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Reviewed: 07/08/04

Ryo Sakazaki, more than just a Ryu clone

Art of Fighting is one of the first fighting games released from SNK. The plot is Ryo, the main character in the game, goes deep into the South Town streets, with the help of Robert, the other fighter you can choose, to find his kidnapped sister, Yuri. You'll fight 8 opponents and go through 3 bonus matches. You can choose from either pillar smashing for a health boost, bottle top cutting for a spirit boost or a Hao-Ken practice to gain the new move, the Haohshokohken Tiger Flame Punch for Ryo or the Haohshokohken Dragon Flame Punch for Robert.

Graphics: 8
Especially for the time it was released, the graphics were outstanding. Some of the best seen and much better than SNK's previous fighting game, Fatal Fury.
Now, the graphics aren't as extraordinary but is still incredible that it's graphics still look great compared to 2D fighters today like Capcom v.s SNK 2. Fighters faces even bruise which was never seen again until Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance.

Sound: 7
The Sound of the Music and Sound Effects come out great. The Music score is alright but can grow boring. The grunts and groans are great and, somehow, realistic. Sometimes, the sound can seem to be muffled or low so this needed improvement.

Controls: 6
The controls response is decent, but could have been better and the control scheme could have been better. One punch button and one kick button is not enough and the hard blow button is strange and unresponsive. This was improved in the sequel.

Game Play and Replay Value: 7
Lot of fun when you first play. When you beat the game, 2-player mode should keep you interested for awhile. You'll probably even go through story mode again. After awhile, though, you'll get tired of this game and put it away. A few months afterward, you find it again and have a blast. Reminiscing. Replay Value is classic arcade.

Overall: 7
If you can find this game cheap, or if you have an emulator, get it. You wont regret it. You have fun and enjoy the golden age of fighting games.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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