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    Character Background FAQ by Basel

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    Fatal Fury 2:
    A Word Before We Get Down To The Real Talk:
      This faq is only for the character backgrounds and
    so. So if
    anybody have anything to add, please do so.
    Otherwise... do not bother.
        -The Mystery of the Teutonic Challenger-
                 Fatal Fury 2: Prologue
      Geese Howard, master of Southtown. From the punks
    lurking in dark alleys to the back rooms of City Hall,
    his name and influence holds sway with all.
      However, Geese's quest for control and power has
    come to a complete halt. Since his battle with Jeff
    Bogard his empire has begun to crumble. And now...
    -While Geese is relaxing himself-
    Bodygaurd: Mr. Geese, sir. A telegram...
    -Geese then opened the telegram-
      To Geese Howard, my little cream puff,
      Your sliminess and greed has been a source of great
    enjoyment for me these past years, but, alas, your end
    has come. We are all surfing on a wave of new evil.
      Unfortunately for you, my friend, the wave is here,
    and you have no board.
                    Auf Wiederehen, Meine Kleine Sucker, 
                                      Wolfgang Krauser
      Krauser! The Dark Kaiser. The man of mystery who
    hangs over Geese like the cloud over the city's waste
    treatment plant on a hot summer day.
    Geese: Can't you get rid of this... wiener?!
    Bodyguard: Yes, you Black-Heartedness...
      To build up the strength and training of his lethal
    bodyguards, Billy Kane and Raiden, in the effort to
    crush Krauser, Geese opens "The King of Fighters
    Battle Royal".
      Yet Geese's plans go awry, and the Southtown tyrant
    becomes raw meat for the Lone Wolves, Terry, Andy and
    Joe. The battle between Geese and Krauser was never
    meant to be. Geese meets his end on the cold pavement
    of a Southtown Avenue. Time Flows On...
    Southtown. One Year Later
      Terry Bogard, beloved son of the streets of
    Southtown. Andy Bogard, tempering mind and spirit in
    far off lands. Joe Higashi, the Kick-Boxing Pro.
    Invitations have been delivered to all of these three.
    This year, "The Sultan of Slugs Battle Royal" awaits
    our heroes. Are they up to the challenge?
    In Pau-Pau Cafe, Southtown
    Terry: Richard! It's Bogus-Ville, Arizona!! 
    Richard: You mean this? I got one, too.
    Terry: Whatta ya gonna do? Jumpin' Mexican Jelly
    Beans, Richard!
    Richard: Jumpin' what...? Anyway, I'm keeping my buns
    here. What are prepared to do?
    Terry: I bet Andy and Joe are thinking the same thing.
    Wherever they may be...
    -While Terry and Richard speak, invitations are being
    by Andy, Joe, and a handful of the world's strongest
      Where, when, and against who? These questions still
    remain to be answered until moments before the match
    of the millenium...
               Put Up Your Dukes and Let's Fight!
    Name: Terry Bogard (The "Oh Yeah" Kid)
      With his trademark Cap and windbreaker, Terry enters
    the battle to determine the mysterious identity of the
    Sultan's promoter, Wolfgang Krauser. Will his dizzying
    speed and lighting moves be enough to aacomplish his
    Name: Andy Bogard (The Compact Koppo Specialist)
      Terry's kid brother. Smaller than Terry but large in
    ability. This master of Koppo, the ancient Oriental
    art of bone breaking os a force to be reckoned with.
    Fresh from a year of rigorous training of both mind
    and body. Andy is prepared for his lineal grudge match
    and the chance kick Krauser's posterior.
    Name: Joe Higashi (The Kick Boxing King)
      After pleaging his allegiance to the brothers
    Bogard. Joe returned to the jungles to train. After
    months of obcurity, Joe rose like a comet to the
    heights of world kick-boxing champ. A title he still
    holds with his mongoose like legs and Hurricane Upper.
    Joe is ready for all comers.
    Name: Big Bear (The Grizzly-Crushing Wrestling Maniac)
      Known before as the bear-wrestling roustabout and
    bodyguard, Raiden. He has taken off the mask and
    returned as an independent wrestler. Known for his
    obscene power and deadly Lariat Drop. All contestants
    should keep their distance from him.
    Name: Jubei Yamada (The Geriatric Judo Demon)
      Unquestionably the world's strongest 70 year old.
    Jubei has joined the contest to rekindle the flame of
    his youth and find some groupies to help him. Still
    spry and lithe, between rounds he passes the time
    eating rice crackers and hitting on young female
    spectators. A lonely man in a rapidly changing world.
    Name: Cheng Sinzan (The Muscular Merchant of Lump
      For someone who hates exercise. This middle-age junk
    food addict certainly knows how to move! his
    gravity-defying feats and unique body help him to win
    matches and especially prize money. His ultimate
    dream: To bathe naked in a sea of gold coins. The
    thought sends chills down the spine.
    Name: Kim Kaphwan (The Tai Kwando Champion)
      With ridiclous speed and a punch of steel, Kim is
    out to show that Tai Kwando and Korean nation are not
    to be taken tightly. His precise and steady ways of
    inflicting pain are sure to take him a long way.
    Name: Mai Shiranui (The Kock-Out Ninja)
      The daughter of Andy Bogard's martial arts teacher.
    Mai has been trained in the Ninja teaching for 17
    years. With her flexible body and arms of iron, she is
    set to show which sex is the strongest.
    Unknown By Many:
                    Fatal Fury 2
                      BIG BOSS
                     E. Kawasaki         
                  Character Design  
                  Higashipon Mark3
                     Tony Oki
                    Tsuzakingyo 2
                    Super Soe Soe
                     Back Scroll
                      Oba Obata
                     Uri Maidopom
                   Character Back Up
                     Teizo Muta 92
                       Kama Kama
                     Takeshi Kimura
                   Yamatan-2' Turbo
                      Speaker. R
                    Jojouha Kitapy
                     Special Thanks
                     Kazuya Hirata 
                     Prince Degucha!
                        Data Tada
                        Oh! Buch!
                      Finish Hiroshi
                      Akiko Tsuruta
                       Mie Kurita
                     Megumi Moriyama
                    1st.Operation Staff
                       All SNK Staff
                      Produced By SNK
    Last Words:
      There you have it. If anything is wrong, just send
    me an E-Mail. Hope there will be some respect for the
    hard work. This is one of the old games that you
    always want to play to remember the very very very
    good times. Damn right... the very good old times.
    Sniff sniff!  
    Special Thanks:
    1)To SNK.
    2)To Gamefaqs.
    3)To all my friends for the encouragement. 
    Fatal Fury 2 is Copyright SNK Crop. This document
    Copyright 2003 Basel <Mr_Basel@yahoo.com>
    If you need to contact me to add or ask me about
    anything, E-Mail me at Mr_Basel@yahoo.com or
    Credits for GameFAQs and SNK Crop.

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