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    Addendum by GKomatsu

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    |/__________ |/ _ The King of Fighters '94  FAQ Addenum  95i1 ________
         This file contains notes and things "not quite in" the FAQ yet.
    Reasons of time constraints, "dunno where to put it", between updates,
    etc...  This file is subject to updates/changes/additions without
    notice (read: I won't post this if it's changed) but you can find
    the most current file at the usual ftp sites (netcom, and apparently
    now "Geese's" site too.)  Also, these are more or less my "notes",
    so don't whine if you don't understand what something means. =^)
    [Unless I get really in to the mood, I'll be "retiring" the KOF94 FAQ
    as it is.  If I feel there's anything else to add after this point,
    it'll be added to this file.  Diehard fans might want to pester their
    local Japanese bookstore into ordering "Gamest Mook Vol.2: The King
    of Fighters '94"  Shinseisha  1280yen  1994.
                    Onward to KOF95... Bigger Badder Better!  95.9.1 -gtk]
    Combos (pulled from various sources) ________________________________
    TEAM BRAZIL-------------------
    Clark & Ralf
    Jumping [C|D] --> Vulcan Punch (clark: --> Jumping D)
         -Ralf:  takes off roughly 35-45%, with just 2 hits.
         -Clark:  if done right, it'll end up a 10-15 hit combo and
                  and take off 45-50% damage.
    Jumping [C|D] --> [standing C|crouching A] --> Gatling Attack
         -For _both_ 40-45% 
    jumping C --> Crouching C --> Vulcan Punch
    Jumping C --> Standing C --> Vulcan Punch
    Jumping C --> standing C --> Gatling Attack
    Jumping C --> Back Breaker
    Jumping C --> crouching A --> Gatling Attack
    Jumping C --> crouching C --> Gatling Attack
    Jumping C --> standing C -->  Gatling Attack(C)  -dizzy-
    	(--> Jumping C --> Standing C/D  -KO-)
    Jumping C --> crouching C --> Cross Cutter
    Jumping C --> crouching A --> Cross Cutter
    Jumping C --> crouching A --> Moon Slasher
    Jumping C --> Standing C --> Storm Bringer
    Jumping C --> Standing D --> Storm Bringer
    Jumping C --> Standing C --> Moon Slasher
    Jumping C --> Crouching A --> Crouching A --> Moon Slasher
    Jump C/D --> close standing D --> buffered into a C Cross Cutter  -dizzy-
    Jump C/D --> close standing D --> buffered into a C Moon Slasher  -dizzy-
    Jump C/D --> close standing D --> buffered into a D Neck Rolling.
    Jump C/D --> close standing D --> buffered into a C Storm Bringer
    	you immediately charge down as you begin your jump,
    	connect the jump punch/kick, then when you land,
    	let the controller go into the idle position and press D,
    	then press up and C for the Moon Slasher.  charge will
    	buffer just long enough for the Moon Slasher to come out.
    Jump C/D --> Crouching A!
    TEAM ENGLAND------------------
    jump kick --> crouch A --> Venom Strike
    jump kick --> crouch A --> MoshuuKyaku
    jump kick --> crouch A --> Trap Shot
    jump kick --> crouch A --> Double Strike
    Jumping C --> standing C --> Trap Shot
    Jumping C --> standing C --> Tornado Kick
    Jumping D --> [standing C|a few crouching Bs] --> [Tornado Kick|Trap Shot]
         -Overall, both take off more than 40%.
    jump slapdown --> crouching C --> ChohissatsuShinobibachi
    Jumping [C|D] --> crouching A --> Ryuenbu
         -Totals 4 hits. 35%?
        \\\\3-hit dizzy combo
    Jump down C, down C, desperation. (my favorite combo over all 8)
    Jump down C, Ryuenbu (does more damage usually than jump c, c, Ryuenbu since
    most of time this Ryuenbu will only be a block damage unless your opponent
    try to hit you after the second C.)
    Jumping D --> standing C --> Saiha
    Jumping D --> standing C --> HyakuretsuBinta
    TEAM MEXICO-------------------
    Jumping C --> Crouching C --> HienshippuKyaku(D) --> Kohken
    Jumping D --> crouching C --> HienshippuuKyaku(D) (--> ZanretsuKen(C))
    HienshippuuKyaku(D) --> ZanretsuKen
    HienshippuuKyaku(D) --> fireball  -dizzy-
    Jumping D --> crouching C --> HienshippuKyaku(D) --> standing C  -dizzy-
    	--> repeat, replace standing C with ZanretsuKen(C)
    Jumping C --> standing C --> Kohoh
    Jumping C --> standing C --> Ryuuga
    TEAM KOREA--------------------
    jumping C --> Standing D
    Jumping D --> crouching A (x4) --> Hienzan
    Jumping D --> Standing C --> HououKyaku
    TEAM CHINA--------------------
    Jumping C (stick neutral) --> "oshiri attack" (down + D)
    jumping C --> Phoenix Arrow(A) --> crouching C (6-hits+dizzy
    	(if PA is blocked get ready to be thrown)
    Jumping C --> Standing C --> RyuuRenga
    Jumping C --> Standing A --> RyuugakuSai
    Jumping C --> Standing C --> HyouTanGeki
    TEAM USA----------------------
    "deep" Screw Body Press --> high jab --> low jab --> Brian Tornado
    Screw Body Press --> Standing C
    Jumping C --> Standing C
    forward leap Screw Body Press --> Standing C --> Brian Tornado
    Jumping D --> Standing A --> R.S.D.
    Jumping C --> standing [A|C] --> D-button "throw"
    Soul Flower --> (approach) --> (low jabs until nearly out of range)
           --> Standing C --> Crouching D
    TEAM ITALY--------------------
    Jumping [C|D] --> Standing C --> Power Wave
    Jumping [C|D] --> Standing C --> Power Geyser
    Jumping [C|D] --> Standing C --> Crack Shoot
    Jumping C --> Crouching C --> ChoReppaDan
    Jumping C --> Crouching C --> ZaneiKen
    Jumping C --> Crouching C --> ZaneiKen
    Jumping D --> crouching A --> Shoryuudan
    Jumping [C|D] --> Standing C --> Hurricane Upper
    Jumping [C|D] --> Crouching B --> Tiger Kick
    TEAM JAPAN--------------------
    Jumping D --> crouching A --> YamiBarai
    Jumping D --> standing C --> OniYaki(C)
    Jumping D --> standing C --> Yamibarai(C)
    jumping D --> standing D --> Oboruruma(D)
    jumping D --> standing C --> OboroGuruma
    jumping D --> crouching B --> standing C --> Oboroguruma
    Jumping C --> standing C --> OboroGuruma(D)
    Jumping C --> crouching B --> standing C --> YamiBarai
    Jumping C --> crouching B --> standing C --> OniYaki
    Jumping C --> crouching B --> standing C --> OboroGuruma
    jumping slapdown --> standing C --> OboroGuruma
    jumping slapdown --> crouching B --> standing C --> Oboroguruma
    jumping C --> crouching B x3 --> IaiKeri
    Jumping D --> crouching A --> IaiKeri
    jumping D --> crouching B x2 --> standing B --> IaiKeri
    Jumping D --> crouching B x5 --> IaiKeri    ~50%
    Jumping A --> crouching A x5 --> TenchiGaeshi
    I've gotten this out twice and the first time caught me completely off guard.
    Have B. charge to Max. Rage.  Jump in with a late D (a split second before 
    landing), after it connects, quickly do a SBP with D.  Instead of completing
    the jump, B. will kinda hover, spinning (and hopefully) hitting the opponent.
    While you're still in the air, buffer B.'s despiration.  Right when he lands,
    hit C and....WHAMMO!!  The guy will be either dead or need a jab to be killed.
    For some reason, I have trouble getting the despiration out of the jump all of
    the time (normally I can get it no prob.) and can end up with a Hyper Tackle
    (which still does a good bit of damage).  I suppose, if the opponent was quick
    on his feet, they could think to dodge the despiration but if you end up doing
    a HT, they're as good as thrown.  Hope this helps (some people get over the 
    idea that Team USA sucks).
    Once again, every fireball/uppercut character can do the jumping C/D,
    standing A/B/C, and then fireball/uppercut thus I didn't really include
    alot of those moves.
    Throws & Holds (& etc..)______________________________________________
    ground:      C                  D
    Heavy D!   pick up, punch      combo
    Brian      knee drop           toss
    Lucky      jump toss           knee
    Kim        throw ------------> throw
    Chang      6x slam             chain choke
    Choi       face slash          2x slash
    Kyo        slam, elbow         (axe kick)
    Benimaru   suplex -----------> suplex
    Goro       >choke>  <throw<    trip
    Hiedern    throw               2x kick
    Ralf       throw ------------> throw
    Clark      knee drop --------> knee drop
    Athena     throw ------------> throw
    Kensou     spirit shot         leg toss
    Gentsai    sake                leg throw
    Yuri       throw               (butt thrust)
    Mai        leg throw --------> leg throw
    King       leg flip ---------> leg flip
    Terry      slam -------------> slam
    Andy       throw ------------> throw
    Joe        flip throw          knee
    Takuma     slam -------------> slam
    Ryo        leg throw --------> leg throw
    Robert     slam -------------> slam
    jump:        C                  D
    Yuri       throw
    Mai        slapdown            throw
    Athena     throw               butt press
    Heidern    throw ------------> throw
    Kyo        slapdown
    Benimaru   throw               foot drill
    Kim                            HishoKyaku
    Lucky      slapdown
    Brian      slapdown
    Defensive Attacks:
    Yuri      back kick
    Mai       handplant 2leg kick
    King      crouching high kick
    Ryo       Elbow
    Robert    reverse back kick
    Takuma    reaching fist
    Terry     uppercut
    Andy      reverse back kick
    Joe       side kick
    Athena    high kick
    Kensou    high kick
    Gentsai   reverse gourd
    Kyo       reverse elbow
    Benimaru  high heel kick
    Goro      hard fist
    HeavyD!   uppercut
    Lucky     elbow
    Brian     uppercut
    Kim       high kick
    Chang     fist
    Choi      reaching claw
    Heidern   reverse leg slash
    Ralf      Uppercut
    Clark     Uppercut
    Double Jumpers: Athena, Mai, Choi
    Rugal to: ___________________________________________________________
    IT    Was that all your power?
    PRC   Justice has never prospered!
    JPN   I'll exhibit you and your dad!
    USA   You'll be my best collection.
    ROK   I've found a good addition.
    BRAZ  Your family awaits you.
    ENG   You'l be the best statues.
    MEX   Leave Kyokugenryu to me.  Die!
    Speech: _____________________________________________________________
      Tease: "ora!" --> "hey (you)!"
      start: "Athena, ikimasau!" -->  "Athena, ready!"
      win: "yatta! gu!" -->  "yeah!" (lit. "I did it! good!")
      tease "nani yatten nen?" -->  "What're ya doin?"
      win  "yo! yatta ze!" -->  "yeah!"
      lose  "nande ya! -->  "sh*t!"/"Why (this)!?"
      tease: "Doko ka doko ja?" -->  "where is (s)he?..."
      lose: "Nanto Shita Koto ja!"   "What happened!"
       win:  "heheh, moetarou" -->  lit. "heh, You're burned."
      tease: "ora ora!" -->  "hey hey!"
      win: osu! --> greeting between fighters, no "real" translation
      tease: "donnai shitan ya?" -->  "What're ya doin?"
      win: "ma zatto konnai mon ya?" -->  "That's all?"
      tease: "kakatte konu ka?" -->  "You gonna fight me?"
      win: "mijuku mono mega." -->  "(A) beginner (before me)."
      tease: "kotchi! kotchi!" -->  "Here! Here!"
      win: "nn? yoyutchi!" -->   "I could beat stronger!"
    King                                   (lit. "(still have) reserve")
      win: "nasakenai!" -->  "pittiful!"
      win: "nippon ichi!" --> "Japan #1!"
    lose: "masaka!" --> "No way!"/"Not possible!"
    ?Bugs? & Tricks _____________________________________________________
    - throw & perform another attack before opponent hits ground for the
      latter move's damage without actually landing it (this includes
      supers!)  example, Athena's "psycho throw", do a jab (A)
      immediately after you throw your opponent (and they hit the ground)
    - for some special attacks, perform motion with BC for a "mini" combo
      strong punch/weak kick + special.
    - "superjumps", when jumping forward (and back?) _immediately_ pull
      the joystick in the opposite direction for a higher jump.
      [I haven't been able to produce this myself. -gtk]
    - Some supers doable in the air!?  [Haven't been able to produce this
      either -gtk]  Ryo, Robert, Kim, others?
    Abbreviated/Alternate motions _______________________________________
    	Often I've been asked if the motion I list for (KOF94)
    King's Tornado Kick is correct.  Most people tend to end up with
    (you guessed it) the MoshuuKyaku.  The Tornado Kick is:
    O-  |   /  B/D
        O  O           ...aka "backwards dragon punch", and the
                     MoshuuKyaku is:
    |   /  O-  B/D
    O  O               ...aka "reverse fireball".
    	the reason I always gave was, that most people are
    probably pulling the joystick back too far and getting
    O-  |   /  O-
        O  O        and taking the last three positions, the game
                    then interprets it as the MoshuuKyaku.  Though
    how people can still do the Dragon Punch flawlessly and not end
    up with a fireball is a bit of a puzzle.  Someone I was discussing
    it with suggested that people aren't as "used" to the reverse DP
    (since it's a relatively new motion compared to the standard
    fireball) and we left it at that.
    	Recently when the question about the Tornado Kick was
    raised here again, I thought about it for a bit and recalled back
    to an article in a past issue of Gamest discussing alternate and
    abbreviated motions in KOF94, and threw out the above theory
    (though now that I think about it, my new theory is pretty much
    the same as above) So I pulled out my Gamest Mook #2 (which is all
    about KOF94... anyone know what's in mook #1 and #3, and if there's
    a #5 yet?) and flipped to the section on this and guess what?  It
    mentioned the Tornado Kick/MoshuuKyaku thing!
    	Anyways, what I was thinking is that in KOF94, most
    "fireball" motions:
    |  \  -O
    O   O       can be done in these ways too:  (N = neutral)
    |  \   N       /  \   N     |  -O
    O   O         O    O        O
    this also applies for "reverse fireballs" (in this case, the
    MoshuuKyaku)  And DP motions:
    -O  |  \
        O   O    can be done:
    -O  |  \   N     -O   /  \   N     -O  |  -O
        O   O            O    O            O
    	Now for King's Tornado Kick, what I believe is happening is
    people are delaying a bit before they press the button resulting in:
    O-  |   /  N  B/D
        O  O             the game takes the last three motions (before
                         the button press) and since it matches up with
    one of the alternate fireball motions, the MoshuuKyaku comes out.
    So if you want to do the Tornado Kick, you _must_ have the joystick
    defensive crouch position when you press a button.
    	But!  Why don't people have problems with the Trap Shot and
    Venom Strike?  well, that's just how it is.  Not all the moves in the
    game follow the above exactly.  Some motions have their own alternates
    which don't work for other similiar moves.  Andy's ShoRyuDan for
    example, is a "fireball" motion, but can be shortened to:
    |  \   A/C
    O   O        but none of the other fireball style moves work with this.
    	...also I think someone mentioned for Joe, getting the
    Tiger Kick instead of the Slash Kick.  The standard motions are:
    |  \   -O   O  B/D                    /   O  B/D
    O   O      /       Tiger Kick        O.  /       Slash Kick
    But the Tiger Kick can be abbreviated to:
    /  -O   O  B/D
    O       /          what I believe is happening is in doing
                       the Slash Kick, people tend to hit the
    forward direction while trying to go from one diagonal to the
    other, thus, the Tiger Kick comes out. (and leaves you wiiiide
    open for attack)  The Slash Kick requires more precise movement
    of the joystick.
    [following is an article I've posted earlier on this topic, based
    on the Gamest article mentioned above. -gtk]
             Ever noticed how the game seems to be _very_ responsive to
    your motions, or how sometimes when you try one move, somehow it
    turns into another?
             KOF94 seems to be very liberal in detecting motions which
    is good since, obviously, your moves execute.  On the other hand
    however, this allows for a move to be easily transformed into another,
    which can cause you to get into a very vulnerable position.
             Below are various alternate motions for various moves in
    the game.  Some are for specific moves in the game, and are indicated
    by it's header (plus buttons are given in the motion)  Others will
    work for a variety of moves which shares it's motion, for example
    the first one, will work for all motions involving the usual "fireball"
    motion, like Terry's Crack Shoot (a button press is assumed after each
    but not listed since they will vary depending on the character)  And
    they will also work for moves with "mirrored" motions, for example
    Athena's Psycho Ball which uses a quarter circle _back_.
             "N" means neutral (centered joystick).
    Power Wave like moves:_____ _________  ShoRyuDan:_____
    |            |             |         | |              |
    |  |  \   N  |   /  \   N  |  |  -O  | |  |  \   A/C  |
    |  O   O     |  O    O     |  O      | |  O   O       |
    |____________|_____________|_________| |______________|
    Crack Shoot like moves:______  Tiger Kick:_________
    |             |              | |                   |
    |  |  \    O  |   /  \    O  | |   /  -O   O  B/D  |
    |  O   O  /   |  O    O  /   | |  O       /        |
    |_____________|______________| |___________________|
    Built Upper motions:_____________ ________________ _____________
    |1             |2                |3               |4            |
    |  -O   /  \   |  -O   /  \   N  |  -O  |  \   N  |  -O  |  -O  |
    |      O    O  |      O    O     |      O   O     |      O      |
         "Built upper" is to the Japan what "dragon punch" is to the
    Western world.  These do not necessarily all work for all the DP
    type motions:
    1 These motions may "end" in the corner:  ChoOhsotoGari, JiraiShin,
       R.S.D., BrianTornado, HyakuRetsuBinta, Trap Shot, Tornado Kick,
       Built Upper.
    2,3 These moves actualy require you return the stick to neutral first:
       RyuuGakuSai, KiSuiShuu, OniYaki, OboroGuruma, RaijinKen
    HienshippuKyaku:   Haoh[shokoh|shikoh]ken:____
    |               |  |                          |
    |   /  \   B/D  |  |  -O  O-   /  \   N  A/C  |
    |  O.   O       |  |          O    O          |
    |_______________|  |__________________________|
    TenChiGaeshi:_________   Double Strike:_________
    |                     |  |                      |
    |  -O  \    /  -O  C  |  |  -O  O-  \   N  B/D  |
    |       O  O          |  |           O          |
    |_____________________|  |______________________|
    Power Geyser:___________ _________________________
    |                       |                         |
    |  |   /  N  |  \   BC  |  \    /  N   /  \   BC  |
    |  O  O      O   O      |   O  O      O    O      |
    Hell Bound:_______________   ura108-OrochiNagi:___
    |                         |  |                    |
    |  \    /  N   /  \   BC  |  |   /  N   /  \   C  |
    |   O  O      O    O      |  |  O      O    O     |
    |_________________________|  |____________________|
    HohouKyaku:___________   ChozetsuTatsumakiShinkuuZan & Final Bringer:
    |                     |  |                   |
    |  |   /  O-  -O  BD  |  |  O-.   /   O  BC  |
    |  O  O               |  |       O   /       |
    |_____________________|  |___________________|
    D-Crazy, RyuukoRanbu & TekkyuDaibousou:
    |                |
    |  |  -O   /  C  |
    |  O      O      |
    ChoHissatsuShinobiBachi:   RyuukoRanbu:_________
    |                  |       |                    |
    |  -O   /  \   BC  |       |  |  -O  \    /  C  | 
    |      O    O      |       |  O       O  O      |
    |__________________|       |____________________|
    Endings (pulled from Usenet articles, thanks Raven!) ________________
    From: pl11@cornell.edu (Raven)
    Date: Tue, 04 Oct 1994 12:22:13 -0300
    Just a couple of days ago, I completed the game with all the teams.
    Unfortunately, all the endings are really bland. Maybe all the creative
    juices went to the game itself...? Even the FF endings, short as they were,
    had a sense of humor sometimes (Jubei's ending, etc.).
    Anyway, here are the endings:
    * SPOILERS *
    At the end for all teams, Rugal appears before the team, broken and
    bloodied, saying, "I...Impossible! How could I lose a battle...?"
    Then one of the team members says something, to which Rugal responds. This
    varies, depending on which team you've beaten the game with.
    Then Rugal says, "A watery grave awaits you," and holds up a remote control
    device. He pushes a contact with a grin, and the screen goes white. One of
    the team members says something like, "Oh no, let's get out of here."
    Then the battle cruiser appears in the distance, exploding. A cloud of
    smoke rises from the wreckage as the Blacknoah sinks.
    Then, as the three team members survey the explosion, they say various
    things, which are the endings.
    MEXICO - Takuma, arms folded, says something like, "Still, there are strong
    fighters throughout the world..." Meanwhile, Robert taps Ryo and says, "Hey
    Ryo, do you smell something nasty in the air?" To which Ryo replies, "Yes,
             Takuma points angrily at the two of them, saying, "Ryo! Robert!
    Let's go back and train some more!" Then the two of them skip out on
    Takuma, saying, "Give us a break! Let us rest."
    ENGLAND - [The best part of the England ending, IMHO, is Mai's statement to
    Rugal's "I...Impossible!" remark...she says, "That is the fate of a male
              King and Mai wonder openly if Rugal is dead, and shrug it off,
    saying, "Well, we got what we came here for." The three of them display
    handfuls of expensive jewelry and baubles, presumably treasure they hocked
    >From the Blacknoah before it went up. The three of them cackle gleefully at
    their take.
    CHINA - [In response to Rugal before he blows up his ship, Chin says, 'This
    is the fate of evil' or something like that and Rugal replies, "Yes, but as
    long as people live there will always be evil.']
            Athena asks Chin, "Is it true, Master? What Rugal said?" Chin
    replies, "Yes, but as long as there is evil in the world, there will be
    fighters like us." To which Athena nods assent. Kensou then says, "Master!
    Athena! We're No. 1  now! Let's go home and celebrate!" Athena says,
    "Kensou!" And Chin responds, "Yes! Good idea! I miss the old dame's
    KOREA - Choi says angrily as he sees the ship go down, "Rats! There goes
    all the prize money." Chang agrees, I can't remember exactly what he said.
    Kim says, "You mean you two just hung around with me in order to get the
    prize money?" Chang and Choi say, "Yes!" Kim says, "Hmm...well then, I'm
    going to have to train you two some more..." [So that they'll be less
    USA - Lucky says, "Hey Brian, where are you going?" Brian says, "I'm going
    to go back home and play football. I've got lots of fans waiting for me.
    What about you?" Lucky says, "Well, I think I'll continue fighting. Heavy
    D?" Heavy D responds with something like, "My life isn't much more than
    looking for fights, I think I'll join you." They wave good-bye to Brian,
    who says, "If you two ever need some help, just give me a call."
    BRAZIL - [The background story: Rugal met Heidern 8 years ago, when Heidern
    was captain of a company of 20+ soldiers. Rugal annihilated all the
    soldiers, and killed Heidern's wife and daughter. Before the battle, Rugal
    blithely promises to make Heidern happy by joining him with his departed
              Heidern says, "Mission accomplished." And Clark and Ralf offer
    words of congratulations, and Heidern orders them to return, now that
    everything is over, and they say, "Yes sir!" Heidern then throws the
    picture of his family into the water...it wafts lazily in the air, and you
    can see it close up -- Heidern, with his wife and daughter.
    JAPAN - [Rugal apparently killed Kyo's father as well...this guy sure knows
    how to make friends, doesn't he?]
            Kyo looks over the sea, saying that it's finally over, and both
    Benimaru and Daimon openly wish that they'd finished Rugal themselves. Kyo
    then departs, saying, "Thanks for sticking around," and Benimaru waves,
    saying that he'll finish things next time, and Daimon says he'll be the
    winner next time as well...
    ITALY - ["I...Impossible..." Terry then replies that they are the legendary
    trio, and Rugal says, "Yes...I can see now why Krauser and Geese were
            Terry says that the battle is finally over, but that all three of
    them will probably have to train even harder for the next tournament. Joe
    and Andy agree, and they walk off.
            Cut to a close-up of Geese Howard, seated in a chair. He muses,
    "Hmm...not even the famous Rugal could beat them..."
            Cut to Krauser, making a fist, saying, "I'll beat them, for
            [Could one of these two be an extra character, like the 'Dream
    Match' with Ryo in FFS?]
    Well, those are the endings. Bland, like I said.
    Date:	Mon, 7 Nov 1994 01:00:10 -1000
    From:	pl11@cornell.edu (Raven)
    In article <Cysn9K.24C@news.Hawaii.Edu>, you wrote:
    Hey Galen! You missed my post on the endings?
    > Japan:  "Standard" there's a long road ahead, Benimaru (hair now
    >      down) and Goro wish Kyo well.
    Benimaru: Are you going?
    Kyo (bag over shoulder): Yes. There's still a long road ahead.
    [Goro and Benimaru wish him luck]
    Benimaru: Next time, I will be the winner.
    Goro: I'll train harder for next time.
    > Korea:  Chang wonders where the "prize money" is, Kim diappointed he
    >      hasn't led Chang towards a good path.
    Choi: Damn!! My prize money.
    Kim: What? What do you mean by prize money?
    Chang: Ha! I only followed you to get the prize money. All that work
           for nothing.
    Kim: I see...so that was your purpose. I'm sorry I failed to train
         you enough.
    [Gets on Choi's and Chang's case]
    Kim: Let's go back and I'll train you for the next tournament.
    > Mexico:  Takuma feels there's many strong(er) fighters out there and
    >      calls for further training, Robert & Ryo clear out while they can.
    Takuma: Hmmm...there are still many strong fighters in the world.
    Robert: Hey Ryo! Don't you feel something nasty in the air?
    Ryo: Yes, indeed. We'd better get out of here.
    Takuma: OKAY. Robert, Ryo, let's go home and train some more.
    Ryo&Robert: Give me a break! Let us rest!
    > Brazil:  ? (something about the photo Hiedern keeps looking at)
    Heidern: Our mission is accomplished. We'll withdraw from here.
    Clark&Ralf: Yes, sir!
    [Heidern tosses picture in air. He slices it in two, separating his
    half of the picture from his wife and daughter, now dead]
    > England:  Three girls joyed over the jewels & riches they've grabbed
    >      before the demise of Rugal's carrier.
    Mai: Whew! That was close.
    Yuri: Do you really think he's dead?
    King: I hope so...but anyway, it was worth it to get this.
    [treasure in hands]
    Mai: It was worth it!
    Yuri: Yes, indeed!
    Mai&Yuri&King: Hoo hoo hoo ha ha!!
    > USA:  Brian heads home to further his football training (and please
    >      his fans.)  Lucky & HeavyD! continue on street-fighting
    Lucky: What are you going to do now?
    Brian: I'm going back home and concentrate on football. I've got lots
           of fans. I'm a star athlete!
    Lucky: I'm going to continue fighting. What about you, Heavy D?
    Heavy D: It seems I can only win in fights. I'll join you.
    Lucky: At last! You've finally made up your mind.
    Brian: Good luck. Call me if you plan to have an interesting fight.
    Lucky&D: Goodbye!
    > Italy: ? (forgot =^)
    [Can't remember the exact dialogue, but Terry and the other two are
    pondering what to do after beating Rugal.]
    Andy: I'll continue to train for the next fight.
    Joe: I'm going to be the winner next time! 
       (Funny, I can usually only beat it with Joe ^_^)
    [Cut to darkened scene]
    Geese: Hmm...even the famous Rugal couldn't beat them...
    Krauser: I'll be the one to beat them, for sure!
    > China: ? (three ponder over the further existence of evil in world)
    Athena: Master? Was what he said true?
    Chin: Yes. But as long as there is evil in the world, there should be
          fighters like us! Right?
    Athena: ...Yes!
    Kensou: My goodness! Master! Athena! We are now No. 1 in the world!
            Let's go home quickly and celebrate!
    Athena: Kensou!
    Chin: Yes. I miss my old dame's cooking.
    Kensou: All right! Let's go home!
    P.S. And don't forget for the FAQ -- if you clear it with one credit, no
    continues, you get the credits and a screen at the end with all the
    fighters in their poses (in waiting on the sideline watching the fight), a
    la SSF2.
    Nothing happens if you beat the game without losing a round.
    Nohing happens if you beat the game with one character.
    Copyright 1994 Galen Komatsu.  No part of this FAQ is to be altered
    without author's consent.   Permission granted to freely distribute
    provided no  fee is  charged  outside  of raw  reproduciton  costs.
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