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"One of the Most Distinct 2D Fighting Game"

Samurai Showdown

After the immense success of Street Fighter 2, the market of fighting games has grown wide open. There had been a number of Street Fighter 2 Clones in the market, with various names, and themes, but none of them seriously challenged Street Fighter's King mantle until the immergence of a number of Neo Geo Franchise, and the one that made the most impact was Samurai Showdown which is a game that defers far from Street Fighter that people no longer say that it is a street fighter clone but a unique game by itself.

In Samurai Showdown, we can choose between a number of sword (weapon) welders from samurais, to ninjas, to etc. and fight each other for supremacy. We all know how stupid stories for fighting games are, but as we all know, the fighting games are best played with an adversary fighting which player is better, and engaging in hours of competition :)

Game Play/Mechanics: 9/10
One of the advancement of Neo Geo Fighting games is that they implemented the zoom in/out feature in fighting games. When players are far away, the screen zooms out giving more room to maneuver. When the players are closer, the game then zooms in making it more frantic pace.

Coupled that with double jumping from the edge of the screen, this allows more dimension in the game system.

The addition of Anger Meter, in which grows after every hit - that makes our attack stronger when it gets full, makes a semi handicap system in the game - in which we should always be careful. Some characters can kill another player in 2 chops, so that makes this game a nice change. I few well placed chops can devastate the enemy instead of working too hard on combos.

Graphics: 9/10
During that time there are hardly any other games that has as good graphics as Samurai Showdown. The backgrounds are vivid, animated, and interesting - that grabs the essence of each character well.

The characters are all well designed, with many types of personality making it easy for players to adopt their favorite character well.

Sound/Music: 9/10
Good soundtrack of various themes, coupled with crunching sound effects make us hypnotized with what is going when we are playing the game.

Replayability: 7/10
Unfortunately if you are playing this game alone, this game is hardly replayable unless you are trying to find new techniques to test out against adversaries you may challenge at a local arcade. However if you are playing solely against other players, then this game can last for a really long long time :)

Overall: 9/10
Samurai Showdown is one of the most distinct 2D fighting game in the market, and there is with a reason. If you are in retro gaming, or an old school hard core gamer, there are hardly any 2D fighting games better than this one, except Samurai Showdown II which is more refined, the impact of Street Fighter 2 when it first came out, and the KoF series.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/10/04

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