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"SNK Counters SF2: Turbo with WH2: Jet"

Introduction: The Neo-Geo Arcade and Home Entertainment Systems received plenty of fighting games during its lifetime, but one of the best (in my opinion) was the World Heroes franchise. These games really, really imitated the Street Fighter 2 blueprint, and since I love Street Fighter 2, it is only logical that I would enjoy World Heroes. One problem, World Heroes and World Heroes 2 were very slow games. They played fine, but the action was slow. Even slower than Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior. So when ADK announced World Heroes 2 Jet for the SNK Neo-Geo, my heart leapt into the air from sheer joy. I knew what to expect, beautiful backgrounds filled with colorful animation, huge character sprites detailed meticulously, and the state-of-the-art control schematics that made World Heroes so enjoyable the first two times. So when Jet hit the streets I went looking, and eventually found it in a local arcade. After playing it twice I bought the home version for my Neo-Geo Advanced Entertainment Home System, and I still enjoy this game today.

Gameplay: 9: The gameplay is solid and nearly flawless. The animation moves fluidly, and is rather speedy this time around, which makes the game seem even better. The title World Heroes 2 Jet may be a bit of a stretch, since this game is not up to par with the Hyper Fighting or Turbo Edition Street Fighter games, but the speed improvement is noticeable and definately makes the game feel more fluid. I really think pulling off the special moves is easier this time around, it always has been great, but with the speed bump it just seems like everything is snappier and more responsive. Kudos to ADK for pushing the Neo hardware speed-wise. Most moves are pulled off in a similar fashion to that of the warriors of Street Fighter 2, with simple down-forward-punch, back-down-kick, type keystrokes. The matches are faster, and the players move swiftly with perfect animation. The controls and gameplay are exceptional on this version.

Story: I don't know much about the story, except this game is presented via tournament style, with your character fighting other characters each round as they progress through the tournament. The ultimate goal is to face Zeus, who is the final boss of the game. He must be the evil maniacal force in this game. The death match mode is gone (horrible mistake)... so what is left is 2-player mode, or 1-player in a tournament-style setting as you face off with other World Heroes.

Graphics: 10: The best graphics World Heroes has to offer can be found right here in this game. The game is full of animation and beautiful imagery. The colors are bright and rich, and the characters are large and move about the screen as you wish without lag, slodown, or frameskipping. The characters are detailed, and the backgrounds look gorgeous, with lots of animation and bright, colorful, intricate details. The characters execute their special moves with flawless animation, and the visual effects are all superb. Really great job here.

Sound: 8: The soundtrack is not so good. Unfortunately it is bland and rather hollow. The Neo can handle music very well for its age, but this game does nothing to prove that. A few tracks are worth noting, but for the most part the music is subpar. The voices and sound effects are well done however, and this redeems the soundtrack enough to score it an 8.

Replayability: 9: New moves makes for a better experience this time around as you can spend more time with each character developing your skill, mastering combos, new special attacks, and mastering their fighting styles. With the deletion of Death Matches I think this game loses a point for replayability, but overall this is not too bad and really the loss of the Death Match mode can be overlooked due to the sheer quality of this game. Overall its a game you'll really enjoy playing through repeatedly. This makes it a winner in my book.

Recommendations: This game is enough of an improvement over World Heroes 2 to justify its purchase. Considering Electronic Gaming Monthly named this "Game of the Month" in one of its summer issues long ago, this game really doesn't need to be sold, just played, because it sells itself. World Heroes 2 Jet received some high praise and many accolades for its solid quality and user friendliness. The game is a blast to play and provides some high-quality visuals for the gamer who loves eye candy. If you own a Neo-Geo this game is a worthy addition to your stable of games, considering it never made it to any other system it is not surprising to find people who barely recognize this game at all. The Neo has a small cult-like following and most of these owners know this game well. If you are a newbie to the Neo or a fighting game freak, then this game could be your one-way ride to the promised land.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/13/04

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