Review by XXL1337baller

Reviewed: 12/01/06

One of the greatest games of all time. A truly great contribution to humanity

Windjammers is the perrenial of greatness in gaming history. No one is quite sure what makes it reeks of so much awesomeness, but it is quite evident upon further reflection that it indeed is there most certainly dear chap.

First, no one is quite sure what Windjammers plot is all about or what the heck the game is really supposed to represent. The games cover box kinda looks like streetfighter on a tennis court. While you don't know exactly what's going on, you end up thinking, that box coverart is pretty cool.
Box cover art- 10/10

Neo-Geo is a portable system, this means you can't expect it to have the graphical prowress of the Playstation 3. Windjammers does though, compete with the highest graphically prowessed games on the Gameboy Advanced, and that's pretty impressive. Beautiful colors are coupled with a vivid ball that looks pretty cool.
Graphics- 10/10

The gameplay of Windjammers is really weird, nobody truly knows what the devlopers were thinking. But whether on purpose or by accident, these developers stumbled on greatness. Somehow, this game is so fun, its like your tossing a frisbee for the guy beside you like in pong, but there is a soccer goal that's really hard to score in. This means that the game is really hard unlike Pong which was easy. Pong was once the greatest game ever back in the day, and Windjammers is even greater, meaning that Windjammers must be the greatest game now.
Gameplay- 11/10

Controls- The graphics are simple to learn, but difficult to master. This lies at the heart of any great game. You can pick it up for the first time and say, hey this is easy, but later on you will grow tired and frustrated but not with anger but with pure bliss and joy. These feelings and profound ecstasy and thirst for more will confuse you at first, but you will realize that they derive from the truly awesome game you have in your palms.
Controls- 10/10

Overall- Windjammers is truly a perrenial title to own, worth buying the whole Neo-Geo system for. I truly hope they do one day port this truly rediculously awesome title, for man truly gained a gift when Windjammers was invented. This game truly is awesome, and when I built the Windjammers board, I intended to share this game with my followers. Truly people, go out and buy this game. There is no way you will possibly be dissappointed.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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