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    FAQ/Move List by IceQueenZer0

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    ----------------------------- [World Heroes] ----------------------------------
    ----------------------------[by Ice Queen Zero]--------------------------------
    ------------------------------ [Neo Geo CD] -----------------------------------
    World Heroes and its characters are trademarks of ADK n' all copyrights belong 
    to SNK now.
    This FAQ/Movelist is the sole copyright of Andrea "Azul Fria" Castillo aka
    Ice Queen Zero and cannot be put on other sites or posted without my given 
    permission nor can it be reproduced w/o proper consent.
    It is 3091, Geegus is threatening to destroy the earth, he was able to defeat
    all that the earth had to throw at him by studying earth technology, in order 
    to save the world, a scientist invented a time machine and used it to gather
    eight of the world's best fighters during their time since Geegus never fought
    in hopes that they'll defeat him.
    You fight through 8 opponents either in a normal match or a death match which
    have traps laid all over the field and in one case, loser loses hair. Then
    you come face to face with Geegus.
    A button = light punch
    hold A button = hard punch
    B button = light kick
    hold B  button = hard kick
    C button = Throw
    up = Jump
    down = Crouch
    back = block
    down/back = crouching block
    down/forward = duckwalk
    Each character has a set of special moves in addition to the normal attacks
    given to them. They are executed by moving the joystick in a certain sequence
    and pressing the appropiate attack button. 
    Nationality: Japanese
    Occupation: Iga Ninja
    Era: 1600s
    He is like Ryu from Street Fighter
    History: Hanzo is a Iga Ninja from the XVII century, who developed secret 
    techniques. He wants to crush everyone who crosses him.
    Rekkozan: d, df, f + A
    Ninpoh Kohrin Kazan: d, db, b + B
    Kohryuha: f, db, d, df + A
    Nidian Jump: u, u
    Nationality: American
    Occupation: Fuuma Ninja
    Era: 1900s
    He is like Ken from Street Fighter
    History: Fuuma is the last Ninja of the clan Fuuma, eternal enemies of the Iga 
    clan. Son of an american woman, he left Japan with his mother when his father 
    died and trained secretly in the Fuuma techniques. With no enthusiasm he agreed 
    to fight side-by-side with Hanzo to defeat Geegus. He lives in the middle 
    XX century.
    Reppuzan: d, df, f + A
    Ninpoh Furin Kazan: d, db, b + B
    Enryuha: f, db, d, df + A
    Nidian Jump: u, u
          Kim Dragon
    Nationality: Chinese
    Occupation: Karateka
    Era: 1900s
    He is based on Bruce Lee
    History: Dragon is a legendary karateka from the middle of the XX century. 
    Accused of false fighter, he accepted the invitation to fight against Geegus.
    Hyakuretsuken: A rapidly
    Dragon Kick: b~f + B
    Nationality: French
    Occupation: Fencer
    Era: 1400s
    She is based on Joan of Arc
    History: A XV century feminist, who protects the circus who raised her, proved 
    to be one of the toughest fencers of her time. Accepted the invitation to 
    defeat Geegus, only to prove that women are tougher that men.
    Aura Bird: b~f + A
    Flash Sword: d~u + B
    Sword Hop: d + A in air
    Slap: B when close
           J. Carn
    Mongolian Tiger Mash: b~f + A
    Mongolian Dynamite: d~u + A
    Flying Buns of Doom: B, B in air
         Muscle Power
    Nationality: American
    Occupation: Wrestler
    Era: 2000s
    He is based on Hulk Hogan
    History: Heavyweight Wrestling Champion of all asociation in middle of XXI 
    century, Muscle Power (pro name) was the first one to do it. Acepted to fight 
    Geegus because he look Geegus as a challenger of his multiple belts.
    Muscle Bomber: b~f + A
    Tornado Body Slam: 360 + A when close
    Back Flip: b + A/B/C
    Skull Squeeze: C from half step away
    Toe Stomp: u, d + B
    Drop Kick: B, B in air
    Aerial Punch: A, A
    Nationality: German
    Occupation: Cyborg Soldier
    Era: 2200s
    He is based on (no one)
    History: The Ultimate Soldier of the XXIII century. He alone his able to defeat 
    an army. Invited to defeat Geegus and acepted by orders of his superiors.
    Rocket Punch: b, db, d, df, f + A
    Spark Thunder: A rapidly
    Hurricane Arm: d, f, df + A
    Rocket Jump: f + A in air
    Nationality: Russian
    Occupation: Sorcerer
    Era: 1200s
    He is based on Rasputin himself
    History: A phylosopher of the XIII Rusia, was also a known alchemist and 
    sorcerer. He discovered a way to expand his members so he could fight at 
    distance. Acepted to fight Geegus because he saw Geegus as a Dark Angel.
    Fireball: d, df, f + A 
    Axle Spin: d, db, b + B
    SNK whom created the game
    GameFAQs for hosting
    My mother whom made an FAQ for the same game back a long time ago.
    You for reading this FAQ. See you again in my FAQ for World Heroes 2.
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    -Ice Queen Zero

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