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"The first in one ofthe greatest series' of all time..."

A long time ago, a small company named Nazca Corp. releaced a little known arcade game for SNK's Neo Geo system. Nazca, who's only other game was a golf title, was a virtually unknown company... but after this one game, they cought SNK's eye enough to be bought out by them.

Graphics: 9/10
Metal Slug had some of the best graphics to appear on a game, ever. Due in no small part to the amazingly detailed graphics, the game was just amazing to look at. The largest fault I could find with the graphics was the running and shooting animation... it seemed a little stiff. The backgrounds were all very greatly detailed, like the rest of the game. Every boss looks amazing, as well.

Sound/Music: 10/10
While the sound effects are mostly your regualr screams and such, the music is where this game is absolutely amazing. This game has one of the BEST soundtracks I've ever heard. From the very get go, to end credits roll, you will not hear a poor song. My personal favorites are Mission 1, Fight Against Mordon, and Credits.

Controls: 10/10
Simple enough. A is shoot, B is jump, and C is grenade. The controls are quick and responsive, and there is no problem there whatsoever.

I won't rate this, as this is, for one, an ARCADE GAME, and they NEVER have stories, and for two, it's a run and gun shooter. They don't need stories.
The story is about General Mordon, and his army. They wage war somewhere, with their groups of troops, tanks, and... larger tanks. Your mission, as Marco or Tarma, is to kill them all, and stop Mordon. Mission Start!

Gameplay: 8/10
Wow. This game plays like Contra, but without the aliens, basicly, except with many more guns, more enemys, and cooler bosses. Go through the 6 missions, kill thounsands of enemy troops, and save many POWs. There are also vehicles you can enter, if you can find them... namely, one. The Metal Slug. Think tank, but can jump and duck. amd has razor -like treads. Oh, and it has 2 vulcan cannons on the sides. The Metal Slug can take hits until it's health bar is depleted, then you have to jump out, fast! On foot, you can only take one hit, and your dead. You have 3 lives. The game starts out hard for begingers, but as you get more experenced, it gets easier. However, my biggest problem is the lack of diversity in the missions. It's just generic war-type settings, jungle, river, snow, and the like.

Overall: (not an average) 8/10 A excelent first game in an ever better series.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/15/04

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