable block in the floor, just above you are another one. The 
    1st one is the correct path, while the 2nd one can net you some treasure.
    1st path
    Destroy the block and fall down; another block is on the left. Destroy it and 
    fall down while holding left, you'll drop in a narrow corridor, at the end is 
    another block. Fall down here and you'll land right on the other side of the 
    gap you needed to jump earlier.
    2nd path
    Destroy the block and fall down while holding right, you'll fall into an 
    alcove with 3 chest containing treasure. Another breakable block is here, but 
    don't break this one and don't fall down it. Instead fall back down the left 
    tunnel; you'll see a spear bed positioned directly below the above mentioned 
    block, that's what would have happened if you went through there. Destroy the 
    block here and fall down; you'll end up right above the entrance to the 2nd 
    Once you're on the other side, move to the left and the guardian battle will 
    Hell mistress
    Time: 1:30
    As soon as you hear the battle music start up stop moving, 2 sword master 
    from both side vault in through the floors, one would definitely run into you 
    should you keep walking forward. A beam of light appears on the left side as 
    the guardian descent. Use this time to deal as much damage to the sword master 
    as you can, remember they cannot attack when they use the sword to guard, so 
    keep attacking to prevent them from moving. They like to jump around a lot, 
    since the battle space isn't very big; you want to take them out quickly to 
    avoid them restricting your moment. The guardian itself has a very simple 
    attack pattern. She puts up an energy shield and fires off a large fast 
    moving fireball that travels straight, laughs and repeats this 3 more times 
    before the shield disappears momentarily. It's interesting to note that 
    whenever she takes damage, she finches for a brief moment and her attack 
    animation is canceled. So if you keep hitting her she won't be able to fight 
    back at all. You can actually stand on top of the shield and suffer no damage, 
    just remember to jump off before the shield disappears so you don't land on 
    her. Shield bypassing attack such as Raijin and Samurai will finish her in 
    seconds. The boss will require more effort though.
    Difficulty 7-8: No change
    Hell spawn
    Time: 2:59
    I don't even know what I'm looking at; much less give it a proper name. Anyway 
    you're on flat ground; the boss is hanging down on the right side. It has 3 
    parts that can be damaged. A mouth piece that comes out and releases 1 to 4 
    spores before retracting inside. The spores themselves are very erratic, 
    moving randomly left or right. They are easily destroyed but until the mouth 
    piece is gone they will prevent you from getting closer to the boss. They will 
    also self-destruct by themselves. But you don't want to wait that long. Once 
    the mouth piece is destroyed, a smaller piece located near the body will 
    begin to lob a single bullet at you. Before throwing each bullet it calculates 
    your current position and tries to lob the bullet as close to you as possible, 
    in other words it homes in on you. The final piece is the crystal ball held in 
    the hand, this is the weak point of the boss. The ball shoots out a laser bolt, 
    like the bullet piece, it also homes in on you. If you stand right under the 
    bullet piece, both the bullet and laser will not be able to hit you, if you 
    move too far to the right, the laser will home in again, so move a bit to the 
    left and you'll know it's safe when the laser shoots straight down. Then 
    simply just aim up and take out both pieces to end the fight.
    Stage 7:  Gal Agiese
    Time: 4:59
    Welcome to the last "real" stage of Magician Lord. The outer stage is infamous 
    for its insane difficulty, while the inner stage is relatively easy. You start 
    off appearing in midair, don't press any direction and let yourself land on 
    solid ground. There is a small gap you have to jump and a ladder to climb. 
    Ahead is the infamous "platform jumping section" Basically there are a total 
    of 6 moving platform, all moving on the same level at the same speed. The idea 
    is to jump off to the next platform when the one you are standing on moves 
    close enough to it until you reach the other side, but this is made harder 
    when floating eyes are appearing all over the place, their fireball using up 
    even more space. What more, if you get knocked off the platform, you'll fall 
    to your doom in the bottomless pit below. This is where a fast trigger finger 
    and precision comes in handy, forms such as Dragonwarrior and Raijin can kill 
    the eyes quickly before they attack, all while performing precise jump from 
    each platform. Once you jump on the 5th platform, you can just hold left and 
    fall into the tower on the left, you don't have to jump up to the ledge and 
    manually climb down.
    A ladder on each side. The right side allows you to access the last optional 
    room in the game. Climb down and enter the door.
    Optional room
    Climb down the long ladder, 2 cat girls are waiting below. Don't go to the 
    very left, while there is nothing there, as you start moving right a sword 
    master will vault through the floor. To the right is a ladder and a 
    collapsible bridge with blocks missing, you can climb down the ladder, but 
    there is a whole bunch of wandering skeleton waiting down there, as well as 
    4 cat girls and the occasional sword master that comes through the floor. 
    The exit is also down here. If you want to skip the fighting for now you can 
    use the blocks and walk across (you'll have to jump onto the closest block 
    first, and don't forget to jump off the last block) but if you fall you'll 
    land right into the heart of the crowd below, so I would suggest climbing 
    down and take them all out first. Use the ladder right of the exit and climb 
    up. Another block bridge is here. Use the same way as before and move across 
    and you'll come to an alcove with a stack of 10 chests containing 2 power 
    orbs, a change orb, and treasure. Leave through the exit below.
    In fact, it is recommended you take the right side ladder down, not only to 
    access the optional room, but you can just walk off the ledge and take out 
    the 3 wandering skeleton sitting beside the ladder (sometime one of them sits 
    too close to the ladder, and you'll have no way to climb down without getting 
    hurt) Take the next ladder down, with another 3 skeleton waiting nearby 
    (no choice to drop down this time) The only door here leads to the inner 
    Inner stage
    Just like the optional room, climb down the long ladder. Immediately 2 sword 
    master vaults in on both sides. Go left and take another ladder down. The path 
    splits into 2. If you want to take a safer but longer path, go left, for a 
    quicker but harmful path go right.
    Quick path
    Moving right, there is a fire pit with 2 moving platform to help you across, 
    a ladder at the far right. This ladder leads down a long shaft with a total 
    of 10 wall spears, 7 of them are near the beginning. After the 7th spear there 
    is a small alcove, passing 2 more spears further down is another alcove, this 
    is where the guardian is, but since you cannot jump off the ladder how do you 
    get into the alcove? You have to take a hit, and then hold left so you can 
    fall into the alcove, but this will cost you one HP and one power level, and 
    if you are on your last HP or last life this is just impossible to do. If you 
    still want to get to the guardian this way, from the top, count the spears 
    downwards, stop in front of the 7th spear, just before the first alcove. Once 
    the spear hits you, you'll come off the ladder, you'll be knocked back against 
    the right wall, quickly hold left so you'll pass the 8th spear and hug the 
    left wall, falling into the 2nd alcove and into the guardian room.
    Safe path
    Moving left, a series of ball and chain drops down from an unseen location on 
    the ceiling. Time your movement and get pass them then climb down the ladder 
    to the left. A series of 9 moving platforms on various levels over a large 
    fire pit. On the other side of the pit is a small gap with a chest on the 
    other side containing a power orb and treasure. You can make a small hop to 
    get across but it might be a little hard. Instead jump up the moving platforms 
    and get into the alcove in the middle level. Move right and fall down the 
    shaft while holding left to land right beside the chest instead of falling 
    straight into the fire pit below. If you fall through the small gap, there is 
    a whole bunch of cat girls and sword master below. The right side has the 
    ladder that leads to the shaft with the wall spears, while the left brings you 
    back to the left side of the large fire pit. Jump on the platforms again, this 
    time get up all the way to the ledge on the top right and move to the right. A 
    single chest is on the right side of a collapsing bridge containing a high 
    valued treasure. Step on the right most block and hold right as you fall down 
    into an alcove. The first ladder here leads to a chest with a change orb, just 
    be careful of the 4 wall spears. A bit to the right and you'll reach the long 
    shaft. The guardian room is just below you. Wait for the bottom spear to 
    retract before walking off to the right, once you are clear of the spear 
    immediately hold left and you'll drop in the alcove leading to the guardian.
    Sword knight
    Time: 1:30
    The final guardian of the game. He is very aggressive. The moment he walks on 
    the screen he'll start thrusting his sword forward twice, then takes a few 
    steps towards you and repeat his sword thrust. In fact he is the exact 
    opposite of the Alien guardian of stage 3, if you don't attack him; he won't 
    stop moving/attacking. Attack him after he does 2 sword thrusts and he'll stop 
    and guard with his sword for a moment. If you are getting cornered you can use 
    this time to get out of it and reposition yourself away from him. Since the 
    battle space is quite small getting cornered is really easy. He's only 
    vulnerable when thrusting his sword. Keep attacking and distance yourself from 
    him and it will be an easy win.
    Difficulty 7-8: His sword thrust now moves him forward twice as far, closing
    the distance between you in just one thrust.
    Demon giant
    Time: 2:59
    Again I have no idea what the boss is suppose to be, but suffice to say it is 
    big, almost twice the length and size of your character. No more flat ground, 
    the environment again becomes hazardous. 3 platforms, 2 small ones on the left 
    and 1 big one on the right. The boss appears on the big platform small at first 
    and quickly grows to normal size. Its main attack is to shoot out a pink ball 
    that splits into 6 other balls forming a hexagon. It can perform this attack 
    repeatedly until it decides to stop, at which point it will most likely jump 
    off screen and lands back on a different platform. Actually, which platform it 
    jumps to depends on which one you are currently standing, if you are on one of 
    the smaller platforms, it will only stay on the big platform, on the big 
    platform it can switch between the 2 smaller platforms. To prevent the ball 
    from splitting up, destroy the original ball and you won't have to worry. 
    Dragonwarrior and Raijin once again come in handy here. 
    Stage 8: God of destruction reincarnates
    Time: 9:59 (timer continues to count down after each guardian fight)
    Also known as the "fight all the guardians again" stage. All 7 guardians have 
    been resurrected, and you have to beat them again. The fight is on flat land 
    and with good amount of space to dodge. You'll fight the guardians in the same 
    order as you did during the stages. Use the same tactics before to defeat each 
    one, they're the same as before (the only difference is the 2 sword master 
    accompanying the hell mistress have been upgraded to the blue version, which 
    is a bit more damage resistant)
    Once you defeat the last guardian, the final battle is about to commence. 
    Before the battle starts, your mentor appears and tells you that Az Atorse is 
    very strong, and asks you to choose a battle form for the last battle. The best 
    one would be Dragonwarrior, followed by Raijin and Samurai, Shinobi is ok for 
    the first part but has trouble on the second, and both the Waterman and 
    Poseidon are useless in this fight. Once you pick your form the battle begins.
    Note that the form you choose will only last on the first life, should 
    you lose a life you'll be back as Elta. Your chosen form only has the 
    equivalent of Elta's HP (1 to 3)
    Az Atorse
    Time: 2:59
    You stand on a stage in an alternate dimension; the boss appears in the 
    background and approaches to the foreground.  It is comprised of a core 
    carrying a spiky sac on the bottom. Once it appears in the foreground the sac 
    will be vulnerable. The boss has 3 simple attacks. It moves to the left of the 
    screen and fires a 2 way laser bolt diagonally, stay under it and you'll be 
    safe. It repeats the attack on the right side, but fires 3 laser bolt instead, 
    afterwards it moves to the centre and the sac opens and launches 4 small blue 
    fireballs that slowly homes in on you, they can be destroyed. The patterns 
    then repeat. Once you start doing some damage, the spikes on the sac will be 
    destroyed and the laser attack will be gone, the fireballs can still be 
    launched. Keep attacking until the sac falls off. The 2nd part of the battle 
    begins now.
    With the sac gone, the core starts to rotate clockwise, quickly picking up 
    speed. 8 green balls appear from within and rotate with it for a short time 
    before pausing and shooting out in 8 directions. The pattern then repeats 
    itself. The ball itself is the weak point. Because of how fast the core is 
    rotating, it is very possible the green balls can appear when it rotates to 
    the closest point to the floor, hitting you if you are standing under it. 
    Stay on the side just to be safe. Dragonwarrior and Raijin can take them out 
    easily, while Shinobi might have a bit of hit detection problem with his 
    fireball. The more you destroy, the less chance the ball will hit you when it 
    launches out. Destroy all 8 balls and the core will explode. Congratulation, 
    you have beaten Magician Lord.
    8. Credits
    I would like to thank:
    ADK for making this challenging platformer.
    SNK for publishing it.
    GameFAQs for hosting this FAQ.
    And all of you who reads it.

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