Review by DuckAndCover

Reviewed: 02/03/04

The only game that has the historical figure Rasputin in it!

To give this game a eight says a lot. It really did something that DragonBall Z Budokai tried to do in its gameplay mechanics that was different. Here's a little history lesson for you: Rasputin was a man from Russia that believed in sinning as much as possible to achieve piety I believe. How he figured that, I have no idea, but they said that he healed the only heir of to the czar throne of hemophilia when he was a kid. Ever since then he was accepted as an advisor to the royal family much to the chagrin of the other blue bloods who only saw him as a whore mongering, drunkard, peasant. When conspirators set out to kill Rasputin, they shot him once, stabbed him, and threw him in the icy river, but according to autopsy he didn't die from the wounds but by drowning. The legend is that Rasputin was some sort of devil-worshiper or superhuman that had other worldly powers. How do I know all this? I watched history channel special on the Czars of Russia. Now you can play as Rasputin, and other famous figures that have been ripped off entirely.

This is the first game of its kind to have two modes of play to choose from: death match, or normal mode. It adds a new dimension to the game, and if you feel like you die too quickly playing normal mode, you can try deathmatch. It is an excellent idea that Capcom and all the others failed to grasp. The problem comes up when I noticed an area where they could've improved on the number of button tap combos you could do. With some characters you can repeatedly press the punch button to do a combo. They could've had you press punch 3 times and kick once to do one combo, or punch twice and kick twice to do another combo and on and on and on. A minor gripe would be the character types. The two ninjas remind me a lot of Ryu and Ken on street fighter, and their moves are simlar too: Shuriken fireballs,[Ha-do-ken]spinning blade attack[Tornado kick] and dragon punch.[shoruyken] The Japanese guy is a Bruce Lee clone and even has his similar moves but are jazzed up a bit, but all the other characters are completely original except for Rasputin who strangely controls just like Dhalsim on Street Fighter. Besides the apparent similarities with Street Fighter right down to the controls, this is a pretty solid game.

I remember thinking when I played this, ''How could graphics get any better than this?'' The opening where the blue ninja is surrounded by enemies was awesome. I couldn't give it a 10, because during death match with all the traps there is some slowdown, but it's not too bad.

I would've gotten suspicious if the ninjas said Shoryuken when they did the dragon punch. They say some sort of gibberish that sounds ok as well as the other characters. Who could forget the opening music to World Heroes 2?

This is an excellent fighting game. A little mediocre, and not all that famous, but it does deliver. If they had more newbie combos you could do, it would've added to the appeal of the game, as well as making more original moves. It seems like a hoard of games on the arcade and home consoles tried to repeat the success of the Street Fighter series. It's obvious they copied off Ryu and Ken, but you'll still have a good time playing this game.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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