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"A short, but still excellent action game."

The Neo-Geo is to many the ultimate system for those who loves 2D fighters. The system is actually known for almost only the fighting games, but there's one series that is very loved by many gamers. That series is Metal Slug. This is game is the first of the series, and while it got ported to both Playstation and Sega Saturn, the Neo-Geo version was the superior one.

You take the role as one (or two if you are playing with a friend) soldier who has to defeat a whole army and save civilians during the battle. To achieve victory, the player has to shot down every enemy, no matter if the enemy is an regular solider, a battle tank, a helicopter or a big war machine.

There are 6 different stages, and in every stage there are civilian that can be rescued and then they usually give you something good in return (usually a more powerful weapon than your standard gun.) There also are at least one "Metal Slug", a tank that you can take over and then fire even more powerful weapons against the enemy, just make sure to get out of it before it blows up after taken a few damages.

The control in this game is really simple. You use one button to fire your weapon, one button to jump and one button to throw explosive bombs. In close combat with the enemy, the hero will use a knife instead of a gun, which usually kills the enemy right away. However you get killed after just one hit unless you are in a metal slug, it's important in this game to keep the distance from the enemies weapons.

Since it only takes one hit to get killed, this game is really challenging during the first playthrough, however the stages are short and while it's hard to get to the boss in the later stages, the actual boss is usually a piece of cake. For experienced action players this game should be to hard in multiplayer, since we all know that two guns are better than one.

The first Metal Slug is a great start for a great series, which is best when it's played by two players who are equally good. The only flaw is that the game is so short, so when it's over you just want more!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/11/06

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